First season was the lightest of the three in tone.

It was also the only one that had at least three different versions – The Canadian one, the CBS Crimetime after Prime Time one and the SciFi Channel one. Each one is a little different. The Canadians did not have as many commercials as the States did so they shot some filler material, along with extra scenes. I will use the Canadian version for the review and list the cuts and changes to each of the other two versions.

For the first couple of episodes there were a couple extra scenes, mostly involving nudity that were shot for the European market, Germany mainly. That quickly stopped. And will not be referenced here.

The first season cast regulars were: Geraint Wyn Davies as Homicide Detective Nicholas/Nick Knight, Catherine Disher as Dr. Natalie Lambert, the medical examiner, John Kapelos as Homicide Detective Donald G. Schanke, Deborah Duchene as Janette Ducharme, Nigel Bennett as Lucien LaCroix, and Gary Farmer as Captain Joe Stonetree. Sandi Ross came in a few episodes later as Natalie's friend and coworker Grace Balthazar. Natalie's cat, Syndey made an appearance in only one episode.

Nick and Natalie have known each other for quite a while as the series starts. Everyone has been at their job for years.

The Canadian and American viewers were given a totally different view of Nick and Natalie's relationship as they watched quite different versions of the episodes. The Canadians saw a more playful, closer relationship than the Americans did. Many Nick and Natalie scenes were cut from the American version.

LaCroix was not a part of Nick's everyday life this season. He was seen only in flashbacks during all but two episodes.

There were several interesting triangles on the series. Each triangle featured Nick in the middle: His vampire family – LaCroix, Nick, Janette; His mortal friends who were like a family to him – Natalie, Nick, Schanke; The women in his life – Natalie, Nick, Janette; The main males in his life – Schanke, Nick, LaCroix. There was a coherent balance between the vampire and mortal worlds.

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