Season 1 episode 1

Teleplay by - James D. Parriott

Story by - Barney Cohen & James D. Parriott

Directed by Allan Kroeker

Guest stars

Dr. Alyce Hunter.......................... Christine Reeves

No other character names given, just the actor list below.

Graham McPherson, Nikki deBoer, George Buza, Zack Ward, Phil Jarrett, Helene Rousse, Jodi Pape, Roy Lewis, Peter Langley, Pat Patterson, Billy Buttery, Bryan Renfro, Quyen Hua, Lila Lee, Reg Dreger, Darren Andrea, Michael Gencher, Christopher Crumb

In the year 1228 a young disillusioned knight is in Paris enjoying a small feast after one of the Crusades. He is blonde, attractive and about 35. His name is Nicholas deBrabant. An attractive woman with jet-black hair seduces him from across the room. He leaves his men to follow her. They kiss as the seduction continues. She tells him they have all the time in the world. He unsuccessfully tries to keep the seduction advancing. Janette Ducharme leads Nicholas to a man with pure white hair, introducing him as Lucien LaCroix, who tells Nick he is eternal now. Nick tells LaCroix he's hungry and is led to another room as LaCroix tells him that they are going to be friends for a very long time.

In the present, at a Toronto museum, a guard doing his rounds is attacked. A thief smashes a display case and steals a carved Jade cup before making his escape.

Homicide Detective Nick Knight arrives at the museum crime scene and is briefed by an uniformed officer. He is the same Nick from the 1228 scene. He has to pass by a mass of reporters, all trying to get a scoop asking if it is another vampire murder, so named because of the bloodless bodies. Nick's a bit playful as he tries to get them to call the murders something else and is accused of stonewalling. Nick heads for the crime scene while an uniformed officer prevents the press from following. Nick learns that the doors were locked and the alarm was on, meaning that the perp had to either fly in or already be inside the building. Nick momentarily stops in his tracks, very uneasy upon spotting a suit of armor wielding a large cross.

Nick approaches the body seeing fellow homicide detective, Don Schanke, demonstrating the proper way to photograph the victim's body, telling the officer not to be afraid of the body. Schanke tells Nick he is there because he thought Nick might need his help, as it is the fourth body in two weeks. Nick casually checks the victim's neck for fang marks, both drawn to and repulsed by the corpse. Schanke thinks Nick's slightly queasy appearance is from the body and teases him about it, finding it both amusing and disgusting. Another officer tells Nick this victim is just like the others.

Nick learns that the assistant curator, Dr. Alyce Hunter, is the one who found the body and questions her. She was upstairs working, came down when she heard the crash, fearing an exhibit fell. She found the display case smashed, the cup missing and the guard dead. She asks Nick how the thief escaped so quickly, and what he wants with the cup.

The corpse is bagged and removed, while Nick and Alyce talk about the Mayan exhibit. She is surprised by his knowledge of the cup and its history, inquiring how he knows. He admits the green in the pigments and the Shock Mu glyphs show the cup was found in a dig at Altun Kinal. She stunned to learn that he can read the ancient writing as he teasingly comments the stone wall's first four digits match his alarm code, and that he's done a bit of amateur grave robbing. She tells him no one's excavated there for a hundred years, before her team, because of the curse, which very few amateur archeologists know about. She misses the fact that something about the Altun Kinal site disgusts Nick.

Alyce shows Nick a picture of the missing Jade cup, telling him it was from Kinal She is surprised he knows about the extremely rare cups, what they were used for, and there might be only one. It was used in a practice unique to the area – drinking the sacrificial victim's blood, possibly as a cure for vampirism. Nick wonders if the robbery and murder have anything to do with the stole Jade cup.

Inside the Coroner's Office, Dr. Natalie Lambert is a forensic pathologist and head of the night shift. She hands Nick a cup of green liquid and tells him to drink. He reluctantly takes a sip and quickly spits it into the sink. She teases him about how he makes simple things complicated and his ability to spend ten minutes in his tanning bed. She pulls something from the corpse and drops it into a Petrie dish, with a small clank. Her preliminary report concludes the latest death is similar to the other three. All three of the victims had broken necks, and were drained of their Type O blood. She shows him the fang marks in the victim's neck, commenting how the first three necks had been slashed with a gash averaging ten centimeters, and fang marks were the only sign of entry in the latest victim. They are both concerned by this, causing her to ask if it is something that she needs to worry about. Her worry is not eased when he refuses to look at her for a while. When he finally does, they both know it was a vampire and that means there is trouble.

The stars and city as seen through the eyes of someone flying under their own power.

Inside the precinct, Nick and Captain Stonetree are frustrated by the current case. The Mayor's pressuring Stonetree due to lack of progress solving the "vampire killer" case, wants to know about the fang marks in the victim's necks, and asks if he knows what the stolen Mayan cup is used for. Nick crankily admits he does, and tells Stonetree all the victims were homeless and Type O, outside of the guard, destroying his theory. Stonetree tells Nick all the favors he has done him, even when it goes against his better judgment. He lets Nick work alone at night because of his sun allergy, which has part of him kicking himself, wondering why Nick does not want a partner. He is not going to let the investigation stop when the sun comes up. Nick realizes he's about to get a partner when they approach Stonetree's closed door, and asks who it is. Stonetree tells him it is a day guy with a different experience, and they only have to see each other during shift change. Nick knows exactly who his partner is as the door opens revealing Schanke, who says hello almost gloating. Schanke is often obnoxious and annoying. Nick asks someone to shoot him, he adds a please to his request after he has another look at Schanke.

On his way into his garage, Nick gives Jeanie the bag from work with burgers and fries for her Topper and Dr. Dave. He asks his three homeless friends if they want to sleep in his garage. Jeanie turns him down. He tells her he wishes they would until the killer is caught. She tells him the sun warms them up nicely. He accepts it and heads for his garage.

Nick steps out of a large elevator into his dark loft. He stares at the rising sun for a moment before closing the blinds with his remote control. He heads straight for the kitchen where he pulls a green wine bottle out of the fridge containing five similar ones. He pours some into a Jade cup that looks exactly like the one stolen from the museum. He finishes off his first cup and refills it, a little blood dribbling onto his lower lip.

Nick flashes back to 1228 Paris. LaCroix leads Nick to a woman lying on a stone table. Nick tells LaCroix he is hungry, eyeing the woman. LaCroix tells him to give into his hunger and take the young woman, to give into what he his and drink her blood. Nick sinks his fangs into her neck and drains her, quenching his hunger.

Nick wakes as if from a nightmare, covered with a fine sheen of blood sweat. He changes clothes and heads downstairs where he collects the empty bottles while listening to his messages, the first one tells him he's won a trip to Hawaii, the second one is from Natalie. She asks if he has been a good boy and eaten. He pokes the cold left over hamburger in the skillet, takes a bite, chews it and spits it out. She asks if he can see himself. The last one is from Dr. Alyce Hunter telling him she will be working late.

At the museum, Dr. Hunter is carrying a stack of books to her desk as Harry, the guard, checks on her as he does his rounds. Alyce sits at her desk, pulls the book on The Early Excavations of Altun Kinal from the middle of the stack and opens it.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke's donating blood for the police blood drive and learns anyone can take Type O blood but Type O people can only take Type O blood. Schanke's relieved he is still A negative. He chomps on a clove, telling the technician his wife says it helps build the blood. He calls Nick over and breathes in his face, asking how he is. Nick's blasted by garlic breath and ducks out of the way repulsed and nauseated.

Schanke asks Nick why he cannot drive a normal unmarked police car when Nick will not let him smoke. Nick's response of trunk space takes him by surprise. Nick tells him the 1962 Cadillac has more trunk space than any car made in the last thirty years. Schanke accepts the strange, but believable answer. He tells Nick Myra wants him to quit, but addictions are hard to give up. Nick admits he knows that all too well, earning a curious look from Schanke. Schanke tells Nick he could learn from his experience and they should look for common links to solve their case. You have to follow your instincts and intuition. Nick is listening to Schanke and the sounds around him; he hears a female cry out for help, and speeds off in that direction, citing intuition as the reason.

Inside a Chinatown building, an armed guy drags a screaming woman inside, shooting dead a guy who tries to run.

Nick and Schanke arrive at the building and approach a Chinese woman, and in Chinese Nick asks her what is wrong. Nick informs the other officers a wacko's inside armed with a fully automatic weapon and a hostage. Nick tells them to shut down the elevators and watch the exits, as he and Schanke enter. They start up the stairs. Schanke sees the dead guy's affecting Nick and tells him not to get worked up over it. When they find the room they identify themselves and order the perp to surrender, their answer is a hail of bullets and a threat to kill the girl. Nick kick in the door as he crosses over to where Schanke is, reporting the guy's location and the weapon. Schanke is surprised Nick can see in the dark as well as he can see in the daylight. Nick tells him to stay put while he goes around, leaving Schanke wondering where around is.

Nick rushes out and around the building, levitating himself up to the proper window, eyes glowing yellow, and fangs down. Schanke is trying unsuccessfully to reason with the perp. Nick grabs the perp and yanks him out the window, shattering it in the process. Nick controls their fall and drops the perp into a dumpster. The perp quickly gets to his feet and fires at Nick. The guy screams as he sees Nick approach vamped out.

Jeannie and Topper are keeping warm near a trash barrel as she gets their beds ready. Neither realizes they are being stalked. He is pleased they have enough for a chocolate bar and a video game, but not happy which song they had to play seventeen times to get the money. He wants tobacco, relenting when he hears it is that or lunch. When Jeannie turns and asks if he wants an extra blanket, she sees that he is no longer there, and it scares her.

Alyce is working late at the museum, reading in the Altun Kinal book how the bodies of Indian workers would be found the next morning completely drained of blood and turns the page. She sees a group of men, one of whom is a dead ringer for Nick. She takes it to a copy machine and blows it up, still unable to believe it, unaware she's being watched from the skylight. The figure quickly takes off. She's spooked by a sound and calls out to Harry. No one responds. She turns around and sees Nick there,scaring the hell out of her. He apologizes. Her fear as she wraps her arms around her neck, along with her thundering of her heartbeat draw the vampire part of Nick closer to the surface. His fangs drop, he is barely able to keep his eyes blue, wanting the warm blood just under the surface of her skin as he hungrily eyes her neck. He forces his attention elsewhere.

Inside Stonetree's office, Schanke agitatedly tells Stonetree how the perp ranted that a vampire swooped down and knocked him out. Stonetree finds the tale amazing. Schanke tells him the perp has spent the last seventy-two hours smoking crack. Stonetree comments Schanke was not on crack when he saw Nick pull the perp out the window. Schanke confirms it. Stonetree tells him a scary legend about Scorpions, which has Schanke begging Stonetree to tell him it is not true. Stonetree tells him it is only a legend, like vampires. He is not to let the media vampire frenzy get to him. Schanke says he will not.

Inside the museum, Harry checks on Alyce during his rounds, surprised to see Nick, as he did not let anyone in. Nick whammies him into believing he saw Nick on his way up, adding that the killer came in through the basement just like he did. Harry leaves. She still has the Altun Kinal book tucked under her arm. She fingers a bullet hole in his jacket. He tells her it belonged to a drug dealer creamed by an Uzi. It reminds him of his mortality, not about to admit the crack smoking perp just ruined his jacket. They wind up in front of a suit of armor. She jokes about him being fitted for one. He jokes she doesn't know what it's like to wear one, telling her he took a class on knights because of his last name. He tells her that since the tassets do not fit the breastplate the guy would not be able to relieve himself. She asks how he knows and he flippantly comments that you do not forget once it happens to you. She gives him a curious, surprised look as he walks away.

She comments the future can be found in the past. He disagrees, telling her it is too easy a place to hide, and that archeology is hiding in the past. She tells him she likes the night and hears there is no future in the night. He tells her not to be comfortable there. He tells her that if you dwell on the past you have no today or tomorrow. She asks if it is a quote. He tells her it is the voice of experience, but she teases him saying that he has not lived that long. He teases her back that he is working on it. They are drawn into a kiss. He is further drawn in by her scent and the blood rushing through her veins, kissing the side of her face and nick. He resists the call of her blood, spinning her around in his arms.

She tells him the Altun Kinal book spooked her. How the first Altun Kinal dig was abandoned due to the workers being killed at night. He kisses her neck again, having trouble resisting the warm, fresh blood just under her skin. She comments that Indians said vampires were sucking the blood. He accidentally mutters no which she takes as disbelief and continues telling him how the expedition was searching for the second Jade cup, which had been used in the ritual, but only found one. The second one was not found until the recent excavation of the site. The longer he stays close to her, the harder it is to keep from sinking his fangs in and draining her. He is reaching his limit, while she is totally oblivious to his struggle, or appearance. She tells him that maybe the killer had one cup and stole the other to make a pair. Nick is a fraction of an inch from giving in, and she is still completely oblivious she might die any second now. Nick flees leaving her startled and alone. Harry shows up, asking if she is okay. She tells him she is not sure.

In the bullpen, Natalie knows it is dangerously close to sunrise and Nick has not been heard from in hours. She gets the Caddy keys from Schanke, inquires when sunrise is, causing him to wonder why she needs the info. She leaves before he can ask.

Natalie steps off the lift, and sees it is dark. The Bela Lugosi movie is providing the light. She is annoyed and concerned, telling him he needs to let someone know his whereabouts because he had her, Schanke and Stonetree worried. Her opening the blinds catches his attention. She takes the bottle of blood. He angrily demands it back. She is surprised but refuses to give in, reminding him he came to her so he could see a sunrise. Drinking blood wastes all their efforts, and keeps him from coming across. She reminds him he can be human. He asks what is more human, to kill or drink cow blood, getting a reminder that he has done both. He tells her he caught a killer, which is helping repay his debt. She reminds him he did not do it without the vampire. He asks what does it matter, hearing it matters to him. She realizes it's going nowhere and tells him that if he does not want her help, then she is just a dot on the horizon. He grabs his bottle as soon as she sets it down.

There is no change until Alyce calls, telling his machine they need to talk. Natalie asks what happened seeing how upset Nick is. He tells her he kissed Alyce then nearly killed her. Natalie knows it is the break she has been looking for, and shoves aside the mild jealousy that she feels. The nearly killed part scares her a little but she pushes it aside. He is disgusted by the bottle of blood in his hand and whips it at the wall where it smashes leaving a bloody mess. Natalie gets him to talk about Alyce and the others from his past. He is angry when she asks but quickly realizes he needs to tell her.

Alyce is still reading the Altun Kinal book, learning the dig had more problems than just keeping the Indians alive and working. Many European occultists believed the cups mystical properties could be used to cure vampirism when blood was poured from cup to cup and drunk by the High Priest. She looks at Nick's picture, wondering if it is really him, and if he's a vampire.

In the loft, Natalie's holding the Jade cup as Nick tells her LaCroix brought him across and is not only his master but sort of a father and brother at the same time. LaCroix will do anything to keep Nick a vampire, including killing the guard to get the Jade cup. He will not let Nick have the second cup. He admits LaCroix was the one killing the Indians at Altun Kinal. Both he and LaCroix believe the ritual will work. He tells her the only way into the museum was through the skylight. She tells him she understands why LaCroix killed the guard and the Indians, but not the homeless people. He comments the homeless were always a target because they are neither noticed nor missed. He is the only vampire it bothers. He kisses her ear, telling her it is LaCroix's way of getting to him. He heads off to bed, exhausted. Natalie feels great compassion for her tortured friend as he's been through so much and is trying so hard to change, to make up for his past, yet he's unable to escape his master or his vampirism.

The bloodmobile arrives as a basketball game is in progress. A cooler full of blood bags inside, with Dr. Dave's added as he leaves, counting the cash he received for his donation. Dave looks for Topper and Jeannie but cannot find them anywhere. One of the basketball players loses control of the ball and goes to fetch it. He lifts a bloodstained tarp and sees a human hand dangling over the side of the barrel startling him.

That night Nick, Natalie, and Schanke are at the crime scene. Nick identifies Topper's body and starts frantically searching for Jeannie, knowing she never left Topper alone. Schanke asks if there were two puncture marks. Natalie tells him the victim was hit in the head, and probably knocked out before the single incision was made in his jugular. Dr. Dave tells Nick the last time he saw Jeannie or Topper was the day before at noon when they were all searching for food, wearing a blood donor pin. He knew something was wrong when they did not show up for the bloodmobile. Schanke cannot believe it as it fits his theory of the homeless blood donors, and if the victim was Type O it's a perfect match. Dr. Dave tells them it is their way of making a meaningful contribution to society. Many donate every Thursday. Nick blames himself for the death of one friend and disappearance of another. Nick comments he should have made them stay with him until the killer was caught. Natalie reminds him it was not his fault, and he cannot shelter every homeless person. When Nick storms off, Schanke asks Natalie what Nick's problem is and is told he does not want to know.

Nick enters the Raven, a darkly lit nightclub owned by Janette Ducharme, an attractive female vampire. Nick heads through the crowd to the bar where she is seated. Nick and Janette talk. Nick's been in town for three years, previously lived in Chicago and fled in disgust when Wrigley Field installed lights. The other reason was the Dorian Gray syndrome. Janette hates baseball because such slow games make eternity seem even longer. She is unable to get him to drink from her glass, a mix of blood and red wine.

They do not realize they are being watched from the back of the club by Alyce.

Janette teases Nick, trying to tempt him to drink. He's quite hungry and resists. She mocks him about not drinking while on duty. Nick asks where LaCroix is. Janette is annoyed and tells him LaCroix is not making the kills because no one is that stupid these days. He angrily demands to know and she slips Nick a business card, warning him to be careful because LaCroix is not happy with him. Nick kisses her hand and leaves. His departure fails to shake Janette from her captivated daze.

Nick leaves and Alyce follows. Nick is in the Caddy and tunes into CERK where he hears the Nightcrawler (aka LaCroix) lament how he has been in town for three weeks and has not seen his old friend Nicholas yet, dedicating the next song to Nick.

Nick flashes back to his first kill as a vampire, and is snapped out of it by the bright lights of an oncoming vehicle.

LaCroix plays an instrument as he tells Nick the Nightcrawler is waiting for him.

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