Teleplay by James D. Parriott

Story by Barney Cohen and James D. Parriott

Directed by Allan Kroeker

Guest Stars:

Dr. Alyce Hunter.......................... Christine Reeves

No other character names were given, just the actor list below.

Graham McPherson, Nikki deBoer, Jackie Richardson, Reg Dreger, Gene Mack, Helene Rousse

In 1228 Paris, the newly brought across Nicholas approaches his first hot meal, a young woman.

Over the flashback of Nick's early days as a vampire, LaCroix reminds him what that first night was like. He speaks of how the first rush of the victim's warm blood made him dizzy, asking Nick how he can turn his back on what he has been given.

Recap mixed with new information, mostly from LaCroix's voiceovers. Nick faces reporters at the museum as LaCroix asks what guilt drives Nick to become a cop. The scene with the drugged out wacko plays out. Nick reveals several green wine bottles of blood as the contents of his fridge. LaCroix wants to know what sort of foolishness makes Nick want to be mortal again. Natalie and Nick discuss his asking for her help, the blood keeping him from coming across and catching a killer tonight. LaCroix wonders what compels Nick to seek mortal love. Alyce finding Nick's picture in the Altun Kinal book, how it is too easy to hide the past. Nick kisses her, nearly killing her when he vamps out.

Jeannie is screaming for Topper. LaCroix comments someone is killing the homeless with Type O blood. Nick and Stonetree are at the precinct. Nick's at the Topper crime scene telling Natalie it is his fault, her trying to reassure him it is not. Stonetree informing Nick of his new partner, then introducing them.

LaCroix comments on one of the victims having puncture marks in his neck while Nick and Natalie worriedly examine fang marks in the guard's neck. Inside the Raven, LaCroix taunts Nick via voiceover, asking Nick if LaCroix is the killer. Janette tells Nick LaCroix is not the killer because no one is that stupid these days. LaCroix's taunting continues as he asks Nick if Nick is the killer. Nick is drinking blood from the Jade cup. Nick asks Natalie which is worse, to drink a little cow blood or commit murder, and is reminded he's done both. LaCroix says he has the answers, as the display case is shattered and the Jade cup stolen. Alyce shows Nick a drawing of the missing cup. LaCroix brags that he has the other cup, hoping to draw out his son. Alyce tells Nick she knows what the cups were used for, and later Natalie asks if LaCroix believes Nick will be cured if he drinks from the cups. LaCroix asks Nick if he's coming, telling him he has what Nick wants, over the scene of Nick telling Natalie the cup's theft was his master's way of calling him out.

Alyce is on a rooftop looking out over the skyline as Nick is driving. Nick hears LaCroix asking if he is there, if he is coming, and that he is waiting. End of recap.

Nick waits in front of the Underground Radio building. Moments later LaCroix comes from around the corner and walks away as soon as Nick sees him. Nick follows with Alyce a short distance behind him, determined to learn if Nick is a vampire. Nick slowly closes in on LaCroix, who increases the lead.

Nick enters a slaughterhouse seeing no sign of his master. LaCroix approaches Nick, while Alyce creeps in a floor above them, staying out of sight in the shadows.

LaCroix tells Nick they will talk over a midnight snack as he drinks a ladle full of blood from the barrel next to him. Alyce grimaces as she watches. Nick demands to know where the museum's Mayan Jade cup is. LaCroix is amused, pulls the cup from his pocket and fills it with blood. He tells Nick he looks pale, asking if he's hungry, then drinks from the cup. Nick advances on LaCroix, requesting the cup, telling him it is all he wants. LaCroix tells Nick he never knew what he wanted and still does not. Nick wished for immortality, and once LaCroix granted it, he only received desertion, hatred and contempt. Nick admits he could no longer kill. LaCroix states that no one needs to kill anymore. Nick disagrees, stating that LaCroix does need to kill. LaCroix admits to killing only the guard. Nick accuses him of lying. LaCroix asks for a reason because he has never been ashamed of killing. LaCroix's upset and angered Nick calls mortals his friends, denying the friendship between himself and his son, asking Nick how long is the longest friendship. It is a question that is not easily answered. He tells Nick he moved to town because of him. Nick again requests the cup. LaCroix tells him he does not have the guts to take it from him, knocking Nick to the ground and planting his foot on Nick's chest, eyes glowing. He dribbles blood into Nick's mouth. Nick spits it out. It runs down his face. LaCroix sneers, asking Nick if he wants to be a pathetic mortal, cowering on the ground, doing baiting Nick. Nick's had enough and vamps out.

Alyce screams drawing LaCroix's attention to her. Nick yells for her to get out, but it only increases LaCroix's curiosity. LaCroix swoops up beside her, realizing he needs to meet her, and grabs her. He forces Nick to chose between saving her or the cup, testing how much Nick truly wants to be mortal. LaCroix knows he wins either way. LaCroix's fangs are at Alyce's neck when Nick body slams him to the floor. LaCroix drops the Jade cup. It shatters into a million pieces upon impact with the cement floor, leaving Nick and Alyce distraught. Nick grabs LaCroix by the neck, freeing Alyce, ordering her to leave immediately. She runs into the predawn light outside.

The two vampires pummel each other, LaCroix quickly the victor, dropping Nick to the floor where he lies motionless. LaCroix comments his son is weak and needs blood, offering him mortality as he lists ways to achieve it – fire, a stake through the heart, sunlight, picks up a butchers cleaver as he mentions the final way – decapitation. He raises the cleaver and swings it down. It is met by a powerful kick from a growling, fully vamped out Nick, which sends the ancient vampire flying across the room, stopped only by impalement on a metal spike through the chest, if not the heart. The master vampire is still, the cleaver falls from his hand. Nick looks at his master, a part of him pleased he is dead and another regrets having to do that.

There is a flashback to that night in 1228. LaCroix is happy Nick took a life while Nick is troubled by taking the girl to satisfy his blood thirst. He tells LaCroix he wants to go back, learning it is far too late. Nick is upset over being turned into a murderer. LaCroix tells him he is now a God, eternal, and his brother. He never again has to fear anything. Nick fears what he has become, hearing man is the ultimate predator doesn't help. He will live forever, he will watch lives begin and end and begin again. LaCroix brags about some of his accomplishments. He tells Nick he never has to worry about age or disease, that he is blessed. The Crusades Nick endured will seem like a heartbeat as the centuries pass. Nick realizes LaCroix is right, promising to repay him, kisses his master's ring out of gratitude and as a promise of loyalty.

It is daylight. LaCroix is still impaled. Nick cleans the blood off his face with a cloth and leaves. A close up of LaCroix's face reveals his eyes opening, a sly grin forms.

Nick runs through the blinding daylight smoking, tying to protect his face with his hand as he stumbles towards his car. Once there, he unlocks the trunk, falls into pulling the lid down and passes out, secure from the deadly solar rays.

Alyce calls the precinct, a little concerned when she hears Nick has not checked in.

In the bullpen, Natalie is worried, and Stonetree is pacing. Natalie tells them Nick is blaming himself for the last murder because he knew the victim and was upset when he left the crime scene. She believes he is working on a lead. Schanke says he's dayshift so he was home asleep. Stonetree is cranky because the Mayor is on his back. Stonetree learns Nick's car was found illegally parked in an alley and is being towed into the police garage. He will send someone with the keys.

At the garage, Schanke is ranting to a garage employee who could care less. Nick is peacefully asleep in the trunk. Schanke is leaning against the trunk ranting about Nick being a hot shot, good looking, but seriously lacking in experience. He signs paperwork, bouncing the car testing the shocks and waking Nick. Nick tries to sit up but hits his head on the roof of the car. Schanke rambles his wild summer of 1976, in Madison, Wisconsin as he lovingly strokes the car's fin, running his hand down its length like a lover's limb. He rambles that Dino Armeros was a good friend, until he became a lawyer. Dino had a Coupe deVille just like Nick's. During that wild summer, they drove to Milwaukee, Chicago and Dekalb, a different set of girls for each leg of the trip. He comments on the nice feel of the door, as it slams, and how it is a classic car. He takes the keys from the mechanic and starts up the motor, appreciating the purr of the engine. Schanke informs dispatch that he is taking the car out for a spin, and to let him know when Knight shows up.

The bloodmobile arrives at the hospital. The cooler with all the newly collected bags is delivered to the blood bank by the technician who drew Schanke's blood. He is early. She is surprised to learn the police are there and has them sent up, telling the person she cannot give out any information without checking with Dr. Kipper. The technician is paying close attention to the conversation, especially once the police are mentioned.

In the garage, Nick partially opens the trunk, seeing it is clear he opens it and climbs out. He is shutting the lid when a little old lady sees him. He tells her it's a little cramped but the rent cannot be beat. The little old lady staring at him, then at the trunk.

Schanke is at the blood bank and getting nowhere with the nurse, even after telling her how close they are to nailing the suspect. The doctor is not around and needs Dr. Kipper's approval to access the computer.

Nick's tracking Schanke inside the hospital by his conversation with the nurse, finds Dr. Kipper's office, breaks the lock and enters only to be blasted by sunlight. He quickly closes the blinds and accesses the computer, pulling up the information he wants.

At the nurse's station, Schanke explains he is trying to make a few connections and maybe she can tell him if the victims donated blood, hearing the doctor will be back at six. The blood drive guy approaches. His name is Dr. Fenner. Schanke gets Fenner to admit Schanke is a good guy and loyal blood donor who donated a pint of A negative blood the other day. Schanke grows more frustrated as the nurse tells him the info in confidential. Fenner asks about Schanke's keys, learning they are for a 62 ragtop Cadillac.

In Kipper's office, Nick is talking on the telephone with Natalie, learning Stonetree let Schanke drive his car. Natalie is balancing the telephone as she is looking at a file and a corpse, telling him Schanke was supposed to bring the car to the morgue. She learns he is checking out blood donors as he scrolls through a list of names, admitting to Natalie Schanke was right about the homeless Type O blood donors. He tells her LaCroix only killed the guard. He sounds tired and weak. He tells her he has to go because his ride is about to leave. She tells him to eat something a little concerned. He jokes about hospital food. He tells her he will talk to her when he gets up tonight and leaves.

Schanke's still at the nurse's station talking with Fenner about trunk space and is asked about mileage. Schanke tells him it does not matter with a ride like that. Schanke gives the nurse one last chance to help, knowing she will not. She just looks at him.

In the parking garage, Fenner checks to make sure the coast is clear, then reaches under the Caddy with a tool and cuts something. Nick's in the trunk and wonders what Fenner's doing to his car. Nick hears something jangling as Fenner walks away.

Schanke is still at the nurse's station frustrated and rude as he tells the nurse he will be back with a warrant. She stares as he leaves, a what a jerk expression on her face.

There is a puddle under the Caddy as Schanke pulls away, blasting polka music. Nick holds his ears in agony, threatening to kill Schanke. Everything is fine until he goes down a hill and taps the brake. Underneath the car, pressing the brake pedal causes the fluid to squirt out of the cut brake line. Schanke panics realizing the brakes are gone. Nick realizes it too. Schanke swerves around items, tossing Nick around in the trunk like an egg getting scrambled. Both try to stay calm, but Schanke's freaking out.

Inside the museum, Alyce is asleep at her desk and is awoken by a beeping alarm. She sees the time and calls the precinct, learning Nick is not in yet. She calls the loft and gets the answering machine. She looks up his address and heads for the stone wall, remembering what Nick said about the first four digits. She copies them down.

Schanke is back in the same garage, with the same guy. A small bandage on Schanke's nose. Schanke mumbles that he feels sick as he surveys the damage to Nick's prized possession. The mechanic suggests shooting it and putting it out of its misery. Schanke begs him to say it can be fixed, hearing he is nuts, that it is a sculpture, not a car. The mechanic points out each damaged area and Schanke tells how it got that way. Nick holds down the trunk as the mechanic tries to pry it loose telling Schanke it will take a blowtorch to open it. Schanke is not happy to hear he has to find another Caddy in a junkyard to use for parts or it is two tons of scrap metal, even then, it might not be fixable. The mechanic leaves. Schanke grumbles that Nick is going to kill him, or worse, make him pay for the damage, or maybe the whole car. Nick calls out Schanke's name very irritated.

A scared Schanke faces the music. Nick is standing next to his trashed car. Schanke explains that he was only going to take it to the station but the hospital was on the way. Schanke explains he realized there was no brakes on the big hill on, then describes everything that happened. Nick asks about something Schanke hit. Schanke answers then realizes Nick should not know about it, asking how he does. Nick shows him the cut brake line. Schanke is relieved that it is not his fault. Nick tells him it is the same person who is killing the homeless, and Schanke's right about the case. Schanke's pleased. Nick admits the museum killer was someone different, confusing Schanke a bit. Schanke asks Nick if he's mad about the car and hears he could kill him about it, but owes him an apology about the case. Nick is pleased when Schanke accepts his apology.

Nick suddenly gets really weak. Schanke notices Nick and checks to make sure he is okay. Nick says he's okay, just hungry. Schanke puts an arm around Nick's shoulder to support him. Nick tells him they need to get back to the hospital. They walk out arms around each other's shoulders.

Alyce's standing in front of Nick's street level door and punches in the code. She hesitantly opens the door, not realizing she is being watched from across the street.

Nick and Schanke are heading for the hospital. Schanke learns all the victims were regular blood donors that used the roving blood banks, and the info came from Dr. Kipper, not realizing he is lying. Nick learns Jeannie is still missing. Schanke asks what Nick was doing in the warehouse district last night. Nick ask if anyone reported anything unusual there this morning, relieved when Schanke says no. Schanke inquires why, learning about Nick's lead on the missing cup, teasing him for calling her Alyce.

Nick is pleased when the worried radio announcer asks the Nightcrawler to call.

Alyce enters Nick's loft calling out for him, seeing Nick's Mayan Jade cup, but before she can give it much thought she hears a noise and investigates, commenting he is scaring her. She opens the lift door and is stunned to see a battered girl lying on the floor. Jeannie weakly asks for Nick.

Nick, the nurse from earlier and Schanke are walking down a hospital hallway. Nick gives her respect and gets answers. He learns the blood bank staff, physicians, and administrators have access to the donor records. Schanke grumbles that it does not help narrow it down much. Nick asks if anyone came in and out while Schanke was there, learning several nurses and Dr. Elderman did. The cooler of blood bags they pass tempts him. He leans on the gurney, avoiding looking at them. The nurse asks if he is okay. Schanke tells her Nick is just hungry. Nick tells them he will be okay. He hungrily, longingly eyes the bags and walks past them. Nick tells him they are looking for someone more like an orderly or lab technician who wears their keys on their belt.

Dr. Fenner walks down a dark street.

Inside the loft, Jeannie is on the couch as Alyce gives the paramedics directions. She then picks up the remote and turns on the fireplace. She tells Jeannie to hold on. Jeannie freaks knowing her attacker works at a hospital. Alyce consoles her.

At the nurse's station, Schanke mentions that Fenner asked many questions about the Caddy, inquiring how Nick knew about the keys. The nurse gives Nick Don Fenner's file, telling him what a wonderful guy Fenner is. Nick learns Fenner lost his mother in a car accident, but was killed by the Hepatitis she contracted from a blood transfusion. Schanke bets ten to one that she was given Type O blood. Schanke informs Nick and the nurse that the Hepatitis came from street people, He killed them so they could never donate again, he blamed them for his mother's death. Nick puts out an APB on Donald Fenner.

Fenner buzzes the loft. Jeannie freaks. Alyce asks if they are the ambulance and tells them to take the elevator up to the second floor, not realizing it is Fenner.

At the nurse's station, Schanke asks about Fenner's friends and family, knowing he only works days. Hearing Fenner is a very private person does not go over well. Nick is within inches of the cooler full of blood, his hunger increasingly draws him to the blood bags. He dials home, hears a message from Natalie asking if he is okay. She is worried and wants to hear from him.

Alyce picks up the telephone. Nick is quite surprised to find her at his loft, especially since she remembered the Mayan numbers were his alarm code. He learns she was looking for him, Jeannie's there but barely alive due to some guy beating her up and leaving her for dead. He is relieved that Jeannie is alive and safe, with the paramedics on the way up. He learns Jeannie knows the murderer's identity and is concerned. He tells Alyce to keep Jeannie there if the paramedics say she is stable. Alyce puts down the telephone to open the door. She inquires upon seeing Fenner without medical equipment. He menacingly advances into the room. She backs up asking who he is. Nick is listening to the entire conversation, growing more agitated as the sounds become more intense. Fenner grabs Alyce and tosses over a nearby table. She calls out to Nick in terror. Nick announces that the killer is at his place. He tells Schanke to call in backup and meet him there. He takes off as fast as he mortally can. Schanke asks how Nick is going to get there but Nick is gone.

Inside the loft, Fenner approaches Alyce to finish the job, not noticing Jeannie until she begs him not to hurt her. Jeannie stumbles to her feet as Fenner approaches, grabbing a straw broom and defensively holds it out in front of her. Nick hears everything said in his home. Jeannie orders Fenner to stay back, doing her best to keep him away from her. She ignites the broom in a desperate attempt to keep him away. He grabs it from her and tosses to the floor igniting the stuff there. He starts choking her, stopping when distracted by the sound of shattering glass. Nick flies through the window. Jeannie breaks free. Nick grabs Fenner ready to drain him, hesitating only inches from Fenner's neck. He reluctantly tosses Fenner to the ground unable to kill him, disgusted with the whole situation. He notices his entire painting corner is engulfed in flames, along with the elevator door, bringing out his angst and guilt. He runs to Jeannie and quickly checks her out, asking where Alyce is. She points to the fire. Nick, asks if she can make to the stairs. She nods and runs to the stairway door. Nick summons up his courage and leaps over the flames to rescue Alyce. He asks if she can walk. She is not sure she can. As she is helped up, they hear the sound of shattering glass. Nick sees LaCroix drain Fenner, and LaCroix saying that he got what was coming to him. Now, it is Nick's turn. Alyce is terrified. Nick is fearful.

Schanke is in the Caddy, siren blaring, lights flashing, telling the dispatcher that he is on his way to meet Nick at the loft.

Inside the loft, LaCroix approaches the fire, reminding Nick that steel spikes cannot kill a vampire, but fire can. LaCroix is treating it all as a game. Nick tells Alyce to stay there because LaCroix will not cross the flames. He tells her to try to get to the stairs once he is across the fire. He collapses to his knees, his growing weakness and hunger clearly show. LaCroix is fully vamped out, asking when Nick last fed, reminding him he needs blood to fight and to live. Nick is horrified by Alyce's request to make her a vampire. LaCroix happily agrees, encouraging Nick, reminding him mortals die.

Nick flashes back to Janette encouraging him to take his first victim. In the present, Alyce requests Nick to take her, as it is the only way he can fight LaCroix. Nick tells her it will kill her, agonizing over the decision. She tells him she could become immortal. Nick again flashes back to the hunger, which was present, both that night and the present. He tells her she does not understand what she is asking for. Alyce reminds him she is a scientist and wants to live through civilizations. He is having great difficulty restraining the vampire's desire to drain her extremely enticing blood especially since he is starving. Nick's fangs are less than an inch from Alyce's neck. He is ready to pierce her skin and drain her, stopping millimeters before her skin and cries out in agony. He cannot kill her.

Nick picks up a flaming 2 x 4 and leaps over the fire. LaCroix giggles, taunting Nick about his belief he can take on his master as a mortal. Nick gives LaCroix a nasty burn across his cheek. LaCroix cries out in pain, grabs the 2 x 4 and uses it to toss Nick clear across the loft, knocking him out when he collides with the wall. Alyce calls out to Nick as she makes a break for the door. She nearly makes it. LaCroix lands in front of her and drains her. Nick regains consciousness just in time to see this, grabs the flaming 2 x 4 and stakes LaCroix quite near, if not in the heart, startling LaCroix. Nick sees his master in agony and drives him back to the door, pinning him to it, watching as the ancient vampire totally combusts, his clothes flutter to the floor in flames. Nick drops to his knees out of hunger, exhaustion and grief, his back to the flaming stake. Nick cradles Alyce, grieving for her, constantly looking back at the door making sure LaCroix is really gone.

A night or two later at the museum, Nick and Natalie are staring at his Jade cup housed in a display case. Nick tells Natalie how Alyce wanted to live forever. Natalie comments he did too, that the idea of living forever is very seductive. Nick tells her it comes with never being able to be in love, asking how that is seductive. He comments that Alyce and LaCroix are the lucky ones. She does not think he really means it and calls him on it, mentioning how he would have starved to death without the transfusion. She asks if he wants to become mortal to die, or to live so he can love like a mortal. He laments that he was so close. She asks if there are any m ore cups out there, hearing no one knows, but he will keep looking. She teases him that he needs to keep eating. He playfully wraps his arms around her, cheerfully asking if she thinks she really can bring him across. She tells him they have to keep trying. Nick releases Natalie the instant Schanke enters. Schanke asks if they are ready to leave because he desperately needs sleep, reminding Nick he owes him one. As they head out Schanke summarizes his work on the case. Nick reminds him about the car. Schanke tells Nick he has a pint of Grade A Schanke running through his veins. Natalie giggles. Nick cannot believe it, begging Natalie to tell him it's not true. She nervously apologizes telling Nick that Schanke was the only available donor.

Schanke says he understands Fenner trying to kill Jeannie, but does not drain her because she's B negative, but does not understand how Fenner's body was missing two pints. Nick tells Schanke it evaporated. Schanke finds it hard to believe. Natalie backs Nick up. Schanke thinks about it then comments it makes perfect sense.

Schanke lights a cigarette. Natalie and Nick tells him it's one of he fastest ways into a coffin. Schanke removes the cigarette, telling them they nag as much as Myra does. He is trying to cut down. Neither Nick nor Natalie believe him and it shows. He tells them to stop looking at him because they do not know how hard it is to live with an addiction. Nick and Natalie just look at each other. Schanke promises to work on it. Natalie holds out her hand. Schanke reluctantly give her his cigarette. He gives Nick the pack.

Unseen by them, a vampire Alyce, watches from the skylight, then flies off.

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