Season 1 Episode 3

Written by - Philip John Taylor

Directed by - Gerard Ciccoritti

Guest stars

Magda..................................... Maria Del Mar

Father Pierre Rochefort........... Michael McManus

Joan of Arc.............................. Christina Cox

Alma........................................ Tracey Cook

No other character names given, just the actor's names.

Lawrence Bayne, Colin Fox, Norma Dell' Agnese, Richard Zeppieri, Thea Gill, Michael Ricupero, Martin Martinuzzi, Lupe Arenas, Michelyn Emelle

A woman is having an affair with a store security guard inside the store. After they make love, she puts her cross back on. She leaves and heads for her car. Once inside, she puts her wedding ring back on. A moment later she is grabbed from behind by a ski-masked guy, who is hiding in her backseat. He tells her that she does not deserve to wear her cross. Inside the store, the guard is startled by a scream and thinks it is probably the monster movie playing on the televisions around him.

Nick visits Janette at the Raven. Two women have been murdered that week, one beheaded and one disemboweled. She tells him that she does not care and he should not either. She tries to tempt him by dipping her finger in her blood wine and waving it in his face.

Schanke enters the Raven and likes what he sees. He calls to Nick, who tells Janette to call him if she hears anything. Alma walks up to Schanke, and she is escorted away.

Nick tells Schanke he told him to stay out of there. Schanke comments on his family's tradition of the husbands cheating, and that it is not fair that Nick gets to have fun in there. They go out to the car and Nick hears dispatch telling them about a new murder. Schanke tells Nick it is why he went in to get him. He tells Nick the crime is ugly. Nick has trouble starting the car.

Nick and Schanke arrive at the crime scene. The victim's been laid out and crucified. Nick and Schanke are greatly disturbed and disgusted by the sight. Schanke does not know what he is seeing until Nick tells him. Schanke comments that he heard it takes hours or days to die that way. Nick tells him that she was dead before she was spiked. When Schanke asks how he knows, Nick tells him that there is not enough blood. Nick has another officer take the security guard in, knowing he's guilty of something, which is probably adultery, but doesn't think he killed the woman. Nick learns that the woman was married. Schanke seems surprised by the victim and security guard having an affair, which earns him wisecracks from Nick about Schanke being a man of the world.

Inside Natalie's office, she is in full autopsy gear with the latest victim on the table in front of her. Nick's a little disturbed by the presence of the body. She tells Nick that the victim was terrified and had a heart attack. Natalie shows him the cross, which disturbs him. She notices and comments on how it really bothers him. He tells her that it makes him feel weak. This causes her to tell him that he has to face his immortal fears. He comments that he would rather eat garlic pills then be around the cross.

Natalie tells him that he needs the cross for evidence, that it didn't register when she found the crosses on each of the first two victims, and that they were all Catholic.

The killer enters the confessional and confesses to all three murders using church terminology. He calls the victims sinners and that he is doing God's work. The Father tries to get him to see that he's wrong, but when the killer tells the Father about his new crime, the Father tells the killer that it's not what God wants. The Father desperately tries to get the killer to confess to the police, but the killer won't, commenting that he doesn't want to confess and doesn't need help. He flees. The Father tries to get a look at him, but the killer is too fast.

Nick is at the loft, staring at two garlic pills on the table next to their bottle, then takes the pills. He chokes, grimaces, and seems to be in intense pain. He convulses and smacks his forehead on the coffee table. He seems to be hallucinating until Schanke's telephone call snaps him out of it. Via the answering machine, Nick hears Schanke tell him that all three women were Catholic and went to St. John's church. Schanke tells Nick that he is off for the night, and not to bother him. Nick warily studies the cross in its plastic evidence bag before dumping it out on the table. He picks it up by the chain and studies it further.

Nick flashes back to a stone room with a huge wooden cross in it. He and Joan are standing by the cross. She tells Nicholas that she knows he was following her, that she's not afraid, and is praying for a safe trip. Nicholas stops her when she tries to leave. He tells her that she will not make it her destination, his fangs partially showing. She tells him that she knows what she is due to stories her grandmother used to tell her about creatures cursed to an eternity in darkness. He darkly tells her that he will live forever. She tells him that he is cursed because he is afraid of salvation and death, but she is not afraid to die. Nick brings his hand up to the cross.

Back in the present, Nick holds the silver cross in his hand. There is another quick flashback to Joan's time, where he reaches out to the large wooden cross and his hand erupts in flames. He screams. In the present, Nick opens his fist and sees a small burn where the cross was and comments that the garlic pills definitely help.

The Father from the confessional is talking to an older priest as the older priest is working on setting up for an Easter Pageant. The younger priest, Pierre, asks the older one if it is okay to go to the police when someone confesses that they are about to commit murder or has already done so. The older one tells him that going to the police is never allowed, no matter what the situation. That under no circumstance is the sanctity of the confessional to be broken. If it was, no one would ever trust the church again. Pierre cannot understand this, knowing how much the world has changed, how it is a much more violent place. He is deeply frustrated by the strangle hold on his wanting to stop the killer. Pierre is not happy that you can kill someone, confess to it and get away with it.

Schanke is at the Raven dancing with Alma. He cannot believe he is dancing to Goth music, and with an attractive, young, blonde woman. Alma asks what goes with dancing and gets dinner for an answer, wanting sex for an answer. She whammies Schanke and leads him away, her eyes golden.

Nick is talking with Father Pierre about the three victims, showing him the pictures, trying to see if he knows them. All Nick learns is that Pierre buried them all. Nick comments on the fact that all three went to his church as well as telling him the gruesome way each died. Nick seems to realize that the killer may have confessed but due to his vows, Pierre cannot say anything.

Alma leads Schanke to a back room in the Raven where she ties his hands together with his tie and pushes him onto the couch. She tells him that she is going to be a dancing doctor in her next life. She tells him to calm his breathing down that if his blood boils it will spoil the taste. Schanke is seriously panicking. Alma vamps out and is about to sink her fangs into Schanke's neck when Janette urgently calls out Alma's name. Alma looks up startled and unhappy to be disturbed. Schanke snaps out of the whammy, does not realize where he is or what happened. He freaks out even worse. He runs from the room as he is trying to free his hands. Janette grabs hold of his arm and sternly but politely, almost a little playfully, that Alma is very dangerous to play with, and can be deadly. Schanke thinks Janette is talking about diseases he could catch from Alma and further freaks out. Janette tells Schanke not to ever return to the Raven and lets go. Schanke runs out of there as fast as he can.

Inside Loose Lips, women are doing telephone sex with their paying customers. One woman is talking to her babysitter, and even talks to the baby she obvious loves a lot. A younger woman, Magda, receives a dirty call threatening her life. It shakes her up a bit, making her want to go to the police. The mother tells her that the police will not do anything about it. She tells Magda to go home since she is too upset to work. Magda takes the tape with her as she leaves.

Magda is jumped in the stairwell by the ski-masked killer.

Nick's driving around, and hears Magda's screams.

Magda gets away, but is soon recaptured and this time in a stronger, more secure hold. He has his gun against her head and orders her to shut up or she dies.

Nick locates the scream, arrives, identifies himself as a cop and orders the thug to let Magda go. The killer shoots Nick in the side. Nick slumps to the floor, hand over his wound as the thug flees. Nick orders a stunned Magda to go get help. When she flees to do that, Nick jumps to his feet as soon as he is alone, revealing the bullet hole in the window behind him.

Nick's chasing someone outside and sternly orders them to stop, which they do. Nick is surprised to see it is Father Pierre. Pierre begs Nick not to shoot him.

Inside a precinct interrogation room, Nick, Stonetree and Pierre listen to Magda's tape. She is no where to be seen. Nick asks Pierre if he recognizes the voice, sensing that he does. Pierre honestly tells them that he does not. Nick angrily asks Pierre why he is protecting the killer, and Pierre tells them that he is protecting something more important, the beliefs and rules of his religion. Stonetree as is there's any circumstance under which he can talk and hears that there is not. Nick angrily threatens to take Pierre along when he has to notify the next victim's family, or thinks that maybe he'll make Pierre do it. Stonetree is fed up, and throws Nick out. On Nick's way out, he hears Pierre talking about the church granting salvation and eternal life. Pierre comments that he believes it and asks if there is anything Nick believes in that strongly.

Nick flashes back to seeing a knight kneeling before the huge wooden cross. It is Joan, who calls Nicholas by name. Nicholas comments on how much she's changed, and how she is both a hero to the people and a heretic in the eyes of the church. That she is probably going to enjoy dying a martyr. Nick sounds much darker than he is ever sounded as he asks why a farmer's daughter would be contacted by God and she counters with the question of why God would be a carpenter's son. He asks if she is scared and she says nothing. He comments that her life is about to end and offers her eternal life along with great power. She refuses to let him kiss her. He asks why she is throwing her life away for the church and a bunch of lying, pious old men. She tells him that she needs to die to keep the church strong and that she would rather be at home with her family. She comments that she will live on and when he questions that, she tells him that it is Faith. She reminds him that he can always regain his lost faith as she lays her wooden cross at his feet, then leaves. He looks at the two crosses and wonders if she is right.

In the precinct hallway, Magda sees Nick and asks if he is okay. She is surprised when he has forgotten that he was shot not too long ago. Nick remembers and comments that it just grazed him. He turns down her offer to be bait, which annoys her. He tells her that they can catch the killer without her help and that she needs to go home, lock the door and stay there until the police catch the killer. Stonetree tells Nick to have an officer take Magda home to get her stuff, and then to a motel for safety. Stonetree tells Pierre to stay away from his church because he too could be a target.

Inside the loft, Natalie cannot believe she's holding Joan of Arc's wooden cross and asks if Joan gave it to him. Nick confirms it and tells her how he wanted to bring Joan across to save her, but she refused. He tells Nat about Joan's strength, faith and spirit.

He tells Natalie to bring the cross closer, which she does. When he turns away, she asks why vampires fear it. Nick tells her that it is a symbol of the one true light and they are creatures of darkness. Nick has her continue moving closer until they are about six inches apart. He holds her arm there and answers her question about why he is talking that fear now by telling her that he is spending the day in a church.

Nick's standing across the street from St. John's in the pre-dawn light, talking with a couple of officers. Meanwhile, Schanke's giving Myra a six am call. She is not happy to be woken and they have a disagreement. Nick reminds Schanke that wives get suspicious when husbands call for no reason. Schanke tells Nick to stay out of his business. Nick turns down Schanke's suggestion of backup, as he did not want to scare the guy off. He tells Schanke that he will be inside.

Nick goes inside and approaches a row of lit candles, which spark another flashback to Joan.

Joan's tied to the stake, her head has been shaved, and a fire grows higher around her. She calls out for Nicholas to hold her cross up to give her courage. Nicholas does so from behind the barred basement window. A cross-wielding priest stands before her, treating her as if she was evil. Joan tells Nicholas not to mourn her, as she will live forever. She refuses to allow any of her fear to show.

Nick's overwhelmed by being in the church and tries to leave but the morning sun traps him. He is blinded by a woman's entrance. He feels his way along the wall bumping into things until he reaches the dark safety of the confessional box. He passes out once safely inside.

A woman enters the confessional and tells Nick she can see him. Nick pretends to be asleep and lets out a soft snore. She lets him be.

Schanke sees them taking down the Easter setup as he is stretching his legs. The killer walks down from the stage.

Schanke enters the church and confessional. Nick cannot resist and fakes an Irish accent. Schanke confesses that he has been a lousy Catholic. He says that he has been happily married for ten years, and does not know why he did what he did last night. Nick's even more curious and gets Schanke to continue. Schanke tells him about going to the Raven, even though he was told to stay out, giving his partner a rough time, that he's not the type to fool around, but it's the reason he went there. Schanke tells him about the hot woman who came onto him but cannot remember her name. Nick tells him Alma's name, Schanke continues on about how she thought he was Mel Gibson or God, and then it hits. He's not happy, opens the door and sees Nick. Nick scolds him for going to the Raven and for not staying outside to watch for the killer. Schanke starts to say something not nice, and is reminded that they are in a church. Schanke slams the confessional door when nick asks for a promise to never return to the Raven.

In a cheap hotel room, the young cop and Magda are running out of discussion topics and she wants to take a shower. He does not leave until she starts undressing. As soon as she is sure he is outside, she splits out the bathroom window.

Pierre catches Nick coming out of the confessional and is mad. He grabs Nick's arm, as he rants about violating the confessional, and is reminded about the killer. He drags Nick closer to the cross as Pierre is still ranting about disrespecting the church. Nick growls to be released and falls into a pew a few rows from the large cross, trying not to get sick. Pierre's ranting about how they both want to catch the poor man before he kills again, which gets him a reminder of the viciousness of the killings. Nick stands, his vision blurs, he's unsteady on his feet, and passes out as images of Joan being burned at the stake flash through his mind. Father Pierre catches Nick as he collapses.

Night has fallen. Schanke calls inside the church to check on Nick. Nick says he's fine and tells Schanke that his confession made him sick to his stomach. Schanke crankily, firmly tells Nick that it is their secret. When Schanke comments on food, Nick tells him some will be sent out to them.

Schanke's surprised to see Magda, but before he can do anything he is knocked out.

Magda takes a seat in a pew and becomes uneasy when a guy passes by her. They exchange looks.

The officer bringing food to Schanke finds him unconscious and helps him. Schanke quickly regains consciousness and tells the officer about Magda, even though he has a killer headache. The other cop calls in an officer down alert.

Magda is dragged out struggling, screaming for help. She's tied to the cross and gagged. She still cries out.

Nick searches the pew, sees only Magda's coat, and tells the other officers to seal the church while he searches outside.

The killer is pouring gas on the sticks and stuff around her. Nick takes to the sky to find her before it is too late. A branch is lit by the killer, who calls Magda a whore. Nick tackles the killer, who drops the lit branch onto the gas soaked woodpile surrounding Magda. Nick and the killer fight. The killer waves a flaming branch at Nick. The fight continues and the fire expands.

Nick has a flashback to Joan being burned at the stake and learning her true name was Joan.

Nick sees Magda freaking out as she struggles to free herself.

Nick again flashes back to Joan. He is kneeling in front of the large wooden cross in the church and reaches up to it. He hears Joan ask him to hold up her cross to give her courage.

Comparisons between struggling Magda and Joan accepting her fate flash back and forth.

Nick is afraid of fire and recalls Joan's words to him about pure and simple faith. He remembers her telling him how he can always regain his lost faith.

Nick has more flashbacks between Joan and him, the burn in his palm from the metal cross, the fire and more.

Nick growls and leaps over the fire in an act of faith. He rushes to Magda's side and frees her. He drapes his coat over her head and leaps over the fire again. They land on the ground, both safe. When she asks how he did it, he tells her it was adrenalin and a lot of faith.

Nick and Magda are in the precinct with Pierre behind them. She tells them that she forgives the killer, surprising Nick. She tells him that love and forgiveness go together. He admits she is right, a little reluctantly. Magda comments that she goes to church and that Pierre is the best they have had, along with the cutest. Pierre blushes. Magda kisses Nick and puts the cross into his palm. He tries to turn it down, but she will not let him. He closes his hand to hide any burn. Pierre and Nick make up, both admitting they know they other was only doing their job. Pierre tells Nick that confession is good for the soul. Nick smirks knowing that no priest could handle his past.

Natalie and Schanke enter, with her checking the bump on his head, causing him to wince. She teases him about his whining and his ring around the collar. Schanke complains to an approaching Nick that he has a headache, which Nick teases, is his conscience. Schanke leaves and Nick shows Natalie the mild burn from the cross. She is pleased to see the major improvement. They know it's a step closer to mortality and or God.

Schanke suggests they go out to eat, causing Nick to decline. Natalie watches a little sadly as Nick leaves due to the sunrise.

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