Season 1 Episode 5

Written by - Roy Sallows

Directed by - Michael Levine

Guest stars:

Ann Foley.......................... Cyndy Preston

No other character names given, only actors.

Patrick McKenna, Michael Killinger, Murray Oliver, Betty-Lou Buckindale, Julie Crossen, Lauren Griffen, Marina-Rae Nicholas, Susan Rimar, Marie Siebert

Crawford meets Ann in an old warehouse. They hungrily kiss. She is pleased he brought the bundle she asked for.

She asks him what it is like to be a thief. When he is at a loss for words, she fills them in for him. He is totally turned on by her, the heat growing between them. He is caressing her body when he is strangled from behind. She watches, enjoying Crawford's struggle for life. Burkhart strangles Crawford until he falls to the floor dead. She comforts Burkhart, who cannot believe he did it. She rewards him with caresses, getting him to admit he liked it. They hungrily kiss a moment before he gasps and falls to the ground, a knife in his back. She tells him she liked it as she leaves.

In the precinct, Schanke refuses to believe a fellow detective killed the accountant. Burkhart is a straight arrow cop with many commendations and no disciplinary actions. Burkhart is a favorite of Stonetree's. Burkhart and the accountant, Crawford, were with Ann earlier. Burkhart's fingers were covered with abrasions matching the pattern on the cord Burkhart was strangled with. Schanke asks why the perfect cop would strangle an accountant. Nick tells him that both bodies had the same lipstick on them. Schanke is surprised the perfect cop had a lover.

Unfortunately, Stonetree overheard him and crankily tells Schanke that Burkhart forgot more about being a good cop than Schanke will ever know. Stonetree is unable to figure out how or why his friend would do it. He gets confirmation the marks on Burkhart's fingers matched the cord pattern. Ben Crawford was a well-liked corporate accountant. No one understands why Burkhart would kill him. Nick gives Stonetree his condolences. Stonetree tells them he was just at Burkhart's house the other night. Schanke does not want any part of the weird case. Stonetree tells them he wants the truth, no matter how deep they have to dig because he's never known a more honest cop and wants to know what it takes to make someone like Burkhart kill.

In 1228 Paris, Nick is enjoying a victory dinner with his men. Janette enters and seduces him from across the room.

Stonetree wants an answer to the eternal question what makes a good man evil.

Inside Natalie's office, she is dictating her autopsy findings as Nick and Schanke enter. She has Nick smell the two bodies and then her wrist. All three share the same perfume, only the men did not get Provocateur over the counter. Nick, Schanke and Natalie believe there was a love triangle. The perfume does not narrow things down much as it is a standard type, but the lipstick does, as it is theatrical. Schanke's pager goes off and he calls in, then tells Nick and Natalie both dead guys called the same place during the last few days, a downtown strip club called Jilly's.

Inside Jilly's, Nick and Schanke see the exotic dancing with a DJ doubling as the club's announcer. Schanke's watching them, until Nick forces him to look straight ahead, reminding him he is married. Schanke acknowledges his marriage. Nick searches for the manager, and he is directed to the announcer. Nick enters the dancer's area annoying the announcer. He tells Nick the area is off limits, asking what he wants. Nick identifies himself as a cop and asks if the guy recognizes the people in two photos. The guy denies seeing them. Nick tells him he does not have any bribe money but he is sure thirty or forty officers could show up with some. The manager knows he's beaten, looks at the pictures and tells them he recognizes the cop, who has been in there a couple times before. He made a big impression and said he was there on business as he talked with a few of the girls.

The announcer introduces the next stripper, Miss Paris. Ann definitely captures Nick's attention. The manager tells Nick the men in the pictures thought she was a real beauty too.

There are quick flashbacks between Miss Paris seducing the men and Janette's face that night in 1228. He remembers eating, seeing her and was seduced.

Nick is backstage when Ann heads for her dressing room, commenting he must be a VIP to be allowed back there. Nick shows his badge surprising her and confirms she's Ann Foley. She invites him into her dressing room as she changes. She slips behind a screen. Nick uses the time to look around, maybe find a lipstick or perfume match. She asks him what he wants. He mentions Ben Crawford and David Burkhart, commenting that she knew both men. As they talk, he has to toss her various clothing items. Nick takes a lipstick sample with his fingernails, being careful not to leave obvious marks. She explains that she talked to Crawford a few times and Burkhart only twice. Crawford talked about his golf scores while Burkhart wanted answers. Burkhart was there investigating someone who frequented the club, but doesn't know anything else. She tells him to keep digging.

Schanke opens the door and is jealous of Nick and Ann. The mood is broken as she sees Schanke. Nick's expression is a oh-damn-why-now one, wishing they'd had more time alone. She asks Nick if they will see each other again and he tells her he thinks so.

Crawford had a major reputation at the club, and was a conservative spender most of the time, but would occasionally toss around money, having once joked it didn't matter because it wasn't his. Schanke hoped to find out what that meant. Nick fishes the lipstick samples from under his nails with his pocketknife, wiping them on a clean handkerchief. Nick sees Schanke watching the woman dance in front of Schanke, and asks if they are on duty because one of them has to solve the case. Schanke teases Nick about drooling over Ann, and about how you never know what will turn you on. Nick is amused and curious. Schanke admits autumn afternoons, plaid skirts and knee socks do it for him, telling Nick a story about his school days. Nick all too well knows the power women hold. He hears Janette call his name and flashes back to that night in 1228 Paris.

Janette leads Nick to a comfortable bed, calling him a brave knight, brave crusader, conqueror, asking if he is ready to be conquered. He tells her he is. She asks if he can truly surrender, after all he has won. She will not let him kiss her. She asks if he can surrender to the darkness of the soul, the richness of the night and weakness of desire. How badly does he wants her and how strong are his weaknesses.

In Jilly's, Schanke tells Nick they have to face the facts, that it is all an elaborate game. Women cannot be trusted as far as you can throw their credit cards. Nick tells Schanke to get out of the dark ages because women are not to blame for all the evils of the world. Schanke listens, thinking Nick's talking from experience. Nick tells him that everyone has a dark side with a million possible triggers. Greed, fear, women, and lust for power among them.

Nick's alarm clock goes off as he is lying in bed thinking. Moments later he reluctantly gets up and goes downstairs where he opens a shutter part way, the rising sunlight engulfing him, but not burning him. A part of him seems to regret giving up the sunlight, but a part does not.

Schanke enters and tells Nick he talked to Crawford's boss, learning the company had been investigating Crawford for the last two weeks. He was dirty. Nick asks how dirty and hears he embezzled fifty thousand dollars from Five Star Oil, a big, multi-national company and a client. Nick inquires why Crawford would try to pull such a high visibility maneuver. Schanke suggests cheap thrills. Nick tells him it was anything but cheap. Crawford had taken over fifty thousand dollars over a two-month period. Schanke does not know what Crawford did with the money as there were no bank deposits and no purchases. That if something was bought, it was not anything permanent. The telephone rings. Nick starts to say Schanke's there, but Schanke motions that he is home sleeping, so Nick passes along the message. Schanke's exhausted, falling asleep in the chair.

In Natalie's office, she tells him the lipstick samples from the handkerchief did not match color wise. Both were exotics, one from Japan and one from Taiwan. They were different colors but the same type. She knows he got the samples from a stripper's dressing room, asking Nick if he has anyone in mind and he tells her he does, but does not say it is Natalie. She is a little hurt thinking the stripper is on his mind.

Ann leaves Jilly's and feels someone watching her, but no one's there. After she is down the alley, Nick steps out of a doorway and follows her. As she is driving home she checks her rear view mirror and sees Nick's Caddy behind her. Nick pulls up across the street moments later. He searching for her apartment window, taking to the sky when he locates it. Ann enters her apartment and as she approaches the back door, she sees Nick standing by the sliding door, curtains blowing in the breeze.

Ann tells Nick she admires a man who is not afraid to go after what he wants, hoping her nervousness doesn't show. Nick asks if it is because she is not afraid to go after what she wants as they are face to face. She tells him it could be, and she did not think the service elevator came that far up. He asks how a stripper can afford a luxury apartment. She tells him one does not. He asks if an accountant owns it, comments that a cop on a basic salary could not afford it. She tells him it belongs to someone practicing corporate law. He asks who and is she reminded not to let appearances fool him. He is a little thrown to learn she is the lawyer who owns the apartment.

In 1228 Paris, Nick and Janette are seducing each other. She is not as immune as she wants him to think she is. She calls him strong, a defender of the cross, asking him who he really is as their seduction intensifies.

Nick tells Ann that he feels it would be a mistake to underestimate her. She tells him that it is good to trust your feelings and most people never dare to. He tells her there are a lot of things most people would never dare, slightly seductively. She tells him it is a shame, that to not dare is to not live and walks away. Janette and Ann are both seducers, teasers and use it to get whatever they want.

Nick and Janette are in Paris. She is still seducing him and he is enjoying it, seducing her as well. She asks him if he can feel her darkness absorbing his light, the power and danger of her darkness. Rational thinking is not high on his priority list, which she knows and is using to her advantage as their passion escalates.

In Ann's apartment, she asks if there is anything else he needs to discuss with her. He tells her he wants to discuss Burkhart and Crawford's murders with her because she is a suspect. She looks a little uneasy. Nick tells her the men did not associate with each other, yet they both knew her. Lipstick like hers was found on both bodies. She comments he is looking for the murderer's murderer. He tells her making that distinction is interesting. She comments that when a cop strangles someone it is big news, no matter what happens to the cop afterwards. Nick is surprised her slip up, telling her they never released that information to the press, and that her lipstick would have convicted her. She disagrees, telling him all the evidence is circumstantial and he knows it. He asks if she has an alibi, hearing that there are a lot of men in high places who'd vouch for her, so she'd owe them one. Nick tells her she would be lying. She asks if he has ever lied, and that everyone likes. They like to pretend, to hide the dark parts of themselves. It is the part that fascinates her. She comments that he's more curious about her, than why she gave up the law, and that she gave it up to live in that pure part of herself that most people are afraid to visit. She wants to make others do the same, and watch their helplessness as their civilized selves slip away. He asks if she thinks murder is civilized. She asks if he is civilized or lying. She does not know he is a vampire when she asks if his entire life is a lie.

Nick flashes back to Janette's seduction of him and realizes how much alike the two women are in their techniques and the result.

In Ann's apartment, she is seducing him, telling him he does not want her to have an alibi and want her so badly he cannot remember his name. It is taking its toll on Nick. He tells her she does not want him to forget himself. The dark part of him wants control to revel in the darkness. The rational part still has control and intends to keep it. She tells him she only wants the darkest, dangerous half, not realizing how dangerous that is to say to a vampire.

Nick hears Janette tell him to say goodbye to the light because he knows it will never again satisfy him as she finishes her seduction.

Ann is seriously seducing Nick. He tells her she does not know what she is asking, fighting the urge to give her exactly what she thinks she wants. She tells him she can feel the evil with in, making her want him so badly. She comments she wants him to do something that will bring her his darkest part.

Nick again hears Janette tell him that only darkness can satisfy him.

Ann tells Nick there is much more to life if one plays outside the rules and takes chances. They are nibbling on each other's lips, cheeks and necks. Ann tells Nick she needs something to push them over the edge.

Janette tells him that no matter how good and shining a knight he was, the darkness was always there.

Ann tells Nick she wants him to steal something important that will be missed, asking if he has ever done it before. She wants him to tell her how it feels.

Janette tells Nick the darkness was always there and stronger than anything else in his heart or mind.

Ann tells Nick to bring her Burkhart's casebook. Nick seems to be seriously testing his control, and seems to be approaching the limit, without it progressing and seriously endangering Ann's life.

At the precinct, Nick's looks like hell. Schanke teases him about being Casanova, teasing him about where he spent the night. Nick tells Schanke and Stonetree he did not get much sleep. Nick's not in a good mood. Schanke grumbles that spending the night with a stripper, who is a suspect, is not work. Nick tells them he is not sure Ann checks out. Stonetree stops it before it can get out of control. Schanke tells Nick that he was working, and got a lead from Burkhart's wife. Schanke tells them about the case notebook Burkhart always had with him, and it is missing. Stonetree tells them it is at his house because he was checking to see if there was anything useful in it. Nick asks if he can borrow it and Schanke grumpily tells him it is a good idea as he is off duty. Stonetree gives Nick his key and tells him where the notebook is.

Nick enters Natalie's office and hears she wanted to see him because she found something to help the case, but is not sure he still cares. He asks what she found and learns there were three unsolved murders in the last four years, and one was a double murder like this one. Natalie is further aggravated when he does not seem to care, and tells him she knows about his new diversion. Her hurt shows as she smacks his chest with the towel.

Inside Ann's apartment, she is holding Burkhart's notebook as she and Nick hungrily kiss. She pulls away and tosses the notebook into the fire with a grin, surprising him. Nick has a pang of guilt, wondering how he is going to explain it to Stonetree. When he asks why she is burning the book, she tells him she never wanted it, just wants to know how it felt to steal it. They hungrily kiss. He tells her it was simple, easy, and felt good. Ann tells him they can go much deeper. More intense kisses are shared as she learns he wants to go deeper. She does not realize that has Nick's probably done every 'worse' thing there is.

The next night, Stonetree is digging through the paperwork on his desk trying to find the notebook, telling Nick he saw it there the other night. Nick tells Stonetree he looked where Stonetree said to, and it will probably show up. Stonetree suggests Schanke found it, as he said he found something and might be able to close the case, but did not say what. Nick is uneasy as he leaves. Stonetree reminds Nick Ann is a suspect, to bring her in.

Nick apologizes for his behavior. Schanke's a bit wary of Nick's sudden about face. The case has made them both a bit edgy. Schanke tells Nick he found out some information about Ann. A couple years back there were some murders in Buffalo that were very similar to those here. All the victims were regular patrons of a strip club and Ann was there as well. Nick comment that he thinks Ann will tell them about it, and would like to talk to her before Stonetree. Schanke goes along with it, pleasing Nick.

Nick and Schanke arrive at the dark warehouse and decide to bring Ann in if she starts talking in circles. Nick and Schanke call out to Ann, Schanke some distance ahead of Nick. Ann appears and reveals her outfit is exactly what turns Schanke on, including the right school plaid. He likes it. She tells him it is not her style, but she wore it for him. He cannot believe Nick told her about it. She tells him about the debate among women, asking if they dress to compete with each other or to impress a man. She tells him she is flattered that he enjoyed her dancing. She kisses him and he kisses her back. Schanke asks where Nick is. A cord is wrapped around Schanke's throat from behind. Schanke cannot pull the cord loose and falls, revealing Nick is strangling him. Nick approaches Ann, who tells him she was right about it being in him. They kiss. She asks him to tell her about it. There is more kissing before he asks her what killing Burkhart felt like. She tells him it felt fantastic. Nick keeps her talking until she has confessed that she enjoyed putting the knife into Burkhart. He shows none of the earlier hunger. She asks if he knows exactly how it feel, which he denies. Nick tells her she has the right to remain silent, revealing the microphone taped under the lapel of his jacket.

Ann's angry at being betrayed and orders her partner to kill Nick. He fires and Nick goes down. The man pulls Ann out of the warehouse. Schanke rubs his throat. He sees Nick lying on the floor and asks if he is okay. Nick tells him the guy missed. He just tripped on something. Nick asks how Schanke is. Schanke tells him not to worry, he'll just wear turtlenecks. They get up and take off after the killers. Once outside, Nick and Schanke split up to cut them off. The male killer shoots at Schanke while Ann runs up the fire escape to the roof. Schanke is exchanging fire with the male, while Nick spots Ann and takes off for the roof of the building. Schanke shoots the male and he goes down. Ann's trying to escape and sees Nick. He tells her it is over. She tells him she thought he had it in him, but he is just a tourist as she backs towards the edge. Nick tells her to get away from the edge and she tells him she wants to know what it feels like to die and jumps. Nick is surprised, yet not totally surprised. A part of him is sad for the needless loss of life.

Nick approaches Ann's broken body and kneels down beside her. She tells him it feels good, pain making her voice a little uneven. It hurts to see someone take their own life to escape punishment, to die for the thrill of it. She looks peaceful in death.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke learns they are late because Nick wanted to drop off something for Natalie and teases Nick about always being on the make. Nick tells him he has a dirty mind. Schanke does not buy Nick's comment he and Nat are just good friends. Nick tells Schanke he did not think he would understand. Schanke is slightly sarcastically comments that Nick understands women so much better than he does. Nick comments it takes years of practice. Schanke asks why Ann Foley wanted Nick to kill him, and learns it was because Schanke was onto her. Schanke disagrees, commenting that she wanted him dead long before he had a lead on her, and it was because of Burkhart's casebook. Stonetree tells them it contained only vague assumptions about Crawford's embezzling. Nick confirms it. Seeing Schanke's waiting for an answer, he tells him that Ann was uncomplicated. Everything she did was for the thrill, and it killed her. Nick reminds them that sometimes you get more than you bargained for.

In Natalie's empty office, a single red rose is draped across Natalie's keyboard while a bottle of perfume sits between the keyboard and CPU.

In Paris, the seduction ends as Janette moves away. Nick asks where she is going and she sadly looks at him. He tries to figure out what is going to happen. LaCroix enters, making Nick instantly very uneasy. Janette does not sound too happy as she introduces LaCroix. LaCroix tells Nick they are going to be friends for a long, long time as he nearly floats over to Nick, vamps out and growls. Nick tries to put more distance between him and the creature with glowing yellow eyes and fangs. Momentarily, Nick accepts his fate.

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