Season 1 Episode 6

Written by - Tony Sheer

Directed by - Brad Wright

Guest stars:

Denise Ford........................ Elizabeth Marmur

Dr. Alyce Hunter................. Christine Reeves

Joan of Arc.......................... Christina Cox

No other character names given, just actors.

Brett Halsey, Pia Southam, Victor A. Young, Richard McMillan, Catherine Swing, Markus Parilo, Chandra West, Richard Gira, Helene Rousse

Mrs. Jennifer Hedges, a wealthy mother and her daughter, Janice, get out of their limousine, telling the driver, George, that they will be back in ten minutes. As they walk across the street to the stores, George knows it will be at least and an hour and he settles back for a nap.

George sees a man dressed like a chauffeur approach and lowers the window. The man grabs George by the neck and jabs a syringe into George's neck, killing him.

A young woman, Denise Ford, stretches after finishing her workout.

Jennifer comments to Janice that new women need new wardrobes as they get into their limousine and instruct George on the next stop. They do not realize it is not George until the driver goes the wrong way. George has been shoved to the passenger side floor up front. It is not until the driver goes too fast and turns too roughly that Jennifer knows it is not George and they are in trouble.

Denise is relaxing in a bubble bath when she is suddenly startled by something.

The limousine continues on its rough, speedy journey until it enters open doors of a warehouse outside the downtown area and parks.

Denise calls Stonetree to report a kidnapping she saw, but has no details.

Inside the crime scene, Nick is examining tire tread evidence when Schanke nearly steps on it. Nick comments on it not being Schanke's shift, and Schanke grumbles that he wants to know why he is there. Stonetree tells Schanke he called in most of the day shift because the missing people are Conrad Hedges' wife and daughter. Hedges arrives, and heads for Stonetree. Schanke approaches Denise and informs her that only crime scene personnel are allowed. She tells him it definitely was a kidnapping and they used a dark brown van. She is a fan of Hedges' Human Touch Foundation's charity work. Hedges considers psychic last resort, isn't happy one has been brought in, wants to know why there's been no ransom demand and orders them to keep him informed every step of the way.

Schanke tells Nick that Myra's aunt believes she's psychic, and made his life a living hell by telling Myra he would not live to see another spring, causing Myra to become a health nut. He asks Nick if he has ever eaten any of that crap, commenting that he has never seen what Nick does eat. Meanwhile, Denise is trying to get a reading from the limousine.

Denise has an intense reaction to sitting in the driver's seat, grabs her throat with both hands, vividly seeing and feeling the murder. She tells them the driver was killed before the kidnapping. Nick leans on the car near her, causing her to see disturbing images from his past. She is seriously confused because she cannot separate them from the kidnapping. Nick looks a bit puzzled and concerned when she says she sees a black shape flying against the moon, among other very old things. Schanke is convinced that she is a phony, gesturing that she is crazy.

An officer tells them that no one saw anything because they do not want to get involved. When Nick mentions the brown van, Schanke asks why he believes Denise, especially since he lived past the spring. Denise tells them where the chauffeur is. The two detectives head off in that direction. Nick finds the chauffeur upstairs stuffed inside an industrial air conditioning vent, even as Schanke was pretty sure the three had run off to Mexico together and were having an affair.

Inside the morgue, Denise tells Natalie that for the first time she is having a problem with image clarity as Natalie uncovers George's face. Nick and Schanke enter and approach the two ladies. Denise puts her hands on the victim's head, telling them she sees George in the limousine mumbling he has at least an hour before they return. Nick's hand on the autopsy table, causes her to see disturbing, painful images from his past including sunlight being death. She tells him she cannot get much more because the images are too mixed up. She gets some extremely intense and disturbing images from Nick's past, including some with LaCroix and Janette. Denise is unstable as she pulls away from the corpse. Nick tries to sort out what she saw, wondering how much was from his past. Denise looks at Nick wondering about what or who he is, and if anything she saw was real. Nick puts her hand back on the victim's body. She tries again getting a little useful information, but also more of Nick's past, darker, more disturbing, more violent this time, including a fully vamped out, angrily growling Nick. She screams and backs away from Nick. Natalie's concerned, asking what is wrong as she steadies Denise. Denise is in a fear-induced panic as she tells them she has to go or she will lose her mind. She bolts causing Nick and Natalie to look at each other, both wondering if Denise knows he is a vampire.

The next morning, Stonetree feels the heat Hedges' is applying to the Commissioner for a fast solution, admits there is no word from the kidnappers, Hedges' telephones are tapped and his detectives are handling it. Stonetree asks Schanke what he learned about Human Touch. Schanke tells a story about his grandmother calling Mother Teresa a saint and that Hedges has a picture of Mother Teresa giving him a hug on his wall. He says found nothing, the man's a saint. Stonetree reminds him that saints are often the dirtiest with the most skeletons in their closets, and more enemies. He tells Schanke to keep digging.

Hedges arrives and tells them to spend some time looking for the kidnappers, giving them an envelope that came to him through the office and was widely handled. Schanke still handles it carefully not wanting to spoil any remaining trace evidence. Hedges identifies the gold ring inside as the one he gave his daughter on her twenty-first birthday. There is a ransom note for a million dollars in nothing bigger than a twenty, and if the police are involved, his wife and daughter are dead. Stonetree points out that at least they know the hostages are alive. Although Hedges thinks psychics are a waste of time, he allows Nick and Denise to come to his house in the hope of finding a clue. Stonetree tells Hedges that Denise has produced results many times and believes this time will be no different.

Nick's driving around in the Caddy thinking, and flashing back to Colonial New England between 1649-1659.

Matthew's terrified and locks himself in his barn. He saw Nick fly past the moon. Nick notices his friend's \very upset and inquires why. Matthew is stunned to see Nick when he just saw him outside a moment ago, knowing that someone cannot be in two places at the same time. Nick tells Matthew he has been brushing his horse for the last hour. Matthew admits he saw Nick fly, believing he saw a demon, not buying Nick's explanations, or comment that a devout man would never see a demon or be troubled by one. Matthew's further upset and says he is a tormented sinner because of the unearthly things he has seen. Nick is worried about his friend.

Denise hears a knock on her door and lets Nick in, apologizing for her earlier hysterics, telling him she has a headache. When Nick suggest she sees a doctor, she tells him it comes from her mind being overloaded, and is not the first such headache that she has had. When she asks if he believes in past lives, he does not give a definite answer, causing her to tell him he should believe. Nick's unsure what to make of it and is unsettled, pretty sure she's seen glimpses of what he is. He hopes she does not put it all together.

Nick and Denise arrive at Conrad Hedges' mansion, comment on the size of it, especially since he is the chairman of a charity. Denise comments that there's no reason a charity worker has to be poor, and tells Nick about the two years she volunteered in one of Human Touch's missions in South America, and personally met Hedges, who's a nice guy.

Inside the house, Hedges is looking at a briefcase with half a million in bank wrapped bundles of bills, which was all he could get on such short notice. He hopes it's enough, anxious to get his family back safely and is staying by the phone until they call.

Denise hears psychic voices in the house, Jennifer, Janice and Conrad. She thinks its Janice and Conrad fighting over her being old enough to pick her own friends. He tells her he is the boss as long as she lives there. She tells him she is tired of his interference and sick of the bullying. He tells her she knows where the door is. As Denise heads upstairs she gets more glimpses of Nick is past, some unpleasant. She passes a mirror and sees Nick vamped out, blood dribbling down his chin.

Inside the master bedroom, she picks up a document and psychically hears a nasty argument between Conrad and Jennifer. He is warning her to stop something, threatening each other. Family life is nowhere near as happy as they showed in public. Jennifer asks him how he can be so two faced, and is warned to stay out of his business. He demands the return of something. She says they will talk about it later, and he is breaking a promise to Jennifer. Denise gets more violent flashes from Nick's past, which confuse and upset her.

She reaches the breaking point and runs from the room, telling Nick that Stonetree needs to get another psychic because she's not doing any good and nothing's making sense. Nick manages to calm her down by reassuring her she is doing well. She's in Janice's room and hears the same psychic voices, this time Janice is telling Conrad to leave her alone and that he is hurting her. He tells her to shut up, that she does not understand. Denise is again assaulted by the violent images from Nick's past, and cannot shake them. She screams, is scared and bolts. Nick stops her at the front door and reassures Hedges that everything's under control. The telephone rings and Nick reminds Hedges it could be the kidnappers.

Hedges answers the phone. Nick gets Denise to tell him what she sees. She tells him she keeps seeing him in another time, with blood on his face, asking what it means. Nick's not sure what to say and is spared by Hedges telling him the call is for him. Nick takes the telephone, turning off the recorder. It is not what Nick wanted to hear. Schanke tells him they found Jennifer Hedges dead in a field with her throat slit. Nick's expression tells Hedges and Denise more than they need to know, stunning Denise.

Denise is at the morgue, her hands on the sides of the victim's face trying to see more images, but Nick's past clouds it again. She's frustrated and pulls away and runs out the door. Natalie tells Nick she is pretty sure Denise knows. Nick knows she is right.

In the colonial barn, Matthew asks the Lord to deliver him from his torment and fears he is going insane due to the strange things he has seen and cannot live like that. Nick leaves disturbed by this.

Hedges makes a television plea for the safe return of Janice. Stonetree is not happy as it makes them look bad. He is surprised Denise did not find anything at the house. Stonetree reminds Schanke she found the chauffeur. Schanke comments they would have found him with a thorough search of the building. They need to make sure Hedges is tailed during the ransom delivery, but Hedges does not have to know about it. Nick tells them he's not sure it really is a kidnapping killing a hostage before ransom is paid does not make sense because you're wasting an asset. He comments that other things are off too.

A reporter cannot get anything from Schanke until she heavily compliments his work. She gets Schanke to reveal more than he should before he realizes it, including the use of a psychic. Schanke realizes he goofed and tries to cover it up, telling her it was off the record.

Denise tells Stonetree she is off the case because the weird images she is getting are threatening her sanity. Stonetree tries to understand, comfort her and stay patient. She tells him it is a combination of Nick and the case, but Nick didn't do anything to her.

Nick flashes back to Matthew again. The sun is rising and a vamped out Nick searches for the intruder of the barn as he locks the door. It is Matthew. Matthew asks Nick about his nocturnal activities. Nick apologizes for upsetting Matthew, thanks him for his hospitality, and tells him he is incapable of miracles. He tries to whammy Matthew but cannot. It only upsets Matthew further, who throws him out, immediately regretting hurting his friend. Nick is saddened by having lost another friend. Matthew begs Nick to tell him what's going on and Nick tells him he is one of God's creatures, which horrifies Matthew.

Natalie hands Nick a light blue drink, as he tells her he never told Matthew what he was. She tells him that the truth will set him free. He disagrees. She sees him examining the thick liquid and tells him protein does not have to be red to be potent. She tells him to drink, and it is all in his mind. He tells her that if he does not get out of Denise's mind she will not have one left. He tapes a sip and hates it as she tells him people no longer believe in demonic possession. He comments that they do not believe in vampires either. Natalie tells him to tell Denise the truth, that she knows and is not crazy. Stonetree calls, demanding to know what he did to Denise because she has quit the investigation. Nick tells him he has no idea. Nick is surprised to hear they lost Hedges that he disappeared with the money. Nick tells Natalie to tell Schanke to meet him at Hedges and leaves through the window. She sternly tells him not to go but he does not listen.

Nick stops by Denise's on his way to meet with Schanke. He starts to let himself in and flashes back to Matthew.

After his hunting, Nick enters the barn and sees his friend hanging from the rafters, no longer able to handle his demons. Nick feels both sad and responsible for his friend taking his own life.

Nick's disturbed as he returns to the present, breaks the lock and lets himself in.

Denise is thinking and does not notice Nick until he is in the room. She is startled, scared and tries to get away from him, telling him to stay away. She asks if he is responsible for what's happening to her, blames him, and tells him it is a dream, a nightmare, a vision. He approaches her showing her he's real, telling her it's all real bringing her hand to his face. It helps. She tells him she saw a monster, a killer. He squats down before her telling her he used to kill, asking her to believe the unbelievable as he reveals his true nature. Her gasp saddens him as his features revert to normal. He tells her he will not hurt her, and he only showed her so she would know she wasn't losing her mind. She asks if he's a vampire and seems awed by it. Nick confirms it with a small grin, which quickly fades.

She tells him that ever since she was a little girl she could tell what people's secrets were, but his is the most unique. She asks if he drinks blood, and comments that that she saw him in a coffin. He's amused and tells her he does not drink human blood anymore and does not sleep in a coffin. He is pleased she is accepting him so easily. She asks his age. He grins telling her he is 800. She tells him it is amazing, scary, weird, the best part being she's not crazy.

He tells her Conrad Hedges has disappeared. She tells him they have to go back to the house because she wants to confirm some very bad feelings she got.

She asks him if he can fly. He gives her a small smile and nod. She asks him to take her with him sometime and hears he will think about it.

Schanke is waiting at Hedges' house for them and grumbles about being dragged out of bed. Nick silently apologizes for being late. Schanke is happy to see Denise. She tells him his wife was bowling in a way that makes him doubt it. As soon as he's alone he calls Myra and learns she was actually playing poker. He teases her about not knowing how to play and her unheard comments wipe the smile right off his. His sarcastic comments only dig him in deeper. Apparently, her responses leave him stunned with hurt feelings. He apologizes when he goes over the line, pulling the telephone from his ear, before hanging up.

Inside the master bedroom, Denise is tuned into the angry voices around her. She learns Jennifer cannot believe Conrad stole the food from the hungry children. Nick is downstairs trying to get something from the tape, but it was stopped when the call came. He asks Schanke why he would want the call to be a secret and hears that maybe it was his fear and not wanting the police involved.

Denise frantically calls for Nick. Both men run to her as fast as they can. She tells them about the strong sense of violence, the arguments and voices she heard. She admits Jennifer and Janice know a secret Conrad desperately wanted kept secret, but does not know what it is. Schanke's irritated and asks why she did not tell them earlier. She admits to having other things on her mind, which he does not buy. She asks when he became a believer and tells her an open mind is necessary, not about to admit the truth. Nick tells Schanke to stay there and bring Hedges in if he returns.

Hedges is inside a warehouse checking his watch, briefcase clutched in his hand.

Natalie's in her office off duty and is reading a just finished report when Nick, Schanke, and Denise arrive. Denise still cannot get any information from Jennifer's body. Nick asks Natalie for confirmation that she was asphyxiated, and if there is anything unusual. Natalie reads from a report that her nails were painted, and that two milligrams of dirt were found under her fingernails along with a small amount of Caucasian skin, probably male, and commercial grade powdered milk. Natalie comments on the oddity of a rich person having powdered milk under their nails, as it would be found in a poor household. Nick tells her it could be found in the warehouse of charitable organization. Denise tells them about the huge Human Touch Foundation warehouse outside of the downtown area.

Nick refuses to let Denise come, even when she tells him she will be able to tell if the daughter's there and alive. He tells both women to stay put before leaving. Denise tells Natalie that Hedges' betrayed her and storms out.

A car enters the Human Touch food depot and two men get out. Hedges demands to know why they are late, and has to confirm he's alone. He asks where Janice is and tells her she is alive. Hedges emotionlessly tells them they were supposed to kill her.

Nick breaks in and listens from high above, shielded from view by a concrete pillar. Hedges tells the two thugs he's paying them half a million for both murders, not one. One thug tells Hedges they like Janice. Hedges asks where his daughter is. They demand the money first, reminding Hedges that Janice knows about his embezzling from Human Touch. Conrad reluctantly hands over the money, which is checked. Conrad learns not only is his daughter in the trunk, but she's alive and knows he arranged their deaths. They tell Hedges that if he wants her dead, he has to do it, tossing him the keys as they leave.

Hedges finds the right key and hesitantly opens the trunk, his only regret is that she knows. He might be slightly regretful he has to kill her, a little bothered by the sight of her bound and gagged. He aims his weapon at her as she whimpers for him not to kill her.

Denise's arrival startles Hedges as she calls him a bunch of nasty names, and that he knew she would find the truth. Nick tries to stop her as Hedges turns her way. Nick vamps out and takes care of the two thugs, then goes for Hedges, weapon drawn. Hedges holds Denise hostage, gun in he side, telling Nick to stay away. Nick tosses his gun away and Denise is shot, and falls to the floor. Nick vamps out and tosses Hedges across the room into a cement wall knocking him out. Nick removes the gag from Janice's mouth and tells her she will be okay. He then rushes to Denise's side, picks up her limp body and takes to the air. She comes around and is thrilled to be flying, telling him how lucky he is that he can fly. He tells her to save her strength. She thanks him and dies contentedly in his arms.

Nick is sulking in his loft. Natalie tells him he could not have saved Denise. Nick tells her that revealing his secret freed her mind and hooked her on the case. If he had kept his secret, she would still be alive. Natalie reminds him Denise would have gone crazy. She reminds him that it is not his fault that she went back to the case, it was her choice. Nick mutters that she is right, giving her a small smile. She puts her hand on his shoulder then leaves knowing he needs to be alone.

Nick is amusing himself at him as he thinks about everything that happened, but it only makes him more restless so he leaves.

Inside the Captain's office, Stonetree tells Nick how Hedges had been skimming off the top for years, confirms that the daughter found out. Nick and Natalie enter with food. Stonetree tells Nick he did a great job, and reminds him to take backup next time. It appears that Hedges is the only dirty person inside the organization so it is up to the spin-doctors to save it. Schanke finds the tofu burger disgusting and grabs Nick's protein shake to wash it down and finds it worse. He bolts for the bathroom. Natalie looks down at the shake wondering why no one likes it, almost trying it herself.

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