Season 1, episode 7

Written by Naomi Janzen

Directed by Jorge Montesi

Guest Stars:

Murray Cozack.................................. John Evans

Mistress Tamara Dugan..................... Ellin Dubin

No character names given.

Marvin Doyle, Kelly Fiddick, Dean Gabourie, Garth Dyke, Rosemary Lawless, Robert Russell, Alexa Gilmour, Robert Thomas, Richard Partington, Lili Francks, Joanna Hartley

Pete Farber says that the woman on the pornographic videotape reminds him of Betty Gilroy, and asks his friend if he agrees. He then says it is too bad about Betty. Murray Cozack says the woman on the tape is much better than Betty was.

Nick comments to Schanke on the total lack of subtlety coming over the wire. Schanke is in the wiretap truck and Nick is in the Caddy. Schanke mutters to himself that they want the tape but Pete needs to use a little tact. He tells Nick to get ready, as they cannot blow it again. Cozack is getting suspicious. Nick tells him they have to trust Pete.

Cozack asks Pete why they are suddenly talking about Betty Gilroy, commenting that she is a dead issue. Pete tells him it is a shame Cozack got the last go at her. Pete knows Cozack will kill him if he finds the wire. Cozack kicks the table, spilling Pete's drink down his front. Cozack wipes it off, terrifying Pete, and finds the wire. Cozack rips the wire off Pete as the detective in the truck puts out the word Pete has been made. Nick is already in flight, vamped out, heading for the building, as it is the fastest way there. Pete is scared, explaining that the cops made him do it, trying to save his life. Schanke and the other detective bolt from the truck. Murray pulls out a revolver and shoots Pete as Pete tells him he is sorry. Nick bursts through the window behind Cozack as Murray's bending down, putting the gun next to Pete's body. Nick grabs Cozack, who struggles to free himself, claiming he is innocent.

Nick is grumbling they did a heck of a job looking out for Pete as he walks past the body. Schanke reminds him Pete knew it was dangerous and volunteered. Nick asks if volunteering to avoid eighteen months in jail is truly volunteering. Nick and Schanke learn there is nothing so far. Schanke stands in front of the large video collection saying it's interesting but has nothing relating to Betty Gilroy. Nick tells him to keep looking. Schanke comments that if a tape of Cozack strangling his sex partner exists, he would be an idiot to leave it lying around. Schanke tells Nick the department has been after Cozack since long before Nick showed up. Schanke admits he wished he had arrived in time to save Pete. Nick tells him he wishes he'd arrived a few seconds soon, hearing he shouldn't beat himself up because he was a superhero to get there as fast as he did, asking how he got there so fast.

Schanke and Nick see pictures of a semi-clothed female teenager, Schanke calls them grad pictures, while Nick calls them baby pictures. Cozack is led by in handcuffs, asking if he is stupid enough to kill a guy on a wire with the police right outside, that Pete shot himself. Cozack calls himself a businessman providing a service, which is more than he can say about the cops. Stonetree tells Cozack he does not want to know what he thinks of him. Cozack comments they have nothing on him. Angst and guilt show on Nick's face. Nick comments he saw Cozack kill Farber, even if he crashed through the window a moment or two after he heard the shot. Cozack is surprised, pretty sure the cop's lying, but says nothing. Stonetree comments it looks like they finally got Cozack, congratulating Nick for a job well done. Nick does not feel too good about what he did, but cannot back out now.

Mistress Tamara Dugan is questioned by Schanke. She, Cozack and Farber are business associates. She came by because they were going to shoot something. Schanke asks for her telephone number, to which she replies that cops are some of her best clients, and then tells him to look her up in the phone book.

Nick is confused when he walks into the bullpen and sees the celebration, especially the cheers and applause for him. He asks what's going on, hearing it is a party thanking him for bagging the un-baggable. He jokes that for a second he thought he was having another birthday, making everyone laugh. A young uniformed officer toasts Nick, telling him they all owe him one for ending the Cozack – Farber regime of illegal use of teenage girls. There is another round of cheers. Schanke tells Nick his wife slaved for hours over the cake and does not want to hear anything about Nick's crazy diet. Stonetree tells Nick that the Crown Prosecutor is waiting in his office. Nick follows Stonetree. Schanke cuts the cake.

Inside a dark office, the Crown Prosecutor tells Nick she needs a quick statement from him, and then he can rejoin his party. The tape recorder is to make sure typos do not get in the way of justice.

Natalie enters the bullpen to deliver a file and sees the festivities. The same young officer asks if she is there for Nick's party. He tells her Nick's an amazing cop, the story of how Nick did it would blow her away. He leaves. Natalie knows the cops are the ones who would be stunned if they knew how Nick really did it. A glass is pushed in her face. She accepts it thanking the person.

Inside the dark office, Nick gives his statement as the tape recorder makes an official record, his voice rather unemotional. He tells the mortal version of how he did it, as it is shown. He realized the informant was in danger so he left the car to try to get closer. He came to a fence, seeing no way around, he climbed over it. Then, ran across the yard towards the warehouse where he saw there was an open window and climbed through it (after ripping off the plywood, revealing iron bars over the window). Once inside he saw stairs and followed them up. When he heard voices, he figured he was near Cozack and Farber. He could not make out what they were saying, but could tell they were in the room at the end of the hall, where there was an open door. He ran for the door when he heard Pete beg Cozack not to shoot, knowing the situation was out of control. He entered, seeing Cozack pull the trigger and shot Farber dead. She asks if he truly saw that.

Nick flashes back to what really happened. He was still a fair distance away when he heard Pete tell Cozack he was sorry and then heard the gunshot. He snaps out of it.

The Crown Prosecutor asks Nick if he saw Cozack pull the trigger. Nick flashes back to the fact he crashed through the window after the shooting. He says he did. She thanks him, tells him they are done. He thanks her, pausing at the door, hearing the Crown Prosecutor tell Stonetree she needs a couple minutes of his time. Nick hopes nothing is wrong with his statement, leaving when she looks up at him, not wanting to raise any suspicions.

In the bullpen, Natalie cheerfully tells Nick she hears he saved the day again. He is in a good mood. She asks him if it was a step forward or one backwards, his serious expression giving her the answer she did not want. Her expression darkens, commenting she thought so. Nick explains that Farber put his life into their hands when he put on the wire and was in trouble, so he did what had to be done. The Crown will convict Cozack on what he saw. Natalie looks around before asking if he really saw the shooting. He looks around and a little indignantly asks what she means by that. She tells him her autopsy report says point blank range contradicting his report of a distance of four or five feet. He just stares at her. Nick watches the Crown Prosecutor. Natalie turns to see what he's watching, telling him perjury's a crime in the mortal world. Nick is a bit tormented by what he has done, knowing lying is wrong, but only did it because the others wanted it so badly, and because Pete died for it.

Nick flashes back to an 1828 trial in Ireland, Britain or America. John claims he is innocent. A snobby woman tells the court she saw John kill Sarah Fergus, causing an uproar. The judge tries to regain control. Nick asks why no one will listen to the accused.

In the bullpen, Nick is getting many compliments for doing great work. He is beginning to regret his deception more and more, hoping he can continue to pull it off.

Nick is in the loft checking his telephone messages over a glass of blood. The Cozack trial date has been set. He nearly panics hearing he is scheduled to appear in court on the fifteenth at ten am.

When Nick arrives at the precinct, Stonetree tells him he is an important man. They discuss Nick's problem with testifying during the day. Nick asks if he can send in a tape like always, hears he is not just the arresting officer, but the only witness, so he must appear in court. Stonetree does not see the problem, telling him it is not a day at the beach. Nick crankily, frustratedly tells Stonetree he knows more about his allergy than Stonetree does and it is a problem. He tells Nick their only hope is for Nick to take the stand and tell the judge what he saw. Stonetree heads for his office, leaving Nick wondering how he got himself into such a mess trying to do the right thing.

In the Caddy, Schanke gives Nick a bottle of Skin Pretty's Ozone Shield because it has one hundred percent UV blockage. Nick questions the claim, then has to reassure Schanke he's not calling Myra a liar. Schanke tells him he will give him a good price on it. Nick examines the bottle, having noticed the pleasing coconut scent and tells his partner to give him the sun block. Schanke comments that he never really liked the tan guys, especially the one who played the tan vampire, amusing Nick.

Schanke tells Nick he cannot wait to see Mistress Tamara's office, realizing it is the same warehouse Cozack used. Nick tells him they probably have nearby offices. The inside of Tamara's place is covered in shiny plastic, and very colorful. Tamara is wearing a long, tight dress made of rubber, causing Schanke to comment he is glad the only time Myra wears rubber is when she is washing dishes. She tells him he will never know until he tries. She comments that she has told them everything she knows. Nick asks about Betty Gilroy and gets a review of the newspaper articles. Tamara focuses on Nick, tells him she's never participated in any such videos, seen them, just heard rumors, asking if that's what they were looking for the night Murray killed Pete. Nick comments that if she does not think Murray did it, then why she is not being called as a character witness. She tells him they are probably afraid she will say something to hurt Murray, which she would never do, unless he asked her to. Both men look disgusted.

Outside, Nick asks Schanke if he thinks Tamara knows Cozack. Schanke says she does, maybe a little too well. Nick hesitantly asks Schanke what he would think if he said he did not really see Cozack shoot Farber. Schanke tells him so what. Nick finds it hard to believe and repeats Schanke's answer. Schanke tells him he lied, which happens. That the bad guys lie so sometimes the good guys have to as well. Nick realizes he did not fool Schanke and wonders who else he didn't fool. They know the bad guy murdered the victim. Nick asks if Schanke knew all along, hearing he did not, but it was not the main issue. Either that or he has the Six Million-Dollar Man as a partner. Nick's amused by Schanke and grins.

In the bullpen, Schanke's at his desk thinking about the unfairness of life at four am, ranting about why the cops are the bad guys, why no one trusts them, they have to risk their lives but have to tell the crooks not to say anything that will incriminate them. Stonetree tells Schanke it will be better tomorrow, and that he should take some time off. Schanke tells Stonetree he knows Schanke's right. The sun comes up, bodies roll in, the lawyers or public defenders get them off. Schanke rants they are no longer the heroes but the bad guys, and they need more heroes. Stonetree tells him to go home, get some sleep and not to do anything heroic along the way, seeing how exhausted Schanke is. Tired cops get careless, then dead, and he does not want to see that happen to Schanke. Stonetree tells him he is right.

Nick relives what happened when he crashed through the window where Farber and Cozack were and wakes up in a cold sweat. He is not quite fully awake as Schanke's calling out to him. Nick tells him to go home. Schanke's fueled by exhaustion and either a coffee OD or alcohol as he rants about how they're always losing, getting mad when Nick doesn't take him seriously, that Nick can be a hero in court. The public needs heroes, so everyone can sleep better at night. Schanke suggests Nick lie in court without outright saying it. Nick asks for clarification. Schanke tells him it is okay if it takes a little white lie to make them look like heroes and put away Cozack. Nick should do it, so they can be proud of what they do, and remind people the cops are the good guys, Cozack is the bad guy. Schanke asks if he's making sense, hears he is. Schanke says he has to go home so he can get to the courthouse for the big event. He tells Nick to get a new door as he leaves. Nick is troubled because he does not know what is the right thing to do. Nick takes a big swig from a bottle as he flashes back to 1828 again.

Nick, Janette and LaCroix enter a tavern as beautiful music plays, provided by the local music conservatory students. Janette asks Nick if the music is what has him so enchanted. LaCroix tells him the female is quite attractive, possibly Nick's evening meal. Janette tells Nick the last six hundred years should have refined his palate better than to dine on common street musicians. Nick tells her that music feeds the soul. LaCroix asks if Nick longs for more than just mortal music, as it is one of the only thing mortals excel at over vampires. Janette leads the female musician from the room. LaCroix admits he should play again, but would not be as good as the female musician because he does not have a soul. Nick claims to have one, and is reminded by a laughing LaCroix that Nick is soulless. The male musician is looking for his partner. Nick sees her violin in its case and goes to investigate. He enters another room, sees Janette draining her, and tells her to stop. She drops the body telling Nick he does have good taste. Nick's hurt. The male musician finds his friend and cries out in grief. Almost immediately another lady sees him over her body and calls him a murderer, telling someone to get the constable.

In the loft, Nick drains his glass, nor forgetting where it comes from.

Natalie is driving the Caddy with Nick in the trunk, as she enters the parking garage. She sees they are alone and knocks on the trunk. Nick climbs out. He is a little wiped out. He learns everything between the garage and courtroom is either underground or has no windows. She jokes that the Venetian blinds inside the courtroom would keep radiation out, and that she has sabotaged the cords after the blinds were shut last night. She asks if he knows what he is doing. He tells her he's been around for 800 years and knows the difference between right and wrong. As they head for the courtroom, she asks if he smells Pina Coladas.

Inside the courtroom, Nick flashes back to the 1828-murder trial as the judge calls it to order. John Underwood is charged with the first-degree murder of Sarah Fergus. Both John and Nick are upset. Nick does not want an innocent man to die because of Janette. In the present day, Stonetree wonders why Nick and Natalie are late, telling them they missed the best part, opening statements. They plan to show Nick lied and never saw the shooting. Nick and Natalie are thinking uh oh. The bailiff opens the blinds for the end window shedding full sun on the judge's bench and the witness box, nearly panicking Nick and Natalie.

Tamara slips into the back row looking completely normal. Cozack's on the witness stand being questioned, tells them he was having a drink with a close friend and business partner, and was set up.

The scene cuts back and forth between the present day and 1828 trials. In 1828, Nick tells them John is telling the truth, he is innocent. In both times, when asked who set them up, the 1828 one says it was a woman, while the present day one says it was a wire. Cozack tells them he told Pete what he thought of a guy who would betray a friend just to clear up a problem between himself and the police. Admitting now that he knows that he was too hard on Pete because Pete was trapped. In 1828 Nick's asked how the murder occurred. Nick tells the court John was looking for his for his friend, Sarah. In the present, Cozack admits Pete told him to put the gun down but he went crazy. Pete cried for the first time in his presence, repeating how sorry he was. The police cornered him and he did not have a choice. In 1828, Nick tells them that by the time he arrived at the crime scene, Sarah was already dead. The woman he saw had broken Sarah's neck, unable to admit a vampire had drained her first. An outburst breaks out. In the present, there is an outburst. The judge bangs her gavel demanding order and quiet quickly returns. Cozack tells them he picked up the gun after Pete shot himself and then the cops arrived. There is an even bigger outburst, with some yelling that Cozack is lying. The judge tries to restore order but can't, so she calls a recess. Both trials are quite similar.

Nick and Schanke are in the witness room. Schanke says that given the choice between him and Cozack there's no question who the judge will believe. Nick asks what happens if Cozack is telling the truth. Schanke tells him not to sweat it. Nick reminds him Natalie's report shows the gunshot wound could have been a suicide. Schanke adds it is also consistent with Cozack putting the gun to Pete's head and pulling the trigger. All Nick has to do is say he saw Cozack kill Farber and the cops win.

The Defense calls Nick to the stand. Natalie's concerned. Nick briefly takes her hand to reassure her. He takes the stand, reluctantly puts his hand on the cross on the bible's cover and repeats the oath. The bible hurts a little and his hand starts shaking, luckily it does not start to smoke. Nick tells Pete was wired and the conversation was being recorded in a van on the north side of the building. He was in his car on the south side of the place. He climbed a ten-foot fence and ran across half the length of a football field, entered an open window and climbed the stairs.

In the 1828 murder trial, the snobby woman, Venecia Dawson, tells them she saw the crime, and Nick wasn't there so he could not have seen the crime. Nick says it is a lie. She only saw the guy holding the body and needs to tell the truth.

In the present day murder trial, Nick sees a small burn on his palm as he subtly examines his hand. The defense lawyer asks Nick when he saw the shot, not believing Nick. He is trying to make Nick admit he lied. Nick tells them he was closer to the scene than the other cops. The lawyer admits he hired an Olympic decathlete to run the same path at it took him four minutes, not the two from Nick's testimony and the surveillance tape.

The sun's rising high into the sky, coming through the window, and steadily approaching Nick as it creeps across the front of the witness box. He keeps a close eye on it, distracted from his testimony, and the defense lawyer's questions. Nick slowly pulls his hands back as the sun grows closer. Natalie is almost as worried. Both are wondering if he can stay long enough to finish testifying. Nick explains that it did not take him as long because he was far from his car, knowing from the start that Cozack was suspicious. The lawyer admits he cannot question how Nick got there, but he can doubt Nick actually seeing the shooting. Nick's asked if he saw Cozack shoot Farber.

In 1828, the snobby woman says she knows John did it. Nick cannot get her to admit she did not see it.

In the present, Nick relives his flight through the window after hearing the shot. He remembers Stonetree's comments about his testimony being their only hope to nail Cozack. Nick is at war with himself over whether to stick to his story or tell the truth.

In 1828, Nick's trying to get the witness to admit she didn't see the murder, while in the present day trial Schanke previously told Nick to lie (not while in the courtroom, of course). In 1828, the witness sticks to her story even though it's a lie.

In the present, there is a montage of the shooting, Schanke telling Nick to lie and Stonetree telling Nick to tell the truth. Nick looks at Nat while being hounded by the lawyer, asking if he saw the shooting or not. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the answer. The sun has reached the inner edge of the box's front ledge, forcing Nick to reluctantly admit he did not see the actual shooting. The charges are dropped leaving Cozack very happy and the cops very frustrated. Schanke's disappointed Nick did not stick to the story. Nick and Natalie know there will be trouble. Tamara is happy. Nick's still conflicted, but he knows he did what he had to do.

Nick and Janette are walking down a dark alley lit by trashcan fires. She scolds him for not learning anything. He tells her he could not lie anymore. She tells him she could care less about mortals and their petty laws. He admits he is probably not too welcome around the police station. She begs him to leave. He tells her he does not want to run anymore, but wants to fit in. She reminds him they have everything mortals desire, tempting him with the thought they could be in Paris tomorrow, that the world is theirs. Janette compares the small time pornographer to the Marquis DeSade (whom they knew), berating Nick for wasting his time on insignificant things. She asks why he does it, hearing it will help him find his soul. A woman who spends all night watching bar patrons reminding him it's long gone, that LaCroix never let his life become boring. Janette asks where LaCroix is and Nick flashes back to staking him with the flaming timber, his expression telling all. She gets it, cannot believe it is true, and laughs in his face as she calls him pathetic. She tells him that he does not belong to either the vampire or mortal world. He's not true to his own kind or himself and walks way.

Nick enters the precinct where everyone turns their back on him, conversations stop, giving him the silent treatment, walking away when he says hi. Nick's mood quickly changes from good to bad as he approaches Stonetree's office. Stonetree is not happy to see him, commenting he thought he was off for a few days, hearing he was. Nick tells him it is time to get back to work and hears Schanke's working on another case. Nick asks how much longer he is going to get the silent treatment, when cases will stop being taken from him. Stonetree tells him everyone is minding their own business. Nick comments that it is about him seeing the shooting. Stonetree asks why he said he saw it when he did not, but Nick tells him it's why didn't he stick to the lie. He tells Stonetree he does not think Cozack is innocent, but hearing it does not matter. Stonetree tells Nick he is nuts when he asks for a warrant, telling him Cozack is suing. Nick tells him the warrant is not for Cozack, getting his attention.

Tamara's back in her rubber clothes, praising Cozack while he is cowering at her feet. She comments on how lucky he is to be in the clear because first it was Betty and now Pete. Nick's approaching and hears Cozack admit Tamara made him kill Betty. She tells him if he is a good boy they can watch the tape, waving it in front of him, snapping him out of his trance. He angrily approaches, unnerving her. She tries to order him but he is no longer interested. He angrily tells her the deal was she gives him the tape and he keeps her out of it. He refuses to let her blackmail him with it any longer as he grabs the tape, his arm around her. She's scared and begs him to let her go.

Nick orders them to open the door, when no one does, he flings it open, grabbing Tamara and pushing her behind him. Cozack pulls a gun and fires at Nick hitting him twice. Both he and Tamara go down. Cozack flees. Nick sees Tamara is alive, calls for an ambulance, and takes off after Cozack.

There is a short chase before Nick lands a short distance in front of Cozack's car. Cozack swerves to miss Nick and crashes. Nick yanks the door off the car and roughly pulls Cozack out, then places him under arrest for the attempted murder of Tamara Dugan. A terrified Cozack tells Nick he saw the bullets go right through him. Nick reminds him if he says that in court they will call him a liar.

Nick and Natalie are in the loft during the day, a movie just ending. Nick's laughing as Natalie is sniffling, blowing her nose, not amused. She asks how he can laugh about it. He tells her he is not laughing at it but at her. She asks when he means and he asks how she can cry about it because it is not even about people. She tells him it was so sad. He comments it is about a forty-foot gorilla. She playfully tells him she takes back everything she ever said about him having a chance at being human. He sits across from her on the couch and playfully apologizes, telling her humans are not perfect. He mentions that watching Cozack drag his mistress down with him was not pretty. She learns they are both going to prison, even though he made her do it. With hope, Nat asks if the cops have forgiven him for telling the truth, and he cheerfully admits it is getting there. She brightens, reminding him he is not immune to happy endings. She moves her large pile of used tissues from her lap to the coffee table, telling him he never told her what happened to the musician. She stuffs her mouth with popcorn. Around it, she comments he does not seem to be bothering him. He tells her someone managed to break into his cell and help him escape. He wound up playing first violin in a symphony orchestra somewhere. Natalie's hands and mouth are full so she just makes a happy sound.

When they face each other, he growls fangs bared. She screams and tries to climb backwards over the couch arm, yelling at him to stop it. She tosses her two handfuls of popcorn at him as she slides back down onto the seat. He grins but it is not a full toothy one as the popcorn hits him.

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