Season 1 Episode 8

Written by Roy Sallows

Directed by Brad Turner

Guest Stars:

Dr. Chung................................... James Hong

Mr. Quan.................................... Ho Chow

(no character names given)

Shirley Cui, Oscar Hsu, Janet Lo, Daniel Lee

On a rainy night in Chinatown, a man sees a taxi pull into an alley. A young Chinese woman and two Chinese men peek out from a building then get into the back of the taxi. The man in the alley runs for cover seeing a black van back into the alley. The woman ducks. Two men get out of the van and shoot the taxi, causing it to crash. The taxi is riddled with bullets. A third Chinese man steps out of the van, telling them it is done. They leave.

Nick and Schanke approach the taxi and look in the back window. It was a professional hit. All three Chinese taxi passengers were victims.

A Chinese man, Lee Kwan, from immigration arrives and introductions are made. Kwan looks in the backseat, and is disturbed. Stonetree says the Chief requested their cooperation with immigration. Schanke comments it is a police matter while Nick asks if the victims were illegals. Schanke comments it is a gruesome crime scene, especially for a paper pusher. Kwan tells them it is gruesome. The victims were not legal but were important.

Nick asks if it has to do with Hong Kong. Kwan tells him Nancy Leong was going to testify against a major Hong Kong crime family, giving them everything they need to put them away for good, but doesn't know what will happen now. Nick tells Kwan all the taxi victims were male, surprising and shocking Kwan.

Inside Natalie's lab, she tells Nick and Schanke Nancy Leong was in the taxi backseat as she found three separate blood types, two of which were the male victims, the third being AB negative. The driver was Raymond Chow. He and his two passengers died from multiple gunshots, tissue and blood loss, major organ damage, someone basically blew them apart. Nick asks Natalie if she can tell how badly the woman was hurt. Natalie is in a bad mood, telling them to give her a break, she cannot know how badly from the blood she found. She apologizes, telling them her budget was drastically cut, she has to let go two attendants on her shift, both with families and nowhere to go because morgue work doesn't really prepare you for anything else. She and Schanke grumble life is a bitch, then you die.

Inside the precinct, Lee Kwan tells Stonetree they must very quickly find Nancy Leong, alive. Stonetree tells him he can spare two officers as Nick and Schanke enter. Nick says they need someone Chinese because of the language barrier and the Community does not trust cops. Schanke comments he heard Nick speaking Chinese once. Nick says he knows a little. Kwan reminds them the fewer people who know Nancy is alive the better. His people have reason to be intimidated by street gangs, suggesting he does the questioning. Nick and Schanke exchange suspicious looks. Stonetree tells Kwan he does not think it is a good idea. Kwan asks why not, telling them he is a trained investigator, almost as good as the police. Stonetree tells them all to work together. Kwan and Schanke will do the preliminary street questioning. Nick pulls Schanke aside, tells him to keep an eye on Kwan and not push too hard with the questions. Schanke sarcastically thanks him for babysitting duty. Stonetree tells them to get started. Nick tells Kwan he knows immigration usually keeps such things secret, asking how the hitters learned about it. Kwan asks if he is suggesting a leak. Nick tells him to check his department as well as the streets. Kwan tells them he will do that, the press cannot know. Stonetree agrees to keep the press out of it. Kwan walks away.

At the crime scene, Nick politely tells the officer to give him a few minutes alone. He looks around, examining some blood with all his senses. He follows the scent down the dark alley to a fire escape, hears someone moving up above. They enter the building at the top of the fire escape, locking the door. Nick's instantly on the landing and breaks the lock. The inside of the place triggers a flashback.

In 1916 San Francisco, Nick knocks and is motioned inside by a Chinese woman. At first they speak Chinese, then switch to English. He asks if she thinks it will work. She tells him men come to her to handle their desires, their urges for food, sex, opium, for Nick it's blood. A little five-year-old Chinese boy brings them tea and leaves. She tells Nick urges and desires are all in the mind and the nerve from it as she sticks an acupuncture needle into his neck leaving him quadriplegic. She tells him he must face his temptation. He is scared and helpless. As soon as she leaves, Janette enters from the opposite end of the room.

Nick has snapped out of his flashback by an Old Chinese man telling Nick he will shoot if Nick moves. Nick holds up his hands in surrender telling him he's a cop, retrieves and shows his badge to the old man. Chung cautiously examines it, gun still aimed at Nick. Nick learns the shop is also Chung's home. Nick asks if a young woman came in. Chung refuses to tell Nick anything, even when he learns the girl was injured. Chung asks how he knows it's a real badge and is told to call the station. Chung asks what the young woman did, hearing she was shot and is in danger from those who shot her. Nick pulls Nancy Leong's picture out of his pocket and shows it to Chung. He tells Nick he does not like the police. Nick reminds him it would be a shame for him to save her life and for someone else to take it. Chung is not willing to admit he's saved her or seen her. Chung sees Nick face in a stream of light as Nick leaves and is disturbed. He looks at Nancy's picture and Nick's card.

The old man flashes back to the little Chinese boy. The boy opens the door a crack and peeks through it with the normal childhood curiosity. His eyes widen in surprise as he sees Nick picking his mother's body off the floor, holding her close. Nick turns to face the boy vamped out and growling, scaring him as he ducks back, closing the door. Nick takes off through the roof. The little runs to his mother lying on the ground. He repeatedly calls to her, shaking her, trying to wake her. He cries out for someone to save her. The little boy grew into the old man. He crumbles Nick's card.

Schanke and Kwan walk down a crowded sunlit Chinatown sidewalk. Schanke tells Kwan no one is talking to them, even with Kwan's being Chinese. He wants to know why. Kwan tells him the cops have never been their friends and even though he's Chinese he's working with a Fengui, a barbarian. Schanke does not like the translation. Kwan tells him not to take it personally, it is just his civilization has been around much longer. Schanke comments about how civilized the machine gun attack was.

It is night. Kwan and Schanke are inside the precinct angrily at each other's throats over who screwed up so they have nothing. Each claims they could do better on their own. Stonetree approaches and sternly tells them it is enough. Nick tells them it sounds real professional. Kwan tells Stonetree he's gong to talk to the Chief and wants a new detective to work with when he returns.

Inside Stonetree's office, Schanke sarcastically comments he should have popped Kwan one while he had the chance. Stonetree wisecracks Schanke missed a real opportunity with the diplomatic corps. Nick gives him the address of the acupuncture shop on it, telling him it is where he believes the girl was treated. The shopkeeper was hiding something. Schanke does not think they should tell Kwan anything, there is a leak in immigration and the worst leaks are usually come from the top, which is Kwan. Nick is amused. Stonetree is losing his patience, sternly telling Schanke they were ordered to cooperate and that is exactly what they're going to do. He reminds Schanke Nick gave them a lead and they are going to follow it up. Stonetree tells them he can free up a few more men because Henry Rollins confessed. Stonetree asks Nick to brief the men. Nick tells him Schanke is the perfect man for the job. Schanke's shocked. Stonetree nods, liking what he is hearing.

Nick hovers outside Chung's window watching as he writes something then leaves. Chung looks back briefly, nervously as if he knows he is being followed. He enters a building. Nick walks down the fire escape, entering through the same door.

Inside the precinct, Schanke is briefing at least a dozen uniformed and plain clothes officers, sounding very professional. He tells them to stay on their toes because they are dealing with some very heavy hitters. They are to go house to house, smile, show the picture, ask their questions and get out. He reminds them they are dealing with people who have a different way of doing things, sounding very much like a diplomat. Stonetree is leaning against the far wall observing. Schanke tells them to tell immigration to take a hike.

The old man still has the feeling he is being watched and followed as he walks past a long row of boxes to the cot where Nancy Leong lies. She does not look good. Nick hears everything said as he watches from behind some crates. Nancy's scared. Chung checks under the bloodstained bandage on the side of her lower abdomen, telling her it is bleeding again, asking if it hurts as he lightly touches the edge. She admits it hurts a little, but mostly she feels very weak. He tells her he brought some herbal medicine for her strength. He sticks an acupuncture needle into her hand.

Chung hears footsteps and looks up. He tells Nick the needles will control the pain. Nick tells him the bullets tore her up inside, which the needles cannot fix and she needs a doctor. She gets upset and refuses to go, begging him not to take her from there as she's safe. Nick tells her they will protect her. She tells him if people know where she is, someone will tell them. The police and immigration cannot be trusted because someone among them told the killers where she and her family were. She asks if he understands. He tells her he does, his frustration showing. Chung tells Nick he is a doctor. Nick tells him she probably needs surgery. He tells Nick he will care for her with what he has learned in sixty years. If he tries to force her to leave it will hurt her, and they will both fight Nick. Nick asks Chung if he will keep her safe, realizing he has lost the battle. Chung tells Nick he will protect her with his life from anyone. Nick is unnerved when Chung tells him everyone should be afraid of revenge.

Inside the precinct, Schanke has a map of the city on his desk with little red and green flags poked in it here and there. Schanke adds another one as he hears from an officer that nothing was found on Queen. Stonetree asks what the different colors are for, having just been told it. Schanke frustratedly explains, again, the green pins are definite negatives. Nick enters and tells them he found Nancy. Stonetree hears Nancy's alive, has a broken rib, a couple of bullet holes and some internal bleeding. Stonetree tells Nick the victim should be in the hospital, hearing she refuses to go. If they forcibly take her she will fight them and refuse to testify. Schanke suggests they take a Swat team out there to sit on her. Nick disagrees because if no one knows where she is, no one can leak it.

Kwan apologizes for his earlier anger, telling them the case is very important. Stonetree tells him he understands. Schanke gives a semi-apology. Stonetree tells them they found Nancy. Nick cannot believe Stonetree betrayed him and it shows. Stonetree tells Kwan his people have it under control and should have her there shortly. Kwan tells Stonetree he will arrange for a safe house. They have to keep her alive at all costs. Kwan leaves. Nick angrily lets Stonetree know he jeopardized Nancy's safety. Stonetree asks Nick if he heard him give Kwan Nancy's location. Nick calms down, realizing now that Stonetree did not. Stonetree tells him he had to give immigration something, and agrees the location should be kept secret. He wants Nick and a doctor to stay with Nancy.

Inside Natalie's office, she tells Nick she does not think it is a good idea. He tells her it is like riding a bike, you never forget. She reminds him her patients for the last few years have been dead. He wraps his arm around her shoulder telling her it should be a nice change, as they leave, medical bag in her hand.

They arrive at the building. Nick opens the door and looks around as they enter. Unseen by him a dark car waits down the alley, its headlights the only sign that it is there. It creeps forward and turns off the headlights.

Inside the car, a Chinese man sternly asks Kwan if he is sure. Kwan firmly says she was found. When asked why he did not question them, Kwan explains he thought he would call the boss before she was taken into protective custody. Kwan inquires about his family, who were to be set free once they had Nancy. The boss tells him they will keep their word.

Inside the building, Natalie examines Nancy's wound, telling Nick Chung did almost as well as a trauma center. She comments Nancy's almost comatose and hears Chung's needles made her sleep. Natalie tells them Nancy will eventually need surgery to close the internal wounds. Nick tells Chung he has no choice, hearing Chung say Nick's kind never has a choice. Nancy's only real protection is to testify. Once the Hong Kong crime lord is in jail, immigration will give her a new identity, relocate her and set her up in business. Chung tells Nick that one never forgets the past. Nick and Natalie look at him concerned.

Chung flashes back to his childhood, seeing a vamped out Nick growling at him.

In the present, Chung tells Nick he has been unable to escape his past, looking directly at Nick. Nick meets Chung's eyes. Nancy asks Nick why she should testify. Nick explains if she does not, the killer will be free to kill others. She can stop it by testifying.

Outside, the sound of car doors shutting is heard as three Chinese hit men walk towards the door, guns ready to use. They enter.

Natalie sets her medical bag on a crate as voices are heard in the background. Nick hears them and is immediately heading for Natalie. She and Nick see the guys at the same time. Nick vamps out, growls as he quickly grabs hold of Natalie and pulls her away a second before bullets splinter the crate. Nick's behind the two hit men and takes them both out. Natalie fights the third hit man for control of the gun. The man still has a hold on Natalie, firing at an approaching Nick. He's scared and shocked as the bullets go right through Nick. Chung sneaks up behind the hit man and sticks an acupuncture needle into the back of the guy's neck, dropping him limply to the floor. Chung sees Nick vamped out and remembers seeing it when he was a small boy. Natalie turns to see what happened to the hit man and sees the old man standing behind her. Nick's features are normal, trying to whammy Chung. Chung tells him he did see it. Natalie looks between the guys, scared. Chung leaves. Nick tells Natalie he had better go call it in. She tells him Chung knows what he is, and hears he knows. Both are quite worried what Chung will say or do.

The cops collect the hit men and evidence. Stonetree questions Chung while Natalie tries to reassure Nick they will not believe Chung. Nick's honestly says he truly does not understand why Chung hates him, telling her Chung has him and knows it. She tells him to leave. He is disappointed, frustrated, upset, angry and sad as he tells her it is happening again. If he has to move on he will find a way to get in touch with her. She tries to smile as he takes her hand, but it quickly fades due to the seriousness of the situation. His expression says everything. He is speechless from many mixed feelings inside. He gives her a quick smile.

Stonetree approaches adding to Nick's emotional turmoil. Nick gives Natalie's hand a quick squeeze before she gives the two men some space. Stonetree tells Nick he talked with Chung and is cut off by a hyper Nick telling Stonetree Chung's old and can't really trust his eyesight, the hit man shot at Nick but missed, Natalie can vouch for it. Stonetree asks what Nick's talking about. Chung just wants Nick to give him a ride home. Nick is stunned, worried and nearly speechless his secret is still safe. He stammers he will give Chung a ride home. Stonetree tells him Kwan was the leak. They were holding Kwan's wife and children hostage. Nick asks if the family is safe and hears they are thanks to Schanke persuading a thug to take him to the family. Stonetree leaves. Nick is approached by Natalie, who softly asks what happened. She is almost as stunned to learn Chung did not reveal Nick's secret. He tells her they will talk later, ignoring her protests so she leaves.

Nick somewhat uneasily asks Chung why he did not say anything. Chung asks what should he have said. Nick tells him he could have told them what he saw. Chung tells Nick he saw him saving Nancy's life, the very same life he was fighting to save. Nick is still uneasy as he asks Chung what he is going to do. Chung tells him he is going to rest. He folds up his acupuncture kit. Chung accepts Nick's offer of a ride home. As Nick turns away from Chung, he pulls a needle from his kit and sticks it into Nick's neck. Nick falls to the ground.

Inside Chung's shop/home, Nick is unconscious on an acupuncture table. The acupuncture needle is still in the side of his neck. Chung knocks on Nick's face. Nick wakes, tries to move and discovers he is quadriplegic, his head also cannot move. The more he struggles the more it hurts, and the more it pleases Chung. Chung tells Nick he knows he is the blood drinking creature that killed his mother, growing more upset as he speaks. Nick tells Chung it is not possible. Chung tells Nick his eyes are old but they see clearly and knows Nick lives forever. He has a spell which will end it all, holding up a sheet of paper with large red Chinese symbols on it. Nick is terrified, unable to deny he was alive then. He tells Chung he has not killed anyone in a hundred years, struggling against the pain. Chung angrily tells him he saw him kill his mother. He remembers it like it was yesterday. Nick is even more terrified. After a quick flash to the little boy peeking through the door, as Nick's vamped out growling at him, Nick realizes he is Mai's little boy. The admission catches Chung off guard. Chung holds the paper above Nick's chest as Nick tells him he did not kill his mother. He sees Chung's slight uncertainty as Chung tells him he cannot lie. Nick explains he was trying to help her and is called a coward. Nick tells Chung he was not alone that night.

There is a flashback to Mai's acupuncture shop. Nick is immobilized in the chair as Janette enters with LaCroix behind her. LaCroix asks if Nick will ever learn. Janette's preoccupied by her immovable feast and starts nibbling on Nick. LaCroix tauntingly asks if Nick thinks the needles can save him. Nick asks why he cannot be left alone. LaCroix is jealous. Nick asks him why he cannot understand their friendship is over, hearing it is forever, and why Nick cannot understand that. LaCroix tells he cannot become human, his desires are in his soul, and they are immutable. Mai enters. Nick tells her leave, knowing LaCroix will kill her, saddening him. LaCroix's instantly at her side and drains her. Janette watches but does not stop it.

Back in Chung's place, the paper is now on Nick's chest, over his heart. He tells Chung the other man killed out of lust, not hunger. He killed for the sake of killing.

In 1916, LaCroix finishes draining Mai. He tells Nick it's what they are. Janette sadly watches. LaCroix leaves. Janette ponders removing the needle or not and hesitantly does right before leaving. Nick's relieved and hurries to Mai's side.

In Chung's shop, he grabs a stake and approaches, speaking only Chinese, the cries for his mom being the only understandable words. He tells Nick his mother's memory demand's Nick's death as he raises the stake. As he starts to bring it down Nick calls out for Chung to wait, telling him there were three of them, including a beautiful woman. He asks if Chung remembers her. Chung thinks back.

In 1916, the little boy sees Janette kissing Nick's ear.

In the present, Chung tells Nick he remembers her, asking she is still alive. Nick admits she is and asks that she be allowed to come and speak in his defense. Chung allows it under the condition they both die if they lie, brandishing the stake.

Janette climbs out of a black car as the sky's lightening, runs up the stairs her black cloak smoking, and rips the door off the hinges as she runs inside. Once inside she tosses her cloak to the floor, angrily grumbling there had better be a good reason. As soon as she sees Nick she vamps out, growls the old man is dead in ten seconds. Nick tells her not to kill him. Her features revert to normal as she learns she has to remember 1916 San Francisco. She tells Nick she cannot forget. Nick asks to say what happened. Chung tells her he saw what happened, Nick killed his mother. Janette tells Chung he is wrong, there was another. Chung asks why he should believe or trust her, hearing she could kill him in an instant, as could have Nick, but Nick's repented and does good. Chung tells her there is no such thing. Janette pleads for Chung to think back, telling him Nick did not kill his mother, another did.

Chung thinks back, growing more upset. He tells Janette he saw a man bending over his mother. Nick killed her. Nick's tone is almost pleading as he tells Chung he did not. Janette begs Chung to remember the man's face, afraid she is going to lose Nick. Chung tells them he is afraid to. He was afraid the man could see him and would kill him. The stake point boring into Nick's chest. Chung sees the face turn towards him and realizes it is snarling, vamped out LaCroix, not Nick. Chung admits it was not Nick. Janette anxiously watches to see what happens next. Nick is almost too afraid to breathe. Chung moves the stake, then the needles from Nick's neck, keeping him at stake point. Janette rushes to his side and helps him sit up as Nick rips the paper off his chest. Both are breathing heavily, from relief, and nuzzle each other in reassurance.

The sun is setting. In the loft, Janette comments that after 800 years she thought he cold do a little better. Nick reminds her he is a cop and if he has too much they think he's dirty, saying the word with distaste. She tells him she gets it, but does not understand why he does it, reminding him he is not human and never will be. She playfully asks for some of his wine. He tells her to help herself. The face she makes shows she does not care for cow, then surprises Nick by not insulting him, and taking a second sip. She shudders in repulsion and sets it down. She tells him life would be far easier if he rejoined them for good, hearing he refuses to do so. She scolds him for choosing to cower before a man he could snap in two like a twig, hearing it is a better life for him. She reminds him she had to save his life. He tells her he's grateful. She tells him to show her. He momentarily fights himself then takes her in his arms and passionately kisses her. She tells him he may someday become mortal, but right now she knows exactly what he is. The loft motor starts. They keep passionately kissing. He licks his way up her throat.

Suddenly the lift door opens and Natalie calls out Nick's name. Instantly they separate, their arms wrapped around each other. Natalie is embarrassed when she realizes she interrupted something. She stammers an apology, telling them she thought he was asleep and will come back later. She sees the chemistry between Nick and Janette and is a little jealous, feeling a little insecure. Nick tells her to stay, as they both look at Natalie. Nick wipes a hand across his mouth to remove any traces of lipstick. Natalie's a little unsure but decides to stay. Nick introduces Janette as an old friend. Natalie gives them a small, slightly nervous grin. Both women check each other out. Natalie reads the body language and knows Janette's probably a lot more than a friend to Nick. Janette playfully tells her it is a pleasure to finally meet her. Nick's spoken of her often. Natalie is a little uneasy, yet a part of her is flattered. Nick realizes he is in trouble. Janette walks towards Natalie telling her they will have to get together some time and talk. Nick's expression has an oh no, I'm dead look to it, showing he knows how much trouble he'd be in then.

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