Season 1, episode 9

Written by Brad Wright

Directed by Jorge Montesi

Guest Cast:

Richard Lambert...................... Lindsay Merrithew

Sarah Lambert.......................... Shelley Young

No character names given

Louise Cranfield, Nancy Cser, Dean Gabourie, Ashley Brown, Jorge Montessi, Felix Gray, William Fisher, Denise McLeod, John Lefebure, Larry McLean, John Stoneham Sr.

Natalie meets Richard where car broke down and gives him a lift. He was on his way to the precinct to put Saul Craven away for good.

Saul Craven walks through the precinct telling Nick and Schanke they have nothing on him. They are just slandering his good name. Nick says he will see Saul in court.

Two officers haul in and pin to the counter face down, a violently struggling perp.

Ms. Delgardo and her lawyer approach Nick and Schanke. Delgardo is not happy. She and Saul were there at the same time. They tell her not to worry, that they only need her statement. She firmly states she wants protection if she is to testify against Saul Craven. The women are irritated that the Crown Prosecutor is late. Nick assures them he is on his way and she has been guaranteed immunity. She wants it in writing.

The thug takes the officer's gun and him hostage. Nick issues a weapon's alert. The two women seek cover. Nick and Schanke head for the front desk area as the thug shoots the desk officer, still holding his hostage as he backs towards the front door, not seeing the officer behind him. Nick and Schanke stay a few feet away, Schanke's gun aimed at the thug while Nick tries to reason with the thug.

Natalie's brother runs up the precinct stairs as Natalie tells him to knock them dead. He tells her he hopes so.

Richard enters and is held back by the cop. Nick asks the thug how far he is going to get. Richard charges the thug, against Nick's wishes and gets shot.

Natalie's outside and hears the shots, horrible thoughts rush trough her mind as she rushes inside.

Inside, Nick tosses the thug over the front desk then joins Schanke at Richard's side. Natalie enters, shocked to see her brother unconscious on the floor bleeding from a chest wound. Nick feels like he failed everyone.

Natalie is at Richard's hospital bedside holding his hand, talking to him, wishing he would regain consciousness. She tells Nick that if she had not been home he would not have been at the precinct. Nick tells her he would have found another way there. She knows it is true. He tells her it is not her fault. She knows he is right. She asks why Richard always has to be the hero. Sarah and Amy are on their way down from the cabin.

Natalie tells Nick that her brother is dying. Nick tells her he is strong. She tells him she has cut up people who have died from less. She tells Nick she wants to be alone, and he reluctantly leaves.

Sarah is upset that Richard's love and obsession for his job prevented his joining them at the cabin, and now he is fighting for his life. Natalie reminds her he is good at his job. Amy's about seven and is waiting in the hall. Natalie lies to Sarah, telling her that he will survive, knowing she cannot handle the truth right now. Sarah asks what she is going to do if he dies. Amy enters asking when daddy will wake up.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke grumbles to Nick that Delgardo probably will not trust them at all now.

Natalie tells Richard that when he did not find trouble, it found him. She reminds him he has a family to live for. Nick enters. She turns down his offer of a ride home. Sarah and Amy enters thinking Nick's voice was Richard's. Richard briefly comes around, pleasing everyone. He weakly calls his sister pigheaded. Richard learns he was shot with a .38 before passing out again.

Nick flashes back to the Irish coast around 1825-1830. In sunlight, a hooded female steals a piece of drying fish and is chased until she falls. The pursuer tells her he will trade the fish for sex. He sees she's a leper, stabs her and runs off in fear of catching it, leaving all the fish behind.

Nick is in the loft and he flashes back to finding the leper's body that night.

Natalie's arrival snaps him back to the present. He wraps his arms around his devastated friend, comforting her as she cries. They discuss Richard's life and impending death. Natalie is not fully rational. She tells Nick he is the only one who can save her baby brother. He refuses to because it is not life, and she does not know what she is asking. Natalie grows more desperate and Nick more frustrate causing things to rapidly spiral downward. She talks about how alive Nick is. Nick glares at her as he picks up his half-filled wineglass. She mentions all the progress they have made in his cure, how she knows she can make him and Richard mortal again. How Richard gave up a six-figure salary like all his friends, in order to make the city safer by putting away the criminals. That it is not fair he is the one to die.

She tells him he owes her, for she has never asked for anything, and that he does not need the blood. He pours it down the sink, knowing she is irrational from grief. She hurts him when she asks why he is the only one who deserves to live forever, asking where his humanity is. He tells her she is the only one who ever thought he had any. She grabs the remote as she tells him that if life is so bad why doesn't he walk into the sun. He grabs his arm, momentarily scaring her. She storms out, partially realizing she's hurt him. She does not see how deeply she hurt him, which only shows after she is gone. He flashes back to the Irish beach.

Nick carries the leper woman inside a temporary shelter and lays her on a cot. He learns she's Elizabeth, is in great pain and dying. Nick offers to bring her across and she accepts. She knows she will become a vampire.

Inside the Raven, Nick asks Janette if she's ever brought anyone across and learns she keeps draining them, unable to stop in time. Nick admits it is the relative of someone dear to him. She warns him that letting the guy die is easier than bringing him across. That few have Nick's control, which might be too much control. He tells her the one he wants to bring across is a good man. She tells him that if he does it, he must be prepared for their lives to be eternally linked. He tells her he does not believe it, and is reminded of how LaCroix has tracked him through the centuries. Nick tells her LaCroix wanted to control him. She reminds him that LaCroix was his father, his creator and did love him.

Inside the precinct, Schanke tells Nick that Vanessa Delgardo is not testifying and without her, there is only circumstantial evidence linking Craven to six murders in two years. She is convinced they cannot protect her. Stonetree is going to plead their weak case. Schanke comments that Richard was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nick comments that it is not fair. Schanke agrees and Nick leaves.

Inside Richard's hospital room, the doctor tells Natalie they have done all they can. Many of Richard's internal organs were severely damaged and they can only give him anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Natalie nods her understanding, still partially, denying the truth. Sarah knows. Nick enters and hears that her baby brother is dying in front of her. Nick flashes back to the Irish beach.

Elizabeth begs him to make her a vampire. He makes her promise to obey him. She does. He leans in for the bite.

Back in Richard's room, his vitals are failing. Natalie pleads with Ritchie not to die, and turns to Nick. Nick flashes back to Elizabeth.

He tells Elizabeth she must become a vampire to be healed and hears she will do anything. She begs him to hurry. In the present, Nick's face grows darker as the hospital monitor readings flat line. Natalie's look grows more pleading, scared and sad.

In both timelines, Nick leans in for the bite. Natalie's startled to see the side of Nick. He grabs her hand to make her more a part of it. He sinks his fangs into Richard and drains him. Natalie watches surprised, horrified not sure what to think as a vampire drains her brother at her request. Nick has a mild fight for control when he is done. Natalie does not see any change on the readouts and accuses Nick of killing Richard, asking when he last tried this. Nick assures her Richard's okay. The monitor beeps three times startling her, then it flat lines again. Nick tells her there will be one of those about every ten minutes. Richard is starting to regain consciousness. A nurse enters. Natalie has to report Richard died of total cardiac failure at 2:02 am, without suffering. One fang mark shows. Natalie tells Nick she needs a hand in her professional tone. Both she and Nick hope she knows what she is doing or they are in big trouble. Nick and Natalie use their positions as they explain Richard's body is part of an official investigation.

Just when they think they are in the clear, they have to deal with the organ donation doctor. Natalie identifies herself as a forensic pathologist, shows her ID and says his body is needed downtown. They tell the doctor Richard changed his mind upon learning he was an organ donor. They push Richard from the room.

Sarah stops by the loft that night and asks about the funeral. Nick explains that it has to look like Richard died, that a homeless, friendless man was buried in Richard's grave. He apologizes for putting her through it, as she learns they saved Richard's life.

She cannot believe vampires really exist and Richard's one. Nick explains it was the only way to save him. Natalie reminds Sarah that Nick is a vampire. Sarah comments that vampires kill people. Natalie cuts her off telling her that Nick does not kill anymore. Nick is ashamed and guilt ridden. Nick tells Sarah that Richard will not kill. Groans from upstairs catch everyone's attention. Nick grabs a bottle of blood and heads up to Richard, watching as Natalie grabs the new code and escorts Sarah out. Sarah calls it madness while Natalie says it is a miracle.

Richard is dressed casually and is unconscious on Nick's bed. Nick sets the wine bottle on the nightstand and wipes the blood sweat from his fledgling's face.

Nick flashes back to Elizabeth's awakening. She sees the pain's gone and is once again beautiful. She tells him she hungers. He tells her he will teach her to feed, which will sate her hunger. She tries to seduce him as payment. He accepts her smile instead. She loves the sound of eternity.

In the loft, Richard wakes, panicking at the unfamiliar surroundings. Nick reassures him everything's okay and to stay calm because they have a lot to talk about. Richard says he's hungry and is handed the wine bottle. He gulps it down. He asks what happens to his life now.

Nick unhappily flashes back to his first night as a vampire. LaCroix informs him he will see life begin and end. That Nick no longer has to worry about age or disease. Nick snaps out of it still gloomy.

Richard cannot fully believe he is a vampire. Nick asks Richard how long they have known each other, that he fits in, and Richard can too. He tells him that his life does not have to change a lot. Richard learns sunlight, fire and a stake through the heart will kill him. That garlic will sicken and repel him, a cross will burn him. Richard learns Sarah no longer has her cross. Nick tells Richard he can live forever, if he follows the rules. That he can watch his daughter grow up, catching his attention. Richard cannot believe his gunshot wound is healed. He realizes it's all real and asks when he can see his family. Nick tells him he must learn control because his urges and desires will always fight his reason.

Nick flashes back to Elizabeth draining her attacker. She shows no remorse, only delight in her new power.

Nick asks Richard if he can control his desires. Richard says he can. Nick threateningly warns Richard not to make him regret his decision, then leaves. Richard is still accepting it all.

Richard has a nightmare where Saul Craven comments that he wanted to kill Richard. Sarah's tied to a chair screaming Richard's name. Richard wakes scared and startled, afraid for his wife. He sees the blood sweat on his hand as he wipes his face freaking him out, forcing him to realize he is a vampire.

Richard calls Sarah. Both are thrilled to hear the other because they really miss each other. She cannot believe she is talking to him. He has not been changed by becoming a vampire and tells her it will be a while before they can be together again.

Schanke has condolence flowers for Natalie. Stonetree angrily comments that Delgardo refuses to testify and that means Saul Craven walks. He grumbles the only one who knew anything at the Prosecutor's office is dead.

Richard finds Joan's cross at about the same time he hears the charges against Saul Craven have been dropped. He slams the lid on the wooden box, vamps out as if the cross and news report changed him.

Natalie enters the bullpen and Schanke gives her to flowers along with his condolences. She thanks him. Schanke tells her the Crown Prosecutor will throw the book at the killer. He's shocked and upset to learn he was not invited to the services until he learns it was just immediate family because Richard didn't want a fuss. Nick and Natalie leave a confused Schanke behind, as they were too cheerful.

In the hallway, Natalie learns Richard's doing fine and she can see him soon. When she asks what's wrong, Nick tells her he is just nervous because of how hesitant he was about doing it. She tells him it will be fine. He grows more worried after she leaves.

Schanke calls Myra, telling her Natalie loved the flowers.

Richard lands on a dark street and starts walking, entering an alley when he hears a man threatening a woman. The man who shot him throws a punch and gets his hand broken by Richard, before being slammed into the wall and drained.

Schanke tells Nick it is good Natalie can accept death because it happens to everyone sooner or later, and how it took Myra a while to get over her mother's death, sounding a little upset over it. Nick is unsettled by a call to a crime scene near his loft.

Schanke questions the woman as Nick looks around. Schanke tells Nick the one thing he did not want to hear, a guy did it with his teeth.

Inside the precinct, Stonetree uses red flags on the map to show where the three killings in three hours were. They are to bring in anyone suspicious but carefully as the killer's ripping the victim's apart. Schanke tells Stonetree that people think the killer's cleaning vermin off the street, which angers Stonetree, and denies sharing that opinion.

Inside the Raven, Janette tells Nick everyone's on their good behavior, that no one would be stupid enough to kill near the club because they don't need any extra attention. Nick tells her he brought Richard across and asks if she has seen him. She is not happy because Richard could endanger them all, and could expose the Community.

Craven has a terrified Delgardo tied to a chair. She tells him she did not tell the cops anything. He holds her chin commenting that she thought about it. A thug hits her, knocking her out.

Craven's stunned to see Richard alive, comments he killed him. He orders his thugs to shoot. They see the bullets have no effect on Richard, who vamps out terrifying them. Richard has forgotten who he is, allowing his new powers to go to his head. He is out for justice at any cost.

Nick flashes back to Elizabeth killing her attacker out of revenge. She tells him they did anything for her before she got sick because of her beauty, and now she is paying them back for their betrayal. Nick tells her it is not what he wanted for her.

The inside Saul Craven's office shows the carnage, bodies strewn everywhere. Delgardo has fang marks in her neck. Nick cannot believe the horror before him.

Nick and Natalie enter the loft mid discussion. She cannot believe her brother did all that carnage, asking what happened to him. Nick tells her he did what he truly wanted to do, make the streets safe by putting criminals away for good. They agree Richard has lost some of his humanity, and it might not be bad if the sun kills him, knowing it's sunrise. Richard asks why, all cold vampire. Natalie admits it is all her fault, but Richard tells her it's not, that it's Nick's fault, instantly in front of Nick. Natalie hides behind Nick, afraid of her brother for the first time. Nick flashes back as the past and present mix.

Elizabeth reminds Nick he gave her the power. He tells her he healed her and she betrayed him. She tells him to take his reward, meaning sex. Richard tells Nick he must take the blame with the credit. Elizabeth seductively looks at Nick, reminding him she is his creation as he angrily looks at her.

In the loft, Natalie's shocked to see her brother so evil. Nick feels betrayed. Richard flies up to the balcony asking Nick if he wants to take away his power. Nick tells Richard he can not kill again, that he must control himself. Richard asks why. Natalie hopes hearing she loves him will help him get control. Richard tells them that he can finally put the criminals away for good. Natalie tells him it is wrong. Sarah enters catching everyone by surprise. He lands a foot from her, both pleased to see each other. Nick is next to Sarah keeping an eye on Richard. Natalie stays back, worried and sad. Richard whammies his wife as they comment how much they missed each other, and that it is real. When she repeats the exact same words, Nick knows she's been whammied and keeps her and Richard apart, even when Richard moves towards her. Natalie notices the whammy. Richard vamps out and growls for Sarah to come to him. Natalie tells him no as she pulls Sarah behind her.

Richard grabs Nick, starting a fight, which trashes part of the loft. Natalie tries to keep her and Sarah safe. Nick does not want to fight, only doing what he must to defend himself. Richard admits he just wants to do good. He opens the box with Joan's cross and presses Nick's cheek onto it.

Nick flashes back to his realization that Elizabeth will never change or have remorse, and destruction is his only choice. He shoves her back into the fire, watching it consume her.

Nick's fed up and fights back. Richard tosses Nick into the wall, knocking him out. Natalie quickly grabs Joan's cross for protection and holds it out in front of her as Richard approaches. She is terrified of the monster he has become, knowing he could kill them both. It does not repel him. He smacks his sister hard enough to send her flying over chair several feet away and thuds on the floor. Nick sees this as he comes around and stakes Richard with a table leg. Sarah passes out, overwhelmed. Nick asks Richard for forgiveness.

Nick asks Elizabeth's ashes for forgiveness.

Natalie stands, wipes her nose as if injured, and sees Nick holding her brother in the sunlight by the stake as he goes poof. She loudly sniffles, knowing Nick staked a monster. It was for the best, but it still hurts. Nick is upset and after a moment looks away from Natalie, not happy with what he had to do, knowing there was no alternative. He has a long scar-like burn down his entire cheek.

Sarah is conscious as they are all seated at the table, Nick's entire cheek's bandaged. He whammies Sarah to believe everything since Richard's funeral was a nightmare. She came over to check on Natalie. He snaps his finger and she awakens. Nick asks how she is. Natalie tells her she fainted, surprising Sarah, who says she has never fainted before. She asks about the bandage and hears it was a stupid accident. Sarah tells them about her nightmare, and about how real it seemed. She comments that she wishes that he had had a second chance. Natalie momentarily looks away guiltily, knowing how Sarah feels. Sarah thanks them for the lovely funeral and turns down Natalie's offer to go home with her. She and Amy need time alone. She will tell Amy Richard's death was something God wanted. Natalie tells her children sometimes understand things better than adults do. Nick is brooding. Natalie gives him a quick look.

Nick flashes back to the fresh graves of Elizabeth's victims, lowering his hat in a gesture of respect.

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