Season 1, Episode 11

Written by Peter Mitchell

Directed by Michael Levine

Guest stars:

Mackavoy.......................... Daniel Kash

Jim Anderson.....................William Colgate

Norma Ellis........................ Rachel Luttrell

Larry Merlin....................... Bill MacDonald

Will Struthers..................... Robert Hollinger

(no character names given)

Araby Lockhart, Debra Winter, Nicu Branzea

Nick, Schanke and Jim Anderson are talking about Jim's promotion to day commander as they walk down the street. How Jim does not want to give up the streets, go back to homicide, or give up the night hours, but likes the pay raise. Nick tells him he understands. Nick learns Schanke got his donut nickname because of his love for donuts and teases Schanke. Jim and Schanke were partners for four years. Jim never let Schanke get away with anything, reminding Schanke he has a great thing with Myra.

All of a sudden, Jim's whole body jerks. The sound of a gunshot reveals he has been shot. He falls into Schanke's arms. Schanke instinctively catches him and sadly lowers him to the ground. Nick searches for the shooter while crouched behind his car, gun out.

Natalie learns there was only one shell casing, meaning the shooter was one hell of a shot to hit Anderson from the roof. Schanke looks lost. Nick tells Natalie he is frustrated because he did not see or hear a damn thing, surprising her. Stonetree tells Nick to take Schanke home. Schanke refuses to go home or take a few days off, asking if they forgot Jim bleeding to death on the pavement. Schanke angrily tells him he is going to hunt down whoever shot his friend, mean expression on his face worrying both Nick and Stonetree. Nick suggests Stonetree cut Schanke a little slack.

Stonetree tells Schanke the story about how he lost a partner back in '78, that Billy was a great influence on him. That killing the murderer never brings back the dead, or makes you feel better. Stonetree tells Nick to look after Schanke, and he is giving them the case, but everything had better be done perfectly. Schanke reassures him it will be.

As Nick's driving, Schanke tells him their first week out of the academy Jim showed he really knew what made people tick and was a great cop. Nick asks if Jimmy had any enemies. Schanke tells Nick he does not know because it has been years since he and Jimmy worked together. He appreciates Nick backing him up with the Captain. Nick tells him it's what partners are for. Schanke agrees.

Inside the precinct, Nick learns the computer's still down due to software glitches and might be up tomorrow. Nick tells Norma he needs all of Anderson's outstanding cases from Vice. When Schanke enters, she offers her condolences. Schanke is given a small stack of mail, including a manila envelope and the Police Special. Schanke grumbles about it being a week late and having to buy it off the newsstand, defeating the purpose of a subscription. Schanke opens a manila envelope stunned by the bulls-eye drawn over a picture of him holding Jim's body. Nick asks what's wrong and sees the picture.

Schanke comments he is the one the shooter was after, not Jimmy. Stonetree examines the picture and tells them that the shooter could have hit him right there if he had wanted to. He's after both of them, but wants Schanke to sweat first. Stonetree suggests sending Myra and Jenny to the cottage with twenty-four hour a day protection until they catch the guy, suggesting Schanke go as well. Schanke heavily protests, getting a reminder it is different now.

Nick flashes back to 1840 Britain. He, Janette and LaCroix are racing through the sunlit countryside on horseback, shielded by the trees and their thick cloaks. They smoke as they are forced into the sunlight between dense patches of trees. Janette falls behind and tells the others to go on. Nick goes back, rescues her and her horse despite LaCroix's angry shouts for Nick to leave her. Shortly, the three of them run into a large shack. They are scared. Janette comments that the horses outside will lead the hunters to them. LaCroix angrily hisses for her to be quiet hearing approaching horses. Janette clings to Nick. LaCroix is shot in the back.

In the bullpen, Nick and Schanke discuss his being hunted, not being forced to join his family, but staying where the killer won't find him, at least not easily, and not being able to find the killer while sequestered. The tech guy tells Norma the database is all set.

Schanke refuses to enter the very low budget motel forcing Nick to physically escort him inside. Neither notices the car pulling in and stopping some distance from them.

Inside the motel room, Nick introduces Schanke and the young officer to each other, warns Struthers someone is coming after Schanke, who will be trying to escape. Nick tells Schanke to do him a favor and stay put, and gets a very reluctant promise to do so.

Outside, someone gets out of the other car and heads for the motel.

Inside, Struthers and Schanke discuss dinner, inviting Nick to join their Chinese food repast. Nick hesitates and agrees to stay, but will just watch.

Outside, the killer sets something on the window ledge and opens the window.

Inside, the food has been devoured. Schanke is reading the police newspaper's suggestive personals out loud. Schanke embarrasses Struthers by asking if he is interested. The officer shakes his head. Nick also turns him down. Schanke tells Nick he needs a woman because Myra has made him very happy even with the occasional problem.

The killer turns the window into a bomb by lining the sill with plastic explosive and sticks something around the corner of the small window. He sticks the detonator plugs into it and tapes the explosives to the windowsill.

Nick tells them he enjoyed the male bonding thing but has to go. Schanke wishes he could stay but understands. Schanke asks Nick to check on his family. Nick agrees to make sure they are okay. Schanke tells him to catch the guy and hears they will. Nick tells Struthers to make sure Schanke's okay. Nick leaves. Schanke checks out the TV listings.

Outside, the bomber is finishing up his bomb.

Inside, Schanke's suggestions are turned down until they find the kitten channel.

Nick almost reaches his car when the motel window behind him blows out in a large fireball, throwing Nick hard against his car. Nick turns and runs into the burning room pulling Schanke out alive. He gets Schanke away from the building, restraining him, as he wants to go back for the young officer. Nick tells him Struthers is dead. Both partners are upset. Nick consoles his partner.

The fire department extinguished the fire, which totally burnt out the room. Struthers body is rolled out in a body bag. Nick walks up to Schanke sitting on the back step of the ambulance still stunned, a blanket around his shoulders, a large cut on his cheek. The bomb squad said there was plastique on the inside of the bathroom window, probably triggered when Struthers turned on the bathroom light. Schanke comments he would be dead if the bed had not pinned him against the wall. Nick puts his hand on Schanke's back to comfort him. Schanke crankily comments that the bastard knew exactly what to do and where to put it, leading both to think that it could be someone in the precinct. Schanke is a bit freaked knowing there is no where to hide. Nick tells him not to be so sure about that causing Schanke to look at him.

Inside the Raven, Janette flatly refuses. Nick comments it is just for a day or two. She tells him she cannot risk it because Schanke is an outsider. Nick tells her that Schanke needs their help. She asks what happens if he learns their secret. Both know that answer. Nick tells Janette that they should understand Schanke being hunted.

Nick and Janette escape to the shack where she desperately tells the hunters to leave them alone because they mean no harm. LaCroix tells her she is wasting her breath on the expert hunters. Nick is trying to keep the determined hunters out. Janette nearly gets nailed by a flaming pole through the window right before the hunters break in. LaCroix tells Nick to show no mercy. Nick vamps out and drains the first hunter.

They snap back to the present. Nick tells her both he and Schanke need her help taking her tiny nod to mean she'll help, thanking her with words and a large kiss. Nick tells Schanke he will be safe if he listens to Janette. Schanke tells Nick to keep him informed. Nick sees Schanke watching a woman walk by and has momentary second thoughts before teasingly telling Schanke to please keep his hands off the women. Schanke agrees.

Nick is at home working through the daylight hours. Natalie tells him in 1985 Schanke and Anderson arrested Daniel Gellar for assault with a deadly weapon and did five for ten. She tosses it aside discovering he lives in Vancouver. When Nick gets cranky, she tells him she has others way to spend the day. He apologizes, realizing she's right and tells her he is under a lot of stress. He tells her that Schanke is under even more stress. She tries to reassure him that Schanke's safe at the club and he tells her Schanke is a caged animal and the longer he is caged the more dangerous he becomes.

Nick has a quick flashback to the flaming pole entering the shack near Janette.

Natalie is concerned when Nick says you never feel safe when you are the hunted.

Inside the Raven, Schanke is extremely bored being the only one in the club.

Nick and Natalie are still searching when the telephone rings. Schanke complains about being bored. Nick asks him if being shot is better. He tells Nick all he has heard so far is about Nick's lack of faith in him and his abilities. He is the one who is going to be killed, not Nick. Schanke asks what happens if he gets the killer first. Nick tells him it is not a contest to see who is the best cop, turning down Schanke's offer to be bait. Schanke tells him he has to do something. Nick reminds him that he was nearly blown to bits. Schanke sees someone walk across the back of the empty club and go through a door. He hangs up suddenly feeling as if he put Schanke in the wrong cage.

Schanke nervously wanders down the long black back hallway asking if anyone's there, telling them he's a police officer continuing on until he sees the black coffin sitting on a table, commenting he knew the place was full of weirdoes. He sees two tall wooden latched boxes next to the coffin with clear spots showing the doors have been opened. Schanke hesitates a moment before reaching for one. Janette firmly clamps down on his shoulder, sternly asking what he is doing. Schanke nervously tells her he thought he saw someone lurking. She thanks him for his concern and tells him she is quite able to take care of herself and her club. He tells her he wanted to help and she releases him, leading him out of the cellar as she tells him not to be down there. He asks about the coffin and she tells him they occasionally cater to fetish clients. He leaves, not sure, if he believes her.

Once he's upstairs she opens the box he nearly did, reassuring the female vampire hanging there as well as the others there that it's okay and he's gone, but to watch out.

In the precinct, Norma tells Nick the computer worked for a few hours that morning. Nick admits he is a night person. She gives the large print out to Nick telling him contains Jim Anderson and Don Schanke's arrests, commendations, medical and personal histories. Nick asks her to also get a list of those convicted and recently released who are good with weapons, including former servicemen. She types 16596 making Nick uneasily ask what she is doing with his badge number. She tells him that he too is Schanke's partner, and was at the shooting. Nick's worry grows when the screen shows only his name and last few years with them. She asks which police force he was with before. He nervously tells her it is okay, to get him the stuff on Schanke and Anderson, kisses her cheek and leaves. She is a little confused and suspicious.

In the Raven, Schanke tells Janette he does not usually nose around but he's very bored and tired of being cooped up. He is a man of action. His old man told him if someone comes after you, you go for the throat. He asks if she understands. She tells him she intimately does. Schanke's surprised. She tells him that she has been pursued, that running and hiding get you nowhere. He's again surprised and tells her that is exactly what he was saying and she should tell that to Nick. She tells him that she does not think Nick needs to be told it as she flashes back to the shack.

Janette's vamped out, growling, watching one of their pursuers enter and charge Nick, who drops him with a pitchfork while avoiding the sunlight.

Schanke's surprised to hear Nick took on an entire Chicago gang by himself. Janette uneasily admits she has never seen him so violent before. It surprised her. Schanke's surprised. She admits that if he had not done it, they would have killed her. Schanke tells her that Nick is a different guy now. Janette admits it is a shame, surprising him. She comments that Nick thinks reasoning is the answer. Schanke sees that she disagrees, a little surprised and a little worried. His body language shows he likes her and is comfortable around her. She tells him that when someone tries to take something from you, you strike back. It is what differentiates the winners from the losers. He agrees.

Elsewhere, Alan Smithee asks via the telephone about a personal ad he placed and learns that it will be run tonight. The guy's pleased, and is the computer technician.

Nick tells Stonetree he's gone over the files and does not think it is anyone Anderson or Schanke busted. There are only two guys who could have done it. One's in a holding cell at the forty-fourth and the other lives in Stratford and has an alibi. Stonetree is not happy it could be a cop or ex-cop. Stonetree comments that the union will not go for the expense or the time that it would take IA to run a full background on every officer. Nick comments it might save Schanke's life. Stonetree tells Nick he will make the request, but not to expect much.

Norma bumps into Nick in the doorway a little uneasy. Nick leaves but listens in to what she tells Stonetree behind the closed door. She tells Stonetree exactly what Nick did not want to hear that according to the computer, Officer Knight does not exist.

Inside the Raven, Janette answers the telephone. Nick asks if Schanke is still there. She tensely tells him that he is every second of the day. Nick asks if Larry Merlin is in town.

Nick is inside the loft gloomily thinking back to Schanke telling him he is nuts for wanting to quit so early. Nick remembers Schanke thanking him for sticking up for him, complaining that he can't catch Jim's killer sitting on his ass, and telling Schanke to stay put so the killer doesn't find him. He relives in his thoughts everything that Norma told Stonetree about him, his request for full background checks on all cops, and how Stonetree said that the union would never go for it even if it might save Schanke's life. He blows out the candle as he remembers Norma telling Stonetree Officer Knight does not exist, over and over again.

A wall is plastered with newspaper clippings almost on top of each other. A muscular guy is hanging upside down from one of those exercise equipment pieces designed for it, soon flips himself upright and releases himself. He grabs a quick bite, pops a clip into his gun and cocks it. There are several guns mounted on the back wall, some semi-automatic, one an automatic machine gun.

Nick's driving and thinking.

Inside the Raven, Schanke complains to a bored blonde that it would be over if they allowed him to go after the killer. He sees she's not interested and asks what is taking Nick so long as he looks at Nick talking with someone across the room. Larry Merlin tells Nick accessing the Toronto mainframe will not be a problem, pleasing Nick. Merlin tells him there is more to it, since they flagged him as a blank file, they will back check all the way to the hospital computer where he was born. Which means he's going to have to upload the identity they create to all those computers, which will take a week, maybe less if he's lucky. He tells Merlin he needs it done quickly because once they start asking questions and stops talking when Schanke approaches. Merlin tells Nick he should have come to him in the first place, it would've been done properly, saving Nick a lot of grief, and not to worry because he'll find a way to do it. Merlin leaves, computer in hand.

Schanke tells Nick he has a serious case of cabin fever and has to do something now or he will go nuts and do something rash. Nick tells him to stay put, which only angers Schanke. Both tempers flare. Schanke demands to know what Nick is not telling him. Nick tells him all the leads show it is a cop trying to kill Schanke. Schanke cannot believe it. He grumbles that he is not just going to wait around there and hears that is exactly what he is going to do because his wife and daughter prefer him alive. He knows Nick's right, but does not have to like it.

Outside, the guy from the upside down device walks down the alley. It is the computer technician.

Inside the Raven, Schanke's mood brightens when he realizes it's Friday. He heads for the door, but is stopped by Janette. She playfully scolds him that he is not leaving. He tells her he's going out of his mind with boredom and wants to go across the street and get the new Police Special. He pleads with her, promising to be right back, crossing his heart.

Schanke is, at the newsstand reading the personals. Fear takes over as he reads one that threatens the lives of his wife and daughter if he does not go to Memory Lane tonight, alone. Schanke is terrified that the hunter knows where his family is and takes off.

Schanke runs down the street as fast as he can, shouting that it is a police emergency, and commandeering the first car, he sees. The driver protests but loses.

Inside the Raven, Janette tells Nick Schanke left fifteen minutes ago to go across the street for a paper, promising to be right back. Nick is not happy as he reminds her she was supposed to look after him. She tells him she did but it is not her job to baby-sit his partner. Nick reminds her Schanke's being hunted. She tells him to let the hunted become the hunter. Nick comments that Schanke is acting purely on instinct, totally out of control. Janette asks if running on the survival instinct is such a bad thing.

Stonetree asks if anyone knows anything about a plain clothes officer commandeering a car on Richard Avenue, approaching Nick. Nick walks off.

Schanke arrives at Memory Lane angrily telling his attacker to come out and face him or he will go in there. Schanke pulls his gun, ready for trouble. He starts exploring the training ground careful not to be ambushed, especially once the pop up people are activated. A shot lands right at his feet causing Schanke to dive for cover. The loudspeaker comes to life calling him donut.

Nick is questioning Alice at her newsstand. She tells him Schanke was there one minute and gone the next, but he was reading the personals in the police rag. Nick reads them, sees the threat and takes off.

Back at Memory Lane Schanke angrily asks his attacker who he is and learns that he is supposed to be detective and has to figure it out. Schanke is searching for the shooter when he is shot. He quickly finds better cover, still searching.

Nick calls Stonetree asking him what Memory Lane is and learns it's the academy combat exercise area, confirming it is someone who went through the academy, a cop or a cop wannabe. Schanke and Anderson were in the same academy class. Nick ditches his car for the air as he heads for Memory Lane.

At Memory Lane, Schanke removes his tie and ties it around his bleeding bicep. The killer taunts Schanke that he did not get the donut nickname because he loves junk food, but because of his target scores. He fires at Schanke as Schanke makes a run for it, keeping low. The psycho tells Schanke that he got a nearly perfect score, far higher than either Schanke or Anderson, and they didn't make him a cop. Schanke doesn't take the bait. The psycho asks if Schanke remembers Alice Henderson, the innocent bystander who died three years ago when Schanke botched the Fraser bust. He is aggravated that Schanke cannot figure out who he is. Schanke is playing it smart and staying quiet. Nick still trying to locate the voices.

Schanke enters a building, flattening himself against the wall as he reloads his gun, then climbs the stairs angrily asking who his tormenter is. The psycho gives the phrase buzz saw as a clue. Schanke realizes its Mackavoy. Mackavoy rants that the three of them were friends. That Anderson and Schanke made it while he failed and that failure haunts you forever because everyone knows about it. Schanke comments that Mackavoy flunked the psychiatric because he is unstable, and should have been put away then. Schanke is trying to figure out where it is safe to go, carefully looking before he moves gun first. Mackavoy tells Schanke that computers are the answer. That he was passed over for area manager last week because of that one blot on his record, asking Schanke if he knows how that feels. Mackavoy angrily rants that Anderson was set for promotion.

Nick lands outside the building and tries to locate Schanke.

Nick flashes back to the shack. LaCroix and Janette find a trap door. They leave and tell Nick to join them. He tells them he has to get the last hunter first, tracking him. Janette calls him a fool, closing the door when he refuses to join her.

Inside the Memory Lane building, Schanke carefully opens a classroom door and sees a mannequin in a full police uniform hidden in the shadows. Schanke's relieved it is not real, but after he turns away it pulls it's gun. It is Mackavoy. Nick's still zeroing in.

In another flashback, the guy charges Nick with a silver cross, gets knocked to the ground, and loses the cross. Nick growls, totally vamped out, and chokes the man.

In the present, Nick's located them and runs upstairs. Mackavoy sneaks up on Schanke, is no more than a foot behind him, and raises his gun to fire. Nick warns Schanke. Mackavoy turns around at the sound, giving Schanke the chance to dive for cover and fire. Schanke shoots Mackavoy in the chest. Nick approaches, calls Schanke donut with a grin, and tells Schanke he got Mackavoy and it was great work. The adrenalin rush is over and Schanke passes out, Nick's hands around Schanke's shoulders.

Inside the precinct, Norma tells Stonetree she does not understand it. She spent a week checking every computer database and got nothing. Today all of Nick's information comes right up. Merlin installed Nick's file as promised. Stonetree tells her that computers work in mysterious ways and he has never really trusted them. Nick's asked for his birthplace as he walks by. He cheerfully tells them Chicago. Stonetree comments that it is best to ask the source. Nick tells them it's 1957 and is corrected to 1958. Nick admits it is New Year's Day and that it always confuses him. He walks away with an 'oops' expression.

Schanke's at his desk, one arm in a sling, answering quiz show questions from the little TV in front of him and doing quite well on an opera one. Nick approaches and Schanke turns it off, grumbling he hates desk duty. Nick comments that he did not know Schanke was an opera buff, learning that Schanke likes Stravinsky, Charlie Parker and the Beatles. Nick learns the whole Schanke family is fine, thanks to Nick. Schanke admits he got in over his head, but Nick reminds him that he brought Mackavoy down. Schanke comments that it would have turned out differently had Nick not warned him.

Nick tells him that everyone loses their judgment once in a while. All someone has to do is press the right buttons. Schanke comments that Mackavoy sure pressed his, and was right, making him wonder just how good a cop he is. Nick tells Schanke he is a damn good cop, which means more than just good shooting. He remind Schanke of the Jefferson case where he saved three lives without pulling his gun, and pulled Mary McAffrey from a burning car. Schanke's suspicious and inquires if Nick read his file. Nick changes the subject, telling him he is a good cop. Schanke is surprised by the compliment.

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