Season 1 Episode 12

Written by Lionel E. Siegel

Directed by Mitch Gabourie and Nicholas J. Gray

Guest stars:

Lynn Fiori.................................... Lori Halier

Tony Fiori.................................... Marc Strange

Arthur (forensic tech).................. George Kapelos

No character names given

Louis Di Bianco, Tony De Santis, David Ferry, Adam Bramble, Natalie Radford, Owen Young, Claire Cellucci, Bernard Browne, Susan Potvin

A lady in her mid forties confidently walks down a dock, past admirers and into a club where she meets up with her date and they kiss.

The couple, Lynn and Charlie, go back to her place still kissing. Once inside, their passion escalates. She wants to watch her tape and he wants to try something better. She doubts anything is better than her tape and he tells her to trust him. She does. He chokes her as they are kissing. Her inability to breathe panics her. He tells her feeling like she is dying ups the sexual thrill. She hits him and runs while he is doubled over, ordering him to stay away. He comes at her. A black gloved hand holding a gun fires twice, hitting Charlie both times. Charlie falls to the ground dead.

At the crime scene, reporters are frustrating Schanke, when they do not understand the simple concept of no comment.

Nick and Stonetree approach Schanke and ascertain that the Inspector's wife, Lynn Fiori, is okay, has nasty bruises on her neck, and called in the shooting herself. She shot the intruder twice in the chest with a .22 Long Ladies Special, killing him. Schanke comments on Mrs. Fiori being a better shot than most cops wives. The Fiori cabin was called but her husband is not there.

Inside the bedroom, Stonetree rushes to Lynn's side, tells her he's sorry, sees she's in tears and comforts her. She admits to killing the guy in self-defense and does not want any special treatment. He assures her they will get it quickly cleared up. Schanke unzips the body bag, commenting that the guy looks familiar. Nick teases him for always saying that and being wrong most of the time. Nick asks the first officer there what Lynn said. He learns she repeatedly admitted it was all her fault, how she felt so guilty, and it was self-defense.

Nick flashes back to Hertogenbosch, Holland between 1490-1516. Nick and a beautiful young woman, Ilsa, are modeling for Master Painter Bosch in a candlelit castle studio. Bosch is impatient when Nick tries to find out why Ilsa is upset, and hears he can release her, no details. Nick an Ilsa return to their poses seeing Bosch's increased impatience. They are tiny figures on a large, busy landscape.

At the crime scene, Nick learns Lynn said the same thing until forensics arrived, including that she deserved to die. The officer tells Nick his partner is questioning the neighbors.

Schanke gives Arthur a hard time then leaves. Arthur is dusting for prints. Nick learns the video case has been fingerprinted. He examines both the adult videotape and its box. Arthur tells Nick that he has not found any slugs and will be the first to know.

Inside Stonetree's office, he pulls a picture of him and a balding man off the wall for closer study.

Nick enters the bullpen and sees Schanke grinning. Schanke tells Nick that he was right, that it was Charlie the mole Gubbins. He is wanted for everything from white slavery to pornography and prostitution. Schanke makes Nick admit he was wrong before revealing anything further. Nick grimaces and reluctantly, softly does, then has to repeat himself louder. Schanke does a little victory song and dance, which Nick finds mildly amusing.

Stonetree hides the picture when Nick knocks on the door. Stonetree grows emotional as he tells Nick that the Inspector met him and Lynn at the hospital and cried as he took his wife in his arms. Nick tells the Captain that the fact he has known Lynn and Tony for years should not blind him to inconsistencies of the case. Stonetree reminds Nick a doctor said she was nearly choked to death, that a violent perp with an extensive rap sheet was responsible. Nick comments on Lynn's expert marksmanship. He learns Tony wanted her to know how to shoot and orders him to drop the case. Nick drops the adult videotape on the desk, commenting that it is one of the oddities. When Stonetree storms out, Nick grabs the tape and leaves.

Schanke and several male officers watch the pornographic movie. Nick enters as the tape's getting really steamy, turns it off spoiling the party. The officers leave. Schanke explains he was just examining the evidence, giving it a high rating as part of his critique. Nick inquires if the bullets were found in the Fiori apartment as he pops the tape.

Outside the adult video store, a nervous Schanke tells Nick about their new cases. He advises Nick to drop the Fiori case because it is not only career suicide, but also Stonetree will kill them when he learns they are still on it. Schanke refuses to enter the store because he is not there, but at the morgue working on their new cases and demands the keys. He tells Nick he will be back in half an hour and leaves.

Inside the store, Nick speaks to the owner, Mr. Dalitsky, who tells Nick he will need a warrant to look at his confidential records. Nick sternly tells Dalitsky to look closer, possibly whammying him. Dalitsky searches his file and tells Nick a broad called a couple nights ago to tell him she will return the tape she found in a parking garage. Nick believes Dalitsky's problem reading his writing is a stall and translates for him, getting Dalitsky's confirmation.

Inside the Fiori house, Tony tells Stonetree he wants to take Lynn away because he is afraid she is going to have a nervous breakdown. Stonetree senses something is off, not liking Tony's idea. He tells Tony the press conference will be tomorrow as scheduled, and any preliminary hearing will be about three weeks away.

Outside the video store, Nick gets some useful information about Gubbin's three visits to the Fiori's apartment building thanks to a neighbor identifying Gubbin's picture. He tells the officer to have the written version on his desk in an hour. Schanke's tells them that Gubbins was casing the apartment, not accepting anything else. Nick tells Schanke to get a search warrant for the video store's records for the last six months, hands over the keys and hears Schanke warn him to stay away from the Fioris.

Inside the Fiori house, Lynn's packing, nervously telling Tony he doesn’t have to bother to come back if there's a preliminary hearing. He is a bit disturbed, telling her it's not a good idea. Their relationship is not the happy, loving one they portray in public.

Nick lands outside and peers in the window, hearing Tony telling his wife her actions makes him look bad. She tells him she is just trying to keep him from being embarrassed. He comments he wishes he could believe her, sounding like a obsessive, psychotic control freak telling her that he wishes she truly cared about him. He tells her that he will love her no matter what, ignoring her comments that she's not worthy of him and he should divorce her. In that psychotic tone he tells her, she should think about him before she has sex with someone else. She tells him she does not want his love and leaves.

Nick flashes back to Bosch's studio. He comforts Ilsa who wants him to kill her for her woman's crime of seducing a man. Nick is surprised. He tells her he has known seductresses and she is not one. She tells him her every move and breath is seductive and that it is evil. He tells her she is wrong and she says it is a known fact. She calls him Knight.

After she leaves, Bosch enters, asking Milord if he is enjoying himself. Nick's grin is the answer. Bosch comments that Nick could get lucky tonight looking at Ilsa, and that she puts up a fierce struggle. Nick realizes that Bosch raped Ilsa, and her reaction to Bosch confirms it.

Nick searches the inside of the Fioris' apartment and visually tracks the bullet's path from the murder location to the speaker, then pulls off the cover to reveal the two bullets side by side on the round edge.

Inside the bullpen, the officer refuses to give Schanke some papers, leaving them on Nick's desk, as promised. Schanke complains to Natalie that he is in trouble if asked about his other case because he has nothing. Natalie tells Nick she is concerned he is jeopardizing his career. Nick grabs the papers and heads for Stonetree's office.

Stonetree's furious when he learns Nick's still on the Fiori case, and learns Gubbins had no friends in the building and didn't force his way in, which means Lynn lied. Nick comments that she probably lied about other things as well. He shows Stonetree the plastic bag containing the two slugs, telling him their location contradicts her story. Stonetree angrily tells Nick he is to stop immediately ignoring his other work. Nick leaves. Stonetree's eyes show he is torn between his friend and the growing list of inaccuracies.

When Schanke sees Nick stalk across the room, he tells Natalie he had better look for a new partner. Nick is not happy to learn his warrant was denied and the judge said it was a dead issue. Schanke tells him he is jeopardizing his career. Natalie tells Nick she checked with a guy who runs a pistol range and he told her that Mrs. Fiori was an expert marksman, so his theory could be right.

Stonetree approaches and tells them not to go anywhere until he returns.

Schanke tells Nick he is going to have a uniform for Nick because he is transferred to traffic. Natalie stays out of it. Nick comments that Schanke started in traffic, and is reminded that most of Toronto's finest started that way.

Nick, Schanke and Natalie are surprised to learn Stonetree's having Mrs. Fiori give a statement.

Inside the interrogation room, Lynn Fiori's upset and tells Stonetree, Nick and Schanke that Gubbins told her choking would enhance her sexual pleasure. Schanke obviously does not want to be there, and hopes playing statue will allow full denial of being there. Lynn nervously tells them how Gubbins was hurting her, would not stop even after she hit him. He told her he was going to choke her until she nearly died. When he came at her, again she shot him twice. Nick is pleased the truth is out.

Nick flashes back to Ilsa. He is alone and trying to comfort her reassuring her that since she fought back, she wasn't a seductress. She was raped. She cries in his arms.

In the interrogation room, Nick asks Lynn if Gubbins was facing her when he was shot. She's not sure as it was dark.

In the bullpen, Natalie watches Stonetree and Inspector Tony Fiori talk, without being seen. When Nick and Schanke arrive, Nick sees Natalie does not understand why they needed a second statement and tells her it is because Lynn lied the first time. This time Lynn admitted knowing Gubbins. He tells her he is sure Lynn did not pull the trigger.

In the loft, Nick tells Natalie that where he found the slugs proves a third person fired them. Natalie tells him Gubbins had it coming, which Nick tells her is not the point. He tells her Lynn was not shocked by what the sleaze did, but enjoyed it. Natalie reminds him Lynn did not enjoy the choking, which somewhat blows his theory. He tells her he was at the Fioris' and heard Lynn blame herself for it all. Natalie reminds him a lot of women do that.

Natalie brings him his veggie drink and finds him lost in the past standing before a picture of Ilsa. He flashes back to Ilsa telling Nick her woman's evil comes out no matter how hard she tries to keep it inside, which seduced Bosch to rape her. She remembers the rape as she tells Nick about her woman's evil. Things from a hair fluttering in the breeze to sunlight reflecting off a gown buckle. She begs Nick to kill her, threatening suicide if he does not.

Natalie sees he looks sad and calls his name. He groans seeing the glass, and reluctantly takes a sip, finding it tastier than usual. She congratulates him but is disappointed when he calls it poison, telling her how one must take only a drop at first in order to become immune. He apologizes, telling her his mind is elsewhere. When she inquires, he is pleased she accepts his getting lost in the past.

Inside the Raven, Nick tells Janette he's there on business and asks her about Charlie Gubbins. Janette tenses a bit, commenting on how dangerous Gubbins was before his girlfriend killed him. He learns Gubbins mostly hung out with lowlifes. Janette points out one of them, Morgan Dalitsky.Nick heads for Dalitsky and wraps his arm around his shoulder like a friend. Dalitsky realizes that he has been nabbed. He says Nick Gubbins would be alive if he had known his bimbo's old man was a cop.

Inside the interrogation room, Nick tells Dalitsky that he was either paid off or threatened to lie about the videotape, which was one of many rented by Lynn. Dalitsky's lawyer enters, ending the interrogation.

Nick tells Schanke Dalitsky will sign the statement or be busted. Nick's comment that Lynn did not shoot Gubbins causes Schanke to whine they will be cleaning stables. Nick tells Schanke to show Dalitsky the picture of Stonetree and Inspector Fiori and watch his jaw drop. Nick leaves. Stonetree catches Schanke coming out of his office.

Nick has another flashback to Ilsa. He enters her room with good news, kisses her and realizes she is dead. Bosch knocks over her glass telling Nick the red liquid is Lady-killer. Nick is upset she felt it was her only way out. Nick gives Bosch a nasty look when he grumbles about paying for the burial, realizing that Bosch raped Ilsa.

Nick knocks on the Fioris' door. Lynn opens it partway, hinting someone's behind the door. Nick tells her she did not kill Charlie and can help him find the real killer. She nervously tells him to leave the closed case alone. Nick knows something's wrong but any move would be too risky.

Inside the interrogation room Morgan Dalitsky admits to Stonetree and Schanke that if he did not say Lynn found the tape, or said she rented it, he would be closed down. Dalitsky's description of the man who threatened him matches the man he identifies in the picture, Inspector Anthony Fiori.

Inside the Fiori house, Stonetree tells her he knows she did not kill Gubbins. She admits Gubbins was dead when she first saw him and had to have him. They made love in her apartment. Stonetree admits she is guilty of adultery, but did not pull the trigger. She believes it is her fault and it shows. He tells her the guilt will always be there.

Inside Natalie's office, Nick tells her that he's afraid Lynn's desperation will cause her kill her husband then herself. Schanke calls and Nick learns the Inspector threatened Dalitsky over the videotape and Stonetree was furious when he left to confront the Inspector. Nick tells Schanke to get backup and meet him there. When Schanke complains there could be nothing wrong, Nick suggests he call. Nick leaves in a flash.

Tony arrives, angered to learn Stonetree knows Lynn is not the killer and Dalitsky tagged him. He cannot believe it, demanding to know what Lynn told Stonetree. Stonetree tells them they are coming in, to leave any weapons behind. The ringing telephone is the precinct checking in. Tony knocks Stonetree out, horrifying Lynn.

Lynn watches in horror as her husband cold bloodily loads Stonetree into his vehicle, orders her to take Stonetree's car to the beach, and take a taxi home. He leaves.

Tony heads for the beach periodically checking to make sure Stonetree is still unconscious. When Tony gets there, he keeps his gun aimed at the door as he opens it and sees Stonetree coming around. Lynn makes it partway there before she breaks down and pulls over.

Tony, Lynn and Stonetree are not at the Fioris' house. Stonetree's car is gone. Stonetree's not at the precinct. Nick finds fresh blood on a plant outside, worrying him. He tells Schanke to put APB's on Stonetree and Fioris' cars.

Officers see Stonetree's car, recognize Lynn and ask what's wrong. When they ask her to come with them she tells them she can't, but offers no resistance when she's helped out of her car towards theirs.

Inside the interrogation room, Schanke and Nick are in a race against time to save Stonetree's life. They pressure Lynn to find out if Tony would take Stonetree to the country cabin and she tells them she does not know. Nick tells her she felt inferior, seduced Gubbins and did everything possible to protect her husband, but if she does not tell them now she will be responsible for Stonetree's death. Nick reminds her something changed her mind while she was driving the Captain's car. She writes down the address. Nick and Schanke read it and take off, taking the page with them.

Nick is flying over the city trying to get there in time.

Stonetree's hands are tied behind his back as he's seated near the edge of a dock, telling Tony how ten years ago he never would've killed a man and let his wife take the blame. Tony psychotically rants about it making him look bad, that he could've put away Gubbins any time he wanted to, and he took the games too far when he hurt her. He psychotically rants that marriage is until death, and he and Lynn will stick together because she is no good without him. Stonetree learns Tony would kill her if she left him. Tony apologizes for Stonetree getting caught in the middle.

Nick watches from atop a crane until there is a gunshot and lands where only Tony can see him. Tony fires at Nick until his gun is empty, shocked when the bullets go right through Nick. He flees. Nick unties the Captain who races after Tony, telling Nick he will handle it.

Inside the building, the chase is on between Tony and Stonetree. Tony aims at Stonetree but cannot fire, partly due to their friendship. Tony is cornered. Stonetree tells him to give up as there is no where to go.

Outside, Nick's zeroing in on them.

Inside, Stonetree slowly approaches Tony and calmly tells him he is under arrest for Gubbin's murder.

Nick's zeroed in on them and takes off.

Schanke runs in expecting trouble, sees Stonetree tells Tony it is his last chance to give up. Nick sneaks up behind Tony and grabs the gun a second after it goes off. Stonetree's hit. Tony is brought under control by Nick.

A handcuffed Tony's stuffed into the police car. Schanke reminds Stonetree of the major risk he took. Stonetree tells them he had to help because Tony helped him get promoted to Captain as well as teaching him a lot. He tells his two detectives he would die for them, and is reminded that he nearly did. They tell him they are glad he did not.

It is daylight when Nick is awake and Natalie calls to convince him to join them at the picnic as soon as the sun goes down. He's tempted and allows her to convince him to come, as he really does want to go.

Nick arrives as soon as it is dark. Schanke is telling a little boy to play nice before the kid runs off to play. Nick asks about the softball game and learns Schanke's Scorchers won 11-0 and Stonetree pitched a no hitter. Nick turns down the hot dog Schanke offers him, so Schanke wolfs it down.

Nick joins Natalie and Stonetree, patting the Captain on the arm and Natalie on the thigh. Stonetree tells Nick it was a good game, but the new umpire was tougher. He misses Tony. The trial is in three weeks. Stonetree tells them he is more worried about Lynn because it has been really hard on her, that she's a mess and is working with a therapist. He tells the he does not understand how Tony could make her live like that. Natalie tells him that with luck Lynn will divorce Tony and start her own life.

Nick remembers finding Ilsa's dead body and learning she used Lady-killer to take her own life. Nick tells Natalie it is not luck but courage. Stonetree leaves barely limping.

Nick tells Natalie he has seen a lot of changes for women, yet not so many, their bodies touching. She reminds him that it has changed for millions, including her. Nick wraps his arm around her shoulder teasing her that he has the pleasure of knowing such a woman. She teases him back calling him lucky. He gives her a quick kiss on the lips.

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