Season 1 Episode 13

Written by Michael Sadowski

Directed by Gary Farmer

Lisa Cooper......... Chantellese Kent

Daniel.............. Illya Woloshyn

No character name given

Alan Aarons, Marvin Ishmael, Jocelyne Saint-Denis, Marion Brand, Robert Godin, Jean Stawarz, Randy Butcher

A ten year old girl approaches a newsstand and waits until the proprietor's back is turned to steal several comics, bolting as the owner yells at her to come back. The young girl darts down an alley slamming into a businessman. His briefcase opens and the papers fall out. A car squeals to a stop at the end of the alley and two thugs get out, one has a gun. The kid hides behind a dumpster. The thugs approach Marty, who begs them not to shoot him. They shoot him several times. The kid tries to sneak away but accidentally bumps into something and is spotted by the thugs. They split.

It is night. Daryl is covering for Schanke while he is watching Jenny sing in her school concert. Nick comments the family guys stick together. It looks like a textbook hit. Marty Angelo was a CPA. Nick comments the boss realized Marty was skimming and had to take him out because business is business. Natalie is kneeling beside the well-lit body telling them it was messy but traditional, two in the chest and one in the head. She rolls the body onto its side to show them the back, commenting the bullets were large caliber hollow points, going in like a sports car and out like a semi. Nick looks slightly ill as he asks if any casings were left behind but he hears none were thus making it another one for the unsolved pile. Daryl is called away.

Nick's vampire hearing picks up a heartbeat not matching anyone in their group and searches for it. Natalie notices. She lets them know she's finished and follows Nick to the dumpster. He tells the person hiding that they are safe. The young girl peeks out. Nick reassures her it is okay. She uses her comics as a shield as she tells him she did not do it. Nick and Natalie look at each other.

The thug who did not shoot watches Nick's car through a tiny monocular, seeing the kid and Natalie in the car, noting down the license number of the Caddy. Daryl tells Nick it is horrible for a little kid to have to face all the murder crap. Nick comments kids are resilient to a point. Daryl tells Nick he should try raising kids. Nick tells him he wants to. Daryl laughs and leaves. Nick mumbles he thinks about it sometimes. Nick watches Natalie gives Lisa something.

Nick flashes back to 1941 London, England, during World War II. A shabbily dressed ten-year-old boy steals Janette's purse, as she and her vampire family walk down the hallway. The boy thinks he has escaped but is caught by Nick and brought to Janette and LaCroix. When Janette mentions turning him over to the police, she's reminded no cops are out because of the air raid warning. LaCroix suggests roasting the boy over a fire. Daniel flatters Janette and gets rewarded with a shilling. LaCroix is not enjoying Daniel stealing the attention from him. LaCroix tells Daniel to leave while he still can. Janette asks Daniel where he lives and learns he is homeless. She pleads with Nick to take him home with them, at least for a meal. Nick smiles.

At the precinct, Nick has snapped out of his flashback when Stonetree asks if he is listening. Nick is not happy to learn he is in charge of Lisa Cooper until they can get her father there. He is an oil rigger who works on the oil platforms for a month at a time. Nick tries to tell them Natalie would be better and hears she's not a cop. Stonetree tells Nick they brought in the babysitter, Mrs. Carmella DeMarco, and he needs to talk with her.

Inside a briefing room, Carmella tells them she cannot keep up with Lisa, who is a good girl, but a real handful ever since her mother's death. The mother was the only one Lisa ever listened to. She went into the road to pull Lisa off it, and was killed by a drunk driver. Lisa's suffered since, blaming herself for her mother' death, which is too much guilt for a little girl. They tell Carmella it is not her fault. Schanke tells her the father's been contacted and will be in on the next available chopper. Nick will look after Lisa until she is out of danger. Carmella tells them it is the comics she reads, and is reassured that no one is blaming her, not even the father. She tells them to do what they think is best, wishes Nick luck, telling him he'll need it. Once alone, Nick looks a little afraid because of Carmella's comment. A part of him is looking forward to it as he relaxes with a grin. When Nick and Schanke are alone he vents his frustrations, telling Schanke it was Stonetree's idea. He is not the right guy for the assignment. Schanke asks if Nick likes kids. Nick cheerfully comments he does. Schanke reassuringly, teasingly tells him the fatherly instinct will kick in, maybe even give him the biological urge to have some of his own. It's an easy job where you rent some Disney Classics, sit around and play Barbie until your mind turns to mush.

They enter a different briefing room to pick up Lisa, who is surrounded by laughing officers as she is telling them a joke. Nick is shown the two composites. Nick tells the officers to have them copied and circulated. Nick asks Gary to get him an unmarked precinct car because the Caddy is too open. She has the sketch artist show them the caricature of Schanke, making everyone but Schanke giggle. When Schanke sarcastically comments if it is supposed to be him, everyone laughs harder.

Nick is driving the unmarked car, Lisa in the passenger seat. He does not let her touch the box of bullets. She asks if he's ever killed anyone and hears police work is not like what she sees on TV. She comments nothing is as it is on TV. He tells her it is not like in the comics either. She tells him she reads as many as she can because they keep her company when her dad is gone. Nick asks if she misses her dad, knowing she does. She tells him she wishes he did not have to leave so much. Nick tells her he has to work and probably likes his job. She tells him he probably hates his daughter. Nick tells her it is not true. She tells him she messes up a lot, asking if he reads Janie Jinx as she shoves a comic in his face. He pushes it aside to see the road, as she tells him Janie is a real crime fighter. Nick is focused on the car behind them, looking concerned. Lisa tells him Janie is very unlucky and trouble follows her. Nick tells her Janie sounds like a lousy role model, preoccupied with the car behind them. Lisa reminds Nick Janie's not real, then comments some people are born jinxed. Nick is distracted and somewhat agrees. Nick tells her to get down on the floor now. She does just as the car pulls beside them and the passenger opens fire. Nick hits the brakes and ducks. The driver's side window shatters. The other car zooms off. Nick gets out using the door as a shield, but they are gone. He is wincing in pain as he asks Lisa if she is okay, and she can come back up now. She's scared and concerned, asking if Nick was shot, believing he did because he was there. Nick lies, telling her they missed. Lisa comments it looks like someone does not like her very much as she looks around for anyone who might try to hurt her. Nick asks if it was Janie talking as he calls it in.

Nick opens the lift door as the sun is rising. Lisa enters wearing an oversized bulletproof vest. She asks if she can keep it on as she looks around. He tells her it is fine. He calls Natalie, who stops her external examination to answer the telephone. He quietly tells her he caught one. She tells him she will be over as soon as she tucks in a few customers.

Lisa opens the fridge, asking what there is to eat, seeing nothing but his wine bottles. The freezer has frozen units of blood. She closes door asks a lot of questions, including if he has a drinking problem and is told she should be a detective while he's waiting for Schanke to pick up.

Schanke is at home watching I Dream of Jeanie, commenting to Nick that he is a detective. Nick keeps an eye on Lisa as she is still exploring, gives her a silent okay to watch a movie. Nick comments they have been made by two perps who used him for target practice and already called it in. Schanke comments he will look into it tomorrow, grumbling he is watching his favorite show. Lisa explores the upstairs as Nick tells Schanke to tape it and get over there because he might have some ballistic evidence for him. He touches his arm where he was struck by the bullet. Nick tells him bring some food. Nick looks at Lisa, asking what she wants. She mouths pizza. Nick tells him to bring pizza and other stuff kids like. They hang up. Lisa's finished exploring and returns to the main floor. She feels safe enough to pull loose the Velcro, dropping the vest onto the bottom landing. Nick tells her to make herself at home, which she does, flopping onto the couch, remote in hand and watches TV. Nick is amused. When she learns he is not married, she asks if he is straight. He tells her he is, with a grin. She comments on the empty fridge, hearing he is not home much. She asks if she can call him Nick. He tells her he would like that. She tells him she is glad he found her. His expression lightens and he comments that maybe she found him.

Nick's expression grows grimmer as he flashes back to wartime London. Nick, Janette, LaCroix and Daniel are inside a large house. Janette tells them it is quite refreshing to have a little one around. LaCroix is not at all happy with the situation. Janette tells them, LaCroix mainly, they are like a real family, and it is a strange, sweet sensation. She whispers to LaCroix that she thinks he likes it. Nick tells Daniel not to eat his whole dinner in one bite, asking where his parents are. Daniel tells them his mom was killed in an air raid last year, and that he has not seen his father since he ran out when he was small. His only family is an aunt in Sheffield but he has never met her, but she will probably take him in. He asks for train fare. Nick smiles telling him they will see. Janette gives Daniel a gift-wrapped box and has Daniel close his eyes. LaCroix bares his fangs and hisses at Daniel. Janette's glare warns him to behave. They ignore LaCroix and his jealousy. Janette removes the fire engine from the box and sets it on the table. Daniel's delighted, thanks both of them with a hug. LaCroix walks away, quite mad and jealous. Daniel's telling Nick he is a real friend gets LaCroix really mad and more jealous. Nick tells Daniel to go play with his new toy. LaCroix glares at them, absolutely hating how the boy is totally ignoring him, his eyes clearly showing his anger and resentment.

At the loft, Lisa is watching an old monster movie with Nick. She tells him she is starving. Nick tells her Schanke will be there any minute. She asks about his girlfriend. He asks what girlfriend. She tells him it is the lady doctor, who he should marry because the she has it bad for him. Nick playfully tells Lisa she is nuts, upsetting her. She tells him her mom used to tell her that. He feels bad. She comments life sucks and goes on. Schanke buzzes, and he is let up.

Schanke is loaded with pizza and a grocery bag. He tells Nick you have to love kids. Nick learns the perps used a rental car and fake ID to rent it. Schanke gets too close to Nick with a pizza slice and he pulls back, commenting on the garlic. Schanke teases Nick about having the weirdest taste of any cop he has ever known because he does not like junk food. When Nick asks if there is anything more, Schanke unpacks the grocery bag full of kid favorites. Nick tells him he meant the case. Schanke tells Nick he has faxed the ballistic reports the ME's reports to the Feds for a crosscheck. He tells Nick he has APB's galore, and he has located a mountain of paperwork at Angelo's pad. Schanke tells Nick anyone remotely resembling Lisa's description will be sleepwalking through a lineup tomorrow morning. Nick tells him it is great. Schanke asks Lisa if she would like to learn to play poker. She innocently comments it is a hard game.

Elsewhere, one of the hit men tells his boss they tracked the kid down and she is holed up with a cop. If the boss still wants her killed, they will have to kill the cop too, which makes it more complicated, and ups the ante as well as their fee. He tells his boss to get the ID and address on a '62 Caddy and gives Nick's plate number. Once they have the address all their troubles are over.

Inside the loft, Schanke and Lisa are playing poker at the kitchen table. She is beating his socks off, and loving it. Nick is amused as well. Schanke grumbles he just bought her college education. Nick teases Schanke he is way out of his league. Schanke starts to say she is just a kid when Nick's expression tells him the comment will hurt Lisa's feelings. Schanke changes his sentence, not wanting to hurt her, and humbly asks Nick if he has ten bucks, he can borrow until payday. He asks Lisa if he can borrow a couple bucks, and she asks if he would borrow from a little kid. Natalie enters as Nick grins. She sees Schanke and Lisa playing cards. She squats down asking Lisa if she's okay, Schanke teases Natalie about her formaldehyde scent, earning a glare. She asks if he is corrupting a child, fingering a bill. Schanke tells her he is not. Natalie's caring comes through as she comments it is awfully late, telling Lisa she should be asleep. Lisa tells her it is cool. She tells Nick it is time to look at his shoulder. Schanke asks what happened. Nick stammers he just pulled a muscle. Lisa excitedly tells him the perp riddled Nick with bullets. Schanke scoffs, knowing if Nick had been shot, there would have been visible evidence. Lisa tells them how fearless Nick was. Schanke teases Nick that marriage and children seem to be the only things he fears. Natalie asks Nick if they can get on with it as she has things to do. Nick puts his arm around her as they head upstairs. Schanke snatches a bill from Lisa's pile as she is stacking her winnings. She looks at him.

Inside the bedroom, Nick comments he has to stop getting shot because someone's going to notice. Natalie suggests he try ducking. He tells her he will try. She examines the wound and finds it is still open. He cannot believe it. She smiles as she tells him it must mean his metabolism's changing as she works on the wound. He confirms it should have been healed within minutes, telling her bullets usually go right through him. She tells him they might be feeling shades of mortality there and the program must be working. He tells her he can see himself in the mirror sometimes. She asks if he has tried the tasteless artificial blood. She tells him not to knock it as it is obviously working.

Outside Nick's place, the gunmen shine a spotlight on the side of the building, then leave.

Inside the bedroom, Natalie probes Nick's wound and he flinches in pain. Neither can believe he felt pain, knowing its progress. She comments she must've hit a tiny human nerve ending, and resumes her probing, as he tells her to take it easy. She tells him she will as she triumphantly pulls out the bullet and hands him the .357, commenting he's still a medical marvel as she applies some sort of wound closure. She massages his neck, asking how the baby-sitting is going. He tells her he's enjoying it but is also afraid of it. He tells her if mortality is his future, maybe he can have a family of his own, causing Natalie to grin. She tells him it must be strange having a child around, learning Lisa's not the first.

Nick flashes back to London. He and LaCroix are playing chess. LaCroix tells Nick to keep Daniel and hears he cannot be serious. LaCroix tells them Janette gets whatever she wants. Nick comments the boy would discover too much, which endangers them. LaCroix tells Nick Daniel would never betray his own. Nick reminds him Daniel is a child.

In Nick's bedroom, he tells Natalie the other child was Daniel. He tells her it is the same old story, Daniel looked to him for help and didn't get it, depressed by his failure.

In wartime London, LaCroix asks Nick to imagine what it would be like to be eternally a kid and what an interesting experiment it would be. Nick reminds him Daniel is too young to choose. LaCroix tells him since they are giving him a rare gift, they will choose for him. Nick tells LaCroix he is deranged. LaCroix admits he is. Nick tells him he wants no part of it. LaCroix asks if he thinks Janette's motives are entirely maternal, telling him to ask her.

Natalie and Schanke are leaving. Natalie tells Nick to talk with Lisa because she could be suffering from a delayed stress syndrome. Nick comments to her that he is not a professional. Natalie reminds him he is a sympathetic ear. Schanke tells him he will bring Lisa's dad by in the morning, hearing an okay from Nick. Nick gives him some money to cover his poker losses. Before they leave, Nick turns over the ballistic evidence to Schanke, telling him he dug it out of the upholstery.

Nick carries a sleeping Lisa to the bedroom and gently lays her on his bed, accidentally waking her removing her shoe. She asks if her dad's there, hearing he will be soon. He tenderly comments she loves her dad a lot. She says that she does, but is glad that Nick is there. He thanks her and asks about her dad, genuinely interested, and it shows. She tells Nick her dad should be a cop because he is made of the stuff of heroes, proud of him. He got a medal in a war for saving a guy's life when he fell off an oil platform. Nick's giving her his total attention, enjoying her stories, sounding impressed. She tells him how her dad swam fifty miles in a hurricane so he would not miss her birthday. Nick tells her she is lucky to have a dad like that. Lisa is not very happy, telling him it's all her fault. Her mom and the guy tonight both died because of her. Maybe the guy would have gotten away had she not bumped into him. Nick leans closer and gently strokes her hair as he tells her it wasn't her fault, she can't blame herself for what happened to either the guy tonight or her mother. She tells Nick she is really scared the bad guys are going to get her. He promises he will not let them hurt her. She asks him to stay until she falls asleep. He tells her he will be right there beside her.

Nick flashes back to London. Daniel is playing the piano when Nick stalks in and tells him he must go, shutting the drapes. Daniel is devastated, wanting to know what he did wrong because he thought Nick liked him. Nick tells him that he does and in another time and place he'd be welcomed as a son, but he's in danger, and he won't allow him to be hurt. Daniel begs not to be tossed out. It hurts Nick to whammy him into leaving, believing he has to run for his life. Nick gives him some money and Daniel leaves. Janette and LaCroix rush into the room right after Daniel left. She is near tears and LaCroix looks betrayed with a hint of amusement/irony.

Back in the present, Nick sets down an empty wine bottle, staring at the full one beside it.

In what has to be another time recently, Nick is filling up all his wine bottles from a barrel of blood using a gravy boat and funnel, then corks the bottles. Nick changes his mind with one bottle and takes a drink, checking the quality, pleased with it.

It is morning. Outside the loft, a brown van pulls up, a ladder on the roof. The gunmen get out dressed in coveralls that say UGB Communications.

Inside, Lisa bounces down the steps and tries to wake Nick, but he is sleeping like the dead. She calls his name and shakes her head when she sees the two empty bottles, figuring he passed out from drinking too much. She heads for the fridge and takes a bite out of a leftover pizza piece.

Outside, a gunman climbs onto the bumper and unties the ladder.

Inside, Lisa tries the blood, nor realizing what it is, and finds it gross. She walks back to Nick, telling him to get up as she pulls his hand off his chest and lets it fall limply back to his body. She listens to his chest then plays with the remote, opening a blind. She picks up a pocket mirror and bounces the sunlight across the room until she is bored. She then shines it on Nick's face, mainly his eyes. Moments later his hands fly up to his eyes as he cries out in agony. Lisa panics terrified, telling him she never meant to hurt him. Nick staggers across the room hitting anything in his way. Lisa tells him she did not know it would happen. Nick vamps out, his back to her and growls for her to shut the blinds. He keeps a good distance from Lisa, afraid he'll hurt her. She asks if he's okay or needs help.

Nick rushes into the downstairs bathroom, shutting the door and leaning on it, his extensive pain clearly shows. His eyes are golden. He frantically searches his surroundings. Lisa tells him she screwed up. She never meant to hurt him. He splashes his face with water the falls to the floor next to the window, taking the curtain down with him. The light hurts his eyes and he covers his face with the fabric. Lisa runs for the bedroom, throws herself on the bed and cries into a pillow. Nick's agonized screams of being blind terrify Lisa. He covers his eyes with the waded up drapes. Nick hears the ladder hit the outside wall, pulls the fabric away having calmed down.

Nick flashes back to the London house. He kisses Janette and gets no answer when he asks where LaCroix is. Nick hears a small snarl and sees Daniel sporting fangs and glowing eyes. Nick stares at Janette, who has a helpless expression on her face. LaCroix enters smiling, having destroyed the enemy. Nick looks betrayed.

At the loft, Nick pulls himself to his feet, bursting out of the bathroom, yelling for Lisa. She is still lying on his bed crying.

Inside the bullpen, Lisa's father looks like he's had a tough life. Schanke comments on Lisa being a live wire and if he knew she plays poker. Mr. Cooper admits he taught her figuring it was something they could do together, asking if Schanke was fleeced, hearing he lost twenty-three dollars. Schanke tells him that is not a good thing to teach a kid, Cooper nervously looks for his daughter. Schanke tells him he understands.

Outside, one of the men climbs up the fire escape.

Nick tells Lisa he is sorry as he stumbles around the loft trying to clear his vision. He calls out to her again, but she keeps crying, still lying on her stomach hugging her pillow, terrified.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke asks Cooper if he knows what Lisa does while he is away working every other month. Mr. Cooper shrugs, causing Schanke to comment on how would he know, hearing Cooper thought Carmella could handle her. Schanke tells him he is missing the best years of her life. He knows because he has a daughter.

Nick hears the guy climbing the building. He is vamped out, totally calm and focused. He tells Lisa someone is trying to break in. He stumbles into the table behind the couch, picks up the telephone receiver only to learn it is dead. Nick whispers Lisa's name and she walks out onto the balcony. He tells her not to be scared, and to be completely still and quiet. She complies. Nick hears one of the gunmen open a window and climb in. The gunman fires at the inner door, blowing off the lock. Lisa screams and squats down by the railing. The second gunman makes it to the roof. The inside guy slowly moves into the room ready to fire. Nick takes a vampire leap to the upper wall and hangs there, his face pressed against the wall.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke tells Mr. Cooper both father and daughter have big holes in their lives. Teaching her poker is no substitute for a father who's there telling her bedtime stories and there when she needs him. Cooper tells Schanke it is nothing he has not told himself already, anxiously asking if they can go get her now.

Inside the loft, the second guy runs across the roof, his gun ready to use. He spots Lisa and fires at her as she ducks out of the way. Nick locates the shot, dives headfirst for him, landing on him as Lisa cheers. Nick picks the thug up and tosses him across the room and through the glass block window next to the stairs. He calls out Lisa's name. She sees him vamped out and asks if it is a dream. He tells her he will explain later. There is another killer. He tells Lisa to lock herself in the bedroom, now. She tries to get to the door, but is cut off by the second gunman who crashes through the skylight. He lands on all fours in front of her.

Inside the precinct, an officer runs up to Schanke and tells him there is an all units, code three about an explosion at 101 Gateway Lane. Cooper asks if it is Lisa. Schanke tells him there is no problem and takes off.

Inside the loft, Lisa screams as the gunman aims at her. She runs and ducks as Nick leaps up onto the balcony, pinning the guy to the wall by his throat, then tosses him over the railing, and hits the floor. Lisa is thrilled. Nick's features are back to normal as he approaches Lisa. He sits across from her in his bedroom doorway and tells her she cannot tell anyone what happened. She wants to tell everyone. He urgently tells her she cannot tell anyone, and she's disappointed. She asks how he can fly and he denies it. He whammies her and she whispers that she understands.

The police arrive and are directed by Schanke. While Steve and Daryl go around the sides, Schanke runs towards the building, gun drawn.

Inside, Nick smiles at Lisa, telling her they did it together. She was brave and strong. He could not have done it without her. She tells him it is all her fault. If it were not for her there would not have been an attack. He could have been killed. Nick tells her to stop beating herself up. It was not her fault. The guys were killers long before they met her. She is there doing the right thing. She says it is because she ran into the guy after stealing the comics. Nick tells her Marty died because he was a thief stealing from thieves. It was the drunken driver's fault for killing her mother, not hers. And she can't keep hurting because of what adults dump on her.

Schanke enters, calling out to them, asking if they are all right. Lisa looks a Nick, who quietly asks if she is okay. Lisa smiles, yelling back she's okay, then quietly tells Nick the same thing. Nick sees she's okay, and her eyes finally have a true sparkle in them as she smiles.

Night has fallen. Nick and Lisa are watching a monster movie, seated on the floor. Uniformed officers are examining the crime scene. Lisa's father enters and calls out to her. She happily runs into his arms. He picks her up and swings her around, both thrilled to see each other. Schanke watches as he enters via the stairs, telling a nearby officer you have to love kids. Natalie calls Nick to the chair and puts drops in his eyes. He protests he does not need it, hearing the others do not know that. Natalie tells him Lisa will bounce back better than he has over Daniel. Lisa's dad asks if she's okay, and hears that she is. He apologizes for not being there, she tells him it's okay, which he disagrees with. He finally gets the clue that she is trying to lead him somewhere and follows her to Nick. Natalie's hopes at learning what happened to Daniel are pushed off by Lisa's arrival. Her father rolls his eyes as Lisa tells him that she and Nick solved the case together. Nick tells her it is true, they could not have done it without her. Lisa goes to say goodbye to Schanke as Nick tells her father he should consider work in town and she is a great kid. He agrees, telling them she deserves better, that he is never around when needed. Nick reminds him she still loves her father, so it is not too late.

Lisa asks her dad if he is ready to go. She tells Nick they should get together sometime and fight the forces of evil again. Nick hugs her, and she returns the embrace. He tells her to take care of herself and she nods she will. Natalie and her lightly hug,. Natalie tells her goodbye and gets a light kiss on the cheek. Lisa's dad picks her up as she jumps into his arms, asking if he has go to back to work soon. He tells her they need to talk about it. Nick holds up her comics, telling her she forgot them. She tells him she did not. Janie Jinx is a dweeb. She tells her father she forgot to pay for them and can pay with her own money because a nice detective taught her to play poker. He tells her they need to have a little chat about not taking advantage of her elders as they leave.

The instant they are gone Natalie grabs the comics stating Janie Jinx is hers, handing Schanke the others. They immediately start reading them, much to the amusement of Nick. He smiles, looking where Lisa had been, but grows sad as he remembers Daniel.

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