Season 1, Episode 15

Written by Shelly Goldstein

Directed by Jon Cassar

Guest stars:

Rebecca.............................. Tracy Cook

Wendy................................ Nahanni Johnstone

No character names given:

Richard Eden, Chandra Galasso, Dani Elwell, Hal Eisen, Mitra Lovett, Carolyn Stewart, Tara Charendoff, Jeremy Harris, Judy Sinclair, Alan Feinman, Kevin Rushton, Jonathan Hartman

A blonde woman is performing Fan Kill live in concert. As the scene progresses it turns out to be part of a music video.

In a hotel room a male fan is making love to a blonde with hair similar to the singer's. The music video plays in the background. She is straddling his chest as she brings up a knife and plunges it down towards him.

The music/tour manager is having a fit because Rebecca, the singer, is late for rehearsal. That Wendy needs to call the hotel and if they do not put the call through to Rebecca, they will not be paid. He tells Wendy that he wants Rebecca there immediately, even if she is dead.

Schanke is complaining to Stonetree about being called in early, and his mood does not improve when Stonetree mentions double shifts. Too many events happening at once have emptied the precinct and stretched the force thin, forcing Stonetree to bring the nightshift in early.

Stonetree asks Schanke if he has seen Rebecca's video and when Schanke tells him no, he is taken into a conference room where it is playing. Schanke comments that he likes rock, but has too many commitments to watch much of it. Stonetree comments that the video is playing 24 hours a day. During an on the street interview fans and non fans don't like the controversial video, saying that Rebecca shouldn’t want to kill her fans, and that it's wrong and that she should die.

Nick and Nat are in a diner having dinner. He has three dishes in front of him, one being French Fries. She comments that he doesn't have to try everything at once, causing him to tell her that he's going to rejoin humanity as soon as he eats the French Fry. He drenches the fry in ketchup and picks it up. Suddenly the ketchup is blood, disturbing him a bit. The waitress who asks if he wants a coffee refill turns out to be a vamped out Janette with blood coffee. The short order cook is LaCroix, who tells Nick that it's what he truly wants. All the diners, LaCroix and Janette have blood running down their chins and are laughing at Nick. We do not see if Nick is alone in the booth, but he most likely is. Nick wakes up in bed startled, blood sweat covering his forehead.

The telephone in Rebecca's hotel suite rings and she grabs for it. Nick's telephone in the loft rings and wakes him up. He hears Schanke's message telling him to get up and get down to the precinct, now. Rebecca threatens the job of her caller. Bree tells Rebecca to get to the stadium immediately because the manager, Marty, is going insane. Nick stumbles down the stairs, not at all ready to start the day and drinks up. Rebecca finds a guy in bed next to her. A second look at him shows him to be the same one from the beginning. She tells him how great it was and to get out.

Nick drives and pulls up outside the precinct. Nearly every inch of exposed skin is covered by black fabric or sunglasses. When he honks the horn, his wrist is exposed and smokes. An officer inside notices Nick and tells a waiting Schanke. Schanke goes outside and sees Nick motion for him to drive, surprising Schanke. Nick crouches down in the passenger seat causing Schanke to tease him about overreacting to the ozone problem. Nick's not too amused by it and suggests they go, and asks where they are going. Schanke tells him it is to the Astor Hotel where a dead body was found, and that crowd control has overwhelmed the precinct.

Rebecca arrives at the stadium and is met by Marty, who briefs her on all the interviews she has to do, rehearsal and the concert starting much too soon. When he sees how drunk she is, he cancels the sound check and announces that she will be lip-synching.

At the Astor Hotel, Natalie is in Rebecca's suite examining the victim. She tells Nick and Schanke that a nice neat row of stab wounds to the chest is the cause of death, that it happened about 12 hours ago, and that there is no sign of a struggle. The victim's name is Billy Conway. Nat's surprised that her two friends don't know who's suite they're in. Nick is not at all happy to learn that the registration information is fake, that Harrison Temple is really Rebecca. The maid acts as if not changing the sheets for 2 days is like not changing them for 2 weeks, as if it is horrific to use the same sheets for two days. The manager looks repulsed by the corpse.

Rebecca's onstage performing, totally drunk. She's not doing a good job of lip synching as she pulls out an Uzi and sprays the audience with bullets during Fan Kill. Nick and Schanke watch from backstage. Marty introduces himself to them and asks what they want. They inform him of the dead body, and that she might be wanted for murder. Marty's shocked and asks them to keep the press out of it and he will cooperate. Rebecca tells her 40,000 fans how drunk she is, calls them clowns and asks why she feels so alone as she starts singing Dark Side of the Glass. Nick understands, and is drawn towards her.

Suddenly Nick's on the outside of the glass look in at various happy scenes, wanting to fit in, but their glares only make him feel more like an outsider. Suddenly he's back in the real world. Schanke comments on how she works 2 hours and makes a fortune while they work their butts off and make nothing. When Schanke asks what it must feel like to be worshipped by all, Nick tells him it is lonely.

As Rebecca comes off stage complaining about the sound and is interrupted by Marty telling her that she has to talk to Nick and Schanke. She does not figure out their occupations and hits on Nick, until he opens his badge. She thinks it's more lewd behavior charges, but quickly learns about the murder. She gets serious when she realizes they are very serious. She's a bit more sober and tells them that she does not remember anything, as she was very drunk.

In a precinct interrogation room she repeats herself and tells them that she uses the knife onstage every night for entertainment. That she did not kill Billy Conway. She tells them that she was out at a club, very drunk, and in disguise so she could have fun. She comments that she has enough trouble remembering which city she's in and honestly does not remember.

In the hallway, Schanke is asking Nick how he can believe her. Nick reminds him that the stab wounds were a neat row, which Rebecca couldn't do while that drunk. Schanke bets his music collection that she is guilty. Nick tells him that she's not the killer, and does not get to say more before Stonetree comes out to tell them that she has confessed. Nick is shocked. Stonetree tells Schanke that his 8-tracks are safe.

Stonetree is in his office telling someone that it's a murder arraignment, not a photo op, while Nick and Schanke push through the throng of vocal press. A bald guy desperately holds out an envelope, his expression begging one of the cops to take it. Nick hesitates a moment and then takes the envelope.

Inside, Stonetree is griping about the extra headaches Rebecca's confession is causing. Nick hands him the envelope as Schanke tells them good night and leaves. Stonetree has Nick open the envelope and is not happy with the anonymous Polaroids. Nick tells him that those pictures take a year to fully develop and that someone might be trying to help. Stonetree orders the pictures sent to the lab to see how old they are in hopes of finding more clues.

Schanke's about to leave when he sees the throng of fans outside and tells Nick more will arrive. Schanke mentions Woodstock and teases Nick that he was there in macramé diapers when Nick's look suggests he was there. After Schanke heads for the back entrance, Nick softly comments that he was with the Grateful Dead.

In what is almost a parody of the rock n roll lifestyle, LaCroix tells Nick that he cannot back out because his soul's been sold out for weeks in 23 cities and walks away. Nick sees the same woman from the Polaroids in the audience, walking away from the stage. Nick's booed as soon as he walks on stage and starts to play his guitar. Even vamping out does not help, nor does levitating, which leave him confused.

Nick flies to the crime scene and enters, breaking the crime scene tape. Nick looks around and finds the wig and glasses hidden in a grocery bag in the open trunk. This makes him even more sure Rebecca's innocent.

Schanke's trying to listen to the music through headphones but just does not get it, and admits it. He is saved from more listening by the ring of the telephone. It is nick telling Schanke that he thinks he just found Rebecca's alibi as well as all about the Polaroid development timeframe. He asks Schanke to get them analyzed by the lab, and to ask Nat to reopen forensics.

Rebecca is in a holding cell and playing an acoustic guitar. She stops when Nick tells her he likes it. He asks if it is a new song and she admits it is, but it will not be on her new album as it is not about sex. He tells her that she should be careful or she might hurt her image. She tells him that she could not harm her image if her life depended on it, which causes him to ask if it does. He senses how much she hates her life.

Marty enters and tells her she is free and to be careful because the publicity nearly backfired on her. She is stunned and is not happy to go back to her life. She is not pleased to learn it was Nick who freed her. Marty leaves Comps for the concert as a reward.

In another parody, Nick is in jail with LaCroix as the jailer, telling Nick he is to be released, if he wants to go out into the big bad world. Nick tells him that he is sure causing LaCroix to double over laughing as he tells Nick it's all a joke and there's no release.

Rebecca tells her fans via an interview to go worship the life out of someone else. The bald guy hears this as he walks around his shrine to her.

The bald guy enters the stadium.

In the precinct, Stonetree's up to his ears again due to the concert being back on. Stonetree admits she was cleared because the blood on the knife did not match Billy Conway's. And that the Polaroids would've cleared her. Nick asks where his partner is and learns that Schanke's at the concert with a backstage pass, and is not thrilled by that news. He tells Stonetree that he hopes whoever killed Billy Conway isn't a threat to Rebecca. Stonetree agrees.

Wendy enters the dressing room and sees that Rebecca's not in a good mood so she leaves her alone.

The bouncer will not let Nick in, even with his badge, so Nick whammies him into believing he is with the band.

Inside, Schanke is living it up, enjoying being a VIP. Even showing it off to Nick. Nick is looking for the bald guy. The concert starts with Fan Kill. Nick sees the bald guy and remembers being handed the pictures by him. He runs for the audience and gets there right after the bald guy sprays the stage with the Uzi, from one of the front rows. Nick prevents any more shots from being fired into the audience or onto the stage by forcing the barrel to the ceiling. As soon as Schanke gets t here, Nick bolts for the stage. He discovers something shocking and immediately covers Rebecca's face with his jacket.

Inside Natalie's office, Nick asks her if she can keep it under wraps for a while any way she has to. He asks her to go slow on the autopsy, to tell them she needs another day to do more tests. She wordlessly and reluctantly agrees. Nick thanks her.

Nick is at his loft on a stormy night thinking about the case, sitting in his favorite high windowsill. Woodstock flashbacks run through his mind. Later he is out driving to the stadium.

The stadium is empty and dark, yet he hears a single heartbeat. It should not be there. He tracks it to the dressing room and then to a cabinet under the makeup table. When he opens it, he finds a bound, gagged, very scared, but alive Rebecca stuffed inside. As soon as the gag is removed, she tells him that Wendy did it, and he tells her he knows. Rebecca asks why anyone would want to be her.

Nick drives Rebecca out into the country and lets her out on a dirt road in the predawn light. She is casually dressed, carrying only the acoustic guitar in its case and a backpack.

Her record company executives and Marty are talking in a precinct interrogation room. The executives can not stand the idea of letting their gold mine go, especially since she still owes them two albums. It comes out that Wendy did the initial murder and is the one who died onstage. They know that they have to inform the backup singer's families of their deaths before they make a press release about Rebecca's death. The record company executives are still unsure, they think they will have to refund the tickets. Marty tells them that no one will want to turn in tickets for a tour where a very controversial artist was assassinated onstage at the start of her show. Marty reassures them that they can turn it into the Elvis syndrome and put out a greatest hits album for every sighting. He reminds the executives that they own her catalog, and image. That she was falling off the charts, and that they knew her days were numbered. But if they do it his way, she'll stay on the top forever. The executives finally understand and like the idea.

An at peace Rebecca walks towards Nick in the screen causing them both to smile. Nick does a happy twirl of triumph.

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