Season 1, Episode 16

Written by Susan Martin

Directed by Michael Levine

Guest stars:

Roger Jameson.......................... Barclay Hope

Laura Fischer............................. Nancy McClure

Grace Balthazar.......................... Sandi Ross

No character name given:

Karen Racicot, Dan Delabbio, Scott Walker, Nick Johne, Kent Sheridan

A couple are outside the woman's door in that awkward moment at the end of their date. He invites himself in as she tells him she has an early morning. His beeper goes off and she lets him in to call the hospital.

Inside, he starts unzipping her dress. She tells him to stop, inquiring about the hospital. He tells her it's okay and grows angry when she firmly tells him to stop. He kills her and flees.

Outside the crime scene, a TV reporter reports another west side woman has been brutally murdered and the police are still trying to put together the clues, in what's probably the latest in the series of recent sexual assault murders.

Inside, Natalie bags the victim's hands, tells the techs to prep anything they find for a DNA profile as soon as they get to the lab. Natalie learns no clear prints were found.

Natalie tells Nick she's pretty sure it is victim number three, the victim was strangled barehanded and there are signs of sexual assault but no signs of forced entry. As they watch the client copy of the Singular Interests Introduction Service video Schanke found, Natalie informs them that is their victim, Jill Fischer. Jill nervously tells them about herself and that she'd like to find someone special, but is too busy with work. It hits too close to home for Natalie, who hopes no one notices, not realizing Nick already has.

Nick and Schanke walk Natalie to her car discussing how someone attractive does not have to be desperate to try a dating service. Schanke comments on Natalie having a lot to offer and learns she's never tried a dating service but has thought about it, surprising both her friends. She refuses to discuss her dating life or lack of one. Schanke asks Nick and Natalie what's wrong with each other and learns there is nothing wrong, they are just too busy. Nick has a sad look on his face as Natalie drives off.

Natalie's in her office working on paperwork when a group of coworkers enter singing Happy Birthday while carrying a un-iced yellow cake, the top covered with lit candles. Natalie counts the candles and comments that all thirty are there, depressing her some. She makes a wish and blows them all out in one breath. Grace hands her a gift from everyone. Natalie's horrified to find a black teddy inside. Her coworkers tease her about it, further embarrassing her.Outside, Nick asks Schanke for the address, realizing he forgot Natalie's birthday and is upset. Schanke learned about it because of the party. He tells Schanke he cannot believe he did that and hears Schanke's never fail gift routine, which is to wait until the last minute and they will love whatever you give them.

Inside Natalie's lab, she cleans up the party remnants and thanks Grace for the nice party with a hug. Grace is relieved to learn Natalie took the night off and teases Natalie about her gift, learning she will not be wearing it tonight. Grace says goodnight and leaves. Natalie flashes back to the night of her twenty-eighth birthday.

Eddie and Natalie helps move the ID-less victim to her autopsy table, hearing he was killed by a pipe bomb while stopping a gang robbery. Eddie uneasily tells her the face was basically destroyed as he leaves. She sees the blood covered gurney as her telephone rings. She reports the body just arrived and she will have a report once she looks at the pieces, missing the blood as it has silently sucked back into the body bag. She unzips the bag expecting the worst.

She shakes off the flashback and leaves her lab.

Inside Singular Interests, Nick and Schanke question the agency head, Elsa Burden, who tells them Jill Fischer hadn't had a date in six months due to work conflicts and never heard from Jill again. She explains that people who are too busy to meet others come in and are usually too busy to date after meeting someone. She tells them that the other two victims would be in the database if they were members.

Natalie arrives home, calls out to Sydney, cuddling her feline friend when he comes to her. She tells him he she is out of cat food so he has to take her out to dinner.

Nick's in the loft practicing his putting as he flashes back to the dating discussion they had at the crime scene, as well as telling Schanke it's bad he forgot Natalie's birthday. He stops putting, disturbed by his forgetfulness.

Roger Jameson runs into Natalie as she is leaving the grocery store, knocking her bag to the ground, getting a bloody nose in the process. He helps her pick up the cat food and other items. She notices his bloody nose, apologizes and gives him her scarf to help stop the bleeding. He returns it, apologizing for getting blood on it. She admits she should have been watching where she was going.

Nick buys Natalie a bouquet of sunflowers, walks up to her and gives them to her, wishing her a happy birthday. She calls them beautiful suns, hiding her disappointment over the gift as she thanks him. The awkwardness is noticed by all. She introduces Roger to Nick. Her tone is hopeful as she asks Nick if he was coming to see her, learning he was. Nick comments that he is meeting Schanke, and hands her the card he brought. She thanks him. He apologizes for missing her party and leaves.

Natalie watches him leave then reads her card, admiring the painting on the front and the personal birthday wishes, along with his with affection signature. Roger noticed the connection between them, inquires, and learns they are only friends. He wishes her a happy birthday. Natalie tells Roger she had better go. He asks if he can call Sydney sometime. She thinks about it a moment, then says that it is Sydney Lambert.

Natalie flashes back to the night she met Nick. She unzips the body bag, quite surprised to see Nick looks like he cut himself shaving. She finds herself attracted to him.

She shakes off the flashback and goes home.

In Natalie's office the next night, Natalie tells Grace she has the Fischer genetic profile, but the DNA's too weak due to damaged cell structures from hair dye, requiring them to do a PCR boost. When Natalie comments she needs a volunteer, Schanke enters admitting he never volunteers, nervously backing away as Natalie advances with a lancet. The two ladies sandwich Schanke between them, ignoring his protests and his squirming. Natalie sticks him with the lancet, and then hands Grace the slide. Schanke examines his wound commenting that one day she is slicing the cake and him the next. He does not appreciate their laughing. Grace leaves.

Natalie sees Schanke's trying to fix her up with, Lionel, one of Myra's friend's brother, she firmly tells him no, get out and shoves him out the door then locks it.

Nick and Natalie are both flashing back to the night they first met. He is on the autopsy table, his gash healing in seconds, her on the phone confirming the barely hurt body is the right one. His eyes open and he sits up, eyes glowing, fangs bared and growling. She gasps in shock and fear. She tells him that he is dead, then asks who and what he is, as she is both curious and scared. He darkly tells her he's something very different as he grabs a unit of blood from the cooler, punctures it with his fang and drains it as she watches stunned, refusing to allow her fear to override her curiosity.

It is daytime as Stonetree calls Nick. Nick learns the other two victims were members whose memberships expired so they were not in the database. That the three victims had nothing in common and one had not even had a date. Nick's question on file access causes Elsa tell them George Bomfrey was fired a year ago for sexually harassing one of the female employees. Nick tells Schanke to check for prior convictions.

Roger Jameson calls Natalie at work, but she does not remember him until he reminds her of their run in last night. He invites her to a late lunch in the park.

Natalie and Roger enjoy lunch in the park. She is surprised he wanted to see her again. He tells her he likes a woman with a good punch. When she asks if he is always so cheery, he asks what is not to be cheerful about. He agrees with her comment that she probably works too hard.

Nick calls the morgue and learns he missed Natalie. He is not happy to hear she is out on a lunch date and it shows.

Natalie and Roger are strolling through the park as she tells him she lunch is usually something from a vending machine eaten at her desk. He tells her she works too hard and needs to get out more and enjoy summer. She tells him it has been a while since she spent time in the sun.

Natalie flashes back to the night she met Nick. Nick darkly tells her he is a vampire as he tosses aside the empty unit of blood. She finds it hard to believe, yet everything she's seen proves he's a vampire, horrifying, fascinating and attracting her. When reaches out to touch his cheek, he grabs her hand and holds it a moment before pressing it against his cold cheek. She comments he is quite cold. He reminds her he is dead. She refutes it, challenging him to prove her wrong.

Natalie snaps back to the present, a little disturbed by the memory. Roger thinks they have a lot in common and suggest they find out. She tells him it is her day off.

That night Schanke tells Nick that Bomfrey has three prior convictions, two for petty theft and one for rape, several misdemeanors for indecent exposure and lewd behavior in public as they wait for George Bomfrey to arrive for work. Bomfrey arrives, they go after him, identifying themselves as Metro Police. Bomfrey bolts. They chase then catch him. Nick arrests Bomfrey, showing his badge as he does so.

Natalie and Roger approach her front door laughing. She unlocks her door. They exchange a look and he kisses her. Moments later her pager goes off breaking the mood. She tells him it is a miracle it did not happen sooner, and that she needs to call in. He tells her it is okay and she invites him in. They are kissing as the door opens.

Nick paged her, from inside her apartment. His sadness, hurt, jealousy and a little anger show when he sees her with Roger. Natalie's startled. He explains he tried to page her. Natalie and Nick head into the kitchen where they fight. Their voices are soft but their shadows on the shade tell all. She sincerely apologizes for worrying him by staying out all afternoon, reminding him it is her day off. Roger tells her it is late and he should go. Natalie and Roger admit they had a great time and hope to do it again. Nick is jealously clearly shows as Natalie and Roger share a kiss.

Both Nick and Natalie are cranky and it shows. He asks if she does not think it's too familiar for a first date and hears that she is a big girl. When she asks if he has noticed, he tells her he has definitely noticed, telling her he feels protective towards her, like a sister. Both totally lie about their feelings. She frustratedly tells him she can give him a break because of date murders and such. She is relieved to learn they have a suspect in custody.

The Captain calls and tells Nick there's a new victim found behind the Bridgeport tennis court and has been dead over a week. Nick tells Natalie, who is not happy to hear it. Neither is happy to leave in the middle of their discussion.

Inside the precinct, Stonetree comments that the MO matches the other murders and she just disappeared after her date last week. Schanke tells them she belonged to Singular interests, Bomfrey can't be the killer because he was in jail in Missassauga during two of the four killings. Nick thinks Bomfrey is still the answer.

Inside the interrogation room, Bomfrey believes he is free. Nick darkly tells Bomfrey that he's withholding information, is an accessory to murder, had access to the Singular Interest client list, and either he cooperates or goes to prison. Nick whammies him and learns he sold the files to some guy with a fifty-dollar bill who drove a white van with a flower on the side.

Inside Natalie's office she's scraping under the victim's fingernails as she tells Grace the killer has some serious scratches, and they finally have a good cell sample for a DNA comparison. Grace hesitantly tells Natalie she forgot to get the fourth sample for the Fischer DNA profiles. Natalie's annoyed and gives Grace her scarf containing Roger's blood. Grace leaves as Nick enters.

Natalie is distant as she asks about Bomfrey, learns they are working on a possible lead and tells him the DNA analysis results should be ready later. He apologizes for last night and she coldly tells him she already forgave him. They're hiding their true feelings again, leading to another disagreement where her hopes and heart are shattered as he tells her he wants her to be happy, and if he's not careful he'll get in the way. He sadly tells her he is glad she is seeing someone. She misses how hard it is for him to say that. They both deeply wish they could express their true feelings. He sees she is on the border of tears and leaves, not knowing what else to do because she is ignoring him.

Natalie flashes back to walking down a street that night. Nick brushes against her as they pass each other. She tells him she knows he's testing her and remembers. He tries to whammy her and cannot. She tells him she cannot be hypnotized showing no signs of fear. Nick asks why she does not fear him and hears fear is ignorance based and she would rather understand him. She offers to help, which he questions telling her his evil is metaphysical, a curse, asking how she can help his 800 year old body's incessant thirst for human blood. She can feel his cool breath on her neck as she tells him he is not evil because he wound up on her autopsy table saving lives. He is hopeful she can help him. He asks what her reward is and she tells him it is solving the puzzle.

Back in her office, Natalie calls herself a liar then arranges a date with Roger for tomorrow.

The next day Roger is driving Natalie's car out in the middle of nowhere, as her eyes are close so she will not see their destination. She inquires about their destination, and hears it is the tropics, to trust him, and will be home in time for work. She comments that he is good for her. He agrees. They park at Humber Nurseries, which has Canada's largest selection of tropical plants, and head for the door. In the parking lot is a white delivery van with a flower painted on the side. He unlocks the door telling her a client owns it. Once inside he secretly locks them in. He leads her through the plants to the picnic he arranged. She tells him it is beautiful.

Nick listens as Schanke tells his machine he searched all the Metro Toronto flower shops aggravating his allergies and didn't find the white van but will start on the outlying areas tomorrow.

As soon as it is dark, Nick enters Natalie's empty office and accidentally finds her research journal. He reads it, impressed and touched by her serious efforts over the last two years. He hides it when Grace enters. He misses how worried Grace is about Natalie as she tells him she's been desperately trying to get a hold of him because the blind DNA profile came back and Roger Jameson's sample matched the killer's. She comments that Roger lied about being a lawyer because the bar has no record of him. She worriedly tells Nick she thinks Natalie's out with him. Neither is happy Natalie went off without telling anyone where and with whom. Grace comments on Natalie's moodiness lately, which Nick knows he is partially responsible for.

Inside the nursery, Roger starts the music as Natalie takes a seat.

Nick searches Natalie's apartment, checks her daily planner, and sees several events, including a two pm picnic with Roger, but no details. He finds a florist box from the Humber nursery with its address, heads for the roof and takes off for the nursery.

Inside the nursery, Roger and Natalie are having a good time. She flashes back to her first meeting with Nick.

Nick and Natalie approach each other, she reaches for his face, he grabs her hand and a moment later presses it against his cheek telling her he's dead.

In the nursery, Natalie cuddles closer to Roger her head on his chest. Both are enjoying themselves. Natalie stands causing Roger to ask where she is going. She tells him she would get lost. He takes her arms, confirms it. His tone is a little off as he tells her she is safest there with him. When they kiss she mentally hears Nick's voice telling her not to and pulls away. She flashes back to that night on the street.

Nick honestly tells Natalie not to get too close to him because he does not want to hurt her but might accidentally hurt or kill her.

In the nursery, Natalie and Roger kiss. He starts unbuttoning her blouse, telling her she will forget rejection and feel very wanted. He seems angry as he tells her she will surrender to him. She pulls back startled, not about to surrender to anyone. She tells him they are going too fast. He angrily asks who she thinks she is for stopping now that she is half undressed. She is terrified, humoring him, as he wants to start over. When he rolls up his sleeves revealing the serious scratches, she realizes he is the killer.

She bolts and he chases her. She's too busy looking ahead and trips over a garden hose. He catches up, ranting to her unconscious body that she blew it. There is a gash on her forehead over her left eyebrow, which is visible as he drags her limp body some distance then squats down beside her. He psychotically rants that he wanted something between them but she never gave them a chance, never trusted him.

Nick finds them, vamps out as he crashes through the skylight, grabs Roger and tosses him through the roof onto a manure pile outside. Nick wraps his arms around her body, holding her close against his chest. She still thinks it's Roger as she comes around, too out of it to hear Nick's soothing words or even see his face an inch from hers. Several minutes later she realizes she's safely in Nick's arms and relaxes. His calming words and touches taking effect. She holds on tightly as she cries.

In the briefing room, Stonetree tells her they have her statement and to go home. She tells them she will be fine, her tone betraying her. Stonetree thanks her for helping catch the killer, tells her not to let it spoil her relationships and leaves. Nick asks if she realizes exactly how worried he was about her and she tells him she does, caressing his hand. All earlier fights have been forgiven and forgotten. They silently gaze into each other's eyes as the passion between them grows. He leans down to kiss her and she almost imperceptibly pulls away. He's hurt but understands it is too soon after Roger. He kisses her temple instead as they hold each other tight, her head resting on his chest. Two wounded souls comforting each other.

As Natalie is leaving, Schanke tells her Lionel is arriving and she must meet him. She quickly leaves. Nick hears Schanke grumbles that he promised Myra he would introduce them. Lionel enters looking like a GQ cover model and introduces himself, surprising both Nick and Schanke.

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