Season 1 Episode 17

Written by Michael Sadowski

Directed by Clay Borris

Guest stars:

Tawny Teller............ Laura Robinson

Bobby...................... Jason Blicker

No character names given.

Greg Spottiswood, Daniel Macivar, Roger Barton, Julie Wildman

Tawny Teller and her cameraman, Bobby, are tagging along with Nick and Schanke for the Cop Watch series. Schanke rambles on talking about what it is like, not always making sense. The dispatcher sends them to a possible homicide in progress where shots have been fired. Schanke rambles about the excitement as he checks his gun. Nick tells the TV crew to stay down, stay out of the way, turn of the camera, and especially the light.

A wounded businessman lies unconscious, but alive, in the street. Nick tells Dispatch to send the paramedics. Nick shoves the camera out of his face and hurries over to Schanke, who is with the victim. Nick asks bystanders if they saw anything. They point in the direction the shooter went. The camera follows Nick as he runs after the perp. Nick tells Bobby to get out of there, now, and shoves him away. Nick checks the surrounding buildings where he is shot at repeatedly. He runs along the side of a car then dives over it. The other three are already hiding there. Schanke covers Nick as he dashes across the street. Tawny and Bobby are behind him.

Nick runs into an alley vamped out about to take to the air, but cannot with the camera only a couple feet behind him. Nick forces his features back to normal, puts his hand over the lens, and darkly telling Tawny he told her to stay back.

Inside the precinct, Nick tells Stonetree he was against it from the start, especially on such a high profile case. It is dangerous. Stonetree tells him it was the Commissioner's idea. Traffic does not make good television. Stonetree reminds Nick reporters were in the wars and riots. Stonetree comments that he wants the budget-slashers and City Council to know what they are up against, as well as it being good public relations. Nick tells him it's bad police work. Stonetree tells Nick he is against the world, to deal with it.

As they review the videotape, they see a guy nearly lost in the dark. Tawny tells them the shooter's picture will look good enough for a high school yearbook when she is done enhancing it. Stonetree tells Nick his argument just crashed and burned.

Inside Natalie's office, Bobby is filming the autopsy. Tawny looks green as she watches. Natalie comments on the two entrance wounds with huge exit wounds out the back, and there could still be lead in there. Natalie notices that Tawny looks sick and asks if she is okay. Tawny lies. A few moments later she tells Bobby to get the camera out of her face and bolts for the bathroom. Bobby is amused. Natalie asks him if he wants to get a shot of what she's doing, moves back, explaining that she opens the entrance wound a little. Bobby sees this, covers his mouth and bolts for the bathroom. Natalie shakes her head as Nick comments on all the brutal places they have been and how violence still makes them sick. Natalie comments that the sight of blood does strange things to people. Nick agrees. Natalie pulls the bullet from the body, telling him it is from an M-16. He takes the forceps for a better look at the bullet, slipping into a flashback as he walks away.

In 1861-1862 Virginia, the American Civil War is raging. Nick is a field hospital doctor behind the lines. He is holding a bullet in his own forceps. Nick whammies the badly injured man he is operating on to feel no pain and sleep for days.

Sullivan enters to photograph the dead on the General's order. Nick tells him there are no dead, not even the man he just operated on. Sullivan's doubtful and asks again. Nick lets him take pictures. Sullivan tells Nick he wants to see him in his tent later because he has some odd pictures he wants him to see, making Nick a little nervous. Another soldier's brought in and is pronounced dead by Dr. Knight.

Natalie's at the loft. Nick tells her that he could have nailed the shooter if the camera had not been right there. He could not let them see the vampire. She tells him that sometimes being a vampire is a real disadvantage, he confirms it is in the technological age.

Tawny and Bobby, are seated at the editing console working on finding the frame with the best shot of the shooter, going frame by frame and find ones where the shooter's face is illuminated by the muzzle flash. They pick the clearest shot. Bobby blows it up and enhances it, which greatly improves the clarity. She prints out the final version and will recheck the tape for anything else useful. Technology is bad for criminals, but good for everyone else. Schanke comments that every cop car should have one, and will within the next few years. Bobby comments they are so easy to use anyone can use one.

Nick tells Tawny that he owes her an apology. She tells him viewing the autopsy was as much her idea as anyone else's. He was totally against her and Bobby riding along because they would get in the way. She tells him a lot of the profiled officers felt the same way and he doesn't have to apologize. If her and Bobby's work catch the shooter, they will get commendations. She tells Nick they are talking Emmy. A very pale guy enters, setting down a stack of tapes. Nick sees only the guy's back but senses he has seen him before.

In the bullpen, Nick is trying to match the picture to a mug shot. He flashes back to the Civil War again.

Nick is flipping through the pictures as Sullivan tells him he cannot believe what he saw. Nick is not happy to see a picture of LaCroix feeding on a fallen soldier, and another shot of LaCroix looking right at the camera. No one else has seen the pictures. Sullivan is scared, asking what the hell it is and if it's an angel. Nick tells him it is the angel of death.

In the editing room, Tawny is alone. She replays the scene where Nick is ducking the shots in slow motion, enlarging part of it. She sees the bullet go through his jacket by his ribs. The darkness and Nick's black shirt keep her from seeing it enter his body.

Nick flashes back to the Civil War. He is inside the medical tent as another injured soldier is brought in. Nick senses something and discovers LaCroix's standing next to a dying soldier. He offers to share the victim with Nick. Nick tells LaCroix to get out. LaCroix comments that the last time was either the Crimean or the War of 1812. Nick tells LaCroix he follows carnage like a vulture, hearing LaCroix does not like the conflict because of the noise, but loves the free food. Nick tells him he is sick. LaCroix comments on Nick's abstinence, learning Nick only draws enough to work.

Nick tells him that the cameraman photographed them and how all the marvelous new inventions are shrinking their domain, endangering their secrets, and that science may yet reveal them to the mortal world. Nick tells him Sullivan does not know what he saw. LaCroix brings up the code because Sullivan has evidence and suspects. Nick is horrified, telling LaCroix it'll be taken care of. LaCroix comments that Nick never could hide his thoughts, admitting they skipped those lessons. Nick is surprised. LaCroix warns Nick that if he does not take care of the code violation, the Enforcers will, then takes off.

In the loft, Nick is asleep on the couch upside down when he hears the lift motor start. He is instantly alert, stuffing the empty bottle under the couch. Tawny, Bobby, and Schanke enter, quietly talking as they see the empty room. Tawny asks Schanke if he is sure it's a good idea. Schanke says she can blame any problems on him, even if they were her ideas. They talk about it being a slice of life, man behind the badge stuff, balancing out the action. Schanke misses the sarcasm as he is told his ideas will be in the script.

Nick firmly clamps his hand on Schanke's shoulder, nearly scaring him to death. Schanke tells him he hopes he does not mind, and he knows he is not supposed to use the code unless it is an emergency but they wanted to capture his human side. Schanke misses the slight worry and mild panic on Nick's face. Nick softly, threateningly tells Schanke that a telephone call would have been nice. Schanke reminds him it does not work that way, and he would've prepared if called. Tawny approaches and tells Nick that it is her fault. She forced him to go along with her. He has accepted them looking around the loft. Bobby comments it is dark. Nick instantly tells him not to open the blinds. Schanke tells them Nick has a skin disease and is extremely sensitive to sunlight. Schanke shows Bobby around.

Tawny comments that a cop with a disability is a good angle. He tells her it's a small one.. She tells him she swears she saw him take a hit on the tape. Nick has a brief uh oh look before lightly commenting that he is in one piece. Schanke tells Nick there was a reason he came over shows Nick an artist's sketch from the Vancouver PD, putting it next to their picture of the shooter and discover the two look pretty close. He may there to paint the town red, so they are circulating the photos and will check out the hotels and motels to see if anyone matching the description has checked in recently. Nick pushes Schanke, Tawny and Bobby towards the door.

Schanke, Tawny and Bobby are in front of the Rainbow Motel in the sunlight. Schanke is overplaying it, and wants to do it over but hears it is not supposed to be a performance. He talks about how not all of his job is exciting Tawny asks about Nick's eccentricities. Schanke and Nick have been partners about a year. Schanke answers her questions with more questions, giving out little info on Nick. She asks if Nick has ever been shot in the line of duty, learning he has not been while on this force. Nick does not talk about his past. Bobby reminds them there is work to do. Tawny tells Schanke to take it down some. Schanke makes sure he's ready, then really hams it up.

Nick's getting ready for work, and sees the bullet hole in his purple jacket.

Inside the precinct, Stonetree tells Nick sending the pictures all over town paid off because they have tip from a motel down by the lake. He is to check it out with the camera crew. Schanke's shift is over. Tawny tells Schanke he should go home. He tells her it is no problem, totally missing the hint. Stonetree reminds Tawny it is dangerous and will get them bulletproof vests.

Nick and Schanke enter the Rainbow Motel with Tawny and Bobby. Nick shows the desk clerk the sketch and picture, asking if she's seen them. She is not sure if it is the suspect, he checked in alone four days ago and did not seem suspicious at first. He has been pretty quiet. Nick asks if he can see the register and she has no objection, captivated by being on camera. Nick scans the page, finding a Morris Peter from Vancouver. They learn he was seen earlier that afternoon, but do not know if he is still in the honeymoon suite.

The cops and reporters approach the suite. Nick reminds them the shooter is dangerous so they need to be careful and quiet. Nick and Schanke take their places, one on each side of the door. The camera crew is behind Schanke. Both cops feel the fear of a dangerous situation and it shows. Nick knocks identifying himself as Metro PD, orders Peters to open the door, and gets blasted by an M-16. Bobby is shot in the leg. Nick tells Schanke to get Tawny and Bobby out of there and get backup. Bobby gives the camera to Tawny as Schanke helps him down the hall to safety. Nick runs into the room and jumps over the balcony not realizing Tawny is followed him into the room, but did not catch the leap. She sees him on the ground below. Nick grabs Morris, reads him his rights, and turns him over to arriving officers. Nick turns towards the balcony and sees Tawny filming him, looking stunned. Nick looks worried.

Nick brings the suspect into the precinct, Tawny catching it all on tape. He turns both the perp and gun over to another officer for booking. Both Nick and Tawny are worried, uneasy as they face each other. Schanke enters and tells them the bullet shattered Bobby's tibia but he will make it. If it had been a few inches higher, he would be dead. Nick and Tawny are relieved. Tawny tells Nick she does not understand it. Bobby was not in the line of fire. Schanke tells her it was a ricochet. Anyone around a gun when it goes off is in the line of fire. That he told her it was dangerous. Nick tells Tawny they need to talk while Schanke pulls her away telling her it is time for the fun part, paperwork. Nick is frustrated.

Stonetree notices Nick's distracted and asks if he is okay as he drops a folder on the desk. Nick tells him he is fine. Stonetree tells him to write it up and get it on his desk while he calls the Crown, telling them not to go to bed yet because he wants an indictment in the morning. Nick picks up the folder, tells Stonetree okay and leaves.

Several officers are hovering around a TV watching the end of Cop Watch. The announcer tells them that next time Cop Watch stalks a killer on the homicide beat. Tawny Teller promises some spectacular footage unlike anything seen before. Nick's face shows just how worried he is.

Nick flashes back to the Civil War. He is whammying Sullivan into destroying his pictures, the plates, forgetting what he has seen and leaving. LaCroix is not teaching Nick properly shows as Sullivan shakes off the whammy a few times. Sullivan wonders what Northern papers would pay for the pictures, asking Nick how he is supposed to forget seeing a man fly. That he is going to find it because it was no camera trick, asking Nick why he's trying so hard to convince him otherwise.

In the precinct, Schanke very anxiously awaits Tawny's arrival, wondering where she is. Schanke's in trouble with Stonetree for not doing the interrogation write up on the follow-home guy, admitting he is waiting for Tawny. Schanke says he will get right on it.

Inside the studio editing room, Tawny is alone and sticks a videotape case into her purse. Nick startles her with a hand on her shoulder. She mentions the bullet slowing Bobby down, and that it slows down most people. His learns she has it on tape if he would like to see it for himself. He whammies her telling her she cannot show the tape. She shakes it off asking what the hell is he, growing annoyed with him. He tells her it is not important as he whammies her, telling her what she saw through the camera did not happen. She tells him to tell it to her audience next week. He tells her the existence of the tapes puts her in grave danger. She tells him it is too big a story to pass up. He again whammies her and tells her to destroy the tapes and forgets. She tells him she knows he is playing with her mind, and to stay away. It is her journalistic duty to expose him.

In the Civil War, Nick enters Sullivan's tent, sees him unconscious on the ground and checks for life, hanging his head when there's none. Nick senses someone, looks up and sees two large, snarling Enforcers, a stake in one's hand. LaCroix tells the Enforcers it's his fault and Nick has no part in it. He tells Nick it is the code. LaCroix's a little scared while Nick's quite scared and backs out of the tent. LaCroix helplessly watches the Enforcers destroy the photographic equipment, plates, pictures, and then douse it with lamp oil. They set fire to it and watch it burn. Once satisfied they take to the night sky.

In the present, Janette tells Nick he must fix it. The Enforcers will not allow the code to be broken. Nick explains he has tried to but she will not submit. Janette tells him she will not as long as she has the videotape, because it's evidence, and cannot be whammied. She comments that it might just be a rumor heard in the Community over the last century. Nick realizes Sullivan had the pictures and Tawny has the videotape. Janette wants to know why mortals have to complicate the world with technology. People went to clubs before TV and movies existed. She reminds him that destroying Tawny's tape is the only way she will live, and he will stay out of big trouble. That he must do it soon or the Enforcers will come, and they will enforce the code, killing whoever they need to kill in order to enforce it. Nick mutters to himself that he knows it, remembering the photographer.

Schanke psyches himself into calling a talent agency as this is his once in a lifetime chance. He keeps watch so no one sees or overhears him.

Inside the editing room, the very pale guy sits beside Tawny as she happily shows the tape of Nick flying. Danny's hides most of his worry, growing more worried when he learns Nick can whammy. He tells her the guy might try something stronger next time. She is a little nervous and uneasy. He learns the original is hidden somewhere in the building. He is the only other person who has seen it. He tells her to be careful. She does not get the warning. He promises not to tell anyone wanting to keep his job and neck a little longer, then leaves.

Outside the building, Danny checks both ways and takes to the sky.

Schanke is very impatiently pacing back and forth inside the precinct awaiting Tawny's arrival, constantly growing more impatient. Schanke asks a passing officer if the Cop Watch crew has been here or is riding with someone else. She tells him she does not know and leaves. Tawny told him she was coming back with a new cameraman.

Tawny has a nightmare of the hotel room with a vamped out, growling Nick and wakes startled. She realizes she needs sleep, sticks the tape case into her purse and heads for the elevators. She nervously looks around, then enters the elevator. Faint snarls come from somewhere nearby. More are heard as the elevator doors close.

As Nick drives, he flashes back to LaCroix protecting him from the Enforcers.

Tawny gets off the elevator, teases Nelson about sleeping on the job and hears a sound that catches her attention. The revolving doors look like someone just went through them. She realizes Nelson is either unconscious or dead. She hears the sound of heavy footsteps approaching and sees the two Enforcers get out of the elevator as she approaches. She runs to the escalator and up it, while the Enforcers ride it up. She runs down the hall into a soundproof room, shutting the door behind her.

Nick arrives at the building, parks, and hurries inside, afraid he will be too late.

Inside the soundproof room, Tawny feels a hand on her shoulder, spins around and screams as she sees Nick there. Nick deadly seriously tells her to do what he says or they will both die. She learns their job is protect the secret of the vampire, and keep mortals from discovering they exist. She realizes they, and Nick, are vampires. He pulls her away, telling her they have to hurry, asking if she made any copies as they run down a hallway. She tells him they are hidden in an empty room. Nick learns Danny saw the tape and tells her Danny is a vampire, and they have to get the tape.

Nick and Tawny enter the office used as storage and are crouched in front of the tape. When she cannot get the combination lock to work, Nick tells her to let him try and rips the door off the safe. She grabs the tapes, telling him she cannot turn over the biggest story of her career. He tells her that if she does not, the only story will be about her murder. She tells him it is her journalistic responsibility not to.

The two menacing looking Enforcers jump through the window. Nick is between Tawny and the Enforcers. Nick is tossed aside, and Tawny is nearly bit. The tapes fall from Tawny's hand. Nick grabs them and shoves them into the Enforcer's hand. Nick orders her to admit they are the only copies. They will know if she lies. She swears they are the only tapes. Nick tells her she must forget everything she has seen. One look at the Enforcers reminds her why, and she gives in. Nick whammies her and she passes out in his arms. One Enforcer wants to stake Nick and kill her, but the other restrains him. He is relieved when the Enforcers leave, yet concerned.

In the editing room, Nick leans over Tawny, as she is asleep at the editing console. He hits a button and she wakes up. She sees him and apologizes for falling asleep on him. She tells him she had the weirdest nightmare where someone chased her and tried to kill her. Nick asks where she left off on the show and she tells him she does not remember, showing the whammy worked. He's pleased and splits at vampire speed.

Danny and Nick have a confrontation in the hallway. Nick tells Danny to move on, now. Danny growls at Nick, challenging him. After a short snarl fest, Nick wins.

It is night at the loft. Tawny, Schanke, Natalie and Stonetree are there as Nick's guests. Schanke's torturing Bobby by writing a novel on Bobby's full leg plaster cast, right where it's broken. Nick is looking through a book on the Civil War, seeing a formal portrait of Sullivan standing next to his camera. Stonetree walks over to Nick to see what has his attention. Nick shows him the cover of 100 Years of Combat Photography, telling him it's a gift from Tawny for time they spent on the front lines.

Cop Watch comes on, getting everyone's attention. Tawny thanks Nick for everything. Something in her tone and expression seems like she remembers and knows it's best to stay quiet if she wants to live. Schanke's agent calls, turns him down, breaking Schanke's heart. Schanke rants that Marty cannot do that to him. Natalie is grinning, Stonetree's laughing so hard he's nearly falling out of his chair, pointing to the screen.

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