Season 1, Episode 19

Written by Naomi Janzen

Directed by Michael Levine

Guest stars:

The Baroness/Dr. Sophia Jurgen.................... Jennifer Dale

Bernice Applebaum........................................ Terri Hawkes

Agnes Ferguson............................................. Allison Hossack

No character names given:

Kymberly Huffman, Sharolyn Sparrow, Mark Kehr, Bill Vibert, Gwen Park, David Spooner, Debra Winter, Shanya Vaughn, Deni Delory, Chuck Roe, Desmond Campbell, Louis Taylor

A bunch of different women are making themselves beautiful, each putting on a different cosmetic or nail polish item.

Norma who is twenty-seven, picks up a container of blush from a department store makeup counter. The picture and sound become distorted as the saleslady rants about time becoming an enemy if you do not spend a lot of time keeping yourself beautiful. Old age is there before you know it. Norma can not get the price for the blush and shoplifts it. Norma tells her she has already paid, sounding like she is paid a huge price. The saleslady is shot trying to stop Norma. A security guard tells Norma to freeze. Norma turns around with her gun out, and is shot in the chest.

Nick dumps Norma's purse onto the counter, stunned by the contents, including the chocolate flavored diet pills. Nick asks if the effort to stay young and beautiful made her go crazy. Nick finds Norma Dean's photo ID card from the Spa Experience. Schanke tells Nick of the nightmares he had after he first looked inside Myra's purse, and other problems in the search for beauty. Schanke is drooling over a picture of a model. Natalie tells him the model's only fifteen. Taking credit for prepubescent is the oldest trick in the cosmetic manufacturer handbook. If you buy the right cosmetics, you will look like that. She's horrified by the price of a lipstick, tells them she would rather save the money and grow old gracefully. She informs them the bullet shattered the saleswoman's collarbone, but she is healthy, in stable condition, and will be fine. Nick looks sad and worried.

Nick flashes back to 1805 Germany. Nick is with an elegant Baroness, who begs him to make her what he is to save her from the ravages of time. She used to be one of the most beautiful women in the country. Nick is disgusted and plays ignorant.

Schanke asking for Natalie's beauty secrets snaps Nick back to the present. She gives him a playful look and leaves. Schanke is confused and getting the same from Nick.

Outside, Natalie stops the body en route to the Coroner's van holding up Norma's toe tag, telling them it fell off. She opens the body bag, shocked to see Norma Dean's gray haired, wrinkled and looks at least ten years older than a few minutes ago.

Inside, Schanke calls Norma's home gets the message machine and hangs up. Nick learns there was not an answer, but Norma has a roommate and no family. He tells Nick he will call in the morning. Someone else can make the notification. Nick tells him they should talk to her. Schanke adamantly refuses.

Inside Norma's apartment, Nick and Schanke ask if anyone's home. A blonde in her late twenties blonde approaches. They ask if she's Norma's roommate. Kiki asks why.

In Natalie's lab, she pushes the body into the cooler and heads for her desk. She catches her reaction in the silver clipboard box, pulls out her mirror, looking at what could be a gray hair. She quickly realizes what she is doing, laughs and stuffs the mirror back in her drawer. She groans unable to believe she fell into the trap.

Nick and Schanke head for the Spa Experience as Kiki said it is the closest Norma had to family. Nick tells Schanke he feels a little sorry for her because she had no prior record but Schanke reminds him that she tried to kill over makeup.

Nick and Schanke enter the Spa and approach the front desk, They are asked if they are there to pick up someone. Schanke's comments about Myra are not nice, earning him teasing from Nick that she would like it. Schanke quickly says he likes her, as she is when a well-toned guy walks by, as if he is afraid to let her visit the spa. Nick is amused. He shows Debby his badge telling her they and need to speak to the manager.

Inside Natalie's office, Natalie records the case number and Norma's name into her tape recorder, the sheet covered body in front of her.

Bernice Applebaum is the late twenties leading the aerobics class. She's quite upset learning Norma's dead and cannot believe it, telling them Norma was like family and would not do that. Schanke admits the victim was nearly killed but will be all right.

Inside Natalie's office, Norma's toe tag clearly shows her name. Natalie pulls the sheet off Norma's face and sees a gray haired, wrinkled woman in her fifties lying on her table, showing other signs of age. Natalie is shocked, sure it is the wrong woman.

Inside the Spa, Agnes, a woman in her late twenties is weightlifting, a trainer retrieving her when she leaves. The picture and sound gets all distorted as he tells her she will sag if he does not push her. She grabs a heavy dumbbell, smacks him as hard as she can in the head. He flies into the mirror behind him, slumping to the ground unconscious. Agnes bolts. Nick and Schanke hear a scream and run into the room, just missing Agnes.

Nick runs outside, looks around, finally finding Agnes in the parking lot sitting on the ground between two cars, hugging her knees. She is very upset, telling Nick she cannot remember where she left her car. Nick is stunned, not sure how to react. Shortly, Agnes is dressed and taken away in handcuffs, looking older and far less blonde.

Inside the bullpen, Stonetree learns no evidence of drugs or steroids were found in Agnes' blood, and her locker was clean. Witnesses say she just snapped. Stonetree says there is always a reason. He confirms Norma was the store shooter. Stonetree asks if two reflex murders in one night are a coincidence. Nick tells him it might not be.

Inside Natalie's office, she and Nick are standing in front of Norma's body, her face still uncovered. Nick cannot believe it, commenting she was not more than twenty-seven, and now looks like a grandmother. Natalie tells him she was twenty-seven when put away and he sees what she found when the body was pulled out a couple hours later. She tells Nick she double checked a tissue sample against the one from the bullet, did blood testing, serum testing for clumping, checked the white blood cells, checked the anti-bodies, hasn't yet done a DNA profile. It is Norma Dean. She has no idea what caused it. She checked to make sure the cooler was not malfunctioning, called the medical school to make sure they weren't pulling a prank, and gave herself a Breathalyzer test, before she rechecked the original blood test.

She found an unidentified virus she's never seen before, tells him it's not an infection because the virus was already dead and can't see what effect it could had. He asks if it could have been injected, making her think it could be a vaccine against who knows what. She cannot believe she did not think of it. She tells him that at least they now might have a medical rather than a supernatural explanation. Nick reminds her that vampires do not die from a gunshot wound. She tells him she did not think so, knowing they vanish. Nick confirms they disappear when they die. Natalie gives him the clear evidence bag containing Norma Dean's social security check, shocking Nick.

Inside a briefing room, Schanke is questioning Bernice. Both are quite agitated. Nick is observing. Schanke thinks Bernice should have a more definite answer about her good friend than she seemed fine, reminding her of the two women going nuts in the same day, one killing and the other trying to. Nick tells him to give her a break, hearing Norma knows more than she is telling. Schanke leaves in a huff. Bernice tells Nick she is happy to answer questions but does not know what else she can tell them.

Inside the Raven, Bernice is dancing at full speed as if she is full of adrenalin. Nick tells Janette Bernice has an interesting way of dealing with tragedy. Janette comments that they can easily outlast her. He is not so sure. She asks if he is feeling his age. He tells her it does hard not to sometimes. When Nick suggests they bottle the mortal youthful vitality, Janette comments it is desperation, not vitality. Nick asks if she is envious. She has her youth but mortals have enthusiasm. Janette points out enthusiasm fades and then what? Each new generation cuts in, turning the previous generation's treasured possessions into artifacts, and store their albums in attics.

Back in Germany, the Baroness tells Nick each new lover of the Baron is younger than the last. He reminds her she can take a lover. She tells him buying one is disgusting and pathetic. She asks if Nick still finds her beautiful, and hears she is still beautiful and intelligent, something not guaranteed by youth. She thinks he is saying it so she will believe he cares. He admits he does care. She tells him she knows what he is. He does not know what she's talking about. She angrily tells him not to insult her intelligence because it is all she has. He comments she should know when to leave it alone. She tells him that immortal beauty is only a consent away. He firmly tells her to drop the deadly delusion. She coldly asks him to tell her if her intelligence makes her more attractive than his latest mistress since he will not bring her across or make love to her. A young lady asks Nick to escort her on a walk. The Baroness gives him a deadly glare, feeling betrayed.

In the Raven, Janette tells Nick that Bernice and her friends come often, receiving free drinks and cover. She confirms Norma and Agnes were the friends. He kisses her.

Nick and Bernice are in the Caddy. He asks if she's okay and hears she's fine, just tired from dancing. He is a little concerned about her as he pulls up in front of her apartment building. He tells her that the Raven's owner is a friend and told him she and friends go there a couple times a week. She admits it. She agrees to talk about Agnes and Norma tomorrow night and thanks him for his kindness. The sound and picture are all distorted as Nick tells her death is never easy to take. She tells him that it is especially true when you are the one left behind. He tells her it is very true. She comments that Norma was Miss Calgary Stampede once, right after the war. Nick is surprised, hiding most of it.

Nick watches her walk up the steps. The picture is more disturbed as she waves at Nick. He realizes she is waiting for him to leave and leaves. It is so heavily distorted she drops her keys down a storm grate. After a moment's confusion, she shoots the lock.

Inside the bullpen, Natalie is concerned because something is bothering Nick. He is concerned about someone he barely knows. In addition, the case has him a little on edge. It has made him think about someone he knew long ago, who he thinks he let down. Natalie has a curious, supportive look on her face, asking if he wants to talk about it. He tells her it's nothing and is in the past where it belongs.

Nick asks Natalie what she learned about the virus. She tells him that she sent an electronic image of it to the CDC in hopes they could identify it and they did. It is a strain of flu that has been extinct for two hundred years. It was common until it burned itself out at the end of the 1800's. Natalie tells him the most recent strain was found in Northern Europe in a three hundred-year-old grave. Nick is puzzled, asking how it could be in Norma's body, putting a crimp in the vaccine theory. He quietly tells her they know it could not be a vampire because she would not be alive, unless a zombie is considered alive. Bullets do not kill vampires. Natalie suggests some sort of a Dorian Gray thing. Nick crankily, sarcastically comments that he has not come across such a creature in 800 years and several continents. The diet pills were ordinary. He tells her not to file her report.

Schanke approaches telling them he checked the social security check and it is real. Wondering if it's a scam or a computer error. Natalie cannot believe it, commenting that the victim had a pension. Schanke confirms it then tells them he fears hitting sixty-five and a hacker has stolen all the money. Schanke tells Nick they did not find a driver's license. Nick tells him to check with motor vehicles because he wants to see a copy of it.

Nick's called down to lockup and asks Natalie to accompany him. She does.

Inside lockup, Agnes is in her cell and does not look too good. Agnes requests her doctor, telling them Natalie's not Dr. Jurgen, and will not see the prison doctor because he is a psychiatrist. Agnes tells them her hands and shoulders hurt. She needs her medication. She violently bangs the bars yelling that she will only see Dr. Jurgen, who does consultations at the Spa. Natalie asks if Jurgen is a sports medicine doctor and learns she is a plastic surgeon, surprising both Nick and Natalie.

Inside the Spa, Natalie tells Nick she would not expect to find a plastic surgery practice there and hears he thought the opposite. She tells him he might just have a point. They head off to find out if Norma Dean was a patient there.

Nick knocks on Bernice's door then opens it. She tells him to please leave, hiding her face, telling him she is not ready yet, and a makeup mirror on her desk. Nick introduces Natalie. He is confused by Bernice's behavior. He walks over to he desk, telling her she does not have to put on her makeup. She tells him he has no idea how bad she looks without it. She desperately tells him to stay away. Nick looks at Natalie, who motions she will leave them alone, and she closes the door behind her. Nick tells Bernice he wants to talk to Dr. Jurgen, because Agnes is desperate to see her. Bernice asks if Agnes told him why. Nick tells her no, and hears Jurgen left for the day. Nick turns her chair around amid protests and is shocked. She is no longer the cute young woman, but several years older. She is in tears, telling him he has no idea how hard it is to stay young and beautiful.

Nick flashes back to the Baroness as she tells him she is glad he did not leave. He tells her he did not think she would ever want to see him again. She tells him she will probably never be unhappy again. Nick is sad as he has a hunch why. Janette shows off the fang marks on the Baroness' neck, telling Nick that sometimes it takes a woman to understand another woman's plight.

In the holding cell, Agnes is banging the bars yelling, asking why they will not bring her doctor. She looks older than earlier. An officer tells her to quiet down, her doctor's here. Dr. Jurgen turns out to be the Baroness. She consoles Agnes.

Nick is squatted down in front of a tearful Bernice asking how he can help, holding her hands, and telling her, he knows she is grieving for her friend. She tells him she is very tired of trying. Nick caresses Bernice's face, kissing her hands before leaving to take a call.

Nick tells Natalie Agnes Ferguson escaped. He is worried about leaving Bernice alone. Natalie tells him she will stay with Bernice. He thanks her, kissing her cheek.

Schanke is giving the officer who let the doctor into the cell a hard time as they stand near the open cell door. He runs through what happened both mentally and physically. He grumbles that there has to be a logical explanation. The officer cannot understand why he cannot figure it out as he looks around. Schanke points that out there is no damage to the door and how you always have to be thinking on the job. The officer's key unlocked the door. They are nose to nose. The officer comments if he had unlocked the door, he would have seen her leave. Schanke asks the officer if he is supposed to believe the story, telling him it is impossible. Nick arrives and Schanke tells him what little he knows or has figured out. Nick asks the officer if he has anything to add, sensing something in the cell. Nick asks if there were any visitors, getting a conflicting report from the officer. Nick whammies him and learns that Dr. Jurgen visited and helped Agnes escape. Nick learns that she told him to unlock the door and forget. Nick releases the officer and approaches Schanke, who cannot believe it.

Bernice is in her office throwing away all her makeup; the door is locked. Natalie is growing worried, as there is no answer to her knocks. She tells Bernice she needs to talk to someone, and she will listen. Bernice is pacing, debating something.

Nick's driving as Schanke calls about Norma Dean, gets the info and hangs up, commenting he can't believe Nick let him call long distance on his cell phone because of how expensive it is. Nick asks Schanke what he learned. Schanke tells him Norma was born in 1945, and the librarian had to be wrong. Nick tells Schanke to go back to the precinct and he will meet up with him later. He is reminded that Natalie is at the Spa. Nick tells him he has to check on something alone, as he looks for a good spot to pull over.

Inside the Spa, Natalie still cannot get Bernice to open the door. She tells Bernice that she is a doctor and that she might be able to help. Bernice throws something at the door, angrily telling Natalie she hates doctors. Natalie is startled and more concerned by a loud noise from inside. She sees another office next door and sees it is Dr. Sophia Jurgen's office. Natalie knocks, asks if anyone's there before slipping inside, looking for a connecting

Nick pulls to the side of the road and tells Schanke to take over as he gets out. Schanke cannot believe it as he scoots over, watching Nick run off. Nick takes to the sky.

Natalie discovers the connecting door is securely locked. Before she can do anything, she hears voices approaching and looks for somewhere to hide.

Inside Jurgen's office, a much older Agnes tells Jurgen she feels like her energy is being drained. Dr. Jurgen pulls out a vial and syringe, telling Agnes she has never gone so long between treatments. Natalie watches from a crack in the door. Agnes is scared Jurgen reassures she is just going through withdrawal when asked if she's catching up.

Nick searches for Jurgen inside the spa. He senses her.

Dr. Jurgen keeps Agnes from seeing the treatment includes vampire blood. She detects a heartbeat and is distracted. Natalie pulls back. Jurgen escorts Agnes from her office, taking one last look around. Natalie checks to see if the coast is clear.

Nick and the Baroness meet. Her title's Dr. Sophia Jurgen, befitting her accomplishments. Nick asks how many she brought across. She tells him she's doing something she wished he'd thought of, a way to stay young without turning cold or having to avoid the sunlight, eyeing the syringe in her hand. Bringing across is a last resort. Agnes awaits her shot. Jurgen tells Nick she only helped those wanting it the most.

Inside Bernice's office she's using the broken mirror to apply lipstick, stops, and comments it's too much trouble staying young, her voice gravely.

Nick bitterly asks Jurgen if she told them they were getting a vampire's blood, as she's about to inject Agnes. She looks at Jurgen shocked. Nick comments she did not. They at least knew what they were asking for. Jurgen tells Nick to shut up. She tells Nick her patients have not lead the same cursed existence. Jurgen tells Nick to assuage his guilt some other way, trying hard to deny the guilt she is feeling. Nick firmly tells her she devalued her less fleeting gifts for a lifetime of vanity. She sounds betrayed. She tells him she trusted and valued his opinion. He tells her she should have valued her own more.

Natalie runs down the stairs calling for Nick who worriedly tells her no. Jurgen is instantly at Natalie's side, holding Natalie's neck, also pressing the syringe against it. Natalie's terrified and tries to remain calm and still, knowing the unknown stuff by her carotid artery is probably deadly. Nick is almost instantly in front of her, growling as he pulls the syringe away from Natalie's neck. Natalie quickly runs to the other end of the room. Nick shoves the Baroness back and crushes the syringe.

Natalie warns Nick, as Agnes is about to hit Nick on the head from behind. Agnes is shot before she can hurt Nick, instantly reverting to her natural senior citizen age. Schanke can not believe what he sees. Jurgen finally realizes what a mess she has made, especially to her patients' lives. Bernice slowly enters asking what happened. Jurgen apologizes and flees. Bernice sees the dead body, and is shaken up. Nick comforts her.

Inside the bullpen, Natalie asks Nick if Bernice is going to be okay. He tells her Bernice is a good person and thinks she will be fine. He believes she is committed to making the best of her life, putting what happened behind her. Natalie reminds him, she lost the three most important people. He comments he hopes she will open herself up to new people. Natalie comments that it means a great deal to Bernice that he is there for her. He smiles.

Stonetree tells Schanke he does not believe what he is hearing. Schanke was there, saw the whole thing, but does not remember who shot the old woman. The officer Schanke gave a hard time to returns the favor. Schanke frustratedly tells them he cannot remember. Nick and Natalie are watching. She cheerfully repeats Schanke's comment that he cannot remember. Nick cheerfully tells her it is a post-hypnotic suggestion. Natalie tells him she is not criticizing his technique, but couldn't he have placed another memory there. He laughs and tells her he eventually will. She laughs too.

Nick and Bernice walk through the park. Nick says he has to leave due to the sunrise. She tells him she wishes he could stay. Nick tells her winter can be a beautiful season too. She has reverted to her normal senior citizen age, still quite attractive, not wrinkled like the others. They kiss and walk off towards her home.

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