Season 1, Episode 20

Written by Michael Sadowski

Directed by Don McCutcheon

Guest stars:

Alexandra............................. Cynthia Belliveau

Billy Sewell.......................... David Stratton

Mrs. Shore............................ Linda Goranson

Grace Balthazar.................... Sandi Ross

Stonetree witnesses a convenience store hold up and tries to stop it. He is shot at and the two perps flee.

Stonetree chases them out of the store and into an alley where the unarmed robber makes it over the tall chain link fence, but the armed one does not. He quickly shoves the gun through the fence. Stonetree only sees something being shoved through. Stonetree is shot at and returns fire several times, seriously wounding the perp on this side of the fence. Stonetree runs up to him and kneels down telling him it will be okay. The kid dies. Stonetree is upset and it shows.

Natalie is examining the body and puts a plastic bag over the boy's hands to protect any trace evidence. Schanke and Nick can't find the gun. Forensics will search all night in hopes of finding something to correlate the Captain's story. Nick comments that they need the weapon to show it was a good shoot. They know it's going to be hard on the Captain, and the job's hard enough without the extra stress. They wait until either the shooting review board or IA finish their questioning of Stonetree.

Stonetree confirms there were two perps, the second one he didn't see once they left the store (the fence jumper), and is sure he was an accomplice and not an innocent bystander. Stonetree confirms they opened up on him in both the store as well as in the alley with either a .357 or a .44 with a four or five inch stainless target barrel. Nick and Schanke to look at each other as that sort of a weapon would be hard to miss.

The shooting replays itself in Stonetree's mind as Nick asks if there's anything else he can remember. Stonetree tells him it's all a blur, that it was all instinct, and maybe he's getting too old. He tells Nick the perp fired and he returned fire. Forensics will check the alley and street because powerful slugs travel far. Nick tells Stonetree he understands how it feels, even if he's never killed anyone in the line of duty. Stonetree calls him lucky, hopes Nick never has to, and that some cops never have to. Schanke comments it's a hard part of the job. Stonetree tells them he may not want that responsibility any more, worrying Nick and Schanke.

In the Caddy, Schanke tells Nick it is tough to kill when you have to. He tells Nick about the time he killed a guy who killed his crew with an AK-57 over cocaine in a serious case of overkill. When Nick asks how he felt afterwards Schanke tells him it was weird. Myra said he used to stay up all night taking showers. Schanke tells him he filled out so much paperwork for IA that it looked like he was buying a house, not to mention the seven depositions he gave before being barbequed. Nick can't believe it because it was a righteous shoot. Schanke comments that he can't imagine how hard it will be for Stonetree's because the victim was unarmed. Nick tells him Stonetree looks shell shocked.

Schanke comments that Stonetree's been behind a desk for too long, that he's lost the edge that protects your heart from the scumbags out there. Nick comments on their having to ride herd over the dark side of humanity. Schanke tells him that if you let it get to you, you start second guessing yourself and that's when you get killed. When Nick learns that Myra handles it by not talking about it, just accepting it. Schanke comments that you have to let it go, especially when it's questionable as those are the ones that will have you second guessing yourself.

Inside the briefing room, the guy from either shooting review or IA watches the tape and tells Nick and Schanke that there's no proof the kid was armed when killed outside the store, even with Stonetree's statement that he was shot at outside the store. That people's memories can be wrong. That he needs a gun or bullets for proof. That he doesn't want to hurt Stonetree but has to do his job. Schanke and Nick can't believe he tells them Stonetree maybe should've called 911 instead of chasing the guy, as stopping crime is their job.

In Stonetree's office, he tells Nick that it haunts you and about how the memories drove a friend from the force. Stonetree tells Nick he doesn't want it to do that to him, but it's already happening. That justifiable homicide is just a little easier to live with because you're killing someone and watching them die. Nick's expression shows he knows that all too well.

Nick flashes back to England between 1380-1391. LaCroix and Nick enter a packed tavern. LaCroix whammies some men into leaving to get a table. The barmaid, Alexandra, takes their order, liking Nick's gentlemen-like manners. LaCroix comments on her beauty and that she would be quite a prize on such a cold night. Nick's seriously contemplating it.

In the Captain's office, Nick suggests he go home and rest. Stonetree tells him he will only have nightmares. Nick leaves, knowing he has done all he can.

Nick returns to the crime scene, ducks under the tape and searches with his vampire senses. He finds something and recognizes its taste. He is distracted by someone suddenly behind him. He turns and sees Alexandra, looking like a ghost. When she walks out of view, Nick searches for her with his vampire senses.

Nick again flashes back to 1380-1391 England. He's in a bedroom with Alexandra as their passion intensifies. She's envious of all the places he has been because she has never been beyond the next county, and the world looks huge. She asks him to take her somewhere sometime. When he tells her he can take her somewhere right now and she says she has nothing to wear. He hoped she would say that and momentarily pulls back.

Nick wakes from his sleep suddenly, as if jolted from a bad dream, still a bit shaken. He doesn't feel any better when he sees the blood sweat.

Inside Natalie's office, she's doing delicate surgery as Grace observes. Grace comments that she wants a leg. As Natalie's cutting, Grace tells her she just wants a thigh, then adds a wing to it. Natalie's surprised by the request but continues on for a moment before picking up the thigh and wing in one piece stuck on the end of her scalpel and hands it to Grace. Grace takes it and bites into it.

Nick enters. Natalie tells him he is just in time for dinner. He jokes about the romantic setting. She comments she has something more interesting for him. He asks if it's Cole slaw, and hears it's better. Natalie tells him the test results show recent cocaine use by Eddie Shore. She tells him she found gunshot residue and lead particles. Nick comments he fired on Stonetree in the store. Natalie tells him she didn't just find it on his hands, but on the small flash burn on elbow of his jacket, where the gun went off. Nick comments that means that he was standing really close to the gun when it went off. Grace's dinner is interrupted when Natalie uses her as a demo dummy to show that the gun was under the elbow, which means the shooter was behind Eddie, the muzzle only inches from Eddie's elbow. Nick comments it's consistent with Stonetree's story. Nick compliments her work. She tells him Grace found the burn when she was bagging Eddie's effects.

Grace leaves so she can finish her dinner. Nick learns he is the first to know. Natalie tells Nick he looks a little ragged. He tells her he hasn't been sleeping well because Stonetree has him a bit spooked by the case. She looks a little concerned. Nick tells her that Stonetree's haunted and a little obsessed by the case. Nick tells her he thinks he saw a ghost from his past last night. She tells him she doesn't really believe in ghosts. He teases her that she didn't used to believe in vampires. She chuckles.

Nick is driving, searching for Alexandra and sees her at the end of the block. She walks around a corner and vanishes. Nick is forced to slam on his brakes as his car lightly bumps a man who smacks the hood and takes off in the opposite direction, scared.

Nick flashes back to the tavern again. His and Alexandra's passion continues to intensify. Nick vamps out, sinks his fangs into her neck and drains her. Once finished he growls, pulls back. tossing her to the side, feeling guilty for what he's done.

Nick's snapped back to the present by cars honking him from behind. He drives off. Alexandra watches from behind, standing in the middle of an almost empty street.

In a room, Billy is drinking heavily, looking at the silver gun in his hand, mumbling about payback.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke says the shooter is William Sewell, a serious juvenile delinquent, drug addict and dropout, whose last address was juvenile hall. Both were doing drugs. Stonetree insists on handling it. He is reminded that Sewell might want revenge. Stonetree tells them if Billy wants revenge, they'd better find him first. They tell him he is too emotionally involved, he tells them he has no choice. Even hearing his own warning about tired cops getting careless and dead repeated back at him doesn't stop him because Natalie confirmed the other perps existence.

In the Caddy, Schanke comments that Stonetree's exonerated as soon as they get Billy's gun. Nick sees Alexandra get on a bus across the street and takes off after her Schanke's suddenly alone in the car. Nick chases the moving bus in traffic and jumps onto its back before making his way onto and across the roof. He hangs down in front scaring the hell out of the driver, who slams on the brakes, tossing Nick from the bus. As Nick rolls to a stop Alexandra slips off the bus disappears. Nick rushes back to the bus and searches it saying it is police business. The angry driver rants that Nick nearly killed everyone on board and he has a schedule to keep. Schanke warns him that if he doesn't get back on the bus he will be spending the night at the precinct filling out paperwork. Schanke asks Nick what's going on. Nick comments that it was an old suspect and walks away.

Stonetree is at the crime scene reliving what happened. He remembers a tow truck parked at the end of the alley with a van attached. He leaves, not realizing that Billy's watching him, following him.

Stonetree arrives at the towing yard and enters still unaware h has been followed.

Inside Eddie's mother's house, she looks at photos of Eddie telling Nick and Schanke that drugs changed him from a good boy to someone she didn't know, wanting to know why nothing is being done about the drug problem. Nick tells her Eric and Billy were together and asks if she knows where Billy is. She asks if they are going to shoot him too. She tells them they just want to wrap it up and go home. She has to bury her son. she wants him back like he was before the drugs. She refuses to help, telling them to go do their job. Schanke knows that could be Myra grieving for him someday as they leave.

Nick flashes back to a room where Alexandra is laid out for mourners to visit. He watches, telling LaCroix that he killed her. LaCroix tells Nick not to mourn her because she was aroused and willing to be taken to the edge. Nick tells him he couldn't stop and is reminded he's not supposed to. Nick tells him he's ashamed. LaCroix tells Nick that it's a meaningless part of his former self, sensing his fear. That she can have no vengeance now.

At the junkyard, the boss tells Stonetree he towed in a vehicle from that area last night and most of the new stuff is in the back by the water. He gives Stonetree the ID number of the van, a large flashlight, tells him he can take all night and walks away.

In the bullpen, Schanke tells Nick his diet is the problem, there is scientific proof people hallucinate when they don't eat enough fat. Nick tells him to lay off because he already explained it. Schanke says that if the Transit Authority pursues it the city could go bankrupt because sixteen people have whiplash. Schanke seems to have whiplash even though he was not on the bus.

Nick and Schanke enter Stonetree's. Nick gets confirmation Stonetree is still out. Nick asks Schanke where he could've rushed out to and sees the message light blinking. He asks what Stonetree's voice mall password is. Schanke tells him all cops use their badge number. Nick walks over to a framed certificate and reads off 8623.

Nick punches 8623 into the voice mail system. The caller identifies himself as Eddie Shore and tells Stonetree he has to get the gun from Billy, who's already looking for him. They are disturbed and worried wanting to know why Stonetree didn't tell anyone. Nick learns Dispatch doesn't know where Stonetree is and tells them to try and find him. Nick leaves telling Schanke to stay there and put out an APB.

Inside the junkyard office, the boss hears the police radio asking for Unit One's location, tells the person he is on the phone with its Priority One and hangs up.

Billy's car stops in the junkyard. He heads out, gun stuck in his waistband.

Nick's searching the crime scene again hoping to find something he missed. The police radio tells him Stonetree is at the Harrison Scrap and Junkyard. Unknown to him, Alexandra is watching from a rooftop across the street, a mischievous grin on her face.

There's a flashback to Alexandra that does not belong to Nick. LaCroix realizes Alexandra is alive, bites his wrist and drains the blood into a goblet.

Nick is flying towards the junkyard.

Billy enters the junkyard office and as soon as the boss hangs up, he smashes the boss in the head with his gun.

Stonetree finds an old van, checks the ID number on the paper against the one on the van, they match. He examines the side of the van and finds two slugs near the bottom almost right next to each other. Moments later he hears the click of Billy's gun, which is aimed at his head.

Nick lands elsewhere in the junkyard and uses his vampire senses to search for Stonetree. He hears someone behind him, turns and sees Alexandra a short distance away. She's not happy to see him, calls him Nicholas. He's not happy to see her either, commenting that the ghost speaks. She angrily tells him he took advantage of her, raped her and left her for dead.

As she tells Nick her story, she flashes back to LaCroix feeding her his blood, giving her a new life after death, an eternal damnation. She opens her eyes as LaCroix watches her rebirth, tenderly stroking the side of her face.

Nick comments that since she is a vampire she understands the hunger which compelled him to feed on her and asks if she can control it. Her silence makes him ask again, then ask how many innocents she's exploited and killed to feed her monstrous hunger. With a wicked grin she tells him there were so many she never bothered to count.

Elsewhere in the junkyard, Billy's quite jumpily orders Stonetree to drop his knife and hand over his gun. Stonetree gets Billy to admit he shot at Stonetree, and is responsible for Eddie's death, his fatal mistake. Billy tells Stonetree it's payback time. Stonetree knocks Billy's arm aside and bolts. Billy falls, but shoots at Stonetree.

Nick hears the gunshot. Alexandra prevents him from going by grabbing him by the throat and pins him to a van, surprising him,. She tells him she is stronger than him and will drain his life so he knows how it feels.

Elsewhere in the junkyard, Stonetree thinks he's escaped when Billy pops up between two cars. Billy cocks his gun telling Stonetree that if he tries it again a quick, painless death will become a slow, painful one. Stonetree freezes. Billy walks behind Stonetree, grabs the back of his coat, pushing him forward.

Schanke is stuck in traffic, flips on the light and siren and passes the stalled bus.

In the junkyard, Nick shoves Alexandra off of him so hard she flies several feet away and lands with a thud. She tosses a bench seat at him knocking him down. She flees.

Billy pushes Stonetree to the railing, commenting on how the strong undercurrent will suck him right down. Billy is going to kill Stonetree with his own gun making it look like a suicide.

Nick is looking for Alexandra, Stonetree and Billy, finding her first, high atop a pile. She tosses a long wooden stake at him, which goes through his shoulder and into the car behind him.

Schanke orders backup sent to the junkyard, believing Stonetree is a hostage.

Stonetree and Billy are still by the railing, the gun aimed at Stonetree. Stonetree tells Billy that he's throwing his life away because a cop's murder can't be covered up. Billy rants how Stonetree did not think twice when Eddie was in his gun sight. Stonetree explains that he shot in self-defense, that he returned Billy's fire, that he shot to stop, not kill. Billy tells him it is payback for him, for Eddie, for Mrs. Shore, and that Stonetree will be found floating down the river a few days later. Everyone will think he couldn't hack it anymore and shot himself. When Stonetree tells Billy he did what he had to do, Billy cuts him off telling him he knows that speech. Stonetree confirms he would do it again.

With a massive yank Nick removes the stake from his shoulder, the pain showing on his face. Alexandra comments that revenge has been her life's work. She is going to kill him because he killed her. He reminds her he did not make her a vampire, and it will not change what she is. She tells him she knows and will sleep better with his head on her mantel. Nick ducks as she tries to kill him and stakes her, catching her off guard. As soon as she falls to the ground, Nick takes to the sky.

Billy forces Stonetree up a couple of steps and orders him to his knees, telling Stonetree that he'll see him in his dreams, which Stonetree corrects to nightmares. Stonetree obeys seeing how close to the edge of sanity Billy is, not wanting to push him over. Nick flies by tackling Billy, who falls over the railing, his hands catch on. Billy is scared. Nick watches a short distance away, wanting to let the Captain handle it, knowing it will help him beat his demons. Stonetree hauls Billy over the railing, keeps him face down on the ground as he handcuffs him, telling him he's under arrest.

Stonetree escorts Billy to the car and stuffs him into the backseat. Schanke arrives and asks what happened. Nick tells him not to ask as Stonetree hands Billy over. Stonetree tells Schanke to read Billy his rights. Schanke takes Billy away. Stonetree asks Nick the hole in his jacket. Nick fingers the hole as he tells him that it was an old enemy which he took care of. They both had a rough night, but both are relieved it's over. Nick's relief is short lived, and turns to worry and fear as he sees that Alexandra's body is missing.

Stonetree is at the range taking target practice, hitting the bull's-eye each time. Stonetree tells Nick he does not want to get rusty. Nick is pleased with Stonetree's proficiency. Stonetree comments that he never thought he would have to pick up the gun again. You forget the damage you can do with a gun until you have to use it. Nick reminds him he did what he had to do. Stonetree tells him it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Nick tells him they have Billy's deposition and he confessed to the murder. Forensics matched the slugs from the van to Billy's gun. Stonetree comments he'll never forget the kid's face.

Nick tells him that everyone lives with some sort of ghosts. Stonetree adds that is until they become ghosts. He holds up the gun, and comments that one should never forget the power a gun has over life and death. Nick reminds him that if you are going to chase ghosts, you should do it by the rules, without allowing guilt to affect judgment. Stonetree agrees and says it's hard to live by. Nick tells Stonetree that he knows and walks away.

In the parking lot, Nick sneaks up on a sleeping Schanke and knocks on the Caddy window, scaring his partner half to death as he is jolted awake. Schanke grumbles about Nick trying to give him a heart attack as Nick gets in and tells Schanke he wasn't trying to. Both are a bit punchy as Nick comments that it's a nice night out, as it might be raining.

Schanke suggests barbeque before they go down to the local bus coral so Nick can wrestle a bus. Nick is amused, knowing there would be teasing at some point. Schanke comments on the extreme slowness of the buss and that Nick could quickly wrestle one to the ground. Nick playfully comments that Schanke is not going to let him live it down. Schanke chuckles and confirms it.

Nick drives off, not seeing Alexandra watching him, waiting for another chance to kill him.

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