Season 1, Episode 21

Written by Brad Wright

Directed by Nicholas J. Gray

Guest stars:

Lily Tofler............................. Cali Timmins

Garimay................................. George Touliatos

No character names given:

Christopher Kennedy, Michael Rhoades, Don Carrier, David Spooner, Geoffrey Towers, Joseph Cheung, Beverly Cheung, Henri Li, Ann Chiu

Inside the precinct, Schanke is arguing with an Asian family. Nick approaches, sees this and talks to them in their language. He tells Schanke that he will handle it, which is fine with Schanke. Schanke leaves Nick to deal with it. Before long, the Asian family is happy.

Outside, a guy secures some rope around the barrel of his sawed off shotgun. He sees Natalie open her car door to get in and takes her hostage. He forces her to put the noose around her neck, or be shot. She reluctantly puts on the noose.

Schanke looking for something in the desk drawer of the desk of the officer he's subbing for and pills it too far causing it to fall to the floor. He is cleaning up the mess when the shotgun wielding man enters. Nick tells Schanke to stay down, out of sight, as he might have to be the one to save them all later on. Schanke hides under the desk in an attempt to stay hidden.

Stonetree enters and asks what is going on. Nick slowly walks up to within arms reach of the perp, who orders Nick to drop his gun and get on his knees or he will kill Natalie. Nick does as ordered and tells the perp to let her go and take him instead. The perp demands his brother's release.

Nick flashes back to East Berlin in 1966. He is in a library, pinned against a bookcase by a man. The man takes Nick Thomas' papers and asks if he is a spy. Nick comments that he is a tourist. When the guy threatens to keep Nick's papers, Nick suddenly turns the table on him and not only gets his papers back, but also gets taken to the man's father in the basement.

The Father scolds Bernard for bringing the stranger down there. Father tells Nick to go home and threatens him with a knife, which Nick takes from him, startling the old guy with his strength and speed. Nick tells them that he is looking for the Abarat, which is an ancient manuscript he has spent years searching for. The old man refuses to help. Lily enters and tells him that the book will not help him unless he can read archaic Sanskrit. She wants to know why he wants the book of miracles and he tells her it may have his cure in it. She too accuses him of being an American spy. Nick offers the whereabouts of the catacombs in exchange for help in finding the book. They accept. Nick takes the men to the catacombs while she keeps looking. They want to go under the wall and that they will leave the next night.

Back in the present, nothing has changed in the precinct. The perp demands his brother, telling them that his hostages will get him out. Stonetree tells him that he will not get out alive and to check out the monitors. The perp does and sees the cars blocking the road and at least a dozen cops. In addition, his brother's cell is surrounded by officers. Stonetree tells the perp that if he and his brother manage to get out of the precinct, they will be shot down. Nick comments that they are all hostages. This makes the perp antsier. Nick tries to whammy him and it partially works, but the perp is too antsy to be fully whammied. Natalie's terrified and still holding the rope down away from her throat. Nick tells the perp to trust him.

Back in 1966, LaCroix is talking to a German Secret Police officer and from his expression, LaCroix's up to no good.

Father is sharing what little food they have with Nick who tries to eat it but chokes. Father comments that they have little food but plenty of Vodka. He is anxious to leave. When Nick suggests checking out the tunnels first, they suspect they are being set up. Nick assures them that he's not setting them up. Lilly tells them that there are only a few more crates to search to find the copy of the book she knows is there.

Bernard is at home packing his tools and clothes in a duffle bag.

Outside his building, the police are waiting. When the police tell Bernard he is under arrest, Bernard runs. They quickly catch him.

In the library, Lily and Nick are still searching for the Abarat. When she asks him what's in it for him, he tells her that it is medical recipes for a cure. They are drawn into a kiss but she breaks off before contact is made. She asks him what it is like in America. He tells her that the streets are not lined with gold, to which she tells him that it's not lined with Russian tanks. She tells him that all she wants is freedom. She would be happy living in West Germany.

Back in the present, Nick tells the perp to trust him that he will never get out of there alive. The perp is on the edge and starting to lose it. Nat's being jerked around by the noose, her hands being the only thing keeping her from choking. Schanke is still under the desk, waiting for his chance. A young officer fires at the same time he is shot. The nutcase fires 180 degrees around him. Stonetree is shot, and sinks to the floor. Nat is jerked around again, her hands protecting her from being choked by the noose.

The perp has gone over the edge, and pulls a hand grenade. Stonetree and Nick are leaning against the wall. Nick tells Stonetree that he needs to get to a hospital, and Stonetree tells Nick that the family comes first and to protect them. Nick sees Natalie's terror and knows he cannot vamp out without blowing his cover. Schanke is still under the desk waiting. The perp orders all the cops out or they will all die together as one happy family.

Back in East Berlin, Nick and Lily are still searching for the Abarat. Nick asks her what her family will do once they get out, and hears that they have distant relatives who they will stay with until they are settled. Father tells them he is going to get Bernard and hopes they can leave tonight. He asks Nick what happens if they do not find the book. Nick reassures them that he will still take them across the border with him.

Bernard is being smacked around by the Secret Police, who want to know about the American agent. Although Bernard tells them he knows nothing about an agent, he is smacked again. They tell him this is against helping them plan their escape. Father sees this and leaves unnoticed by the preoccupied Secret Police. He hides from the Secret Police waiting outside. The police are searching the room for clues, frustrated by Bernard's silence. Bernard is hit so hard that he passes out. The father is torn between his kids. The police decide to pick up Father, Lily and the agent. LaCroix tells them that the agent is his and they disagree. They threaten to interrogate him. LaCroix intimidates the police into leaving. The police shove Bernard into their car.

Back in the present, Stonetree tells Nick to get the family out. Nick stands and asks the perp to let the Captain go. They do a bit of bargaining and arrive at the deal of Stonetree and the Asian family without the grandfather for the psychotic perp's brother. Once the hostages are freed, The perp demands his brother. Nick tells him to cut the woman free. The perp refuses, telling Nick that he has to hold up his end of the deal. Nick tells him that it is over and if he cuts her loose then surrenders, he will live. The psychotic perp tells Nick he made a major mistake and uses his teeth to pull the pin on the grenade he is holding. The rope is closer to Natalie's throat, causing her to be more scared. Nick is worried.

Schanke is still hiding, waiting for his opportunity.

Back in East Berlin, Nick opens the last crate as Father enters. He angrily tells Lily of Nick's betrayal. Father threatens Nick with a knife. Lily tells Nick that she trusted him.

The Secret Police are outside the library knocking on the door. Nick tells Father and lily that he is innocent. The police break in and start searching the library. Nick tells Father and Lily that he is their only way out as the police approach the door to the room they are in.

In the present, the perp tells Nick that he is not got much of a reason to live and pulls Nat across the room, the gun still in her back. Nick calls her Natalie and tells her that she will be okay. The perp asks if they are a couple. He looks out the window when he gets no answer and tells them that they are all going to take a walk into the sunlight, waving the grenade around as he speaks. Natalie is terrified, but for Nick now. Nick is worried as well. The perp tells them that if they do not, they will be leaving as bagged body parts.

In Berlin, Nick, Father and Lily head for the back way out, having been assured that Nick can open the locked door. Nick gets the door open and knocks out the Secret Police officer stationed there. They all rush outside after Nick promises Lily he will explain his strength later. Father and Lily head straight for Bergen church while Nick goes to rescue Bernard.

Nick sees Bernard in the police car half conscious, attacks the officer and steals the car. Bernard accuses Nick of being with the police, which Nick reminds him that his rescue disproves that theory. Once they have escaped, Nick breaks the handcuff chaining Bernard to the bar inside the car. He helps a barely conscious Bernard out of the car. After Bernard stumbles down the road a ways, Nick whammies him into sleeping so they can make a quicker escape. Nick takes to the air with Bernard in his arms. Before long, they land outside the church. Inside, Father and Lily are worried, as it has been too long. Nick nudges Bernard awake and they enter much to the family's relief. They all head down into the ruins and the tunnel. When they ask how the police knew where they were, Nick mentions LaCroix, knowing it is his master trying to destroy his friends again. Nick tells them to keep going and not to look back, that he will take care of the police. They do as told. When Lily hears gunshots, she runs back. She sees the unconscious cops, Nick vamped out and screams. She is scared and curious. Nick pulls down a support beam causing a cave in. Nick and Lily hurry to catch up to Father and Bernard. She asks if it is why he wants the Abarat and he tells her it is his curse. LaCroix's on the other side of the cave in and is not happy. Nick and crew reach the locked steel door, which Nick opens.

The family and Nick exit onto a very normal looking street, now on the other side of the wall. They are free. Their joy and relief clearly show, along with some surprise that it is really happening. Lily tells Nick that his secret is safe with her and she will keep searching for the book. They kiss. Nick tells her that he must go back for the book.

LaCroix's at the library with the Abarat. He lights a book and tosses it into a crate of books behind him, pleased.

Back in the present, Schanke has squatted even lower. Nick sees him crawling across the floor via the monitor and frustratedly tells the perp to give it up because it is over. The perp goes further over the edge as he yanks Natalie towards the door, her hands are the only thing keeping her from choking.

In 1966 Berlin, Nick arrives at the library, now totally engulfed in flames and sees LaCroix holding the Abarat. LaCroix viciously taunts Nick with it, telling him that it is interesting as he flips through it, and tells Nick that he will never get his hands on it. Nick is frustrated and threatens to kill his master. LaCroix moves closer to the fire.

When he gets to the door, he yanks on Natalie's rope, causing her to think it's the end but is shocked when she is freed. Nick grabs her arm and pulls both her and the old guy to safety behind him. The perp tells him to say goodbye. Nick calls out for Schanke to shoot him now. Schanke comes around the corner and shoots the psychotic perp as he tosses the grenade behind the desk. Nick runs for the desk.

LaCroix tosses the Abarat into the fire. Nick dives for it and misses, devastated by the loss.

At the precinct, Nick dives for the grenade as Natalie calls out to Nick, her tone begging him not to do it, afraid he is going to get himself killed. He beats the grenade to the ground. The old man is protecting Natalie with his body. Nick's hand sticks up over the top of the desk, a squished grenade in it. Nick stands and takes a quick look around.

Nick, Natalie and Schanke are talking when the Captain enters, his arm in a sling. He tells them that it only hit the meat and he will be fine. Schanke sticks his foot in his mouth as he calls the Captain fat and the more he tries to explain his way out, the deeper he digs himself in. Stonetree threatens Schanke with parking ticket duty. Nick whistles like a teapot, giving Schanke a way out. Stonetree tells Nick and Natalie that the grenade was a dud. Natalie tells Nick that the next time she wants to be left out of the excitement and kisses him on the lips and leaves. Stonetree tells Nick what a great job he did getting everyone out safely. When Nick spaces out and is caught, he tells Stonetree that he is thinking of another family he knows.

Nick is at the loft listening to his telephone messages when he hears one from Lily, who was thrilled to finally get a letter from Nick. She updates him that Father is still alive, Bernard is an engineer with BMW and that she finally got tenure at the University. She tells him that she cannot believe her son, Nicholas, is now sixteen. The boy's name catches Nick's attention. Nick looks at the picture taken in 1966 of the four of them on the free side of Germany. She tells him that she is sorry they were out of touch for so long and has kept searching for the Abarat, and believes that there are other copies out there, if not, then the info is out there somewhere. She tells him that she saved him a piece of the wall when it finally went down two years earlier and will send it to him. She tells him that it hardly seems like enough thanks and he tells the machine that it is, looking at their happy expressions in the old picture.

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