Season 1, episode 22

Written by Naomi Janzen

Directed by Michael Levine

Guest stars:

Lucy Preston/Sylvia Roche.......... Andrea Roth

Charlie Murdich.......................... Jonathan Potts

Max Henkel................................ Michael Millar

No character name given:

Mary Patterson, Paul Ehrmann, Gordon Kale, Jeannie Daniels, Sherry Schell

A woman takes a candlelit bath, gets out, dries off, dresses, polishes her nails and applies her makeup. Not once do we see the full body.

A boy is playing catch in the park. His ball lands nudges the feet of a blonde woman sitting on a park bench posed like an absolutely perfect, fully dressed mannequin causing her to rock slightly. Her eyes are open but no one seems to be home.

Inside the precinct briefing room, a detective tells Schanke his missing person's case is now their homicide. The first slide shows the model from the park. She's Stephanie Donavan, missing four months and was on the top of their active list. She was found asphyxiated this morning on a bench in Toronto Island Park. Schanke comments that she looks posed, and gets general agreement. The catalog slides are for comparison, and the poses might mean something. That making her look alive allowed them to escape.

Stephanie modeled for Classy Intimates lingerie catalog. The stalker theory does not fit, as there was no disturbing fan mail, no reports of her being followed. The photographer, crew and models checked out. The bodies showed no unusual damage, and seemed to be well cared for. She could have run off with a boyfriend, and later had a fatal falling out. The next slide captures Nick's attention. He asks who she is, hearing all three men in unison tell him, Lucy Preston, showing Schanke's the only one who admits reading the catalog.

Nick flashes back to 1890 and the ballet. The lead ballerina resembles Lucy Preston. Nick watches her dance like a goddess or angel. Janette asks him if he's going backstage to meet her and hears he is not. She tells him that their being there every night is getting too repetitive. He tells her she is too beautiful to be darkened by his presence.

Schanke has not pleased Nick's zoned out captivated by the picture and flashback. Schanke says Lucy's every husband's soft-core fantasy, and is Classy Intimates.

Inside Natalie's office, she and Nick look at Stephanie's face. Natalie tells him any mortician would be envious of the hair and makeup job because Stephanie was bathed, dressed, coifed and made up less than an hour after death. The only signs of physical abuse were some bruising on the underside of her lips, probably from where the pillow was pressed down to suffocate her. Nick asks her where she thinks Stephanie spent the last four months. Natalie tells him it was probably in the lap of luxury because she had a gourmet meal about an hour before her death, which was washed down by lots of very fine champagne. Natalie asks if Nick is sure she was kidnapped, and hears that it is the current theory. Nothing they have disproves it. Schanke enters, telling Nick, they're off to a lingerie photo shoot at the Raven. Natalie teases Schanke about calling Myra.

Inside the Raven, the full lights are on as Lucy Preston's being photographed. Nick takes a hold of Schanke's arm to prevent him from rushing over there. Schanke claims it blows Myra's airbrushing theory. Nick approaches Janette and they kiss on the lips a couple times. He is surprised she is allowing them to use her club. She responds that they wanted something different from the Christmas catalog could not resist the irony and wanted to show off her new décor. She tells him she sent the others out to play and they will not be back until dawn. Janette asks him if Lucy does not resemble the ballerina.

Nick flashes back to the ballerina. The resemblance is remarkable. LaCroix calls Nick a love-smitten fool, because it is their seventeenth performance and he does not know what it is about her that has Nick so bewitched. Nick tells LaCroix that he would not understand, that it's her purity, and is the closest thing to an angel he has ever seen.

In the Raven, Nick comments that she's just a model and is teased about it being over a hundred years and he still will not talk about it, some seriousness there too. He darkly tells her he probably never will as he walks away.

Nick and the photographer, Max Henkel, walk into the hallway for privacy. Max says he knew she be dead. He discovered her and made her his protégée. He asks for time alone to absorb it all. Nick gives him his card and tells him to call if she thinks of anything, and they will keep him informed. Lucy enters and silently waits against the wall. Nick leaves. She tells Max she was sent there to wait while they set up the next shot. Max hears a crash and rushes into the main room to see what happened.

Lucy approaches Nick thinking he is from the Kitten Club. He tells her his name, but does not say he is a cop. When Nick does not know the name, she tells him it's a men's magazine and has not said yes, yet. Nick is amused by the misunderstanding. She tells him that Max sometimes gets a little excited and jumps the gun before the deal is finished. Nick shows her his badge. She's embarrassed and apologizes. Nick allows them to start over, pleasing her. She knows he's there because of Stephanie, and learns she was found dead. She's surprised and hurt. Nick asks if they were friends. Before she can learn how, Charlie enters and tells her she is needed on the set. She tells Nick they were not very close but had done a couple of shoots together. When Nick asks how to get in touch with her, she hands him a card with her picture on the outside, her home number inside.

Nick approaches Schanke after he finishes interviewing other models. Schanke tells him he learned nothing new, nothing missing persons had not covered a zillion times.

Max is telling Lucy what to do as he is photographing her. Max tells Charlie Murdich to open her kimono a little because sex sells lingerie. Charlie hesitantly walks over to her and touches her almost apologetically, opening the kimono just a little.

Nick shuts his blinds and looks at Lucy's card, sending him into another flashback.

The ballerina is stretching at her makeup table, looking a bit tired. Nick watches from the doorway, freezing when she sees him.

Nick puts down Lucy's card, heads for the stereo, turning on loud club music.

Outside the Raven after the shoot, the models say good-bye to each other. Lucy is nervous as she walks down the alley. Someone grabs her from behind, pressing a cloth over her nose and mouth.

Inside the precinct, Schanke tells Nick Lucy has disappeared. Her agent called when she did not show for an appointment. Her car was found behind the Raven and there is no sign of her. Nick asks if she was kidnapped, and hears that she is AWOL just like Stephanie.

Nick is horrified hearing Janette call his name. He firmly escorts her into an empty room, asking what she is doing there. She tells him she is glad to see where he works. He tells her he is serious. She tells him she was called down for questioning, as she was one of the last people to see Lucy. Nick asks if she had anything to do with it, and hears she did not, whispering how rarely get to feed on humans these days. Nick relaxes, knowing she is telling the truth. She moves away as he tries to kiss her.

Schanke enters. Janette playfully, yet seriously asks if she can go because Nick grilled a confession out of her. She admits she had nothing to do with it. Schanke tells her she can go, thanking her for coming. She playfully admits it was worth it to see Nick in his element and leaves. Nick is relieved she behaved herself.

The photographer, Max Henkel, enters demanding to know where Lucy is. Nick informs him that she is a missing person. They want to talk to him about Stephanie.

Lucy wakes up on a normal bed, in an elegant room. She checks it out and sees that the windows are barred or bricked over, curtains hiding that fact. The door is locked. She's terrified and freaked out. She does not realize she is being watched.

Nick's driving and flashes back the ballerina's dressing room. LaCroix sternly tells him to go inside and introduce himself. Nick comments she will be repulsed by him because purity is always repulsed by evil. LaCroix asks what is so captivating. Nick tells he really regrets leaving his humanity behind. LaCroix gives Nick his three options, love her as a mortal, gaze at her like he's been doing, or consummate his intense love by taking her, killing her. He tells Nick she is an actress playing a part, and is just a whore.

Nick angrily shoves LaCroix across the hallway into the wall. Nick is torn between taking her and not. LaCroix reminds Nick it fits with his code for the last three centuries of only taking the guilty, criminals, derelicts, the useless and the impure. Nick angrily attacks his master again, but LaCroix's ready for it this time.

Squealing tires and bright headlights snap Nick out of the flashback just in time to swerve and prevent a collision, probably a head on.

Nick enters his loft and sees Janette there. She asks what is troubling him, learning that he's a homicide cop, and is paid to be troubled. He is cranky. She comments that being paid is a quaint concept, and how they would react if they knew exactly how wealthy he was. She tells him that no matter how deeply he buries himself in his pretend life, they are still connected as children of LaCroix. She tells him the strings of their connection have been vibrating. He suggests she has been vibrating him. She sadly tells him she wishes she still had that power, and is not playing the tune, only listening.

She asks why and if it is Lucy. He tells her he is concerned because Lucy is in grave danger. She tells him it's more than that and has her suspicions confirmed. She tells him that it concerned LaCroix and now concerns her. Her concern for him shows as she tells him it will haunt him until he talks about it. He tells her that his whole life haunts him.

Lucy is seated on the floor against the wall. She sees a food tray shoved in and asks why she is there, what they want. When there is no answer, she curls up and cries.

Max enters his studio, locking the door behind him. He hears a sound as he walks, asking if anyone's there. He heads straight for his darkroom, briefcase in hand. Inside the safety lit room he removes a page of negatives from his briefcase and examines them.

Inside Natalie's office, she tells Nick and Schanke that there were traces of a chemical similar to vinegar on Stephanie Donovan's skin. Nick comments that it is photo developer, stop bath. Natalie tells them Stephanie was a model, not a photographer, and Max's close relationship with Stephanie. He threatened her right before the kidnapping. Her contract was up, she had not yet resigned, and was the one who had made him famous. Schanke asks what happens when your muse is about to bolt.

Nick and Schanke enter Max's studio and identifying themselves. When there is no response, they head for the darkroom. As they get closer, they see Max hanging.

The studio is now a crime scene. Max is on the gurney. Schanke is reading part of the suicide note aloud, no sadness in his voice as Max admits to killing both women, and dumping Lucy into Lake Ontario. That he had no choice when they left him. Natalie approaches holding up a small plastic bag containing blonde hairs found on Max's sweater. She will compare them to the ones taken from Lucy's apartment. She leaves.

Nick tells Schanke something's not right, but cannot say exactly what. He does not get it. Why kidnap and kill Lucy if he was going to kill himself. Schanke suggests he had not planned to kill himself, was tipped off that they were onto him or it was a murder/suicide of passion thing. Nick tells him he might be right, but the scene is too clean. Schanke tells Nick he might feel differently when Lucy's body washes up on the beach in three days.

Inside Lucy's room, Lucy wonders how he snuck the gift box in without her noticing it as she opens it and pulls out an evening dress in her size. She screams that she wants out, throws something at the mirror, shattering it, revealing bars behind it. She sees Charlie watching her. He tells her he did not want to see her yet. She learns she is safe there, and that no one is going to hurt her. When she asks why, he tells her she is safe. She asks if he killed Stephanie, learns he did, but did not plan to. He wanted to protect her but she did not know what he wanted. She asks him not to hurt her, to let her go. He tells her he cannot because he must protect her and leaves. She screams for him to let her go home.

Back in 1890 at the ballet, LaCroix tells Nick the ballerina is a whore. Nick smacks him hard on the cheek, hoists LaCroix off the ground angrily ordering him to never say that again. LaCroix calls Nick a simpering fool who should just take her, or at least take his place in line, telling Nick she takes them one or two at a time. Nick disgustedly calls him a filthy liar. He tells Nick to see for himself as two men come out of her dressing room. Nick tells LaCroix that if they took anything it was theft. She smiles as he enters her dressing room.

Nick's mind flashes back and forth, between the ballerina's smiling face and Stephanie posed on the park bench slide before Lucy's face rising to the surface is added.

Nick wakes startled, soon realizing it was a nightmare.

Nick enters Natalie's office as she is typing. She comments the sun's barely down and hears he can't sleep. She is a little concerned and it shows, commenting she can see the lack of sleep. He tells her he keeps thinking about Lucy and Stephanie, which she thought was a closed case. He asks her why he would take that much time to prepare Stephanie and just dump Lucy in the lake. Natalie tells him divers spent all day in the lake and found nothing. Maybe he did not have as much time with Lucy, and a man planning to kill himself, is cut off by Nick who asks if it was suicide. Natalie slowly shakes her head.

Lucy's bored and heads over to the dress, remembering Charlie's words. She holds the dress up to her in front of the mirror not wanting to know what he has planned, yet planning something of her own as she unbuttons her shirt.

Nick's outside the Raven. Janette comes out, tells him that he is ready to talk now.

Inside, she tells him he is tortured by a soul he does not have. He tells her he was tricked. She sympathetically asks him to tell her about it. He does as he flashes back.

Inside the ballerina's dressing room he is about to kiss her hand, telling her he was checking to make sure she was unharmed. She tells him she's fine and has had many visitors tonight. She calls him by name, surprising him. She tells him she inquired, having seen him there over many nights. She asks if he's in love with the ballet and hears he loves to watch her dance.

In the Raven, Nick tells Janette that she recognized him, but it was not a compliment and went to somewhere deeper, making him feel worthy for a moment, even if the knowledge it was an illusion was painful. Janette listens, knowing it is important he finally tells the story.Nick flashes back again. She is not repulsed by him and they are drawn into several increasingly passionate kisses. He's upset, shocked and a little betrayed. He asks how someone pure can love someone who's pure evil. He is torn between taking her in love or enjoying the happiness of her living. She admits she is not pure. Nick takes her.

Nick tells Janette he killed the dancer for betraying his fantasy. Janette comments she was only human. He tells her he needed her to be more and condemned her to be less.

There is a quick flash of the ballerina with fang marks in her neck.

Nick's phone rings and he answers it, stepping away. Janette tries to subtly listen in. Natalie tells Nick she found no fingerprint on the chair Max used to hang himself. Since he never touched it, he did not kill himself. She tells them she was looking for something else and found traces of chloroform in his sinuses. It confirms murder since there was no sign of a struggle in the darkroom. She learns he is pretty sure who the killer is.

Charlie's looking in on Lucy and his tone tells her she is gorgeous. She is wearing his present because she wants him to see her in it. She asks if it looks as good on her as he thought it would. He tells her it is beautiful. She is trying to subtly seduce him, asking him to join her for dinner. That Stephanie may not have known what he wanted but she does. Charlie looks mad.

Nick walks through the studio, into the dark room studies a picture, then calls Schanke. Schanke tells him their open and shut suicide is open again. Max backed out of a deal with the Kitten Club magazine some time back, having a change of heart, shortly before Max hung himself. The deal was worth a lot of money.

Nick tells him that someone changed Max's mind for him when they killed him. That person did not want Lucy Preston in Kitten Club magazine. Nick sees a picture of Charlie shocked as he tentatively opens Lucy's robe and tells Schanke they have a different suspect, asking if they have an address on Charlie Murdich. Schanke tells Nick they had him in for questioning the other night, have his address, and his alibi checked out. Schanke calls him a real schlub, and Nick tells him he is not so sure.

Nick's outside and takes to the sky, heading for where he thinks Lucy is being held.

Charlie's inside Lucy's room as she is still subtly seducing him. She thinks it is neat he loves her, and she feels the same way. He is watching her, listening to her. He tells her they were taking advantage of her. She admits it. She tells him she wanted to be with him, but had to be with them. He is quite distressed when she tries to kiss him, asking him to make love to her. He angrily tells her not to say that, because she is not like that. He pushes her on to the bed, straddles her, picks up a red satin pillow and starts to smother her. She cannot get him off her. She blindly reaches for the champagne bottle and smacks Charlie over the head with it. He falls to the side and she takes off as fast as she can, having a brief struggle with a locked door. She is outside before he comes around and takes off after her.

He chases her and catches her before long. She turns to face him, threatening him with a pitchfork. He pleads that he just wanted to protect her from their corruption. She thrusts the pitchfork at him, ordering him to stay away. She thrusts it out too far and he pulls it out of her secure grip. He is totally psychotic as he threatens her with it.

She yells Nick's name and Charlie turns around, thrusting the pitchfork at Nick. He breaks it in half, turning it into a vampire stake. He warns Charlie to put it down, nervously keeping an eye on it, and Charlie. Charlie threatens to kill Nick and Lucy, crying psychotically that Lucy made a big mistake, and he was protecting her from their exploitation. Lucy tells Nick that Charlie had killed Stephanie and was going to kill her. Nick orders Charlie to put it down. Charlie is nervous. Nick is afraid of what Charlie will do next. Charlie acts as if he is going to put it down but lunges at Nick. Nick quickly moves out of the way, but not at vamp speed. Charlie's lunge costs him his life as he falls, impaling himself on the tines, realizing it before he falls over dead. Lucy is horrified. Nick wraps his arms around her and pulls her close, comforting her. She leans her head against his chest, traumatized by it all.

Nick has another flashback. He is crying, grieving for the loss as he hears LaCroix cheerfully telling the two vampires that came out of her dressing room that it worked and they have Nicholas back. Nick angrily tells LaCroix he betrayed him, getting physical with him. Nick comments she was an innocent. LaCroix tells him she was in love. Nick coldly tells LaCroix he hates him. LaCroix is pleased and tells him it's a step in the right direction..

Nick snaps out of the flash back at the loft. Janette sympathetically tells him she never knew exactly what happened, but he stopped killing and withdraw from them. In a strange way LaCroix did him a huge favor, making him realize the hypocrisy of killing only the guilty because there is no distinction between guilty and innocent blood. Vampires are guilty and mortals are innocent. LaCroix stopped him from killing all together.

Janette comments that LaCroix is little joke backfired. That Nick eventually got his revenge. Nick tells her he definitely got his revenge as he flashes back to staking LaCroix in the chest with the flaming two by four, pinning him to the lift door.

LaCroix is feeding off a human, dropping him when finished. He hears or senses something, still vamped out. LaCroix's eyes instantly go from yellow to red. Yellow being the normal hungry, but not real angry color. Red indicates fury.

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