The fans worked to bring their favorite show back, and eighteen months after it went off the air, it was back on. This time it was syndicated. It still suffered from a lack of publicity as many fans did not know it was back until a friend told them or they found it on their own. Many syndicated stations showed it at all hours of the night, making it even harder for fans to find it.

The characters and their relationship triangles did not change too much. LaCroix came back to life and tormented Nick in person, rather than as a ghost. Natalie and Nick grew closer to each other, and romance blossomed. Schanke became a more relaxed, more three-dimensional character. We learned more about Nick, LaCroix and Janette's past. We learned how the main cast dealt with the end of life on Earth.

The shooting order and order they were aired in were very different, which made the fans wonder why the characters were acting out of character in some of the episodes. Be My Valentine was supposed to be the 23rd episode but it was aired as the 15th, and Crazy Love, which was supposed to be the 13th episode, wound up as the 26th episode. This one switch totally messed up the storyline for Nick and Natalie's relationship as things are happening backwards. This makes both the characters look bad.

The second season was the longest of the three with 26 episodes whereas the other two only had 22 episodes.

Catherine Disher picked up one of her three Gemini nominations for Forever Knight for the episode Undue Process.

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