Season 2, episode 1

Written by Naomi Janzen

Directed by Michael Alan Levine

Guest Stars:

Jeff Morris.................................. Michael Carauna

Grace Balthazar............................ Sandi Ross

Rogers......................................... Michael Simpson

Dreyfus........................................ Jonathan Whittaker

Constable Wilkinson................... Tony Meyler

Officer 1...................................... Christopher Marren

Officer 2...................................... Angela Moore

Officer 3...................................... David Blacker

Man............................................. Norm Spencer

Woman........................................ Stavroula Logothettis

Junkie.......................................... Jack Nicholsen

Prostitute...................................... Angela Asher

At the docks, a drug sale goes down. He counts his money, unaware he is being watched. Someone slips into a pair of surgical gloves, grabs the guy, covering his mouth so he cannot scream. They struggle.

In the loft, Nick's in his swim trunks and goggles lying in his sun machine. He starts to panic. He grimaces as he opens the lid, hits the off button, and calms himself down.

At the docks, the struggle between the drug dealer and his attacker continues, both desperate to win. The dealer rips the back of a latex glove off his attacker before suffocating. Someone has been watching the whole scene from the air, like a vampire.

Nick walks downstairs and removes his keys and watch from the metal box on the table behind the couch. He listens to his messages. Natalie teases him if he keep using the sun bed people will be asking him which way to the beach. Nick opens the fridge, finding blood and a possible cooked hamburger patty. She tells him to stay away from the blood. He needs to eat real food. He takes a long drink as the messages finish.

A hand reaches over the dealer's body and picks up a fallen piece of latex glove. There is a pinky ring with large black stone on it. He senses something, tuning into it.

Nick's at his loft and suddenly feels something. He tries to tune into it, walking to the window and looking out. He's concerned and takes another long drink.

The dock area is now a crime scene. Natalie tells Cohen the man was strangled between eleven to eleven-forty pm. She bagged part of a surgical glove. Cohen says it is a repeater. Schanke's arrival surprises both women. Natalie comments he is enthusiastic, while Cohen says he is staining his nose brown. Natalie agrees. Nick lands at the edge of the crime scene as Schanke rewards an officer with baseball tickets for the tip. Nick teases Schanke as they meet up, asking if he thinks Cohen heard it. Schanke reminds Nick they are going to let him look good at the new precinct, and both showing up isn't going to help. Nick and Natalie are amused. Natalie asks if it is not their day off. Schanke points out her use of the plural. Nick says they came by to see what is happening. She asks if they remember the John Doe under the pier a few weeks ago, hearing Nick remembers he was strangled and there were no prints. Natalie tells them her findings. Cohen comments on a few unsolved over the last few years, all low-end thieves, dealers, etc. They notice IA's arrival. Cohen and Natalie spilt. Nick and Schanke are worried because it means they suspect a cop. Nick senses something, distracting him. It is almost as if someone's messing around inside his head. He walks away, trying to find the source.

Nick flashes back to the Catacombs in 1228, within days of being brought across. He wanders lost, asking LaCroix why he was left down there. LaCroix tells Nick he did not leave him. Nick stumbles along telling LaCroix he's looking but cannot find him. LaCroix tells Nick to stop using his eyes to look. Nick closes his eyes and opens his senses.

Nick is snapped back to the present when Cohen calls him. He tells her he was thinking as he walks back to them. Cohen tells them excessive overtime does not impress her, but solved cases do. Schanke asks about IA and learns that Cohen would rather not repeat what she has heard.

Inside the Raven, Nick approaches Janette. She learns it has been months since they have last seen one another and she swiftly removes his watch and reads the inscription on the back. It is from Natalie to a man who has all the time in the world. Janette teasingly tells him it is sweet. He is more mortal than ever causing him to grin. She sees it in his eyes and barely felt him when he entered. He tells her he is looking for the vampire that's looking for him. He feels it, but it is faint. The vampire is hanging back. She tells him she has felt something too. She reminds him their mortal lives are playthings and they must move on when the mortals age and they outgrow them. Nick learns they get hurt if they take their lives seriously.

Nick is asleep when LaCroix's voice tells him to wake up to what he is. Nick is a little disoriented when he opens his eyes. LaCroix says he has been asleep for far too long. Nick's now dressed and heads downstairs where the box containing his watch and keys is. He is disturbed to find only his keys in there, knowing he put his watch in there as well. Schanke calls, telling Nick IA thinks it is someone in the precinct. Nick's searching for his missing watch as Schanke tells him a morning jogger found another body along with the detachable hood of a PD rain shell near the scene. All the cases they are tying the killer to, have occurred very close to the 96th. Nick tells him IA never was known for it is creative thinking. Schanke asks if he is okay because he sounds spacey. Nick tells him he is looking for his missing watch. Schanke comments it's old age setting in and happens to everyone.

LaCroix is watching from a rooftop as another drug deal goes down. Someone else watches from street level.

Nick's driving and hears a woman's scream. He pulls over, parks and takes flight.

Schanke is still trying to score points, this time with a cup of coffee for Cohen, saying he was accidentally given an extra cup. He asks if she wants it. She is not sure if it's genuine and does a simple test. Schanke fails. He is teased by his coworkers for brown nosing. Cohen uneasily calls out they got an anonymous tip.

Nick's search leads him to the same alley LaCroix was watching earlier. He finds the woman behind a dumpster right before IA arrives. Nick tells them the perp is nearby, and the victim's dead. One pulls Nick's watch from her hand, sees the engraving and handcuffs a shocked Nick. The other asks Nick if he has lost a watch. Nick senses LaCroix, but has not quite figured it out. LaCroix walks away laughing, but becomes serious.

Inside an interrogation room, two IA detectives ask Nick about March fifth and seventeenth. Nick says he was home alone. One tells Nick he was not home all night on the seventeenth because he was at the scene of a murder. Nick's nervousness and worry shows. He says he went to see what was happening. When IA is told Nick that did not drive his car, Nick says he lives nearby and ran over. When asked how he knew about it, he says he heard it. They say he must have great hearing.

Schanke's watching from the observation room and cannot believe what he is hearing. He walks into the bullpen and hears another officer admit it is hard to believe. He tells her it is impossible to believe. He rode a lot of miles with Nick. It is a terrible mistake.

Nick is locked inside his cell, and learns that the judge has not set bail yet It means that he probably will not get it. Shortly, Natalie is locked in with Nick. She says she is there for a DNA test. Nick brightens. She got a DNA sample off the last victim. She knows she cannot send Nick's real sample in, but they can pretend to. She takes the sample asking who is trying to set him up, maybe another cop. Nick tells her it's another vampire, startling her. He felt like he was being watched for the last few days. It is the only way his watch could have been stolen. She asks why would another vampire would want to set him up. Nick flashes back to the catacombs and Janette drinking from a victim. He tells Natalie he does not know why, maybe lifestyle prejudice.

In Paris, LaCroix asks if Nick can feel the woman's blood surging through is veins, it is a feeling unsurpassed by any other. Nick seems to be relishing it. LaCroix tells Nick to revel in the power of the gift he gave him. Nick asks what he is. LaCroix tells him he is his protégée. Nick comments he is his slave, hearing that LaCroix is his slave as well. He is bound to Nick, promised to be his eternal teacher, to let him know there is to know about what he is now. He tells Nick to leave his mortal life behind as he can never go back, and soon he will not want to. Nick's expression does not agree with LaCroix's words.

In the cell, Nick tells Natalie someone wants to force him to move on. He knows he will have to move on eventually if he does not regain his mortality, but he is not ready to do so yet. She tells him he will not have to, if she has anything to do with it.

The loft is being searched. Schanke is not happy with how they are doing it. They find it odd someone allergic to the sun has a sun bed. Another inquires why there is blood in the fridge. Schanke looks uneasy and confused, stating there's a logical explanation.

Grace is surprised to see Natalie enter before night. Natalie explains she wanted to get started on the DNA tests. Grace hears Nick is anxious to get out. Natalie learns Grace got the other two samples and suggests another in case of problems. Grace is uncertain but goes along with it. Jeff enters, and he is ambushed. He nervously asks if she is taking a sample and why. She says it is for Nick's DNA test. Grace offers to package it. Natalie nervously says she will do it and sends Grace off to check on test results. Once alone, she removes Nick's slide from her medical bag and switches the label with Jeff's. She lines up the other three samples on the table. She has to protect Nick's secret.

Schanke is outside Nick's cell commenting on his not eating for a few days. He hears Natalie smuggles him in some food now and then. Schanke offers to sneak in a Souvlaki. He asks about the blood they found in his loft. Nick looks like he is in physical pain from not eating properly. He hears Schanke say there has to be a logical explanation. Nick seems weak as tells Schanke it is cow's blood. He uses the old European technique to thicken his paints. Schanke comments its blood. Nick is distracted as he again senses some vampire watching him.

A vampire is hovering across the street from the precinct.

Schanke sees Nick's odd expression and is concerned, asking if Nick's okay.

Nick flashes back to the Catacombs. He is hesitantly walking through them looking lost, telling someone to come back.

In the cell, Nick gives Schanke a forced grin, telling him he is okay. He likes how Schanke is truly concerned and sticking up for him, staying his friend. Schanke uneasily tells Nick he has to go because he has twice the workload now. He tells Nick the DNA test will come back any day now, which can't be too soon for him, sounding genuinely concerned. Nick gives him a more genuine grin and sincere thanks. Schanke leaves and Nick looks far less grim because of Schanke's faith in him. Schanke tells the other officers Nick said it is paint thinner, which makes sense to him, but the others are not sure.

Nick's optimism flees when he feels someone watching him. Janette enters and sees his slightly surprised, disgusted look. She asks if he did not sense her. If he has, then he has forgotten everything about being a vampire. She reassures Nick no one will remember her being there. She wants him to leave with her. The Community sent her. He explains he's being forced out. She says he cannot stay. The case is jeopardizing them all. Nick is the only one, who realizes he would become top of the most wanted list if he fled, which would endanger the Community even more. She tells him they have been through his loft and are digging through his past. He darkly warns her not to withhold information. She is genuinely upset, commenting it'll be decades before they meet up again. She was beginning to grow fond of his new morality, and his being a vampire cop. He lightens up until the cellblock door opens. He tells her to split, which she does. Nick's expression grows as grim as Schanke's, his lawyer's and other officers, afraid of what they will say. He learns he's being moved to a maximum-security lock up. The DNA results came in an hour ago and it was a perfect match. Schanke looks betrayed.

Nick's taken out to a van through the back at sunrise. Nick asks if they are sure about the lab results and if Dr. Lambert has tried to contact him, but he is ignored. The doors are shut and the van leaves. Nick is worried, trying to figure out what to do. Nick snaps his handcuffs as they go through an underpass, opens the door and falls onto the highway. He quickly runs for cover in the bright sun, using some crumpled newspaper he found to help shield his face as he is in pain and smoking. He runs for the darkness next to a building.

In Natalie's office, she grows upset and very worried as she learns what happened. Grace asks what's wrong. Natalie says it is all her fault. Grace's scared and worried about what she is hearing. Natalie heads for the computer in a panic. She asks what Jeff's last name is. Grace tells her it is Morris. Natalie is frustrated when his file does not come up. Grace tells her he quit three days ago so he would be under former employees. Natalie repeats her search.

In the bullpen, IA has a manhunt out for Nick. Cohen is grilling Schanke, who is frustrated, scared and worried. He honestly tells her Nick has not contacted him, even after being reminded concealing a suspected felon is serious business.

Outside, the officers pull away, starting the manhunt.

Nick checks to make sure the coast is clear and climbs out of the dumpster at sunset. He walks away telling the person responsible to come out.

Natalie enters the bullpen and tells Schanke they need to talk. He sees how scared and upset she is. She says she made a big mistake, trying to figure out what to tell him without blowing Nick's secret and endangering Schanke. Schanke quickly pulls her into a nearby interview room making sure no one is watching. Schanke's stunned. He cannot believe she switched the samples without telling anyone. Natalie frantically explains if the lab ever got a real tissue sample it could be the end of Nick's career. Schanke's shocked, telling her he did not realize it was that serious. Natalie has to think quickly when he asks the name of Nick's condition. The sun bed is for UV treatments for Vitamin D deficiency. Schanke seems to accept it. He learns all the victims were drug dealers. Jeff's brother died from an OD a year ago. She did the autopsy. Jeff saw his brother brought in, which probably sent him over the edge. Schanke asks how Nick's watch got on the victim. She suggests Jeff planted it to throw suspicion off him. She nervously asks Schanke to help. He uneasily turns her down, his body showing he wants to help. She gives it to Schanke a paper, telling him it is Jeff's address. She is sure Jeff does not know what's going on. Schanke reluctantly agrees to help. Cohen and an IA detective spot Schanke and Natalie slip out of the briefing room. Cohen looks suspicious and slightly worried. The IA detective is wondering what's going on.

Schanke leaves unaware Rogers ordered a tail of marked and unmarked cars.

Nick's on the roof of across the street from the Raven. He is not happy to see the police car parked in front of the entrance. Nick hears the voice, whispering for him to listen. Nick remembers the Catacombs lesson where he learned to use his senses, not his eyes to find LaCroix. To focus on the vibration he feels, as it is the force that joins them and makes them what they are. In the present, Nick's listening, almost to the point of physical pain and locates that one sound out of the million around him. Nick stares ahead as if he knows where the sound is coming from and takes to the sky.

Nick flies through the window of a warehouse landing in the middle of an apartment vamped out. Jeff is scared out of his mind. Nick wants to know what's going on. Nick is moving towards Jeff when Schanke bursts in telling them to freeze. Nick struggles a few moments before he can regain control and make his features normal again. He partially faces Schanke with a small grin on his face. Schanke's stunned, asking what he is doing there. Jeff realizes it's his only chance to escape and bolts. Nick's about chase Jeff when he hears Rogers tell them they are surrounded. They are told to come out with their hands on top of their heads. They are depressed and disappointed to have been found.

Jeff bolts up and escapes to the outside by way the basement entrance. It is on a different side of the building from the cops, and he keeps running.

Inside, Nick hates how it is working out so badly, almost looking like he is in pain. Schanke stares at Nick stunned. The Captain's not sure what to do, knowing her duty, but wants to give them time to come out on their own. Nick and Schanke are seated under the window, staying out of sight. Nick tells Schanke he did not kill anyone. Schanke says he knows. Jeff is the killer. Schanke tells Nick he must have known Natalie switched his sample with Jeff's. It is why Nick is there. Cohen tells them it is time to go home. Schanke grumbles and looks at Nick.

A vampire is flying over the city. Nick senses the vampire and gets a distracted look on his face. Schanke tells him it is not the time to space out. Nick says it is time to go. Nick tracks the vibration he is feeling. Schanke says Morris must have found another exit.

Morris is running down the street, pulling on every door, he passes but they are all locked. Schanke tells Nick it's all clear and they run up the same stairs Morris did. Nick tells him they should check out the old distillery. Schanke gives Nick's forearm a squeeze telling him to get lost because he is the one they want. Schanke heads off around the corner. Nick's low vampire tone says he has him now and runs off, taking to the air at the end of the street.

Inside Jeff's apartment, Rogers bursts in, ready to shoot. Cohen's behind him and sighs when she sees it is empty. She tells them she wants the area sealed off.

Uniformed officers travel the same path as Jeff Morris, finding all the doors locked. Schanke is running down another street, alert for the slightest sound or movement. The officers search the buildings for any clue to Knight and Schanke's whereabouts.

Nick cautiously enters a ceramics factory and moves through it still tracking the vibration, an odd look on his face. He is shocked to see LaCroix very much alive. LaCroix's amused and tells Nick he knew he still had it in him. He must have had some idea who it was. Nick flashes back to LaCroix throwing the flaming timber at him and draining Alyce. He recalls how he ran LaCroix through with the flaming timber, pinning him to the door. In the present, Nick cannot believe what he is seeing. LaCroix darkly comments Nick did not think he killed him because he is too old and powerful for that. In a flashback, he is asking LaCroix what he is and hearing he is LaCroix's protégée, causing Nick to ask if he is LaCroix's slave. In the present, Nick says LaCroix's name as if it was something repulsive. Inquiring if it was him all along. LaCroix admits it, telling Nick he had a little help from a convenient new friend.

Outside, Jeff's still running, finds an open door and enters. Inside, LaCroix tells Nick his sham of a mortal life is ruined. Outside, the uniformed officers do not find anything. Schanke's still running along another side of the building sees a light inside and approaches. He carefully opens the door and enters. Jeff hears this and runs down some stairs. Schanke's closing in as he calls out Jeff's name, telling him to come out.

LaCroix admits he has decided to take him back and give him a second chance. Nick tells him the only second chance he wants is the one he has given him. They both vamp out as LaCroix growls Nick only gets what LaCroix gives him, and that he made Nick. Nick growls LaCroix made a mistake. They grab each other by the lapels and spin around, before Nick tosses LaCroix off to the side.

Schanke chases Jeff through the dark tunnels, telling Jeff he is trying to help him. He knows things have not been easy lately. Jeff's pinned against a wall trying to keep it together and find a way out. Schanke says he is only making things worse. Schanke hears Jeff cock his gun and plasters himself to a wall ready to shoot. Jeff whimpers fearfully.

Nick makes a dash for the roof and almost makes it before LaCroix leaps up there as well. It is too dark to see exactly what happens as they get very close to each other up by the roof.

Cohen and a uniformed officer carefully approach the door leading to the tunnels and hear Schanke calling out to Jeff. An officer is sent to radio the others. Cohen sneaks into the building, gun ready to instantly use. Schanke is telling Jeff it is no way to spend a Friday night, as he carefully peeks around the corner. He continues when the coast is clear.

Nick and LaCroix are still fighting.

Cohen is carefully walking through the tunnels tracking Schanke's voice. Schanke tells Jeff what he is doing will not bring his brother back. Everything about Jeff shows how scared and upset he is. He tells Schanke he was trying to help, but there are too many of them, more of them every day, young and old. He could not help them. Schanke is still moving towards Jeff, as is Cohen. Jeff looks at the gun in his hand telling Schanke they looked so helpless lying there. Schanke tells him he has seen them too.

Nick tosses LaCroix across the room where he crashes through a table. Some fear shows on his face as he faces his son, his posture momentarily seems submissive. Nick grabs hold of LaCroix, but is shoved across the room before he can do anything further.

Jeff rants about them in bags like his brother, even more upset as he says he saw his brother in a body bag.

LaCroix approaches Nick, who grabs the white boards and makes a cross out of them, repelling a growling LaCroix.

Schanke is a bit sympathetic now. Jeff tells Schanke he had to kill them because he could not take it any longer. Schanke tells him there is a lot of crap they have to face in the world. Jeff tells him there is another choice. Schanke tries to reason with him, telling him he will not find any answers that way. Cohen is listening to their discussion.

Nick is still holding the cross out in front of him advancing, forcing his master back as LaCroix grows more repulsed by the cross. Nick's hands are slightly smoking. LaCroix is backed up as far as he can and takes to the sky when he can no longer take it. Nick drops the cross and is relieved.

Schanke tells Jeff to put down the gun and they can talk it out. Both are shocked when they turn and are face to face, gun barrel to gun barrel. Both nervously wait for the other's move. Schanke calmly, firmly tells Jeff to drop it. He did what he had to do. His brother knows it too. Schanke tells him it is over, to put down the gun and they can work it out, trying to soothe Jeff. Cohen walks up behind Jeff, her barrel pressed against his head as Schanke takes Jeff's gun. He tells Jeff to come with him, taking him by the arm and leading him out. Cohen tells Schanke he did nice work, and follows them out.

At the stairway, Schanke announces they are coming out, pushes Jeff out a head of him and hands him off to officers who cuff and escort him to a patrol car. Cohen lightly asks Schanke where Nick is. Schanke nonchalantly says he does not know and has not seen Nick all night. She watches him leave, not sure what to believe.

Nick watches from the roof, pleased by how it all turned out. His mood grows grim as he senses someone behind him. LaCroix asks where the lasting value is, because they'll all be ghosts when he blinks. Nick looks quite depressed and hopeless.

In Cohen's office, she questions Natalie about not suspecting anything until the double blind. Schanke covers for Natalie when she needs help. Cohen is not sure about Natalie mislabeling the samples, commenting it sounds too coincidental, suggesting maybe Morris did it. They agree with her. Schanke compliments Cohen's intelligence, and is told to can it. Cohen says it does not really matter because Jeff gave a full confession and pleaded. Nick approaches. Cohen tells him how lucky he is to have friends like them. He looks at them, grinning. Cohen tells him to appreciate them because they are what make life worth living. Nick tells her those are his exact thoughts.

Nick is playing his piano when he suddenly stiffens and calls out Janette's name. She lands beside him, commenting he felt her. He's not happy about it and tells her he did. She tells him it is very good. His entire body shows he disagrees, as he is being pulled back into his nature by external forces, namely his connections with Janette and LaCroix. She tells him the strings of their connections have strengthened lately, which can mean only one thing. Nick flatly tells her LaCroix has returned.

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