Season 2, episode 2

Written by Gillian Horvath

Directed by

Guest stars:

Mason..................................... Kevin Jubinville

Draper..................................... Ross Petty

Artie Goodwin........................ Philip Williams

Miklos.................................... Earl Pastko

Daviau.................................... Christian Laurin

Anna....................................... Gloria Slade

French Soldier......................... David Danzon

French Beadle......................... Jean-Marc Amyot

Julie........................................ Andrea Menzies

Louise..................................... Alexa Gilmour

In a nice hotel room, a young brunette is putting the final touches on her appearance as she waits for her guy. He is outside, approaching the room. The bellboy delivering champagne to another room inspires him to order a bottle along with a Scotch and soda. The woman double-checks her appearance before asking someone unseen if they are ready. A gun barrel pokes out of a doorway and the gun's fired twice.

The guy enters the room and starts undressing. He does not see the girl so he looks around, including the other room. He calls the front desk after lying down on the bed. When he picks up his hand he sees blood on it, which causes him to look next to him and sees his date lying dead next to him. He freaks out and jumps up, off the bed.

Nick and Schanke are in the room discussing Schanke's healthy snack. Schanke tells Nick that because Myra's 50 year old cousin died of a heart attack, Myra has put him on a very low fat diet of rabbit food. That the cousin's wife was Hungarian and believed that food must be fat saturated. Nick teases Schanke about being on a high fat diet, to which Schanke comments that it is necessary for their job.

Nick examines the victim's robe, catching her scent. He asks Schanke what they have and learns that it's another dead hooker in a posh hotel room. When Nick inquires about the guy who found her, Schanke informs him that Barry Drake's in the bathroom tossing his cookies. That he ordered a bottle of champagne to be delivered and has no idea how the dead hooker got into his room. Schanke comments that the guy's probably a regular. Nick finds a wallet whose driver's license shows it to be Julie Beamer's.

Draper's questioned and tells them that he knew the girl, isn't a regular, and that some guy at the hotel bar told him that for $300 he'd get a night he'd never forget. Once he had paid, the guy gave him a room key. Nick finds a matchbook from the Raven in Julie's purse.

Inside the Raven, Nick and Schanke are talking with Janette. Nick asks her about the matchbooks and she tells him that Miklos thought it was too quiet, seeming to forget they are supposed to stay low profile. Schanke is not too tactful as he tells Janette that they found the matchbook on Julie Beamer's dead body and asks about her. Janette comments that Julie came there from time to time and that she has not seen the pimp recently. Schanke does not believe her and tells her that he will look around. As she walks away, he calls to Nick, who comments that he will be there soon. Nick comments to Janette that he did not think prostitution was one of the services offered. She crankily tells Nick that the women are welcome to take shelter for as long as they want to, but their pimps are not welcome at all. Janette reminds him that she is one of their kind and they're all ladies of the night.

Janette flashes back to Paris, France sometime between 1070 and 1100, when she was mortal and a prostitute. Her face shows how much she loathes it and the horrible situation. She sneaks into a dingy room to check on her very pregnant friend who is in so-so condition. Her friend tells her that she should have left as soon as she discovered her pregnancy and that if she had found out sooner she'd still be living with her husband in England. Janette's curiosity about the pregnancy experience shows. She tells her friend that wives do it for one man rather than 20 and wonders if it's any better. Janette's caught in there by her angry pimp and shoved towards the door. Her pain showing as he drags her out of the room. Her friend is upset because she is the reason why.

When Janette snaps back to the present, she is still disturbed by the memory. She tells Nick that Julie's pimp, Mason, killed her. Nick asks her how she knows this and she's a bit cranky as she tells Nick that Julie was Mason's favorite, among his large group, but at twenty-two she was old, and he likes them young. That last month Mason hit her so hard she was hospitalized, and then kicked out when she couldn't earn her keep. That she stayed at the Raven for a few days, then Mason took her back.

When Schanke returns and tells Nick that he struck out, Janette points them towards Celeste, telling them that she knew Julie. Nick kisses her in thanks. She nearly growls for him to get Mason.

Schanke approaches Celeste and his not so nice behavior causes her to tell him she is off duty in a cranky tone. Nick approaches and introduces himself as Nick Knight. She is pleased to see him until she learns he is a homicide cop. Janette approaches and tells Celeste that it is okay, and that they are there about Julie. Celeste immediately tells them that it was not Mason.

Inside the precinct interrogation room Schanke and Cohen watch Nick's questioning of Celeste. Cohen questions his munching on vegetables and he tells her that his wife is concerned about his cholesterol. Schanke comments that Celeste puts up a good front to which Cohen reminds him that it is part of the job. Nick tells Celeste she is not helping and she asks what he wants. Nick asks her why she is protecting her friend's killer. She tells him that Morgan did not kill Julie and will not hurt her. Nick reminds her about Julie's three broken ribs and dislocated jaw, to which Celeste claims was from a fall and that Morgan did not hit her hard. Celeste denies being scared of Morgan, tells him that he took her in off the street and cares for her, that she owes him everything, that he is all she has. Nick tells her that he made her what she is and controls her. That she should not protect him.

When Nick, Schanke, and Cohen fail to get anything, Cohen releases Celeste. Cohen tells her two detectives to follow Celeste. Schanke knows he will head straight back to Morgan because she most likely has nowhere else to go.

Nick and Schanke follow Celeste's cab. They are spotted shortly after it stops and she gets out. She crosses the street to a couple of prostitutes and lets the detectives knows they were spotted. She walks over to the Caddy and asks if they were following her. Schanke comments that they are out on Patrol. After she leaves, he tells Nick that they have been made and is not happy to see he is alone.

Nick is tracking Celeste from the air. He watches her hurry to a door and enter the building. He listens to Mason demand to know why he has been waiting an hour, not happy to hear she was questioned by the cops. When she tells him it was about Julie's death and that he did not do it, he smacks her for bringing him into it. Nick barges in, identifies himself as a cop and tells him to leave Celeste alone.

Celeste is seated in the bullpen with a black eye. Nick is trying to help her out of that life by offering suggestions, options, and help. She tells him that now that she has had a taste of the good stuff she cannot go back. That her sister works for minimum wage and will never get a taste of the good life. She denies Nick's statement that she needs help and comments that you cannot ever start over, that you can only deal with what you have.

Nick excuses himself when he sees Natalie talking to Schanke. He walks over to them and learns that Mason cannot be the killer because he was at a party where it was being wiretapped and is on the tapes. Natalie reminds him that there is no murder weapon or fingerprints linking Morgan to the crime scene and that he had no blood or gunshot residue on his hands. Celeste is doing her best to catch the conversation. Natalie tells them that the shooter was approximately six inches shorter than Morgan was. Celeste is pleased to hear all of this.

Schanke comments that the Crown Prosecutor is not buying his attempt to get Morgan for procurement. Morgan's called Teflon because nothing seems to stick to him. Nick sees that Celeste realizes this and apologizes with his expression. She tells him she is not suicidal when he suggests pressing assault charges against him. She leaves.

Janette's at the Raven as the sun is rising. Celeste enters and orders a drink. When Miklos mentions they are closed, Janette tells him it is okay, so Celeste gets her drink. Mason enters and Janette reminds him that he is to stay out of her club. Mason tells her to stay out of his business and drinks Celeste's drink. Janette asks Celeste if she wants to stay, losing patience with Mason. Mason tells Janette that Celeste has somewhere, causing Janette to angrily comment that she did not ask him. When Celeste tries to go to Janette, Mason firmly pulls her away. Janette whammies Mason and pulls Celeste aside, and tells her she does not have to go with him. Celeste tells her that she does not know anything else. Morgan firmly and non-verbally tells Celeste that it's time to go and pays for the drinks. He gets his wrist hurt by Janette as she explains that she is not his honey. Mason angrily pulls Celeste from the club. Janette's gives his back a deadly glare as she crushes her wineglass.

She enters the loft and makes Nick shut the open blind, then starts in on a rant asking him how he could let Morgan go free and how he's supposed to rescue damsels in distress. How Morgan kills women slowly. Nick tells her there was no evidence to hold Morgan on and that he wants Morgan in prison, but needs proof. She angrily rants about Morgan making slaves out of women and asks what more proof Nick needs. Nick tells her that he will take care of it and Janette urges him to do it now. She rants that Nick should truly understand the horror of being controlled by someone else. His expression shows he does, but she tells him that he will never truly understand what it is like when every man believes that they own you. She is nearly in tears.

She flashes back to soldiers trying to have their way with her and her running to nuns for protection. How they ran from her when the soldier's told the nuns that she was a whore. Janette's cries for help are ignored as the man begins to rape her. She bites him and runs away. Her attacker is killed by LaCroix, whose glare scares her as well.

In the loft, Janette rants about a woman belonging to her father, then her husband, and then given to a servant if she can't produce an heir, or sold to a brothel if she stands in the way of a new marriage. She refuses to let Nick touch her as she tells him that very little has changed in the last 1,000 years. She angrily comments that no one pays much attention to another dead hooker. Nick asks what she wants him to do and when she tells him she wants Morgan to pay, he tells her it doesn't work like that and that his hands are tied. She tells him that hers are not.

At the precinct, Nick and Schanke are arguing over whether or not Celeste can be rehabilitated. Nick thinks so and Schanke does not because he's tried and failed too many times so he knows a hopeless cause when he sees one.

Nick visits Natalie in her lab and asks her if she thinks Celeste can be saved and hears that Celeste has to want to change, that Celeste is in a rough spot and that Nick's seen worse. When the tells her that Celeste would have a chance if they got Morgan, Natalie tells him that she likes him being a Good Samaritan and that it seems to agree with him. Schanke enters with bad news and tells them that they cannot charge Morgan for the murders because he is on the Federal wiretaps of another crook's birthday party.

Nick goes looking for Janette at the Raven and is not happy when Miklos is vague. Nick knows he is covering for Janette and where his vampire sister most likely went.

Outside, Nick takes to the air and lands by Morgan's door. He rushes inside and sees a vamped out Janette standing over a dead Morgan.

Natalie's finished examining the body, tells Nick that Morgan has not been dead long because the blood's barely congealed and apologizes for that comment. She tells them that the killer had a steady hand and asks if Janette did it. Nick reminds her that Janette would not use bullets.

Janette's bored and comments on Nick's spending every night at crime scenes. Nick tells her it's procedure. He teases Schanke when he sees his partner has gone back to his junk food diet. Schanke tells him that sugar is not going to kill him and celery will not save him so he is going to enjoy life. Schanke introduces Nick and Goodwin, a Vice cop. Natalie tells them that the bullet was a .9mm just like the one that killed Julie Beamer, and will check it for a match. When asked the odds on it matching, she tells them that she is pretty sure it will match. She comments on Mason's death being the end of it, and hears that the girls will just get a new pimp. That it is their version of mergers and acquisitions. That they do not know who the new boss will be. Nick subtly calms Janette. Goodwin wants to take Janette in for a series of tests, prints, photographing, and questioning, but due to the impending sunrise, Nick whammies him into believing Janette has been cleared. Natalie watches this and as they two vampires pass, begs them to teach her how to do it. They grin at her and leave.

Outside the Raven Janette tells Nick that she has seen enough of his career. He tells her that it's a living and that she didn't have to stay. She asks what it is like to live by mortal rules, and if it makes his life easier. When he tells her it does not, she asks why he does it. Why he doesn't just pick a side and act. He tells her that it helps him make the right choices. She chides him that he is old enough to know the difference between not guilty and innocent. She tells him that she is sorry she did not get to drain Morgan, but justice was done. Nick reminds her that Celeste is not free, but will only belong to someone else. Janette knows it is true as she watches Nick leave.

Janette flashes back to her time as a Paris prostitute. LaCroix touches her from behind, startling her. She tells him that she knows he has been doing it much longer than she realizes and that her pimp told him she is of noble blood. She tells him that he must meet her pimp's price and then she is his. LaCroix tells her that she can be so much more, but she must choose it because it is a gift that cannot be bought. That she must choose between coming with him and living, or staying and dying like her friend. That if she comes with him, no mortal will ever touch her without permission and live. That living forever is the best revenge. He sees that she's quite interested and sinks his fangs into her neck and begins to feed.

Schanke calls the loft and gets the answering machine. Nick hears his partner's comment that Goodwin's boys have not found Celeste so now it is their turn.

Later, the two detectives are in the caddy searching for Celeste, both knowing that she might not be cooperative. A prostitute tries to solicit them and after some questioning tells them that Julie and Celeste were a team.

In the precinct, Nick and Schanke are questioning Draper again, telling him that since he wasn't totally truthful they might have to interview all his family and friends, knowing he'd do anything to avoid it. Draper reluctantly admits that he paid the $300 for two girls for an hour.

Back in the Caddy, Schanke suggests that Celeste saw it all and is too scared to let anyone know what she saw. A call comes in over the radio, Goodwin telling them that he found Celeste in a cheap hotel and his babysitting her. Nick and Schanke head there.

Goodwin tells Celeste that he has a daughter her age and is trying to help Celeste see that she has options and that no matter how tough you are, things still get to you. She comments that he's nice, but reform isn't in her career plans as she pulls out her gun and shoots him twice before he can reach his gun.

Celeste enters the Raven at closing time crying that she needs protection, shocking Janette by hugging her.

Nick and Schanke arrive at the room and see Goodwin down, identify themselves as police as they enter. Nick comments that Goodwin did not feel threatened by the shooter or he would have had his gun out. Schanke comments that it means the killer was in the room the whole time. Schanke calls it in while Nick heads for the Raven.

Inside the Raven, Janette is listening to Celeste tell her that the killer came for her, that she has to get out of town and start over. That if she is forced to testify, he will kill her. Janette is contemplating a different sort of new start for Celeste. She tells Celeste that she can offer her a new beginning, where she alone decides who lives and dies for touching her without permission.

Janette flashes back to the brother and her joy as she drained the life out of her pimp, as he was raping a new arrival. LaCroix had pulled the man off the woman and held the terrified pimp against the wall for Janette to do with him as she pleased. He enjoyed watching his new daughter sink her fangs into the pimp and drain him. She comments that revenge is the best revenge.

Back in the present, Janette is about to sink her fangs into Julie's neck when Nick yells at her to stop, as he rushes into the club. He explains how Celeste killed Julie, Mason and a cop. Janette's features are normal. Celeste explains that it was the only way to get away. Janette asks Nick what the law says about a woman killing her abuser. Nick tells her that Celeste committed the three murders because they stood in her way of taking over Mason's operation. Janette's betrayal clearly shows on her face. Celeste tries to defend herself and when it does not work, she explains that she earned it and no one is going to take it from her. She shoots a vamped out, softly growling Janette three times. Nick has to keep Janette from attacking Celeste and is shot three times. Janette angrily tells Celeste that she was going to give her a wonderful gift, but should kill her for her betrayal. She tells a worried Nick that she is going to let the mortal justice system have Celeste. She makes Celeste forget she saw her as a vampire and then sleep.

Natalie removes the bullets from Janette, and is thanked and complimented on her skill. Nick gives her the bullets from himself and tells her where she is to say they came from. Natalie takes the evidence, her black bag and leaves.

Nick and Janette talk about Celeste once again being controlled by others. Janette comments that death would be easier and he comments that it would not give Celeste the chance to start over. She tells him that Celeste reminded her of herself, someone who destroys both friends and enemies. That she just wants Nick to be happy, and much to his surprise she tells him that she hopes he's right, that it's possible to start over again. Nick tells her that it's all about how one lives in captivity, how one must escape or die trying, no matter if they're mortal or vampire.

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