Season 2 Episode 3

Written by Phil Bedard and Larry Lalonde

Directed by Clay Borris

Guest cast:

Grace Balthazar............................. Sandi Ross

Emily Weiss.................................. Larissa Lapchinski

Andrew Marowski....................... Andrew Miller

Gloria Chapman............................ Laura Press

Fan Tansey................................... Ronn Sarosiak

V.J. Jessica.................................... Hayley Tyson

"Christian".................................... Normand Bissonnette

Detective McCabe........................ Brian Kaulback

In what looks like a scene from an old romance novel, Sophie is missing her lover, Christian. He arrives suddenly and makes her happy. She tells them they can be together and he kisses her neck. He is a vampire. He leaves to find his first kill, a female voiceover says.

It turns out to be Emily Weiss reading from her latest book, The Denied, on a television show. There are comments on Emily being bland as she is escorted to her dressing room, through the crowd of gathered fans, most wanting autographs.

Inside the dressing room, her boredom is momentarily relieved when the lights go out and she's attacked. The attacker is gone by the time the light comes back on a moment later. She looks in the mirror and sees two small round holes in her neck and a little blood running down her neck.

Schanke cannot believe Cohen wants them to baby-sit the writer, calling it a PR stunt. She reminds them that dead authors make them look bad, that it was attempted murder and the publisher's rep requested protection. She comments she is assigning them because they keep the same type of hours and she has arranged for a safe house. Schanke cannot believe it.

After they leave her office, Cohen pulls her copy of The Denied out of her desk, guiltily looking around, then starts reading. She seems to be about halfway through.

Schanke grumbles about homicide cops being assigned to babysitting detail and that Cohen is nuts for giving them the assignment. Nick seems a bit concerned.

Schanke and Nick enter the briefing room, introductions are made. The older woman with Emily is Gloria Chapman, from Harmon Books and the male is Andrew Marowski, her assistant. Emily and Nick seem to share some sort of connection. They discuss Gloria's concerns, especially since Emily refuses to cancel any of her appearances. Schanke's expression tells Nick he was right, it is a PR stunt. Emily explains it's not her first run in with overzealous fans and is sure that is what it is. Nick insists she see the medical examiner and get her wounds looked at.

Inside the Coroner's Office, Natalie looks at the pictures of the bite marks and determines they are definitely teeth marks, commenting that if it was a vampire it was scared off before it could do any real damage. Nick comments that Emily kept looking at him, that maybe she knows he is a vampire. Natalie comments that he's good looking and asks how could Emily know what he is. Nick tells Natalie that he has read Emily's books and she seems to have a sixth sense about vampires, which is extraordinary. Natalie tries not to sound too interested. Nick comments that he likes Emily's books and leaves. His comments make Natalie curious so she picks up her copy of The Denied and starts reading. Grace enters and knows exactly what page Natalie is on, making Natalie a little nervous. She is a little concerned that Grace might figure out Nick's secret.

Nick visits Janette at the Raven, telling her he needs to see LaCroix because someone in the Community tried to kill Emily Weiss earlier. Janette seems pleased as she tells him that many want to kill Emily, that Emily's books reveal too much about them, unlike the B movies or dime store novels which aren't taken seriously. Nick wants to protest, but knows she's right. Nick learns it could be LaCroix, and if it is, to be careful because he will not ally anyone to interfere. Nick tells her to let LaCroix know he's looking for him, kisses her and leaves. She watches him leave, as they still care for each other, even after all the centuries.

Nick arrives at the safe house.

Inside, Schanke is flipping through The Denied, disgust showing on his face along with confusion. Nick enters and sees Emily at her desk. Andrew and Gloria arrive a moment later. Schanke softly tells Nick that the book is filled with weird stuff and you would have to be a nut to fully enjoy it, especially the part where Christian drinks greedily from LaSalle's wrist. Schanke asks his partner what the big deal is about vampires, obviously not getting it. Gloria tells him that people like to read about taboos, that it's like intellectual voyeurism, which Schanke compares to Hard Copy, and she tells him he's close. Andrew comments that immortality is another reason. Nick asks Emily what she thinks, as she has been quiet. She's not sure what to say and tells them that it is a made up fairy tale. Nick asks if she doesn't believe in vampires, which she confirms, adding that she does keep their hours because she's always loved the night for it's silence, sweet scent and freedom. Nick is relieved and it shows. Schanke's not buying any of it and says so as he tells her they will take Emily's stuff upstairs.

Nick tells Emily that her books are not fairy tales, that they are full of power and passion. She seems disappointed that he does not see that in her. He tells her that it might be there, even if he does not see it. She comments on how people like her books, not her, which is fine with her. He is intrigued by her and she by him. He apologizes for disturbing her work and leaves.

Nick's at the loft. He's reading the book and puts himself into it as Christian. A now blonde Emily is Sophie. They kiss and he sends her off to marry Gaston. She is not happy and protests, loving him too much to ever love another man. He refuses to give in. LaCroix is in the book as LaSalle, Christian's evil master. LaSalle tells Christian that he knows what he must do to keep her for himself and asks why he is waiting. Christian tells him he is not a murderer, which LaSalle tells him is exactly what he is. In addition, he will be weak as long as he denies it. Christian comments that he was made a vampire on a whim and he will not do that to Sophie. LaSalle tries to get him to believe that he is free of any rules or guilt, but Christian refuses to give in. Nick breaks out of the novel inspired daydream and closes the book.

An officer sits in his unmarked car across the street, protecting the safe house's exterior. It is storming.

Inside, Emily is getting ready for bed when she remembers Nick's earlier compliment and smiles, wondering if he could be right. Schanke's downstairs reading The Denied and making good progress. The stormy night is adding to the spookiness of the book. Emily further spooks Schanke by suddenly appearing by him, dressed. They talk about the book, once he gets over being embarrassed caught reading it. She is pleased he likes it.

Someone sneaks up and violently attacks McCabe from behind. There is a brief struggle before McCabe passes out against the car horn, startling Schanke.

Schanke runs out into the storm calling out McCabe's name, and when he sees the officer, he tells Emily to call for help. Schanke runs over to the car and is relieved to see McCabe is alive, even if he is unconscious.

An ambulance is there and paramedics are treating a now conscious McCabe's neck wound. Nick asks Schanke if he still thinks it is all a PR stunt, and Schanke comments that he is not sure. Schanke tells them they have nothing on who assaulted and bit McCabe that he moves fast. Gloria approaches and demands to know how the lunatic knew where Emily was, as it was supposed to be a secret. Andrew listens in. Nick comments that it happens sometimes, which only seems to agitate Gloria. Andrew asks who would want to kill a writer. Gloria brings up Solomon Rushdie. Nick asks Emily how she is doing and hears that she feels awful. She feels bad for the injured officer, and believes that it is all happening because of her. He reassures her the officer is fine. She tells him not to bother questioning her as she is remembering something that happened long ago.

LaCroix watches from across the street, curious to see what happens next.

Nick offers his loft as the new safe house, much to Gloria's disgust as it sounds like he is hitting on her. Schanke teases Nick about it. LaCroix's pleased. Nick is not at all happy when he senses LaCroix.

Inside the Raven, Nick asks Janette to watch over Emily because only a vampire can protect a mortal from another vampire. She tells him he's crazy and reminds him she believes Emily must die. Nick tells her that he knows he can trust her and knows it is a lot to ask, and appreciates her help. She looks disgusted as she tells him he has been spending too much time in the sun.

Nick and Janette enter the loft where Emily is waiting, and introductions are made. Nick reminds Janette to behave as he leaves, hoping everything will be okay, knowing he has no other choice. Emily seems a little nervous around Janette, which could be partly due to Janette eyeing her like prey.

In Natalie's office, she is still reading the book, totally engrossed in it. She places herself in the story as Sophie, with Nick as Christian.

She tells him that if she is so in love with him, that no one else will ever do. He is telling her that he must forget her because they can never be together. When tells him that she cannot, he shows her why she must, as he vamps out, scaring her. He tells her she is in love with a monster, which she denies. He pushes away all contact with her, despite how hard she tries to touch him. He tells her that he will always love her and protect her. They share a long passionate kiss before he pulls away and rushes out of the room, leaving her behind devastated and in tears, calling out for him.

Natalie lets out a small, startled yelp when Nick sneaks up behind her and sees her reading The Denied. Nick teases her and she gets a little defensive. He defuses the situation by telling her that the book's very accurate, but overly dramatic which surprises and pleases her. She tells him its too bad about the overdramatic parts.

Inside the loft, Janette asks Emily if she's falling in love with Nick and tells him that she does not know, but might be. Emily asks Janette if she is thirsty, not realizing that Janette is hungrily staring at her Jugular. Janette tells her she is debating that, making Emily even more nervous.

Inside the Coroner's Office, Natalie tells Nick that the attack on McCabe was not very well done for a vampire as she studies the pictures. She comments on how Emily and McCabe's bite marks were very similar, and can only give him a maybe when he asks if it was a vampire. He comments on it being a very clumsy vampire, if it was one. She comments that it could have been done that way on purpose to throw off suspicion, to which he admits is possible. She knows Emily is staying at the loft, thanks to Schanke. When she notices that something is bothering him she inquires, carefully watching his reactions. He comments that he does not want to see Emily get hurt, noticing the slight jealousy there. When she tells him that if he is attracted to Emily, he should act on it, he tells her that it's too dangerous. He leaves and she sports a small triumphant grin.

Inside the loft, Emily tells Janette that vampires do not really exist. Janette doesn't like the answer and tries to confirm what she says a bit mockingly, then tells her that maybe she'll have that drink. She vamps out and moves away, trying to regain control. Nick's comment that he trusts her runs through her mind, causing her to fight harder and regain control. She collapses on the couch next to Emily and does not sound too convincing when she tells Emily she is okay. Via telepathy, LaCroix tells Janette that she did good by not killing Emily, that it's not her job, but Nick's as he hovers over the skylight.

Nick and Schanke are searching the crime scene. Schanke is grumbling that they will not find anything new. Nick finds a red jewel-like item in a sewer grate and hands to Schanke, and telling him to check it out.

Nick faces LaCroix across the street. LaCroix scolds Nick for not doing his duty and killing Emily because she is a threat to the Community.

Back at the loft, Nick arrives home and sees a not so happy Janette. She tells him that LaCroix wants him to kill Emily and he tells her that he knows it. She teasingly comments on LaCroix making Nick and asks if he can trust him. She leaves.

Emily comments on Janette being beautiful and fascinating, to which Nick agrees. She enquires how they met and learns a mutual acquaintance set them up, and they are just friends. She notices he is reading her book. Nick asks Emily why she writes about vampires and is surprised when she tells him that she finds them more human because of their struggles, their terrible secrets and overpowering desires. Nick sees that someone mortal finally, truly understands what it is like to be a vampire. She also tells Nick about a friend's suicide when she was young and how it was due to one-sided love, his. She sees how interested he is in what she is saying and comments that she is telling him things she can barely tell herself. They find themselves further drawn to each other. She tells him about Frankie Curtain, he lived across the street and how they used to read Shelley and Poe together. She tells Nick that Frankie killed himself because he deeply loved her, but she could not return the feelings. That she tries not to let anyone in so she will not be hurt that badly again. His expression shows how completely he understands. She tells him she writes to bury the longing, the desire, and the passion. They kiss. He tries to pull away but she wants more. They kiss again and then he tells her that he is pulling himself away, even though it hurts him. She walks away and Nick is disturbed by his attraction to her, upset and hurt that he cannot give her what she wants. She heads off to bed as she has a big night. Nick thinks about one more relationship he wants, but cannot have.

Nick and Schanke are talking while watching over Emily at a book signing. The guy from the TV interview crowd is in line and is a bit antsy. Schanke grumps that the lab guys are teasing him about the piece of cut glass Nick had Schanke get checked out. Emily approaches with writer's cramp and comments on the quill pen era. Schanke comments on the bringing across scene not sounding accurate, getting lighthearted teasing from Nick on how Schanke knows what the real way would be and how it's a nice break from the comics. Schanke gets a compliment from Emily on liking the book.

Schanke puts himself into the book as LaSalle, dressed very stereotypically and sounding very evil as he tells Christian that that he has to destroy Sophie or that he (LaSalle) will. He kills Gaston as Sophie watches horrified. LaSalle shows her what he has done as a big favor to her. Nick's Christian again, and enters, calling out to LaSalle. There is a brief disagreement and tug of war over Sophie before Christian wins. Christian tells her to hurry and get out of there, which she does. LaSalle tells Christian that he killed the husband so Christian is free to take Sophie without guilt. Christian throws LaSalle out as LaSalle warns Christian to do his duty or be destroyed, laughing evilly as he leaves, cape over his face. Schanke wakes up startled and unsettled by his dream.

LaCroix arrives to taunt Nick about mortals having no idea what they are, even with all their psychology, pointing out a guy who is going to be trouble. Right on cue the guy rushes the table in totally obsessed fan-stalker mode, demanding to know why there hasn't been a response to his thousands of letters. Emily is scared. Nick pulls him away and when Schanke has the perp, rushes back to check on Emily. He tells Emily and Gloria, who are both shaken up, that they believe they got their guy.

Inside the precinct, Cohen tells Nick and Schanke that the obsessed stalker they are presently struggling to hold onto is not their attacker because a letter came in after they grabbed the guy at the bookstore. The three cops are not happy because it means they have the wrong man in custody. The note says that he is still near her, will always watch over her and they cannot stop him.

Emily's now quite attractive as she is reading with passion from her book. Nick is in the audience, still drawn to her, as she is to him.

Emily is Sophie this time and Nick is Christian. She then asks him to bring her across, which he denies telling her he will not bring her into his hell. She tells him that denying his true nature is living in hell. He asks how she can accept him when he is neither living nor dead, and she tells him that is how she is when she is not with him. She tells him she wants to spend forever with him. Christian kisses her, takes her and brings her across, unable to resist her any longer.

Applause breaks out as she finishes. Gloria notices the major positive changes. Schanke and Nick arrange to get Emily back to the dressing room safely. Gloria praises her enthusiastic reading and she tells her that she has never been so inspired before. Her whisper to Nick that he is her Christian surprises and worries him.

Natalie's in her office studying the bite mark pictures of Emily and McCabe when she makes a major discovery.

Nick is trying to figure what he is sensing, as he spots the panther headed cane. He notices that one of its glass eyes is missing. Andrew intercepts him before he can get any closer telling Nick that they will have to fight off the crowds to get Emily to the dressing room. Schanke, Gloria and Andrew escorts her to her dressing room while Nick looks around, sensing something.

Schanke half jokingly tells Emily to scream if she needs him and leaves the cop outside to guard the door.

Inside the room, the panther headed cane is hiding behind a chair. Emily comments on what a character Schanke is. Andrew tells her that maybe she will write about him next because she is writing about people she knows and that he is Christian. She disagrees and tells him that she does not know any real vampires. The conversation is unnerving her. He's deluded and shows her the panther headed cane, missing one of its red jewel-like eyes. When he caresses he cheek with the cane she's terrified and asks what he's dong. He tells her that he is Christian, and that there is no need to fear him. She tries to explain that Christian is just a character she created but it only angers him, causing him to comment that she drew the characters from the people around her. When she suggests they talk with Detective Knight, he is angered. He tells her he will destroy Knight if he gets in the way. He tells her there is escape as he grabs her from behind and tells Sophie they will be together forever.

Natalie rushes into the lobby and tells Nick that she ran a blood test on McCabe's bandages, which showed two distinct blood types. This can only happens when a vampire has recently fed, and then it's full of their digestive enzymes, and her samples were pure. Nick comments that it is a human suffering from the major delusion that he is a vampire. Nick remembers the cane and the line that the perp would always be near her and watch over her, along with LaSalle commenting that the panther kills to survive, but is it a murderer? Nick sees the cane is missing and runs to the Emily's dressing room, Natalie right behind him, telling her that the cane is missing. Nick bursts into the dressing room when Schanke tells Nick that Emily is alone with Andrew.

Schanke cannot believe it when Nick tells them it is Andrew. The only thing inside the room is the panther headed cane Andrew left behind. Nick hands the cane to Natalie and takes off for the roof where Andrew is taking Emily via the fire escape.

Up on the roof, the delusional Andrew has a terrified Emily out on the edge. He tells her that it is the only way for them to be together. Nick rushes out and Emily fills him in. Andrew calls him LaSalle and tells him to back off. Nick vamps out and plays along to save Emily. Andrew freaks out and runs away from Nick. LaCroix catches him and drains him against Nick's protest. He tosses Andrew's body to the street below. He orders Nick to kill Emily. She is a little surprised to see Nick really is a vampire. Nick whammies her into forgetting she saw him and LaCroix vamped out and that she will live her passions and never write about vampires again. When she snaps out of the whammy, LaCroix is not happy but satisfied and leaves. Nick acts professional as he helps her down off the ledge. She sees Andrew's body splattered on the street below and takes it hard. She tells him that it is happening again, and that she will never write another vampire novel.. Nick calls her Ms. Weiss as he escorts her off the roof.

At the loft, Natalie tells him that his feelings for Emily were human. Nick doubts her, reminding her that he nearly destroyed Emily. That by not taking her, he sacrificed his needs and that is very human. She comments that nothing will be the same after love, causing Nick to realize she is quoting the last line of The Denied. She tells him what he felt for Emily has brought him closer to what he wants to be, adding how love can be a bitch. He looks at her sadly as he tells her he wishes, but does not finish the sentence, looking away instead. She knows exactly what he's saying as she bites her lip so she won't grin as he was talking about his feelings for her, which are the same feelings she has for him. She tells him good night and leaves, seeing an even sadder look on his face. She stops briefly but does not say anything as she knows there is nothing to say. She lets the lift door close.

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