Season 2 Episode 5 (aired as episode 4)

Written by Michael Levine and John Scheinfeld

Directed by Don McCutcheon

Guest cast:

Young Katherine Barrington................ Stephanie Morgenstern

Older Katherine Barrington................. Corinne Conley

Young Jeremy Stanton......................... Matt Cooke

Older Jeremy Stanton.......................... Donald Davis

Young Madelyn Pinchot...................... Venetia Marie

Older Madelyn Pinchot........................ Fran Elliott

Aristotle................................................ R.D.Reid

Ava Franklin......................................... Carolyn Hay

Detective Norton.................................. John Freisen

Paul Blondell........................................ Paul O’Sullivan

George................................................. Vernon Chapman

Inside a warehouse, a woman in her sixties is tied to a chair terrified and crying. A

tray full of surgical tools is visible, as are the cold dark eyes of a man. He asks where Katherine is.

It is now a crime scene. Schanke does not know who the victim is, but Nick does.

Nick flashes back to 1953 Toronto. Madelyn frantically bangs on the garage door calling out Katherine's name. Katherine's inside the garage unconscious from the car exhaust fumes, looking as if she had been placed there. Nick hears the commotion and runs out to the garage calling Katherine's name. When there is no response, his eyes turn yellow. He tries to keep Madelyn from seeing, but she does, backing away in fear, asking what sort of creature he is. Nick grabs the garage door handle.

At the crime scene, Schanke sees the way Nick looks at the victim and asks if he know her. Nick says he does not, tossing the sheet over her face. Schanke is not sure Nick's telling the truth, but is not going to push it.

Inside Natalie's office, she is doing an external examination of the victim, telling her tape recorder the ligature marks on the victim's wrists and ankles show she was bound tightly. Blunt trauma to the occipital region caused massive intracranial bleeding. Nick arrives. She tells them Jane Doe was tortured to death, and died at least twenty-four hours ago. She asks if there is any ID. Nick tells her Metro does not know who she is. Natalie recognizes Nick's expression, commenting he does. He admits he knows the victim from a lifetime ago. Her name's Madelyn Pinchot. He tells Natalie he met Gordon and Katherine Barrington in London in the fifties when Gordon flew for the RAF and she worked for the Red Cross. They became close friends and corresponded after the Barrington's moved to Toronto after the war. They did not see each other until an urgent telegram from Katherine.

Nick tells Natalie about it as he flashes back to his arrival at the Barrington residence. Nick tells Madelyn he's Nicholas Hammond and wishes to see Katherine Barrington, hearing she is not taking visitors. Nick hands over a partial picture, telling Madelyn he is sure she will see him. Madelyn tells him to wait there and goes to see Katherine. Moments later Katherine comes to the door. Nick nervously paces outside. They are pleased to see each other again, wishing it hadn't taken Gordon's death. She tells Nick she hoped he would keep the picture. His half has Katherine and Gordon sitting at a restaurant table. She is quite sad as she tells him he looks good, asking about his trip. He tells her it was good and he's very sorry to hear about Gordon, then asks about her. She tells him the worst is over, most the guests are gone and the funeral's tomorrow. She wraps her arms around him thanking him for his support and comfort as she cries on his shoulder. He holds her close.

Natalie asks how Madelyn fits in. Nick tells her Madelyn was Katherine's private secretary and personal confidante, almost like the sister she never had. Natalie's eager to hear the rest of it, prodding Nick to tell her. Nick tells her Madelyn and Katherine disappeared without a trace shortly after his arrival, further arousing her curiosity. Schanke's arrival prevents her from learning more. Schanke's annoyed Nick did not tell him where he was going. Schanke tells them they got a match on a missing person's report and need to go. She asks Nick how they disappeared. Nick grins, telling her they had help from an expert. Natalie grins, sure what happened, and likes it.

Nick and Schanke see a sign for Madame Natasha's psychic readings on the door, and are told to enter before they can knock. Ava Franklin tells them a poltergeist did not trash the place, neither did robbers as nothing is missing. When she shakes Nick's hand, she gets a mental glimpse of Madelyn dead from being tortured. Nick asks how she knows this. She tells them she's Madam Natasha's student. Madam Natasha was helping her refine her unpredictable gift. She has visions, premonitions that sometimes come true. They learn Madame was first reported as missing three days ago when she missed a lecture, which she never does. Ava tried to contact Natasha but could not. Nick asks if there was anything unusual before Madame disappeared. Ava tells them about the old guy who visited and argued with Madame. Schanke asks for a description and hears the old guy had a powerful aura. He asks for something that could be pulled out of a lineup. She says the guy was about six feet tall and had broad shoulders.

Nick flashes back to 1953 Toronto. Katherine says goodbye to those paying their respects. Jeremy Stanton, a six-foot tall, broad shouldered guy patronizes her as he offers his sympathy. She tells Jeremy she will manage. He patronizingly tells her to call if she needs anything. She's annoyed and tells Jeremy he has done enough. He wants to talk to her tomorrow about pressing matters before the board, and hears the board can wait. He tells her they have already voted and assured him they had have her full consent, she just has to sign. He is cut off by her telling Jeremy to talk to Madelyn.

In the present, Nick asks Ava if she saw anything else. She gets a few flashes of people dancing, a disco ball spinning, telling Nick about them. Schanke asks if they can look around. Ava points out the bedroom. Nick and Schanke examine the bedroom and find nothing useful for the case. Schanke tells Nick Ava is not playing with a full deck, along with a table-levitating thing his grandmother and her friends used to do. They asked dead people skill-testing questions. Schanke loudly comments they should bring in forensics. Nick uncovers a cross, pleased to see Schanke didn't notice his much milder response to it. He examines a silver lamp base, finding half a picture inside. It is a picture of Katherine with an odd shadow next to her.

Inside the bullpen, a copy of Wealth Magazine is on Nick's desk, Jeremy Stanton is one of the three men on the cover. The headline is about the Barrington Stanton deal of the decade. Nick holds up the woman's picture to magazine's and asks a passing officer to blow up the woman's picture as large as he can without losing definition. The officer takes the picture and leaves. Schanke recognizes Stanton. He cannot believe it when Nick tells him Stanton is a suspect, seeking confirmation it is the Stanton on the magazine cover. Nick confirms it. Schanke reminds Nick how well politically connected Stanton is. Schanke tells Nick he does not see how Stanton could be involved. Nick states he knows Stanton killed Madame Natasha. Schanke's shocked, telling Nick if he can make it stick, he will build him a shrine. Schanke shows Nick the thick computer printout on Madame Natasha containing her life history. Nick tells him it is remarkable, slightly sarcastic. Schanke tells him real detective work is research. Nick tells him to keep an eye on Stanton and leaves.

Nick flashes back to 1953 Toronto. Katherine comments she's the Barrington of Barrington Industries and does not know how to run a corporation. It is overwhelming. Nick suggests letting Stanton run the daily operations. She tells Nick it is a constant struggle with Stanton. Nick suggests she sell her part of the company and reinvest, start over. She's young and has time. She tells him she does not think Gordon would want that, since he worked so hard to build the company, and a part of her enjoys frustrating Stanton, keeping him in check. Katherine comments she loves the Auburn Gordon gave her as a birthday gift. The hood ornament looks like an angel standing against the wind. She remembers Gordon flying missions over Germany and every day fearing he would not come home. She steeled herself for it, and when the war was over, she stopped. She is near tears. Nick comforts her. She admits she possibly took life with Gordon for granted, wishing she was anywhere else, even closer to tears. Nick tells Katherine her happiness should be the most important thing. It is what Gordon would have wanted, and it is only business. She tells Nick Jeremy Stanton murdered her husband and she will be next.

In the bullpen Nick is looking at Commerce Weekly's headline about the honeymoon between Barrington Stanton and Tokyo being over. Cohen asks Nick what he has on Jane Doe, learning she's Natasha Perry and she did psychic readings and related things. She has only lived in town for the past few years. Cohen asks why someone would want to torture a quiet old lady to death. Nick says he does not know but forensics is still going over the apartment. Cohen comments they live in a sick world.

Nick flashes back to 1953 again and enters Captain Norton's office. Nick tells him he wants to discuss Gordon Barrington's death on behalf his wife, who believes it was not an accident. Nick hears that grief does strange things to a widow's imagination, Norton's nose is still buried in his paper. Norton says Barrington died in a car accident, and rarely drove himself. If he had, maybe he would be alive. He was speeding and when the road went one way, he went the other. Gordon's car was found at the bottom of Scarborough Bluffs, ending that sad story. They may not be Scotland Yard, but they know what they are doing. Nick inquires why they did not question Stanton over his falling out with Gordon. Norton explains that Stanton is a pillar of the community and if they had their way, he would be the pope. Stanton shares Nick's concern about Barrington's unfortunate demise. When Nick does not leave, Norton returns to his paper and ignores Nick.

Someone's hiding on the dark street outside of Natasha's apartment building, and is handed an envelope of money. They pull out a garrote, ready for their victim.

Nick enters the Raven, finds Janette in the wine cellar, and tells her needs to get in touch with Aristotle. She asks if he is moving on, hearing he is not leaving yet, and she would miss him too much. She tells him she will see what she can find out. They kiss. She wishes he did not have to run off.

Nick flashes back to 1953 again. Katherine's car is in the foreground. She's about to start her car when a black gloved hand covers her nose and mouth with a cloth. She struggles and quickly passes out. The engine is started, the rope/wire working the garage door is cut. The assailant escapes under the closing garage door. Madelyn walks over to the garage, calling out Katherine's name. Katherine is unconscious inside the garage, as it quickly fills with exhaust fumes. Nick hears Madelyn's anguished cries along with the pounding and rushes to the garage. He vamps out and forces the door up, scaring Madelyn when she sees his face. Exhaust fumes billow out as Nick rushes in and rescues Katherine. He sets the coughing Katherine on the grass a distance from the garage, kneeling beside her as her arms wrap around him. He comforts her. Madelyn keeps her distance, still afraid of Nick. Katherine starts to tell Nick a man attacked her, changing her mind, telling him she is thankful he was there. Madelyn's still scared and tells them Nick changed. Nick's expression and heart sink. He is hoping he will not lose two more friends because of his vampirism scaring them off. Katherine asks Nick what he is.

At the loft, Natalie carries their dinner to the coffee table, asking Nick if he told Katherine and Madelyn what he was. Nick admits he did, and he made Madelyn forget. He tells her some friendships are deeper than others, and some people you trust with your soul as he gently caresses her hair. She looks at him with a smile. He rhetorically asks her how often that's happened to him in 800 years, as they both know the answer is not often. Natalie asks how Katherine took it and hears she was fascinated, and somewhat understanding of what Nick had been through. Natalie comments that it was Jeremy Stanton who tried to kill Katherine. Nick explains Stanton tried to make it look like a suicide, not thinking anyone would question him. It would look like a grieving woman took her own life after her husband's funeral. Nick knew it was only a matter of time before Stanton went after Katherine again. Natalie seems a little surprised, but not totally surprised.

Nick flashes back to 1953. Katherine tells him they should go to the police. Nick tells her he did and Stanton might have them all in his pocket. She tells him she cannot wait around for Stanton to try again. Nick tells her he has had to leave one life and start another many times, because of what he is. It is difficult, but possible. She tells him nothing is keeping her there. He tells her he knows someone who can make Katherine Barrington disappear, giving her a new identity and a new beginning. When Katherine asks about Madelyn, Nick says she can come if she wants. Katherine points out if she leaves, Stanton wins. Nick tells her it's not true because Gordon left her fifty-one percent of the company. She can have a proxy sent from a different part of the world each year so it cannot be traced. As long as the signature can be verified, Stanton cannot assume control. Katherine comments she used to dream of a family with Gordon, not finishing the sentence. Nick tells her dreams are portable. He carries his with him.

Natalie asks where Katherine is. Nick tells her he does not know. Natalie comments she though he took her to someone who would make her disappear. Nick confirms he did. Then it was out of his hands. Natalie comments they did an excellent job, slightly sarcastic. Nick comments the person who arranged it all is probably the best in the world and it was dumb luck that lead Stanton to the chance meeting with Madelyn. Nick answers the telephone, learning from Schanke that Ava Franklin is dead.

Inside Natasha's apartment, Schanke believes her, commenting she might have known something after all. Natalie tells Nick and Schanke it was a single shot to the back of the head execution style, and was probably a nine-millimeter. Schanke comments it is the same MO as Madame. Someone was probably pressing her for info she would not give. Natalie heads off to her office. Schanke tells Nick he hopes he still does not think Stanton did it because he checked out squeaky clean. Nick comments Stanton paid someone to do it. A cranky Schanke tells Nick he would not hold out on his partner. Nick says he will fill him in when he is sure.

Nick is inside the Barrington Stanton Industries building. He enters Stanton's office, telling Stanton he is pleased he agreed to see him so quickly. He asks Nick if they have met somewhere before because Nick looks vaguely familiar. Nick denies it, saying he would remember if they had. Nick tells Stanton about Natasha Perry's murder and comments Ava had seen him there beforehand. Stanton explains that she bore an uncanny resemblance to someone he thought had died years ago, surprised to see her walking down the street. He learned that she was not who he thought she was, and left. Nick asks if that is the only time they spoke. Stanton asks if Nick is implying he is involved with her death. Nick's tone turns more interrogating, commenting she's dead the day after they fight, asking if he is wrong to assume there might be a connection. Stanton is disturbed. Nick tells Stanton he knows it's a stressful time for him with the Tokyo deal falling through, and how one vote stood between him and a half a billion dollar commission, Katherine Barrington's vote. Stanton looks at Nick surprised, not sure what to make of it because Nick knows more than most homicide detectives should.

Nick's at the loft studying the blown up picture found at Madame Natasha's but it is not providing any new clues. Janette calls to tell him Aristotle will see him. Nick studies the picture knowing there is a clue, if no the answer.

Aristotle's office has racks of optical data disks, multiple hard drives and several monitors. There are no windows, decorations or fancy furniture. Aristotle looks like an older bookworm, and if he were mortal, one might suggest decaf. Nick enters and Aristotle asks if it's time to move on, suggesting many places. Nick cuts in, telling him he's not going anywhere, but is looking for a friend Aristotle helped make disappear years ago. Aristotle tells Nick he knows the rules.

Nick flashes back to 1953 as he visits Aristotle. All of Aristotle's records are on paper. He tells Nick he should stay away from the States because they would mistake him for a commoner. Nick tells Aristotle he wants him to help two mortal friends disappear because their lives are in danger. Aristotle reminds Nick that if the Enforcers hear about it they are dead. He refuses to do it. Nick reminds Aristotle he still owes Nick for the Battle of Hastings. When Aristotle tries to brush it off, Nick brings up the Inquisition. Aristotle's a bit embarrassed about that one and reluctantly agrees to help. Nick tells him he would not do it if it wasn't a matter of life and death. Aristotle gets total control over all the details and they must live everything behind. No one will know where they are once they leave his office. Nick agrees, thanks him and leaves.

In the present, in Aristotle's office, an agitated Aristotle tells Nick no. Nick asks Aristotle to point him in the right direction. Aristotle tells Nick he does not give out any information to anyone even under torture. He tells Nick he is a detective, so go find them himself. Nick's not happy, but knows Aristotle is right.

In 1953 at the Barrington residence, Madelyn sticks two suitcases into the Auburn as Nick arrives. Nick and Aristotle get out of the car. Aristotle takes the suitcases while Nick tells Katherine she cannot take the car. She protests, stating Gordon gave it to her. Nick holds firm, telling her those are the rules. He reminds her there can be no loose ends. She touched the car one last time as a goodbye. She gives Nick a black and white picture to remember her and Gordon by. He tells her he will always remember them. They share a kiss on the lips. He tells her to have a good life and they say goodbye. She sadly looks at Nick as the car with her, Madelyn and Aristotle pulls away. Nick watches.

Inside Jeremy Stanton's office, he learns one of his people found Katherine. Stanton comments it is about time. The guy tells Stanton he was right about the safety deposit box being a dead drop. Ava Franklin was the go between. He found some letters. Stanton inquires about Katherine's whereabouts and is told to let him handle it because the cops are too close. Stanton tells his thug to keep the cops at bay because he wants the pleasure of dealing with Katherine Barrington himself. He demands to know her location.

Inside the loft, Nick and Natalie are staring at the blown up picture. She tells him not to blame himself, people who want to be lost are hard to find. He reminds her he knows all about disappearing acts. She suggests trying a different angle. Katherine might have made a mistake, let down her guard after all these years. Nick spots the clue he has been looking for. He shows Natalie the shadow, telling her it looks familiar. Then it hits, it's the hood ornament from Katherine's 1936 Auburn. Natalie says she thought Katherine had to leave everything behind. Nick confirms it, stating she could have bought another one.

The Celidh Art Centre is having a senior dance. The room is full of lively seniors dancing to old-fashioned music. Katherine Barrington is dancing with her husband, George. They seem very happy together. She thanks him for bringing her back to a favorite place from her youth. He teases her for revealing a bit of her mysterious past. They kiss. The love between them quite evident. She tells him she loves him.

In the bullpen, Schanke is typing, telling Nick if he keeps at Stanton, he is in for a lot of grief. Cohen approaches and tells him about the nasty call she got from Stanton's lawyers, telling him to immediately stop harassing Stanton, unless he wants to spend the rest of his career chasing stray dogs. Nick tells her Stanton killed Madame Natasha and probably Ava Franklin too. Cohen tells Nick to make sure it is rock solid or Stanton's friends in the Mayor's office will hang him out to dry. Schanke's printout finally comes up. He tells Nick he doesn't understand why Nick's interested in 1936 Auburns, telling him two are still registered in Ontario, one's in a museum. Nick rips the sheet of paper out of Schanke's hand before he can read the other name and hurries out. Schanke grumbles Nick's unsaid thanks.

Stanton's thug is watching the precinct. Nick pulls away and is followed. Before long, Nick notices, pulls off the main road and stops. The thug pulls up and approaches the driver's window, ready to shoot Nick, but the car is empty. He backs up and runs into Nick at the trunk. Nick takes thug's gun and tosses it to the ground while tossing the thug over the car. Nick grabs the thug and angrily asks for confirmation that Stanton is his boss. When the thug does not say anything, Nick growls and the thug admits it. Nick has to get even nastier to learn Stanton knows exactly where Katherine is. Nick drops the gagged and probably cuffed thug into the trunk of the Caddy, then calls Schanke and tells him where to pick up suspected killer of Ava Franklin and possibly Madame Natasha. He tells Schanke that he is going to Hamilton to pick up Katherine.

Nick takes to the sky and lands at Katherine's house, which is slightly smaller than her last one. Parked in the driveway is the 1936 Auburn. Nick heads into the house from the side. He enters through the kitchen, checks through the small stack of mail, and finds nothing. Something on the fridge catches his attention. He sees pictures of Katherine and George. Their happiness and love shines through. He sees the large, colorful poster for the dance, triggering a flashback to Ava telling him she saw music, people dancing and a spinning ball. It is an invitation only ballroom dance at the Celidh Art Centre on May third at eight pm. Nick rushes out of the house.

In the Celidh Art Centre, the disco ball spins overhead. Jeremy Stanton watches Katherine and George dancing from the balcony. He shoves a clip into his gun and aims. Nick flies high over the city on his way there. The music stops and everyone applauds. George tells Katherine he will get their coats. As soon as Katherine is alone, she hears a voice. She turns around and gets an unexpected and unpleasant surprise, Jeremy Stanton. Her hatred and anger show as she asks how he found her. Stanton lies, telling her Madelyn told him. Katherine angrily tells him Madelyn would never tell, learning Stanton had her tortured and she kept her silence. She is horrified. Stanton tells her Madelyn's dead, and she will be dead very soon, aiming his weapon at her chest. He asks her why she made his misery her life's work. He is getting closer to the breaking point. She tells him she disagreed with him, which was her right. Nick lands outside the center. Stanton's more upset as he tells her he built her fortune, asking why she ruined the deal, which would have capped his career. He admits to killing her husband. She's shocked and hurt. He tells her it is her turn, aiming his gun at her. Nick lands near him. When he turns to see who it is, Nick grabs the gun. He pins Stanton's arm behind his back, shocking Katherine. Nick is wondering how she will react. She slowly approaches, touches his cheek, commenting it really is him. Nick's surprised but pleased, giving her a warm grin, gently calling her old friend. She grins back at him.

Inside the loft as the sun sets, Nick and Katherine are looking at the photo album full of black and white pictures, enjoying catching up. Both are happy to see each other again. She tells him about the pictures. He remembers some of them. They come to the ripped picture of Madelyn and Katherine feels bad because she died protecting her. Nick tells her she cannot blame herself for Stanton's ruthlessness. Katherine comments Madelyn was loyal to the end, just like Nick has been. Nick asks why she returned after all these years. She tells him that in spite of Aristotle's rules, she and her husband George have memories here and she thought after all the years it would be safe. He kisses her hand. She tells him she did not find it hard leaving one life for another. She did not miss Katherine Barrington. Nick smiles, telling her he did. She smiles back. He tells her the company is hers, and hears she does not want it, she never did. They can sell it. Stanton's in jail and cannot profit. Everything she wants is right there. She turns the page and asks Nick if he still has the picture she gave him. He pulls it out of his pocket and hands it to her. She puts her half with his picture next to his half with her and Gordon's picture together.

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