Season 2, episode 8 (aired as episode 5)

Written by Naomi Jenzen

Directed by Jon Cassar

Guest stars:

Matthew................................ Karl Pruner

Holly..................................... Linda Prystawski

Thomas the Vampire............. Robert Bockstael

David Barton......................... Jody Racicot

Councillor Cardelli................ Gerry Mendicino

Helen Ruskin-Slater.............. Anne Wessels

Tattoo artist............................ Paul Wildbaum

Egyptian Servant Girl............. Susan Bryson

Vincent Cardelli...................... John Stoneham Jr.

Alyce Hunter.......................... Christine Reeves

13th Century Mile.................. Helene Rousse

Joan of Arc............................. Christina Cox

Alexandra............................... Cynthia Belliveau

Lucy/Sylvaine......................... Andrea Roth

Inside the Luminology basement, Vincent Cardelli shuts off the circuit breaker box in the basement and stands on a metal stepladder to trace some suspicious wiring. Someone dumps a mop bucketful of water beneath him and then turns the juice back on with a wooden mop handle. Vincent Cardelli is electrocuted. The killer sneaks away.

Inside the bullpen, Cohen learns there has been no word from Nick for two weeks. Schanke tells her Nick had to get into the core group. The Luminologists are very tight and trust no one outside their group. He went down there after the Cardelli kid was fried found getting information nearly impossible. Cohen reminds them who the boy's father is, hearing Schanke remark he is Councilor Cardelli, the guy who signs their paychecks. She tells him the Councillor wants to see action ASAP, and he is to find out what Knight is up to. Schanke reminds her they cannot just go busting in there as she walks away. Schanke grumbles to no one that if they do, they jeopardize the whole investigation.

The leader of the Luminology cult, Matthew, tells his group people think they worship the sun, commenting those people have them mixed up with Californians. The group of men and women, old and young laugh. Matthew tells them the sun is their symbol, their focus point. It helps facilitate their meditation. He tells them they are scientists. Their bodies are their laboratories where they conduct their experiments and make their discoveries. He points to his head telling them it is where the problem is. All the old, bad, awful stuff is in their minds. He comments he's so guilty, is such a bad person, has done things no one can ever forgive him for, and can't forgive himself, quoting what others say about themselves. He looks at Nick during forgive himself. It hits pretty close to home for Nick.

Nick flashes back to 1921-1924 Sudan, near Khartoum. A nighttime archeological dig is in progress. Nick learns Thomas' discovery makes the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb pale in comparison. Nick learns the Kush date back almost 3000 years and are said to have amassed an impressive store of medical knowledge. Thomas tells Nick they both believe vampires are not beyond redemption, even if it took him 1600 years to realize it. He asks Nick if he would be shocked to learn the Kush came to the same conclusion a thousand years before Thomas' time. They knew about vampires and might have found a cure. Thomas proposes they search for the cure together. Nick seems wary.

In the bullpen, Natalie is surprised Nick has not contacted Schanke by now, and is a little worried. He tells her Nick probably cannot get away without blowing his cover. She comments he should be able to get a message out, as he is one of the most resourceful people she knows. She asks if Schanke thinks Nick's in trouble. He reassures her it's a kindergarten for recently paroled inner children and aren't dangerous.

Matthew tells the group it is about energy they can see, feel and measure. They must learn the science of receiving and open themselves up to it so it can clean them out. Nick seems to believe him. Later, Holly enters and tells Matthew David has a gun and is threatening to kill himself. They all run to David. Nick's moving boxes and follows them.

Matthew walks up to David while the others crowd around the door. David is quite upset. He tells Matthew he does not want to be stopped. Matthew comments his parents came to see him again. David tells Matthew his parents want him back but he does not want to go. Matthew tells him he does not have to go anywhere he does not want to and will make his parents respect his choices. David tells him it is the same as before, everything is all screwed up. Matthew tells him the past is no more, it has been swept behind them. Matthew kneels beside David, telling him he's a member of a new family who want him to stay with them, they believe in him and share his dreams. They can make him whole again. Mathew takes David's gun and embraces him. Holly calls it a miracle. Nick is somewhat impressed, but is not sure what to make of it or what to believe.

David is lying on the couch, a silver disk on his forehead as others watch. Matthew tells David to visualize the energy of the sun filling his body. When David says it is far away, Matthew tells him to reach for it, to let the brightness cure him, fill him with knowledge. Nick's affected and has a sad, hurt look on his face.

Nick flashes back to Khartoum. Inside a tent, Thomas spreads out an ancient document covered with Egyptian hieroglyphics, shows Nick the symbol of a creature of the dark world and an underworld creature drawing sustenance from the life force of the living. Nick asks about the cure. Thomas shows him a different document showing one of the underworld creatures standing in the sun and surviving. Their cure is within the documents, they just have to unlock the words. Thomas asks if Nick's familiar with the works of Helen Ruskin-Slater. Nick tells Thomas she is the finest translator of hieroglyphics in the world. Thomas needs Nick to convince her to join their team. To help them find their Holy Grail. Nick says he will see what he can do, pleasing Thomas.

In the Luminology building, Matthew picks Nick to go next.

Councillor Cardelli is going ballistic in Cohen's office, demanding to know what's going on, even if it endangers the investigation. He yells at Schanke when he does not know where Knight is. Schanke accidentally reveals their secret, that Nick is undercover in the cult. Cardelli comments Schanke knows his son was murdered and he knows Guru Matthew had something to do with it. Cohen tells them she is confident Detective Knight can do it. Cardelli tells them he hopes that at least Knight is doing his job and storms out. Schanke's expression shows his disbelief. Cardelli does not understand you cannot take your suspicions, arrest someone and pound the truth out of them if you want to be able to send them to prison. You need evidence.

Inside the Luminology room, Nick lies on the couch while Matthew presses one of the silver disks on his forehead, telling him it will help him focus. He reminds Nick of the healing powers of the sun, which is channeled into them. Nick is trying to relax. Matthew tells Nick to visualize the sun's healing rays filling his body and soul, seeking out the dark recesses and filling them with the perfect white light. Nick sees more and more disturbing images from his past. Sunlight is death for him. The more disturbed Nick is the more Matthew tells him to focus on the healing light, letting it wash away all of his problems. Nick sees his conversion, his arm burning in front of Joan's large cross. Matthew tells him to visualize evil and eradicate it as Nick flashes back to staking LaCroix with the flaming timber. He flashes back to nearly biting Alyce, draining people, LaCroix and Janette urging him to take the woman that first night, himself in a church. Matthew asks Nick what he needs to be rid of and Nick flashes back to LaCroix biting him. LaCroix attacks Nick in the warehouse. He flashes back to some of the more important people he drained, including Richard Lambert, Alexandra and Sylvaine. Nick bolts upright in the cult room totally vamped out, eyes red, facing away from Matthew. Nick flinches when Matthew touches him. Matthew tells Nick not to be sorry, that guilt is a useless emotion. It prevents you from healing.

Sometime later in the kitchen, Nick is slowly stirring a large pot of soup oblivious to Schanke loudly whispering his name. After a few tries, Schanke approaches Nick, telling him he is a little worried because there has been no contact and Cohen's angry. Nick is totally ignoring Schanke. Schanke asks where he has been, getting worried, asking Nick if he is okay.

Matthew's in his office watching his monitors, telling Bart to alert the group there are to be no new members until the Cardelli case has been solved to everyone's satisfaction. Bart tells him it will be done. He tells Bart to get him everything there is to know about Nicholas Corrigan, because he has told him some very disturbing things.

In the kitchen, Nick emotionlessly tells Schanke he should not have come. Schanke explains the problems he is having with Cohen and the Councillor, who thinks they are not doing anything. Schanke notices Nick looks really wiped out, possibly drugged. Schanke what he should tell them. Nick emotionally tells Schanke he is staying and not to come back. Nick walks away looking almost zombie like. Schanke's stunned speechless.

Inside Natalie's office that morning, Schanke tells her about how incredibly weird Nick was as she is trying to work. She moves around doing what she needs to do, listening to him tell her a little panicked that Nick was acting like the Living dead. Nick was not glad to see him. His comments about the living dead make Natalie uneasy and it shows. She tells him Nick was probably afraid Schanke would blow his cover. Schanke tells her he is smarter than that. Nick was not making any sense. Natalie tells him they were probably being watched. Schanke comments he is pretty sure they were alone. She is a bit annoyed with Schanke. He tells her he is worried they got Nick, commenting he was acting like a zombie or something. She walks to the fridge, softly muttering he is close.

Natalie enters the Raven and heads straight for the back room. Janette's a little surprised to see Natalie there, commenting that someone must have died. Natalie tells her she came to talk about Nick. Janette comments she came for girl talk as she sends the tattoo artist away. He tells her they will have to start over tomorrow and hears that is half the fun. He leaves. Natalie asks Janette how vulnerable Nick is to being loved, because he is undercover at a cult. Janette finds it ironic. Natalie explains they are worried about him because he's behaving strangely and has cut them off. Janette playfully asks if they think he has joined. Natalie comments he might be brainwashed, hearing that Nick is the one who does the brainwashing. Natalie looks at her and she admits there are times where she feels she hardly knows him. He can be highly impressionable, depending on who is doing the persuading. Natalie tells Janette she's worried and is reminded Nick is a vampire. If he is running with that pack, he is the wolf and they are the poodles. Janette was not much help so Natalie leaves. Janette is a little concerned.

Inside the Luminology building, Matthew enters Nick's room. Nick is a little uneasy. Matthew tells Nick he's pleased with how Nick responded to his first cleansing, commenting that some don't respond for a few sessions and some never do. Nick says he does not remember much, hearing it is not unusual because it is a powerful cathartic experience where dark thoughts and feelings, fantasies and secrets come to the surface. Nick is even uneasier, and it shows. He learns no one is allowed to watch the first cleansing, but it is videotaped. Nick panics slightly, but is told that the tape is his. Nick offers Matthew money for his expansion and he tells Nick he does not want his money, car, and house. He is glad Nick found his way there. Nick says he would not have offered if he did not trust Matthew. Matthew tells him they will talk later.

Nick flashes back to Khartoum. He arrives with Ms. Ruskin-Slater, pleasing Thomas. She says Nick's charms are the only reason she's there and wants to see the Kush artifacts and hieroglyphics. She studies a small statue commenting that the hieroglyphics are very complex. The Kush assimilated many languages and cultures, making it a difficult task. She tells them she cannot resist a challenge. Thomas asks Nick to fetch a cup of tea, as the servants are all asleep. Nick does as asked.

Inside the Luminology building, Holly's making a sandwich and is startled when a mop slaps against the floor. Nick apologizes for scaring her. She asks about his first cleansing, hears it was interesting and he feels better than he has in quite a while. He's puzzled and a little confused, sounding a little off. She tells him what a huge difference Matthew has made in her life. How she was nuts two months ago from pressure, stress a failing marriage, her parents and her two baby girls. Nick is saddened when she cheerfully tells him she does not know where her girls are. He resumes mopping.

Inside the bullpen, Natalie enters. Schanke tells her it is getting better by the minute. The Cardelli kid had a trust fund worth thousands, with Matthew Davidson as the beneficiary. Natalie tells him she has the toxicology report for him. Everything's on the up and up except for one little thing, which jumps off the page. She points to a place on the report telling him she found trace elements of something called Tritetranovazine, a rather powerful psychotropic drug which isn't commonly prescribed because it's very habit forming. She has never seen it in an alkaloid based compound like that before. He tells her the kid could have been on medication because he had a history of emotional problems, as did the others there, including Holly Barber. They all have major psychiatric files he is not allowed to see so he cannot tell if any are homicidal. Natalie tells him she is not too surprised as Matthew Davidson made his name treating the supposedly untreatable. Schanke tells her they are all rich, and all insiders of the core group. Natalie comments if Nick did go over, there would be unusual activity in his bank account. Schanke tells her he is checking on it. Natalie and Schanke are still trying to believe he was not sucked in.

Inside Matthew's office, Nick gives Matthew a check and is thanked for his generosity.

Inside the bullpen, Cohen is ticked off because she sent Nick in to find a murderer, not religion. Schanke tries to explain it, and winds up telling her it's a crock. He cannot believe Nick fell for it. Schanke tries to lie about how well he knows Nick when asked, but cannot. He tells her that is why he needs to check the bank records. Schanke has her check under Nicholas Corrigan and Nicholas Knight just to be sure. She gives him a you had better be sure about this look as she makes the call.

In the Luminology building, Bart's in the lounge area looking not too happy and rather mean. Natalie appears at the door and knocks on it. He opens it and she hurries in. He says hi, as does she. She tells him she is looking for someone, nervously changing it to she's looking for information about them. He tells her to try one of Matthew's books. She faces him, telling him can't handle her life anymore, sounding desperate as she tells him she needs help, now. Bart feels sorry for her and starts to tell her she cannot stay. Natalie spots Holly and pretends to break down even further sobbing without tears. Holly approaches and comforts her. Bart tries to stop Holly but cannot. Holly tells Bart that Natalie selected them. Bart tells her Matthew said no new and gives up frustrated.

Inside the bullpen, Cohen gives him the bank records that he requested and they are up to date. Schanke thanks her. She tells him if there is a problem, they'll go in tomorrow, if he thinks it's warranted. She leaves. Schanke shocked, stunned and a little angered when he sees Nick's bank balance.

Inside the Luminology offices, Holly leads Natalie down a hallway, telling her it will be fine. Natalie is startled when Nick walks right by as if he did not know her or see her, distracting her. He seems zombie like. Nick enters his room as if overwhelmed by everything and shies away from the round light on the wall, leaning against the wall.

Back in Khartoum, Nick enters the tent and is surprised and betrayed to see Thomas finishing draining Helen Ruskin- Slater. Nick asks Thomas what he has done. LaCroix appears and tells Thomas he won their wager. LaCroix tells Nick that Thomas is a very old friend of his who wagered he could persuade Nick to deliver the woman by telling him there may be a cure. LaCroix tells him there is not one, asking when Nick will learn his quest is a hopeless one. Nick looks like a little boy who just saw his puppy stomped to death before his eyes. LaCroix tells Nick he hates to loose but the look of utter foolishness on his face makes it almost worthwhile. LaCroix and Thomas laugh while Nick looks more upset and hurt.

In his Luminology bedroom, Nick's repulsed by the light, pushes off the wall, and walks away. Elsewhere, Natalie and Holly talk. Natalie sounds upset and depressed as she tells Holly she gets terrible, violent urges to hurt people, even her kids. Afraid she might actually do it some day. She asks if Holly can help her. Holly says she understands. She tells Natalie she came to the right place as they are scientists of the heart and can help her. Natalie looks at her with a you have gotta be kidding look, sure the woman is delusional as she continues spouting Matthew's teachings.

Matthew is seated at his desk reading Nick's file when he spots something on the video monitors. He sees Holly and Natalie talking and boosts the volume. Holly is telling her how Matthew will help calm her thoughts and help her see herself more clearly and be loved. Matthew does not like this and calls Bart. Bart tells him Holly will not listen to reason. Matthew tells him to use something else, for he is holding Bart personally responsible. Bart is to take care of it. Matthew slams the receiver down. Holly is still babbling about Matthew and his techniques. Bart has two silver disks on his arm and removes a gun from his desk drawer. Bart heads for the door. He carefully watches Natalie and Holly. Holly guarantees Natalie will feel much better in the morning. Natalie lets out a nervous laugh. Holly goes off to find Matthew.

Natalie pulls her cell telephone out of her pocket and calls Schanke. He answers it commenting that either Nick or Natalie will do, from his precinct desk. Natalie tells him she is inside the Luminology building and saw Nick but he did not acknowledge her. Her worry clearly comes through as she tells him she thinks something is wrong. Schanke kicks himself, anger and frustration in his voice as he tells her he should have come too. She tells him she will be okay and two basket cases showing up at the same time would have been a tad strange. Matthew flips through his various cameras until he finds Nick, who is s still moving like a zombie. He studies Nick. Schanke tells Natalie he is on his way, and not to do anything until he gets there. She tells him she has to find Nick. She is frustrated when he hangs up on her.

Bart who is by the door is telling her she should leave now because Matthew will not like why she is there. Natalie realizes that she has been caught, and tries to squirm out of it. She pretends to retreat to semi basket case mode. He pushes up his sleeves angrily telling her she cannot stay, stopping in front of her. Nick's searching Matthew's shelves of tapes for his, finds it and opens the cabinet with the monitor in it. He checks out the various cameras, stopping when he sees Natalie and Bart. Matthew enters asking if he is looking for something calling him Mr. Corrigan. Nick looks at him and Matthew asks if he should call him Detective. Nick drops the zombie act and almost smirks. Bart has his revolver pointed at a nervous Natalie, telling her she is a spy. He is smacked in the back of the head with a metal pole, knocking him out. Natalie's stunned. Holly drops the pole and picks up the gun, telling Natalie he was poison, just like Vincent Cardelli. Both were trying to tear Mathew down. She studies the gun. Natalie tells her to wait as she leaves. Nick's looking at Matthew with his I've got you now grin. Matthew tells Nick he will not find anything illegal, especially if he is investigating Vincent Cardelli. They had nothing to do with it. Nick grins, telling Matthew that dispensing drugs without consent is illegal enough as he pulls out one of the silver disks and show sit to Matthew. Matthew asks what he's talking about. Holly is outside the closed door and is disturbed by everything she is hearing. Nick tells Matthew there is something on the disk to boost the religious experience. He tells Nick he will have to prove it, and will not be able to. Holly enters.

Natalie's applying pressure to Bart's head injury as Schanke enters, gun drawn. She tells him to call the paramedics. He learns she does not know where Nick is, but there is an unhappy girl named Holly running around with a loaded .38. Schanke cocks his .38 and heads off in the direction Holly did. In Matthew's office, Holly has her gun pointed at him, as he asks what's troubling her, assuring her they can talk it out. She tells him she did not believe Vincent, and wanted to believe Matthew. He tells her there is no reason to stop believing, or believe anyone or anything other than her own heart. Holly grows more upset with the passing time. She says she thought Vincent was just trying to tear him down. Nick knows the situation could get nasty. Schanke enters gun drawn and sees Nick subtly shake his head, telling him not to do anything. Schanke aims his gun at Holly. Matthew asks Holly what she's talking about. Nick subtly motions for Schanke to back off, which he does, lowering his gun as well.

Holly's in tears as she tells Matthew everyone trusted him and gave him all their money. She tells Matthew she loved him, cocking the weapon. Matthew is scared and not moving a muscle. Nick steps in front of Matthew, telling her it is okay, asking what happened. Holly admits she killed Vincent Cardelli. Schanke's gun is firmly pointed at Holly. She tells Nick she had to protect Matthew because she owes him everything. Nick tells her she does not. He stole her money, her love and her ability to control her life. Holly is growing more upset, shaking her head. Nick tells her it is not her fault. Matthew saw she would do anything to find hope and direction and that is when it happens. He gets a quick mental flash of Thomas looking up at him vamped out, having just drained Helen Ruskin-Slater. Nick tells Holly that is when they are weak enough to be deceived. Holly is so upset she cannot speak, and the gun is shaking. Nick holds out his hand and she lowers the gun. Schanke moves in and takes her gun as she totally loses it. Nick takes her in his arms and comforts her as she cries her eyes out. Schanke walks over to Matthew who admits that was nice work. Schanke agrees as he handcuffs Matthew and leads him away.

Inside the loft, Natalie is checking Nick's blood pressure as Schanke inquires how he is. Natalie tells him he will live. Schanke asks if there are any residual effects from the disks. Nick tells him he does not think so. Schanke's depressed as he starts to leave. Nick notices something's bothering Schanke and inquires. Schanke tells him it is the bank account with the $1.2 million, seeking confirmation it was dummied up. Nick cheerfully tells him a bank manager did that because he could not look like a bad investment for Matthew. Schanke is still not convinced. Nick tells him he had the manager move some of the money from his savings to his checking account, commenting it was that simple. Schanke does not believe Nick had that kind of money and his sarcastic comment shows that. He tells Nick not to get weird on him again because it is bad for the nerves. Schanke says goodnight and leaves. As soon as Schanke is gone, Natalie tells Nick it is a good thing Schanke did not get a look at the blood pressure gauge. She would have loved to see him wiggle out of it if he had. He tells her she took a big chance when she came looking for him, hearing he really buried himself in his part. He grins. She asks when he was onto the drug, learning he was onto it from the first session as he could smell it. She tells him it is an odorless compound, and he replies that to her it might be. He tells her the effect was subtle on him. Matthew used it to guarantee everyone some sort of transcendental experience, even if it just made them queasy. His expression suggests that is the effect it had on him.

She tells him she does not understand how people keep being sucked into cults. No one seems to learn until it is too late. Nick picks up the small Kush statue sadly remembering the story behind hit, telling her you learn from them, even if it is only a very simple truth. She tells him if someone promises you can have everything you want, they probably want everything you have. He comments that once you give them everything, you are nothing. She puts her arm on his, telling him he did good work and no one can take that from him. She leaves Nick staring at the wall as she gets onto the lift.

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