Season 2, episode 7 (aired as episode 6)

Written by Roy Sallows

Directed by Allan Kroeker

Guest stars:

The Hunter.............................. Gwynyth Walsh

The Biker................................ Robert Collins

Walter Trethewey.................... Brian Tree

Elizabeth Trethewey................ Nicky Gaudagni

Yates....................................... David Bedard

A knife-wielding guy desperately searches for something, acting like someone's after him. The watch beeps several times in a row getting his attention showing his thirty minutes are up. He hears a gun clatter on the pavement a couple feet from him and slowly, hesitantly moves towards it. He picks it up and fires in the direction the gun came from. A barrel pokes out from behind a wall and drops the guy with a single shot. A black gloved hand picks up a small steel suitcase and leaves, stepping over the corpse.

In the bullpen, Schanke's listening to Myra tell him she wants to watch the whales mate in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. He tells her he does not have time because of his heavy workload, he loves her and will call later. Nick approaches and teases Schanke. Schanke tells Nick Myra complains they never talk, usually about the vacation they will never take, so he calls and she does all the talking. Nick reminds Schanke she is including him in the planning. Schanke learns the latest the victim is William Bartholomew Yates. He tells Nick no one saw anything. Schanke tells Nick the guy was firing blind, never saw who dropped him, and then the gun was gone. Nick asks where the gun came from. Schanke mentions the six identical watches on six dead guys in less than a month, wondering what's up with the watches. Schanke comments the killer is real slick. Cohen approaches and tells them the slugs from the wall and the one that killed Yates were nine-millimeter hollow points from different guns. They were clean so there is nothing to trace.

Inside Natalie's lab, she tells Nick and Schanke the single shot blew up his heart, killing him instantly. Natalie's surprised by their reaction, telling them it cannot be that big a surprise. The preliminary blood work shows the victim was wired very tight on PCP and methamphetamines. His systolic had to be way up over 250. He was a walking time bomb. She asks Nick if he saw the knife he had, and Nick nods. She pulls back the sheet and shows them the scar from a knife wound on the victim's arm. Nick comments the victim was a knife fighter who momentarily took possession of a semi-automatic. She tells him it was as if someone was giving him a fighting chance. She is frustrated, telling them she does not like the pattern. Each victim is more dangerous than the last as if the killer is upping the danger. It is a game to him. He kills for the thrill.

In an English forest in 1828-1850's, LaCroix, Janette and Nick are hunting. Janette complains she's bored and wants easy food. LaCroix asks if she has gone soft, asks if they have never hunted, outside of the easy pickings in the towns and villages. He tells them that in the real thing their senses are enhanced, sharpened by the thrill of the chase, no greater ecstasy than hunting a hunter. They do not need their powers. Janette thinks he has lost his mind.

In Natalie's lab, Nick tells her the killer might be hunting its victims as thrill sport, as she suggested. She tells them she cannot believe it. Schanke asks why not because hunting is instinctual. Nick looks disgusted, reminding Schanke people no longer have to hunt. Schanke tells them they have to understand man's primal self, that is all about the hunt, and man against nature. Natalie gives Schanke a more disgusted look. Nick is quite bothered as well, reminding Schanke people are dying. There is an expert marksman out there having a major field day. Neither Nick nor Natalie say anything, both frustrated and annoyed by the conversation. Nick is feeling it more because of his past.

In the bullpen, Nick has marked a wall map with red flags showing each killing, five of the six are connected with red string. Yates death is the unconnected one. Schanke reads Yates record starting with a drug bust, wounding with intent and assault. Nick notices how close together the kills are, with the last two being a little further apart. Cohen tells them the uniformed officer's reports show they have nothing. Schanke suggests they go undercover on the streets. Cohen's surprised but intrigued.

Schanke is wearing a tacky polyester suit hidden under his overcoat. Nick truly looking like a street bum. Nick comments that Schanke is supposed to be wearing something from department wardrobe. Schanke tells Nick he is, flashing him the ugly suit. Nick says it looks good on him. Schanke thanks him. Nick tells Schanke to both stay on his toes and life up some rocks to see what they find. Nick walks away.

Nick's attention is caught by a motorcycle. He takes to the sky, tracking the scared biker. Nick lands. The biker pulls his gun, cocking the semi-automatic. Nick follows the guy down the alley being careful to stay back and out of sight. The same silver gun from last time sticks out past the edge of the wall. When the killer cocks it there's an echo causing the biker to spin around, ready to fire, sweeping side to side making sure he's alone. The silver gun withdraws from sight. The biker looks in the top barrel as the gun sticks out from behind the wall again. Nick places himself between the killer and the victim at vamp speed. He is vamped out facing the killer. The killer fires and the shot goes right through Nick's chest, making him really angry. Nick turns around his features normal as the biker fires his clip rapidly into Nick's body, shocking and horrifying the biker. Nick twists the gun out of his hand. The biker punches Nick in the face. Nick's angry and punches the biker in the face. The silver suitcase is spirited off unseen by anyone. A police car drives down the alley. Nick panics, hoping the officer did not see him take thirteen bullets as if it was nothing. The beeping watch catches Nick's attention, as it is the exact same type the previous six victims had. Nick is surprised, realizing he just saved the life of the latest prey. The biker is depressed seeing his time ran out. Nick wonders what the biker will say about the shooting incident.

It is now a crime scene. Nick searches for evidence of the killer. Schanke shows the biker his gun bagged for evidence, asking him where he got it. The biker looks at the gun, comments that Nick's dead, and that he shot him. Schanke thanks him for the confession, asking if he is the legally registered owner of the nine-millimeter semi-automatic weapon. The biker cannot take his eyes off Nick, repeating he shot Nick. Schanke asks if the biker thinks they are stupid, showing off his Kevlar vest. The biker tells Schanke it did not look like Nick had a vest on. Schanke does not believe the biker found the gun.

Nick flashes back to the English forest. An older man sits by his campfire, watched by the three vampires. He asks who is there. LaCroix whispers the man's senses are sharp which will make for stimulating sport. The man has his knife out, ready for instant defense. LaCroix tells the man they are weary travelers. The man tells them it's dangerous out so late and welcomes them around his campfire. LaCroix tells the man they are hunting. The man comments they are unarmed. LaCroix admits it, asking how the game is. The guy/hunter tells them it is always a challenge. LaCroix comments it makes for a more satisfying kill. The hunter tells them he does not kill for the satisfaction, but for food. LaCroix says that's simplistic and asks if he does not bask in the kill. Does he not relish the control he has over life and death? The hunter is suddenly very uneasy, tells them he is overdue, and his wife frets for his safety. LaCroix wishes the man a safe journey, really unsettling the hunter. The hunter leaves. LaCroix does not let them take off, telling them to savor the chase, let the anticipation build until they can take it no longer, then they kill. They take off.

Schanke's voice snaps Nick out of his flashback. He tells Nick he made an excellent bust. The perp had a nine-millimeter and a record for violent crimes. He asks Nick if he thinks it could be their killer, hearing he was a target because he had the watch. Schanke is not convinced. He looks down and taps his bulletproof vest, commenting he loves Kevlar and walks away. Nick just looks down at his chest.

Inside the Coroners Office, Natalie is peering down the illuminated barrel of a nine-millimeter gun. She says it's not the right gun. The murder weapon has six lands with a right hand twist. She asks about the perp they caught. The perp admits to a manslaughter conviction and has the gun. It is as she said a step up. She it's a more dangerous victim, escalating the kick, asking how sick do you have to be to get your thrills like that. Nick has a slight reaction to her comment. He flashes back to the English forest.

The three vampires chase the hunter through the forest, enjoying the thrill of the hunt. The hunter is trying to get to safety. At one point LaCroix stops, causing his children to as well. Nick comments the prey is clever. LaCroix comments how it's aroused their senses and is intoxicating. LaCroix goes off in a different direction. Janette asks Nick how they can get ahead of him. Nick tells her they might not have to, if they think like their prey and do the unexpected. He tells her he is going back to the campsite. Janette reminds him it is the thrill of the hunt. They take off in different directions.

In Natalie's office, Nick still looks a little disturbed. Natalie's concerned and inquires. He is a bit depressed, telling her it's another time and place.

Inside one of the interrogation rooms, Nick and Schanke question the perp, back in their usual clothes. The tape recorder captures the conversation. The biker refuses to cooperate asking if they are going to play good cop, bad cop, with Nick as the bad cop. Nick tells the biker they do not do that. They believe in an open, honest exchange of information, direct answers to specific questions, anything else is unacceptable. The biker is unnerved by the quiet, almost threatening way they said it and scared of them. The biker tells them he was in the Parkdale Hog Heaven bar for about three hours. Nick and Schanke interrupt every sentence to get more details and keep the biker off balance. He went to the john, but was not buying or selling. He had to relieve himself. When he returned to the table, he found a mini tape recorder with a typed note to hit play. He did not keep the note. The electronically messed up voice told him there was two million in cash which would be his if he can get it He didn't see who left it and tossed the tape recorder. The cash was supposed to be in the parking lot where and fades off. Nick fills in the rest of the sentence, adding where the biker shot Nick. The biker confirms it. The tape said someone would be hunting him, but nothing more specific. There was a watch strapped around the tape recorder counting down to zero. He had as much time as was left on the watch to find the money. He did not see anyone.

In the bullpen, Schanke tells Nick he has not had so much fun since Myra drove the Cordoba into a ditch. He comments they really had the guy. Cohen learns what they know so far. She is told that there is a watch with a countdown to either victory or defeat, and that it is anonymously supplied free of charge. Cohen cannot believe that is the reason. They tell her the biker is telling the truth because no one could make up a story like that. She tells them after twenty years on the force there is always something new to amaze and disgust her. Nick tells them they will find the killer has brains and money. Cohen tells them that is rare.

Schanke approaches his car and is about to get in when something gets his attention. The same gun fires at him, the impact flattening him against his car. He looks at his shoulder, groans and falls to the ground unconscious. A dart hit him.

Nick makes his way to the Caddy as the sky starts to lighten. He sees the mini tape recorder on the dashboard with the watch and note strapped around it. He gets in and shuts the door. The watch beeps. He sees the typewritten play me note. He pushes play. Schanke tells the killer to go to Hell. The electronic voice tells Nick he has thirty minutes to rescue his partner. Nick is angry and extremely disturbed. The voice says that a small but powerful bomb will go off underneath Schanke when the time runs out. Nick slips on the watch and hears they are at the old Harris generating station. The rules are he must come alone, unarmed and on foot or Schanke dies. Nick takes out his gun, pops the clip and dechambers the remaining bullet. He's angry and upset, a very deadly combination for the killer to be facing. The voice tells him two million dollars means nothing to his kind. Nick's shocked and worried. The voice tells him he got a good look at him earlier and knows what Nick is and what he will be hunting. Nick is even more worried, which grows seeing the sun rising over the tops of the buildings. His panic rises. He pushes down the panic. Once the panic is under control he makes sure no one's watching as he runs for a manhole cover a few feet away, climbs down it and closes the cover.

He moves to a dark corner, looks at his burned hand, then heads for the Harris generating station via the sewer.

In the English forest, LaCroix asks Janette where Nick is, hearing he stayed behind to use his wits. She comments their surroundings look familiar. LaCroix angrily tells her the hunter led them back to their starting place. Unknown to them he is about to shoot them with a crossbow when tackled from the side by Nick. LaCroix and Janette approach. LaCroix rewards Nick for his cleverness by letting him make the kill. Nick does just that as Janette eagerly looks on, as does LaCroix. LaCroix tells Nick he now truly knows what it is like to be a hunter, the thrill of it, the exhilaration only death can give.

Nick snaps back to the present and continues towards the generating plant, dodging the sunlight as necessary.

In a room somewhere inside the generating station, Schanke's tied to a chair blindfolded, a strap around his midsection as well. He struggles to free himself, he has no idea he's alone as he rants it's not going to work, he's buying himself a lot of trouble because the place will be surrounded in about five seconds. They cannot kidnap a cop and get away with it. The killer walks in front of him and removes his blindfold. Schanke sees the woman, telling her there is psycho running around. If she cuts him free, he can protect her. She laughs and tells him nothing changes. Every man she has ever met thinks she needs protecting. He realizes she is the killer. She leaves.

Nick is still winding his way to the generating station, dodging the sunlight.

The killer returns to Schanke and sets down her steel suitcase, quite surprised Schanke does not know his partner is a vampire, figuring he had to know. She tells him it is about sport.

Nick unexpectedly is hit in the face with a ray of sunlight. It hurts but he keeps going. His watch beeps.

In the room with Schanke, he asks why she picked him, hearing Nick could not be lured with money. She is filling the hollow points with garlic, commenting that Nick's kind does not need money, wondering what that must be like. Schanke has no idea what she's talking about. She tells him she likes killing. It feels wonderful, and is an exquisite challenge. She asks what is the one thing people have always fought over. Schanke answers food. She tells him that is an understandable answer, but it is power and control. Control is the greatest thrill. Killing is the ultimate control, rivaling the Gods. She chuckles as Schanke calls her a roadmap of sickness. She loads her crossbow then reaches under his chair and removes the bomb. She shows it to him, explaining it's an anti-personnel mine and is lethal within twenty feet. Schanke's terrified, especially as she arms it and sticks it back under the chair, warning him if he moves too much it will go off. She leaves. Schanke tries to very carefully peek under the chair and fails.

Nick's near the generating station, climbs the ladder, and exits through the manhole cover. Once above ground he senses someone around and presses himself against the wall. He checks the watch seeing he has 16:04 left. The killer's at the other end of the alley and applauds him for making it that far, telling him Schanke is so close, yet so far, there's no more underground access and he has to deal with her. He faces her and she fires at him. The bullet grazing his cheek. He moves forward, stopped by the pain of the sunlight, which pushes him back. She is pleased to see that part of the legend is true. She tells him how exciting it is to see a creature designed to hunt and kill. He is the perfect adversary. He is not happy she knows one of his weaknesses. As she approaches he whammies her, telling her to take him to Schanke in a deeper voice than usual. She snaps out of it telling him that was interesting, not happy he tried that. He tells her if she takes him to Schanke, he will let her live. She reminds him she is in control, deciding who lives and who dies. He comments that is what it is all about. She tells him he knows the answer as he spent his whole life killing, knowing why they hunt. He tells her he understands it is for sport trying to whammy her again. She tells him he does understand, a little surprised, but pleased. A wounded look in his eyes tells her he does understand it all too well. Nick sees he has only 13:30 left. Nick senses she is about to try to kill him again and takes off, trying not to fry himself. She fires and the bullet bounces off the wall.

Schanke's very carefully trying to free himself and gets the urge to sneeze. He fights it, pleased when the urge passes. He apologizes to Myra, promising her if he gets out of this he will take her on a vacation and not tease her any more.

Nick uses his collar to shield himself the best he can as he is already smoking. He runs from a not so shady place through the sunlight to the covered entrance of the power station, rips the metal door of the hinges and tosses it aside. He enters, leans one hand against every surface he passes, groaning in pain and seems weak. He sees he only has 9:32 left and continues into the building, running in pain until he cannot run anymore.

Nick flashes back to the English forest. He has drunk his fill, as has Janette. The hunter's dead. LaCroix reminds them he said they would have fun, seeing both his children happy. It is late and they need to go. He leaves. Nick feels guilty, tells Janette he could not stop. She tells him it is done and they enjoyed the thrill of it. She kisses him, tells him she gets to make the kill next time and takes off. Nick sees a worried woman come out and see her dead husband, calling out his name, sobbing hysterically as she prays he's not dead, knowing he is. Nick feels guilty for his vampiric family causing her so much pain.

Schanke's trying to free himself without squirming too much, asking himself how he gets into these sort of situations, reassuring himself he will get out alive. The bomb is still beeping beneath him.

Nick's walking down a wall, still using it to help support him, but is on his own shortly. He uses the dark area full of machinery and pipes to conceal him. A moment later a shot bounces off the metal in front of him, startling him. The killer runs down the stairs ready to fire, searching for him. She does not see him run down a narrow, somewhat open corridor. She looks around. He stops and listens for her or Schanke and hears his watch beep. He only has 4:52 left. He has no more cover and uses his senses to search for any clues. She realizes this and walks as slowly, carefully and quietly as she can while still tracking him from overhead. He hears her voice telling him she is testing her limits, checking to see if he has any limits. Nick finds the sound of her voice but it is only a tape recorder, which he pulls down. Her recording tells him they are a lot alike, both have greatness in them that no one can comprehend. They prey on the stupid and weak. Hunting is their reason for being. She's still stalking him and suddenly changes direction.

Schanke's still trying to free himself without blowing himself up, looking over his shoulder so he's not working totally blind.

As soon as Nick works his way through a tangle of pipes and into the open, a bottle bursts at his feet and seems to bother him. She is on the landing, telling him it is Holy Water. She lights the fuse on another bottle telling him it is a chaser. She drops the bottle, barely missing him. It smashes on the floor. Flames shoot up covering much of the area in front of him. He instinctively retreats back softly growling, protecting his face with his arm. She drops another bottle behind him, barely missing him, surrounding him with fire. She asks what he would give her to let him live. In his low vampire tone, he tells her he would give her a taste of hell. She drops a third bottle, barely missing him. He runs up the stairs protecting himself. She runs along the catwalk and up the stairs to the next level. Nick hears Schanke telling himself he can do it and sees he only has 2:50 left. He searches for the killer as he walks. When he looks in front of himself again there's a large cross hanging a foot or two away. He stops a little startled and repulsed by it. She swings out from the corner, standing between him and the cross and pleased that it works. Nick is looking for any escape as he backs away from the cross. She shoots him in the shoulder, pushing him back. It hurts. He growls his hand over the wound. He does not take his eye off her. She tells him one has to make their mark in the world. Nick disgustedly, sarcastically asks if he is supposed to admire her, call her a kindred spirit, telling her she is everything he detests. She comments on finding a vampire with a conscience.

Nick flashes back to the grieving wife as she holds her dead husband and cries her heart out.

Nicks watch beeps showing that he is down to two minutes. She tells him his conscience is why he is losing as she fires again, hitting him in the other shoulder. He grabs it in pain, groans, nearly doubling over. He leans on the railing for support. She tells him she is having a great time. She tells him she has to win and fires a shot at him. He has to lose and shoots him again. Nick plummets over the railing and disappears. She rushes to the railing, gun aimed downward but sees no body, worrying her. She very uneasily looks around for any sign of where he went.

She enters. Schanke wisecracks that she missed, and yells for Nick to get her. She yells for him to shut up as she smacks him across the face rather hard. She slips on her night vision goggles and turns off the power. Schanke warns Nick. She watches for Nick. Her weapon is pointed at Schanke's forehead. Schanke yells for his partner.

Nick flies through the window, letting in sunlight. Schanke squints as she blindly fires off four shots trying to get the goggles off, emptying her gun. Nick is crouched trying not to get shot again, especially not in front of Schanke. Nick realizes that the gun is empty, and runs around behind Schanke to free him, working on the knots being careful not to hurt him. She picks up the crossbow and fires. She lets out a startled, scared yelp when he catches the bolt an inch or two from his face. There is only ten seconds left. Nick quickly removes and disgustedly tosses the watch, He escorts Schanke from the room. She decides to stake him, catches her foot on a loose floorboard and falls right next to the chair. She watches the last few seconds tick away. Her curse is cut off by the explosion.

Inside Natalie's lab, Nick is sitting on the autopsy table. Natalie picks something out of his shoulder telling him it is the last of the garlic. She asks if the irritation has stopped. He playfully comments if she means the irritation of 1000 scorpions stinging him all at once, it has stopped. She giggles as she checks to make sure he is healing properly. She tells him she can't believe how fast his burns healed, asking why he went back out into the sun, did he think it was a good day to spontaneously combust. He tells her the perp was a hunter and the first thing she would do was understand his limits, so he had to surprise her. Natalie tells him he looks good, points to the graze on his cheek telling him she is glad the killer missed. Nick tells her the killer could have killed him right then and there but there was no thrill in it. She had to chase him, anticipate him, and be better than he was. It is what a hunter does. He tells her she should believe him because he knows.

Schanke enters commenting it looks like he is interrupting something. Natalie looks a little concerned, wondering how much Schanke overheard and what he would make of it. Nick lightly comments he is just visiting his doctor, asking Schanke how he is. Schanke says he is fine, despite spending the morning sitting on a bomb. He then rants about getting back to the precinct where Myra is yelling at him for not calling earlier, about the whales, and about how it will be another year before mating season. Natalie chuckles as she repeats mating season. Schanke tells her it is a long story, but he had time to think while sitting on the bomb. She tells him it is quiet in her lab. He sarcastically, playfully comments he could just pull up a nice slab and lay down. She teases him that the others would not mind. He tells Nick she has a real twisted sense of humor. Nick comments it is a little dark, grinning as he looks at Natalie. She looks at him, hearing he likes dark. He kisses her cheek. She grins. He hopes off the table and says goodbye. Schanke gives them both an amused look, wondering what is between them. Natalie's amused.

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