Season 2, episode 10 (aired as episode 7)

Written by Gillian Horvath

Directed by Bruce Pittman

Guest stars:

Don Thomas Constantine.................. Peter Boretski

Young Thomas Constantine.............. Peter Outerbridge

David Constantine............................. Maurice Godin

Karin Constantine.............................. Nicole Oliver

Johnny Larnar................................... Vito Rezza

Carey................................................. Matt Birman

Jim..................................................... Randy Butcher

Sergeant Carter.................................. Tony Craig

Customs officer................................. Robert Latimer

Inside an old mansion at sunrise, a very old man, Don Thomas Constantine sits at the head of a table. He tells those around him there's no prouder day in a father's life than the day he can pass onto his child the things that matter most to him. Today's that day.

At David Constantine's house, David enters his house, sees his wife, Karin, waiting for him with their son, Adam. Adam's about six to eight years old. Karin is upset as she tells him Johnny L is there. David's concern and surprise show.

Don Constantine tells the six men and women he's very old and has lived longer than he should have. He has buried two sons and two grandsons. When he coughs hard his nurse check on him, his momentary bought with difficulty breathing quickly passes. Constantine tells them he has waited and it is finally the day where his great-grandson can step in and take his place.

Inside David's house, he asks Johnny if it is that day. Johnny tells him they are sending Carey in a car to get him, and will arrive at any minute.

Don Constantine tells them they think David's too young and tells them he was less than twenty when his father turned it all over to him, and now it's David's turn. He may be young but he is not weak. He is a Constantine, the last of the line.

Inside David's house, David picks up his son and Johnny tells him it will be safer to leave the kid there because they want him, not his family. Johnny tells Karin she does not know anything. Johnny tells David he can send for them later. David puts Adam down and kisses his family as a car pulls outside. David and Johnny split out the back as Constantine's thugs knock on the door. David and Johnny make their way around the house and to the car. Karin lets the thugs inside. They hear David's car start and run outside. They see David's car screech off and run for their cars.

Inside Don Constantine's living room a henchman hangs up and informs Constantine. Constantine tells the group there is no harder day in a father's life than the day he must discipline a child. Love demands sacrifices. The family must be protected.

Inside the precinct locker room, Schanke is desperately searching for someone to cover him. He tries to call in favors but no one can. He tells Nick he wants to spend some time at the cottage with his family for Father's Day and enjoy Jenny's chocolate pudding cake. He complains that he misses so much of his daughter's life as it is. Nick tells him they are off that day. Schanke tells him Cohen saw he was six hours late in the last three months so she added an extra shift. Nick's amused and feels sorry for Schanke and says he will cover for him. Schanke's surprised, asking if there are any strings. Hearing he is to fun with his family. Schanke thanks him, tells him he owes him one.

In the bullpen, Cohen silently lets Schanke know he is late. Schanke hears Johnny Larnar is bringing David Constantine in tonight. She sounds pleased and surprised. Nick's totally surprised and a little stunned. He asks if David is turning in the family. Cohen tells Nick Schanke set it up. Schanke tells them not to get too excited because Johnny does not always deliver. Cohen tells them where to meet Johnny in half an hour. Schanke says he will do anything to keep a smile on her face.

In the Caddy, Schanke is filling out Jenny's questionnaire on what a father is. He asks Nick what word means generous but starts with the letter A, When he hears that the answer's altruistic, he writes it down. He tells Nick that it is silly but it is for Jenny, asking if Nick knows what he means. Nick asks Schanke what a father is, hearing he is a sucker for filling out the paper. They arrive and get out, weapons drawn. The find David's car empty, the door's open, engine and headlights still on. They head down an alley and find Johnny's body dead on a fire escape. There is no sign of David.

It is now a crime scene. An uniformed officer holds a ladder against the wall as Natalie climbs down. She tells Nick there were two shots in the back and one in the head, from about twenty-five or thirty feet away. The shooter was professional. Nick asks if there was a passenger, hearing he got away clean. Cohen tells them it is all over town, David was there, ran out on his family. The old man has every available soldier out looking for him. Schanke suggests that maybe the thugs got him. Cohen tells them to find him fast, especially if he is still alive, and leaves. Schanke tells him he does not like the odds, asking where David would go because you cannot really leave the family alive.

Nick flashes back to 1925 Toronto. Nick arrives at Constantine's office and is let out of the well-used trunk and provided blood. Constantine tells Nick he is at his service. Nick turns over his gold watch, explaining he was in hurry and could not take much. Constantine examines it, and is offered an additional fancy diamond necklace by Nicholas. He tells Nick the watch is payment enough. Constantine tells Nick he will relocate him to the West Coast because it is the safest, suggesting Los Angeles. Nick agrees. They comment the other is younger than expected. Constantine tells Nick his father died last year, so at less than twenty years old he was left in charge of the family business.

Inside David's house, Karin's scared, and worried as he learns Johnny's dead and her husband is missing. If the cops do not find him first, he is dead. She cannot understand why Constantine would want to hurt David because he has always taken care of them. She learns David was going to the police. She tells them it is ridiculous, Constantine is family. She throws them out, shutting the door in their face. Nick senses something. Schanke notices and inquires. Nick tells him it is nothing, his glances around reveal much more than he is saying.

The Caddy is in front of the precinct, and Schanke is afraid to go in there. Nick tells him he needs to check something out and Schanke should go on ahead. Schanke firmly tells Nick no. Nick reminds him he owes him one. Schanke reluctantly heads for the door.

Nick drives away and turns on the Nightcrawler. LaCroix asks what a father is. He tells his listeners that a caller says a father is altruistic. Nick is unsettled. LaCroix's mood gets darker and angrier as he rants that every parent wants something in return, whether it is love or loyalty, nothing is free. LaCroix bitterly asks his listeners what their fathers promised them, was it the promise to take care of his children. LaCroix asks if the promise was kept.

In David's backyard, Nick sees someone's shadow and chases them, quickly catching them. He shows his badge to prove to a scared David Constantine that he is a homicide detective. David tells Nick he did not kill Johnny, hearing Nick did not say he did. David begs him to let him go, putting his family's life in Nick's hands, explaining if anyone in or connected to the Constantine's thinks he talked to the police there is no place on Earth to hide. Nick tries to reassure him once his great-grandfather's in prison he can no longer hurt David. David animatedly tells them he can't turn in his family, explaining Johnny thought it was his only way out, but it's not who he wants to be. He grew up with killers, and does not want to be one. He just wants to start over as far away as he can get.

Nick flashes back to 1925 Paris. LaCroix picks a fight with Nick over herbs and elixirs. He smacks Nick across the face very hard, totally enraged, telling him there's no need for secrets. He slams Nick against the wall, reminding him that he gave him life, power, and eternal protection. With all that he has done for him, he wants to go back. He asks Nick if he knows how it makes him feel, and that it makes a fool out of them both. He orders Nick to stop his search for the cure. He tells Nick he's a creature made in his own image. Nick tells LaCroix that makes him a monster. LaCroix's hurt and drops Nick to his feet, regaining control. He asks Nick why he is doing that to him, and hears he has done nothing to his master. His master did it to himself. LaCroix snarls but seems to actually be listening. Nick admits there may not be a cure, but he is still leaving. LaCroix can kill him if he wants. Nick walks away. LaCroix watches, a look of disgust on his face.

Behind David's house, he sincerely tells Nick he never should have returned but he had to make sure his family was safe. He just wanted to give them a different kind of life.

Inside Cohen's office, she's frustrated with Nick for not bringing David in, reminding Nick David's the key to bringing down the Constantine family. Nick reminds her they have gotten to people on death row and he would not be safe. He crankily tells her David will not testify. They cannot bring him in if he does not want to come. She reminds Nick she does not care. David will not last a day without their protection. She slams the door after Nick leaves. Schanke tells Nick he still has his gun and badge, so she took it well. He learns Schanke's still doing the questionnaire and tells Schanke a father is someone who will sacrifice everything to give his child a better life than he had. Schanke's impressed but cannot remember the whole thing. He asks Nick to repeat it, but Nick is gone.

Inside Natalie's office, she asks what else did he expect. Cohen has been trying to bring Constantine down since Natalie was an intern. Nick tells her getting David killed will not help. She tells him he is right. Cutting him loose was the right thing to do. She learns David's at the loft. She says he's a cop and cannot get involved. His look causes her to holds up her hand in surrender. He tells her he knows how powerful the Constantine family is. The Captain's right, he is not going to get away without help. He tells her he knows it is dangerous and will not be easy. He tells her that even when they are trying to kill you, they are still your family. She realizes he is talking about his own vampire family. She asks if it was really that hard, genuinely curious. He tells her parts were.

Nick again flashes back to 1925 Paris. Janette asks Nick if LaCroix found him. Nick tells her he has to leave because LaCroix will never leave him alone. She tells him he should forget about the cure and stay. Nick tells her he cannot live as they do anymore. They will leave tonight. She tells him she will not leave Paris because it is her home. He is resigned to leave alone. She tells him to go to Don Constantine, surprising Nick. She tells him to go to America as she opens a huge steamer trunk, telling him Constantine knows about their kind and helps them travel. He will help Nick disappear. She gives Nick a diamond necklace from her dresser as she tells him she will make the arrangements. He will sail within the hour. They share a long, deep passionate kiss.

Inside David's house, Karin is defensive, a little angry, scared and hurt. She tells Nick David would never want to leave the family he loves and has always taken good care of him. It is how he was raised. Nick tells her David wants what is best for them even if it means crossing his great-grandfather. She tells him Constantine wants what's best for them too. Everyone knew David would inherit the business from the day he was born. Nick tells her to take a good look at that world, telling her that is not the kind of life David wants for her. Nick's statement surprises her.

Inside the loft at sunrise, David is frustrated because he has not heard from or seen Karin. Nick reminds him giving up everything she knows is a big decision. David tells him they are family, why cannot she see he is trying to help them. David's hope Karin's at the door is dashed when two thugs enter and shoot up the place with automatic weapons. David instantly drops to the floor as the bullets whiz overhead. Nick's hit, angered, and vamps out, taking on the two thugs at vamp speed. David is shocked when he sees Nick's red eyes and realizes he is a vampire. The thugs take off like a bat out of hell. Nick's features are normal as he faces David, telling him he is the only thing that can protect him. His great-grandfather told him there were creatures no one today knows about. Nick says Constantine's fortune was based on deals that cannot face the light of day. Men with secrets will always pay men like Constantine to help them hide. David learns Nick knew his great-grandfather years ago. Nick tells him he knows and understands what it is like not wanting to be what you are.

Inside Constantine's office he hears the reports from his thugs and asks about Nick's eyes, learning they changed. He realizes they are not insane, and admits he knows of Nick's kind.

Nick and David walk through the Raven. She is playful until she recognizes David. She tells Nick he cannot keep using the club as a babysitting service. They walk away from David. He tells her it will just until he can set up David's disappearance. Janette firmly tells Nick David is not staying because she has to do business in town and that means dealing with Constantine, who could cause her no end of trouble with the club, and she cannot afford it. Nick tells her he did not know she was afraid of Constantine. Janette is even crankier as she tells him Constantine is a fanatic who would kill anyone or betray anyone to protect his family. Nick glares at her, commenting everyone would.

Janette flashes back to 1925 Paris. LaCroix discovers Nick is gone. She tries to cover for Nick. LaCroix's furious. She unsteadily tells him to forget about Nick and get a new one. LaCroix angrily growls he does not want a new one, he wants Nick. Nick needs them to survive, he will always be apart of them and she knows it. He firmly applies pressure to the side of her neck. She knows if she does not betray Nick, she will be badly hurt. She says Constantine, ashamed of her weakness.

Janette returns to the Raven and defensively tells Nick it was different, he was confused and needed them. Nick does not buy it. He is a little annoyed. He tells her he needed to get away, yet she led their master right to him. Nick tells her to stay out of it and not to call daddy to come get him. She firmly tells him it's his funeral and leaves. Nick approaches David and tells him he'll be safe there for a few hours while he arranges for him to get lost. David nods and nervously looks around.

Nick pays Constantine a visit at his office. Constantine's scared and hides it. He comments Nick has his grandson and laughs at him for being a cop. Nick is not at all amused. Constantine tells Nick he remembers him as the man who ran out on his family, putting himself before those he owed his life to. He firmly reminds Nick he does not tolerate interference with his family. Nick leans close to Constantine showing he has no fear of him and firmly tells him not to send his men after David again. Constantine does not want the kind of trouble Nick can make for him. Constantine leans towards Nick, telling he will go after David until he finds him, telling him you cannot hide. Nick bitterly comments someone will always betray you, telling Constantine he remembers him. Constantine explains that he raised two sons and two grandsons and buried them all. Nick would not understand because he will be young forever. Nick understands, and maybe feels a tiny bit sorry for Constantine. Constantine tells Nick David is all the family he has. His offspring are his version of immortality. Nick understands, as it is very much like when he left LaCroix in 1925. Constantine tells Nick David is his last chance to pass on what he has built. Nick firmly tells the old man David does not want it, asking why he cannot understand that. He tells him if David really is like a son, why cannot he be a good father and let him do what he wants to do, trying to get Constantine to see David's side. Constantine tells Nick it does not matter what David wants to do. He is a Constantine. Nick tells him he does not believe it. Constantine tells him he never did. Nick realizes Constantine and LaCroix are alike. Their children are possessions. Nick realizes he and David are more alike than either wants to realize when it comes to their fathers.

Inside CERK, LaCroix is doing his nightly show in a good mood, telling his audience it is a beautiful night. He has not seen one like it in a hundred years, nearly grinning. Constantine is pushed into the room. LaCroix recognizes him and tells his audience to turn off the radio and go out and play. He turns off the microphone, his curiosity piqued. He asks Constantine what brings him there, telling him he does not look well. Constantine tells LaCroix he is there to collect on the favor LaCroix owes him. LaCroix becomes somber.

LaCroix flashes back to 1925 Toronto. LaCroix and Janette are in Constantine's office looking for Nick. Constantine denies seeing Nick until LaCroix tells him he gave Nick the gold watch, which he was to keep until the day he died. So either Nick gave it to him as payment or Nick's dead. He says he would be very unhappy if it were the latter. Constantine's taken back and reassures LaCroix that Nick is safe and traveling. LaCroix comments that Nick probably erroneously told him his life was in danger. He is just trying to keep his family together, asking Constantine if he understands as a fellow parent. He tells Constantine he would be eternally grateful for his help. Constantine looks down at his desk.

In CERK, Constantine tells LaCroix he will not let David leave the family. Constantine reminds LaCroix of the favor he did for him, man to man, father to father, and now wants the favor returned. LaCroix informs him he has an excellent memory, commenting Constantine would have given him Nick's head on a plate if he had asked for it. He asks Constantine what he wants, warning him he tends to take things literally.

Inside David's house, Karin does not know why Nick is there because it is a family matter. Nick asks if she thought she was helping by revealing David's location to Constantine. She denies it. She is shocked to learn Constantine sent thugs over there to kill David. She tells him they were supposed to bring him back. She wants everything the way it was. Nick tells her it is not going to happen. Constantine will kill David for betraying the family. She explains she thought David would be safe if he came back. Nick asks her if she truly wants David and Adam to be like Constantine. She says she just wants her son to have a father on Father's Day, asking if running out on them is how he takes care of them. Nick explains it's all about them going with David. She does not know what to think and it shows. Nick tells her she has to decide which family is more important, hers or Constantine's.

Inside the bullpen, Natalie's surprised to see Nick there. She tells him Cohen is looking for Schanke. He tells her he is Schanke, making her laugh. He tells her he is subbing for Schanke so he can spend Father's day with his family. She tells him to stop because he's making her feel all warm in fuzzy inside, in a way that sounds like it's making her nauseous. She tells him she has a hungry cat to feed, evidence to deliver and work to do because no one volunteered to sub for her. He tells her he will next time as she leaves. Nick is not happy to find LaCroix sitting at Schanke's desk, with his feet propped up on it. His good mood is ruined as LaCroix glares at him.

Nick flashes back to an elegant Los Angeles hotel in 1925. He is in a good mood until he sees LaCroix and Janette. She is somber, knowing how mad Nick will be at her. LaCroix commends Nick's choice, outside of it being too sunny. LaCroix prevents a scene between Nick and Janette. Nick asks LaCroix how he found him, then sees the gold watch. LaCroix tells Nick he will always find him. Nick looks at Janette and she looks down. LaCroix tells him they will forget about the little episode. Janette refuses to look at Nick. LaCroix tells Nick he would not like to hold it against him, holding up the watch, expecting Nick to take it. Nick's expression asks if LaCroix expect him to take it.

In the bullpen, Nick walk up behind LaCroix and in a low voice asks what he wants. LaCroix pleasantly asks if he has to want anything as he faces Nick. He pleasantly comments they should talk about families making Nick nervously look around. He asks what a father is and answers his own question, saying it's the man who made you what you are, reminding Nick he's the only father he has. He shakes a finger at Nick telling him he is very disappointed at Nick for sticking his nose where it is not wanted. Nicks somewhat amused and it shows. He learns Constantine came to see LaCroix, hearing its an old debt and wants Nick to stay out of it. LaCroix tell him he owes him that much courtesy. Nick lightly comments, yet gets his point across, asking what a father owes a child and it works both ways, asking if LaCroix knows that. LaCroix comment they'll see what Schanke says and reads off the form that a father provides love, discipline, guidance, protection, support and comments it's not a bad answer. Nick comments he left out freedom, hearing LaCroix would too. LaCroix returns to his nasty self telling Nick if David doesn't return to his family, he will hunt him down and kill him, reminding Nick he's not strong enough to take him on, asking why he cares. Nick politely and almost amusedly tells LaCroix he thinks his master understands, LaCroix says maybe he does. Nick politely asks LaCroix to do for David what he would never do for him, to let him go. LaCroix's mood darkens and it shows.

Inside Constantine's dining room, LaCroix faces him and tells him there is only one way it can end. They know how stubborn children are. He tells Constantine that David wants to leave. He tells him that he is not going to change his mind, his irritation growing. Constantine comments David thinks there some better life out there. LaCroix bitterly comments it is always about what they want, asking if that is not so. LaCroix Comments on how thoughtless they can be. LaCroix gets in Constantine's face, asking if he wants David dead. Constantine just stares at him. LaCroix cannot read the old man. Constantine tells him David was supposed to take his place. He goes into the background and fate of each male member of his family and tells LaCroix he is an old, tired man just hanging on. He frustratedly tells LaCroix, once he and David are gone everything he has built will disappear. He tells a completely stoic LaCroix it does not mean anything to LaCroix but it means everything to him. He reminds LaCroix he owes him for the favor. LaCroix gives Constantine a barely perceptible nod.

Outside a building at night, Nick tells David he does not know if she is coming. Nick tells David she has to make her own decision. David tells him he is not going without them. They see Karin and Adam approaching. Karin looks pleased and sorry for the trouble she caused. David and Karin happily hug, but Adam seems a bit unresponsive. Karin learns Nick took care of everything, and the truck will take them to the Hamilton Airport. Before they can get away, Constantine's Rolls Royce arrives. LaCroix is there as well as a healthier looking Constantine. David protects his family. When Nick offers to hold off LaCroix and Constantine, David realizes LaCroix is a vampire. David stands up to his great-grandfather. He respectfully he tells Constantine he will rum the family business or they can kill him but he won't raise his son the way he was raised, accepting his fate.

Constantine tells David his noble streak is endearing. He tells David a wise old man once told him love demands sacrifices from everyone and tells David it's his turn to let go, pointing to himself. David cannot believe it, asking if he is free. Constantine tells him he has buried enough sons for a lifetime, and this is not the legacy he wants to leave. He approaches David and clasps his arms enthusiastically as David's grin grows, hearing Los Angeles is a place to start over. Constantine is happy for David and it shows. David kisses his cheek showing his true love for the man. They lovingly share a long embrace. LaCroix looks almost envious as he looks anywhere but at the old man. David and his great-grandfather are on the verge of joyful tears. Nick looks at LaCroix in disbelief and a little surprise, asking what he said to Constantine. LaCroix tells him Constantine was concerned there was no one to run the business after he died and says with a sight chuckle that the man has never looked better, and could live for another hundred years. Nick gives him a stern look asking if he brought Constantine across. LaCroix coolly shrugs, comments he owed him a favor, and walks away. Nick has a half grin, half smile on his face, realizing his father can still surprise him by doing the right thing from time to time. Another part of it is seeing David and his great-grandfather's happiness. They are finally expressing all the feelings protocol never allowed them to, healing all the pain piled up over the years from clashing wishes and desires.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke is late again as he tries to sneak past Cohen's office. Nick playfully teases him he is going to wind up with an extra shift, hearing it will probably be on his daughter's birthday. He nervously, hesitantly thanks Nick for standing in for him. It meant a lot to him, the sincerity clearly comes through. Nick tells him he is welcome. Schanke asked if he missed anything. Nick tells him not really, his expression one of mock innocence. Schanke is a little upset when his questionnaire is missing.

LaCroix is at CERK doing his nightly show. Nick is listening from the Caddy, curious to hear what his father has to say. LaCroix quotes Hamlet telling Nick he is his father's spirit, doomed to walk the night for a certain term. Nick has a small grin on his face as LaCroix is still talking about Hamlet's father's ghost. He stops when he senses someone behind him, then sees Nick's reflection in the doorway behind him. LaCroix comments on the surprise before him as Nick approaches. Nick is amused while LaCroix is morose. Nick drapes the watch over his father's fingers and wishes him a Happy Father's Day. LaCroix closes his hand around the watch, briefly smiling as if deeply touched by the gift and the gesture. He turns off the microphone. Nick tells his father he is not coming back to him. He sincerely tells him he just wanted to say thank you and leaves. LaCroix turns the microphone back on, looking at the watch as he comments if you love someone, you are supposed to let them go. Nick's a little surprised and turns to face his father, wondering if they both learned something important. LaCroix seems sincere. LaCroix comments if they are really yours, they will learn their lessons and return. Nick leaves the station wondering if what his father learned will stick or if things will return to how they have always been. LaCroix comments Nick will come back, his tone hopeful, yet depressed, as he knows he might have lost his son. LaCroix opens the watch, seeing the word Forever engraved inside, commenting he can wait because he has all the time in the world.

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