Season 2, Episode 4 (aired as episode 9)

Written by James Johnston

Directed by Allan Kroeker

Guest stars:

Liam O'Neal................... Cedric Smith

Bridget Hellman............. Kimberly Huie

Grace Balthazar.............. Sandi Ross

Miklos............................ Earl Pastko

Father Hurley................. John Swindells

Karl................................ Todd William Schroeder

Sharon............................ Krista Bridges

Barber/The Ripper.......... Ken Ketter

Raven Waitress............... Theodora Farray

Irish Man........................ Cliff Saunders

Young O'Neal Boy.......... John E. Campbell

Policewoman................... Lesley Kelly

Jogger............................. Bryan Renfro

A couple is walking through the park on a date, unaware that someone is watching them. They stop and kiss, stopping only when they hear a noise. Karl hears it before Shannon does. When the leaves continue to rustle, they become scared and hurry to their car. She makes it inside, but he is mauled. They both scream. She watches her date get ripped apart.

In Natalie's office, she is dictating into her tape recorder as she starts the autopsy. Nick and Schanke are by the desk. The victim weighs 143 pounds, has gaping wounds on the right cheek and neck, along with damage to the chest. Nick learns Schanke's hiding from Cohen because he never finished the Robinson report and she wants it. He tells Schanke to finish it. The victim was ripped apart, possibly by animal predatation. She tells them to list it as a homicide. Nick asks if she has any idea what happened and hears she would rather not speculate on what was capable of doing it. Grace enters telling the two detectives they are needed at the precinct ASAP. Natalie tells the victim to rest in peace.

In the bullpen, Bridget hands Nick the girlfriend's statement from the park murder last night, telling him there's not much to it. Nick is not happy.

Nick enters the Captain's office and is introduced to Inspector Liam O'Neal from Ireland. O'Neal comments on the football player being ripped apart by something unknown. Nick jokes that he is not needed as Bridget gives O'Neal a copy of the girlfriend's interview transcript. Nick asks how it's of interest to O'Neal, and hears there were similar murders, four in Dublin in 1979, four in Iceland in 1983, and seven in 1987 in a retirement home in Maine. All the victims had the same MO, a jagged gash across the jugular and throat. He likes to carve them up. O'Neal has pictures to back up his story. Cohen tells them the Chief Inspector has Interpol clearance so she is opening the books to them and he is to have full cooperation. She tells Nick she knows Schanke is avoiding her, and he is to have the Robinson report on her desk tomorrow night. Bridget Hellman tells them she wants to be a part of the investigation. After a brief discussion about how she needs to get involved in the fieldwork of her first homicide at some point, Cohen tells her it's up to Nick and O'Neal. Cohen leaves for home. Hellman hopes the guys will say yes. Nick sees how eager she is and tells her it is time she got her feet wet. He tells her to tell Schanke he can stop hiding, so they can get started. While Hellman hunts down Schanke, O'Neal tells Nick he would like to set some ground rules when they are all together so no toes get stepped on. Nick asks if he has registered to carry a gun so the department can get him one. He tells Nick he will not need one. Nick comments they do not carry them in Ireland. He looks at Nick as he tells him it will not be useful for what they are hunting, making Nick a little uneasy.

A male jogger is taking his nightly run, stops to check his pulse and is attacked. It looks like an animal's ripping him apart as he screams.

Schanke tells O'Neal he has an aunt who married a guy from Dublin by way of Athens. O'Neal comments it is an interesting combination, hearing they get together every St. Patrick's day and dye the Ouzo green. Hellman rushes in to tell them about the new attack.

At the latest crime scene, the detectives and O'Neal are looking at the sheet-covered body. O'Neal comments the body is ripped apart yet there is hardly any blood, asking Nick where it went. Nick tells him he does not know. O'Neal comments he thought Nick might have a few ideas and walks away. Nick's trying figure out what O'Neal meant as Natalie approaches, asking what it was all about. He tells her he does not know. She starts to tell him it looks like a vampire attack, but is cut off by a slightly cranky Nick telling her he knows. She walks away, noticing Hellman looks a little sick, telling her to take a walk with her and to take slow deep breaths. Hellman tells them she thought she could handle it, and hears Natalie tell her it is okay. O'Neal watches Nick leave as his hand goes up to his neck as if it hurts.

Inside the Raven, Janette repeats the victim's injuries asking if Nick is trying to entertain her. She sobers up when he tells her the bodies were drained of blood. He notices and asks for the name. She tells him he has had so many names, like they all have. Nick insists on a name and she reluctantly tells him it's Jack the Ripper, surprising him.

O'Neal tells Natalie that she is a pleasant change from the usual medical examiner. She's amused and inquires, learning she's young, beautiful and does not smoke cigars. She tells him to spare the Irish charm because she has had her shots. O'Neal comments Nick left the crime scene abruptly and thanks Natalie for giving them a lift, tells them he's sorry to hear about Nick's sun allergy. Natalie is a little concerned. O'Neal asks if Nick is married, hearing Schanke comment it will not happen, intriguing O'Neal and worrying Natalie.

In the car, O'Neal asks about Nick's family. Schanke tells them they are from Chicago but he has never met them. Natalie changes the subject to how she would love to visit County Cork sometime. O'Neal tells her about the beauty of the land, but it is the people who truly make it great, even if they are a strange breed. Natalie comments on the Blarney stone and Leprechauns. He tells her not to put the little people down because many sober, fine, upstanding people have seen them. He tells her about it being an old culture who still believes in superstitions. Schanke wisecracks about the bogeyman and hears there are creatures which more sophisticated people on this side of the ocean would not believe in, creatures from your worst nightmare. Natalie is more concerned after she and O'Neal exchange looks. O'Neal asks Natalie if she believes, hearing she does not, but it is not totally convincing. He asks what she thinks of vampires, totally startling her and it shows. Schanke urgently tells her to watch the road, causing her to make a massive swerve. Liam asks if it is something he said as she just looks at him. Schanke grumbles about a dropped hot dog.

Inside the Raven, Janette tells Nick the Ripper is more than a vampire. LaCroix feared him when he made him. Nick surprised by this. Janette's upset and a little scared as she admits he does not know who it is.

There is a flashback to 1888 London, England. LaCroix is lying on a table in agony. Janette is playing nurse, worried about him. Nick enters. LaCroix sarcastically comments to Nick that he hopes he didn't ruin his evening, and to make sure the barber is dead, if he isn't, he's to kill him. Nick asks what happened and learns the barber poisoned LaCroix. LaCroix sends Janette to fetch him fresh blood. Nick tells LaCroix he's done killing innocents and starts to leaving, telling LaCroix he gets it, LaCroix's upset because he met someone as depraved as he is. LaCroix tells him the barber has an evil that he cannot begin to fathom. He could not finish him because the taste of his putrid flesh made him sick, and the barber is dangerously insane. LaCroix seems to be in pain. He tells Nick the barber threatens to expose them all. LaCroix begs Nick to help and Nick refuses, even Janette's tearful pleas are refused. He tells her to let LaCroix suffer. He is leaving for America tomorrow. LaCroix comments that Nick's lost to them, and prays the barber does not come across.

In the Raven, Nick comments the Ripper is the barber. Janette comments on the numbers dead over the centuries by country. That the last country's kills were stupid frenzies that drew attention them. Nick asks why he was never told and learns it was because LaCroix knew he would react like he is. Nick had his chance.

Inside a hotel room at sunrise, O'Neal is drinking something alcoholic as he looks out the closed curtains, yelping in pain and jumping back from the sunlight, shutting the small gap. He seems to be more sun sensitive than Nick is. His hand goes to his neck.

O'Neal flashes back to being eight years old and carried into a church. Father Hurley learns Liam was hurt and found dazed in the street, his mother dead in an alleyway. The priest takes one look at the wounds and tells them to bring him to the fountain as O'Neal's struggles, telling them they don't have much time as the evil is quickly spreading. The Father tells them to hold on tight as he sprinkles Holy water over the two bloody marks on O'Neal's neck.

In the hotel room, O'Neal bolts upright in pain, his hand going to his neck as he breathes hard, seemingly afraid.

At sunset, Natalie enters the loft apologizing for waking Nick. He tells her he would have to be asleep first, and asks what's wrong. She tells him O'Neal has been asking many questions about him, has been through his personnel file. Both are concerned. He learns O'Neal's asked if he has family, where he is from, if anyone has seen him in the daylight. She was asked if she believes in vampires as she nervously plays with her fingers. Nick asks if O'Neal actually asked and she confirms it. She asks if O'Neal knows what he is, hearing he does not know, a puzzled look on his face. O'Neal knows it is a vampire doing the killing. Natalie's both surprised and not surprised by that. He tells her she will never believe who it is.

In the bullpen, O'Neal asks Hellman if she thinks he will kill again, hearing he will. He always kills four times before moving on, in a place his feels safe, and is territorial so they will all be in one of the downtown parks. The Iceland victims were lab workers leaving the night shift, the Dublin victims were nurses and residents. O'Neal is very impressed. Schanke is trying to stay invisible. Cohen approaches. Schanke says they were talking about the case and he will go do the Robinson report now. O'Neal tells Cohen Bridget is a fine officer. Cohen gives him a strange look when he tells her they are going to see what Bridget is really made of. He tells her they are going to the morgue to check on the victim. Hellman is not happy.

Natalie repeats the words Jack the Ripper finding it a little hard, but not impossible, to believe. Nick tells her he is out there somewhere. She is not surprised LaCroix brought Jack across. Nick tells her he could have stopped it sounding a bit angsty. She tells him it is not his fault because he would have had to do something he had sworn not to do.

Nick flashes back to 1888 London. He walks down the alley behind the barbershop and sees the barber slumped against the wall. He pushes the barber's head to side, revealing the fang marks. Nick feels the evil in the blood as soon as he touches it, quickly pulls his hand away and walks away, leaving LaCroix to clean up his own mess.

In the loft, Natalie reminds Nick everyone has regrets and unfinished business. He reminds her his is a killing machine, which he could have done something about.

Inside the morgue's cooler, O'Neal examines a body while Hellman stays near the door. He learns it is not her first, but probably the worst she has seen. He approaches her asking if the effect are emotional or physical, hearing it is both. He tells her she will get over the physical, but the day she gets over the emotional, she has been a cop too long.

Nick lands in the park and uses his enhanced vision to find any remaining traces of blood. It shows up as little bright spots. Nick examines the dirt around a tree where he thought saw blood, but there is nothing. He seems a little disappointed.

Liam and Bridget exit the cooler. Grace learns they saw all they wanted and leaves. O'Neal tells Hellman he was mainly looking for her reaction. He gives her a silver Celtic cross, telling her he's superstitious and wants her not to take it off while he is there. She is a little surprised, hearing it's a good luck charm. She kisses him on the cheek, surprising him. Schanke tells them they are welcome to join him in taking soil samples. O'Neal sends Bridget. He wants to talk to the victim's girlfriend. Nick comments they have gone over her statements a dozen times. O'Neal says he likes to get a sense of the person. Nick leaves and Schanke follows a moment later. O'Neal looks slightly puzzled as he tries to figure Nick out.

In the Caddy, Schanke teases Hellman for getting so personal with O'Neal. She tells him they are just partners. Schanke asks Nick if he has ever kissed him and gets slapped upside the head by Hellman, amusing Nick. Nick tells her if he keeps bothering her, she has his permission to shoot Schanke. She tells them she was just thanking O'Neal for his gift. She holds the cross in front of Nick's face so he can see it and he wildly swerves across the street. Schanke asks if everyone has suddenly forgotten how to drive.

In the bullpen, O'Neal's reading a report at Nick's desk, and pokes around in the top drawer, finding a Raven matchbook. He wonders if he should check out the place.

O'Neal enters the Raven studying it as he walks to the bar. Miklos tells him it is last Call. Liam asks about Nick, but is told he does not make money on information. Liam orders a Lager, and is pointed to a table clear across the room. Janette is warily watching from the far end of the bar. O'Neal heads for his table, his hand on his throat as if it hurts. A waitress brings his drink. Liam bribes her for information about Nick and learns she does not know Nick. He grabs her and presses his Celtic cross very close to her face. She tells him he's crazy and yells for Miklos. O'Neal's stunned and apologizes. Miklos quickly arrives, and has the cross pressed against his forehead, angering him. It looks like Miklos is in pain only to those who know him well. O'Neal apologizes, and is thrown out of the club. He tells the waitresses she can keep the money. The waitress approaches Janette asking what that was about, hearing it must have been a Jehovah's Witness. LaCroix walks up behind Janette and tells her to make sure he arrives before sunrise. She makes the call.

Nick, Schanke and Hellman enter the bullpen. Nick gets his telephone message, hears it sounds important and dumps the soil sample bags into a confused Schanke's arm, telling Schanke to sign him out.

Nick races the predawn light to answer LaCroix's message, sent through Janette.

Inside the Raven, Nick approaches Janette wanting to know what was so urgent because it's nearly sunrise. She tells him he is waiting in the back. LaCroix is playing mournful music not heard since Dark Knight. Nick comments that LaCroix has been hiding there. LaCroix tells Nick he has not been hiding, but taking up Janette's kind offer of shelter, and will do the same for him since the sun's now high in the sky. Nick asks why he was brought there. LaCroix tells Nick he's doing him a favor and wants nothing from him. Nick learns O'Neal was a half drained mortal who never tasted enough vampire blood to come across, so he's halfway between mortal and vampire, which makes one a hunter. And he is specifically hunting Nick to avenge his family. Nick is not happy to learn the favor LaCroix's doing him is introducing O'Neal to the barber. LaCroix tells Nick he is cleaning up his mess. Nick tells him he will have no part in it, realizing why he has been called there at dawn. LaCroix shows Nick his magic dust, asking if it looks familiar. When Nick winces, LaCroix says it's soybean residue, knowing LaCroix planted it to draw O'Neal to LaCroix's creation. LaCroix giggles at his own cleverness.

In the bullpen, Natalie, Cohen and Hellman discuss the soy bean dust found at the crime scenes and on the bodies. Natalie asks how she could have missed it the first time. She tells them the high water content and pitting suggests it is old. Cohen tells them the Queen's Key Mill closed about five years ago. Hellman suggests it is a good place for a killer to hide. Natalie asks if Nick or O'Neal is in yet, growing concerned when neither is. She tries to keep her worry buried but does not succeed too well as she tells Cohen Bridget should go with one of them. Schanke is busily working on the Robinson report when Cohen approaches. He tells her it should be done by tomorrow. She tells him to take a break, surprising him, and it shows. She tells him to take Hellman to what she thinks is the killer's lair and let her down easily when she's wrong. Natalie tells Cohen she wishes they would wait for Nick or O'Neal. Natalie watches Schanke and Hellman leave, afraid for their safety, and their lives. Cohen tells her it is just routine.

Inside the Raven's backroom, LaCroix tells Nick the wheels are in motion and he can do nothing because the sun is up. Nick's not happy, but has reluctantly accepted he is stuck there for the day.

Schanke and Hellman push the loading dock door partially up and duck under it. The mill is so dark that their flashlights barely light their way. Schanke tells her they will split up and use their walkie-talkies for communication.

Natalie calls the empty loft and Nick's car telephone, getting no response. She's frustrated and worried. She has an idea and heads out of her office.

In the Raven, LaCroix tells Nick O'Neal is already up and out because he can take far more light than they can. Nick tells them that it is not O'Neal that he is worried about.

Inside the bullpen, O'Neal enters and heads straight for Natalie. She fills him in on Hellman and Schanke. He asks how much she knows, trying to figure out if she truly knows about vampires. She tells him she knows enough to know they had better get there before sunset, confirming a bunch of things for O'Neal. Only a little of it shows in his expression. He tells her they do not have time to gather the proper tools and hopes she is feeling particularly brave.

The sun is setting as Schanke and Hellman are still searching the mill. He scares her when his voice suddenly comes over her walkie-talkie. They both found nothing and will call it quits in a few minutes.

In the Raven, Nick calls Cohen, learns what's going on and tells her she should have stopped them. He manages to keep most of his concern for their safety and lives from his voice. She asks if there is anything he did not tell her. He tells her there is not, sounding a bit more worried. LaCroix hangs up on them, which Cohen finds a little odd. LaCroix tells Nick it is far too late now. LaCroix comments they will be long gone by the time he locates them. The instant the sun dips below the horizon, Nick bolts. LaCroix is truly enjoying himself while Janette looks disgusted, revolted, and angered by LaCroix's behavior. She again feels a bit helpless having been forced to betray Nick once again.

Schanke and Hellman are still searching. She approaches a pair of large steel doors secured with what looks like a new chain and padlock. She calls Schanke telling him she's at a dead end, and it's getting really dark. Both are quite spooked and it shows. They decide to meet back at the car in a few minutes. When she turns back to the doors, the lock is open, spooking her and making her curious.

O'Neal and Natalie are outside the mill nervously searching for any signs of their friends or the vampire. When he asks which direction she thinks it is in, she suggests they split up. He does not like the idea, tells her to lock herself in the car and stay perfectly still. He won't listen to her, telling her not to argue because she only thinks she knows what she is dealing with, having absolutely no idea how much she has seen and done. He walks away.

Nick is flying over the city looking for his friends.

Hellman's curiosity gets the better of her and she goes into the previously locked room. She sees a simple coffin. A moment later she sees Jack the Ripper vamped out, growling at her, terrifying her. She runs for the door, never having been so scared, as Schanke's voice comes over the walkie-talking. She does not respond. She slams the doors shut and secures it with a metal bar through the handles. It pounds on the door like a large wild animal. Her terror shows in her voice when she tells Schanke it is there. Schanke is terrified because the killer is there and because of her fear. He asks where she is and hears an ear-shattering scream. Bridget pulls her gun as Jack the Ripper breaks the door open. She fires at him. Schanke's startled by the gunshot, knowing it only means big trouble. She runs from the vampire as fast as she can, while Schanke is running towards her as fast as he can.

Natalie and O'Neal are startled by the gunshot and run inside, her right behind him. When asked what she is doing there, she tells him she heard the gunshot. O'Neal shouts for Bridget, getting no response. He tells Natalie they are outside and asks for her car keys. She tells him they are in the ignition as they run back outside.

Bridget runs down the fire escape as fast as she can, the along the side of the building, right into the barber, who grabs her and bites her.

Natalie hears Bridget scream and tries to find her, running around the side of the building just in time to see her being drained. She screams out Bridget's name along with no! Jack the Ripper sees her at the same moment car headlights illuminate his face. Her car is speeding towards her, forcing her to quickly move out of the way. He rushes past her and slams into the mill, causing a fire. Nick lands well behind Natalie and approaches her. They see O'Neal terrified, stuck in the flaming car. Nick is scared, but rips the door off the car, pulling O'Neal free. The barber's pinned by the car's hood and screams as he is engulfed in flames. The barber and Natalie's car become one huge fireball, startling them all with the large kaboom. O'Neal tells Nick he has his thanks and secrecy. Nick is not like the others.

Schanke walks out asking what happened. O'Neal holds Bridget's body, holding the cross, telling her she should have told her why. He crying, telling her he is sorry. Nick, Natalie, and Schanke look on in shock along with some sadness.

Inside Cohen's office, Natalie, Cohen, O'Neal and Schanke are there. Schanke tells them he still does not get it, a bandage above his left eye. O'Neal tells him people are capable of extreme strength and callous murder. Schanke comments it was a steel door. Natalie reminds him of the stories of the kid who lift the car off their mother. O'Neal tells him it was extreme madness and to be grateful they cannot understand because it means they are human. He thanks them and offers his condolences, telling them the killer would still be out there if it wasn't for Bridget, and it's a fitting tribute. Cohen suggests Nick do the report so Natalie gets her car reimbursement as soon as possible. Schanke asks for one more day, getting the message.

All but Cohen leaves her office. Natalie and O'Neal find a quiet place to talk. She tells him Nick will be in soon and will miss not being able to say goodbye. O'Neal tells her he has a red eye to catch. She comments on another night traveler and tells him she would like to study him, surprising and intriguing him. He tells her he would like that. They are attracted to each other. He kisses her fingers as he sadly tells her that as much as it pains him, he hopes they never meet again.

Inside the Raven, Janette says LaCroix was right. Nick had made a mistake in not killing O'Neal. Nick comments O'Neal cleaned up a mess, and he is in O'Neal's debt. Janette reminds him it's the same problem as before, and asks how long before O'Neal forgets Nick helped him and comes hunting, knowing where they are.

O'Neal is waiting in a graveyard, a crossbow with a wooden bolt in his hand. He hears Bridget call his name, turns, tells her he's been expecting her and shoots her with the crossbow. Her body hits the ground. A look of sadness and regret in O'Neal's eyes as he has just killed a friend, but knew he had no choice.

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