Season 2, Episode 11 (aired as episode 10)

Written by Ron Taylor

Directed by Jon Cassar

Guest stars:

Casey Brooks/Lt. Drake............. Clark Johnson

Tran............................................ Von Flores

Abraham Lindley......................... Richard McMillan

Kyle the Grocery Boy................. Gordon Michael Woolvett

Young Soldier.............................. Gabriel Hogan

Vietnamese Moth......................... Bernadette Li

Damon......................................... Richard Campbell

Beverly......................................... Nicole Greenspan

Asian Child.................................. Kimberlyn Ungshang

Vampire....................................... William Corno

A teenage boy, Kyle, makes a grocery delivery to a man who lives behind a locked chain link fence. The owner is a shotgun wielding paranoid man, Mr. Lindley. Kyle asks Lindley to put down the gun. He tells Kyle he never puts down his gun, even while sleeping. Lindley asks Kyle if he has talked to Casey Brooks yet, not happy when Kyle says he has called but Casey has not called back. Lindley yells for Kyle to go visit Casey, scaring Kyle. Lindley screams that if Casey does not come to him, he will go to him, running towards Kyle. Kyle bolts for his truck and leaves as fast as he can. Lindley is yelling he cannot take it much longer. The man senses something and becomes quiet. Before he can do more than look up he is attacked by something that did not come in through the gate. He screams.

It is now a crime scene. Natalie finishes her examination and tells Schanke she will have more when the body gets to the lab. Schanke comments it is amateur night. Natalie's surprised and a little hurt. Schanke realizes this and tells her he did not mean her. He meant the killer who did everything but leave his business card. He shows her the bagged knife, which is matched up to the sheaf on the victim's hip, showing he was killed with his own knife. Schanke tells her the victim was armed to the teeth and nothing was taken. Whoever killed him did it fast and hard. Natalie asks what Nick thinks and learns he is meditating on it. She nods and walks away telling him she will check the knife for prints.

Inside, Nick is studying an Oriental character or word written on the wall. Schanke comments he is sure the graffiti is important and asks about the murder weapon they found. Nick's there but not there.

Nick flashes back to South Vietnam in 1971. He is in a military uniform driving a jeep with the Red Cross symbol painted on the hood. He sees the same Oriental character/word carved into a tree trunk and looks ahead worried.

In the present, Nick comments Bin Loc, a disgusted look on his face. Schanke asks about it, tells him it can wait as they go over to the collection of guns all laid out on a table. Nick sees everything from handguns to serious assault rifles, asking if they all belong to the victim. Schanke tells him they all have serial numbers but none are registered. There are a lot of calls inside the US, which shows the guy's American. Schanke mentions the grocery delivery and the APB on the delivery boy. Nick sees a note reading Ministry of Correctional Services and a telephone number along with Casey Brook's name and extension stuck to a page in the phone book. The landlady told Schanke Lindley had been there for three months and never went out. No one knew him or had seen him. He made his neighbors very nervous. Nick comments the guy would make him nervous. He learns Lindley was not on parole, so maybe he knew a parole officer.

Kyle is inside one of the precinct interview rooms telling them Casey Brooks was all Mr. Lindley ever talked about. He called Casey who had never heard of Lindley. He had no idea why Lindley wanted to talk to him. He asked once and got a look telling him he had better not ask again. He says that there were a few times he thought Lindley was going to attack him, but he was just a strange guy. Kyle realizes they suspect him. Nick tells Kyle none of the guns was fired so it was someone he knew. Kyle tells them Lindley did not even trust his shadow. Kyle does not know what or who Lindley was afraid of, and it seems like everyone and everything scared him.

Outside the room, Nick tells Schanke the kid's not big enough to have taken Lindley on in hand to hand. Schanke comments he could have helped someone through the defenses. They want to know why an American not on parole is desperate to talk to a Canadian parole officer who has never heard of him. Cohen asks if they know Casey Brooks runs nightly seminars for youthful offenders on probation as well as other community services, and is very highly thought of at City Hall.

In the Caddy, Schanke tells Nick Casey Brooks sounds like a saint and he doesn't trust anyone who sounds that good.

Nick flashes back to South Vietnam. He is inoculating a group of children and adults, having a good rapport with them, giving them a lollipop when finished. Some speak good English. He asks about the symbol carved into the tree and learns it is from a no longer used system and means clean, but they do not know who put it there.

Nick has snapped back to the present by Schanke telling him Casey works with kids. He sometimes feels like Nick is not listening to him. He is a little annoyed and it shows.

Inside a building, a group of teens is waiting for someone who is late. Some want to split while others tell them it is a bad idea. Suddenly a large coil of rope thuds to the floor startling everyone. Casey slides down it. When asked about the dramatic entrance, Casey tells them it is like trouble, which will drop on them faster than he did. He was not late, they just didn't see him. The teens are there because they were in trouble, and are supposed to learn how to anticipate trouble and avoid it. He is their visual reminder. Casey tells them he hung out on the room to see who tried to split. Damon's embarrassed. Casey tells them excuses will not keep them out of trouble.

Nick and Schanke enter as Casey is lecturing the teens. Damon tells Casey he is right. Casey tells him he is always right. Nick learns he's Casey Brooks and asks for a few minutes of his time. Casey tells the teens they had better not go anywhere until he gets back and walks over to the detectives.

Nick asks Casey where he learned to repel and hears Casey picked it up along the way. They learn Casey does not know Abraham Lindley. Nick explains Lindley was trying to contact him. Brooks mentions the delivery boy and he did not have time or patience to deal with a psycho. Nick apologizes for showing Casey a crime scene photo of Lindley as it's the only one they have. Nick tells Casey Lindley's dead. As Casey holds the photo there seems to be a brief moment of recognition. He denies knowing Lindley, stating it is all the blood. Nick says he understands that well. Casey tells them he has to get back to the kids if they are finished with him. Casey walks away. Schanke comments Casey knows they do not believe a word he said, and could have easily taken Lindley in a hand to hand battle. Nick tells his partner they have a good set of prints on the picture and if they match, he will buy breakfast. They leave.

Later, Casey is alone and bothered by something. When he looks into the mirror, he sees the body of a Vietnamese person along with a taller figure in black holding an automatic rifle behind the Vietnamese person. He looks around the room and is alone. He is alone when he looks back into the mirror. He hears the sound of choppers and gunfire, as Casey looks more disturbed, upset, scared and haunted.

Casey flashes back to South Vietnam in 1971. A village is on fire as chaos and gunfire reign. Soldiers are trying to figure out who are Viet Kong and who are not. A local teen is on his knees and begging them not to shoot him, an automatic rifle in his face.

In the present, Casey is trying to block out the flood of unwanted memories.

Natalie is dictating her autopsy findings into her tape recorder. The cause of death is the severing both the carotid and jugular arteries. She shows Nick and Schanke the numerous old buckshot or shrapnel injuries to the left thigh, buttocks and lower back. She tells them the skin was stretched taut when he was killed. When Schanke does not get it, Nick tells him the victim was looking up. Schanke mentions repelling out of a tree. She tells them there were traces of blood on his face and belt. He was cleaned up. She shows them the Bin Loc tattoo on Lindley's arm, telling them it must be something personal. Nick has a strange look on his face as he flashes back to South Vietnam.

Nick's driving and gets out at a crashed jeep. A camouflaged soldier yells for Nick to put his hands on his head and do not move unless ordered to. Nick does as ordered, a gun aimed at him. The soldier calls for Lt. Drake. Drake checks Nick's ID which states he's Nick Parker with the International Red Cross. Drake tells Nick the area has not been Bin Locked, and hears there is a contingent of VC dug in. Nick tells him he only saw many very sick kids and the rest of the village looked like friendlies. Drake does not believe Nick knows anything. Another soldier checks Nick's ID and jeep, asking where Nick's hurrying off to, hearing it's the fire base at Hill 4530 before sunup. Nick asks their unit. They call themselves the clean up crew. Nick sees the Bin Loc symbol on the tree and understands. The soldiers leave the symbol when they are finished. Nick is told any VC in the village will be cleaned out. Nick's jeep is found to be clean, his ID returned and he's allowed to go. Nick takes off, hearing he will never make it to the fire base by sunup.

In the morgue, Natalie calls out Nick's name, seeing he is concerned. He snaps out of it and tells her they had better look at fingerprints.

Drake is hastily packing to split. He pulls a long knife from its sheath as he flashes back to South Vietnam.

The people of the village are going about their daily chores as a soldier watches from his hiding place. Suddenly all hell breaks loose as the soldiers attack. The villagers are dragged out of their houses. The soldiers demand to know if they are VC, guns pointed at the villagers, kids to old people. The soldiers demand to know where the VC are in English and Vietnamese. The woman who speaks English tells them there are no VC, and is smacked in the head with a rifle butt and called a liar. The teenaged boy surrenders, pleading there are no VC, drawing the attention. Lt Drake demands answers.

Nick is not happy the computer's down and cannot give him his info. Natalie's watching, and gives her report. She mentions Schanke told her they are going to close the case before breakfast. She thinks Schanke is right, for all the wrong reasons, commenting Nick knows something. Nick is serious as he tells her he's met Brooks before and knows exactly how dangerous he is. Schanke enters telling them there will not be any fingerprints until the computer comes back up sometime in the 29th century. Natalie's startled and jumps. Schanke tells her Nick will be buying lunch instead. Nick says they cannot wait that long because Brooks will be across the border in an hour. Schanke reminds him they cannot place Brooks at the crime scene. Nick says they have to arrest Brooks and to trust him.

They have Cohen's attention as she asks what's going on. Schanke tells her they are going to arrest Casey Brooks. Cohen learns the fingerprints are not back and Nick does not feel they can wait. Cohen is worried as she watches them leave.

The Caddy takes off lights flashing, siren blaring as Schanke asks why Nick thinks Casey Brooks is the killer, especially since there's no evidence. Nick tells him it is based on experience as he flashes back to South Vietnam again.

Nick slips into the firebreak closing the roof as a few rays shine down. Nick climbs down the ladder and angrily shouts for everyone to wake up, demanding to know who has been feeding on the children. LaCroix comments that Nick only complains, and is not the only one with scruples and morals. Nick's disgusted and comments he should have known.

In the present, Casey is looking around, making sure he did not forget anything important. He looks at his Achievement Award a bittersweet expression on his face. He pulls another picture from the frame. It is his squad from Vietnam.

Casey flashes back to the village he and his men attacked. He is still questioning the teenager in both English and Vietnamese, smacking him with the butt of his rifle. Someone runs out of a house and is gunned down while the women and children duck for cover. Drake orders his men to cease-fire.

Back in the present, Schanke tells they are going to bust in on a guy in his pajamas watching television and arrest him for something they have no evidence he did.

Nick is inside the firebreak, with LaCroix slammed up against the wall by his collar. Nick angrily asks his master how he could take from young lives when there are so many dead to feed from. LaCroix tells him he had no part in it. Nick asks if LaCroix's greed and perversity are the reasons, letting him go, knowing he will not learn anything LaCroix does not want him to know. LaCroix reminds Nick it is just a fever and the villagers will recover. Nick angrily tells him they will unless the blood loss has weakened them to the point another disease takes them. LaCroix explains it is why he takes a few drops from many, rather than a large swallow from one. Nick bitterly, sarcastically comments on LaCroix's thoughtfulness. They hear gunfire above them. The sun keeps Nick from rushing outside. His sadness and pain over the loss of the children's lives shows.

In the village, homes are in flames; there is running, screaming, and lots of gunfire. Drake orders his men to cease-fire; deeply disturbed everything very quickly escalated out of control. The male teen is shot and falls face first into a puddle.

Back in the present, Nick and Schanke silently park outside Drake's front door.

Casey opens the front door seeing Nick and Schanke. He quickly slams the door and locks it. Nick tells Schanke he will go around back. The lights go out spooking them. Schanke gives Nick time to get around back before kicking open the front door and enters gun ready to use. Schanke determines the power is off. He and Nick nervously search the house. Nick sees movement right before Brooks slams into Schanke. Nick sees Schanke's only winded and chases Brooks outside, grabbing him and ripping his sleeve to reveal the Bin Loc tattoo. Nick darkly tells him they are going to talk about Bin Loc.

Inside an interrogation room, Nick angrily tells Brooks everything from his birth certificate to passport is phony. The only real thing is picture of Brooks' platoon. Nick tells Brooks they sent the team's insignia to the Pentagon. He was identified as Lieutenant Travis Drake, commander of his platoon in Quan Tree province in 1971. Brooks says nothing. On November 24th 1971 his unit massacred 18 civilians. His unit was court-martialed. Everyone testified against Drake. Nick comments of the twelve men Drake had in Bin Loc, five died In Country and the seven who made it back all died violently. Nick darkly mentions Drake is the only survivor. Drake's still has not said a word. Schanke asks what Drake cares to say. Drake tells them he did not kill Lindley. Someone tracked down everyone he fought with and killed them. Nick asks who would have a motive.

Travis tells them his men all told the truth at the court-martial and he would not have expected anything else. When it was down to four survivors, they hooked up in Los Angeles, pooling their resources to try to survive. Travis admits Lindley was there. He compares the hunting of his unit to the Israelis tracking down everyone one of the PLO terrorists from the 1972 Munich Olympics. The detectives' expressions show they understand his point. Nick asks if Drake has any leads, learning he does not. Drake tells them his family and friends have not heard from him since 1983. He sincerely says he had liked to have asked Lindley how he found him. Drake says he likes his life. He's doing something to help and likes to think he's making up for his past. Nick's expression shows how much it sounds like his own story. Schanke feels a bit sorry for Drake. Drake tells them he hoped Lindley would go away if he thought he had the wrong guy, taking the killer with him. Cohen calls her detectives away. Drake looks at the picture.

Cohen tells them they are wasting their time. Natalie tells them the prints on the murder weapon were not Brooks/Drake's and cannot identify who they belong to. Nick tells her Brooks is either the killer or the next victim. Cohen leaves. Schanke asks Nick if they can hold Brooks. Nick thinks they can. Schanke says he will check with the Crown to be sure. Nick tells them he is going to check with a source that might be able to help. Natalie quickly realizes it is probably Janette. Nick leaves. When a confused Schanke asks Natalie if she knows she tells him, she does not know, trying to look innocent.

Nick flashes back to the village the night after the massacre. He's depressed and upset that everyone is dead. A part of him knew there would not be survivors, yet another part hoped there would be. LaCroix chuckles there is water everywhere, but none is drinkable. He comments it is too bad the raid was not later in the day. Nick tells him he does not understand why the village was attacked as there was no military there, growling it isn't war, it's a crime. LaCroix agrees, asking Nick if he is going to bring the criminals to justice. Nick looks hurt, unsure and possibly considering vengeance. LaCroix leaves.

Inside the Raven, Janette is busy filling out her taxes. Nick asks if LaCroix ever mentioned Vietnam. She tells him LaCroix said it was nicer under the French, and had plantations there. He never forgave them for defoliating the place. Nick remarks LaCroix had plantations everywhere. Nick asks if LaCroix made any vampires there. She seriously tells him no. He tells her not to cheat as he leaves. Her taxes are giving her a headache.

Nick is driving, listening to the Nightcrawler. The Nightcrawler tells Nick he can hear his thoughts, he is not alone, but feels that way. He knows Nick's pain, frustration, his hunger for justice, and he feels everything. He tells Nick to come to him now. Over the microphone LaCroix tells Nick he can be Nick's strength, wisdom, truth and all he has to share is his soul, as Nick walks into the outer studio.

Nick has a brief flashback of LaCroix asking what he is going to do about it.

Nick enters the broadcast booth as LaCroix cuts the mike. LaCroix tells him it is an unexpected surprise. Nick asks LaCroix about the vampire he made in Vietnam. LaCroix tells him many things slip his mind, then says it was Nick's righteous indignation, which inspired and shamed him. He quickly recovered but not before he came up with a clever solution. LaCroix flashes back to Vietnam as he tells Nick about it.

LaCroix searches the village with his vampire senses, telling Nick he went back out of the compelling shame and searched for any signs of life. He heard a faint heartbeat, with very strong emotions. The teen's blood boiled with rage, his heart crying for vengeance. LaCroix saw the cleaning crew's crime and used his power to make justice possible for the victims, asking Nick if that was not what he wanted. Nick is not sure what to think, but listens. Nick confirms it, but he did not want it that way. LaCroix is sarcastic as he asks if Drake and his murdering minions should not be punished. Nick is silent and mildly amused. LaCroix grumbles about his plantations. Nick is amused. He tells LaCroix Drake was court-martialed and turned his life around. LaCroix sarcastically comments if you play basketball twice a week with kids all is forgiven, meaning, if Drake's past can be forgiven so can Nick's. Nick's expression is grin, hearing it is always about Nick, and his eternal struggle to manage his guilt. LaCroix is a bit gloomier, almost pouting as he tells Nick he used to be a lot more fun to be with. Nick is amused. LaCroix refuses to tell Nick where the vampire is, sternly telling him to let it run its course. It is the justice Nick cried out for in the madness of war. Nick does not look too happy. Nick starts to leave and hears LaCroix teasingly comment that Nick cannot say he never gave him anything.

In the bullpen, Schanke unhappily tells Nick via the telephone the Crown cut Casey loose and he split. Nick is surprised, commenting they had him on resisting arrest, forged documents and a weapons charge. Brooks explained he was afraid for his life and they believed him. Cohen was right about Brooks having friends in high places, and being a good parole officer. Nick thinks he knows where to find Casey and hangs up.

Brooks is inside a hanger inspecting the plane as Nick approaches, startling him. Nick calls him Lieutenant, commenting it must be nice to have friends with planes, commenting Drake never mentioned Bin Loc to his City Hall friends. Brooks learns the airport is the first place Nick would look for a pilot wanting to make a hasty departure. Brooks does not like being called Lieutenant or Drake, because he is not that man anymore. He paid his debt. Nick is not sure he believes him. Brooks sincerely tells Nick he honestly tried to stop it but it was out of control. He tells Nick he has no idea what it is like to live with that kind of guilt, and it is enough payment. Nick angrily tells him some debts can never be repaid; reminding him someone is out there that is not going to forgive him. The only way Drake will survive is to come with Nick. Brooks says he will take his chances. Nick hands Brooks something that is wrapped in black, urging him to take it. Brook takes it. Nick senses something and tells Brooks to come with him now as they start to leave. Suddenly the Vietnamese teen vampire is in front of them. Nick and Brooks stop. The teen tells Nick he has heard of him and some thought he would stay out of things. Nick tells him it is not going to happen. Brooks is confused, scared, and stunned when Vietnamese vampire takes off his sunglasses and he recognizes the teen.

Brooks flashes back to South Vietnam and his interrogation of the teen, then shooting him, mostly from a pure survival instinct.

In the hangar, Brook's disturbed, upset look shows the teen Drake remembers. Drake fearfully tells the teen he is dead, hearing it is a matter of opinion. Brooks is confused. Nick tells him the teen killed his men. The teen tells Drake, he is his final task. Drake's even m ore confused when he remembers Nick as the doctor with the Red Cross, commenting Nick has not aged a day. The Vietnamese vampire tells Drake it is useless to run. The teen tells them the pain of the cross will not stop him, causing Drake see the silver cross inside the cloth he is holding. The teen tells Nick he will destroy him if he interferes.

Nick grabs the cross and holds it out to ward off the teen, commenting the pain will not stop him either. The teen grabs it and their hands smoke from contact with the cross. Drake backs away horrified as the two creatures in front of him fight it out, further horrified when the two vamp out and growl. The teen smashes a small hole in the blacked out window, admitting sunlight. Each tries to force the other into the light. Drake's had enough and fires his gun at the ceiling. The fighters separate. Drake points his gun at the Vietnamese vampire telling him for twenty-three years he has wanted to know if the teen is VC. The teen tells him to ask his neighbors and family, all of whom just wanted the war to end, angrily commenting they liked the Americans. Drake's voice softens as he repeats the questions. The vampire tells Drake he is VC, angrily opens himself up for an easy target, silently daring Drake to shoot him. Drake tries but cannot pull the trigger and sincerely apologizes. The teen shows no real reaction. Drake blows his brains out as Nick starts towards him. Nick's greatly disturbed and horrified by Drake's suicide. The teen gratefully tells Nick no one in the village ever forgot his service. He speaks for them all as he thanks Nick for all his help. Nick looks sad. The teen gives Nick a subtle bow before telling him there's one more thing to do, a little regret and sadness in his voice as he reaches for the hangar controls. Nick's confused expression asks why. The teen tells him to leave now. Nick gives a subtle bow and ducks down the sewer grate. The teen vampire opens the doors and holds his arms up in a warrior's victory gesture as he embraces the full sunlight. His body smokes, growing heavier with each second. He bursts into flames, ending his torment.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke reminds Nick he owes him a meal. Schanke has finished the report. Everyone is jumping off the Drake bandwagon, especially his City Hall friends who want the case closed very quietly. Nick comments it is not surprising. Schanke says the evidence points to suicide. People saw flames and figure he burned the evidence first. Cohen asks what was burned. Forensics looked at the ashes, and cannot tell what was destroyed. Schanke says Natalie figured they probably were personal papers. Nick comments she would know and the case is closed. Cohen comments everyone has something in their past which eventually catches up with them. Drake fooled everyone. She wishes she could say it was a shame, asking how much sympathy can you have when a killer dies. Nick's sad look says he has been through it before. Nick tells Schanke not to call him Travis Drake because he was Casey Brooks by the end. Schanke is a little confused. Nick leaves.

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