Season 2, Episode 6 (aired as episode 11)

Written by Michael Sadowski

Directed by Timothy Bond

Guest stars:

Laura and Marise...................... Lisa Langlois

Danny Caruthers...................... Robert King

Amber....................................... Lenore Zann

Sgt. Lillian................................ Rebecca Bell

Mother Superior....................... Lise Lebel

Car Rental Clerk....................... Victor Erdos

A woman is nervously walking through a parking garage. Nick's in the car and Schanke is across the garage during the stakeout. She figures it out and carjacks someone. Nick takes off after her while Schanke tends to the victim. Nick tries to stop her but she does not stop and hits Nick. He hits the windshield and bounces off the hood. She's shocked, stops and helps him. When she sees he is okay, she tries to run but is grabbed by Nick. She tells them that she is innocent, and will be killed for something that she did not do.

The woman is Laura Garfield. Weeks ago she escaped during her transfer to death row in Texas. She chopped up her husband with an axe, among other crimes. She tells Nick and Schanke that Danny Caruthers framed her and stole the drug money. She clams up when they tell her that someone local turned her in. She begs them to believe that she is innocent and that Caruthers has a friend in town somewhere named Billy Briese. She shows them a group photo and ID's Billy Briese, Danny Caruthers and he dead husband.

Nick flashes back to 1826 France where he's being chased by men with dogs and is barely able to escape into a basement window of a church or convent. A nun sees Nick hiding around the corner burned.

LaCroix's monologue is about trust and trusting him, yet there is something about it that is sarcastic.

Natalie and Nick are talking in her office as she is fixing a problem with her autopsy table drain. It turns out she had a Scuncii stuck down there and tells Nick not to ask how it got down there. As she is putting the pipe together again, she is amused by his being against the death penalty, especially since he's a vampire, and tells him so. When he asks why she thinks death is a penalty she refuses to get into what could be another of their all night debates. She's tells him that she is surprised he's trusting someone and asks why it's Laura Garfield. He tells her that he does not know why.

Nick and Schanke are in Cohen's office updating her on the case and pointing out the people in the picture. Nick explains that Billy Briese is Caruthers Toronto drug connection and has been arrested but never received more than a slap on the wrist. Cohen does not buy the fact that Laura being in the same city with the two men who put her on death row is a coincidence. Neither does Schanke. Nick tells her that he wants to check out Laura's story and since they have closed all their open cases, they have the time. Schanke is not happy as he wanted to go fishing with his wife and informs them that they have twenty-four hours before the Feds pick Laura Garfield up.

Laura Garfield is in a cell with a female officer watching her. She tries to talk to the officer and gets very little cooperation.

At their desks, Schanke tells Nick that Myra was looking forward to the weekend fishing trip that is not happening now, that outboard motors and fishermen turn her on. Nick get Billy Briese's address and comments that they turned her in because they are hiding something. Schanke calls Myra to tell her the weekend trip is off, after he tells Nick that Texas does not easily overturn convictions. Nick tells Schanke they are going to see Briese.

Nick tells Laura that while it is an unofficial investigation, they will turn over anything they find and press them to reopen the case. Nick tells her that they have Briese's address and will check it out. She tells him that Briese lied in court. Nick tells her he is not sure why he should trust her and she thanks him for trying. She admits she was trouble but Danny kept her out of drugs, that he was her whole life and that he saved her so why would she kill him?

Nick and Schanke are in the Caddy, and Nick is driving. Schanke tells Nick that she is taking advantage of his niceness. Nick comments that twenty-four hours is not much to them for life or death for her. Schanke is not buying it.

Back in the convent in 1826 France. When asked by an older nun, the young nun tells her that she has not seen the dangerous fugitive. The older nun leaves the novitiate alone in the root cellar. A vamped out Nick watches and listens for any sign of betrayal. The young nun, Marisa, tells Nick that she will tend to his wounds. He is very surprised she did not turn him in and when asked she tells her that it was a mob after him, not the police. She tells him that he can stay there, that he is safe, and that she will help him escape after dark.

Nick and Schanke pull up to Briese's house. They find the front door open and cautiously walk through the main floor identifying themselves as cops. They enter the bedroom and find a bloody mess. Briese is lying on the bed quite dead, an axe handle sticking up from between the pillows.

Natalie is reporting her findings to Cohen that it was an axe, but the electric blanket kept the body warm so it will be hard to tell when he died. The time of could be anywhere from two to twenty-four hours ago, that there was no sign of a struggle and no defensive wounds on his hands. Schanke tells them that Laura entered through the smashed kitchen window and did not touch anything other than the tool chest. Nick comments that they do not know if Laura was in custody when the murder happened and wants to locate Danny Caruthers. Cohen comments that it sounds like Laura's work, Nick's expression shows he objects, causing Schanke to tell him it's a reasonable conclusion. Nick suggests it could be a copycat, or possibly Caruthers. Schanke is not convinced Caruthers is in Toronto. Natalie not in the mood to referee so she leaves.

Briese's fiancé pushes past the cops and sees him. Nick teaks the devastated woman over to the couch where he learns that she was marrying Briese next week. Cohen orders Nick to get a list of everyone Briese knew and find Caruthers.

Nick and Schanke are listening to the Nightcrawler. Some guy's telling him he's worthless and LaCroix tells him that he can always come to him, that he always has something LaCroix values. LaCroix wants everyone to love him. Schanke asks why Nick listens to the creep. Nick tells him it is an acquired taste. Schanke asks why he does not accept the obvious. He asks Nick why Caruthers would kill his best buddy, Briese, if that's what really happened. Nick admits it could be for money or drugs. Schanke comments that he does not buy her being set up again, and that she is up to her old tricks. Why is he trying so hard to clear Laura and why is he so sure it's Caruthers, and not to tell him it's just a hunch.

LaCroix wakes Nick in the convent root cellar. Nick tells LaCroix that he is finished with him and will not let LaCroix kill the nuns. LaCroix was the previous night's killer, but set the posse on Nick. LaCroix tells Nick that the nuns of Saint Marguerite are quite safe because he does not like Holiness in any form, and that it upsets his digestion. That when the sun sets they will part for good. LaCroix asks Nick if trusts him and Nick's expression shows he doesn't, that LaCroix's betrayed Nick almost constantly in one way or another during their years together.

Briese's fiancée, Amber, is being questioned by Nick. Schanke tells him that her alibi checks out. When asked if the numbers were all Bully's she shows him that she's marked hers. That Billy was always on the telephone, that she did not know of any enemies and that everyone liked him. She denies knowing Danny Caruthers or Lisa but when Houston is mentioned she says that Billy used to live there and that he went there several times on business. Nick sees she's in no shape to continue and tells her that someone will take her home.

Nick comments to Schanke that some entries are telephone numbers only. Nick asks him to match the numbers against the telephone bill and the one that shows up the most recently will be Caruthers. Schanke does not understand Nick is pushing that theory. He also has to tell Myra the trip is definitely off, which he gets a chance to do when she calls moments later. When she hears the bad news, she hangs up on him, surprising him.

Nick's talking to Laura and is having trouble believing her now. He is pointing out the troubling facts and she tells him that everyone including the cops set her up. She justifies the reason that her alibi girlfriend refused to testify was because her life was threatened. He asks why there are fresh fingerprints on the axe. She explains the prints on the axe as she chopped wood earlier that day, burned it, and cleaned up the chips as she always did. She again tells him Danny killed Billy Briese, and that Danny is real smart. Laura is upset by the samples the cops took from her and that she does not want to die.

Natalie tells Schanke that Briese was quite intoxicated, which explains the lack of struggle and defense wounds on his arms. The cuts grew progressively shallower as if someone ran out of steam. Cohen adds that maybe it was a woman, Laura. Nick arrives in time to tell them that Laura was in custody all night long so she couldn't have done it, which gets Natalie quickly correcting him that she said maybe. Nick comments that Laura led them to Briese. Cohen tells them that unless they know for sure they are going to turn Laura over as planned. Nick will take her to the Island Airport in an attempt to sneak her out past the paparazzi that are trying to make a martyr out of her. Schanke rants about the husband being dead because he did not understand his wife's needs. Natalie curiously looks at Schanke, wondering what's up with him. Cohen tells them that unless they get something very convincing they are just spinning their wheels. Schanke's wisecrack about a confession gets Cohen to tell him that would work. Cohen tells him that it looks like it is all over for Laura, which does not seem to make Nick happy.

Nick returns home as the sun rises and is playing a depressing piece on his piano, Moonlight Sonata.

He flashes back to the young nun. He's awoken by her entrance and asks if she saw anyone else. She tells him that she did not, that he was probably dreaming. She shows him the beautiful box that her mom gave her, how she could not part with it, and so she hid it. When opened it plays Moonlight Sonata. She offers him the few coins she hid inside it and he tells her that he cannot take her money. He promises to keep her secret as she has kept his. She's asked why she's helping him and tells him that she knows he needs someone to believe in him and that there's good inside of him and that even though its been hidden for a while, it's still there. Nick seems pleased to hear this, but does not totally believe her. She tells him to eat and rest because it will soon be time to show him a secret way out.

Nick is still playing the song as the sunsets. Once it is dark, he heads into work.

At their desks, Nick tells Schanke that he's run down the list of numbers and a few from the last week stand out, possibly Caruthers. Schanke tells Nick he will check it out, which he does. Nick tells a cuffed Laura that they are still looking into it as they along with the female officer from earlier head out to the car. Schanke finds where Caruthers is staying and heads there.

Schanke finds Caruthers, tricks him into opening the door, then promptly identifies himself as a cop and holds Caruthers at gunpoint for further questioning. He informs Nick of his find.

Nick tells Laura of the find and she insists they go there because she can identify Caruthers. Nick heads there and the female officer in the backseat tells Nick that he is violating procedure.

Schanke asks Caruthers which one he would like to talk about first, and mentions both Briese and Laura. Caruthers realizes there is no escape. The mention of Laura's name scares Caruthers.

Nick parks outside the hotel entrance and turns down Laura's request to accompany him, stating that after they question Caruthers, they will bring him down. Dispatch comes over the radio stating that Cohen has a message for them. Nick turns it off, causing the officer to ask what he is doing. Nick says nothing other than for them to stay put.

LaCroix carries in the young nun, dead, steals her small amount of money and tosses the music box into the fire. He comments that her believing in Nick was all based on a lie. Nick does not care. LaCroix tells him there is no peace and beauty and goes on to severely berate Nick for trusting anyone but him. He tells Nick that trust is a human thing that it is flawed and doomed, that LaCroix is the only one he's supposed to trust.

Nick's at the Caddy with Laura and the female officer, and tells her to stay off the radio before heading up the steps. The officer starts for the radio and is scolded by Nick. She does not try again knowing she has to obey her superior. When Laura tries to get out, the cop shoves Laura back into the seat and threatens to put her down if she does not stay put.

Natalie enters Cohen's office and asks for Nick. When she learns that Nick's taking Laura to the island airport, she suggests Laura be brought back because her prints were all over the Briese crime scene. Cohen is surprised to see Natalie looking a bit worried.

Inside the hotel, Schanke is questioning Caruther's story, telling him that Laura is telling a very different version, that he is the one who sliced and diced her husband and framed her for it. Nick arrives as Caruthers calls Laura a nutcase and tells them that they should not believe her. Nick comments about Billy being Caruthers alibi. Schanke comments that he used that maybe Billy got busted and gave them Caruthers name as part of a deal. Caruthers is surprised to learn Billy's dead. Nick tells him that the two men talked several times over the last week. Caruthers admits it, but states that he was warning Billy, as they both knew she would come after them for putting her away. Caruthers figured they were safe when she was arrested, and admits that he tipped them off about Laura because he was trying to help. When Nick asks why he did it, Caruthers tells them that David was their friend.

The female officer disobeys Nick's order to stay off the radio and gets strangled by Laura as she's reaching for the microphone.

Cohen puts out an APB on Nick's car when she cannot reach anyone in it, giving Dispatch Nick's last known location. Natalie's worried about Nick, as is Cohen.

Nick arrives, spooking Caruthers. Nick and Schanke keep questioning Caruther's story. Before long, Laura is standing in the doorway, gun aimed at Caruthers. She tells him that she kept her promise to find him and Briese. That she is not going to hell without them. Nick orders her to put down the gun or he will have to shoot. She gets Caruthers to admit he helped Laura kill her husband. She tells him that is not enough and shoots Caruthers, telling him she is not going to hell alone. Nick tells her that he will shoot if she does not put the gun down. She tells him that she's already dead and spins towards them. She is shot. Schanke rushes to Caruthers while Nick rushes to Laura. She thanks Nick for everything and that she could not have done it without him, then dies. Nick seems hurt by something.

Natalie and Nick are at the loft talking. He tells her that it sometimes does not seem as if he has learned anything. She tells him that a leap of faith is a very human thing and sometimes you put your trust in someone and it does not work out. He tells her that is unacceptable and that maybe LaCroix was right about trusting no one. He comments that he nearly got Schanke killed as he pulls a bottle out of the fridge. She tells him that his instincts were too human and that he cannot get back by forcing it, that he has to let it happen. He asks her how long he has to wait, and if there is a guarantee. Her silence says it all. He uncorks the bottle and is about to drink when she tells him that she's doing all she can to bring him back and he finishes her comment that his drinking is a betrayal. A moment later he hands her the bottle. She tells him it can happen and to trust her.

Nick flashes back to LaCroix burning the music box and to his comment that Nick will always have something LaCroix values and to trust him.

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