Season 2, Episode 17 (aired as episode 12)

Written by John Scheinfeld and Michael Levine

Directed by Don McCutcheon

Guest stars:

Alix Logan....................... Laurie Paton

G-Roc.............................. Arthur Eng

Director........................... Wayne Best

Keys................................ Andy Marshall

Shanice mother................ Michelyn Emelle

Drug dealer...................... Ian Alden

Police Captain................. Shaun Austin-Olsen

Czajkowski..................... Dennis O'Connor

High Tech Sneakers........ Richard Chevolieau

Children and teenagers are playing in the park. A gang is gathered at a picnic bench. A black car slowly drives by and shoots at the gang as well as everyone else. Everyone dives for cover. After the shooting is over a young girl lies dead in her devastated mother's arms.

Nick is at the loft talking on the telephone with Captain Cohen about Shanice Cornell's murder, commenting that her daughter also jumps rope. That the killing was either a settling of accounts or the start of a turf war. That the gang operates out of Schanke's old neighborhood and he knows them well but is not available. She orders Nick to stop the trouble from escalating as she looks at a picture of her daughter. She knows how fragile life is.

Natalie comes in upset, tells Nick that she just did the autopsy on six year old Shanice Cornell, who was killed by a single .9mm round. She comments that Shanice was the third kid under twelve killed in the last six months, and that it never used to happen. He tells her he knows. She comments on eight-year-old gang members killing before they truly know what they are doing. And how adults could have failed to teach children about life, death, right and wrong. Nick looks at her and shakes his head showing he does not know the answers. She asks if Schanke will be okay and he comments that he is not sure.

Schanke's working on a movie set as a consultant and has major problems with the howitzer toting, cleavage baring, and cliché spouting, blonde cop. He calls cut when he can't take the cheesiness any longer, which causes even more problems, especially when he tells Alix Logan, the blonde actress, what's wrong. She demands that the director make it right, that she wants grit and street. The director tries to patronize her but winds up giving in so he can get his day's work done before night. Alix wants to spend time with Schanke on duty.

Nick cannot believe w hat he is hearing as Schanke tells him about it. Alix wants to ride with them to see w hat it is really like.

In the background, a violent perp is brought in by two officers and causes Nick to flash back to Chicago around 1964-1965. He is a street cop waiting while the Captain reads his resume. The captain calls Nick an amateur, even with his few citations and that his resume is impressive for someone his age, but it doesn't mean anything in Chicago. He tells Nick that he would be a liability on the streets and must go through the Academy. Nick tries to lightly whammy him into reconsidering and when it does not work he fully whammies him into the believing he passed all the proficiency tests. The Captain tells him it will take a month for the paperwork processing, so Nick whammies him into starting him tonight. The Captain is surprised that he wants the graveyard shift and happily gives it to him.

Schanke begs Nick to let Alix ride with them. They both know Cohen would kill Schanke for suggesting it. Schanke knows the gangs best and he really needs his help so he reluctantly agrees.

Alix, Schanke and Nick are on a stakeout waiting for the gang kids to show so Schanke can talk to them. Alix thinks there are cops on the rooftops. She is not happy to learn that it is just them and backup is only called when absolutely necessary. She asks what happens if the gang shoots at them. Nick tells her that the gangs know they would lose. Schanke tries to tell her about a nasty situation and she brushes him off wanting to talk to Nick, but he does not want to talk to her. Both men are annoyed by Alix but for different reasons.

Back in Chicago, Nick's new partner is checking him out, telling him it is different in Chicago and he's to learn quickly and correctly. Nick tells his new he understands. The older partner asks Nick what his most valuable weapon is and Nick does not know. Nick tells him it is his gun, which is the wrong answer. The older partner asks the captain if he is sure the rookie knows anything and is told that he will have to find out as they work together. The partner tells Nick that his eyes are his best weapon. That he has to learn when what he sees around him could be a problem. He asks Nick if he went to college. When Nick proudly tells them he did, the partner tells him that they will have to work around it.

Nick tells Alix that she cannot know what it's like to be a couple after just a few hours observation. Nick's vampire senses pick up an approaching vehicle and announces the gang's there. Everyone in Nick's car is nervous The cops are on the alert. Slowly a line of gang members appear. Schanke tells Alix to stay in the car as he and Nick get out.

Nick and Schanke walk ahead a couple of feet. G-Roc and Schanke exchange greetings. Nick asks him what he knows about the drive by on River and is told it is a scandal. No one notices the person in the black and white athletic shoes watching them from a distance. G-Roc reminds Schanke that they do not like or use guns, which Schanke does not totally buy but gets the message. Alix gets out and is seen by the gang guys. Schanke denies she's Alix Logan, asking what a star would be doing hanging around with them, and that she is an Academy trainee. G-Roc does not buy it and tells them it is a B-Dog thing and that they did not hear it from him.

A rain of automatic weapon fire shatters the driver's window forcing everyone to take cover. Schanke gets to Alix and pulls her to safety as the window she was standing behind explodes into glass shards. He shoves her into the backseat on the other side of the car. Nick dives into the front seat and crawls to the driver's seat. Schanke jumps in and Nick hauls out of there as fast as he can, leaving the two gangs behind fighting it out. G-Roc and his boys give the cops cover to escape. The van flees and Nick gives chase. Alix is loving the chase. After a while Nick has to U-turn skid to prevent an accident and barely stops in time.

Alix has no idea how close she came to dying as she thinks it was one fun joyride. She's laughing and both Nick and Schanke are looking at her like she's insane, especially when she comments on how terrific Nick is.

Cohen is chewing them out for taking Alix with them because she had no business being there. She tells them that she should take their badges for that stunt and reminds them how much trouble they would be in if Alix had been hurt or killed. When Schanke tells Cohen that he and Nick had a meeting set up, and gets a reminder from Cohen that he is on vacation. He is telling her that he thought Nick needed help with the gangs and that that it was a routine meeting. Cohen asks Nick if they did not already discuss retaliation, and Nick confirms it. She tells them that she feels like she's chewing out a couple of rookies, then asks if they learned anything. Nick tells her no one's claiming the drive by and they suspect each other and how helpful it was to have Schanke there. Schanke comments that he knows a few people, but Nick can handle it. Cohen disagrees and tells Schanke to work with Nick and put his vacation on hold. He is not happy. Outside, he tells Nick that he had to tell Cohen that he was needed and asks what to tell Alix. Nick tells him to tell Alix goodbye because she has seen a real gunfight and a real car chase.

Nick flashes back to Chicago, where he and the older cop are walking their beat. The partner tells him the beat is where the real police work is done. They are watching the busboy dump the trash and see him linger rather than going back inside. He tinkers with the trash so he can stay out there without raising suspicions. The older cop gets Nick to see how that is odd and Nick suggests he is the lookout for a robbery in progress. The partner leaves to call for backup. Another guy comes out of the building and approaches the busboy. The new arrival removes the money from the bag and examines it momentarily. They pack up and head back inside. Nick cannot wait any longer, steps into view, and calls out for them to freeze. There is a shootout and Nick's partner arrives just in time to get shot by the bad guy as the partner warns Nick. Nick leaps at the crook at vampire speed, tosses him to the ground and when he does not stay down, pins him to the wall then checks on his wounded partner.

Alix goes to the loft to make up and apologize. She tells Nick she learned a lot and thanks him. He tells her she would learn even more if she listened to Schanke. She comments that Nick is the man of action. He tells her that the other night was their first police chase in as long as he can remember and that she expects unreal levels of action and violence. She tells him she's tired of doing mediocre movies and takes her work seriously. That she wants to do movies she can be proud of. Nick asks her why she does not take Schanke seriously as he's a better cop.

In Chicago, Nick doesn't recognize Lecroy from IA until he turns around and sees that it's LaCroix, who admits he's there to mess up Nick's life. Nick comments that he nearly got his partner killed and LaCroix cheerfully reminds him the guy may still die, and that it is not his fault because the guy is mortal, that it was a rookie mistake. Nick tells LaCroix that he would not have made that mistake if he had gone to the Academy. That if he was not a vampire, they both would've been killed. LaCroix points out that Nick is a vampire and is superior, thus needing no training. That the longer it takes for Nick to realize he's not like mortals, the longer he'll be in hell.

Alix tells Nick that she is sorry she is a pain in the ass but it is important to her. Nick tells her it is not a field trip, but a murder case. She tells him she knows that and does not care what he or Schanke think. She reminds him of the film money she brings in, which gets a reminder from Nick that it is only a small part of all the film money currently in town. She informs him that the mayor is a fan. Nick is not happy she is dragging the mayor into it. She reminds him that it is important to her, they will be ordered to cooperate fully, and they had better. Nick glares at her retreating backside.

Schanke is questioning Keys, a gang member. Keys tells him that it's a mistake and has people all jumpy. The B-Dogs are furious because it happened on their turf. They are searching for the shooter and that it was a renegade. Alix enters and watches. Keys tells them that the B-Dogs retaliated because Schanke was there. Keys tells them that if they knew who did it, the killer would be dead. Schanke knows it and knows they will look until they find the shooter. Schanke pays Keys who leaves. Alix asks Schanke questions about Keys and their discussion. She asks if he's mad and he tells her that he isn't, treating her like a small child. Yet, he's still bothered by her antics and it shows.

Schanke is not happy to learn Alix talked to the mayor, and knows that he's even more dead with Cohen.

Cohen demands Schanke go to her office. He mumbles something to Alix about being a condemned man.

Alix follows Keys. He surprises her and tells her she needs practice. He thinks Schanke sent her and is not happy. She tells him they are getting heat and needs his help. He tells her to meet him back there tonight and he will have the killer gift wrapped for her. She believes it and leaves. They do not realize the mystery person was watching them.

Schanke is asleep at his desk when someone dumps a stack of folders on his desk. Natalie approaches with her report and tells him there is not much there to help him. She sees how tired he is and tells him that he needs sleep. He tells her that he will go home when Nick comes in. She asks him what Alix is like and to introduce her. Schanke's a little surprised. When Schanke tells her they are busy she's a bit disappointed. Alix arrives and ignores Natalie.

Alix tells Schanke that she has the shooter. Natalie knows that will be trouble and leaves. Alix tells Schanke how she ran into the informant and set up a meet for six pm. Schanke cannot believe it, questions her and learns she tailed Keys. Cohen overhears this from where she is standing behind the pillar listening in. Cohen's not happy hearing this and asks how she learned it. Schanke tells his boss that he did not tell Alix, but that she found out on her own when she appeared as he questioned Keys. Cohen tells Alix that she may have Carte Blanche but cannot disrupt their work. She threatens to arrest Ms. Logan for obstructing an investigation and harassing a witness. Alix threatens Cohen with her lawyers. Schanke knows he has doomed, caught in the middle of the spitting contest. Alix tells them she got something they could not and should check it out. Cohen crankily and angrily sends them out to check it out and come back immediately afterwards. That Alix is not to be alone for a second.

Alix and Schanke are at the meeting. Schanke is yelling at her that he played her since no money was requested and they only do it for the money. She's stunned and disgusted when she finds Keys' dead body.

Cohen arrives and tells Schanke that six bullets were fired and only two of them hit Keys, showing the shooter was not very good. Cohen hands Schanke the envelope he had given Keys containing his fee. Schanke comments that the shooting is similar to the Cornell one. Cohen tells Schanke it was not his fault but he disagrees because Keys was his snitch. She glares at Alix as she tells Schanke that he did not lead the killer to Keys. She also tells him she does not want to see Alix at the station again.

Schanke approaches Alix now that she has finished giving her statement. Alix is upset and tells Schanke that it is not what she wanted to happen and he tells her no one said she did. She tells him that it seemed like Keys knew more than he was telling. When Schanke asks if Keys was like a movie character, she looks at the ground a moment, causing Schanke to remind her that it is real life and not movie. That there are no happy, mushy endings, even when you know what are doing. She tells him that she just wanted to know what it is like and he tells her that you cannot get that unless you truly live it. He honestly tells her that he spent two years at the academy, seven on the beat and five in homicide before he knew what he was doing.

She asks him how he lives with it. He tells her that he barely does, and that many cops cannot. That they wind up in broken marriages, drink too much, become corrupt. That they are forever changed by the job. She is truly listening as he's telling her what she wants to know. He tells her that those who joined to make a difference and do good are the ones that make it through intact. They make it because they never stop learning and never forget why they became a cop. She's upset and tells Schanke that Keys is dead because of her stupid movie. Schanke reminds her that her movie can still do good by helping people understand what cops do.

Schanke has someone take her back to the hotel after explaining that the shooter knows what she looks like, and to stay at the hotel and out of the precinct. He's no longer star struck and in awe of movie making.

At the precinct, Nick tells Schanke that it was not his fault. Schanke reminds Nick that he let Alix turn his head. He tells Nick about his family trip to Hollywood when he was a kid and how he stood in Cagney's footprints doing bad impressions. That he loved it and wanted to be a part of it and Alix was his chance. Nick comments that Schanke turned his head and Schanke comments that Nick knew better. Schanke tells Nick he does not belong in Alix's world and would never fit in. Nick tells Schanke to go home and get some sleep while he checks out the alley.

Cohen approaches and urgently tells them that Alix's missing from her hotel.

Alix closes the soundstage door, walks across the stage to her dressing room. She flops down on the couch crying. Moments later she hears someone else in the deserted soundstage and is scared. The mystery person is inside the soundstage.

Nick and Schanke are in the Caddy. Schanke has called all of Alix's people with no luck. Nick suggests someone with the film causing Schanke to call the assistant director, who tells him to check the studio as it's the one place Alix feels comfortable. Schanke comments that to Nick that he hopes she is there when he gets no answer from security.

Alix is wandering around the soundstage looking for the killer. She finds him and definitely wishes she did not.

Alix unexpectedly meets the mystery person who is a crazy looking and talking young teen no more than thirteen or fourteen. He tells Alix that she is the cop and since she talked to Keys she has to die. She tries to get to the telephone and is stopped by the psychotic teen, who has the dead eyes of a soulless killer. She hits the light switch on a nearby panel which activates the exterior filming warning light to alert someone she's in there. She runs. She is stalked by the killer teen.

Nick and Schanke pull up. Schanke's concerned by the filming light because he knows nothing is being filmed. He shoots the lock and they enter, guns ready. The psychotic teen and Alix hear the gunshot. Nick scans the darkened interior with his vampire vision and sees no one. He and Schanke split up and search the soundstage.

Alix walks around a corner and winds up in the killer teen's chokehold with his gun to her temple. She screams in terror as the gun is now at her lung level.

Schanke comes around the corner and identifies himself as a cop then orders the teen to surrender. The killer teen tells Schanke to back off or Alix's dead.

Schanke confronts the insane kid, pulling his attention off Alix. Schanke angers the kid by telling him the truth, that the gang told him he wasn't ready to join because he was too weak, too young, not good enough and not ready. Schanke keeps on the pressure as he asks if his first taste of blood felt good, if it made him feel invincible, especially when he killed the six year old little girl to prove he was tough enough to join. Schanke holsters his gun as he comments that the killer teen feels bad for killing the little girl but he can't show it because B-Dogs are tough. The crazy teen knows it is the truth, which causes him to break down and tells Schanke that he didn't mean to kill her. Schanke keeps repeating himself until the young teen is no longer a threat.

Meanwhile, Nick had snuck up from behind and listened without disturbing, seeing that Schanke had it under control. Alix is safely with Nick because the teen shoved her behind him. Nick grabbed her and pushed her behind him. Alix watches the whole scene, seeing that Schanke is indeed a very good cop, one who was able to end the dramatic hostage crisis without a single shot being fired. Schanke hands the teen to Nick along with the kid's gun. Nick takes the teen away.

Schanke checks on Alix and sees that she is coughing but okay. As he escorts her out she tells him that she thought only movies had happy endings. Schanke reminds her that the dead girl's parents do not think it is a happy ending. She nods, realizing he is right.

Nick flashes back to Chicago again. Nick enters the Captain's office to check on his partner and learns that his partner survived surgery and will be fine. The Captain compliments Nick on how well he did and that he is putting him in for a citation. Nick tells his Captain that he finally realizes how different Edinborough and Chicago are and that they were right, he needs to go through the Academy. The Captain is surprised but does not protest too heavily, as he tried to explain that earlier. He is pleased Nick realized it and it shows.

Back on the movie set, a more dignified looking Alix, now acting like a cop stops a more realistic drug deal properly. She is dressed as a real cop dresses and has a much more realistic weapon. Schanke walks up to one of the bad guys and forgets his line, causing a groan from everyone. Trevor is not happy as he frustratedly tells them to stop.

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