Season 2, Episode 20 (aired as episode 13)

Written by James Johnston

Directed by Michael Alan Levine

Guest cast:

Ambassador Oleg Petrashenko............................. David Calderisi

Juri Karimov/Damir Petrashenko.......................... Naom Jenkins

Daphne Malloch.................................................... Deborah Theaker

Jacques Tremblay.................................................. Pierre Lenoir

Angela Mosler....................................................... Lisa Ryder

Senator Tom Gardner............................................ Stewart Arnott

Tamara Brunansky................................................ Gail Travers

Mrs. Javitz............................................................. Judy Sinclair

Paula Kierns.......................................................... Kate Greenhouse

Jill.......................................................................... Katie Griffin

A woman is enjoying the string of pearls wrapped around her neck as a gift. She lies on her stomach as male hands gently caress her back, giving her a massage. Alex adds oil to the massage. After a couple of moments she complains Alex is being a little rough, so he pulls back, then chokes her. She tries to pull free but cannot. After she passes out, he rips the string of pearls from her neck. The string breaks, leaving pearls bouncing everywhere.

Natalie is jotting down notes at the outdoor crime scene as Nick and Schanke arrive. She tells them the body's been dead at least twenty-four hours with no ID, and was most likely strangled. Forensics is checking out some tire tracks meaning the body may have dumped. She has a club stamp on her hand, but which club cannot be determined because the stamp is too smudged. Nick checks out the scene with his vampire vision, and pulls a pearl from a small hole in the asphalt. When Natalie is done, Nick calls her over and asks if they might be able to match the pearl to the marks on the victim's neck. She tells him it will be hard to match one pearl with all of the bruising, but he could be on the right track.

Daphne (from forensics) is making a plaster cast of the tire tracks and footprints. Nick shows her the pearl and hears she will check it out because it could be from a necklace. Nick hears the tracks might be from a stretch limo. Daphne has a crush on Schanke and it shows. Natalie and Nick look at Schanke surprised. Schanke learns the footprints are from man about five foot seven and about one hundred and seventy pounds. Daphne tells them he is not her type looking at Schanke. Nick and Natalie are amused and surprised at how direct Daphne is. They tease Schanke after Daphne leaves. Schanke's scared when asked what Myra would have to say, commenting she would not say anything she would do something physical.

In the bullpen, Cohen tells Nick and Schanke the missing person was Tamara Brunansky, a bank teller who is single with no priors. Her family filed the missing person report yesterday. Natalie arrives and tells them their odds are improving, showing them a clear evidence bag with a pearl and clasp found at Tamara's apartment. No fingerprints were found on the pearl or clasp. There were traces of massage oil on Tamara's shoulders and back, meaning she knew her killer. A woman's worst nightmare is to let her guard down in front of someone they though they knew and respected, allowing themselves to vulnerable and then get violated. She is disturbed and it shows.

Nick flashes back to 1968 Chicago. Thomas Gardner, candidate at a political rally, is giving a speech. Campaign workers watch from a hotel room, hearing they cannot ignore the unpleasant problems. He wants to help create a true democracy that embraces everyone, not just the privileged few. Angela, a woman in her twenties is really excited about the candidate and asks Nick for his opinion. Nick admits he is impressed by the candidate. Angela is nearly star struck as she hangs on every thing he says or does. Nick is amused. Gardner tells the crowd the outcasts and all others denied access to the government will be able to speak freely in his administration. Angela asks Nick if he wants to join their team. He comments he is just an off duty cop working convention security and does not know what he could contribute to democracy. Angela tells him the whole point is that it is open to everyone, and Gardner is open to everyone. Gardner says his ideas are frightening to people, as is change.

Natalie tells them she is no expert but the pearls look real and very pricy. A bank teller could not afford them so they were either an heirloom or a gift. Nick examines them, a concerned, serious look on his face. Cohen tells Schanke to find out from forensics if the pearl matches the one found at the crime scene. She tells Nick to coordinate with the teams canvassing the neighborhood, and talking with Tamara's fellow employees to see if anyone saw or heard anything. Schanke is not happy and it shows. He asks Cohen if he and Nick can swap assignments. Natalie is amused and curious what happens next, as is Nick. Schanke starts but realizes he cannot explain it. Natalie gives the air a big kiss as Nick tells him to say hi to Daphne for him. Schanke leaves.

Inside the building from the opening, Nick is talking to a senior citizen who is not all there. She tells him about the strange car she and her dog saw after returning from their walk. She was looking right at the car but cannot remember anything. Nick whammies her getting it was a large black car with a red license plate.

In the lab, Daphne is examining the pearl under a large magnifying glass, commenting that a felon who gives his girl pearls cannot be all bad. Schanke looks when she is done, commenting that is unless he strangles her with the pearls. Daphne agrees, asking Schanke if he has ever given his wife pearls. He is surprised she knows he is married. She tells him it's written all over him, and makes him irresistible. He seems pleased by the news. She tests the pearls and tells him they are real, but not South Seas. It is a high quality cultured pearl, but the clasp is what interests her. It is silver and the hallmark is from Russia, but the work is too good, along with the eastern influence and from the quality of the silver, she would say it was Kazakhstani. Schanke's never heard of it so she writes it down for him.

A crowd is enjoying themselves inside a nightclub. A man approaches two women dancing with each other. They stop dancing when they see him.

In the Caddy, Schanke comments that Daphne definitely has the hots for him and finds married men attractive. Nick tells him many women do. Schanke complains that before he married Myra he could not get a date. As soon as he married, the women suddenly came crawling out of the woodwork. Nick asks him what he is going to do about it. Schanke tells him he is flattered, talks about Daphne like he was in love with her. Nick comments Myra would not say, she would do. Schanke sobers a bit and looks at Nick.

A black stretch limo stops somewhere deserted. A guy in black gets out of the car, pops the trunk, revealing one of the two women from the club dead inside.

Nick and Schanke park outside a really old mansion, which is the Kazakhstan embassy. He tells Nick all about the country, that he learned it from an encyclopedia, when Nick tells him he is impressed. Schanke tells him they are on very shaky ground because of a diplomatic plate and a couple of pearls. If they upset the wrong people, they will be doing public toilet patrols in Buttonville. Nick tells him they should get it over with.

Inside the Embassy, they show their badges and ask to speak to whoever is in charge. The guy tells them they can talk to him because he is Juri Karimov, attaché to Ambassador Petrashenko. They are in town for trade talks. Juri reminds them they have no jurisdiction inside the Embassy. Nick tells Juri he is aware of it. They have a few questions. An older man, Ambassador Petrashenko, comes out of another room, asking them what they want. Schanke shows them a picture of Tamara Brunansky, commenting she was murdered, and it might be connected to someone from the Embassy. The Ambassador quickly says she is not because he keeps a close eye on everyone and insists on tight security. The Ambassador turns down a request to question the staff. The Ambassador throws them out.

Nick flashes back to 1968 Chicago. In another room, there are many supporters talking to each other. The candidate approaches Nick and asks what he thought of the speech, surprising him. Nick gives the polite answer and hears Gardner wants the truth. Nick is both surprised and pleased someone important really wants to hear his thoughts and it shows. Nick tells Gardner he likes the inclusion part but the rest lacked details. Gardner hopes they are ready for details. Nick tells him the White House awaits. He wants Nick to consider joining his team if he wins. Gardner tells Nick Angela said a lot of good things about him and he has a lot of faith in her opinions. Nick admits he has no background in politics. Gardner says that's good, he needs people, not politicians, then leaves. Angela approaches Nick, comments on Gardner's asking Nick to join the team. Nick has an I don't know what to think grin on his face. She asks him if he's joining and hears he is considering it. Gardner tells Angela they have work to do.

Nick walks away and sees LaCroix. LaCroix tells Nick the whole world is watching, and he is watching Nick. When Nick asks what he's doing there, LaCroix comments he's always been attracted to political turmoil, the violence and bloodshed, knowing there will be plenty of it at the convention. LaCroix says the best kind of government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination. Nick says he believes in democracy. LaCroix smirks, asking if he also believes in deceit, corruption and immortality, if so, there is still hope for him. Nick believes the people have a right to choose their government. LaCroix comments they choose greedy men grasping for power they will abuse, like the Senator. He mocks Nick's comment about the White House, and tells Nick he already has real power so why waste time with the pretenders. He tells Nick he always has to learn the hard way as if he is up to something to teach Nick a lesson.

The Ambassador saying they have no jurisdiction snaps Nick back to the present. He tells them that if he sees them on Embassy grounds again, he will have them prosecuted for trespassing. As they head for the door Schanke says he wants to punch the Ambassador, hearing it is not over yet. The Ambassador nervously wrings his hands looking concerned. His expression shows he is hiding something serious.

In the bullpen, Schanke finishes talking with George. He tells Nick George works international relations and protocol. Petrashenko turned down the Presidency of Kazakhstan to take the Embassy posting, commenting it is downwardly mobile, meaning there is a skeleton in the closet. George agrees, and is digging up everything he can find on Petrashenko. Cohen calls them into her office. They know they are in trouble and try to figure out why. She introduces them to Jacques Tremblay of the RCMP, and tells them they stepped on some important toes last night. Tremblay tells them Ambassador Petrashenko has diplomatic immunity and cannot be touched. Tremblay tells them he is taking over the case, hearing Nick ask why bother if Petrashenko has immunity. Schanke comments they are sweeping it all under the rug and gets a lecture on the reasons for diplomatic immunity. To placate the detectives, Tremblay tells them if the investigation shows reasons to expel the Ambassador, the suggestion will be given. If they persist on the case, he will have their badges.

Nick flashes back to Chicago. He's walking down the hotel hallway and sees Angela coming out of a room looking devastated as if someone sexually assaulted her or broke up with her. Nick asks if she is okay and she breaks into tears. She is too upset to be comforted, tells him not to tell anyone about it and walks away even more upset. Gardner looks out of his door surprised to see Nick, giving him a stern don't tell anyone look and disappears back into his room. Nick looks betrayed.

Cohen enters his flashback telling him not to talk about it or think about it, snapping him back to the present. She gets a call, then tells them there's another dumped female victim and they are not to jump to conclusions, warning them Petrashenko is off limits.

At the Coroner's Office, Nick, Schanke, Natalie and Daphne talk about the latest body possibly being connected to the last one. Natalie tells them she will not know until she finishes the autopsy, and still might not know. Daphne leaves. Schanke warns Nick to be careful or they will be unemployed and can do nothing that way.

Inside Natalie's office, she tells Nick the latest victim was strangled, massage oil was present and she found high levels of alcohol and drugs in her blood. He gets them totally under control and then kills them. Nick comments he keeps on killing. He tells her he will make sure only his career is messed up if something happens. She says she does not want him to have to relocate. Nick is seeing the crowd from the 1968 campaign, Natalie's looking quite worried in her office.

In his flashback, he approaches a group of men looking at something and sees Angel's body hanging from the ceiling. The Senator is doing spin control, but he is too far away to be heard. The Senator gives Nick a smug I got away with it look and walks away. LaCroix approaches, telling Nick he can feel his anger. The Senator used his power to hurt the woman and does not care about anything but his political career, and any scandals, which could hurt it. He tells Nick to do what he wants to, it is right, and he has the power to do it, curious to see if Nick will take the prodding and kill the Senator for his crime.

Schanke enters the precinct with Juri behind him. Schanke says if the message is to lay off, it has been delivered. Juri tells Schanke he needs help, surprising Schanke. Juri tells him Ambassador Petrashenko is a murderer, stunning Schanke.

Nick flies to the Embassy, lands, watches Ambassador Petrashenko get out of his limo and enter the Embassy. Nick looks uncertain, thinking he knows the truth, but has no proof and takes to the sky.

Inside a precinct briefing room, Juri tells them the Ambassador was not at the Embassy the nights the women were killed. He left early, came back late and refused to say where he had been.

Nick is hovering outside the Embassy, eyes glowing red as the Ambassador's quite agitated, asking where Juri is, stating they have to find him now. It sounds as if there is trouble if Juri is not found. Nick's expression is even more vindictive.

Inside the briefing room, Schanke tells Juri they need proof. Juri says it's been going on for years, and is why they had to leave Kazakhstan. The Ambassador beat his mistress to death, he knows because he drove her to the hospital and she died on the way. Cohen and Schanke are visibly disturbed by this. Juri comments the Ambassador is responsible for his wife's death. She committed suicide because she could not take the beatings or affairs anymore. The Ambassador cannot be touched because he is a diplomat, and will continue to kill unless he is in jail. Cohen and Schanke are even more disturbed and frustrated because they can do nothing.

Inside the Embassy Ambassador Petrashenko pulls a partial sting of pearls from a drawer and looks at them with a worried, slightly disgusted look. Nick appears, asking where Petrashenko got them.

The Ambassador cannot believe he is handcuffed and being hustled out of the Embassy by Nick. He threatens to have Nick prosecuted. Nick's ignoring it and everyone around.

Tremblay hurries into the precinct quite upset. He agitatedly tells Cohen the Kazakhstani government is demanding Knight be turned over to them for extradition. Cohen tells them she's not handing anyone over. Tremblay reminds her Nick kidnapped the Ambassador on Kazakhstani soil and would not be surprised if they asked for the death penalty. Tremblay suddenly stops rambling and looks like he was caught in a major lie when Cohen asks if the External Security Agency knew about any of it. He is very nervous as he tries thinks, lying that Petrashenko would never have been appointed if they had any idea. Schanke asks what it takes before they do something. Nick arrives with the ranting Ambassador Petrashenko, who is demanding to talk to the proper Canadian authorities. Nick refuses to uncuff him until Cohen orders, then reluctantly complies. Petrashenko orders Nick to be incarcerated. Nick looks a bit worried.

Inside Cohen's office, Tremblay reminds Nick of his crime. He should not be worried about his career, but his life. Cohen tells Nick he should have informed her. Nick asks why, because no one would hold the Ambassador accountable, especially not Tremblay. When Nick is told he has no evidence, Nick pulls the pearls out of his pocket, showing them the evidence bag. Tremblay's shocked, a big uh oh, what do I do now look on his face. He has no idea how to fix it now, but has to somehow. He stammers it is circumstantial at best, obtained without a warrant so it is inadmissible in court. He knows it's a lie, but is desperate. Schanke is at the door telling them a woman's outside who was with the last victim and claims to be able to identify the man they were with. Tremblay is in a near panic and it shows, knowing it will be almost impossible not to create an international incident.

Paula and Nancy were the girls in the club. Paula is in the interview room looking nervous and sad. She tells them she and Nancy were pretty wrecked. She made up an excuse to leave when he brought out the massage oil and wishes she had made Nancy leave with her, blaming herself for her friend's death. Cohen tells her it is not her fault. Paula tells them she can identify the person. The Ambassador is brought into a room on the other side of the one way glass. Paula looks at him, tells them there is some resemblance but the guy is about thirty years too old. Tremblay tells them the Kazakhstani government will want Knight's extradition in twenty-four hours, and goes to tell the Ambassador he is free.

Once Paula and Tremblay are gone, Schanke tells Nick and Cohen he does not see how Nick could be wrong. He looks through the stuff he received from George trying to find something helpful. Nick tries to cheer him up but it fails as Schanke tells him he has visions of Nick in front of a firing squad. Daphne walks by and waves at Schanke, who instinctively waves back, then hides, kicking himself for doing it. He tells Nick his other fear is Daphne asking him out.

Nick flashes back to Chicago again. The Senator tells Nick they are all saddened by Angela's death, and he will honor Angela's belief in him by putting it behind him. Nick sarcastically comments Angela would not want to do anything to jeopardize the campaign. The Senator says they must move on. Nick stands, looking a bit threatening. The Senator backs up scared. He answers the telephone, hearing he must withdraw from the campaign or Angela's death will be investigated. He reluctantly gives in, unable to believe he's lost his shot at the Presidency. He tells Nick the Tribune's headline will be about his affair with Angela. Nick's subtle expression shows he might have been the one to tip off the press. He knows it is a more devastating way to make the Senator pay for his crime than legal prosecution as he is convicted in the press and public court.

In the bullpen, Schanke tells Nick Petrashenko had a son, Damir, who emigrated to Canada a year before daddy turned down the presidency and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Nick remembers the witness saying there was a resemblance and Petrashenko was about thirty years too old. He tells Schanke he knows where to find Damir. Nick walks up to Petrashenko and Tremblay as they're leaving, telling Petrashenko he knows he's not the killer, but is the one who disposed of the bodies. Petrashenko stops in his tracks. Tremblay has a deer in headlights look and is so shocked he is not blinking. Nick tells Tremblay he has a few more calls to make.

All but Tremblay move into an observation room. They tell Petrashenko they know Damir defected to Canada a year before he arrived, and was wanted on unspecific crimes asking if homicide was one of them. Damir was put to work as Juri Karimov so his father could keep an eye on him, but he's uncontrollable, and does not have diplomatic immunity because he was employed under false pretenses. The father is shielding him with his. He knows what he did was wrong, but he was protecting his son. Petrashenko might know where his son is, getting the detectives to take him along to talk to his son.

Juri prowls a nightclub spotting his next victim, a young woman who smiles at him.

In the Caddy, Petrashenko tells them he had no choice, he was protecting his son. Nick asks when the body count was going to get too high. Petrashenko asks Nick if he would not do anything to protect his own child, showing he deeply loves Damir, and did the wrong thing out of love.

Inside the club, Juri is flattering the young woman. She is hooked. He takes her hand.

In the Caddy, Petrashenko tells them Damir was always in trouble, he was never home as much as he should have been, and was never able to control Damir. His wife tried her best but Damir was too wild, then became violent. As his power grew, his son was able to get away with things others could not. Nick comments it only made things worse. Petrashenko's expression and tone show he knows. He comments his son is the only thing he has left, the only thing that truly matters. He loves Damir. Schanke comments it is not worth throwing away the presidency. Petrashenko tells him he finally learned that power's not the most important thing and can be empty, wishing he'd learned that long ago. He wishes he had spent more time with his son and maybe none of this would have happened.

Damir is giving the woman a neck room, asking if she would like to go somewhere else for the full treatment. She agrees.

The Caddy arrives as Petrashenko tells them he believes his son hangs out there.

Inside the club Damir sees his father with the two cops and pulls his gun, taking the woman as his hostage. She is terrified. Schanke comments Damir is going to lose it as both cops have their guns drawn. Petrashenko tells his son to put down the gun, apologizing for not being much of a father. Damir's upset his father brought the cops. Petrashenko tells Damir it is both their faults and they must be held accountable. Damir is about to put down the gun when the girl struggles, causing a shootout. Petrashenko steps in the line of fire, and is shot. Damir takes off with the girl. Schanke stays with the father while Nick chases the son outside.

Nick holsters his weapon as he searches for them. Damir is dragging the screaming, pleading woman down the alley. Nick lands in front of them, tosses Damir into a pile of trash bags some distance away, knocking him out. The woman realizes she's okay and wraps her arms around Nick, startling him. He does not look happy, realizes he has no choice but to let her cry on his shoulder.

Inside, Schanke comments the last time he knocked someone out with one punch it felt like he broke all the bones in his right hand. He doubt's Nick telling him it was a little tap due to the size of the bruise on Damir's jaw. Schanke asks how Damir cannot realize actions have consequences, commenting about power corrupting. Nick tells him absolute power corrupts absolutely. Schanke tells him if the bullet had hit a few centimeters over on either side, he would be dead.

Daphne gives Schanke two tickets, fulfilling Schanke's other nightmare. He inquires and learns they are two tickets to Saturday night's Leaf's Duck's game. He tells her he cannot go with her, hearing she knows, the tickets are for him and Myra, knowing he is a huge Duck's fan. Nick is amused. Schanke does not want to hurt her feelings, telling her he will feel bad taking the tickets. He suggests she take Nick, who is a big hockey fan. Nick goes along with it. Daphne does not seem that excited, telling them she will ask Lapinski. Nick seems a little hurt until he realizes it is because he is not married, and a small quirky grin spreads across his face.

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