Season 2 Episode 18 (aired as episode 14)

Written by Michael Sadowski

Directed by Nicholas J. Gray

Guest stars:

Fred Berman......................... David Eisner

Brian Sykes.......................... Paul Sanders

Dr. Spense............................ Ian D. Clark

Jimmy Vinetti....................... Howard Jerome

Hot Dog Vendor................... Ann Marie Scheffler

Vince..................................... Eric Bryson

Pretty Girl............................. Kim Schraner

Two scenes are intertwined. The first is a detective drawing an eye patch and mustache on his face in the Detective's League Championship picture of him, Schanke and two other men. His suicide note says he is not trying to hurt anyone but is tired of life. No one is to blame, but him. He has no choice. He thanks them for their years together. He sticks the note and picture into an envelope. He sticks an opera tape into the cassette player and blasts the music from his unmarked car's speakers, the red light flashing on the roof. He pulls a gun from the glove compartment.

The second intertwined scene takes place in Natalie's office. She's drawn blood from Nick and injects something into one bag. He comments it is the first time he is ever given blood, making her laugh. She picks up the two half full bags and heads outside to give them the ultimate test. She leaves her office and walks outside the building into the sunlight. Nick knows all he can do is wait. Within thirty seconds, maybe a minute, one bag develops foaming pink foam and quickly becomes too hot to hold. She drops it. It bursts as it hits the sidewalk, spilling boiling blood onto the concrete. Natalie notices no changes in the other bag and smiles.

The detective blows his brains out as the opera music crescendos.

The suicide is now a daylight crime scene. Schanke stands off by himself, the crime scene several feet behind him. Cohen approaches, asking if he is okay. He sighs, admitting Sykes was the last person on earth he'd peg for a suicide. Cohen and Schanke see Berman from Internal Affairs. She finds it odd he's the first one at a homicide, and he comments Berman's the original control freak so it's not too surprising he's first at the suicide. She is not going to argue about it now. Natalie approaches, telling them it is quite a scene, disturbed by the grossness of it. Schanke starts for it, but is stopped by Natalie. She tells him he does not want to remember his friend like that. He agrees. He says since it is not his investigation he's going back to the precinct, ignoring Cohen's calls to him.

Inside Cohen's office, Schanke says his friend was not suicidal, his temper flaring. Berman reminds Schanke Sykes just decapitated himself with his own gun, and gives Cohen a copy of the suicide note. Schanke says Sykes was a good cop. Berman disagrees, commenting that he has been on Jimmy Vinetti's payroll for years. Nick crankily comments it is easier to slander dead cops. Berman says he has evidence Sykes was dirty. Sykes killed himself because he could not go to prison. Schanke comments Sykes had the best Bunko record for three years running, was hard working and decent. Cohen's listening, but staying out of it. Berman tells them Sykes' wife moved to Nova Scotia four months ago with the kids because she could not take the beatings anymore. Berman gives Cohen Sykes' profile from the department shrink, commenting unbalanced was nicest word used. Schanke tells Berman he's not buying any of it and leaves. Cohen comments it is the first she has heard of any investigation. Berman says they get better results if they do not advertise. Nick asks for a crack at it. Berman tells Nick the case is closed, to go catch some killers. Nick tells him he will, subtly hinting he suspects Berman, his tone says he cannot yet prove it. Berman reminds him the case is closed. Nick says Berman is the boss, like it's a dirty, nauseating word. Berman and Cohen talk.

In the bullpen, Nick tells Schanke Berman should get an award for insensitivity. Nick suggests they investigate because there is more to it. Schanke says Berman may be right, and if so, he does not want to know. He hates Berman's guts and hopes he dies a slow, painful death. Nick watches Cohen and Berman, getting a strange look on his face. Schanke tells Nick he is going to remember Sykes as his friend, someone who backed him up, bailed him out and was a great bowler.

Inside Natalie's office, she tells Nick the vampire virus is more like a genetic alteration. She discovered it using her friend's tunneling electron microscope. She shows Nick a picture of his RNA, paying extra attention to the extra nucleotides, telling him those should not be there. She is pretty sure those are what make him a vampire. Whenever she tried to culture them outside of the body, they disappeared. She tells him she might be able to help him as she holds up a vial of Litovuterine-B, telling him it did not exist a year ago. It is a bio-engineered drug, which somehow molecularly bonds with the vampire virus and shuts it down. She is a little embarrassed as she explains it's a synthetic hormone, which was supposed to enhance beef production. He chuckles. She tells him it was lethal in the test phase. He tells her his day in the sun will be deadly anyway. She tells him he could probably handle low does, similar to chemotherapy, and if he is willing to take the risk, she might be able to cure him, which definitely gets Nick's attention.

Nick flashes back to 1857 Germany. Nick and a doctor walk into the man's attempt at a laboratory hearing the man can cure him. He has studied the occult all his life. He has called the resurrection doctor because of some failed experiments in resuscitation. He wants to test his theory and agrees to keep it top secret, but it will be expensive. Nick agrees to fund the work.

Nick hears Natalie calling his name and snaps out of the flashback. She tells him it is his call. He tells her they will do it. She is happy, but a little worried. She is starting him out on one cc. He asks what to expect and learns that they are so far out that she does not know. Chemically has some similarities to naturally produced endorphins which might give him a rush, but it might be mitigated by the drug's cytotoxic properties, meaning he'll get sick to his stomach. She tells him he will be too happy to care. She gives him one last chance to back out before he injects him. He seems fine. Suddenly the side effects kick in and he falls from the autopsy table onto his hands and knees on the floor in agony and sick to his stomach. He curls up in the fetal position, with her kneeling beside him telling him she knew it was a mistake, scared by his intense reaction. Her hand is on his back to comfort him as she watches him carefully. He keeps muttering through his gritted teeth that he is going to be sick. He grabs her arm and tells her it is okay, that he is all right. Nick has one last major spasm and goes still, scaring the hell out of Natalie. She calls his name, begging him to talk to her, to tell her what he is feeling. He tells her he feels nothing that it is gone. He keeps repeating it is gone until she asks what is gone, a bit worried. He gets back on his knees and tells her the vampire is gone. He sees the clock showing 7:18 am and runs out the door before she can stop him. He runs out the main entrance into the bright sunlight, instinctively ducking back into the shadows. She is concerned, telling him it's not the way to test it. Nick gathers his courage and goes fully outside. She is right behind him. Both are delighted when there is no smoking, no pain, no burning. She laughs as he hugs her and twirls her around. They exchange a deep, longing look. He kisses her cheek and hugs her again. Both are thrilled beyond words.

In the bullpen, Schanke sees a female officer bagging the contents of Sykes' desk. Cohen learns Schanke has not slept yet. She tells him IA sent down a warrant to impound Sykes' stuff very quickly, telling him it was Berman. Schanke does not seem surprised.

In the Caddy, Natalie tells Nick the most important thing is not to overdo it, and not to assume anything. She is stunned when he flies through a red light, chuckling when told about it. Her expression grows more serious as she tells him they have to run many tests, and realizes they're not heading for her apartment. She reminds him where they are supposed to be going, and that he needs lots of rest. He tells her they will get there. She makes it a Doctor's order. He gives in, stating they have one stop first, asking if she has the stuff with her. She tells him she does. He calls Janette.

Nick and Natalie enter the Raven and see Janette at the bar. Nick tells her he is cured. Natalie watches. Janette reminds him about the last time. He tells her that it is different this time. It is real. Janette comments that Natalie did it. Natalie cheerfully tells Janette she could not resist the scientific challenge. Janette says she can see that, asking if Nick has told her the dangers involved in the pursuit for a cure. Nick tells them there is no danger. Janette reminds him of those among them that would not take it well. Natalie's mood darkens. She's a little scared and asks Nick what she's talking about. Janette informs her there are those who would find her discovery a threat to their existence. Nick tells Janette there is no danger if Janette does not tell them. She reminds him they will find out anyway. She asks why he came if no one has supposed to know, a little annoyed with him. He offers to share it with her, but is turned down. He badly words something Natalie said, commenting they need to duplicate the experiment to pronounce it a success. Natalie is annoyed. Her entire being shows how much she wishes he had phrased it better. Janette tells them they can look elsewhere if they need another lab rat. Unlike him, she is not ashamed of who she is. Nick is surprised, ashamed and confused. Janette tells Natalie she has been down that road before and it is a dead end.

In the Caddy, Natalie asks Nick what he is not telling her. He says Janette is jealous and trying to spoil it. Natalie asks about the other time. He tells her it happened long ago and does not matter, earning him a glare. He reminds her they have succeeded, seeking confirmation. Nick lets Natalie off across the street from the Coroners Office. She tells him she is going to go write up some notes. He is to go home and rest. She wants to do a full blood panel on him later. He tells her he wants some Litovuterine in case he is out and it wears off. She nervously laughs and turns him down. He stammers, reminding her he is cured. She tells him they have no idea what it is doing to his insides, growing more concerned. He asks for enough to get through a crisis. She says he sounds like a junkie, hearing their whole experiment is shot if he spontaneously combusts in the middle of Bay Street. She reluctantly gives him a vial with ten cc's in it along with sterilized syringes, making him promise he won't touch it unless something dire happens and he calls her first. He agrees. He tells her she should be happy. She almost seems to be regretting it. He tells her he will see her tonight. She gives him one last glare before returning to work. He drives off.

In the park where his friend shot himself, Schanke's looking around and finds a round, flat, black object. He picks it up with his handkerchief in case it's evidence and tucks it into his pocket.

Nick is parked, and looking at his hand and the world in sunlight. He has a couple of mini flashbacks to Dark Knight where he is sitting up in the warehouse, he is vamped out and growling, and he is about to bite a girl. In the present, Nick's hand starts to shake, concerning him.

Inside the Raven, Janette is sitting at the bar thinking her chin propped on her palm.

Janette flashes back to 1857 Germany. She sees Nick come outside. She approaches, asking if he knows what he is getting involved with, who he's working with. She reminds him there are no secrets among them, at least not for long. He says he knows she will remain quiet and the doctor will have to work quickly. Janette calls the doctor a charlatan, reminding Nick of his reputation. She asks if he is looking for disease, aging and death, quite upset and worried, asking why he is doing it. He tells her he has to, asking her to try to understand. He cannot be what he is anymore.

In the present, Janette is still in the same seat, calling Nichola a fool as she sips her wine.

Nick's in the Caddy, his sleeve rolled up from the injection and rides out the side effects, his head banging on the steering wheel as he grimaces in pain and holds the wheel tight. The vial and syringe are on the seat next to him. Once the side effects wear off, he drives off.

Schanke is sitting on a bench by the shore, looking out at the water, thinking. Nick walks up to him and takes a seat. Schanke shows Nick what he found. They figure it is probably the lens cap for binoculars. He tells Nick he found it in the bushes. Both have been thinking about Sykes. Nick suggests they look into it. Schanke says all the evidence points to suicide. Nick says they need to look for the why. Schanke is not sure, commenting Berman and IA seem anxious to wrap it up. He tells Nick there is something different about him. Nick cheerfully tells him it is today, grinning as he looks up at the sky. Schanke asks if Nick got his hair cut, totally missing the obvious.

As they drive around, Schanke cannot believe Natalie possibly cured Nick, suppressed the symptoms, or possibly eliminated the condition, calling her a genius worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Nick and Schanke arrive at Marciellio's. Schanke's a little unsettled, realizing Jimmy Vinetti owns a piece of it and eats there every day. Nick says they are just going to talk to him. They enter and find Jimmy and his bodyguard. Nick flashes his badge. Vinetti waves off his bodyguard, and the three sit at the table. They tell Jimmy they just want to ask a few questions, hearing he always has a minute to help. Vinetti denies knowing Brian Sykes or hearing his name. Schanke fills him in.. Vinetti learns about IA's investigation and Jimmy denies paying off cops, claiming to be a businessman. Nick shocks everyone by eating a forkful of pasta from Jimmy's plate. Nick again turns down an offer of food. Nick keeps eating off Vinetti's plate. They think Nick has lost his mind. Schanke says he hates IA as much as Vinetti does. Nick drinks Jimmy's Chianti. Vinetti tells Schanke it is off the record, the cops do not understand the nature of his business. Schanke asks if Sykes ever came to see Jimmy and learns Sykes tried to shake him down. Jimmy told Sykes to take a hike. Nick suggests Jimmy is paying off Fred Berman. Schanke's shocked. Vinetti offers Nick the rest of his pasta on the house, offers his condolences to Schanke for the loss of his friend, and to the man's family. He tells them they are way over the line with the questions and leaves. Nick quickly takes Vinetti's seat and finishes off his food. Schanke cannot believe Nick is acting so bizarre.

As Nick and Schanke walk down the street, Nick stops by a hot dog vender and gets a hot dog. Schanke winds up paying for it when Nick cannot understand it is not free. Schanke asks how Nick connected Berman and Vinetti, which is better magic than pulling rabbits out of thin air. Nick comments Sykes killed himself, yet everyone who knew him said he would never do that. Berman is a cop without a regular beat, yet he's the first guy on the scene. Schanke tells Nick Berman said he was tailing Sykes. Nick says maybe Berman watched Sykes kill himself. Berman and Sykes worked Bunko at the 34th precinct, which is Vinetti's stomping ground. What if Vinetti and Berman hooked up that far back, and either brought Sykes in or tried to? Maybe Sykes either was not on the payroll or wanted out. Schanke suggests that maybe they did not know the other was involved with Vinetti. Schanke tells Nick he is paranoid. Nick's distracted by a woman walking by and sees himself biting her neck. Nick snaps out of it and watches the woman walk by unharmed. Nick says something's wrong. Schanke tells him he looks all sunburned, asking what drug Natalie is giving him. Nick looks into a window of a cab, pulls down his sunglasses, sees his golden eyes and tells Schanke he has to go and will see him that night. Schanke calls after Nick but there is no response.

Nick stumbles into the loft in pain, heavily panting, having some mini flashbacks. He stumbles across the room to his kitchen table in gut wrenching agony. All the while having mini flashbacks to Natalie telling him about the drug, the possible cure, asking if he is willing to take the risk. Janette reminding him she is not like him. Nick feels his fang as if it is something new. Janette tells him she is not ashamed of what she is. Nick forces himself to the fridge. Nick's asking Natalie for enough to get him through, and hears he sounds like a junkie. Nick gulps the blood like a junkie getting a fix. It is as if he is going through First Hunger again. He staggers to the table and falls back into his seat. After more blood and a lot of effort, he barely regains basic control. He tells Janette he cannot be what he is any more. He corks the bottle and slides it away from him. He prepares another shot of the Litovuterine-B.

Nick flashes back to 1857 and Dr. Spense's primitive lab. Nick lies on the table, allowing his arm to be slit open and his blood drained. The doctor plans to give him an infusion and inject other stuff. Spense asks if it works. Nick nods.

Nick looks very much like a junkie as he fills the syringe, he's all sweaty, jumpy, uneasy, in pain and tired.

In 1857, Spense injects the tubing hooked to Nick with something, pleased by Nick's nod.

Nick injects himself and bolts upright as if electrically shocked, then drops to his knees in agony and curls up in the fetal position. After a few moments he relaxes onto his back and starts giggling. When his vision clears, he sees LaCroix towering over him. Nick looks really tired, worn out. LaCroix asks if he is feeling poorly, if there is something new in his diet or regimen. Nick is on his knees holding his injected arm close as if it hurts, and asking LaCroix who invited him. LaCroix studies the vial as he tells Nick friends as old as he do not need invitations. Nick comments Janette squealed on him. LaCroix asks what she was supposed to have told him. Nick holds his arms out to the sides gesturing as he tells LaCroix he is cured. LaCroix sarcastically comments that he wants the disease if that is the cure. LaCroix seems amused Nick's drugged out of his mind.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke is quietly telling Natalie that Nick is definitely not himself. She cannot believe Nick spent the morning eating his way across town. He comments it was as if Nick had not eaten in a hundred years. Natalie hides her grin. Schanke pushes his chair closer and explains Nick's crazy theory that Sykes suicide was not a suicide. That Berman and the Deputy Chief of IA, is pushing it under the carpet too quickly because he is the dirty one and does not want to be exposed. He misses Natalie's worry. He tells Natalie Nick's gut instincts are telling him Berman is one of Vinetti's stooges. Natalie's deep worry clearly shows. Schanke says Nick is wigging, manic, and there is something wild in his eyes. Natalie tells Schanke Nick is delusional from the Litovuterine. She's scared and worried, telling Schanke she made a mistake and might need his help.

Inside the loft, Nick angrily says Janette betrayed him, hearing Janette did not have to say anything. A father knows when his children are in pain, just as he senses their rejection of his generosity. Nick walks over to the window, raises the blind and stands in the sunlight, telling LaCroix he is cured. LaCroix tells Nick he is deluding himself by substituting one dependence for another, getting pain, sickness and the promise of certain decay for it. He tells his son to stop being foolish. Nick tells LaCroix he cannot handle Nick becoming a human again. LaCroix is cranky as he tells Nick he is offering him a choice, reminding him those who protect their secret will not be so patient. Nick tells LaCroix he is not his anymore. LaCroix tells him he is wrong and steps into the sunlight, where he starts smoking, and is nowhere near as close to the window as Nick is. He grimaces, telling Nick they are each other and Nick will always be his.

Inside Natalie's lab, Nick tells her she cannot cut him off. She tells him she can because the drug is not working. The virus is mutating, changing into a form immune to the drug. He tells her the drug works. She locks up the vial, telling him he needs every increasing amounts with increasing frequency. Within a week, he will be shooting up every hour and in a month, he will need an IV from a fifty-five gallon drum. She crankily asks if that is what he wants. He angrily and very suddenly grabs her arm, momentarily scaring her. His expression is very serious as he tells her he wants to stay cured. She is in his face, firmly telling him it's not a cure but a fix, which isn't going to work much longer. He is reverting whether he knows it or not. He releases her and angrily rants she is just like them. She wants to control him. Her temper flares, even as she tries to stay calm. She tells him the drug is affecting him, making him sound crazy. His comments show he does not believe it. He is angrier as he rants that he can have his humanity back for as long and as much of it as she is willing to give him. He stammers he can have it back, but only by night. Schanke enters in time to see Nick grab Natalie's wrist so hard she yelps in pain. She glares at Nick in anger and a tiny bit of fear. Nick rants that he will get it only in exchange for his soul. Schanke heard that line and tells them that he got there as quickly as he could, unsure what to do. He says he is interrupting and will leave. Natalie yanks her arm free and walks over to Schanke telling him to talk to Nick. Schanke tells Nick it would be a good idea to keep quiet about Sykes and Berman. Nick accuses Schanke of turning on him, telling him his friend is not even cold in his grave and is being sold out by Schanke's silence. Schanke tells Nick he sounds insane. Natalie watches them. Nick tells them he is out of there. If he cannot get what he wants there, he will find someone who will give it to him. He tells Schanke if he will not help, he will just have to do it alone. She is afraid for all three of them. Nick storms out. Schanke asks what's going on. She starts to say something but stops.

Inside the bullpen, Nick enters and sees Berman. Nick looks sunburned and wiped out. Berman comments that Nick works the graveyard shift and hears Nick is working on a special case of his own. Berman wishes Nick luck, not meaning it. Nick calls Berman's name and casually tosses the lens cap to him, playfully telling him he dropped something. Nick walks away. A cold, mean look crosses Berman's face as he walks away.

Nick is inside his loft, staring out the window at the sun, and trying to figure out what to do. His torment shows on his face. His face looks like he has spent too much time in the sun.

Nick flashes back to 1857 and the mad doctor's makeshift lab. He tells Spense he feels very weak, hearing it is from the purging his body of the contaminants that cause his syndrome. The disease is fighting back, not wanting to die. He ties Nick down with metal cuffs secured with small wooden stakes. Nick asks what he is doing as he struggles, hearing he has a few more tests to do and can't stop now. He holds a cross near Nick's face. Nick turns away.

In the present, Nick's forehead rests on the window. He looks totally wiped out, even sick. He is studying his hand, which is shaking. Nick hears the answering machine pickup. Jimmy Vinetti tells Nick to meet him at Lakeside Industrial Park in one hour if he wants to know the whole truth about Brian Sykes, and to come alone.

Inside Natalie's office, Nick is alone as he tries to break into the cabinet she locked the drug in. When his elbow does not work, he tries kicking it. When that fails, he finds a pair of scissors and forces the lock. He yanks the door open and removes the drug, syringes and a rubber tourniquet.

Nick pulls into the parking lot of the Industrial Park and waits. He looks at the vial, debating using it. He has a mini flashback to Natalie telling him it is not a cure, but a fix.

Natalie and Schanke enter the loft looking for Nick, a bit worried about him. She calls out Nick's name, nearly blinded by the sunlight. Schanke asks if she thinks he is already addicted, hearing it is not impossible because some people are addicted to crack cocaine after one use. Schanke hopes it does not hit the streets. She says he does not have to worry about it because it would probably kill any normal person who took it, too distracted by her worry to realize she should not have said that. Schanke comments it did not kill Nick. Natalie realizes her goof and covers by nervously telling him Nick has a very special constitution, hoping he buys it. Schanke sees the bottle of blood on the table, thinking its wine. He asks if she is sure that it was Nick, who broke into the medicine locker, as he picks up an empty syringe wrapper. She tells him only the Litovuterine was missing. Nick is really losing it. They hear Vinetti's message. Schanke shows her the empty syringe wrapper commenting Nick's about to do something really dumb. Natalie's expression agrees.

In the Caddy, Nick makes a hard choice, shoves the entire handful of unused syringes, the vial, and rubber tourniquet back into the glove compartment, and rubs his sore right hand. A car with dark windows pulls up near Nick. Vinetti rolls down his window and motions for Nick to come over. Nick does so, telling Vinetti he is glad he decided to talk. Vinetti tells Nick he wanted the truth about his friend Sykes. He leans back revealing Berman sitting next to him. Berman pulls out his gun and shoots Nick twice in the abdomen. Nick falls to the ground. Vinetti tells Nick he was getting too close to the truth. Blood runs from the ground under Nick, pooling around him. He is unconscious, maybe dead. Vinetti tells his driver to dump the trash and they will pick him up.

Natalie and Schanke get into his car. Moments later a car squeals around the corner. Schanke urgently tells Natalie to get down. She quickly takes a look out the window and doubles over, her head well below the window. Schanke ducks and helps cover her. A guy leans out the window and fires, shattering Schanke's windows. Schanke gets out, keeping low, ready to fire, using the trunk as cover. The perp's car races off. Schanke quickly goes back to Natalie, learning she's quite shaken up and scared but unhurt. Schanke tells her they were Vinetti's errand boys and Nick is going to get the same reception. She is worried. Schanke admits Nick is really onto something as he speeds off.

At the Industrial Park, Vinetti's driver dumps Nick into the trunk of the Caddy.

Nick flashes back to 1857. Janette rescues Nick from the mad doctor, who has been drained. LaCroix tells them that Nick was to be his greatest prize. The doctor is slumped over his desk, quite dead. Nick's family helps him up the steps and they leave. LaCroix is smiling.

In the present, it is night. Nick regains consciousness and waits until the guy stops the car. The guy opens the trunk and Nick springs out, knocking him to the ground. He shoots Nick four times, causing Nick to vamp out and attack the driver, leaving him either unconscious or dead. Vinetti's car arrives and they are scared to see Nick alive. Berman puts the car in reverse, and when he goes forward, he finds Nick blocking his path. Vinetti tells Berman to get Nick. Berman tries to ram Nick with the car. Nick vamps out and takes to the sky. Berman and Vinetti cannot find him. They discover they are heading right for a tree moments before the head on collision with it. Nick gives a small fang-filled triumphant grin, then checks to make sure the bad guys are alive. They are. Schanke, Natalie and back up arrive. Schanke and Natalie see Nick's okay, and are relieved. Nick sees her concerned. When Schanke looks away, Natalie gets a quick fang flash. She smiles, relieved he is okay. Schanke looks at his two friends, confused by their grins, and why Natalie seems so relieved. Nick shrugs, grinning, giving them his innocent little boy look.

In the loft, Nick reads the newspaper, the big headline is about the Police Department scandal where an officer's suicide brings corruption to light. Berman's mug shot is under the headline. Nick contemplates a bottle of blood.

In the bullpen, Schanke looks at the framed picture Sykes left with his suicide note, trying not to let how upset he is show. He sniffles, brushes a way a hint of a tear and forces himself back to work.

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