Season 2 episode 23 (aired as episode 15)

Written by Diane Cary

Directed by Stefan Scani

Guest cast:

Fleur.................................. Claire Rankin

Stan................................... Marvin Karon

Nick’s Mother.................. Nonnie Griffin

Terry................................. Natalie Gray

Elsa.................................... Patricia Carroll Brown

Fiancée............................... David Sutcliffe

The Assistant/Co-ed.......... Shelly Hong

A woman comes home from work, her arms full of work to do and sees a valentine in her mail. She reads it and sees the last line is missing. She looks up and it is written on the wall in red, maybe in blood. Suddenly she is attacked. After a struggle, she is choked to death.

LaCroix is doing his nightly monologue. He is in a bad mood tonight as he rants about how love drains one of their strength and other bad things about it. He seems heartbroken.

Nick and Natalie are in the loft listening. She has surprised LaCroix's talking about love. Natalie tells Nick that she heard the Captain whispering sweet things into the telephone. Natalie takes some samples of unexposed skin cells. She comments on upping his vitamin E dose since he seems to be tolerating it and he admits he forgets to take them. She surprises him with a gift, a sliver pill box, which he truly appreciates. Their beepers go off signaling they are both wanted at a crime scene.

Natalie, Nick and Schanke are at the crime scene. Nick finds a pay stub that tells them that she is a freelance researcher. Schanke calls the Valentine's Day card the killer's calling card. Nick notices that the handwriting on the card is similar to the writing on the wall. Schanke wanders off to examine the crime scene and Natalie comments to Nick that it is like the candy hearts with messages on them, forgetting that he has probably never seen them. When she is clueless, she tells him about the messages on them, adding that this time there is an awful twist to it. Nick comments that he thought it would take more than a card to sweep a woman off her feet. Natalie tells Nick that she can identify with the woman a bit because the woman had a demanding career. Her consuming work left little time for romance and that sometimes it's the little things that sweep a woman off her feet. Nick realizes that Natalie is right, about women and about her and the victim being similar. Nick comments that the killer was counting on the woman's vulnerability making her enjoy the card for that crucial moment. Natalie grunts and leaves.

Nick, Janette and LaCroix make it into a castle smoking from the sun. LaCroix is angry and burned. He tells Nick that they are not prepared to die. Nick tells him that he is not leaving for good without seeing his family one last time. LaCroix angrily reminds Nick that he and Janette are Nick's family now. After Nick's glare, LaCroix tells Nick to get on with it. Nick is happily reunited with his mother and his sister, Fleur. He tells them that they've gone three days without sleep and must sleep when they want to hear all about the crusades and his other adventures during the several years he was gone. Fleur is drawn to LaCroix and he pulls back when she tries to touch him. He is not used to gentleness and freely given help. Nick introduces Janette and LaCroix, then promises to tell all that night and begs to be excused. His mom excuses them, glad he's home safely. LaCroix's knees give out, Fleur catches him, and he weakly asks for her forgiveness.

Cohen tells Nick and Schanke that the crime scene is like the pair in Montreal last year and she wants them stopped before Valentine's Day, giving them two weeks. Nick and Schanke discover that the victim had a lot of unpaid bills, even with the good income as well as a lot of overdue books.

Schanke grumbles about there being only fifty-one days between Christmas and Valentine's day, and how it is hard on the wallet. He tells Nick that he has to check on their reservations for a two for one trip to Vegas for the big poker game. Nick teases him about there being trouble last year when it was fishing instead of a Caribbean cruise and Schanke comments that it was fine once they got the mosquito netting up. He comments that Myra wants a beach and a fake beach at the hotel should be enough. When Schanke comments that women do not know what they want, Nick asks him if he is sure, looking at the card in the clear plastic evidence bag. Schanke comments that it only took a little romance and poetry before the killer was inside. Nick tells Schanke that a woman wants someone who is not afraid to express his love. Schanke shakes his head doubtfully and walks away.

Nick looks over at Natalie and realizes how much she means to him. They exchange warm looks and then he escorts her to her car. They do not see the mysterious figure watching them from the shadows.

LaCroix is in his booth the next night and quite bitterly asking if love really exists or if it matters as he stares at a white rose. There is a crack in his sardonic tone, allowing a glimpse of a wounded soul. He bitterly, heartbrokenly wonders if it is just one's selfish needs and desires. Again, LaCroix is questioning if love really matters.

Back at Nick's family castle, LaCroix approaches a stargazing Fleur and compliments her. Both are attracted to each other. Astronomy is her new passion, but an old one of LaCroix's. She notices he has already healed and he momentarily pulls back from her touch. He is not sure what the warm feels are as he is not at all used to gentleness. He gives her a white rose and a thorn pricks her finger. He brings it to his lips and gently sucks her finger, both enjoying it and the sensations from the blood. She enjoys the sensuousness.

Nick and Janette enter the patio and see the pair. She holds Nick back as he wants to attack LC. Janette tells him that the attraction seems to be mutual. Nick explains that his sister has always brought light to the world. Nick speaks up, telling the pair that dinner's ready. They all go inside to dinner.

LaCroix tells his listeners to say no to love. He suggests that a carnival toy and an electric blanket will be as satisfying.

Schanke is gazing at a catalog as Nick arrives and looks over his shoulder. Nick points out a nice piece for Myra causing Schanke to comment his accountant would flip out.

Cohen approaches them with the psych evaluation of the killer and it seems to match the Montreal killer. Both female victims were single career women lured in by Valentines, which is corny, but it worked. She tells them their killer is smart, creative but has a marked ambivalence towards women and can only reconcile it with violence. Schanke comments that it is a love/hate thing. Nick listens as the takes out the silver pill box Natalie gave him, opens it and silently reads her engraved reminder to take his vitamins. Schanke comments on his missing Nick getting drunk, and Nick tells him that it is vitamins for his skin condition.

In the morgue, Natalie tells Nick and Schanke that they are still doing handwriting analysis, but she is pretty sure it's the same guy, that the choke hold was so strong that it dislodged vertebrae. Nick comments that the killer is physically powerful but unsuccessful in relationships, and that he is inept at getting what he wants. Schanke is looking at the file as he comments that it is hard to believe any woman would fall for it. Nick comments that any woman who feels romantically neglected could be a target. Schanke's concerned and tells them that he should call Myra, who should be finished washing the car, and leaves.

Nick comments on Schanke being a handful, which Natalie confirms that Schanke is not a great catch, adding that Schanke does care about Myra. Nick walks over to Natalie and tells her that the case is getting to her. She is not very happy and it shows, but is touched and relived that only he notices it. Sexual tension rises but they are interrupted by her beeper. She reluctantly tells him that she has to go to the lab, but that she will have test results tomorrow. He takes old of her hand as she leaves, stopping her, pleasing them both. They are acting like teens with their first crush. He tells her that he will call if they learn anything and asks if s he will be home. She tells him she will be home all night and to call. He kisses her hand causing her to smile. He watches her leave then flashes back to his home.

In the castle, Nick confronts LaCroix, angrily telling him to leave Fleur alone. He throws all of LaCroix's words about letting mortal bonds go, among other things. That he is using Fleur to punish him, and that he's made his point, missing LaCroix's inner turmoil. Nick tells LaCroix that he cannot be in love, because there is not one shred of humanity in him. LaCroix tells him that he would have agreed before he met Fleur. He grows angry as he tells Nick how he hates the feelings he cannot control or accept, yet they exist. He tells Nick that Fleur is everything he is not, and that his immortality has nothing to do with it. He is amazed when he realizes he loves Fleur. Nick is deeply troubled by it.

Nick arrives at Natalie's as she is carrying in groceries and her briefcase. He helps her out, informing her that handwriting was a perfect match. When he learns she is not busy, he stays. Nick tells her he was out driving and thinking. Since he was nearby, he decided to visit. She smiles, liking the idea. She admits she thinks in the bath. Nick asks her what they are going to do about their feelings for each other. He tenderly caresses her cheek. She's both pleased and surprised by it. The heat between them rises. They are two mature adults in love and finally admitting it.

Back at the castle, LaCroix and Fleur are in the courtyard again, talking about astronomy and how both want the knowledge of the universe. Their attraction grows and they caress each other's face. He tells her he wants to spend forever with her and that it seems as if they have been together for a very long time. She agrees. He tells her how she has brought incredible joy to his life and made death seem sad. They kiss and when both enjoy it they kiss again, deeper and more passionately.

LaCroix is standing outside Natalie's apartment building staring at the sky, asking for his pain and eternal longing to be eased.

Nick is caressing Natalie's lips with his fingers, unaware LaCroix's watching from the ground below and is not in a good mood. LaCroix is heartbroken, seeing Nick and Natalie together. He icily glares up at Natalie's window, hearing the pleasure inside.

Nick and Natalie share their first tender, romantic kiss. The microwave beeping startles them. When both really enjoyed the kiss, they kiss again, ignoring her waiting dinner. It is a long passionate kiss. LaCroix watches them, recognizing it is true love and is both hurt and angered by it.

LaCroix angrily, bitterly rants about love, one night stands and to never let love in or it will strangle you and rip you apart.

Natalie and Nick arrive at the crime scene at the exact same moment and get teased by Schanke about being partners. They simultaneously comment that their beepers went off, Schanke's comment hitting a little too closely. They notice the message scribbled on the wall, and the semi-nude dead woman on the floor. Schanke's not buying the beeper comment and hands Nick the bagged Valentine's Day card.

Nick and Natalie examine the card. Nick sees a sobbing man off to the side and learns he is the victim's fiancé. The wedding was to be next week. Natalie examines the victim. They comment on how hard it is to lose love, especially to senseless violence.

At the castle, Fleur begs LaCroix to take her with him. Nick listens from the shadows. She tells LaCroix that she cannot live without him and begs him to take her with him. LaCroix's affected as well. She tells him that she thought she was used to the pain of the men in her life leaving, that she lost her father. That it includes Nick's two tours in the crusades. LaCroix tells her that the thought of their being together comforts him. That there is away they can be together forever, which interests her. Just as he's about to sink his fangs into her neck, Nick rushes LaCroix at vampire speed, slams into LaCroix and pins him to the wall several feet behind them. LaCroix struggles against Nick's hold on him. Fleur sees LaCroix vamped out and is shocked. Nick tells his sister that what she sees is LaCroix's true nature, and that it is what he is as well as he faces her vamped out. She is shocked but quickly recovers. She tells them that it all makes sense to her now, and that she knows that they are vampires. Nick's features are back to normal as he tells Fleur that LaCroix will make her one of them whether or not she wants it. She tells him that it doesn't bother her, that she just wants to be with LaCroix because she loves him and that they have a lot in common. Nick's shocked and begs her to listen, that he does not regret his choice, but it's wrong for her. That she is the future of their family. That mom should not have to lose them both, and it will be hard enough to lose him. LaCroix tells Nick that he cannot win this fight. Fleur tells Nick that if he keeps her from LaCroix she will die from a broken heart and runs to LaCroix. LaCroix asks him to pick whose heart is broken, the mother's or sister's. Nick tells his master that he's just looking for another conquest and will kill all that he loves in her by bringing her across. LaCroix disagrees, commenting that he can save her by bringing her across.

Back at the crime scene, Natalie's finished examining the victim and tells him the MO and cause of death are identical to the other victims. Nick asks her about their new relationship and she tells him that she cannot believe it. They know it is the wrong place for the discussion, but their feelings are so right that it feels so good. When Schanke approaches, Natalie becomes all business, telling them it definitely was strangulation and likely death was during the last six hours.

Schanke comments on how devastated the fiancée is. Natalie leaves and Schanke watches, asking Nick if she is ok because she seems preoccupied. Nick says nothing, focusing on the wall calendar. He asks if the last victim was engaged, and learns that she was. Schanke leans to check on the Montreal victim's marital status. Nick searches the victim's desk and learns she too was a freelance researcher. Schanke returns and tells Nick that one Montreal victim was married and the other was engaged, which he finds odd. Even more coincidental is that one was a pharmaceutical researcher and the other was a scientific writer. The first victim in Toronto was a researcher for an ad agency and the second was a paralegal who spent a lot of time in the University of Toronto library. Both Toronto victims used the same library.

Nick checks at the library's front desk for the library researcher who just moved to Toronto from Montreal as he shows the librarian the overdue books from the latest crime scene. She tells him that they all came from Central research and that Stan gathered them, and that Stan's been there a couple of months.

Meanwhile Schanke's approaching a nerdy looking guy and asks if he knows a researcher who just moved to town from Montreal. The nerdy guy admits that he is Stan, but when Schanke shows his badge, Stan threatens Schanke with a knife-like letter opener. Stan then grabs his assistant and threatens to plunge the sharp item into her neck, using her as a shield as he runs. He is not easy to catch as he runs through the stacks. Schanke calls out for Nick's help. Nick helps Schanke catch Stan and rescues the hostage. Stan tries to escape but Nick keeps him pinned to the wall. Schanke hears Nick very darkly wish Stan a Happy Valentine's Day. Nick sees Schanke approach.

The nerdy guy is at the precinct confessing all to Schanke and Cohen as Nick and Natalie watch from the observation room. The nerdy guy doesn't sound like he's playing with a full deck as he tells them that the women were leaving him, that they were meant to be with him. That he would never see them again and that was wrong. Stan's comments make Nick and Natalie uneasy. They both feel Stan's pain.

Nick flashes back to his childhood home again.

Nick reminds LaCroix that if he brings Fleur across she becomes a cold-blooded killer, that her purity will be gone. LaCroix counters asking Nick if he would rather see her wither and die. Nick tells LaCroix that the innocence he loves in her will die and that if he truly loves her, he will not bring Fleur across. Fleur sadly begs LaCroix to take her. LaCroix truly loves her and it shows. He comments on the great irony of his cold heart feeling such pain as he kisses her forehead.

Inside the observation room, Natalie comments on women dying because an illusion of love. Nick feels guilty for denying LaCroix his one true love. Natalie asks Nick how anyone can know when it is real and not something they created out of need. Nick looks concerned, asks her if she is afraid and she tells him she is not. Their feelings are evident but they do not act on them because they are at work. She tells him that it's nearly sunrise. He's surprised and worried that his inner vampire sundial failed. He tells her to keep tomorrow night open, kisses the top of her head and hears her playful response. They walk out looking gloomy and miserable.

Nick does not see LaCroix on the other side of the front desk, but LaCroix sees the loving touches between nick and Natalie as well as the heat between them and it hurts too much. Nick and Natalie's façade fools everyone but LaCroix. LaCroix's look as he leaves means trouble.

Schanke delivers a box of flowers to Natalie telling her they were delivered to the wrong place. He teases her about keeping the guy because he is good for her. Inside the box is a dozen white roses. Schanke reads the card, which is a dinner invitation to Azure at eight pm and signed from a thirteenth century gentleman, which Schanke comments is a little odd. He asks her if she has heard from Myra because he cannot find hear and needs to tell her where he made tomorrow's dinner reservation. She tells him she has not heard from his wife.

Natalie enters Azure at eight pm and is surprised to not only find it empty, but discover LaCroix is her dining companion. He promptly tells her she knows him and is honored she came and that he bought out the restaurant in her honor. She hides her uneasiness and tells him she does not know who he is and he introduces himself. A part of her knows she should run, but she gives into the curious part. He tells her that he thought it was an appropriate way to get to know each other. She warily but politely tells him she is flattered. He suggests they talk about love, neither taking their eyes from the other.

Nick's at home and cannot reach Natalie. Schanke calls because he cannot find Myra and they have an early flight to Vegas. That he only found a note from her telling him she will contact him tonight. Nick tells him he has not heard from her. Schanke comments that she was a little upset over seeing lounge lizards rather than luaus. Nick reassures him that everything will be fine.

Nick goes to the morgue looking for Natalie and sees the flowers. When he reads the card he's worried, knowing that Natalie being with LaCroix means she's in danger.

Nick flashes back to the castle and LaCroix commenting that Nick's interference probably was beneficial. He forces a promise out of Nick that LaCroix can do whatever he wants with Nick's one true love. Fleur is whammied into believing that life will be good again, because she'll forget about vampires and her love for LaCroix.

Nick takes to the air to try to get to Azure in time to protect Natalie.

Inside Azure, Natalie is nervous but hides it as LaCroix opens the champagne while he continues questioning her. LaCroix tries to whammy Natalie but cannot. He learns that there are no current marriage plans, which surprises him a little. He gets her to admit she loves Nick, starting to slip under the influence of something, yet totally unaware of it. She tells him that it is too soon to think about marriage. LaCroix is subtly whammying her and may have drugged the champagne. LaCroix comments on love being like morphine, where you are hooked after one taste. She tells LaCroix she knows what Nick is as it was part of their firs meeting, but does not see it as a problem. She is telling him stuff she would never admit if she were not being influenced.

He comments that opposites attract and there is nothing more captivating. That it is like fusing together two sides of a coin. Nevertheless, it is something neither Nick nor himself can afford to do. That their mixing anything more than minds with mortals is very dangerous to the mortal. She tells him that she always knew what she was getting into. Natalie makes a toast to new friends and passions of the heart.

Nick is flying as fast as he can, praying he gets there before LaCroix hurts Natalie.

Natalie comments that she is sad Nick, or any vampire, cannot enjoy food when LaCroix tells her how exquisite the food at Azure is supposed to be. LaCroix again comments on Natalie's beauty being enough.

LaCroix and the champagne (possibly drugged) are starting to seriously take their toll on her. He walks behind her as he tells her there are many mortal things vampires cannot experience. He asks her about loving Nick and learns she does. She tells him about her search for a cure, which she never would have otherwise. He warns her to be careful, as it might be what attracts her to Nick. That she would not be the first to feel it. He is behind her, removes her jacket, and pushes her hair off her neck. She is totally under the effect of the whammy and possible drug as she leans into his caress. He asks her if Nick admitted his love for her and she tells him that Nick said beautiful things to her. She tells him it surprised and scared her. LaCroix is about to happily sink his fangs into Natalie's neck when there is the sound of breaking glass high above them.

Nick crashes through the skylight and pulls his master from Natalie, tossing him across the room. Nick angrily accuses LaCroix of going back on their promise. LaCroix tells Nick that he is the one who went back on it. LaCroix tells Nick that he will not back down on the agreement. Nick reminds LaCroix that he promised to keep his mind games and killings out of Nick's life. Natalie is oblivious to anything going on around her, totally under the influence of whatever was done to her. LaCroix tells Nick that his argument is as weak as the woman he loves as he backhands his son. The fight escalates with weapons. LaCroix reminds Nick that he is taking Nick's one true love under the terms of their agreement. Nick nearly stakes LaCroix. LaCroix states that either Natalie or Nick will die tonight, and that he is going to enjoy watching Nick endure the same torture he has for almost 800 years now.

When LaCroix comments that Nick loves Natalie, Nick firmly tells LaCroix that he is doing it out of protection because she knows what he is. LaCroix tells him that the hypocrisy is sickening and orders Nick to bring her across. When Nick asks what his master will do if he does not bring Natalie across, LaCroix tells him he will do whatever he wishes to with her.

Nick grabs Natalie and coldly kisses his way down her neck. There is a quick flashback to Nick telling LaCroix t hat he will destroy Fleur's innocence w hen he brings her across. LaCroix kisses Fleur's forehead. Nick's ready to sink his fangs into Natalie's throat looking very much like the cold killer he can be. LaCroix stops Nick, believing he was wrong, his heartbroken again and bitterly tells Nick that he will not trade Fleur for Natalie. Nick's fangs were centimeters from breaking the skin on Natalie's neck. LaCroix believes that if Nick really loved Natalie he would kill her, not bring her across. LaCroix takes off and Nick turns Natalie to face him, hugging her, huge relief showing on his face. He cannot believe he pulled it off and quickly looks up afraid he has just betrayed the lie he told his master. He hugs Natalie closely. She is still barely aware of anything that happened after LaCroix walked around behind her.

The next night, Schanke calls Nick at work and tells him that Myra sent him a cab and plane ticket to Hawaii, where she met him at the airport wearing a lei. He says that Hawaii is better for the marriage than Vegas. He also tells Nick he's at the Dolph Inn and gives him the room number so he can alert Schanke's poker buddies that the game's on for tomorrow night. Schanke hangs up and Nick calls Myra a saint.

Natalie arrives and is a bit nervous, maybe a little embarrassed as well as she cannot remember what happened. Nick reassures her that they had a nice night and nothing embarrassing happened. She is surprised that the drinks affected her like that, stating that she usually handles them much better than that. She comments that it's probably from her being so burnt out with work that she's forgotten most of the last few days. He again reassures her that she did not embarrass herself. She tells him that they should do it again soon as she leaves, showing that she forgot everything about their romance and about Azure. There is something tickling the back of her mind about recent events but she cannot seem to access it. His expression shows that he never wants to repeat the events at Azure. He looks at the silver pillbox.

LaCroix rants about love again while looking at a white rose. He rants about love leaving eternal pain behind and that it is hell. He squishes the flower as he pulls it from the stem.

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