Season 2, Episode 26 (aired as episode 17)

Written by Jason Brett

Directed by Geraint Wyn Davies

Sean du Champs................................. Gordon Currie

Feliks Twist....................................... Andrew Gillies

Charles du Champs............................ Bernard Behrens

George Walken/French Thief.............. Colm Fiore

Doorman............................................. Gary Robbins

Jenkins................................................ Ellen-Ray Hennessy

Henchman #1...................................... Robert Thomas

Henchman #2...................................... Ron Van Hart

A wealthy father is scolding his son for endangering the firm and family's reputation. The son has major financial problems. Dad helps him in the only way left which is to cut him off. Junior goes to a club and seriously parties. Meanwhile dad heads for his car and as soon as he gets in, he is blown up.

At the crime scene, firefighters finish dousing the flaming car.

Elsewhere, Schanke asks Nick for a Loonie for the $15 million dollar lottery and is turned down. Schanke is not happy that his partner would not loan him a dollar. They are called to a crime scene.

Nick flashes back to Charles and himself playing chess. Wealthy father, Charles, is helping Nick with his millions. He tells Nick that Nick acts as if his money is a curse. Nick is using it for charity.

Schanke learns from the Transportation Ministry while Nick learns from the reserved parking space that the father's name is Charles du Champs. They learn that Sean is the son's name.

Sean's busy gambling and losing at a club. Nick and Schanke are stopped by the bouncer. The manager clears them after cutting Sean off for being over his limit. He has one of his thugs inform Sean of that and the fact that the police are waiting for him.

In the morgue, Sean identifies his father's remains.

Nick and Schanke question Sean. Sean is more concerned about business than his father's killer. The two cops are called to Cohen's office. On the way there, Nick tells Schanke that he thinks he was a little hard on the kid because he just lost his father, but Schanke disagrees telling Nick that the kid cares more for the business than his father.

Schanke tells Cohen that he thinks the son did it and did it for the money. Schanke mimics using an old fashioned dynamite detonator to blow up an imaginary object as he tells them that it is classic case of blood money.

Nick flashes back to 1790 France. LaCroix is griping to Janette about how the only food left is garbage and that Nick's up to no good. Nick arrives with a mortal and a treasure chest. They double-crossed the Dauphin, who had ransomed himself back to his father. They killed the Dauphin and stole his chest full of money.

Nick double crosses his partner which not only gets him an angry warning from LaCroix that blood money brings only misfortune, but it also starts a sword fight with his partner. LaCroix disapproves of the fight, yet finds it mildly amusing. It is a long, intense fight which Nick eventually loses when he's stabbed in the chest by his opponent's sword and falls to the ground.

Cohen asks Nick what he thinks and he tells her that he thinks the kid did it, but is not sure because a bomb draws attention and asks why the kid would want to do that. He is worried when Cohen tells him they will go through the accounts once by one.

Nick's back at the loft burning a list of assets held in trust from The Nicholas de Brabant Foundation page by page, looking worried. The grand sum of the Foundation's assets are over $478 million dollars.

Nick's staking out Charles' office building and Sean enters, ducking under the crime scene tape, which a cop holds up for him.

Nick and Janette talk about Paparazzi, a not so nice club where Sean hangs out. There are some not so nice things happening there and that George Walken is the owner. Nick knows that gambling and drugs are some of the not so nice things. Janette tells Nick that Sean's a very lost, empty boy and that he used to come to her club, but now hangs out at Paparazzi. When she inquires as to why Nick's so interested, he tells her about Charles being murdered. When he explains that he is an old and trusted friend, Janette becomes nervous and inquires as to exactly what he trusted him with. She learns that Charles was trusted with everything and that he has handled the foundational trust for the last fifty years. She reminds him that such close scrutiny could put their Community at great risk. He tells her he knows this. She asks if he thinks Sean killed his father and Nick tells her he doesn't think so but the kid is in trouble, which concerns him because he worked with his father and has access to a lot of money. She reminds him how dangerous a combination trouble and money are. She playfully tells him to be careful, they kiss and he leaves.

Sean's inside Maison du Champs seated in front of a computer and pulls a piece of paper from his pocket and makes sure no one's watching him as he enters something into the blinking box on the computer screen.

Inside Natalie's office, Nick's scanning a piece of shrapnel under her microscope while Natalie tells him that the body was riddled with fragments like that. When Nick comments on Charles' upgrading his stereo, Natalie asks when they started using Japanese parts in Jaguars and that the Tai Chiwa, an Japanese industrial coding, proves it's Japanese. She also tells him that it wasn't a radio unless he was sitting on it, because she pulled it out of his left buttock.

Schanke is trying to get a Loonie for the lottery but no one's lending him one, especially not one female cop who lost money the last time, on a horse. Cohen calls Schanke into her office and scolds him, reminds him that no contributions, wagers, bets or any kind of gambling is allowed according to the city bylaws. He has no good excuse and is saved by Nick's entrance. Nick tells them he got the bomber's signature, which is a Japanese relay from a garage door opener. Schanke comments on it being a remote detonator, which sounds like the work of Plastique Polchuk. Cohen comments that she thought he was still in Millhaven and learns he was paroled three weeks ago, and that they are looking for him now. Schanke comments that maybe Sean gave Polchuk his garage door opener and asks if the investigators came up with anything during the audit and learns that no irregularities were found. Cohen tells them to find Polchuk and to check with Bomb and Arson to see if it could be anyone else.

Inside the Maison du Champs building, Sean gets a fax stating that the wire transaction has been complete, the funds deposited and directed. He likes what he reads and destroys the fax machine so no one else will know what it said.

Nick and Feliks Twist talk about Feliks' orchids, how he is fine as long as he avoids the grow lights. Nick tells him he needs to find out what happened to his money. Feliks tells Nick that the money will be his ruination and that he should take up orchids, as they are much more satisfying. When Nick asks again, Feliks tells Nick he's tracking it as they speak. He pulls out his PDA and tells Nick it's hooked into Nick's Swiss bank, surprising Nick a little. Feliks comments that Nick's arrangement with Maison du Champs was iron clad, that the Foundation's accounts were kept separate from the rest of the du Champs business. Nick tells Feliks he did it just the way he instructed him to. They created an electronic trigger which would automatically transfer the assets to a Swiss account when Charles died. He asks Nick his access code so they can check on it.

Sean enters Paparazzi.

Feliks can't access the account, which he finds quite unusual and worries Nick. He asks Nick for his account number and tries again, but is still denied access.

Sean shows George Walken the wire transfer confirmation paper, but does not know what to make of it. Sean tells him that it makes them even, but Walken does not seem to agree.

Aristotle tries the number again and reluctantly tells Nick that all $478 million dollars is gone and it looks like the account has been closed. Nick is shocked, very upset, worried, and hurt.

LaCroix is doing his nightly monologue. Nick's driving around in his Caddy and has a flashback to the 1790 French courtyard again.

Nick has his partner in crime pinned to the wall and is about to drain him when LaCroix sternly warns him. Nick reminds LaCroix that he taught Nick to take what he desires. LaCroix differs and tells him that he was told to take what he needs, for money will only bring greed and tragedy. That Nature does not tolerate excess and those who take more than their fare share and deals with them accordingly. LaCroix looks on disapprovingly as Nick drains the man.

Back to LaCroix's monologue as he is telling his audience that when you have too much, there is always someone will always want to take it from you. He comments to Nick that he should ask himself if the blood money has been a blessing or a curse.

Nick's phone rings and it's Schanke calling from the precinct that Polchuk's stay at the Summit Arms Motel, and tells Schanke that he'll meet him there, but has to make a stop first.

The bouncer at Paparazzi will not let Nick in, so Nick whammies him into letting him and everyone in line in. The bouncer does, and later tries to stop the flow but cannot.

Nick scans the partly full club for Sean and hears the conversation between Sean and Walken. Walken wants half and a surprised, stunned Sean refuses to give it up, telling him he cannot be serious. Walken tries to explain that he sees it as a partnership. Sean tells him that he has more money than God and doesn't need a partner. Walken tries to lecture Sean about money, responsibility and holding onto it but Sean is not listening. Sean tells Walken that he's just cranky because he can't control him. Walken calls him an ungrateful beast, to which Sean comments that he owes him money, not his soul. Walken comments that he does not think of a patricide as having a soul. Sean denies having anything to do with his father's death. Walken calls him partner and tells him that he did have something to do with it. Sean tells Walken he's mistaken, to wipe out his debt and call off the thugs or he'll go toe the cops as he leaves.

Schanke's staked out by the hotel where the bomber is staying and calls Nick. He gets Nick's answering machine and leaves word where he is and for Nick to call him.

Nick's waiting for Sean in his car. Sean is drunk and not happy to see Nick. Sean refuses to tell Nick anything about the de Brabant money. Nick tells him that he missing money could have been embezzled and may be related to his father's death. That Sean can either tell him or a Judge. Sean tells Nick he is just doing his job. Nick takes Sean's keys after warning him that his life is in danger. He tells Sean that he is just doing his job and that the money will weigh him down and drown him.

Schanke's watching the bomber's room, sees a black car drive by, and starts to approach the bomber's hotel room when the room explodes into a huge fireball, knocking Schanke down.

Schanke is in the precinct with a bandage that is covering three stitches, around his hand. Nick tells Schanke that Polchuk could have been murdered. Natalie enters and comments that the bomb techs told her the detonator used to be a pager. She holds up the clear evidence bag containing it. She tells them that they were able to trace the remaining part of the serial number to Sean. Natalie asks Schanke if he is okay and he repeats the answers he gave at the hospital, his name and what day of the week it is. Nick tells Schanke that it does not prove anything, which Schanke agrees with, but tells him it is enough to bring the kid in for questioning.

Nick and Schanke grill a very nervous, jumpy Sean while a tape recorder catches it all on tape. Schanke slides a paper in front of Sean and Sean tells him he has no idea who the guy is as he pushes the picture away. Schanke informs Sean the guy's dead. Sean tells them he was at Paparazzi and that Nick can vouch for him as they were together then. He adds that it's not possible for him to be talking with Nick one minute and across town blowing someone up the next. Schanke gives Sean a small lecture about modern technology and how you can wire C4 to a pager, dial the number from elsewhere and when it beeps, it detonates the bomb. Nick asks him if he has any idea how the bomber got his pager, and Sean tells him it was probably stolen. When questioned about owning a garage door opener, Sean tells them that he lost it a while back and Nick asks if he reported it. Sean tells them he did not see the need to report a thirty-dollar item and hasn't had time to replace it yet. When Schanke asks if he has reported his pager stolen, Sean nervously tells them he did not know it was stolen because he hasn't used it in a few years. Schanke tells him that the phone company says otherwise. Nick shows him a list of numbers and asks if he knows any, when Sean denies it Nick points out several are drug dealers and asks if Sean uses drugs. Sean denies it and threatens Schanke. Schanke tells Sean he can't buy his way out of murder and that there are no penthouses at Milhaven.

Cohen tells them that she's releasing Sean because they have nothing to hold him on and she doesn't want to spend the night in a spitting contest with his lawyer. When Schanke tells Nick that she would win, Cohen tells him she heard him, which embarrasses him. Nick suggests they tail Sean and she comments that Sean would sue them for harassment. Schanke cannot understand why Nick keeps giving the kid the benefit of the doubt. Nick asks Schanke what time it is and Schanke comments that his watch broke in the explosion, and gives Nick the time when he asks again. Nick tells Cohen that he was with Sean then, so Sean could not have done it. Nick tells them he believes someone's setting Sean up, someone who knows about Sean's access to a lot of money. He also informs them that he thinks Charles was murdered as a message for Sean to pay up or he's next. Nick explains Polchuk's murder as a way to get rid of a witness and tighten the screws on Sean, and that Sean's definitely not going home tonight, but is going to make his move. Nick tells them they should be there when Sean does that. Cohen denies all knowledge of their conversation as she leaves.

Sean gets out of his lawyer's car in front of the office, ducks under the crime scene tape and is met on the stairs by a man who forces him back down the stairs to a car.

Nick and Schanke realize that someone is probably making their move on Sean and they need to make one of their own. Nick tells Schanke that he thinks he knows where they are going and to follow Sean.

Sean is forcibly taken to Walken. The bomber's killer is tied up and gagged with Duct Tape. Walken tells Sean that the bomber is the killer of his father and he can make it look like Sean killed the bomber, Foster, to cover his tracks, or he can do it so that it clears Sean. He further explains that it will cost Sean a fortune to defend himself. He tells Sean that one murder might be an accident, but three is not. He asks Sean what his life is worth. That half of the Foundation is more than either of them will ever need.

Nick and Schanke are on the fire escape right outside the window listening in. Schanke comments that Nick was right about the kid being set up and asks when they take him. Nick tells him that they will let him do the transaction so there will be a paper trail.

Sean reluctantly knows he has no choice and moves to the computer. Walken tells Sean that they are online to his Swiss bank and that he just has to do the transaction. Sean moves to the computer and starts to type.

Nick watches through the window and gets the new account number. Schanke tells him it's time to break up the party.

Nick flashes back to the Dauphin's time again. When Nick wants the money, LaCroix angrily warns Nick that material wealth is a burden, not wanting Nick to have his own wealth. LaCroix angrily leaves with Janette at his side.

Sean finishes the transaction and informs Walken. The bomber's killer is shot, scaring Sean. Sean tries to split but two thugs grab him and securely hold him.

Schanke and Nick head for the entrance to protect Sean.

Inside the office, Walken approaches Sean, gun aimed at his chest. Walken tells Sean that he could've taken it all but that would've been too conspicuous. This way he gets some and there's enough left to make it look like Sean couldn’t embezzle it all before remorse overcame him and he committed suicide. There is a beep to alert them of an intruder downstairs, Nick.

Nick is heading for the stairs, gun out, ready for trouble. Walken tells his men to check it out. Two thugs go down to do that and search for Nick while Walken keeps his gun on Sean. Schanke is trying to crowbar the door, grumbling about how hard it is. When Walken turns away to turn off the alarm, Sean splits. He runs as fast as he can and hides from the guards. Both Nick and Schanke are hunting for Sean and Walken, along with his thugs.

Sean returns to Walken's office and is on the computer when confronted by Walken who tells him he know he'd return because he couldn't bear to part with the money

On the main floor, Nick's being shot at and dodges, still running towards Sean. He tosses a guy out of the way and because he too was shooting and Nick. Schanke finally gets the door open and enters.

Walken is about to shoot Sean, who admits to accessing the account, but not doing anything with it. He's terrified and offers to give Walken all the money to let him go. Walken tells Sean that Avarice is a deadly sin. Nick enters and deadly seriously tells Walken that it is over. Schanke arrives around back confirming Nick's statement and backing up the warning to shoot if Walken does not put the gun down. Walken's scared by the two deadly serious cops and starts to turn away, but turns back and fires at Schanke. Schanke instinctively fires twice, one shot hitting Walken who twists and falls face down while the other shot hits the computer, frying it.

Nick has another flashback where he hears LaCroix's words again telling him that material wealth is a burden.

Sean slumps against the wall as the reality of it all sinks in.

Schanke's at work and Sean thanks him for his help. After Sean leaves, Cohen tells Schanke that nothing major was found in the audit outside of a few unreported transactions so Sean is free. Cohen tells Schanke to go home and get a good night's sleep. Schanke learns two cops who would not loan him a Loonie won the lottery jackpot. The female cop is mad at Schanke because she did not go in on it because of him. Schanke thinks he is having a heart attack.

Nick and Janette are talking in the Raven. That the computer being destroyed wiped the money off the books as if it never existed. He tells her that he gave Feliks Twist the new account access numbers to the bank in Luxemborg. When Janette asks him why he couldn't let the money go, Nick tells her that there's too much blood on it and that he uses it for good, which she tells him is very much like him. When she offers to ease his burden, he kisses her.

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