Season 2, Episode 15 (aired as episode 18)

Written by Shelley Goldstein

Directed by Alan Simmonds

Guest stars:

Julia Winwood.......................... Deborah Rennard

Victoria Levy............................ Victoria Adilman

James Coulter............................ Stewart Bick

Paul (Jonathan) Levy................ Raymond O'Neill

Harry........................................ Nigel Williams

A woman is making herself look sexy for her workaholic husband. Victoria is frustrated when Jonathan has to finish a document first, even as he tells her she is beautiful and that he loves her. She makes a comment asking if he'd feels the same way if it was his mistress standing there. He goes back to his document and she storms off.

Sometime later the window is open, there's a gun on the floor, and blood is running down the guy's arm.

The room is now a crime scene. Schanke is looking at the typewritten suicide note, commenting on the personal touch. Nick notices the gun's low caliber and low power, which is why there's no exit wound. Natalie tells them there was only one shot to the temple. Schanke comments that there was no starburst pattern, which Natalie states usually happens when the barrel is pressed against the temple, which most suicides do.

Since the gun is registered to Victoria, Nick and Schanke question her. She tells them that her husband gave her the gun several years ago for protection, and keeps it in the drawer by the side of her bed, which she probably hasn't opened in a year. They learn that the couple has separate bedrooms so he will not disturb her with his twenty-hour days. She was asleep when she heard the shot, and did not know what it was at first. They find this and her thinking it was a door slamming a little suspicious. When she heard the maid scream, she went to investigate and found her husband lying there surrounded by blood, and picked up the gun and screamed.

Nick and Schanke talk in the Caddy. Schanke is sure it is the wife, which gets him reminded that she was tested and no gun powder residue was found on her hands. Schanke comments that she wore gloves or washed up. Nick knows something else is bothering Schanke when he comments on the Victoria and Jonathan Levy having separate bedrooms. He crankily informs Nick that neither heat nor sleep can happen on the couch as he tries to take a nap. Nick's not sure and does not think that is a good enough reason. He's a little concerned about his partner, as well as a bit amused.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke hands Cohen the Levy report, commenting that it is nearly perfect and they deserve Partner of the Month consideration. Nick is amused but Cohen is not. Schanke is upset when she informs him he did not get it this month and to get over it. Nick comments that it is too early to rule out murder. Schanke adds that the suicide note was a form letter. Cohen gets two different answers when she asks who did it. She tells them to work together and leaves.

Inside the morgue, Natalie learns that Schanke's feeling a little underappreciated at both work and home as he is grumbling about losing the Partners of the Month plaque again this month. Natalie does not see any obvious evidence on Jonathan's wedding ring and bags it. Nick does not see what the big deal about the plaque is until Nick tells him that it can be important when it is review time. Natalie tells them that the gunshot angle was consistent with a suicide but she will not be certain until she goes inside, and that the fingerprint report has to come back before she will know if he held the gun. She learns that Victoria handled the gun as well. Nick comments that people have demons and you cannot know what someone else's life is like until you are living it. Schanke bitter comments on spouses, causing Natalie to wonder what has gotten into him. Schanke goes into frustrated, angry rant about not being understood for working late, bringing home the wrong groceries by accident, sleeping in separate bedrooms, that there's always a girl, and it doesn't matter who pulls the trigger. Both of Schanke's friends are surprised and a little concerned by his rant. Schanke tells them to finish up while he goes and learns about the guy's life. Natalie asks Nick what is going on, and when he cannot tell her, she tells him to find out because Schanke is his partner.

Nick is in the Caddy remembering Schanke's line about there always being a girl. He has a flashback to him and Janette, in Rome, Italy somewhere between 1500-1519.

Janette is in their bedroom packing to leave Nick after their 97-year marriage. Nick is mad that she is leaving him. She tells him that people grow and change, that their marriage has been longer than the Medichi's, asking if he thought they'd spend eternity together. He does not want to accept it. She tells him it hurts her as well, but it is what needs to be. He has hurt, wondering what he did wrong, and why she is leaving.

LaCroix is doing his monologue about everything around them reminding them of the one they love. Nick is listening to his master talk about how love is not eternal. that love does not last long and should be allowed to die when it is time. Nick gets tired of listening and turns LaCroix off.

Nick hears a banging on his lift door at five am, opens it and sees Schanke. He has brought pizza and beer for his partner. Nick's shocked and confused when Schanke falsely cheerfully announces he has left Myra.

Nick's horrified, stunned, and further confused when Schanke moves in without asking, commenting that partners always help out in a pinch. Especially when handed Schanke's duck lamp. Nick tries to get to why, but Schanke is not too helpful. Nick's comments about Myra taking him back if he went home make Schanke think he is unwanted there as well. Schanke's true feelings show as the brave facade crumbles and we see a deeply hurt and frustrated man. Schanke starts moving his stuff back into the lift, a defeated man. Nick sees this and much to his own surprise, relents, letting him stay. Schanke is talking about the parties they will have. How they are free. Nick is still trying to figure it all out, comprehend it all.

Nick flashes back to Janette and his breakup again. He asks her about freedom and she tells him it means they can go anywhere whenever they want, that they can't confine themselves to mortal rules because they no longer apply. Nick tells her the new rules ignore love and she tells him that it broadens it. She tells him she loves him but is bored and needs to move on, that he probably is too but will not acknowledge it. That maybe they will meet up again some day and fall in love all over again. He bitterly asks why she thinks he'd ever take her back, and she tells him she'd do it, kisses and pulls away, but she doesn't seem to happy.

The next afternoon, Nick is awoken by Schanke on the telephone fighting with Myra's mother. An overly cheerful Schanke has made breakfast for both him and Nick because he loves to cook. He looks down at the plate with a you want me to eat THAT disgusted look on his face. Nick takes his mug to the fridge and fills it, without letting Schanke see what he fills it with. They fight over Nick's not eating, leaving Schanke feeling more upset and frustrated, commenting how he feels very undervalued at home and work as he takes off his wedding ring, studies it and drops it onto the table. Schanke does not seem to notice Nick is not a morning person.

Natalie calls because she cannot get a hold of Schanke and is a bit concerned. Nick tells her about Schanke moving in with him, which shocks her. She finds it amusing he's grumping about having to eat an egg and teases him about being 800 and it should not bother him. He asks why she called. She turns serious as she tells him that the bullet trajectory came from a fifty-five degree angle above Levy's head and it looks like murder.

In the Caddy, Schanke is telling Nick that the wife did it, studying his wedding ring. Nick asks why and comments that it could have been a business associate, friend, or neighbor. Schanke tells him the hour and fifty million dollars Levy was worth make it unlikely, but more likely, the wife did it. Nick suggests that Victoria found out her husband was having an affair. That he wanted to assert his independence and she could not handle it. Nick comments that maybe she was having the affair and Schanke agitatedly, nervously tells him that Myra would not dare, which he denies saying when Nick asks about it.

Nick and Schanke enter the home where the family is sitting Shivah (The Jewish tradition for mourning the dead). Nick seems a little bothered by the Menorah and does not enter the main room, but talks to the lawyer, Jay Coulter, instead. Outside, the two men talk about Jonathan. He was a tough businessman that may have caused resentment in others. Nick also learns that the marriage was in major trouble.

Schanke watches the wife and sees her and another woman glaring at each other, figuring that's the other woman. He stops Julia Winwood and she accuses him of being tasteless for questioning her at the wake. Schanke learns she's Jonathan's personal assistant, friend and very little else from her answers.

Nick learns that Julia was the personal assistant, and was written into the will. That presently it has split 50-50 between Victoria and Julia, and he advised Jonathan to hold off on that until after the divorce because there was no need to admit to adultery. That there was going to be enough trouble dividing the property as it was.

Nick again flashes back to his breakup with Janette. They are squabbling over a painting of her done by Leonardo DaVinci, both claiming it's theirs. She claims she had it done and it was for Nick to enjoy while they were together, but Nick claims it was a gift. He bitterly tells her she is tearing his life apart, and he is keeping the painting because it is his. After a short silence, she reluctantly gives it to him, commenting that she will have Leonardo paint her another one.

In the present, the lawyer tells Nick that Jonathan had an annoying tendency to rethink things and change his mind. He had called the night he died and wanted to change the whole estate, and that he finally knew what he wanted. When Nick comments on the fifty/fifty split, Coulter comments that Victoria probably should consider herself as lucky.

In the Caddy, Nick tells Schanke what he learned, that he thinks Julia was going to get it all and it only angers Schanke, who wanted to tell Nick some of the info. Schanke comments that Nick interviewed Coulter without him, forgetting he interviewed Julia without Nick. That it is always a contest with Nick, and that Nick always have to be first and have the best info. Nick tries to get him to understand that it doesn't matter who's first.

Schanke is ranting at Nick as they enter precinct. Schanke is griping that Nick thinks he's stupid and cannot do anything, that Nick always has to grab the credit, that he's everyone's doormat. Nick denies it, crankily telling Schanke he is being irrational.

Cohen approaches and asks if there is a problem. She does not get much of an answer, but can see there is obviously something going on. Nick's quiet, letting Schanke have a chance to speak first. After some griping, Schanke tells her that Jonathan and Julia were having an affair and that Victoria found out and killed him. That they should go arrest Julia before she splits. Cohen asks Nick what he thinks and Nick disagrees, commenting that he cannot see Victoria as the killer because she was in love with her husband. Schanke tells Nick about the will changing and Nick reminds him they don't know which way it was being changed. That just because Jonathan said he knew what he wanted does not mean he cut his wife out. Cohen tells them its not grounds for an arrest and to stop acting like a married couple. Schanke is cranky because Nick does not agree and tells him to trust him and to back him. That Nick does not have faith in his ability to solve the case or his instincts. He storms out. Nick's expression shows he is beginning to wonder if Schanke might be right.

Another detective comments to Nick and Schanke about the extensive series of passwords on Jonathan's computer. He explains that when you get through those, you have to learn the computer language. The suicide note was written two days before Jonathan's death. The will split was still 50-50. Schanke still thinks it is the wife while Nick thinks it's the assistant.

In the Caddy, Schanke removes his wedding ring still believing it was the wife and she just had to call up the suicide note and hit print. Nick comments that he thinks the assistant was more likely to have the computer passwords, to which Schanke disagrees, thinking someone who lived there would have the passwords.

Nick and Schanke fight over who enters Julia's building first. Schanke is nastier. They both try to go through at once and get stuck, yet both step onto the elevator at once.

Inside Julia's apartment, she tells them she had access to everything but the computer, because it was his baby. Nick comments that Jonathan trusted and she tells him they were in love and discussing marriage. When Nick asks if she knew she was mentioned in the will she tells them that Jonathan was a very generous man. She comments that she figured Victoria knew he was planning to ask her for a divorce, that there was trouble in the marriage before she came around, and that she's not a home wrecker. She tells him it hurts when a longtime relationship ends. Schanke shows it hits too close to home.

Nick and Schanke visit Victoria. She tells them that she never doubted her husband's love. Schanke asks if she knows about her husband's affairs, business and personal. She tells him they never talked about his work, money his fortune was his own and they both kept their money in separate accounts. Nick and Schanke exchange a look, as that's a bit odd. She tells them that most of his money was tied up in investments and what liquid assets he did have was kept in a Swiss bank account she didn't have access to. When Schanke asks if she knew about his affairs, she admits she did. She is shocked when Schanke tells her that her husband was leaving everything to Julia. Nick's look tells his partner that was tasteless and mean.

Nick and Schanke return to the loft where Nick scolds him for accusations that he had no right to tell the wife things they had no proof of. He tells Schanke that he is letting his trouble with Myra influence his work. They fight over the window shutter remote as Schanke denies his trouble with Myra is affecting his work on the case. They fight about this and Schanke too hastily tries to pack his stuff. Schanke comments that Nick's calling him a liar and that he's requesting a new partner, which Nick seems to have no trouble with. Both are angry, frustrated and acting quite juvenile. Schanke comments that Nick finds him stupid and politically ignorant. He says that neither he nor Myra will have him to kick around or use as a doormat anymore. He kicks his stuff to the elevator and slams the door shut. Nick begins to feel a little sorry for Schanke.

Nick flashes back to Rome, Italy, somewhere between 1500-1519. LaCroix asks Nick if he thought Janette would stay with him for eternally, and to be painfully honest. When Nick admits he did because he loved her, LaCroix tells him that it is not about love. It is their nature to wander about the world and through time either growing and changing or withering and dying, that it's an eternal hell. LaCroix tells Nick to let Janette go, trying to help his grieving son. He tells Nick there is plenty more love left in the world and leaves. Nick feels a little better.

In the loft, Nick walks over to the wooden cabinet and opens it to reveal the painting he and Janette fought over. There is a strange look on his face as he turns away from it.

Janette calls Nick to let him know Schanke is at the Raven. Nick's amused and tells her to watch over Schanke until he gets there. That Schanke is going through a rough time. As soon as they hang up, the telephone rings again, which he thinks is Janette calling back, but it's really the lawyer, Colton.

Colton looks concerned as he tells Nick that there was a large transfer of money from Jonathan Levy's Swiss bank account a couple of hours ago. Nick gets confirmation that Victoria does not have access to that account, which makes Nick more concerned.

Inside the Raven, Schanke's at the bar looking a bit more relaxed and in a better mood. Janette approaches and asks him if it is not getting late. He tells her about all the dead things, love, loyalty and Elvis. She asks him about the duck lamp on the bar next to him. He tells her the light of his life gave it to him when he graduated from the police academy as a reminder to duck when the bullets start flying. He wants help and she offers to let him out. He is a little drunk. She's curious and asks what happened. Schanke rambles about finding true love, fighting marriage thinking there's something better out there somewhere, throwing away the thing they love most in the world. He comments that he can't believe Nick let someone as beautiful as she is go, and that he should slap Nick upside the head. Janette's pleased and comments that she walked out on Nick, that she had her reasons. Schanke gripes about Myra singing show tunes and Janette complains that Nick was smothering her, and she wasn't used to being loved that much. Neither one sound convincing when they comment that they really do not miss Nick or Myra. Both of them are surprised to see how much they have in common. She tries to get him to go home, but he comments that he does not have a home to go to. She seems to admire him a bit. Schanke's ranting about love, thinking there's something better out there, realizing their mistake, begging for forgiveness, giving the one they love everything they have. Schanke suddenly realizes he knows who the killer is and what her motive was. He bolts for the door, a little more sober and tells her that Levy wanted to remain married, panicking when he has temporarily misplaced his wedding ring. His frantic search turns it up, and he puts it on, relief showing that he found it.

Schanke knocks on Julia's door. She sees him and is not happy that he is spoiling her get away. She quickly hides her briefcase, pulls a gun from under her pillow, and cocks it.

Inside the Raven, Janette tells Nick what Schanke said about Jonathan Levy, asking what it means. Nick tells her it means Schanke thinks Julia Winwood is the killer and that she will not have any problem being a cop killer as well. He writes down Julia's address and tells her to call it in as a code 3 as he splits.

Schanke seems a little more sober as Julia opens the door. Schanke sees the gun behind her back reflected in the mirror as he tells her that he has some picture he needs her to look over, reaching into his pocket. She aims her gun at him, as she orders him to remove his hand from his pocket slowly, which he does. She removes his gun from its holster and tosses it away, then shoves him into her apartment. He knows he is in big trouble. Schanke comments on his arrival spoiling her escape and that he is quite expendable when she asks if he thinks she would shoot him. He comments on her shooting the guy she was sleeping with, which makes him totally expendable.

Nick arrives and is not happy with the mess. He's about to intervene when Schanke's angry rant about Nick not believing he can solve a case makes him look for a subtle way to help.

Julia forces Schanke into the elevator. Nick makes the elevator do an unexpected stop, which gives Schanke a chance to apprehend her.

Nick pretends that he's just arriving and sees that makes Schanke happy. Schanke's pleased to have caught the killer on his own this time.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke's happily rambling on, clutching the Partners of the Month plaque. Cohen makes him wrap up his long, rambling, speech, which he does by thanking everyone for it. He tells Nick how great the plaque is. He tells Nick he's taking Myra out for dinner and is going to beg her to sing show tunes. Nick is amused and it shows. Both men admit they have making up to do. Schanke reads the writing on the plaque aloud, noticing that his last name is misspelled, and goes to the Captain to complain.

Janette enters the Raven's main room from the back and sees a gift on the bar. She unwraps it, and sees the DaVinci portrait of her. Nick approaches and asks if they can be friends. She's deeply touched by the gift and tells him they can and may even become more than friends. She passionately kisses him as if she has fallen in love with him all over again.

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