Season 2, Episode 21 (aired as episode 19)

Written by Gillian Horvath

Directed by Alan Simmonds

Guest stars:

Gwyneth/Johanna Shea...................... Brenda Bazinet

Sir Raymond/Hugh DeLabarre........... Peter Donaldson

Ted Haley........................................... Ron Hartman

Sam Baskers....................................... David Bolt

Concierge............................................ Colin Miller

Around the 1220's a woman's playing a lovely song on a harp and singing beautifully. She is sitting inside something resembling Stonehenge. She senses someone and calls out to Nicol but it is not him. It is an older man who is dressed like a knight without armor. She runs in fear as soon as she sees him, heading for the river, into which she tosses the harp. He kills her.

In the present, the harp is being auctioned off. Nick, a woman and a guy are the three serious bidders. She is the first one to drop out when it reaches $80,000.

Schanke has the department looking for Nick due to the APB he put out. Dispatch finds him half a block away from Schanke's current location.

Inside the auction house, Nick is not happy to see Schanke as they still have two hours before their shift starts. He has the current winning bid with $285,000. Nick asks how Schanke found him and learns Schanke put out an APB on him. Cohen is mad at Schanke for not turning in the Keller report, which he cannot do because he cannot get the new software to print it, but is not about to admit that to Cohen. Nick subtly bids, but Schanke soon sees this and grabs the paddle so Nick will not get himself into trouble. Nick was still winning at $300,000, and since he cannot bid, he loses it over a $10,000 increase. He is very angry with Schanke. Schanke tells him he thinks a couple hundred for a Gretzky autographed fridge magnet is okay, but the price tag of the harp was ridiculous. Schanke asks Nick why he is there and Nick comments that it is for the Kushner estate. Schanke reminds Nick that forensics said it was an accident so there is no case. Nick is trying to track the harp and its new owner. Nick tells Schanke that he knows that and Schanke warns Nick that if he tells him it is a hunch that he will hit him.

Inside the precinct, Schanke thanks Nick for the computer help. Natalie enters and approaches them, asking Schanke where he found Nick and hears that he was at the auction house. Nick quickly states that it was case related, which Schanke quickly contradicts. He reminds Nick that Ellen Kushner was very old and out driving on a slippery road in the dark of night, thus it was an accident case closed. Cohen tells Schanke that she needs that report now and he takes it to her. Natalie comments that it's not really about the case and asks if he bought the harp. Nick tries to play innocent but it does not work when she tells him she saw him looking at the harp's picture in the catalog. He comments that he underestimated her. He tells her that he could not let Schanke see him spending ten years salary on it. She tells him that it is too bad because it was beautiful and asks why it is so important. He tells her that it's from before and wiggles his eyebrows. It takes her a moment to get the comment about it being from his mortal life.

Nick flashes back to Carreg, Wales around 1218-1225 where a Lord tells a mortal Nicholas about the mission to convert the Celts, commenting that they will come around. Nicholas, dressed like a knight out of armor, comments that it's a long way from the Pope as well as a sea away from Rome. The Lord tells him that it is their duty to convert the Pagans to Christianity and that his quest is failing but he will succeed because he does not want to be removed from his position. He tells Nicholas he hopes Lord Carreg will help him and that he will not fail, even if it means violence. Nick is the only one to hear the beautiful music and asks permission to ride on ahead. When it is given, he follows the woman's singing to the stone ring.

Nicholas de Brabant introduces himself and says he is under Lord DeLabarre. She knows he's with the English church delegation and firmly asks how he serves his lord so far from home. He tells her that he is just following orders, which causes her to relax.

Inside the auction house, the auctioneer is nervous. As Nick approaches the man, he is recognized. The auctioneer comments on how badly Nick wanted the harp and refuses to give him any information on the winner stating it is for everyone's protection. Nick pulls his badge, threatens the auctioneer with a subpoena and still does not get the answers he wants.

Outside, Nick watches the auctioneer get into his car and drive away. Nick sees someone in the alley and follows her until she gets into a cab and it leaves. When the place is empty, Nick breaks into the auction house, looks through the card file and pulls out one belonging to Johanna Shea from the Museum of Giant's Hand in Carreg, Wales. On his way out he rips the door off the safe, longingly studies the harp and then takes to the sky.

The early morning hour reveals the auction house is now a crime scene. The auctioneer, Samuel Baskers, is dead and the harp is the only missing item from the two million-dollar inventory. Baskers' neck was broken by an apparent professional. Schanke tells Nat that he should have listened to Nick's hunch. Natalie asks him if Kushner's death was the only way to get the harp on the market. Schanke comments on the auctioneer being killed when they could not buy the harp, means he has to reopen the case and re-examine all the evidence, as well as get a list of everyone at the auction and interview them. Natalie unzips the body bag and carefully examines Baskers neck for fang marks. Schanke notices and asks if she will have something for him later, startling her. She tells him to check back with her later.

Nick is admiring the harp from his couch, fondling stroking the strings and hearing the beautiful music.

Nick flashes back to the stone circles again. She asks him if he can feel the magic in the ancient stones and if the Church knows everything there is to know about the world. He tells her that he does feel it but it is not from the stones as they kiss. Unknown to him, he is being watched. He comments that the magic could not keep time from destroying her people. She tells him that the circle is all that remains from the Ancients and soon will be all that's left of her people. She comments that his Church will be the end of her people and that he is an innocent pawn. She tells him that she's the last to play the harp and how it has ten thousand songs in it's heart for anyone who knows how to play it as she lets him hold it. She tells him about the legend where the Miller's daughter drowned and her soul became a swan, which became the harp. When he asks if she believes that she tells him that its just Ash wood and wires but it does have a soul.

Natalie enters the loft and when she sees him with the harp she's stunned and quite disappointed. She sternly asks him where he got the harp and he darkly admits he took it, that it wanted him and it doesn't have an owner so he took it. She angrily scolds him that he cannot take anything he wants. He comments that it was stolen 800 years ago and she sternly reminds him that it is not the point. Natalie takes a deep breath, calms down and asks him to tell her that he did not comment the murder. He asks her what she's talking about and learns that Baskers was murdered. He firmly states that Baskers was most definitely alive when he left. She tells him that they think the person who stole the harp is the killer and crankily tells him that she wonders how he is going to get himself out of this mess. Not seeing how he is going to do it, she leaves. He is hurt, angry, and worried by the news and her reaction.

Inside the precinct bullpen that night, Schanke grumbles that he worked all day while Nick slept. He tells Nick that he is tracing the ownership of the harp for it may lead them to who might have killed for it. Nick tries to convince him the two are unrelated but fails. Schanke comments that the owner of the harp is Lord Carreg of England, which Nick corrects to Wales. Schanke shrugs and comments that Lord Carreg is royalty, even if he is 968th in line for the throne. Schanke has trouble reading his writing and Nick helps him out with the buyer's name being DeLabarre. Schanke tells him that the lawyer's name is Ted Haley from Haley, Haley and Haley. That Sir DeLabarre is staying at the very exclusive Salisbury club. Nick asks Schanke what else he has learned and finds out that the female bidder's card is missing, which Schanke thinks is a significant coincidence. A blonde guy brought in seems slightly familiar to Schanke, a look of surprise on Schanke's face when he sees the blonde guy.

Nick and Schanke visit the Salisbury Club. They are told that Carreg is out and are denied access to his room. Nick whammies the stuffy employee into giving them the room number.

Lord Carreg tells them that the harp was stolen in the thirteenth century and was preserved in the country crest and local legend. Nick is disturbed by this and it shows. DeLabarre tells them that the soul of the land is in the harp and it is probably why the land has not been very productive. Everyone wants to talk to the blonde bidder, except maybe Nick, as they think she might be the killer. Nick is very uneasy. They all know that within twenty-four hours a treasure can disappear for a hundred years and that it is worth whatever a person will pay for it. Schanke comments that someone has already paid the ultimate price for it.

Nick and Schanke leave. Nick admits he wanted to meet the guy. They both know the blonde bidder is nowhere near DeLabarre's level. Nick senses someone, tells Schanke that they are not alone and to go around back.

Nick is suddenly on the roof surprising the blonde woman dressed in the traditional cat burglar outfit. When Schanke gets there, Nick comments they likely have their killer.

Inside the precinct interview room, Johanna Shea, the blonde bidder, tells the male detective that she's an archeologist. Cohen's in the observation room with Nick and Schanke. She tells them that Johanna was in town when Ellen Kushner's mother died and had two meetings with Ellen a week before she died. She compliments them on their good work and tells them to make it stick.

Inside the interview room, Schanke comments on her professional climbing rig and burglar tools. She tells him that she uses all sorts of tools in archeological digs, and that s he's an archeologist. Schanke asks what she was digging for at the Salisbury Club.

Johanna's uncanny resemblance to the woman inside the stone circles, Gwyeneth, causes Nick to briefly flash back to the stone circle.

In the interview room, Johanna tells them that she works at the Museum of the Giant Hand, which is the stone circle, in Carreg, Wales. She tells them that it is where the harp is originally from and where it belongs. She admits she wanted to get it any way she could. When Schanke asks her where it is, she tells him she does not have it. Schanke asks her if she killed Ellen Kushner because she would not sell her the harp and when Baskers would not help her out she killed him as well and took the harp. She tells Schanke that she did not kill either of them and she did not take the harp. Schanke is grinning, sure he has the case solved.

Nick wipes the grin off Schanke's face when he admits he saw Johanna at the auction house after hours, but after Baskers left. Schanke's confused and Johanna is surprised. She admits she was there to get the name and address of the winner, but Baskers would not give out any information. Nick questions her about her involvement with Ellen Kushner and learns that they were working out a deal for the donation of the harp to her museum, and that Ellen died before they had finalized anything. That since she only had an oral agreement, the lawyer told her she had to bid for it at the auction like everyone else. She explains that she sold her house and brought her life savings but it still was not enough. She admits that she would do anything to return it to her people because it's part of their history, and that the legend says it has the soul and spirit of the land in it.

Nick seems to both understand and regret taking it. When she's asked why she was outside DeLabarre's window, she tells him that it was the only way she had a chance to talk with him because the stuffed shirt wouldn't let her in. She tells them that she wanted to talk to him about donating the harp to her museum.

In the bullpen, Nick tells Schanke that she did not kill Baskers and did not take the harp. That one person killed Baskers and someone else stole the harp.

Inside the morgue, Schanke and Natalie are discussing the case. Schanke sees Natalie holding something gross in a bag and learns they're smoker's lungs and comments on how glad he is he quit. She tells him that Nick might know something he does not, but Schanke denies it because of the partnership. When Schanke is torn between whether or not Johanna did it, Natalie reminds him of how Baskers' neck was broken by a pro. They know that it all boils down to who wants the harp enough to kill for it.

Nick hesitantly enters the morgue and hears Schanke wondering why Johanna is not halfway to England if she did steal the harp, or even committed the murder. Nick corrects England to Wales. Schanke comments that if she didn't steal the harp, they're back to square one, and that they're holding her overnight on trespassing and attempted B&E. That they'll work it out in the morning because he's off now, and leaves.

Natalie is still mad at him for stealing the harp and it shows in both her body language and facial expressions. She tells him that he is off the hook for Baskers' murder because sunrise was over two hours before the auctioneer was killed. He playfully asks her if he was on the hook before and she pretty much ignores him, which shows him just how mad she is. She reminds Nick that Schanke thinks Johanna killed Baskers and took the harp, which they both know she did not. She tells him that she is ready to listen whenever he is ready to tell her the rest of the story.

Nick flashes back to Wales sometime between 1218-1225 as he starts his story.

Nicholas and DeLabarre are in their temporary living quarters. DeLabarre is a little annoyed with Nicholas as he asks if the woman has stolen his heart. Nicholas denies it, which DeLabarre tells him he does not believe it because of the hours he spends with her listening to her music and asks what they talk about. Nicholas' intelligent, open mind shows as his tone reflects wonder and admiration as he tells his Lord that they speak about her people, their magic and traditions. DeLabarre is very condescending calling it godless and primitive. He rants about how they refuse to follow the will of God and their Kings, and about their being savage and using subterfuge. Nicholas tries to make DeLabarre understand, but he refuses to, telling Nicholas that he's thinking with his heart and the heart doesn't know when it's being tricked. That work and pleasure must always stay separate. He growls as he tells Nicholas that Gwyneth is work, and that he is to stay away from her. Nicholas' heartbroken.

That night Nicholas visits her while the Lords meet. When she asks why he is not with them, he explains that he is just an attaché. They kiss. She tells them that the stones were cast for her and they have very little time together, and that they will not share a destiny. He is upset by this latest news and comments that she had take a Soothsayer's word over his. She tells him it is the truth and that her people will never bow to the will of Rome. That her people will be banished in blood and the life will leave the land. That the harp will be alone and hen it has taken a curse will fall upon that person. Nicholas refuses to believe it, even if a part of him knows it is true. She tells him that the curse will cause a premature death for whoever possesses the harp so that her people will not be forgotten. Nicholas tells her it is foolishness and Lord DeLabarre was right. He asks what the Soothsayer had to say about him and learns that he will live a long life but will never find happiness, which concerns him. Nicholas changes the subject by asking her to play for him, which she does.

Early the next morning Gwyneth thinks Nichol has returned, but it is Lord Carreg. She sees he means to harm her and run for her life.

Nicholas senses she is in trouble wakes. He grabs his sword and heads for the circle, but she's not there, hears a scream and tries to follow it out past the ring. Lord DeLabarre kills Gwyneth right after she tossed the harp into the water. There's a knife/sword wound in the side of her chest. He finds her lying on the ground, alone and dead. He drops to his knees, planting his sword in the ground and takes her in his arms, crying over his loss. He looks up and sees that he is surrounded by angry, vindictive, pitchfork wielding villagers who think he is the killer. He is scared, not knowing why they are angry with him.

In the interview room, Nick tells Johanna he believes she did not kill anyone and asks if she has a lawyer. When she tells him she does not have one because she does not know anyone here, he tells her he will get her one.

Back in Carreg, Nicholas is in a dungeon cell, a bit scared. When the door opens, he runs to it, telling his Lord that he is innocent. DeLabarre tells him that he knows this and that the real killer will eventually be found. That it will probably be a farm hand who wanted his way with her. When Nicholas asks what will become of him, DeLabarre tells him he has secured his freedom providing he does his penance by fighting in the Holy Land. Nicholas is not at all happy about the solution and protests, telling him he's innocent, asking if he can get a fair trial. DeLabarre tells Nicholas that he is the foreigner and that it is ridiculous to expect a fair trial. That the Arch Bishop and him used all their resources to get his release and his only alternative is to stay there until he dies or the villagers kill him. Nicholas knows he has no choice but to take the deal. DeLabarre is saddened by what happened.

In the bullpen, Nick asks Haley to help Johanna, as he is already involved in the case. Haley semi-reluctantly agrees because it has to do with the harp and helping DeLabarre. Nick's figured out DeLabarre killed Gwyneth and wants vengeance for sending him to fight in the Crusades, because Nick just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Schanke brings Johanna in and introductions are made. Schanke pulls Nick aside and tells him he can't believe they have to spring her, that she claims not to know anyone, yet someone posted bail anonymously. Nick's expression shows it was him. Johanna and Haley work a few things out before he leaves. She tells Nick she knows he asked Haley to help her, yet he is a puzzle to her. She comments on him bidding against her, arresting her, freeing her, adding that it doesn't add up, but she's better with ancient mysteries than recent ones. He tells her that everyone should have a good lawyer, and that maybe once he wished he had had one. She tells him that things happen for a reason, that one has to believe in magic growing up where she did. She tells him that there is a reason for him too. He is captivated by her, and tells her that he hopes so.

Inside the Salisbury Club, DeLabarre welcomes Haley into his room and hears the latest update on the case, including the fact that he is not sure if she has the harp, but the police do not seem to think so.

Johanna enters her hotel room and is stunned to see the harp waiting for her. She picks it up and tenderly strums it, causing beautiful music to come out. She cannot believe she is holding the harp. Suddenly she seems to be seeing the past as if the harp is showing it to her. She sees DeLabarre approach Gwyneth in the stone circle, her fear of him as he tells her he thought she would have it. She opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out.

Nick enters the bullpen and Schanke tells him about DeLabarre being broke and is a Lord on paper only. That he has a lot of worthless land and that three members of the family have owned the harp and all died prematurely at age 55. Nick wants to know where someone broke got the $310,000 he paid for the harp. That DeLabarre lied when he said that his family never owned the harp. Nick tells Schanke to meet him at Johanna's hotel, but leaves before Schanke can ask why.

At Johanna's hotel room, DeLabarre confronts her about having the harp. She tells him that he did not steal it, that it just appeared. He demands it and approaches her. She back away telling him they should wait for the police as they can help them sort it out. He does not agree, telling her that it is his because he paid for it and that the cops will agree with him.

Nick is flying towards the hotel.

Inside Johanna's hotel room, DeLabarre is fed up and grabs the harp which emits an ear-shattering scream. DeLabarre's forced to his knees while Johanna seems immune to it. She takes the harp and flees. He is soon chasing after her, determined to get the harp from her one way or another, even if he has to hurt her. The scene cuts between the thirteenth century DeLabarre chasing Gwyneth and the current one chasing Johanna, showing the parallels. He tackles her in the staircase, pulls his gun on her and takes the harp, while in the past, Gwyneth tosses it into the river as she trips and falls.

DeLabarre runs into the alley holding onto the harp and is shocked to see Nick there. When Nick orders DeLabarre to turn it over DeLabarre desperately explains that he's fifty-four and does not want to die at fifty-five, pointing his gun at Nick. That he is going to destroy it as he fires shot after shot into Nick. Nick tells him that he knows he killed both Ellen Kushner and Baskers. Johanna hears the shots and heads in that direction. When DeLabarre's gun is empty, Nick walks up to him and punches him, knocking him out.

Nick takes the harp and heads for Johanna. He gives it to her, but she's scared to take it, but soon does, thanking him. DeLabarre walks out of the alley, sees the harp and heads for it, not seeing the eighteen wheeler or hear the horn until the headlights blind him and he sees it seconds before it hits and kills him.

Inside the bullpen, Nick and Schanke are at their desks when Natalie enters and tells them that the forensic info from Baskers' is a perfect match to DeLabarre, causing Schanke to comment that the case is closed. Natalie asks what happened to the harp and Schanke tells her it was auctioned off and sold for half a million dollars, and then was donated to the Museum in Carreg, Wales. Schanke tells them that he is off until tomorrow night in a fake, stuffy British way, Natalie plays along, and he leaves.

Natalie can't believe he paid that much for one object, which he turned around and donated to a museum, especially since she'll never see that sort of money. Nick tells Natalie to relax, because he is okay. She reminds him that he cannot do that every time something from his past shows up and he tells her he will not, that she'll keep him honest. He kisses her and leaves.

Johanna is sitting on a rock inside the circle of stones playing the harp and singing. Both the music and voice sound very much like Gwyenth.

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