Season 2, Episode 25 (aired as episode 20)

Written by Ron Taylor

Directed by John Kapelos

Guest stars:

Dr. Mary Beth Ellis................. Sharon Bernbaum

Flavius .................................... Richard Partington

Divia........................................ Kathryn Long

Seline....................................... Gina Wilkinson

Dr. Paul Dana.......................... Julian Richings

Brianna.................................... Joanna Bacalso

Spark....................................... Rod Wilson

Dr. Forbes............................... Michael Ayoub

Dr. Carter................................. Jaqueline Mcleod

Officer Harris........................... Adrian Falconer

Plummer................................... Lee Tim

News Anchor No. 1.................. Jennifer Mossop

News Anchor No. 2.................. Tim Webber

Woman..................................... Susan Bryson

Three astronomers are rechecking their figures, deeply disturbed by the results. They have been re-checking for twenty-four hours without change. There's some reason future holidays, from summer vacation to Christmas, are cancelled. Two of the astronomers go outside and moments later hear a gunshot from inside. They run inside.

Schanke is trying to get Nick to invest his money as they walk through the crime scene. They approach Natalie who tells them that it appears to be a suicide, but there is no note. After Nick, Natalie, and Schanke are sworn to secrecy, they learn that the scientists have been studying an asteroid for three days. It is going to hit the Earth in three months and do more damage than the dinosaur killer one did.

Cohen's at the crime scene with her detectives and another scientist, Dr. Forbes, who tells them that York University's Jet Propulsion Lab is going to double check the figures and methodology. They all know that any leaks now would be disastrous.

In the Caddy, there is some silence, then Schanke tells him it doesn't make sense. He asks how it makes sense in the grand scheme of things for the asteroid to smash into the earth and destroy humanity. That they have made a lot of progress and it will all be wasted. Schanke is having real trouble accepting it, while Nick seems to be denying it, even though he agrees that it's hard to believe thousands of years of humanity will be destroyed in three months.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke calls Myra to tell her he loves her and reassures her that he is fine.

Nick tells Cohen that he does not think they were told everything. Cohen is staring at a picture of her husband and little girl as she asks how she can make a contingency plan when she cannot tell anyone. Nick comments on how Dr. Carter didn't leave a suicide note and didn't say goodbye to her family, that it seems wrong somehow and asks for time to look into it. She gives him two days, telling him that she will need his help when the news breaks and chaos reigns. He leaves and she returns to looking at the picture of her family.

Nick visits the morgue to see what she has. Natalie tells him that her examination shows there was no gunpowder residue on her hands, but her thumbprint was on the trigger, which is consistent with a self inflicted wound. She finds it curious how the others were outside at that time, a bit of depression coming through her voice and visible on her face. Schanke doubts Nick's murder theory and tells Natalie he hoped she would have something more definitive, like proof the coworkers were lying. Natalie tells them she will keep looking, which has Schanke asking her why, since the world's ending, and that he's not going to be the one to spill it. Natalie seems a bit agitated by the discussion, shoves Nick off her stool, and is a bit cranky when she tells them she is not ready to face the end of the world yet. Schanke apologizes for upsetting her. She apologizes for snapping at them. Schanke leaves them alone. She asks if she is wrong and Nick tells her that he loves her optimism and to keep looking. He cheerily kisses her and leaves. Once she is alone the depression, fear and uncertainty, among other emotions clearly show in her eyes.

A freaked out cop outside of the observatory spills the secret over the telephone.

The news is questioning scientists who try to downplay it, telling the public that they need another forty-eight hours to check the results. The news hypes up the disaster and how nothing can be done. There is rioting all over the place, and that it is more than the police can handle in some cases. Nick is watching all of that on television wondering how it can all be happening. Natalie calls with more bad news for him, and tells him to get there as soon as he can. She sounds quite depressed.

Nick enters Natalie's office and she shows Nick the vampire victims, the first ones having been underground workers. That after sunset six more came in. She tells him she thinks the Community is losing control. He rubs her back seeing how exhausted she is and tells her to go home. She tells him she can't because most of the department didn't show up, she has more bodies than she usually gets in a month, and is alone. She tells him she finished Dr. Carter's autopsy and she killed herself. She comments that the world's ending and she is truly scared. Nick tells her that he knows, seeing her fear and lets her know he is scared too.

Inside the bullpen, Cohen talks to the handful of officers that have showed up. She tells them that they're down to less than a third while the uniforms are down by fifty percent, that there's a homicide call about every ten minutes as are the suicides, and that she needs them out there. She warns them to be careful because their badges are not worth much now. When Nick asks for more time she gives him one more day, then realizes threatening him will not do much good. She sees Schanke with the worst case of deer in headlights she's seen in a long time and asks what's wrong. Schanke tells her that his broker is his cousin, Arthur, sold his stocks and made him $5,000. Nick congratulates him, then comments that the market will take another large drop tomorrow. Schanke tells him that they closed the brokerage because most of the agents stayed home. Cohen comments that Arthur must have stayed home or he would know that the currency markets collapsed and in a few days, it will take $5,000 to buy donuts for the squad room. She congratulates him and leaves.

Schanke tells Nick it that is not about money that it is about not seeing is little girl growing up. He is quite upset and it shows in his eyes, face and voice. That it hurts to know everyone he loves only has three months to live and he is powerless to help them. Nick cheerily tells him that no one knows how it will turn out, and asks if Schanke checked on the gun. Schanke tells him that the gun did not come from Canada so he is checking in the States. Nick tells him to wait for news while he takes care of an errand. Schanke warns him to be careful.

LaCroix is doing a monologue about the meteor, which hit at 7:14 am on June 30, 1908 and was 100 meters in diameter. That it exploded with the force of a twelve-megaton bomb causing a column of fire to rise twenty meters into the sky as hot and bright as the sun.

Nick looks a bit upset as he drives around, seeing the rioting and mass destruction as he is listening to LaCroix.

He is telling his listeners how this one will hit with the force of a 1,000-megaton bomb and the dust cloud so thick it will obliterate the sun for at least twenty years. The temperature will drop to freezing, which will kill every living thing on Earth.

LaCroix flashes back to his days as a mortal General in Pompeii. Coworkers and friends are studying his marble bust admiringly. He tells them that he blinded the sculptor showing his well-known viciousness. He tells Selene that he's been thinking of her and learns that their daughter, Divia recovered from her illness. He tells Selene that they will spend time together and she assures him they will. Divia comes out as one of the wealthy men there tell Lucius that Divia's not normal, but there's now an evilness about her. Lucius happily holds out his arms to embrace her and she coldly walks by, hurting him. He tries not to show it, but does not totally succeed.

A vampire is not too successfully attacking a woman. She is fighting back and he cannot whammy her. Nick drops in to tell the vampire to get lost and the other vampire starts a who is tougher fight, but quickly loses and flees. Nick whammies the woman and sends her home.

Nick enters the Raven where the crowd seems chaotic, and the staff seems to be enjoying it and supporting it. Janette comments that everyone is enjoying what little life they have left, not worrying too much about tomorrow. Nick tells her that their kind is losing control and they are risking exposure. That they are randomly feeding. She kisses him as she tells him there is nothing she can do. She asks him why he's more concerned about the mortals than their own kind, asking what will happen to them once the mortals are dead. That he is the only one used to depravation, and inquires if he is looking forward to slow starvation. He tells her that he does not believe the asteroid will hit, causing her to call him either naïve or crazy as she kisses him and walks away.

Schanke is working on his paperwork when Natalie approaches. Schanke asks if she's run out of corpses, she tells him that they're stacked up like firewood and she had to get out of there. He tells her he should be out there on the streets or home with his family, but he is at his desk. She asks about the Carter case and he tells her he just received word from the FBI that Dr. Carter bought the gun in Albany less than a month ago, and the asteroid scare must've pushed her over the edge. She asks him what he is going to do until the end and he tells her that he does not know. She comments that Carter might have been right and he comments that she cannot be serious. She brightens as she tells Schanke she realized she does not have to die, kisses him on the lips and leaves. He is confused and wondering if she has lost it.

Nick's questioning the other female astronomer, Dr. Ellis, still not convinced that the asteroid is going to hit. He learns that her husband is a real estate broker who works in New York and is only home one or two days a week. When Nick asks about Dr. Carter, Dr. Ellis tells him that they were up for over thirty-six straight hours and does not know why she did not kill herself. Nick senses something is off with her story.

At the precinct, Schanke is watching the riots on a small TV until Nick arrives. Schanke tells both Nick and Cohen that the gun matches, that he and Natalie are ready to close the case, asking what he thinks. Cohen tells Nick she needs them both on the streets while Schanke tells them he has to go home for a few hours. Nick sends his love for Schanke's family with his partner, surprising Schanke. Schanke tells Nick to go see Natalie, his expression showing his concern.

Nick visits Natalie, who tells him that she was terrified of dying, then realized he could bring her across so they can live forever. He cannot believe what he is hearing. She tells him she wants to give him everything she is and he's seriously tempted but fights it, telling her an eternity in darkness is not living. She tells him it is better than being incinerated or freezing during a nuclear winter. He is a bit hurt because she does not believe him. She tries to convince him that it is the perfect solution because the world will become perfectly suited for vampires, cold, dark and barren. He admits they are not sure they (vampires) can survive and refuses her while giving no reason for it. She gets mad, telling him she can handle it that it is not the end of the world, and more frustratedly corrects herself and storms out. He is concerned by her desperateness and her irrationality.

LaCroix is at the loft complaining about the bovine he helped himself to and gets reminded that he wasn't invited and can leave. LaCroix apologizes, then tells Nick he is not looking forward to having to drink cow, and whatever else when the humans and cows are gone, mentioning artificial blood products. That he will miss mortals for their sports, fun, and gamesmanship. When Nick asks what LaCroix wants, he tells Nick that it is the same as always, companionship. LaCroix seems a bit troubled as he tells Nick that Nick is young enough that he, Janette, and all young vampires will be lucky enough to eventually starve to death. However, LaCroix and the other ancients will starve and linger in a more permanent hell. That he will grieve for his family when they die.

LaCroix flashes back to Pompeii. He's waking up with a killer hangover. Divia is there telling him that she'll live forever and that her mother is doomed. She informs him she gets her vicious streak from him. Someone rushes in and tells Lucius that Pompeii is going to explode, which Lucius doubts until he feels and hears the explosion. Lucius rants about being too powerful to be destroyed by the Gods. Divia asks Lucius if he wants to live or die. He angrily tells her that he wants to live. She forces him to his knees then roughly sinks her fangs into his neck as he screams in pain. The building is falling down around them.

Back at the loft, LaCroix continues his discussion with Nick. LaCroix asks Nick which is worse, to die or exist in a lingering hell where the sole purpose is survival, and just existing. He tells Nick that mortals keep them alive with their art, laughter, blood and their immortal lives are not worth much without them, something he would usually never admit. Nick asks which one is the more powerful in the end. LaCroix realizes that neither the hunter nor the prey has the ultimate power, that there may be something greater than all of them. Nick realizes this is part of what is bothering LaCroix, that something is more powerful than he is, and tells him so. LaCroix asks how a God can create such perversity and torture.

As the sun sets the newscaster announces that many countries are now under martial law in an attempt to regain control, and there's still mass rioting. He tells them that the scientists urge the public to be calm while they work out the chances of survival.

Dr. Ellis is crying as she hears about martial law being imposed and sees footage of the riots. She is far more upset than she should be.

LaCroix's doing another monologue about fear killing them as surely as a natural disaster, and how it warps their senses, their reasoning and turns them all into cowards. Shows them that life is not all that special.

Natalie is all dressed up, slightly intoxicated and having fun dancing at the Raven. Janette sees her and pulls her away from what is probably a bunch of vampires. She escorts Natalie to a barstool and gives her coffee instead of the alcohol she wants. Natalie takes a glass of red wine from the bar and takes a sip, after clinking it with Janette's mug.

Inside the precinct, Schanke and Nick are discussing the situation. Nick still does not believe the world is going to end, and is still the only one with that opinion. Soldiers have taken over; leaving Cohen seated on a chair outside her office, having told her she would just get in the way. When Nick and Schanke hear this they disagree, but she agrees and goes home as she does not needed there. They tell her she will be needed soon enough. Schanke comments that the commodities market is open, causing Nick to ask if it's so it can hit zero and hears that it bounced back, that people are making money once they learned you can ride it out underground. Nick comments that after twenty years underground real estate would be cheap as an idea hits. Comments that people are making money off it, especially the commodity brokers as he asks for Arthur's number.

Back at the Raven, Janette tells Spark, a young, nasty looking vampire, that he does not want to mess with her when he brings Natalie a drink. The female bartender whisks Natalie away from Spark.

Nick's busy typing at the computer with Schanke looking over his shoulder as they discover there is no further doubt.

Natalie slips out the back of the Raven and drops her cigarette, realizing she does not smoke. She seems a little more sober. Spark appears and startles her. She tells him she knows he is a vampire and can have her, but he must bring her across. He seems agreeable to this. He offers to take her home.

Nick and Schanke knock on Ms. Ellis' door. When she tells them she has already told them everything, they tell her they doubt it and show her the search warrant as they enter.

Inside the Raven, the female bartender asks Janette where her mortal friend is, and Janette comments that she is in the back resting. Then the mortal friend part hits and Janette denies the friendship, but it does not seem totally believable.

Natalie is now sober and Spark is rougher with her, especially when she starts having second thoughts. She is terrified, realizing she probably made a major mistake and hurriedly asks what is the rush, that she wants a little style, romance. He tells her he cannot wait and tries to whammy her. She pretends to go under, not wanting him to realize she is a resistor. He orders her to take him home with her, which she does.

Nick and Schanke start seriously questioning Dr. Ellis once they see the romantic dinner for two all set up. They realize her husband is on his way home. They ask what there is to celebrate with the world in turmoil, thousands dead. She admits they might as well enjoy it while they can. Nick inquires if her husband has been on the road the whole time and she nervously tells Nick he has been. Nick corrects her that he was in New York where he spends five days a week. They get into a semantics battle, which winds up in one over proving or disproving her statements. She had contradicted herself about Carter's death, and how well she knew her fellow doctor. Nick tells her they found a program on her work computer that tracks the stock and currency markets, another one on speed dial to her husband's office, to which she comments is not a crime. He points out that her husband did not come home when the end of the world was announced. He stayed at work where his company made a fortune buying stocks and currencies at a fraction of their value, and will make millions when the market recovers. She's crying and does not say a word. She confirms his theory that the asteroid will miss them.

Janette goes into the Raven's back room to check on Natalie, who should be sleeping on the cot. She is concerned when Natalie is missing.

Nick and Schanke talk about how the world is not going to end, after Nick tells another doctor to get a good night's sleep because the world's not going to end. Schanke comments how they were off by one arc second and how it was enough to send the world into chaos. Nick tells Schanke that Cohen wants them to wait and pick up both the husband and wife at the same time.

Janette calls Nick to tell him about Natalie's crazy behavior, and that she is with a new vampire named Spark. Nick tells Janette that the world is not going to end. Nick is worried about Natalie. Janette's relieved, yet worried.

Spark and Natalie arrive at her place. She's still playing along until she can grab something to smack him with and escape. She runs into her bedroom and locks the door. Nick calls out to Spark, warning him off. Spark enters her bedroom and Natalie is saved by Nick flying through her window. She hides in the corner as the two vampires fight and destroy her bedroom. Nick stakes Spark on her bed and tells Natalie that it was all a hoax. That the world is not going to end. She is overwhelmed by Spark, the fight, the news, and it clearly shows. Nick holds her to comfort her.

The next night at the precinct, there is a party celebrating the exposure of the hoax. Schanke gives Cohen a bouquet of flowers. She thanks Nick for sticking with it.

Natalie slips in but stays on the other side of the front desk. She still looks a bit shaken up, and doesn't seem sure she should be there, yet knows she needs to be. Nick approaches and asks if she slept okay, the front desk between them. She tells him she did for a while, then asks when he left and why he didn’t stay, a bit hurt that he left. Nick tells her that he stayed as long as he could and that he did not think she wanted him to stay. Her turbulent emotions show as she tells him that he was right not to bring her across. She is not happy about this, and neither is Nick. Neither is sure what to think. Natalie tells him she has to go, looking and sounding lost. He tries to stop her, but she tells him she has work to do. He realizes that it is best to let her be, for now.

LaCroix is doing his nightly broadcast and comments that life will always find a way to cheat death. He curses Divia while holding her cameo. He is bitter, frustrated, and hating what he is. He seems to regret his choice.

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