Season 2, Episode 24 (aired as episode 21)

Written by John Kapelos

Directed by Clay Borris

Guest stars:

Patrick Delehanty..................... Joseph Ziegler

Wade......................................... David Nerman

Gwen........................................ Bridget Giggs

Irene......................................... Anna Louise Richardson

Tom Duke................................ Conrad Bergeschneider

Prospector................................ Ron Hastings

A woman's cutting her cocaine on her glass coffee table looking like she's already snorted some of it.

Schanke is begging his car to start, but it will not.

The scene intercuts between Schanke yelling at the passing cars which refuse to stop, even when he calls out that he's a cop. The woman snorting coke is having a bad reaction to it. Someone crashes into Schanke's car at the same time the woman passes out into her coffee table, destroying it. Schanke goes to shout at the woman and sees it is an old nun with very thick glasses.

Schanke enters the precinct shivering and sees Cohen waiting for him, pointing out that he is late again then goes back into her office. Schanke tells Nick about his dead car and then hears about their dead body, possibly an OD.

As Schanke is trying to warm up, he rants about the very thick glasses on the nun. He complains that people that blind should not be allowed to drive. Then, he rants that the heater of the Caddy would not heat up in 800 years, and rants about how it is dark by mid afternoon, hating the long nights and short days. Nick tells him he knows and offers to help any way he can.

Nick and Schanke enter the crime scene. Nick compliments a stunning looking Natalie asking if she was at a party and learns that she was at a convention with three hundred very boring coroners. The victim is Gwen Madison, a famous model who was not only very hot, all over everywhere, but was the Wednesday Jeans girl. Natalie tells them Gwen is dead. She informs them that she has found cocaine on the victim's face and hair in amounts that suggest she was rolling around in it. Schanke grumbles about what some people will do to numb the pain as he finds a collection of prescription drug bottles on her dresser. They also learn that she is a member of Narcotics Anonymous, and Irene is her sponsor.

Inside the precinct, Schanke's old partner, Patrick Delahanty, pays him a surprise visit. Cohen tries to ask Schanke about his car but sees that Schanke is too distracted. Schanke is a bit jealous of how Patrick has charmed Cohen and he cannot even get a smile out of her. Patrick taught Schanke all he knows before moving to Montreal. Then, sometime later, quit the force and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where he became a wealthy Private Investigator.

Schanke introduces Patrick and Nick to each other. Patrick gives Schanke a Souvlaki from Schanke's favorite place and offers one to Nick. Nick politely turns it down, stating he is on a liquid diet. Patrick tells Schanke about how wonderful Scottsdale is.

Nick flashes back to 1849 Arizona. Nick sees a scruffy looking old man seated at his campfire and asks permission to join him. The scruffy old man holds Nick up at gunpoint, and before anything can happen, he is shot by a cowboy, Wake. Nick thanks Wake and Wake tells him that maybe someday he can return the favor and save his life.

Nick is amused as he watches Schanke and Patrick. Patrick is still talking about how great Scottsdale is. Schanke seems to realize that it might be the cure to his problems. Nick senses this and becomes a little jealous and a little envious, especially seeing how well the two friends get along.

Inside the morgue, Natalie seems a little charmed by Patrick. She tells them that mercuric salts were found in her bloodstream along with cocaine, there is no doubt that the victim OD'd.

Nick is watching from the car as Schanke and Patrick fight over who is paying for the hot dogs. Nick looks at Gwen's card from N.A.

LaCroix is doing his nightly monologue, tonight's topic being friendship. He tells his audience that a lifetime friend is a leach, and that there is no such thing as real or lasting friendship, and no one can be trusted. He asks someone to challenge him. Nick is listening. LaCroix comments that all friendships sour slowly due to little white lies, and turns friends into mortal enemies. He tells Nick to remember that. And, that friendship poisons loyalties and blights trust, and that it should be discussed among friends.

An old man's dead in bed. He died reaching for his telephone, which is off its cradle, lying on the floor.

At the old man's apartment, he is zipped into a body bag. Natalie tells Nick that it looks like an aneurism or something as there is no sign of a struggle, and that the swelling of his joints suggest he probably had arthritis. Schanke and Patrick are talking. Natalie notices Nick's a little jealous and asks him about it. She knows his comment that he's fine is a lie, but says nothing and walks away.

Nick flashes back to the old west where Wade tells Nick that he has not buried many people and never knows what to say. Nick backs up when Wade picks up a crudely made cross to use as the grave marker.

In the old man's apartment, Schanke notices a bottle of Provotrex on the counter and tells Patrick that it looks familiar. Nick comments on their being another bottle in the bathroom, but that is not what Schanke had in mind as Schanke tells Patrick that they found a similar bottle at an OD earlier tonight. Schanke tells Nick they will ride with a unit, drop off the bottle at lab and continue catching up. Nick's face shows how deserted he is feeling as he softly tells them he will finish up at the scene.

In the precinct, Nick, Schanke and Cohen are discussing the case. Patrick is listening. Cohen learns that Provotrex was found at both crime scenes, and that it is a common drug. That Gwen had a long rap sheet for cocaine possession and use, but Natalie does not have anything on the old man yet. Cohen learns they do not think there is a connection between the cases. When it seems as if Nick and Schanke are going to start one of their "you're wrong" debates she tells them to take it outside and heads for her office. Nick does not look happy.

Patrick tells Schanke that it seems as if Cohen's out for him, and she's attractive. Schanke tells him it comes with the job. Patrick says goodnight as he promised he would never do another graveyard shift. When Schanke has disappointed, Patrick tells Schanke to drop by his hotel after work and he will provide breakfast. Nick seems even crankier. Schanke leaves to put the Provotrex bottle into the evidence lockup.

Patrick asks Nick how Schanke is really doing, because Schanke's welfare is the real reason he is in town. He had heard that Schanke was burning out and came to check it out. He tells Nick the story about their childhood spent together, how they are always there for each other, and why they call each other dogs. Patrick tells Nick that Schanke needs him and leaves. Nick is not sure what to make of Patrick.

In the old west, the cowboy offers Nick a drink as they sit around a campfire. When Nick refuses it, the cowboy tells him that he cannot refuse so Nick takes a drink. Nick and the cowboy take turns drinking as they discuss their lack of families. They talk about how maybe they are dammed. The cowboy does most of the talking.

Schanke and Nick are questioning the dead model's sponsor at Narcotics Anonymous. Irene tells them that Gwen had just celebrated her second anniversary for being clean, and that anyone who says she was using is lying. Schanke is cranky about the sponsor being a recovered addict herself and that maybe they fell off the wagon together. Irene tells Nick that Gwen had not felt good since she had had her deviated septum repaired. When Schanke wisecracks that it is a common problem with heavy-duty cokeheads, Irene tells him it was a birth defect. Nick glares at Schanke, as Irene tells Nick he needs to teach his partner some manners.

Outside the interrogation room, Nick chews Schanke out. Being in a far worse mood than Nick, Schanke chews him out, reminding him that the sponsor could have provided the drugs. He points out to Nick the she had a rap sheet for possession with intent to sell, among other drug charges. Nick's frustrated, cranky and asks Schanke what has gotten into him. Schanke comments that he finally saw the light as he walks away. Schanke is frustrated because Patrick seems to have a much better life than he does, and Schanke knows there is no way he'll ever have any of it. Nick is concerned about his partner.

Schanke is impressed when he enters Patrick's suite. Patrick gives him a glass of champagne, seems concerned that Schanke's burning out, which Schanke confirms. Steak and eggs are awaiting them. When Schanke asks Patrick about his work, Patrick tells Schanke only about the perks, which Schanke likes a lot.

Natalie calls Schanke and tells him that the old man had mercury in his blood at toxic levels, and that she cannot reach Nick.

Schanke discusses it with Patrick and concludes that it was the Provotrex, which both victims took. Patrick looks a little worried, and there is something odd about him as he suggests that the Provotrex was poisoned. Schanke is upset when he realizes that they are dealing with an over the counter drug. He calls Natalie to fill her in, as he returns to cop mode.

Meanwhile, a suspicious looking guy is walking down the painkiller aisle in a drug store holding a basket. He replaces the Provotrex boxes with ones from his bag, trying not to be caught. A woman buys one of the replaced bottles.

Inside the precinct, Schanke is giving a press conference about the poisoned Provotrex and the recall. Natalie and Nick are in front of the camera, but in the background. Nick is jealous and it shows. Natalie notices. She tells Nick that Schanke was the one who caught it, and he tells her that something's not right. Schanke approaches them after the press conference pleased with his work, commenting that he and Patrick cracked the case. Schanke is cranky because he thinks Schanke does not respect him.

In the morgue, Nick tells Natalie that it was an inside job, but she doesn't think so because they'd need pretty sophisticated equipment to get around the packaging safeguards. She tells him that Schanke probably saved many lives. She calls him on his jealousy, telling him that he hurt Schanke's feelings. She suggests that he apologizes, but misses the fact that Nick has been completely ignored by Schanke since Patrick showed up. She comments that Nick underestimates how good of a cop Schanke is. Nick listens and knows she is right.

Patrick talks with Schanke about their childhood, their first apartment, how those they grew up with turned out. Schanke laughs at the way Patrick phrases some of it. Patrick tells Schanke that its time for him to move on and that now is the time to leave, with his big score on everyone's mind. Schanke is seriously thinking about it.

Nick approaches Schanke to apologize and Schanke attacks, expecting more negativity from Nick. Schanke crankily tells Nick he accepts his apology before Nick can offer it. Nick tells him that he still has bad feelings about the case, to which Schanke points out the death threats made against Tallus Pharmaceutical by a disgruntled employee who is now number one on the most wanted list. Tallus states that the contamination could have happened in their plant.

Cohen compliments Schanke and Schanke resigns, telling her that yesterday he would have eaten ground glass to get a compliment. He hands her his resignation and sets his badge and gun on the desk. She cannot believe he actually quit.

Natalie informs Nick about the latest victim, just brought in from GlennCross Hospital, where she lapsed into a coma and never came out of it. Natalie gives him the bottle of Provotrex as she tells him that the victim had not taken it, nor had she taken any in the last seventy-two hours. She comments that the victim still died of acute mercurial poisoning, just like Gwen, and it wasn't the Provotrex that killed her.

Schanke is quickly, angrily cleaning out his desk, including his Partners of the Month plaque. He takes one last look around before leaving.

Natalie and Nick are still working on the puzzle as Natalie shows him the scar on the victim's hip, commenting that it was a total hip replacement. She comments on Gwen's total cartilage reconstruction, not just the deviated septum repairs. They brainstorm and discover that two had surgery and all three had Provotrex, but only two took it, making there no common denominator between the three victims.

Schanke enters the morgue and Nick tells him that he does not think it is the Provotrex. Schanke tells them it is not his problem anymore because he just resigned, much to their surprise. Natalie's computer search turns up results, the two surgeries were done at Toronto General and that MarrowComp was used. She tells them that HMS Medical is the parent company, and has provided artificial cartilage and bone since 1983. Nick suggests it is the source of the contamination, but Schanke still thinks it is the Provotrex. Nick tells him that he cannot leave, but Schanke says that it has been strange as well as goodbye. After he leaves, Nick and Natalie cannot believe he's gone. Nick seems worried.

Back in the old west, Nick's had in enough to drink and returns the bottle. As the guy questions Nick, Nick realizes that something is wrong, that he has been drugged. The cowboy is a bounty hunter who knows Nick's on the run. He teases Nick with the antidote and drinks it as Nick watches helplessly.

Inside Patrick's hotel suite, Schanke tells Patrick he quit. Patrick is pleased by this news. Schanke sees that his friend was not alone and starts to leave when Patrick introduces him to another ex-cop, Tom Duke. Schanke does not realize that it was Tom, who switched the Provotrex boxes in the store.

In the morgue, Nick learns that the MarrowComp was contaminated, not the Provotrex because one of the victims had not yet taken the drug, but two had the MarrowComp. She comments that it must have been a local problem as there are no reports of it outside of Toronto. Nick tells her the same goes for the Provotrex, which has Natalie suggesting someone is purposely trying to point them in the wrong direction.

Inside Patrick's suite, Schanke is rambling about the move to Scottsdale. He tries the lock on Patrick's briefcase half-joking that he can open it. He gets it open and sees bottles of Provotrex stunning him and upsetting him.

Natalie and Nick learn that HMS Medical is located in Phoenix, Arizona. She tells him that MarrowComp has been used successfully in thousands of surgeries. Nick mockingly comments that Scottsdale is much better than Phoenix, remembering Patrick saying that, and gets a weird look from Natalie. He tells her he has to find Schanke and Patrick.

Back in the old west, the bounty hunter pulls out a Wanted poster with Nick, Janette and LaCroix's faces on it, and a thousand-dollar reward for them. LaCroix sneaks up on Wade and comments that it is a bad likeness of him. Wade throws his knife at LaCroix and misses due to LaCroix turning at the last second, commenting on Wade being a bad friend. He grabs the terrified bounty hunter and drains him.

Nick realizes that Schanke is in danger and flies towards the hotel.

Inside Patrick's suite, he slams the briefcase shut, telling Schanke it is not as simple as it looks. Schanke begs his friend to tell him he was not involved, and does not like the silence. Schanke comments that Patrick poisoned the Provotrex, and that two people died. Patrick tells him that they would have already died as they had bad transplants, which will cost the company hundreds of millions in malpractice when the stuff is good, but Toronto happened to get a bad batch. He tells Schanke that that one bad batch will bring the stuff down. Schanke comments that Patrick had to make it look like the contamination came from elsewhere so he blamed the Provotrex. Patrick tells Schanke about the miracle MarrowComp, how it has saved thousands of lives, and could improve millions of others. Schanke no longer seems so enthralled with Patrick's life and snorts at the perks. Tom threatens Schanke with his gun and Patrick tells him to relax, that Schanke does not need that sort of persuasion because they are friends. Schanke pretends to join them to relax them, and it works.

Nick is on the street hearing overhearing their conversation, and narrowing down the room location.

Patrick is shot as Schanke smashes Tom with a chair as hard as he can, causing the gun to go off accidentally. Patrick tries to shoot Schanke. Schanke runs for cover. Nick bursts through the window and prevents Patrick from shooting Schanke by ripping the gun out of his hands. Once it is safe, Schanke rushes to his friend's side and comforts him as he dies. He reassures Patrick that they are still friends. Patrick apologizes to Schanke for believing in him (Patrick). Patrick tells Schanke that he is going to hell and will wait for Schanke, then dies. Schanke sarcastically grumbles about needing friends as if it is a bad thing.

In the old west, LaCroix lectures Nick that the bounty hunter poisoned him with Curare, which intoxicates vampires, but kills mortals. When Nick asks how LaCroix found him, LaCroix tells him that he will always find him, that it is their code.

Schanke is looking at his Partners of the Month plaque as Nick approaches. Nick tells Schanke he is glad he's back. Schanke apologizes for his behavior and Nick calls it temporary insanity. Schanke asks Nick if he is ever felt fed up with one life and moved onto another. Nick tells him that he has been there and done it with a semi disgusted look on his face. Schanke asks for a ride home, then mentions that he is going to learn to love the cold, and that Myra wants to learn to snow shoe. Nick gives Schanke the car for the day and turns down Schanke's offer to fix the heater due to the expense. Nick tells him not to and to use the money for Myra's skis instead. The Partners of the Month plaque rests on Schanke's desk.

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