Season 2, Episode 19 (aired as episode 22)

Written by Phil Bedard and Larry Lalonde

Directed by Jon Cassar

Guest stars:

Carol Lewis.............................. Judith Scott

Alicia Carpenter....................... Dyanne DiMarco

Larry........................................ Steve Cumyn

Monica - female mortal............ Carla Renee

Nick enters the Raven and heads through the crowd to the bar where Janette is. Nick needs a break from work overload and she offers him rest and relaxation as she kisses him. They discuss the new Raven Matchbooks Miklos ordered, apparently not understanding the concept of low-key.

Gunmen announce their arrival with a rifle shot. There are too many mortals for the vampire to reveal themselves. The trigger-happy robbers take everyone's property. Nick tries to whammy a robber and fails. A terrified young woman is shot, and dies a few minutes later with Nick by her. Janette tells Nick that it is not his fault, but he does not believe her.

Cohen tells Natalie that the shooters were on probation and had a long, violent rap sheet. Natalie tries to tell Nick that it is not his fault, that if the vampires had reacted there probably would be more dead. That they could not have whammied all the mortals because some might be resisters. Nick barely reacts, and will not let Natalie put her arm around him. Natalie seems a little envious of Janette, partially because Janette knows him so much better than she does. Cohen deflects Schanke as enters and heads for Nick, telling Schanke that Nick's okay, and that he is blaming himself for the woman's death. Schanke's relieved Nick's okay. She tells Schanke that Nick saved lives and hopes Internal Affairs sees it that way, to which Schanke makes a negative response. Schanke walks over to Nick and tries to give him some compliments and a little pep talk. Nick thanks him and tells him it is not going to change the facts and leaves. Natalie silently stops Schanke from following with a hand on his arm. Janette is the only one Nick allows to touch him as she stops him, putting an arm around him, even if only momentarily. Natalie and Schanke are saddened because they cannot help their friend.

Inside the loft, Nick's holding a glass of red blood wine and has a brief flashback to his first week as a vampire, in 1228 Paris, France. His feeding has satisfied him, yet leaves an odd look on his face. When he sets his wineglass down it's white wine.

Schanke is pounding on the door, a more aggressive, bossier version of himself. He is not happy that Nick turned off his telephone and lets Nick know. He tells Nick that they have a homicide to get to, leaving Nick a little confused by his partner's attitude. Nick grabs his jacket not noticing the child's jacket left on the coat hook. He and Schanke leave. A child's squeeze toy caterpillar rests on the piano.

Nick and Schanke are inside a CERK studio. They are outside of LaCroix's broadcasting booth watching the crime scene personnel inside of the booth. Nick is stunned to see LaCroix's been stabbed in the heart. Schanke comments that there were not witnesses, no weapon was found, and that he was found by the cleaning crew. Schanke comments that one of his disturbed listeners must have had enough, and killed him. When Schanke sees Nick's reaction he sarcastically comments on Nick that maybe Nick can say a few creepy words at the funeral, since he's the Nightcrawler's biggest fan. Nick's calling out for Natalie. Schanke's surprised he's calling her Natalie and tells Nick that she has been there and gone.

Nick goes to the Raven anxiously calling out to Janette, but it is completely empty and silent. There is no sign what so ever it was a crime scene tonight. He senses something's wrong and is a little worried.

Nick goes to the morgue and calls out for Natalie. Other than the sheet-covered body, it is empty as well. Nick pulls the sheet off the top half of the naked body and sees LaCroix laying on the autopsy table, the chest wound barely visible. Nick is sad and shocked by this.

Nick flashes back to his first week as a vampire. LaCroix asks Nick if he liked his dinner. When he sees that Nick did, he tells Nick how the skin of a beautiful woman is like the sweetest fruit, and the blood like the rarest wine, that it tingles the palate and intoxicates the brain. That there is nothing that can compare to it. LaCroix tells Nick that his first week of feeding has gone very well, that he has adapted much faster than some and that he is proud of him. He tells LaCroix that something is not right and LaCroix tells him to give it time, that they all go through it at the beginning. When Nick's confused LaCroix tells him that the last embers of his mortal conscience take a little time to die out, that the guilt will ease when he sheds the last of his mortality. Nick seems saddened by this and LaCroix warns him that he must kill his righteousness, that it is dangerous to let it grow and fester, that there will be consequences.

Inside the morgue, Nick grabs LaCroix's shoulder, sadly and angrily tells him to wake up, his anger increasing as he grabs him by the shoulders and shakes him, demanding that he wakes up. Finally, his tone softens as he realizes it is not going to happen. Pain and confusion show on Nick's face.

Inside the precinct, Nick is studying the Raven matchbook as he is waiting for someone to pick up the telephone at the Raven, but no one does. Schanke sarcastically asks Nick if work is interfering with his personal life too much, causing Nick to give him an odd look. Natalie approaches and in an all business-like tone, tells him that Lewis from IA wants to talk to him before he leaves. She asks if there are any leads on the Nightcrawler case. Schanke informs her that metallic traces were found in the wound, which means the weapon was a knife. Nick's reaction shows it is not possible because metal does not kill a vampire. Schanke comments that it was probably one of the nutso listeners. Nick is confused why Natalie is asking Schanke police questions. She asks if he has the show log tape and Schanke tells her they'll go over them with Carpenter in the sound lab. Captain Natalie Lambert compliments Schanke for another job well done. Schanke orders his partner to follow him.

Natalie walks away and Nick follows her, upsetting her when he touches her and calls her Nat. She tells him not there, not then as she shrugs off his arm. It is like a reverse of what happened at the Raven. She looks around nervously as if someone's watching and listening, then softly tells him to call her at home and walks away. He wants to know when she stopped being the coroner and became the captain.

Schanke orders Nick to come with him, telling Nick that IA is going to really make him squirm over the previous time this happened. Confused, Nick asks about it and gets a few comments from a puzzled Schanke as they head out. They are off to find out about the Nightcrawler. Nick comments that they should start at the Raven which surprises Schanke, who sternly tells him that they'll go if he can handle it. Nick tells him that the Nightcrawler used to hang out there and is hoping Janette can shed some light on it. When Schanke does not have any better ideas they head for the Raven.

Inside the Caddy, Schanke is driving, but it is quiet outside of LaCroix's voice coming out of the radio, telling his listeners that they are mourning the loss of a dear friend. Nick is confused, as the Nightcrawler is supposed to be dead.

LaCroix is in white on a chessboard floor commenting on how you can be alive one moment and lying there broken and shattered the next, as very brief flashes of the shooting are seen. That they are not recoverable, beyond reach, beyond hope as the young woman dies. He asks if there is a God and if that God is sane.

Inside the once again busy Raven, Schanke comments on how quickly the patrons got over the robbery homicide. Nick's at the bar and is very surprised and confused when Janette turns out to be Cohen all dressed up like Janette, but in red. Cohen's questioned by Nick, who whammies her. She owns the Raven, has never heard of LaCroix, and believes that vampires do not exist. Her Burgundy turns out to be pure wine, puzzling him but relieving him as well. Schanke comments that he found no information and that the club could use a bit of upgrading, to which she disdainfully comments that he'd prefer wet T-shirt contests, chicken wings and a big screen television. She seems a little concerned that Nick is having a relapse. Nick gets his I have to leave now expression and splits. Schanke tries to stop him but Cohen tells him not to unless he wants to push Nick over the edge. He does not like her interference.

Nick arrives home, steps on a baby squeaky toy and is surprised. He's confused as well, but decides not to pay it much attention. He heads for his fridge, sees magnetic letters on it and gets a shock when he opens it and finds it full of food, a baby bottle is up front. He has no idea why there is a baby bottle in his fridge.

Janette comes downstairs to ask how his night went looking like a tired housewife. She goes back upstairs a bit frustrated when the baby starts to cry, as she'd just got him settled down. She returns and coldly tells Nick he never talks to her anymore, that corn beef hash is all they can afford, that they're two months behind on the rent and that the baby doesn't have it's own room, in tears. She does not like the loft but he sees nothing wrong with it. She is in tears as she tells him that they need him, that she needs him. He sees how much pain she is in through her eyes. She gets him to open up to her, but he's confused and a little angry as he tells her about the shooting at the Raven and that their master, LaCroix, is dead. She is worried that it is happening again, but he has no idea what happened.

LaCroix's again standing on the chessboard asking if there is a God as the police photographer is taking pictures of the Nightcrawler's dead body at CERK. Then has Nick asking Janette about LaCroix, and Cohen being asked the same question, but this time she's Janette. Then back to LaCroix in white asking if the God has to be sane.

Nick and Janette are staring at each other, both upset. When the baby cries again Nick leaves despite her calling out to him, tears in her eyes. She looks devastated.

Inside the police sound lab, Schanke, Nick and Alicia Carpenter are listening to a tape of the Nightcrawler talking about how nasty the world is, that no one can be forgiven for the sins of the past. It is the tape from the night when he was murdered. Schanke comments on guilt being the topic and that the Nightcrawler is a nutcase. They listen to the tape for the background sounds and hear how guilt is for the weak and harboring it denies you freedom.

Inside the broadcast booth at CERK LaCroix comments on being a captive, a slave, that the strong do what they must to survive. A caller with a muffled voice tells LaCroix that he's his assassin and is cut off by LaCroix with the comment that someone is in a bad mood.

Inside the sound lab, more filters are used to pick up the sound of a clanging buoy telling them the killer is near the lake. Nick's called back to the precinct by IA.

Inside an interrogation room, Nick's grilled by Carol Lewis of IA. She has nothing nice to say as she rips Nick apart. She tells him the psych profile was quite disturbing stating that he doesn't play well with others, doesn't follow the rules, seems arrogant, and doesn't seem to care about the safety of others. He tries to deny it, but knows anything he says will be twisted around. She tells him he mistrusts his fellow officers and is a loose cannon who gets a kick out of pulling his gun and flashing his badge. Nick again tries to deny it but she twists it around. She goes on and her comments seem to hit too close to home, at least according to his tortured expression. She tells him that all of his deepest fears, the guilt and pain he is caused is boiling just below the surface. Once again she's hitting way to close to home for his comfort.

Nick flashes back to jumping the gunmen and the girl accidentally getting shot.

Lewis tells him that cops make mistakes and people die as Nick flashes back to the young woman dying on the Raven's floor.

LaCroix is standing on the checkerboard floor reciting more wonderland doublespeak, asking if everything in Nick's world is wrong, that it should be.

Nick is in the Caddy, listening to LaCroix.

Nick arrives at Natalie's apartment and is surprised to see the elegant dress she is wearing. She pulls him inside commenting that that dress is for him alone, then hangs out of the doorway, checking the hall. She closes the door and wraps her arms around his neck waiting for her kiss, telling him she has been waiting all week for tonight. He's confused and lost. She comments on how an IA grilling would spoil the mood for her too as she drags him into the living room to change his mood. She fixes them a drink as she tells them that they are in trouble if caught and that his wife's bound to figure it out. That she does not want to have to transfer again. She playfully tries to seduce him on the couch but does not succeed. She orders him to drink and he chokes on the single malt Scotch. She tells him things will be okay and listens as he talks, but quickly realizes that things are not okay. He might be losing it again. She is afraid and worried as she tells him that he cracked up and if it is happening again he needs to immediately get help. That he should go home and get some sleep. He tells her he knows he needs help, but does not know where to get it.

Nick is, at the loft trying to figure it all out. LaCroix's picture suddenly appears on the black television screen. He tells Nick about his guilt and about how Lewis from IA nearly had it right. He had warned Nick. He's standing behind Nick as Nick looks into the small wall mirror and Nick that their story still has to be worked out, that he does not like being dead because it's annoying and that he will have his revenge.

Nick wakes Janette as he shouts for LaCroix. She is angry at him for waking up the baby. She wants to know where he has been for the last several hours because he was not at work. She finds his "out" excuse to be getting a little thin. She angrily warns him not to walk out on her again. Nick leaves telling her he has to leave before he loses his mind.

Schanke is at the sound lab listening to the tape with Carpenter. They find stadium crowd noise as if the killer lived near the SkyDome or the warehouse district, which is Nick's area. Nick tells her to play it again because he heard something. Nick hears the muffled sounds of a crying baby, but is the only one to hear it.

Nick's back at the Raven talking to Cohen about the last time, trying to figure out what happened. Amanda tells him about his disturbing stories about vampires and blood drinking as if he was a real vampire, that the stories were fascinating at first, but then became creepy. When he asks if he was crazy, she tells him that he was some piece of work. She is surprised he does not remember, and worries that it might be happening again and offers to pay for therapy. He tells her he does not know if he is having a relapse. He kisses Cohen like he does Janette and it is like kissing a relative.

Back at the precinct, Captain Lambert tells him that IA has suspended him without pay, to turn in his badge, which he tosses to Schanke looking deeply hurt and confused. She tells him she is sorry but it may be the best thing for him.

Nick enters the loft and sees Janette asleep, head on the table. Nick squats down beside her and she wakes, telling him that they just went to sleep. He apologizes for earlier. He tells her he was suspended and she asks if he is no longer satisfying the Captain. Nick is shocked to realize she knows about the affair, and then realizes there is no reason she should not know about it. She asks him what happened to his vitality, his humanity, and his life. That somewhere he lost faith in them and that he needs to deal with turning away from them, from what he'd become, and that he shootings are not what's driving him crazy, that it's his guilt over losing his humanity. She takes the baby up to bed, telling him to deal with it before it destroys him.

Nick finds the blade LaCroix was stabbed with inside the fireplace, up behind the mantel and remembers stabbing LaCroix. There is blood on the blade. LaCroix tells Nick that now that he knows how the killer is, he will get his revenge. Nick just stares at the dagger confused and worried.

LaCroix's monologue is part of the comments running through his mind. Nick's shocked to learn that he is the killer as he flashes back to the stabbing at CERK and sees the knife sticking out of LaCroix's chest. LaCroix comments that it is time for the son to kill the father.

Nick's out driving and flashes back to various friends' comments about his life and recent behavior, all of which make sense yet, are totally out of place, totally crazy. He also sees the robbery and the girl's death. He cannot shake the images no matter how hard he tries, and looks as if he is truly losing it.

Nick enters the radio station, blade in hand and hears LaCroix comments that it is time to kill him. Nick stabs LaCroix in the heart with the metal blade and LaCroix falls dead into his chair, but a moment later asks Nick if that freed him of his guilt, then dies again.

Nick is in his car heading for the Raven. It is once again deserted. He cries out for Janette, but finds LaCroix, dagger still sticking out of his chest. When Nick comments that he can't kill LaCroix that way, LaCroix tells Nick that he's been expecting it. That Nick's twisted world is a product of his guilt. That he is married to Janette, having a torrid affair with Natalie, being bossed around by Schanke and confessing all to Cohen. Nick realizes that it is everything he's denied them. LaCroix tells him that it's everything Nick feels guilty about and more, that it's eight centuries worth coming back to haunt him, that if he'd listened to him, it would never have happened.

LaCroix tells him that vampires cannot handle guilt, that it builds up and destroys them. LaCroix warns him that he's just pushed it back with this fantasy world, and that it will return stronger if he doesn't release it, that he has to let it go. Nick tells him that he cannot, that he cannot let go of his feelings and become cold and heartless. LaCroix beats the crap out of Nick to release his guilt and knocks him through a window to release Nick's biggest guilt, that he is alive.

Schanke is banging on the lift door, waking Nick. The wineglass on the coffee table once again has the red blood wine in it. When Nick opens the lift door, Schanke enters asking Nick why he turned off his telephone, that the IA verdict is in, and that the Captain wants to see him. Schanke's confused and concerned when Nick asks who the captain is. He humors Nick and tells him it's Cohen. Nick's quite relieved, but still a little worried as they head off to work.

Inside the bullpen, Cohen approaches much like Captain Lambert did and reads from IA's report, which totally clears Nick and praises his actions. Everyone's quite relieved, Nick especially. Cohen tells Nick there is nothing to feel guilty for and he tells her that guilt is something you have to live with.

As Nick is leaving, he hears Officer Lewis telling Cohen that a homicide at a radio station just happened. Nick looks momentarily worried.

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