Season 2, Episode 14 (aired as episode 24)

Written by Maurice Ruvinsky

Directed by Geraint Wyn Davies

Guest stars:

Serena.................................... Denise Verieux

Trilling................................... Page Fletcher

St. Mandrake......................... Richard Blackburn

Emile..................................... Nicu Branzea

Armand.................................. Pierre Peloquin

Louise.................................... Maxim Roy

At a construction site, a body hits the ground rather hard.

Nick and Schanke arrive. The victim, Stan Ericson, reportedly jumped. Nick asks why are they there, hearing the first worker to Stan thought he heard Stan say he was pushed, the gurgling sound of his dying breath made it hard to be sure. Nick 's revulsion shows as Schanke picks up a cross with a broken chain. Serena arrives dressed like a construction worker, watches then walks away. Nick asks if there are any witnesses, learning they heard the guy scream and he had a personality conflict with Calvin Trilling. Schanke points Trilling out as he's being questioned. Schanke tells Nick Trilling claimed he was with his girlfriend, who's around somewhere. Schanke turns back to Nick right after he's taken off.

Two vampires chase each other at full speed, stopping out of range of the crime scene personnel. Nick's surprised, but not too surprised to see Serena. Neither seems happy to see the other and look a bit hurt. Nick asks why she ran. She angrily tells him she knew it was him.

Inside the interrogation room Trilling identifies the cross as his. Nick asks what it was doing in Ericson's hand. Trilling comments it probably was falling with him. He'd lost it on the job site last week. The jerk Ericson probably found it but didn't tell him. He didn't kill him. He and his girlfriend just came onshift.

In another interrogation room, Schanke's questioning Serena, asking about her relationship with Trilling. She tells him they both work the nightshift and do consenting adult things. She knows Nick's on the other side of the mirror. Schanke asks if they were doing those adult things when Ericson fell. She explains they were a little preoccupied.

Cohen and Nick watch Serena's interrogation. She says Serena's smart. Natalie enters as Cohen's leaving. Natalie tells them she found multiple contusions, fractures, abrasions, and a broken neck, but can't yet support homicide. Cohen asks if she's sampled Trilling, hearing he's a scary guy. A DNA PCR is running on what she retrieved from under the victim's fingernails. Maybe they'll get a match. Nick's so captivated by Serena he doesn't notice Natalie walk up behind him and say hi. She's a little hurt, curious, surprised and worried. She sees how attractive Serena is.

Schanke's surprised to learn Serena's a welder. She tells him he's surprised because she's a woman and is really good at her job. Natalie comments she wouldn't be surprised if Serena was that good, a hint of jealousy in her voice. Serena hears Natalie and stares at her. Natalie sees the strange, hurt look on Nick's face and gets it. She asks how long ago, and who is she. Nick whispers she was a mistake.

Nick flashes back to 1922 Paris, France. Inside a nightclub, Serena is dressed like a man at a time when it was bizarre to do so. She is with her friends, a couple where the wife's in her last trimester. Serena feels the baby kick and smiles, telling her delighted friend it's a miracle. The uptight husband tells Serena it's Nature. She teases Serena she just needs man. The husband tells them she will not find one dressed like a man. Serena teasingly comments maybe she doesn't want one. She heads to the bar for a drink. She sees Nick enter and buys him a drink. Nick's surprised as Emile points to Serena. Nick holds up his glass in a thank you gesture, realizing the he is really a she. He's not quite sure what to make of her.

In the observation room, Nick tells Natalie Serena is a strong willed woman. Natalie's curious as she asks what's wrong with that. He tells her Serena will do anything it takes to get what she wants. She asks what Serena wants. Nick's confused, telling her he doesn't know. Serena's still watching them. Natalie looks at Serena.

Inside Cohen's office, she says Trilling's been arrested for assault, assault and battery, did time for armed robbery. Nick asks about the cross. Cohen tells him it could be true. Trilling has Serena as an alibi. Cohen asks Natalie if it was a fall. Natalie tells her it looks like one. Cohen tells them to keep digging and to send Trilling home. They leave the Captain's office.

Trilling and Serena are escorted to the bullpen. Nick approaches Serena while Natalie and Schanke watch. Schanke quickly realizes there's more than friendship there and tells Natalie, who doesn't see what Nick sees in Serena. Both wonder if Nick still has a thing for Serena, and are slightly concerned when Serena does not look happy to see Nick. Serena grows angry when Nick wants to talk to her. Nick tells her she has every right to be angry with him. Natalie glares as Schanke as he comments women are like that. Tempers flare when Nick grabs Serena's arm and she angrily yells for him never to touch her again. Schanke's shocked. Natalie's scared as she knows their true natures. Officers are ready to pull them apart if necessary. Nick senses everyone is watching them and lets her go. Serena and Trilling leave. Natalie and Schanke look at each other wondering what the hell that was about. Nick sees his friends worried looks and is worried, disturbed, and angsty.

LaCroix's doing his nightly show, ranting about what kind of pain hurts the most, physical or emotional, believing emotional pain is the deepest kind of suffering. He rants about shattered pride, broken dreams. Nick's listening as he's in the Caddy observing the construction site from a distance. LaCroix comments that mistakes of the heart can be among the most painful things in the world, especially those made in the name of love.

Nick flashes back to 1922 Paris. Serena joins Nick at the bar. He comments on her looking like a man, hearing if she dresses like a woman she's treated like a delicate flower. She likes things that aren't what they appear to be, like Nick, who's not the conventional gentleman he appears to be. Nick's uneasy, especially when he hears she investigated him. She comments he's a free spirit who won't marry and have a family, making him the perfect man for her. He's amazed she accepts what he is so easily and so well. They kiss as Me and My Baby plays in the background.

Inside the Raven, Janette tells Nick Serena knew what she was getting into. Nick disagrees, admitting it was all his fault. She tells him it wasn't his fault. Serena was not innocent before she met him. Nick disagrees, telling Janette Serena was a victim. Janette reminds him every vampire is a victim in the beginning. Something seduces them and they don't know the consequences until it's too late. She tells him it's more than guilt and he tells her she's surrounded by mortals. She reminds him they're surrounded by mortals. He of all people should know that, working with mortals and having mortal friends. Nick tells her he does it for a reason. She comments that maybe she has one too. She tells him he said Serena shares his soul, so why not his quest as well?

Nick flashes back to 1922. In the bar, Serena tells him she wants eternity and he can give it to her. Nick's surprised, but keeps his expression neutral.

In the Raven, Janette asks Nick if there's a particular mortal Serena's with, teasing him slightly. Nick tells her there's a reason Serena's with him. Janette tells him it isn't sex if the mortal's still alive. She asks him what there is about Serena he hasn't told her.

Inside the bullpen, Natalie learns Schanke doesn't know where Nick is. Schanke tells her Nick's acting like he has a crush on Serena. He tells Natalie all about his embarrassing sixth grade crush on a girl. She even gets him to tell her some of his embarrassing poetry. Schanke tells her the girl told the principal and he read all his poems and notes over the loudspeaker at lunch in the cafeteria. Natalie doubles over laughing, yet feels sympathy for Schanke. He tells her he was so embarrassed he stayed home in bed for a week. Natalie asks Schanke if he thinks Nick loved Serena and is not happy to hear he probably still does. Schanke comments he thought women were sensitive. Schanke tells her Nick is probably too embarrassed to show his face there right now. Her expression shows a little hurt and some sadness.

Natalie tinkers with Nick's keyboard and realizes she's found a major break in the case, excited and uneasy about it at the same time. She calls Cohen over and tells her and Schanke that Trilling was part of a medical study in prison and is xyy. He has an extra y chromosome, which is the sex chromosome, and it's extremely rare, something like one in a million. She tells them there are conflicting report on it's effects. One report states they're more prone to violent behavior. Cohen tells her they can't arrest Trilling on that. Natalie's face lights up as an idea hits. She tells Cohen she can do a chromosome test as it's faster than DNA PCR and could have him checked against the sample in twenty-four hours. Cohen tells her to do it and leaves.

Nick follows Trilling at the construction site. Trilling ducks behind some large pipes and tells Serena he's tired of waiting, frustratedly taking her in his arms. Nick listens in as she comments his killing Ericson could keep them apart. They passionately kiss as she tells him to take it easy, hearing he doesn't want to.

Nick flashes back to 1922 again. He and Serena are in a living room, passionately kissing. Nick tells her she'd better go, and hears she wants to stay with him and wants his entire being,. He tells her he can't take that responsibility. She says she knows.

Nick's brought back to the present by Trilling kissing Serena's neck. She tells him it's just twenty-four more hours. He tells Serena he wants her now. Nick flashes back to Serena telling Nick there will be no responsibility, no guilt. They passionately kiss. Nick can't believe how accepting she is of him. Serena and Trilling's passion builds, as does the intensity of their kisses. Nick flashes back to Serena telling him in the midst of passion she knows exactly what he wants and it's what exactly what she's always wanted. Serena pushes Trilling away, telling him she has to go. She leaves. Nick flashes back to the living room and tells Serena he needs to hear the words. She tells him to take her. He vamps out and sinks his teeth into her neck.

Nick's now in his loft, his fireplace mantle the same one as from the flashback. Nick looks at it seriously, almost angrily then looks at the bottle in his hand.

That night, Nick's dressed for work and comes downstairs. He discovers LaCroix's on the balcony. LaCroix comments that Serena really has Nick distracted. Nick thanks him for coming. LaCroix curiously asks what Nick ever saw in her, asking if it was the cut of her suit or her mustache wax. Nick tells him it's her fire and her independence. LaCroix comments that's exactly what she's showing now. Nick comments she's using a mortal man for something. LaCroix says Janette told him. Nick asks LaCroix for his help. LaCroix says he's really enjoying it as he lands near Nick. Nick asks if it's truly possible to mate with a mortal. LaCroix tells him it depends on what she's after.

Nick flashes back to 1922 again. He seems content, almost happy as he wakes Serena, telling her he's given her what she wanted, immortality. She comments it's a child and he tells her eternity. She mentions a baby and he realizes there might've been a huge misunderstanding. She tells him she had a most horrible dream where he bit her, and feels the fang marks on her neck. She's now fully awake, startled, upset and horrified. Nick tells her she knew. She tells him it can't be. He reminds her she wanted eternity.

In the loft LaCroix tells Nick she wanted a baby. Nick explains she said she wanted immortality, forgetting that a baby is a mortal's immortality. He's losing his patience as he tells LaCroix he wants answers. LaCroix asks Nick what she wants now and he softly whispers she wants a baby. LaCroix comments that baby lust doesn't seem to die with the mortal spirit. LaCroix fingers the burnt spot on the door as he tells Nick there are legends . Nick asks about them. LaCroix tells him some special men can make a female vampire conceive on the thirty-first of the month under the peak of a full moon. LaCroix's face is unreadable to whether he believes or not. He tells Nick he doesn't believe. The man dies after depositing his seed and being drained of his blood by the female vampire. The baby's mortal. Nick's troubled, sensing that's what Serena's up to.

Inside Natalie's office, she tells Nick mortals apparently aren't the only ones with Old Wives Tales. She tells him from a genetic standpoint, Trilling's being xyy would make him special. He wants to know if it's possible for Trilling to impregnate Serena. Her tone grows a little exasperated, asking if he wants to know if an xyy gene can make anything possible, then returns to normal, with a hint of sadness, and jealousy, asking if he loved Serena. His tone is a little reassuring as he tells her it doesn't matter, in her eyes he betrayed her. Her telephone rings. She holds up a finger for him to hold that thought.

Schanke arrives and his mild annoyance comes through as he tells Nick it would be nice to know where he's going. Natalie can barely hear the person on the other end. She holds her hand up for silence and it works. They both look at her. She hangs up and tells them it was the blood lab. They have an xyy match. Trilling's their guy. Nick's somewhat grim expression is hard to read as he and Schanke leave.

At the construction site, Trilling is buying something when Schanke approaches and arrests him. Trilling's in shock, smacks Schanke in the face with his Thermos and takes off right before Nick arrives. Nick sees Schanke lean against the Roach Coach and runs to him, learning he's okay. Nick takes off after Trilling. There's a bit of a chase before Nick catches him. Nick has his hand around Trilling's jaw and very darkly explains he's Trilling's savior. Nick turns the handcuffed Trilling over to Schanke. Nick looks up and sees Serena at work. She looks down at him, not happy and walks away.

Serena peers through the skylight of the loft and sees Nick thinking about things. She enters telling him it's a dramatic reminder she has her own powers. He tells her he needs no reminders. She says they need to talk and is sorry to take him away from work. She asks if he's dragged the mantle with him, hearing he has because of the memories. She asks why he dredges up the past, hearing he can't undo what he did. She asks him not to take anymore. He tells her he hasn't. She learns Trilling was arrested for murder because his xyy chromosomes match those found on the victim. He questions her about that combination and is told to stay out of her business. When Nick comments it'll kill Trilling, he's reminded she murdered him and is now giving an ethics lesson. He can't let her sacrifice the guy for a baby. She tells him it will make her mortal so she can have the life in the sun she was meant to, and die of old age. He asks if it's worth a life, hearing Trilling's a violent scum who won't be missed, and Nick would do the same. He reminds her there are laws and hears they don't apply to her. She tells him he has no right to stop her. Her expression is determined and hurt while his is guilt, angst and a deep sadness.

Inside the precinct lockup, Trilling angrily yells they have nothing on him, taking his anger out on the bars. The officer warns Trilling if he keeps it up, he'll take away Trilling's shoes. Serena enters, whammies the officer into believing Serena is the Chief of Police, and springs Trilling by forcing the lock. Trilling's stunned. She tells him it is a full moon. Trilling looks at her strangely as they leave.

The full moon is partially obscured by clouds as Nick's driving around. LaCroix's voice over the radio comments on it being a night for romance. Nick calls Schanke and gets him to check the cell for Trilling, telling Schanke to humor him. Schanke reluctantly goes down there and is shocked to see the dazed officer, Mandrake, in the cell. Trilling's gone. Nick heads there quickly. Schanke asks Mandrake where Trilling is.

In the bullpen, Mandrake tells them the last thing he remembers is Trilling kicking the bars and his threatening to take Trilling's shoes. Schanke suggests Mandrake was hit over the head. Mandrake denies it. Cohen asks Mandrake if there were any visitors, hearing the Chief of Police came by, but cannot remember what the Chief wanted. Nick approaches. Mandrake tells them the next thing he remembers is he's in the cell and Trilling's gone. She dismisses Mandrake and he leaves. Cohen rejects Schanke's suggestion that Mandrake could have been hypnotized. She learns Trilling's not in the building and asks how he got out. Schanke tells her Nick had a hunch Trilling might be gone. Cohen hears Trilling's with Serena. Nick leaves. Cohen looks at Nick with an inquisitive look on her face. Schanke's look says he doesn't know what's going on.

In Serena's car, Trilling tells her the police will hunt them down, asking where they're going. She tells him higher than high in the peak of the fire, under a perfectly full moon as she gazes at the beautiful full moon.

Inside the bullpen, it's 2:15 am. Nick learns Schanke has Serena's address, tells him she won't be there, but he's going to check and see if there are any clues there. Nick checks the full moon time with the Royal Observatory. Nick tells Schanke they have forty-five minutes to find them. Nick's gone before Schanke asks why.

As Nick flies over the city searching for Serena, LaCroix tells his audience that the moon will be at it's fullest in thirty-one minutes. It will be the brightest and closest to day it ever gets. Nick enters accusing LaCroix of withholding the information, hearing it was only to protect him. LaCroix's gloating as he tells Nick the irony of it all. He tells Nick he honestly doesn't know where Serena is. Nick reminds him Trilling will die. LaCroix comments maybe it will restore the mortality Nick took from her. Nick's not buying it. LaCroix tells Nick it should relieve his guilt, and Nick should let her have her child.

Nick flashes back to 1922, in the living room. He tells Serena he thought she wanted what he had. She asks why would she want an endless darkness. She wanted her freedom and independence, not his or any man's lifestyle. He thought she knew. She figured he would let her raise their child in peace. She begs him to take it back. He looks at her with sad, longing eyes, quite upset over the misunderstanding.

At CERK, Nick tells LaCroix he needs to know the legend. LaCroix comments that Nick enjoys torturing himself, and seems to ask for help too often lately. LaCroix reluctantly relents telling him it's an ancient Celtic monstrosity, warning him he doesn't remember all of it. He tells Nick it talks about a man with power beyond his control, is generic and there's something about the union of a mortal soul. Nick asks where it's going to happen and hears legends don't have zip codes. Nick's annoyed and LaCroix repeats what Serena told Trilling, reminding Nick there's only twenty-eight minutes left. LaCroix sounds honest as he tells Nick that's all he can remember. Nick leaves.

Serena and Trilling park near the CN Tower. She tells him she has waited a long time for this, pulling him closer. She tells him she wants to make it very hot as she passionately kisses him. Their passion heats up as they kiss. He asks where she wants to do it and sees her look at the top of the Tower, grins and calls her kinky.

Schanke's checking out Serena's apartment as he talks with Nick on the phone. He found nothing. The place is like a crypt. Nick's at the construction site where the foreman is angry because she failed to show up for her shift. Nick reminds Schanke they have ten minutes left. He takes to the nearest high spot he can think of. Schanke finds labeled wine bottle in her fridge, commenting it's good wine, not realizing it's blood. Nick's disappointed Serena wasn't there and whooshes off to a new, higher spot, asking Schanke what higher than high means. Serena's not at that spot either. Schanke sees a picture of the CN Tower and asks if the world's tallest freestanding building will do. Nick sees the Tower clear across town, a good hour by car and realizes it's perfect.

Serena and Trilling stand outside a chain link fence as he tells her it's closed. She tells him to hold onto her tight, kiss her and not to let go. He does as requested and she takes off to the sky. LaCroix reminds listeners there's only five minutes left. When Trilling and Serena's kiss breaks off and he realizes they're on top of the tower. She tells Trilling to hurry as she focuses on his neck. He kisses her just as intently.

Nick walks into view, staying back by the wall as he calls her name, telling her to let him go. She reminds Nick she's doing it because of him. He made her the thing she abhors. There's sadness in his eyes as he knows it's partly his fault. She asks how can he deny her her mortality, asking if he's lost his humanity. His eyes are sadder as he doesn't know what to do. She tells him it's almost time and pleads with him to find it within his heart to give her back her life. It's her only chance and must be now.

In the flashback, Serena tells him she knows what he did and pleads with him again and again. In the present, Nick sees in her eyes how much she wants it. The flashback Serena pleads with him and starts crying.

In the present, Nick turns his back on Serena and she returns to Trilling. They're kissing and moments later lay on the floor to make love. Nick's expression is sad as he truly hopes it restores her mortality and gives her the baby she wants, his back to them.

At the chain link fence, Schanke's impatiently awaiting the keys. He tells an officer to go get the security guard and tells the other one to keep a lookout for Knight. Schanke stares up at the tower many feet away.

Nick still has his back turned as he is assaulted by memories of his own passionate lovemaking session with her. The torment shows on his face. The scene quickly cuts between Nick and Serena's passionate lovemaking and the growing torment on his face. His memories are very likely influenced by Serena's making love to Trilling just a couple of feet away. Their vampire connection as father and daughter is a part of it. Nick senses they're done and turns around. He's a little concerned to see her on her knees beside Trilling. She won't face him. He asks if she's all right but she doesn't say anything. He walks over to her and sees she's sadly crying, asking what has she done. Nick looks sad, mostly for her pain.

LaCroix's monologue comments on how the full moon distorts perceptions, clouds judgment and makes fools of everyone. Asking if that's what happened to the lovers, and if the moonbeams blinded them to the truth.

Nick holds Serena, comforting her. She tells him it was only a legend, hearing sometimes in their desperation they'll believe anything, do anything. She apologizes. He tells her it's not her fault, it's his. He pulls away from her slightly, telling her she must go. He will take care of it. She tells him she'll take care of it, and doesn't ever again want help from him. He's hurt. She leaves with a swoosh. LaCroix gives the microphone a kiss and a huge sarcastic grin. Nick looks at the sky wondering where she's going, wishing it had worked for her sake.

Schanke grumbles because they couldn't find the guard. He's surprised as he squints into the darkness and sees Nick being escorted to the fence by the guard. When Nick and Schanke are alone, Schanke asks Nick if he found anything. Nick tells him he learned how easily he can be lead like a fool. If there was anyone up there, they're long gone, a small, pleased grin on his face.

Cohen's there and hears Serena's car was at the base of the Tower with her fingerprints all over the car. Cohen questions Serena disappearing from the Tower with Trilling. Schanke suggests they took the train. She tells him it doesn't explain what happened. She's in search of a general explanation. Schanke tells her he could make something up. She asks what Nick thinks and discovers that they have not talked about it. She's getting frustrated with his not answering her questions and tells him to go home and get some sleep.

Nick's in the loft, the listening to the same song from the bar – Me and My Baby. He is remembering meeting Serena. The 1922 Serena toasts Nick with her wineglass and a smile as the song finishes.

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