Season 2, Episode 22 (aired as episode 25)

Written by Michael Sadowski

Directed by Clay Borris

Guest stars:

Fugitive............................ John Stoneham Sr.

Vera................................. Karen LeBlanc

Motorcycle Cop............... Christina Cox

Reporter........................... Laura Robinson

Alma................................ Tracey Cook

Crazed Gunmen............... Bryan Renfro

Hostage............................ Quyen Hua

Carl.................................. Robert Bockstall

Bobby Matte.................... Jason Blicker

Shooter............................. Randy Butcher

Bus Driver........................ Tony Perri

Alexandra......................... Cynthia Belliveau

Rogers.............................. Michael Simpson

Officer No. 1.................... Angela Moore

Officer No. 2.................... David Blacker

Hellman............................ Kimberly Hule

Schanke chases a perp down an alley. He notices sudden movement high up on the fire escape and aims for the person, ordering them to freeze. He's shocked to see it's Nick, who surrenders. The perp shoots at Schanke and he returns fire, taking down the perp. The perp's about to take another shot at Schanke. Nick shouts to him, knowing if he does not instantly act Schanke will be seriously hurt or killed. Nick flies down and knocks the perp out. Nick turns around and sees the shock on his partner's face. Schanke looks between the ground and the upper level of the fire escape wanting to know how Nick covered that distance almost instantly. Nick looks a bit worried, hoping Schanke does not figure it out, and can handle it if he does.

It is now a crime scene. Schanke is cranky and frustrated as he asks Nick when the police academy started teaching officers how to fly. Nick worriedly looks around, hoping no one's listening. Schanke is whammied into forgetting what he saw. Schanke snaps out of it and angrily yells at Nick for putting himself in the line of fire. Nick tells Schanke that it is a good thing that he is a crack shot, before walking away. He is pleased the whammy stuck.

As they walk to the car Nick asks Schanke if he is okay with the shooting. Schanke tells him he had no choice but to take him down. Nick tells him he means emotionally. Schanke tells him it is a piece of cake. Nick sees the sunrise. Schanke offers to take Nick home, take the car for the day since his in the shop, get it washed and pick Nick up for work. Nick says it sounds good, the whammy's working. He opens the trunk before handing over the keys. Schanke comments he can't be that allergic and a tan will do him good, asking what's wrong with a little sunburn. Nick tells him he doesn't tan or burn, but implodes, not looking at all happy as he climbs into the trunk. Schanke shuts the lid.

Schanke flashes back to Dark Knight, asking Nick why he won't drive a regular car. Nick surprises him with the 1962 Cadillac has more trunk space available than any car made in the last thirty years. Schanke accepts the strange but believable answer.

Back in the present, Schanke gives the closed trunk a strange look then comments about doing what you have to in order to get through the day.

In Natalie's office, Schanke tells Natalie Nick is too weird. He took him home in the trunk. Natalie explains Nick has to protect himself even if means doing some desperate things. She hands Schanke the paperwork for him to sign. He complains. She tells him officer involved shootings always require more paperwork, then asks how he is. He asks if in the years she's known him, did she ever have a feeling he was different, maybe a candidate for the funny farm, or a psycho. Natalie's worried, wondering if he'll figure it out. Schanke comments that Nick seems a little too gallant under fire.

Schanke has another flashback. In Unreality TV M-16 gunfire blasts through the door. Bobby is shot in the leg. Nick tells Schanke to get them out of there and to get backup. Tawny picks up the camera and follows Nick into the room she sees Nick jump over the balcony railing. She runs to the window in time to see Nick grab Morris.

Back in the morgue, Natalie calls out Schanke's name. He rants it is getting quite scary and dangerous because Nick acts as if he has no reason to live or cannot be killed. He does not know how Nick nearly flew in front of him to make the collar. Natalie comments Nick's not that irresponsible. He rants he rides with Nick every night and knows almost nothing about the man he trusts with his life. Natalie tells him to go home and crash, he's had a hard night. She is losing her patience. Schanke tells her he is going to start asking some serious questions about Nick. A very worried Natalie hurries after Schanke anxiously telling him to wait, but is too late.

In the loft, Nick is asleep on the couch when the telephone rings. He blindly searches for it, cuts off the message, leaves it off the hook and shuts off the ringer.

Natalie's still in her office, confused by the click of the message being off and the busy signal she gets upon the redial. She is worried because it is not like him to have the phone and answering machine off. She wonders what's going on.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke cannot reach Nick. Cohen hears Schanke rant that Nick's really starting to bug him, and always has to be the first cop in.

Schanke flashes back to Dark Knight again. He and Nick run to where a hostage is being held, identify themselves and are answered with a hail of bullets. Nick runs across the door way as he kicks it open, surprising Schanke with a detailed report. Nick tells Schanke to stay there while he goes around. Nick rushes around the building and finds the proper upper level window. He pulls the perp through the closed window, controls their fall and drops the perp into a Dumpster.

In the present, Schanke is a little calmer. He tells Cohen he must have worked fifty-two arrests with Nick and Nick's always the first cop there. Cohen nods. She asks if he is okay about the shooting. He tells her he is fine, the guy killed a security guard in cold blood. He's surprised to hear she's been there and knows he's not as tough as he's pretending to be. He tells her not to get all soft because nothing sticks to him. She tells him to see her later when it hits and not to forget the officer involved shooting reports. His expression shows he does not want to face it. She tells him they got an ID on the suspect and sent some officers to get some background and notify the family. Schanke nods and she leaves. An idea hits him and he flashes back to the shooting.

He is hiding behind the dumpster exchanging fire with the perp, who soon falls.

Schanke slips into another flashback to seeing movement on the fire escape, aiming and ordering the person to freeze. Nick surrenders. Schanke is quite surprised, wondering how he got there.

Schanke snaps back to the present and writes John Doe #199 on his clipboard. Under the known associates heading he puts Janette's name.

He flashes back to Partners of the Month. He is sitting at the Raven's bar, a little drunk. Janette finds him interesting and amusing. He tells her that he can really see her and Nick together. He tells her he knows when, drawing a surprised and concerned look from her. He says it was college. She's relieved and tells him it was closer to the renaissance. Schanke looks really confused.

In the daylight, Schanke bangs on the Raven's front door, rings the bell a few times and bangs some more. He wonders why no one is answering. He flashes back to that night when Nick gave him the keys. Schanke remembers the keys and tries them until he finds the one that unlocks the door. He enters calling out hello and Janette's name a few times, as he walks into the club. He comments he thought it was spooky when open.

He flashes back to For I Have Sinned. Schanke enters the Raven, dances with Alma and is seduced by her into the back room where he is completely overwhelmed by her kisses and further seduction. She's about to bite him when Janette sternly calls her name. Alma's not happy but has no choice but to back off. He comes out of the fog Alma had him in and is quite stunned. Janette tells him playing with Alma has fatal consequences. Schanke's inquires if he could have caught something and learns he would have become a permanent member of the nightshift. Schanke's even more freaked out and makes a run for it, Janette stops him, warning him to never ever return to the Raven.

In the present, Schanke's still looking around. He parts the chains, heading for the back hallway, calling out Janette's name. He sees he is in a room with a locked gate off to one side and a small trunk on the other. When he cannot get the lock open, he heads for the trunk. He opens it, looking around when it makes noise. Inside he finds a picture, a paperback. a black and white publicity picture of the Nightcrawler, a small framed picture that doesn't look like Janette. He slips it into his pocket. He finds a black and white picture of Nick, Janette and LaCroix in old-fashioned costumes.

He flashes back to Partners of the Month again. Schanke tells Janette it was college. She's relieved and tells him it was closer to the renaissance.

In the present, what Janette said sinks in. Schanke looks as shocked as when Nick swooped to the ground impossibly fast. Janette heads for him not happy to have her sleep disturbed, clamps her hand on his shoulder scaring the hell out of him. He drops the picture, which she catches with her vampire reflexes. Her features are normal as he faces her. She asks him what he is doing there in a soft growl as she shoves him against the gate. He's terrified and tells her it is about Nick and he's really sorry. She angrily, yet softly, tells him it had better be good.

He finds it hard to believe the people in the picture are their grandparents. She tells him the resemblance is amazing. He mumbles a confirmation. Janette comments on Schanke investigating Nick. He admits he came to her because she and Nick are friends, and their families have history going back over a hundred years. He nervously tells her he is concerned about Nick, something's not right about him, he's weird. She playfully asks about Nick being weird. He asks if she has ever seen Nick do anything bizarre or suicidal, like taking over a city bus.

Schanke flashes back to Fatal Mistake. Nick leaves the Caddy in the middle of traffic to chase and catch a bus. Alexandra slips out of the bus after it comes to a sudden stop. The bus driver angrily yells at them for nearly killing everyone. Nick searches the bus for Alexandra. Schanke threatens the driver with an evening of paperwork if he does not get on the bus and be quiet. Schanke sternly asks Nick what the hell that was.

In the Raven, Schanke tells Janette that Nick was all weird after that and wouldn't talk to him about it. Nick does outlandish things and then ignores him when he asks about it. Janette is mildly concerned and amused. He tells her how they had the perp cornered and Nick just flew right in there. He asks if she knows anything about the Nightcrawler, commenting Nick is a big fan. Janette seems concerned and tries to whammy Schanke into not digging into Nick's affairs. She tells him/whammies him to go back to work and to forget that he was here, then changes it to take the night off because he needs a rest. Schanke repeats needs a rest a few times as it blurs together and he tells her she is under arrest. She is shocked when he starts reading her her rights. He snaps out of it. Both are confused.

Schanke leaves and sees a traffic officer writing him a ticket. She asks him if he parked there and he sounds clueless, lost. After a moment he admits it not totally convincingly. Janette's whammy worked. The officer suspects something's wrong and asks to see his driver's license. Schanke pulls his badge and shows it to her. He is okay until he admits it is not his car. She asks to see the registration, which Schanke cannot find. The officer is losing her patience. He finds an old New York driver's license for Nicholas Forrester and goes back to the hunt. He tells her to let him work on it.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke tells Vera to fax Nick's registration to Traffic because he got a parking ticket in Nick's car. The old picture less license is open on the desk before him. Schanke reads off the license number and lists the expiration date as 1963, telling her to get all the usual stuff, and not tell Nick about any of it. He hangs up. Cohen sees him seriously yawning and hears the report is almost done. She tells him to go home and get some sleep. She leaves. He returns to his investigation of Nick. He sees Janette's name and it triggers a flashback to his visit to the Raven.

Janette is telling him not to probe any further, whammying him. It leads to a flashback of Nick whammying him, telling him he did not see anyone or anything fly. Schanke has another flashback to the shooting, mixed with the two whammies. Janette tells him he needs a rest. Nick tells him he did not see anyone fly and to get the car washed. Schanke sees the perp fall to the ground several times in a row.

Vera approaches and sees he is asleep. She shakes his shoulder, startling him. He says he has to wash the car and forget about flying as he is regaining his bearings. Vera looks at him confused, hearing he's fine. She hands him the paperwork from the archives and tells him to go home, that his wife called. She leaves. Schanke looks through the stapled file and is shocked by the picture on the last page. It is a dead ringer for Nick outside of glasses, a mustache and goatee. Schanke remembers the picture he swiped and holds it up to Nick's. He realizes they match as a couple. He calls Myra to let her know he is fine and something important just came up.

In Natalie's office, she does not look happy. She is worried, as Schanke is quite agitated, ranting that Janette hypnotized him, and Nick did too. She asks why. He tells her it worked, he does not know why, just they made him forget. Natalie tells Schanke to go home. He tells her she does not understand, he's been sleeping for far too long. He tells her he used to overlook stuff and make excuse for Nick, but he is not so sure anymore.

Schanke flashes back to Unreality TV. Tawny questions Schanke about Nick's skin condition. Schanke mentions Nick only works at night, has no family, shies away from social functions, has not bought him a meal, and never seems to eat.

Schanke flashes back to Killer Instinct. Nick's loft is being searched by IA. The sun bed is found, arousing questions why someone with a sun allergy would have a sun bed. Schanke says Nick's eccentric. Another officer finds the bottles of blood, bringing up more questions. Schanke's uneasy, confused, a little disgusted or repulsed.

In the bullpen, Schanke is writing notes on the clipboard when Vera approaches. She sees John Doe's allergic to sunlight, hypnotizes and needs blood. She jokes he is looking for a vampire. Schanke's shock shows, realizing it is exactly what he's looking for.

Schanke has a large stack of books about vampires on his desk, Vampyres: A to Z, The Complete Vampire Guide, The Vampire Mafia: A Worldwide Conspiracy, The Denied by Emily Weiss, Wanted: Undead or Alive. He is in the middle of reading Legends of the Undead by Julian Craig. The book says the vampire can move among mortals but only at night. The sun will incinerate them.

Schanke flashes back to Dying For Fame. Nick is in the passenger seat of the car almost totally covered with fabric or sunglasses. He is teased for taking the ozone thing a little to seriously. Nick anxiously says he's not and asks Schanke to drive.

He flashes back to earlier that night when Schanke comments on Nick riding in the trunk and he is not that allergic to sunlight, asking how a sunburn could hurt. Nick nervously watches the sunrise telling Schanke he does not tan or burn, but implodes.

Schanke reads vampires have tremendous strength and physical prowess.

Schanke flashes back to Last Act. Nick shoves Carl out the window, holding on with only one hand, vamped out and growling. Schanke enters and tells Nick to bring the perp back in. Nick relents, tossing Carl across the room. Carl rants that Nick is a monster. Nick's features are normal again as he angrily tells Schanke to get Carl out of there.

Schanke reads vampires can fly and move faster than the eye can perceive. Schanke flashes back to earlier on the fire escape. Nick lands between Schanke and the perp, knocking out the perp. Schanke reads vampires can persuade through mesmerism. He flashes back to Nick whammying him, Janette whammying him, Schanke ranting to Natalie he remembers they made him forget.

Schanke reads vampires must nourish those skills with ever increasing amounts of fresh blood, making him nervous and scared.

He flashes back to For I Have Sinned. Janette dips her finger into her wineglass and brings the blood-coated fingertip to Nick's face. Schanke enters and looks around. Janette tells Nick to taste it. Nick avoids her fingertip as if it was poison. She tells him he can't deny what he is or that he needs it as she waves her finger under his nose. He grabs her hand and pulls it away. Schanke calls out to Nick, who still has Janette's wrist. Nick playfully bites her wrist, which she likes, then walks away.

Schanke flashes back to Last Act. He sees only a square of something and several wine bottles as the fridge's contents. He asks Nick if he has an alcohol problem, hearing they were gifts and leftovers from parties. He tells them red wine is not supposed to be refrigerated, as they play ignorant.

Schanke flashes back to Killer Instinct. Inside the loft, a female officer asks why Nick has bottles of blood in his fridge. It is confirmed to be blood by the smell. Schanke is uneasy, confused, a little disgusted or repulsed muttering about blood in the fridge.

Schanke shocked by the last batch of flashbacks and what they say about his partner, the vampire. He learns the vampire is basically immortal. They go through time adopting and disposing of identities as easily as mortals change clothing.

Schanke flashes back to The Code. In the bullpen, Nick welcomes Schanke back. Schanke tells Nick he has been a real ass. Nick says they will call it temporary insanity. Schanke asks Nick if he has ever been so full of one life that you want another. Nick doesn't sound or look happy as he tells Schanke he's been there and done that, then walks away.

Schanke flips through the papers and flips past the Social Security card to a picture of Nick on some document, probably a passport. The book tells him vampires change identities, careers and are always searching, always moving. They fear symbols of redemption such as crosses.

Schanke flashes back to Bad Blood. Nick is driving when Hellman shows Nick the cross O'Neal gave her and he wildly swerves, tossing Schanke around in the backseat.

The book tells Schanke vampires form loose associations with other vampires who travel the lonely road through time with them. Schanke flashes back to the picture of Nick, Janette and LaCroix, Janette explaining it is their grandparents. He is not so sure. He reads vampires recruit new members from among their mortal acquaintances. The new vampires often remain loyal to the master vampire, the one who brought them across.

Schanke flashes back to Capital Offense. LaCroix tells his caller no matter how bleak things seem, he can always come to him, to trust him, and he is the Nightcrawler. Schanke asks Nick how he can listen to the creep, hearing it is an acquired taste.

Schanke's shocked. His partner really is a vampire. Schanke has a bunch of quick flashbacks, his face visible between them. For I Have Sinned - Janette dipping her finger into the wineglass of blood and pulling it up. Dying For Fame - Nick all bundled up in the car and Schanke in the driver's seat asking Nick if he has been to a barbecue. Last Act - Nick shoving the murderer out of the hospital window and holding him with one hand. Close Call - Nick swooping down and landing between Schanke and the perp. For I Have Sinned - Alma vamping out and leaning over about to bite Schanke's neck.

In the present, Schanke's hand very quickly goes up to his throat as he checks for bite marks or scars from them. Schanke finds the center drawer locked and picks it. Nick has the same Nightcrawler picture as Janette. Schanke remembers the book said vampires remain loyal to their master. He takes the picture back to his desk and sets the other two pictures next to it, seeing how well the three go together.

Inside the loft, Janette is suddenly behind him. He asks if something's wrong and hears he had better hope not.

Schanke enters CERK nervously calling out to Mr. Nightcrawler. Schanke finds the halls and the broadcasting booth empty He turns to leave and is nearly scared to death by the sudden, silent appearance of LaCroix. His fear shows. Schanke comments on his kind having a habit of sneaking up on people. LaCroix repeats the part about his people suspecting Schanke's figured it out or has very good suspicions of the truth.

In the loft, Janette tells Nick Schanke has made the connection between them and the Nightcrawler somehow. He asks if she has fixed it, hearing she thinks so. Natalie enters telling them there is a problem. Nick tells her he knows, Janette told him. He tells Natalie they will find him and take care of it. They leave. Natalie has a why won't someone tell me confused, puzzled look on her face. She does not like being left out and it shows.

Inside LaCroix' radio booth he starts his nightly monologue, the topic is sharing. Schanke is nervously pacing back and forth. LaCroix turns off the mike and asks Schanke what he wants. Schanke says he is there to talk about Nick, asking if he is a vampire. Then asks LaCroix if he is one. LaCroix asks Schanke what he thinks. Schanke rants about Nick riding in the trunk, unable to go out in the sunlight, being there or gone in an instant like a bat, blood found in his fridge. LaCroix asks, almost hopefully, if it was human. Schanke tells him it was steer. LaCroix groans looking quite disgusted. Schanke agrees. He tells LaCroix Nick says he uses it for painting, Raphael showed him that technique. LaCroix asks what inside of Schanke change to make those things more apparent. Schanke tells LaCroix he had a real bad night last night. LaCroix comments on knowing those well. Schanke tells him he got into a firefight. He had to waste someone, hearing it's an awful thing to waste people. Schanke agrees, telling him he had no choice.

Nick and Janette watch from outside the booth, hidden in the shadows. Schanke tells LaCroix he felt bad afterwards when he learned the guy had a family. LaCroix tells Schanke he wants to know how he felt when he killed. Schanke quickly tells LaCroix it's nothing like that, but LaCroix doesn't believe him. Schanke admits his heart was racing because the guy had a bead on him. Schanke has a quick flashback to the red dot on Schanke from the perp's gun. Schanke admits it would have been the end if Nick had not saved him. There is a quick flashback of Nick knocking the perp out. Everything about Schanke says what an idiot I have been as he relaxes, annoyed with himself and it shows. He admits he's been running around all day sticking his nose into Nick's life when Nick saved his life, adding that he has been a big fool.

LaCroix seems to be using a subtle whammy as he tells Schanke he's tired and has been under tremendous stress, which along with the trauma can wreak havoc with the imagination. Schanke agrees. LaCroix tells Schanke to go home and let Nick be with the only family he has. Schanke asks if Nick's adopted and learns he is. Schanke nervously asks if Nick's not a, unable to say vampire. LaCroix asks Schanke what he honestly thinks. Schanke nervously laughs and thanks LaCroix for talking with him. LaCroix tells him it has been a pleasure meeting him, calling him Don. Schanke tells him to never tell Nick about their chat. LaCroix tells Schanke he asked if Nick was different. He tells Schanke the Nick he knows is very much like Schanke, he doesn't like to kill people. Schanke seems a little reassured. LaCroix is beginning to scare Schanke and give him the creeps. Schanke leaves, not noticing the two vampires hiding in the shadows. Nick gives his master a pleased grin, impressed with how he handled Schanke. LaCroix gives him a small shrug then pulls the curtains, shutting them out.

Inside the bullpen, Natalie is not at all happy she missed Schanke. Cohen says Schanke booked off sick and there has been no word from Nick. Natalie learns Schanke had something he had to do before going home. Cohen asks if there is anything wrong. Natalie tells her she talked to Schanke after the shooting and he seemed weird about it. Cohen admits she noticed the same thing, but he will be okay. Cohen leaves. Natalie quietly says she hopes so, wherever he is and leaves.

Schanke is lovingly washing the Caddy in the bright sun.

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