Season 2, Episode 13 (aired as episode 26)

Written by William Schmidt

Directed by Don McCutcheon

Guest stars:

Dr. Shawna Welsh............... Deborah Wakeham

Barlow.................................. Peter Blais

Amalia.................................. Danielle Brett

Nurse Simmons................... Joyce Gordon

Robyn Flood........................ Moynan King

Michelle Parker.................... Patrushka Sarakula

Erin Devon........................... Alyson Green

Whitney............................... Michelle Moffatt

Security Guard..................... Richard Gira

Inside a maximum-security facility, a man, Peter Barlow, tells his female doctor killing is lovemaking in its purest form. Barlow is shackled hands and feet, the chain connected to the wall preventing movement. He tells her he likes bondage, straining the shackles on his arms, asking if she is around by his comments, and he always lets the woman finish first. That scares Dr. Welsh more than any of his other comments does.

Dr. Shawna Welsh is recording her findings and court recommendations for Peter Barlow. She works for the Laurier Mental Health Clinic.

Barlow's being escorted back to his cell, a guard holding an arm on each side, plus two behind him. Everything is fine until he sees a young woman walking down the hall and rushes her. They pull him off the terrified young woman. He is escorted back to his padded cell where the shackles are removed.

Dr. Welsh comments that Barlow is sane and competent to stand trial because he knows what he did was wrong when he killed two women.

Barlow pulls up a corner of the floor pillows and pulls out a large Manila envelope.

Dr. Welsh comments Barlow is extremely dangerous and a grave risk to society.

Barlow rips open the envelope, pulls out a key and something else, both please him.

Welsh comments that if there is such a thing as a human monster, it is Barlow.

Barlow is dressed in civilian clothes and a baseball hat. He shows some sort of pass or ID at the front desk security and then walks away.

Welsh comments that Barlow must never be allowed to walk free or the consequences will be deadly. She closes the file and shuts off her tape recorder. She does not look happy to have Barlow as a patient.

A young woman is reading Dr. Welsh's book The Road From Despair as the gardener looks at her and she shyly looks back at him. Barlow's walking over the bridge and sees her. She smiles at the harmless looking guy (Barlow) and he smiles back.

Natalie is at a night crime scene, jotting down notes as she examines the body. Schanke is standing next to her until Nick arrives. Schanke gives the bagged book to an uniformed officer for delivery to Artie in Forensics. He approaches Nick, telling him Whitney Davis was the victim, an inpatient, and a Schizophrenic who was committed by her parents for treatment. She was out for a bit of air when Barlow killed her. Natalie approaches them and tells them it looks like Barlow's work. She worked all his other killings and the MO is the same. They will not get anything off the gardening sheers he lifted because they were wiped clean. Schanke grumbles that they were all stabbed to death and it took the task force eleven months to catch Barlow and soon after he's locked up he escapes, taking his time killing Whitney on the way out. Natalie comments he is a psychotic killer and the risk of being caught turns him on. Schanke's disgust shows. Nick comments they should find someone in charge. Schanke tells them they are looking for Dr. Shawna Welsh, author of The Road From Despair. Schanke does not want to go in, commenting he'd rather take care of things here as that place creeps him out. Natalie tells him most of the patients are not dangerously violent, just a little emotionally challenged. Schanke tells him the shrinks creep him out as he walks off. Nick and Natalie share a surprised and confused look.

Nick studies a painting of bedlam, telling Welsh it is an interesting choice for a psychiatrist's office. She tells him it reminds her of how bad things used to be and how much progress has been made. Nick comments it was a horrible place, adding he read about it. She tells him it is tragic about Whitney. She has told them they need better security but there is less money in the budget each year. Nick learns Whitney was not a regular patient of hers, but she did see her from time to time and she was making good progress. Barlow was sent to her for a psychiatric examination for an appeal on his criminal case, and he is the most dangerous mind she has ever seen. Barlow freely admits his guilt and seems to glory in it. He does not do it for the excitement and pleasure, even though he gets a considerable amount from the killing, but seems to do it for the ability to possess someone's whole being.

Nick flashes back to 1535 Italy. A woman lights a torch as she waits for Nick to arrive. He walks over to her, seeing her desire lighting up at the sight of him, takes her in his arms, and makes her feel heavenly as he sinks his fangs into her neck and drinks her blood.

In the present, Dr. Welsh tells him it is all about possession. Barlow told her when someone is near death they have a dazed, confused look in their eyes, and once you see it, you need to see it again and again. It is common with serial killers. Nick's grim, somewhat neutral look shows he knows what she's talking about all too well. Nick asks her how well Barlow knew Whitney, and how well he knew anyone in the hospital. She tells him that with Barlow eye contact is a sexual advance. Barlow's very delusional but knows what he is doing is wrong, which makes him legally sane. She tells him that any one of the hundreds of outpatients just has to be unlucky enough to be noticed by him.

Inside a diner, it is after closing time. The waitress tells Jack to go home and she will finish, she will be fine. He flips on the answering machine and leaves. She changes the radio station to news and misses Dr. Welsh's call to Amber, telling her to call as soon as possible. She senses someone's there and comes back out front a little nervous and scared. She hears the station change. She asks if it's Jack. She turns around and sees Barlow, who tells her hello, calling her Amber, telling her he hates the news. She is terrified and it shows.

There is a blood-curdling scream over the Toronto skyline.

The diner is now a crime scene. Inside, Cohen asks where Dr. Lambert is, hearing she is on her way. The coroner techs just wheeled the gurney in. Amber is lying on the floor, her eyes gazing up in the death stare. Cohen orders no one touches Barlow until they bring him down to the station. Officers do their jobs around the scene. Nick pulls a card from the Laurier Clinic from Amber's purse, commenting on her being a patient there. Schanke comments on Barlow making friends in the nuthouse, hearing he is not too far off. Nick asks to handle things because he wants to try a different angle of getting inside Barlow's mind. Schanke asks how he is going to do that, hearing Nick is going to visit Barlow's doctor again.

Inside Dr. Welsh's office, she is nearly in tears. Nick comforts her. She has trouble staying detached like a good doctor does, but it is hard with Whitney and now Amber dead. Amber was not officially her patient but they talked and she was making great progress. Welsh tells Nick that Amber was helping with her next book. She retrieves a photo album showing it to Nick as she tells him she takes pictures of her patients because the change can be seen in their eyes. Several of the pictures are of Amber during the course of her therapy, including the most recent one and there is a definite change in her, especially in her eyes. She comments Nick wanted to talk about Barlow, pretty much knowing about what. She tells him he wants to get inside Barlow's mind and figure out what makes him tick, telling him how people look for connections with other people, sometimes a platonic friendship is enough and sometimes something more intimate is needed. Nick asks if it's sex and is told it is, and that is good. Orgasm is called the little death, you are a little out of control there and there is a moment of possession.

Nick flashes back to 1535 Italy again. He asks the woman if anyone saw her come out there, even a servant. She tells him no, but her family asks why she is so pale. She was tempted to tell but did not. Nick tells her that if they keep on she will die. They kiss. She tells him she does not care, and that he can kill her. Nick tells Amalia no. She tells him to take what he needs as he kisses her hungrily, then sinks his fangs in and drinks.

Dr. Welsh comments that Barlow kills to possess. Nick tells her she understands and she confirms it. A part of him likes having finally found someone who understands his desires, even if they do not know he has them. She tells him it must be awful to have those desires, that emptiness that's never filled. Nick's expression shows he' knows it all too well, a sadness, longing and loneliness on his face.

The scene cuts back and forth between the present and the flashback as they take turns adding to the description, the other confirming it. There is the aching hunger for physical contact, lust, knowing nothing can satisfy it and it can lead to nothing but murder. Nick thanks her for her help and leaves. She's a little surprised by his quick departure.

Nick is in the Caddy being overwhelmed by Welsh's words and his memory of drinking from Amalia again and again. He pulls over on the edge of control and calls the Raven, tension in his voice as he says he must talk to Janette.

Nick and Janette meet by the edge of the water. He is vamped out as he faces her, telling her he needs her, hearing it has been a long time. She vamps out and pulls him close. He sinks his fangs into her and drinks from her, two rivulets of blood run down her back, her expression showing her ecstasy at having him once again.

Nick is drinking from Amalia. LaCroix watches from the distance, wickedly smiling.

Nick and Janette have separated. She is happy, telling him she likes it when he needs her. His expression shows he feels bad, apologizing for using her. She says she used him, and they have needs just as mortals do.

Nick flashes back to Amalia, as they sit together. He tells her that one night she will not recover and he will lose her, upset about it, and they must never see each other again.

Janette tells Nick he never has to control it around her. He tells her he always has to control it, seeming quite tense. She guides him back to her neck but he pulls away. She caresses his head, telling him it is okay. He looks anything but okay. She asks him to sleep the day with him just like old times. He tells her he has to work and takes off.

Natalie is studying something under her microscope and does not notice Nick until he is next to her saying hi. She is a little startled and it shows. He learns polluted lake water was found in a victim's lungs. Nick mentions Erin Devin. Natalie's startled and asks what he said. Nick repeats the name and she apologizes, telling him she does not know what is happening but she's overwhelmed. Maybe it is the full moon or summer heat. She looks at a file and tells him Erin was sexually assaulted. Nick comments it is like all of Barlow's victims. Natalie tells him it is not true because Whitney's postmortem showed no signs of sexual assault. They are wondering how he had time to kill her but not sexually assault her, which does not make sense, even with the theory he was interrupted before he could do it. The flaw in the theory is he had time to kill her, which is secondary to the possession, making them wonder if Barlow killed Whitney.

Inside the bullpen, Schanke tells Nick Whitney's parents told him she was scheduled to be released next month, but last week she had a relapse and her doctor decided to keep her in the hospital. Nick learns Dr. Elliot Sulman was her doctor as well as Erin Devin's. They find it quite coincidental.

Dr. Welsh tells Robin they are making progress but it will take time. Robin seems like a depressed zombie. Robin lays her head against Welsh's shoulder and is comforted like a mother comforting a child. A moment later Welsh escorts Robin out of the room, closing the door. Welsh leans on her door looking angsty and depressed then heads for her paperwork and tries to concentrate. Nick knocks on her door looking for Dr. Sulman. She tells Nick he is on vacation until next month. Nick asks if that is what delayed Whitney's release. She tells him she and Sulman made the decision. Nick tells her he wanted to talk to Sulman about both women and Barlow. She tells him he does not have time to wait because once he gets into the mind of a serial killer, he will see how predictable he is. Nick asks what she means. Hearing this, Nick will learn that he nor Barlow has control.

Nick flashes back to Italy. He and LaCroix discuss Amalia, who is the daughter of a wealthy wine merchant. He tells Nick the problem is he found a ravishing mortal who loves it when he drinks from her, and if he continues she'll die unless she's brought across, but if she is, he'll never again possess her. Possession is what the vampire is about. They possess by draining mortals of life, so total possession means total destruction of the one they possess, and they are nothing until the kill again. They always kill again. Nick learns it never ends, as LaCroix laughingly tells him it is great.

Dr. Welsh tells Nick they stop.

Nick and Schanke pick up security tapes from a nurse so they can take another look at them. She's about to leave when they ask her to stay because they might need her help. They do not see much on the tape other than Barlow in street clothes, suggesting it was an outside job. Nick has Schanke run the tape again, telling him where to stop it. The woman in the picture is named Michelle Parker and she was released yesterday.

In the Caddy, Schanke asks Nick if he thinks Barlow is that predictable, and has to know all of the patients he came into contact with were being monitored. Nick tells him Barlow knew, but cannot bring himself to break his pattern, which is his weakness. They hope Michelle Parker listens to her messages.

Michelle's at home, hears her message, freaks and is heading for the door when Barlow angrily breaks in, ranting that she has no idea what it took to find her. He grabs her and drags her into the living room, tossing her to the floor as she fights him.

Schanke tells Nick backup is on the way, hoping Nick's hunch is right. Nick hears a woman's scream as the car is going as fast as it can. Nick sees everything through a red filter, brighter than usual but totally red and black.

Michelle escaped but Barlow has her back plastered to the wall. She is terrified and it shows as she asks what he wants from her. He tells her he wants everything she has (not material possessions). She's screaming and throwing everything within reach, and hits him with something, giving her a chance to run into a room with a door. She locks it, keeping her body against it. He asks why she is keeping things from him, telling her they are old friends as he pounds on the door, trying to get in.

Nick and Schanke arrive. He tells Schanke he will go around back. Schanke's a little annoyed, telling the empty car he would maybe he would like to go around back once. Nick runs around back and takes to the sky when the coast is clear.

Inside the apartment, Barlow calls Michelle darling, tells her to let him in while still pounding on the door and shoving it. She is terrified he's going to get in and backs up. Suddenly she feels someone, spins and sees Nick, who holds a finger to his lips, signaling her to be quiet. She is. Nick pulls the door open, knocking Barlow off balance, grabs him, and pins him face first against the wall, hands ready to be cuffed behind his back. Schanke enters ready for trouble and sees Barlow's in custody. Schanke is annoyed and surprised, but not surprised to see Nick has the perp in custody.

Inside the interrogation room, three officers are watching a handcuffed Barlow. Barlow tries to make contact with the female officer but she refuses to look at him.

In the bullpen, Nick asks Cohen if she got a statement from Barlow yet, hearing she and Schanke got nothing because the man makes no sense. She walks away.

Inside the interrogation room, Cohen tells Barlow they are going to try it again. Nick asks if he kills the two women and Barlow admits it, asking if they saw how the nice touch he added by stringing her up in the tree. Barlow asks if they saw the surprised how could you do this to me look on her face, the one you have to have seen or caused to understand it. Nick's expression is a grim stoic mask as he and Barlow have a staring contest.

In the bullpen, Nick tells Cohen and Schanke he does not think Barlow killed Whitney because Natalie found no signs she was tied up. Cohen asks how sure he is. Nick admits both he and Natalie have doubts, but someone is trying awfully hard to make it look like Barlow's work. Cohen asks them who is sick enough to help Barlow escape.

Inside Dr. Welsh's office, Robin has her head in the doctor's lap, her hair being stroked, as she asks why she cannot go home. Welsh tells her she is only doing what's in her best interests, and will not be ready for another couple of weeks. Robin reminds her she has already said that at least three times previously. Dr. Welsh reluctantly tells Robin she will drive her home because she is free to go. Robin smiles.

In the Caddy, Nick and Schanke are discussing if Sulman really is on his way to Nepal, and they have sent a Sherpa to contact him. He was in town when Whitney was killed but not when Erin died. Nick says Erin is Barlow's victim. Schanke asks about the connection, thinking it is a patient, but it could be a shrink. Nick tells him it is not a patient, causing Schanke to comment on a conspiracy. Nick asks what his first priority would be if he was locked up with no way out, wouldn't he help another patient escape? Schanke asks if it could be an orderly or other staff member.

Nick and Schanke are reading Dr. Sulman's files on the two victims, hearing from Nurse Simmonds that he will not like it. They tell her it is a police emergency. They find the release recommendations without any signs of second thoughts, making them wonder if he really was the one who had delayed the releases.

Inside Dr. Welsh's office she almost sounds impatient as she tells Robin it's time for them to go, confirming it's what she wanted as she gestures to the door. Robin is surprised, asking if she means now. Welsh tells her they will go now.

Nick asks Simmonds if there's any log of release schedules and is shown the logbook. Nick flips through it with Schanke looking on. Nick asks if it is normal for so many releases to be countermanded, and if anyone else had so many as Welsh. Simmonds tells them there are, but have been more than usual over the last few months. Nick has her show him them, learning one is Robin Flynn. They head for Robin's room.

The nurse unlocks Robin's room; calling out her name a bit concerned when there is no response. They enter and see she is gone. Simmonds says it is impossible, as is the fact she was given medication at 9:30 because both activities require keys. The candlewick tells them she has not been gone long. Schanke tells her that somehow she got a key.

Nick flashes back to Amalia as she is almost staggering from her weakness as she walks to him. Her heartbeat loudly echoes as she tells him she knew he could not leave her. He tells her she must leave before the passion and obsession consumes them both. She tells him he is her life, ignoring his comments she has a whole lifetime ahead of her. She will not be dissuaded, urging him to drink from her one last time and let her die in his arms. He kisses her then drinks the rest of her blood, as her heartbeat grows quiet, then non-existent.

Nick's snapped out of his flashback by the memory of Welsh's words about possession-obsession and asks if Welsh has a pager. He is told they all do. Nick has her page Welsh. Simmons asks if they are in trouble as Nick and Schanke leave.

Welsh's car pulls away from somewhere dark and nearly deserted looking.

Inside Welsh's office, Schanke asks if Nick thinks she has gone over to the other side and joined the emotionally challenged. Nick plays Welsh's tape about Robin, hearing her comment on the new psychotic behavior. They should more heavily medicate her, start on a more aggressive course of treatment, and rescind her release. Both detectives take it as proof Welsh has lost it. Nick tells Schanke to get the info on Dr. Shawna Welsh's car and put out an APB on it. Nick leaves. He asks the downstairs guard if he has seen Welsh, learning he has not, but the doctors have their own entrance. Nick runs off in that direction.

Welsh's car stops somewhere and both she and Robin get out and walk away.

Nick lands somewhere empty and answers his telephone. It is Schanke with info on Welsh's car. Nick hangs up after Schanke finishes and takes to the sky.

Welsh leads Robin down a path, holding onto her arm, telling her she would like to get to know her better. Robin asks if she wants to be friends. Welsh confirms it.

Nick's flying over the city and hears them.

Robin tells Welsh she is cold and wants to go home. Welsh too quickly tells her no and gives Robin her jacket. She pulls out a capped syringe, telling Robin she cannot let her go. Robin starts to say something and is cut off by Welsh sounding a bit psychotic as she tells Robin she loves her and can't let her go. She pulls the cap off the syringe as it is behind Robin's back.

Nick lands. Robin's scream helps him zero in on them as he takes to the sky again.

Robin screams and runs as Welsh tries to inject her. Nick lands, telling Welsh to let Robin go and put down the syringe. Welsh injects herself. Nick holds her as she falls to the ground, telling him not to get help, that it is better this way. She tells him he knows about Barlow and Whitney, and knows the killing mind well.

Nick flashes back to Amalia, still in his arms, as he is just finished feeding. LaCroix approaches commenting on how they are gorging on the life force one moment and there's silence and emptiness the next. How Nick's already thinking about the next one, where will he find her, will he take her all at once or a little at a time. It's eternal hunger followed by eternal pleasure, asking what could be better. LaCroix tells Nick he will forget Amalia and there will be many more, which he will enjoy. LaCroix takes off. Nick lets go of the body, a sad look on his face.

In the background the bagged body is taken away. In the foreground, Nick tells Natalie that Welsh sprung Barlow to cover her tracks when she killed Whitney using his MO. Natalie's a little confused and asks why. Nick tells her it was so she could totally possess her. Natalie tells him that a psychiatrist taking on the patient's problems is not unheard of, and is probably a hazard of the job. Nick tells her he knows how she felt, not just the loneliness, but the urges to fill the void and the perverse logic of it all. She looks at him, firmly asking if those urges and feelings are things of the past, ones he no longer has. He tries to look confident as he gives her a nod. Once she walks away he does not look as confident, but he is nowhere near as tense as he was with Janette. Schanke walks up to Nick yawning, and tells Nick he is off to bed. Nick gives him the car keys, telling him to take it to the loft and he will pick it up later. Schanke asks Nick where he will be and Nick says he's busy and leaves looking a bit tense.

Nick meets Janette at the same spot as before. She turns when she senses his approach. Nick lands near her and walks up to her. They look deeply, longingly into each other's eyes, no words are necessary, and then they hungrily, passionately kiss.

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