A massive fan campaign brought back the show for a third season. However, they were unaware of the extensive changes this would cause. The show was now a joint production between USA Network and the SciFi channel. USA would show an episode and then it would air on SciFi. Midway through the season USA dropped the show all together and SciFi finished off the season.

During this season, the show lost much of its humor and its spark. Many of the older characters became moody, depressed, cranky, and the whole show was darker. The entire dynamic of the series changed. USA had emphasized the new young characters trying to appeal to the hip crowd, as well as adding in more sex, and trying to make the show more dark and gritty but it seemed to backfire on them. They tried to make the show into what it was never meant to be. The spirit of the older characters seemed to be broken and the new characters never seemed to catch on. There were fans that really liked the new characters, and many of them just now discovering the show. The long time viewers seemed disappointed with the way things had turned out.

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