Season 3, Episode 1

Written by James Parriott

Directed by Geraint Wyn Davies

Guest Cast:

Claire Gibson.....................Tamara Gorski

Vudu..............................Stuart Hughes

Karen.............................Gillian Vanderburgh

Newscaster........................Ola Sturik

Hawkeye...........................Justin Allder

Mountie...........................Thomas Mitchell

Miller............................Karen Waddell

Inka..............................Damon d'Oliveira

Two different scenes are inter-cut with each other. The viewer sees a couple making love, and a guy building something using tiny electronic parts. He puts his device into a musical ballerina figurine. He slips the ballerina into a gift-wrapped box. The gift builder is the guy making love. He gives his lover the gift, telling her she is not to open it until she is in the air.

The Titanic has hit the iceberg and is sinking. People are frantically rushing around trying to escape. A woman tells Nick she caused it and deserves to die, claiming she is the Black Buddha. She is holding a small black carved figurine. Nick drains her.

Nick wakes frightened by his horrible nightmare covered in blood sweat. He touches his forehead and bolts for the fridge. He grabs a bottle of blood and wolfs it down.

Nick watches the news about Dollard being moved to Alberta that evening along with crucial evidence involving a courthouse bombing in Edmonton during the past July. Dollard's the bomber and was arrested in Toronto last week. It is believed he worked alone.

Nick's telephone rings. He turns off the TV before answering it. He lightly tells Schanke to wear his good suit because the press will be at the airport. He is not to worry about his family because Nick will look in on them and make sure they do not need anything. He teases Schanke that he thinks he can survive a week without him. He tells Schanke to call when he gets in. His good mood turns a bit more serious after he hangs up.

Inside Natalie's office, she reminds Nick he has to follow the rules if he wants results. He tells her he does not think it is working. He can barely get down raw hamburger, and it has been four years. She reminds him it is an eye blink. He could not do that much when they first started. She tells him if he really wants a shot at mortality, he has to give it a chance, and not give up on her. Joe Reese calls looking for Nick. Nick knows Reese from Castlefrank and wonders why he is calling. She fills Nick in that he is subbing for Cohen while she and Schanke are out of town. Nick takes the telephone and asks what's up.

Inside the bullpen, Reese wants Nick to keep Tracy safe on his watch. Nick's without a partner for a week and could have been on his way to Edmonton tonight. Schanke would have pulled the job, then changes his mind. Nick comments that Tracy's father is on the Police Commission. Reese says he was not going to bring it up, but if he wants to a permanent Captain's position, he'll need her father's help. It is why Reese assigned the daughter to a hero for the week he's is in charge there, and Tracy Vetter stays in one piece for the next week. Nick does not like his assignment. Reese says if she were not any good, she would still be in blues. Reese approaches the young detective. She is embarrassed to be caught sleeping. She's startled, stands and apologizes, telling them she is more of a day person. Nick and Reese exchange looks. Nick's says I told you so. Reese is not amused, as it seems his info was wrong.

Out in the Caddy, Tracy tells Nick she knows what he is thinking. There is a neon sign warning them to be careful because she's the Commissioner's Daughter.

The gift builder parks where he can watch planes taking off. He sees one take off. Inside, is his lover, giving her speech about the Captain and their flying time.

In the Caddy, Tracy tells Nick she is her own person with her own talents. She wants to be judged on her own merits. Nick helps her finish her sentences, knowing what she is going to say. They both know her father had something to do with her career.

The man's lover is the co-pilot as she is pushing levers in the cockpit.

Tracy asks where they are going. Nick says he thought they would drive around and get acquainted. Tracy is disgusted, thinking he was told to keep her safe. Nick denies it. She comments they are almost at the airport. He says his subconscious must be working over time. The gift builder is lying on the hood of his car, dialing his cell phone as Nick and Tracy pass by, not noticing him. Tracy asks why did not Nick go. He is the one who made the collar. Nick says Schanke made it too. She tells him it was his beating Dollard's car to the end of the block, forcing him to crash. Nick says the guy panicked and he got lucky. Tracy comments he gave up a week in Alberta. Nick says he hates to fly.

The guy pushes a button on his cell telephone. Inside the plane's cockpit, music starts. The pilot asks what it is and the woman smiles, having forgotten about her gift. She picks it up. That Old Black Magic plays as the plane's in a holding pattern.

Tracy says she has heard Nick is allergic to daylight. He confirms it. She asks why he has a convertible. Nick is a little surprised, realizing she is smarter than she lets on.

The guy watches the sky as the co-pilot talks to the tower while holding the ballerina music box. She turns off the music box. The plane explodes into a giant fireball.

Tracy's stunned and horrified. It shows. Nick tells her to call it in. When she does not, he repeats it more urgently. Something hits the ground like a falling star, the explosion is almost as tall as some of the buildings. They stop close to the wreckage, look down the ravine and see lots of small yellow fires dotting the landscape. Nick hears a baby's cry and rushes into the main part of the disaster, Tracy right behind him. Nick finds the baby and tosses aside chunks of wreckage too heavy for a mortal to lift. He finds the baby and hands it to Tracy.

A piece of partially burnt paper catches Nick's attention. He picks it up and his world is shattered. It's Schanke's boarding pass. Nick nearly collapses as he sees Schanke's name, and says his name. Many sirens are heard in the background.

Fire crews put out the fires. Tracy tells Reese how Nick got the baby out. Firefighters, rescue personnel, paramedics all search for survivors. Nick's consoling Natalie as they hold each other tight. She is in a hooded white jumpsuit with her filter mask hanging around her neck. Nick says he should have gone. She tells him he could not, on the verge of tears. He tells her if he had not caught the bomber, or if Dollard had escaped. She says he cannot blame himself.

Nick tells Natalie about the dream Schanke had last week, where he dreamt his own death. Schanke was standing naked at the end of a bowling alley. Myra was holding his ball at the other end of the alley. It makes them momentarily smile.

Reese approaches and tells them he sent someone to the house as soon as they heard. Nick says he has to go see her, but does not know what to say. Reese says the plane went down. Nick tells him about the explosion in the sky they saw. Reese says it could be many things, but cannot assume it is a connection to the bomber. It never makes any sense. Everyone dies one way or another. Nick says he hopes he is right. Natalie briefly touches Nick's arm as he passes by. Reese prevents Tracy from following Nick, offering her a ride back. Natalie returns to rescue work.

Nick flashes back to the Titanic. He is standing on an upper deck, leaning on a railing when a woman approaches him and comments on his kind traveling in such high profile among mortals. She thought they would be more discreet. He pretends ignorance. She tells Nick she knows what he is. He says she should know to stay way. She says she has a fascination with danger and the occult. She scratches her arm with a fingernail, introducing herself as Claire Gibson, offering her arm to him. He is so desperate for human blood he barely gets out Nicholas de Brabant before grabbing her wrist and drinking. It is clear how erotic she finds it. He looks up wanting more, and hears she needs his help.

Nick continues walking through the crash site, devastated and stunned as rescue workers and firefighters move around. Nick heads for his car. The few spectators leave, all but one- the gift builder. He is sipping from his travel mug as he watches Nick drive away.

Nick flashes back to the Titanic. Claire and Nick are in her cabin. She tells him about the Black Buddha. It is a black Kali statue encrusted with jewels. Death and destruction follow anyone who removes it from the Temple of Kahn. Nick asks if the curse bothers her. She says it is why she is traveling on the safest ship afloat, but her time owning it is almost over. She is giving it to Nick. It grants one wish. She explains the miracles each owner has had. She says there must be something he wants more than anything in the world. He tells her there is. She says she adores life and he is her wish. She expects to step off the boat immortal, once they reach New York. The first impact of the iceberg is felt.

Nick snaps back to the present.

Tracy and Reese walk through the crash site. She asks if he thinks both the baby's parents were on board, learning they will know soon enough. She sees a dark haired, thirty-something guy's eyes open an calls out to Reese shocked and horrified that the guy's alive. Reese comes over, squats down and feels for a pulse. He tells Tracy the guy is stone cold. He tells her they have seen too much and to come on. She does not follow and is called again. She almost seems to sense the corpse taking off as soon as her back is turned.

A sign on the front lawn ID's the house as Don and Myra Schanke's. Nick is offering a few last words to Myra.

LaCroix's monologue is about loss. He asks who knows death better, the dying person or those that have seen it many times. He asks Nick if it is grief that is weighing him down or is it his guilt.

Nick is hiding against the wall from the sunlight streaming into the room. He soon closes the blinds, grabs his bottle and wolfs it down.

The bomber is hard at work.

Inside the precinct, Reese and Nick are heatedly discussing the bombing, the fact they are off the case and how there may be an accomplice who wanted Dollard silenced.

Tracy enters the closed area by showing her Police Commission badge. Nick's Metro PD badge is refused. Nick whammies the officer then catches up with Tracy. He comments on her using her father to get in. Tracy tells him she just wanted to see if there was any news about the baby's parents.

Inside the makeshift morgue, Natalie tells them they should not be there. Tracy asks why three pictures are off to the side. Natalie says they have not found those bodies yet. The two women were sitting over the wing and were probably incinerated. The man is J.D. Valdez, a thirty-something guy. Nick sees Schanke and Cohen's pictures and cannot take his eyes off them. Natalie tells a guard they are the last ones. The three leave. Tracy says she dropped her key and is going back in. Nick and Natalie embrace, consoling each other. She is very upset. She comments the Mountie is cute, and it is the only reason she would go back. She asks why would someone do that, then confirms it was a bomb.

Inside, Tracy tells the Mountie she left something and will be a moment. He tells her he will be outside. Once alone, Tracy pulls her gun and tells the corpse she sees rooting through the body parts bag to freeze. He wisecracks they actually say that as he turns around. She orders him to put up his hands. He tells her it will be hard because he lost one in the crash, holding his severed hand in the other. He does put them up. She sees this and passes out.

Inside the loft, Nick and Natalie discuss the Buddha. Nick flashes back to the Titanic as he tells Natalie about it. Claire tells Nick the unsinkable ship is going down as the work of the Buddha. Natalie refuses to believe Nick's explanation he is the Buddha, that he caused the crash by catching Dollard. She tells him it's a rock with big jewels, and cannot believe the nonsense. She is quite upset. She realizes if he did not have it, he would not believe, and his wish would not come true. She is angry when she learns she is Nick's wish, she and their work on the cure. She refuses to believe in magic, angrily commenting mortals have to live in reality and leaves.

Nick flashes back to the Titanic and tells Claire it is not too late to come across. She reminds him of all the deaths there would be on his conscience.

Tracy comes around to find Vachon driving her car. She comments on his hand being reattached and his having her gun. He returns it to her. She learns he is Javier Vachon and he has checked her ID. She holds him at gunpoint as she tells him they are going down to the precinct. He tries to whammy her, telling her they are going to the Salvation Army so he can get some new clothes and then they will say good bye. She tells him he is full of crap. The whammy failed. He offers to tell her something about the crash.

Nick is driving, listening to LaCroix tell him he just has to drop the suitcase of guilt and he is free.

Inside the redecorated Raven, it is now rather tacky and not as busy as it used to be. The new bartender does not know who Janette is. LaCroix ignores Nick's questions about where Janette is. LaCroix tells Nick there is an amateur strip night on Fridays. When Nick keeps asking, LaCroix finally gives in, telling Nick she'd been there twenty years and knew it was time to leave. She sold him the club cheaply and left. He broadcasts from a booth in the back. She does not want to be found, emphasizing Nick is not to look for her. They will meet up again when the time is right. LaCroix suggests Nick consider moving on, especially with all the changes. When one stays too long, they feel alone, lonely, and feel their immortality.

Inside Tracy's apartment, she realizes she can see Vachon in the shower from her full-length mirror. He catches her. She realizes he's J.D. Valdez, but otherwise has no idea what he is. He asks for his shirt and she tosses it to him, telling him she saw him getting away last night. She says she can help. He tells her she cannot help, because she is a cop. She is not to look for him because it is too dangerous. He will find her and tell her about the crash, later. They kiss. He vamps out and is startled when she calls out his name. He thanks her for her help and leaves.

The bomber has many packages finished, identical other than the wrapping paper color.

Nick is studying the tape of the co-pilot and Pearson Tower. Reese tells Nick it is enough. Nick says there's music, and congratulates Reese on being the new Captain. Reese says he wishes it came about a different, happier way. He tells Nick to drop it. The Feds have been all over the tape. Reese asks why Nick is there as he and Tracy have the week off. Nick says he is there to clean out Schanke's desk before the funeral.

The bomber addresses one package to Reese as a congratulatory gift from Commissioner Vetter.

Nick pulls Schanke's Partners of the Month plaque out of Schanke's desk and is overwhelmed by emotions. He cannot continue. He enters Reese's office, hearing Reese promise Tracy will remain safe. Reese hangs up admitting everyone sucks up, it is how the world works. The gift-wrapped box is delivered. Nick resigns, saying it's time to move on, too many changes.

A few minutes later in the bullpen, Reese offers Tracy a chocolate from her dad's gift. Tracy tells him her father hates chocolate. He calls them germ collectors for the mouth. Reese comments she should be off and hears she needs to work. She has found the address for J.D. Valdez, an abandoned church. He realizes she is going there no matter what.

Natalie enters the loft and sees everything but the piano is sheet covered. Nick is playing a sad tune. She's annoyed and comments he was going to move on without saying good bye. He says he has found it works best that way. She asks if he knows how much it hurts to learn that he was leaving from a desk sergeant. She tells him people there love and depend on him. He says he killed his friends. She comments he is running because he is cursed, telling him he is not the Buddha. The real Black Buddha is out there and will kill again, but it will not matter to him because he will be off somewhere, in a new life, and feeling sorry for himself. He tries to talk to her. She says she expected better than that from him, her disappointment clearly showing. She does not know why she came, it's wrong and leaves.

Tracy is exploring the dark, old church, calling out to anyone there. She pulls her gun. The Inka grabs her, pinning her to the wall by her neck. In Spanish, he demands to know where he is, but does not say who he is. Tracy ID's herself and fires into the Inka. She's hocked and terrified. When he vamps out, lifting them into the air, demanding to know where he is before she dies.

Nick's telephone rings. It is Reese, who learns about J.D. Valdez. Nick's looking out the window and sees an explosion at the twenty-third precinct, which is about two blocks away. Nick hears music, learns it is from the candy box. There is a second explosion. Nick scares Reese telling him not to touch it. Reese very nervously tells Nick he has his hand on a piece. Nick tells him not to move, to evacuate the building and call in the bomb squad.

The Inka again demands to know where someone else is.

Nick arrives at the precinct and says to keep the alley clear. He learns three other precincts have been hit, and that the bomb squad is at a fourth. Nick rushes into Reese's office. Reese asks Nick how he got there and hears Nick flew. Reese is momentarily confused, but there are more pressing problems needing immediate attention. Nick tells Reese the bomb squad's tied up and to leave. Reese says it was addressed to him. Nick reminds Reese he has a wife and two kids. Nick whammies Reese into switching places examining it is something he has to do. Nick puts his finger on the bomb and Reese reluctantly leaves, not wanting Nick to die in his place.

The Inka demands to know where Vachon is, in Spanish, still holding Tracy by the throat, above the ground. Tracy says she does not know where Vachon is.

Natalie sees everyone fleeing the building as she tries to enter. Reese stops her and pulls her away. She's scared and worried upon learning Nick's in there with the bomb. She does not want to be dragged away, screaming Nick's name.

Nick takes a deep breath and very quickly jumps through the window. There is an explosion. Natalie is terrified and worried, and she is screaming Nick's name.

At the same time, Vachon explodes through the church window, slamming the Inka against the far wall. Tracy lands on her butt, even more shocked, scared and horrified by what she sees. Vachon rushes to her after the Inka has been staked, metal or wood unknown. Vachon sadly says he wishes he could make her forget. She firmly refuses to forget. He lifts her to her feet.

Nick walks out of the alley. Natalie's the most relieved and runs towards him.

In the loft, the news is on. Natalie asks what he is going to do with the Buddha. He says he is going to dump it into the middle of the ocean. He still believes its magic, but it will not bring Schanke back. He says it is time to get on with his life. Natalie comments on all the expensive jewels, and gets a comment not to tempt him. The news announces the baby's father is an oil worker in Alberta. He just learned of the tragedy on his remote oil platform. Natalie says it will make Tracy happy.

Tracy is unconscious in Vachon's arms as he takes to the sky.

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