Season 3, Episode 2

Written by James Parriott

Directed by Geraint Wyn Davies

Guest Cast:

Vudu............................Stuart Hughes

Newscaster......................Ola Sturik

Miller..........................Karen Waddell

Screed..........................Greg Kramer

Inca............................Damon d'Oliveira

The Angel.......................Joanna Bacalso

Urs.............................Kristin Lehman

Jude Deshnell...................Emmanuelle Chriqui

There is a short recap before moving onto the new material.

Outside the precinct doors, Nick is talking to the press, giving them very little. He says twenty-three died in the bombings, plus the two earlier in the week.

Inside the bullpen, Reese learns Nick barely survived the funeral services. Nick does not know anything more about J.D. Valdez. Reese is searching for Tracy.

The bomber is hard at work building new and larger bombs.

Inside the precinct, Reese is holding a briefing. Forty kilos of Semtex was stolen from a mining operation. Vudu has struck several cities across the country hitting different public service personnel each time. The tune on the stolen music boxes is where he got his name. There is no description of Vudu. After the briefing, Reese rants to Nick he can understand the motive behind a single homicide, but something human is missing from a mass murderer/serial killer. He rants about Hitler being from another planet. Nick mentions Oklahoma City, Nagasaki, among others. Reese says he can understand those. Nick comments Reese might've made the same call and Nick points out everyone has a dark corner, a little bothered by Reese's comments. It is not just voodoo. Reese learns Tracy is nowhere to be found, including her parents house.

Inside Screed's lair, he tells Vachon to whammy her. When Screed learns she will not whammy, he says to kill her. Tracy's tied to a chair and gagged, not at all happy. Screed wants a taste, but Vachon gets defensive. Screed learns the Inka is why Vachon will not keep her at the church.

Nick is exploring the church, and is attacked by the Inka. The Inka's scared by a vamped out Nick, demanding to know who he is.

In Screed's lair, Screed refuses to save Vachon's hide. He tells Vachon he does not know him. Vachon and Tracy are to be gone when he gets back. Tracy yells through the gag to remove it and get her out of the sewer. She has to promise not to scream or yell before he removes the gag. She tells him the sewer is full of diseases she can catch. She asks about the Inka.

The Inka tells Nick he was a soldier in Atahuallpa's army when he met his death in 1531 at the hands of the Spaniard, Javier Vachon. Vachon tells Tracy Pizarro had laid an ambush at Lake Titicaca. He was running a message to an artillery placement in the hills. He thought it would be impossible to defeat the Inka and fellow soldiers. The Inka tells Nick Vachon wore too much armor and could easily defeat him. They fought all day and into the night. Right after they struck their fatal blows, the woman appeared. She heard the courage in their dying hearts and brought them across. Tracy learns it was the most erotic thing Vachon ever experienced, yet was pure. It was as if she was flowing into them. She taught them the ways of the night and taught them to stop senseless killing. Those that value life should live. That morning she let the sun take her. They watched until they had to get out of the light.

Vudu has filled a bag with his new bombs.

Nick's driving while LaCroix comments on how wonderful humans on, going on about all their best features, all their accomplishments, etc. At the end, he says mortals do not delight him.

Vudu puts his bombs around somewhere underground.

Nick enters the sleazier Raven. LaCroix says Nick's staying is predictable. Nick asks LaCroix about Javier Vachon and hears he has lost his sense of humor. LaCroix tells Nick the innocent Urs has run with Vachon and his crew for a long time. Nick and Urs talk off to the side. She tells him Vachon is gone. She is surprised he knows about the Inka, telling him Vachon is always running.

Vachon tells Tracy he was young and Immortal. He did not want to spend eternity tied to his mortal enemy. He woke first, staked the Inka and removed the stake. He should have killed him. The Inka has chased him, but he has always kept one step ahead. Tracy comments that the Inka only wanted him to keep his end of the deal. Vachon says he was young, Immortal and wanted to see the whole world before him. She says she does not think she likes him anymore.

Urs tells Nick Vachon likes to fly on planes because he likes the feel of the engines. Nick tells her the plane blew up and Vachon was the only survivor. He has a friend of Nick's with him and it is best for everyone if she is found. If anything happens to her, Vachon has to deal with him. He asks Urs to help him find Vachon before he runs off again.

Screed enters his lair talking about how he bagged a whole stash of transponders. Nick arrives and Screed is cranky about all the uninvited guests. Nick pins Vachon to the wall demanding to know where Tracy is, and what he did to her. Vachon says he told her all he knew about the crash and let her go. Screed says he told Vachon to kill her, asking Nick if he is an Enforcer. Nick's vamped out glare silences Screed, after Screed apologizes. Tracy's a resistor and only knows about Vachon, Screed and the Inka. Nick warns Vachon she is his responsibility. Others of their kind will kill her if they find out. Nick tells Vachon he can run, asking if he is going to run from her like the Inka. Vachon is terrified. Nick darkly says Nick is running from the Inka is between Vachon and his conscience. The Inka is alive at the church. Vachon is only alive because he let Tracy go. What happens to Tracy is his (Nick's) business. Eventually he will have to stop and live up to his promise because eternity is a long time to run.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy plops into her chair. Reese approaches and tells her how close he was to putting an APB out on her. He learns she was with an informant all night and is still in the same clothes. Natalie's subtly listening in. Tracy tells Reese her informant told her he saw Karen Tomlinson, the co-pilot, carry a wrapped present through security without it being checked and board her plane. Reese tells her to call her worried father. He leaves when she asks if she can have a moment to think. She is quite shook up and very disturbed by her night.

Natalie approaches and asks Tracy if she is okay. Tracy asks if she has ever had something incredible and wonderful happen that turned out to be very disappointing. She breaks into tears. Natalie tells her it is okay as she consoles her with a hand on her back.

Inside the loft, Natalie learns why Tracy is so upset. She tells Nick there is trouble because Tracy's hooked on him and feeling like she did when Nick was about to move on because of the Buddha. She picks up the Buddha and Nick tries to take it from her. After a few moments, she lets him take the statue. She asks if the song playing is Vudu's theme song, wanting to know if the song picked him or if it was just on the music boxes he stole. When Natalie asks why it matters, he tells her that he wants a motive, a reason why Schanke and Cohen died. He wants something other than the Buddha.

Vudu is putting together another ballerina bomb while a couple of blue metallic, property of Toronto, transponder boxes are stacked beside him.

In the interview room, Karen's sister tells them Karen liked how she had a guy in each city. Toronto Jerry was good looking and good in bed. In the observation room, Nick tells Tracy they cannot put that on a description sheet. The fact Karen and Jerry never went out in public does not help. The airline crew always stayed at the airport hotel. Tracy says she got as much out of her informant as possible. Nick tells her some relationships are not meant to be, which confuses her. She chuckles telling him she thinks the informant is a dead end, telling him he would not understand.

Inside the Raven, Vachon tells Urs he will not be back, after all the trouble he has had getting out. When Urs says she likes it there, Vachon tells her to stay because they are no longer running as a crew. She is surprised he is going to get on another plane and tells him the Inka will find him again.

In the precinct, Reese tells his officers the best he can do is put out a description/picture of her. Tracy comments Vudu's setting up his third bomb, against the police. Reese says they threw out the three bomb theory. Nick says maybe too soon. Tracy comments they assume he bombed the courthouse with Dollard. Nick comments Vudu blew up the plane because he was angry, or wanted to silence Dollard. Tracy comments Dollard was making a political statement, which happened to mess up Vudu's pattern of three. Nick refuses to believe that is why Schanke and Cohen were killed. Tracy points out Dollard messed up Vudu's serial bombing pattern and died for it. Each of the three bombs is bigger than the last and all three are set within a week. There was one bomb on the plane, ten sent to the police. They are afraid of how much bigger the next bomb will be, and knowing they only have forty-eight hours to find Vudu.

Vudu packs up the ballerina in a gift box tucked inside a shopping bag.

Tracy is enjoying a cup of morning coffee and Vudu runs into her. He introduces himself as Gary Bonds. They discuss working the night shift, and how they need coffee to make it home.

Inside Screed's lair, he's not happy to see Vachon and tells him he is not staying, not hiding there from the Inka. Screed goes to sleep, giving up upon throwing Vachon out.

LaCroix's monologue inquires about trying to probe a murderer's mind. Nick will not get any help from him, or a look inside his mind.

In the loft, Nick is surrounded by files, working on his notebook computer, trying to find something useful during the day.

Inside the precinct, Natalie tells Nick cause of death was a bomb and comments he is in early. He says he is trying to make sense of the psych profile. He is trying to think like Schanke. Natalie says Schanke would see Vudu's attacking authority and uses women as carriers.

Vachon and Vudu have breakfast together while Vachon watches from across the street. Vudu leaves behind the shopping bag. Tracy sees it and calls out to him.

Tracy enters the bullpen with the bag, in a great mood. Natalie teases her about her huge mood swings, asking why she is so happy. Tracy tells Natalie she met a great, normal guy, who is employed and works nights. She is to call when she gets off work so they can have breakfast. Tracy's mom is okay, but dad is a killer when it comes to her dates. Tracy sees Nick and learns they have twenty hours to catch Vudu. The Inka arrives and Nick is given his pocket watch by Miller, who says he wants to talk with him. Tracy nervously takes the watch, tells Nick she will handle it and approaches the Inka. Natalie learns the Inka is a vampire and comments that things are getting very complicated.

Reese calls Nick and Tracy. They follow him into another room, hearing a swap meet dealer bought what he thought was a cellular phone transponder from a homeless guy living in the sewers. They see it taken apart on the table. It contains half a kilo of Semtex. The detonator matches Vudu's signature. Vudu has enough Semtex to make sixty bombs, enough to level the city. Panic starts. They are evacuating the downtown and will search everywhere, even underground.

Gary is booking a flight out of town, being watched by Vachon. Tracy calls Gary and tells him about the bombs. He says he just finished a property inspection and describes the boxes, when asked if he has seen them. She is happy he will show her where they are. They are to meet at St. Patrick's Station. She is to bring his shopping bag. Vachon's overheard everything and knows Gary is lying. He follows Gary out of the airline ticket agency.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy tells Reese there are some bombs under St. Patrick's station. She is on her way. Reese tells her to wait for the bomb squad. She leaves with the shopping bag.

In Screed's lair, he is not happy everyone seems to know where he lives. He tells Nick the transponders are his, learning the goo inside is a bomb, which can level a city block. Nick asks him to help quickly find as many bombs as possible. Screed agrees to for $200 a bomb. They set off at vamp speed through the tunnels.

Vachon stops Vudu from catching a cab to the airport, reminding Vudu of their meeting. Vudu bolts.

Nick and Screed are gathering bombs. Screed has found ten.

At St. Patrick's station, Tracy gets out of her car, while Vudu watches, crouched in the shadows. Vachon flies and slams him into the wall. Vudu says Vachon's late and shoots him several times at point blank range. Vachon falls to the ground. Vudu activates the music box, startling and scaring Tracy.

Inside the precinct, Nick learns via cell phone, Tracy's at St. Patrick's and won't leave. The bomb squad's on the way. Reese worriedly continues, with the other bombs. Nick has Reese relay he's around the corner and will be there in less than a minute. Screed refuses to help now that the detonator is set, until Nick offers $500 per bomb. Nick races off at vamp speed. The Inka's there. He and Screed race off in different directions.

Tracy is talking with Reese over their cell phones. Tracy suggests driving away with the bomb. Reese orders and begs Tracy to leave the bomb and drive away. She says it is her fault. She should have realized she was the perfect target, female cop and the Commissioner's daughter. Reese tells her she's a good cop and has handled herself like a pro this difficult week. He begs her to leave, quite worried. She tells him she's alone and is driving it into the lake. Vudu arrives. Tracy informs Reese before Vudu takes her telephone. He walks away, forcing her to accompany him, at gunpoint. He makes her open the box, telling her there is no way to stop it. They will just wait for the mainspring to wind down. He made it for her. Unknown to him, Vachon is still alive and nearby. There are forty bombs, which will nicely level the city. Vudu sees Vachon approach and fires at him. Vachon grabs Vudu and drains him as Tracy protests. Nick arrives as Vachon drops Vudu's body and wipes his mouth. Tracy tells Nick which is Vudu, and that Vachon saved her life. The Inka's with Nick. Nick says Vudu could have disarmed it. Tracy tells Nick it cannot be disarmed, has a main spring of five minutes and a range of ten miles. It's winding down. Nick tells them to get to safety. Vachon hands his vampire brother the bomb. Nick yells for Tracy to get out. Tracy tells him he does not understand. The Inka flies off to Mother Moon with the bomb. Vudu sings part of the song. Nick asks Vudu to explain and Vudu sings about the music having him under a spell then dies. The bomb goes off high in the sky. Vachon whammies Nick, telling him what he is to remember and what he is to forget. Nick is smirking, his back to Tracy.

Inside Vachon's church, he is playing his guitar when Tracy arrives. She says she thought he would be there, when Screed's place was empty. Vachon tells her Screed runs off to Las Vegas whenever he gets some money, but will return. She says Nick does not remember anything. She tells Vachon she told Nick the Inka saved her from Vudu, she ran into the subway station and when she came out, Vudu was dead. The Inka and the detonator were gone. The police are chalking it up to weird luck. They comment on weirder things happening. Both say at the same time, they are glad the other is staying.

At Schanke's grave, Natalie comments that mortality must be the hardest part. Nick lays Schanke's Partners of the Month plaque against the headstone, telling her he never gests used to it. She lays flowers on his grave, asking if it had been an out of work cop or an anti-government lunatic, it would have made more sense. He agrees it would not have helped. They agree it never should have happened. Schanke and Cohen deserve to be there, not gone without an explanation.

LaCroix's monologue is about bombers killing people and he does not know why. People kill each other.

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