Season 3, episode 3

Written by Roy Sallows

Directed by Jon Cassar

Guest Cast:

Bruce...........................Callum Keith Rennie

Stu.............................Michael Filipowich

Cass............................Mitra Lovett

JT.............................Brad Austin

Greg............................Jeff Wood

Claude..........................Jacques Tourangeau

Leo.............................Tom Costain

Marie-Claire....................M.J. Lefebryre

Giroux..........................Simon Barry

Vicki...........................Gabrielle Allan

Debbie..........................Chantal Quesnel

Anne Meyers <Kypreos>...........Starvoula Logothettis

In a weird, sleazy club with curtains as room dividers, Cass tells JT she does not want to do business, but she wants pleasure. Bruce breaks up a potential homicide between JT and Greg. Stu calls their attention to women fighting onstage.

A woman screams. The men run back into the room, JT in the lead. They find Cass dead. Bruce seems a bit suspicious of JT.

Nick and Tracy arrive and approach Natalie, who is finishing her exam. The victim had her throat slashed, her blouse was wadded up in the wound, absorbing most of the blood. She was raped. The bruising around her mouth s how a hand was pressed there as the rapist could not have her calling out and attracting attention. Tracy is keeping back as Nick has squatted down beside the body. Cass was there with friends. It was a single, non-hesitating slice with a sharp knife. Tracy asks if it is Rigor Mortis. Natalie explains it is not. Sometimes when there is a violent struggle before death, the lactic acid builds up in the muscles causing them to seize up. Tracy asks if Natalie has a blood type for her, and is told that the Phosphate test only shows the presence of sperm. She has to do a cross match at the lab to get a blood type.

Tracy tells Nick they should start questioning witnesses. Tracy recognizes someone. Nick notices. He retrieves Bruce, just as Bruce is about to hit a cop. Bruce struggles with Nick all the way. He tells Nick he is stronger than he looks. Bruce calls Tracy Button before they happily embrace. Bruce introduces himself to Nick as Bruce Spencer from Special Affairs. He is undercover with a drug ring. They import the drugs, cocaine, heroin, and tweakers, among others. They cut and sell the drugs to kids in the club. All of the major players are presently in the club. He thanks Nick for not blowing his cover. The murdered girl was one of them. He has been tracking the ring for seven months, including their supply routes. They know all he knows about the murder. Bruce says that JT Gary did it. He was always coming onto Cass but she would not give him the time of day. He went after what she refused to give him. There is no evidence to support this. Bruce suggests slapping JT around. Nick disagrees, needing something that will hold up in court. The two men start verbally fighting. Tracy steps in before it gets too bad. Nick calls her Button, which she seems to hate.

Inside the bullpen, both Nick and Tracy are in a bad mood. She keeps putting different wrong forms into her typewriter and cannot find the correct form. She asks Nick what happened; telling him Bruce is a good cop with a dangerous job. One where he will die if anyone knows he is a cop. She has known Bruce for eighteen years.

Nick tells Reese that there was an undercover cop with the gang. Neither are pleased it is Bruce Spencer. Neither likes Bruce. Nick learns Commissioner Vetter has cleaned up his official record, and has been doing so since Bruce was a rookie. Bruce has a good arrest record, but there is also a list of charges against him, which were covered up by Tracy's dad. Nick comments that Bruce says JT Gary killed Cass, but has no proof.

Nick flashes back to 1942 Lyon, France, during World War II. Nick returns to the resistance quarters with a box of high quality blasting caps and hears he will make a great thief. Leo, a young man, returns. He is shot, bleeding, in pain and dying. He tells them Nick and Claude that it was a Gestapo trap. He was the only one to escape and dies. Nick realizes there is a traitor among them.

Inside Natalie's office, Tracy is stunned to learn Cass Purcell was ten weeks pregnant and the OB/GYN told Natalie that JT Gary was the father. Tracy and Nick are surprised.

Up on a building's roof, Bruce coaxes JT to the roof's edge and pushes him partly over the ledge demanding to know why JT killed Cass as he handcuffs JT. Bruce denies being a cop.

Nick and Tracy arrive in the Caddy. She comments that Bruce made a mistake. Nick reminds her Bruce said Cass would not let JT touch her and it takes a lot of touching to get pregnant. Nick hears Bruce angrily ask JT why he killed Cass. Nick tells Tracy JT's on the roof. She is to take the elevator while he takes the fire escape.

JT threatens to sue Bruce for police brutality and tells Bruce to keep hitting him, insulting him. He says Bruce will do more time than he will. Bruce does not like the answer. Nick lands on the roof a second before Bruce shoves JT off the roof. Bruce seems a little disturbed afterwards. Nick remains hidden behind a sign.

Tracy arrives, calls out to a panicking Bruce. He pretends to freak out. Nick watches from his hiding place. Bruce tells her JT bolted once handcuffed and ran to the roof. Bruce tried to stop him, but could not. Tracy looks down at the corpse. She comforts Bruce.

Inside a precinct briefing room, Bruce explains to either IA or a shooting review board that he went to JT's to get info to pass along to Detective Vetter. JT looked like he was about to run, figuring he would be nailed for the rape and murder. He broke cover and arrested JT. He handcuffed JT, who bolted for the roof as Bruce was reading JT his rights. Bruce describes JT's running up the stairs, him in pursuit. He tried to stop JT, but it was too late. Nick walks out. Tracy gives Bruce a small grin before leaving.

In the bullpen, Tracy asks why Nick is so negative about Bruce. Nick asks why Bruce let a handcuffed suspect get away. Tracy defends Bruce, commenting on how upset he was. Nick snarkily comments Bruce is her big brother. Reese tells them they are wanted at the ME's office.

Natalie, Nick and Tracy walk into the morgue cooler, where there are three bodies. Natalie shows them JT's body as she tells them the blood type shows he could be the baby's father. Tracy asks if that is Natalie's big news. Natalie gets a little cranky as she comments John Thomas Gary could be the killer but his B positive blood type isn't even close to that of the rapist's AB negative, so he's not the rapist. Tracy asks Natalie if she could be wrong. Natalie tells Tracy that is as close to certain as medicine gets. Tracy is stunned that Bruce was wrong.

The single slash across Cass' throat severed her trachea, right carotid and jugular. Death was due to blood loss. A very sharp fielding knife, scalpel or straight razor could have done it. Natalie starts to explain how the killer held Cass, when she decides it would be easier to show and tell, using Tracy as her demo dummy. The guy held Cass' chin up and the deepest cut was on the right side showing he was a lefty. People rarely cut with their weak hand. Tracy is disturbed by the demonstration. Natalie comments she would not be surprised if the killer had done it before. They all know he will kill again if not stopped.

Nick flashes back to 1942 Lyon, France. He and Claude are trying to figure out who the traitor is. Each member of the group is suspected then discounted, including the two of them. Leo was Marie-Claire's brother. Both Nick and Claude are discounted as suspects when they share the gun, as a guilty man would keep it. Giroux is the only likely suspect as he was in trouble and a liar before the war. They realize they must be certain. They decide to say one lived when the group returns. Giroux will run, betraying himself. The group enters and hears the lie. Marie-Claire looks shocked and something else. They all look at Giroux who pulls his weapon. He denies that he is a traitor, and is winded by Claude. Marie-Claire learns her brother, Leo is dead, and Claude lied. Claude orders Giroux tied up.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy is searching the files for a match. Her first candidate likes drugs and razors. However, this is shot down when Nick tells her that the guy has been in prison since 1991.

Nick walks over to Reese as construction noise is heard in the background. Nick comments JT had no reason to bolt for the roof, knowing he was not the rapist. They should not fully believe everything Bruce says, even if Tracy's statement backs up Bruce's account. Reese asks if Nick saw anything and hears he did not. He cannot prove anything, even with all of Bruce's lies. Reese learned from the Commissioner Bruce is in the middle of a huge drug case, which the Commissioner does not want to see blown. Nick comments if Bruce is the killer, they have to bring him in. Reese asks Nick what Tracy thinks of Bruce and hears she thinks Bruce walks with the angels. Tracy enters and informs them she checked the similar crime files going back eight years. Everyone is either dead or in jail. Bruce arrives, says he's done with his statement, checked in with his Captain and wants to know if there is anything Reese needs before he hits the streets. He comments the fast life is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Tracy is the only one smiling, which quickly fades as she sees Nick and Reese's expressions.

Bruce calls Stu and lets him know the police questioned him but he did not tell them anything. It is now back to business as usual. He hangs up and turns around, gun aimed at Nick's face. Nick is undisturbed, a dark, angry look on his face. Bruce lowers his gun, telling Nick he was just reassuring his people as he drinks from a flask. Nick comments people with a guilty conscience tend to get nervous. Bruce offers to use Nick and Tracy as backup. Nick walks away and ignores a desperate Bruce mentioning that there will be commendations.

On the streets, Tracy is not happy to learn Nick did not get anything so they have to question more hookers tomorrow night. He is amused to learn she is embarrassed by some of the things they said to her when they thought she was interested in them. Nick welcomes her to the streets. He starts to say something about Bruce and hears Tracy tell him she grew up with Bruce. Right out of the Academy, Bruce was in vice busting hookers and a tip from one lead to the take down of a white slavery ring. Tracy's father prosecuted them. She says Bruce made it all happen and it was like Police Gazette. Her father was impressed by Bruce. Nick comments that her father has been covering for Bruce since then. Tracy is frustrated as she asks about the cover up, not knowing about it. She comments that Nick doesn't let up and just because Bruce was wrong about JT doesn't mean his every move should be questioned. She points out everyone makes mistakes. Nick tells her he did not want another partner after Schanke. He tells her she is a good cop with good instincts. She needs to look at Bruce with those same instincts. She is torn between her friend and the truth. It very clearly shows. She asks about the cover up and learns Bruce is rather violent. She tells Nick she thought that the late night talks between Bruce and her father were them comparing notes. She asks Nick if he knows what it is like to doubt someone you've trusted your whole life.

Nick flashes back to Lyon, France. Giroux's being beaten by Claude, who tells Nick to take over and kill Giroux if he moves. Giroux says Nick should know he is not a traitor because they have fought together. Everyone has mistakes in their past. Here he was not Giroux the liar, but Giroux the fighter. He asks Nick if he was a hero before the war, as he loosens the rope around his wrists. Marie-Claire enters and smashes Nick over the head with a wine bottle. Giroux frees himself and takes her hostage, telling them he's innocent, but they will still kill him. The blade of his knife digs into the side of her neck. Nick vamps out telling Giroux that traitors die. Marie-Claire's released. Giroux charges Nick asking what is he. Nick disarms Giroux and breaks his neck. The others open the door and see Giroux in a headlock.

In the present, Tracy approaches her car and gets in. She is surprised to see Bruce in the backseat. He explains he did not want anyone to see them together. He asks her to get Nick to back off because Nick is putting Bruce's life in danger. Tracy tells Bruce Nick is only investigating a murder. Bruce tells her he is very close to bringing down a drug cartel. If she talks to Nick, he will write her into his report, which will make her look good to her dad. She tells him if she impresses her father, it will be for something she has done. She does not like him calling her Button. He comments it is nice to have friends and leaves when she is silent.

Bruce breaks into Vicki's apartment and grabs Vicki by the hair, tossing her onto the couch. His gun's in her face as he questions Vicki about a shipment of laptop computers from Quebec City, who have been gutted and filled with packets of a white powdery drug. She angrily tells him she does not know anything. Bruce raises the hand holding the gun to hit her and is stunned by the barrel of a gun pressed against the back of his neck. He hears he is not to even contemplate it. He is surprised to see it is Tracy, and she's deadly serious. She tells Vicki she can press charges, and tells Bruce to shut up when he says he did not hurt Vicki. He is across the room. She hands Vicki her card and the cops leave.

In daylight outside, Tracy angrily goes off on Bruce about how everything she has heard about him is true. He learns she was following him to try to prove it was all a lie, but it only confirmed he is violent. He tells her he has the best arrest record. You have to slap around the slime. Tracy disagrees. He tells her it is what the bad guys expect. She tells him it is what they get. He starts to say something else and leaves.

After sunset in Natalie's office, she tells Nick they ran a full tox screen on the semen and the rapist is a sick man. Nick jokes they did not need a test to tell them that. She tells him they found strychnine in the sperm sample. Nick is surprised.

Tracy meets Nick at his car. Nick informs her the rapist had strychnine in his blood. She comments it is a poison. Nick tells her some heavy users cut their drugs with it because it makes the heart race and ups the rush, which means a certain kind of girl.

Nick questions a prostitute, learning guys who like sharps like leather as well. Lisa and Anne are two hookers who like to up the danger with strychnine. Tracy cannot seem to get anyone to talk to her. She sees Bruce hiding around the side of a building. He gets her attention.

Bruce tells Tracy he thought about it and she might be right. He might be using a little too much muscle. He did not like the way she was looking at him earlier, so he is going to try it her way. She tells him it is the right way, but he is not sure. When she gives him the latest news on the case, he thanks her and bolts.

Tracy learns Nick got a few names and a place to look. She hopes it leads them to the right person this time.

Nick flashes back to Lyon, France. Claude tells Nick he too would have killed Giroux. They are again as safe as they can be. Nick sees Marie-Claire leaving a Nazi's apartment, kissing him. After she leaves, Nick drains the Nazi. Marie-Claire has been whammied. LaCroix taunts Nick about killing only the guilty, choking the life out of an innocent man. He taunts Nick into draining Marie-Claire. Once she's dead, LaCroix taunts Nick maybe she was sleeping with the enemy to gain info, but they will never know now. LaCroix leaves. Nick wonders if LaCroix was right and regrets his actions.

Nick and Tracy knock on Lisa's door, but she is not home. They move onto Anne's door.

Anne is on the telephone, giving her customer what he wants. She tells him she has to go. If he does not let her, she will never spank him again. Bruce cuts them off by grabbing the telephone. She tells him to get out. She complains Bruce crashed her best customer. Bruce demands to know where a guy is. She refuses to cooperate until he shoves a gun in her face. She denies knowing where he is. Stu comes out of another room. Both men are surprised by the other's presence. She tells Stu Bruce is a cop. Bruce reminds Stu he killed Cass and is going to die. Stu's scared and claims it was an accident. She was fighting him and he did not know what else to do. The woman moves, distracting Bruce. Stu tells Bruce he is getting soft, which is bad news for a cop. He smashes Bruce over the head with a vase. She tries to prevent murder, and is slammed against the wall by Stu. He runs his straight razor lightly down her chin and stops at her throat. She begs him not to kill her.

Tracy and Nick enter. Stu grabs Tracy and holds the straight razor against her throat. Nick aims at Stu, who threatens to slit Tracy's throat unless he disarms. Nick puts away his gun, telling Stu no one has to get hurt. Tracy spins out of Stu's grip and pins his arm behind his back. Nick takes over, holding Stu in a chokehold before tossing him to the floor and checks on Tracy. She is shook up, but okay. Bruce's holding Stu's head against the floor and presses the muzzle of the cocked gun into Stu's forehead. Stu begs them not to let Bruce kill him. Tracy both tells and begs Bruce not to kill Stu. Eventually her voice sinks in. He looks at her and sees her expression. He regains control and lets go of Stu. He tells Stu he is under arrest for Cass' murder. Tracy is very relieved.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy is depressed. Nick says he is sorry, but it is the only way the law can work. He leaves. Tracy enters an interview room and tells Bruce that Vicki gave them the final piece and they took the Cartel down. Bruce is pleased. She tells him they are charging him with JT's murder. He's not surprised and tells her she was wrong. He tried it her way and she nearly died. He should have killed JT when he had the chance. Sometimes you have to use force. The bad guys won because he is locked up and the bad guys are out there. He tells her if you live by the rules you are eaten up. He says he may play outside the law, but it is justice. Her back is to him as she tells him it is murder.

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