Season 3, Episode 4

Written by Gillian Horvath

Directed by Allan Kroeker

Guest Cast:

Jess Nevins......................... Denis LaCroix

Marian Blackwing.................... Michelle Thrush

Gary Blackwing...................... Jack Burning

Young Gary Blackwing................ Glen Gould

Reporter............................ Paula Barrett

Judge Beatrice Payne................ Victoria Mitchell

Mark Buckwater...................... Peter Kelly Gaudreault

Roger Bland......................... Jim York

Security Guard...................... Colm Magner

An older Native American is chanting in front of a painting. A young man and woman meet in a forest. She seems lost and searching when they meet. He tries to hand her a wooden staff. A woman is restlessly asleep in her bed. In the forest she asks if the young man before her is her grandfather. His throat is slit, but it is the older man who is killed. It is mirrored in the forest. The woman wakes up terrified, calling out for her grandfather. He lies dead on the floor in both the spirit plane and reality.

Tracy is getting ready for work as she watches the news. There is a protest over the Robinson mega mall. She is surprised to see Vachon telling the reporter the Mississauga land claim is valid. He does not have proof, but believes the claim will be proven valid.

At the crime scene, the victim is Gary Blackwing. He was part of the land claim group, who says the mall is being built on their land and they want a share in the mall. Natalie believes the obsidian ceremonial knife missing from the pair is the likely murder weapon. Nick is shocked when he touches it and has to cover it with a static electricity excuse when Tracy arrives. Tracy tells them it's a Raven knife and tells them the history behind it. They look at her curious until they learn she was a Girl Guide. Nick is holding his shocked hand.

Nick and Tracy go off to question Gary's friend, Jess Nevins. Nevins comments on the land being theirs and they need the jobs the mall would provide. They only want their fair share. Tracy asks if Gary was a medicine man, and why he was killed with a ceremonial Raven knife. Nevins tells her Gary walked the spirit plane, but was down to earth in business matters and his people. The knife was handy. He came down from the reservation to say with Gary because of tomorrow's hearing. Gary had the original surveyor's letter and was going to bring it to the meeting. He did not trust anyone so he kept the document's location a secret.

Marian Blackwing arrives at the murder scene all freaked out. She is there and no one called her. She explains she saw it on the spirit walk. Nick and Tracy are a little suspicious. Nick touches her and she sees glimpses of his true nature. Both are startled and scared as he pulls away.

Inside the interview room, Jess explains Gary was keeper of the old ways among their people. Marian had his gift. She says she never felt anything before tonight. She describes what she saw. One is forever young on the spirit plane. Jess translates what she is saying. Gary tried to give a stick to Marian, which means he was trying to give her his power.

Reese and Natalie watch from the observation room. He does not buy it. Natalie explains psychic connections can occur between very close relatives. It is not admissible in court.

In the bullpen, Tracy is asking if Marian could do a ceremony and ask her grandfather who killed him. Jess tells Tracy they need to go. Once Tracy leaves, Jess learns Marian still sees with Gary's eyes. She sees darkness trying to smother the light trying to escape from inside Nick. Nick approaches to thank them. When he and Marian shake hands, she puts her hand on his cheek and sees more of the darkness within him. Marian's scared and pulls away. Nick is startled and uncertain. Jess tells Nick that Marian can heal him. She can take away the darkness. After Jess and Marian leave, Tracy teases Nick that Marian has a crush on him.

Nick is out driving when he sees Marian on the spirit plane. It is so vivid he must pull over. He's shaken up and takes to the sky. Marian is restlessly asleep. She finds a blanket-covered body and blood. Nick appears in the sunlit spirit plane. Marian wakes up startled.

She senses someone in her room and gets out of bed. She sees Nick in the dark. Both want to know what is happening. She wants to help him. She searches for his ailment. He tells her he knows what the problem is. They wind up on the spirit plane where she reassures him the sun cannot hurt him. She slices their arms with a Raven knife and puts the two cuts together. She tells him to let her heal him. She kisses him. He responds. Their kisses become passionate. Back in reality, Nick buttons his cuff, leans over her sleeping form and kisses her cheek. He walks over to the mirror and is puzzled by his strong reflection in it.

In the loft at sunrise, Nick's staring into the mirror as he tells Natalie something has changed. He feels free as if the past was erased. She's skeptical and tells him all her research has shown his vampirism is not metaphysical. Nick opens a blind and sticks his hand into the sun. Natalie is concerned when she hears him gasp in pain. He says he is okay. He is still a vampire.

Marian wipes off her steamed mirror, an odd expression on her face. She looks darker, confused and not quite herself.

Inside another building, a young Native American in a suit tells Jess the settlement money is guaranteed. Jess is not interested, telling Little Cloud the land is theirs. Little Cloud wisecracks about Gary seeing from the other side. Jess tells Little Cloud not to mock what he does not believe. Gary is watching and listening. Marian is going over paperwork. The judge scolds Jess' side for being unprepared. Jess explains what has happened and is granted a week to find the letter or the case is dropped. The Robinson people seem a little too pleased. Marian asks to speak for her grandfather and is allowed to, which causes some concern among the Robinson people.

Inside the loft, Natalie checks Nick's vitals as he tells her he does not feel guilty. She wisecracks about the cost of getting one's soul dry-cleaned, then apologizes. She reminds him he had three pints of donated plasma for breakfast and is still a vampire, sounding frustrated and a little jealous. He does not buy he feels better because he wants to and sees she does not fully believe her attempts at scientific explanations. He says that maybe it is enough that he does not feel like a vampire. Natalie's expression shows she does not agree.

Tracy and Marian are at Gary Blackwing's apartment. Tracy is double-checking her work to make sure she did not miss anything. Marian is surprised to see her painting in a prominent location. Marian never showed her grandfather her art because she figured he would be disappointed because she left the reservation and that way of life. Marian says she left at seventeen, worked and put herself through art school, earning a Masters in Fine Arts. Tracy says she grew up in a family of cops and thought everyone was a cop. In college she tried pre-med, pre-law, computers, anything that wasn't police work. She figures you wind up what you are meant to be. She says she is a good cop. She tells Marian they will start going through Gary's stuff when they get clearance. Marian comments it will take more than a week. She looks at her painting as she comments she wishes she had a clue.

Tracy is in Vachon's church looking for him. He sneaks up on her again. Tracy learns Vachon fought in the French-Indian War on the side of the underdog. He and his small band would harass the scouts and interrupt supply lines.

Vachon flashes back to how they interrupted supply lines, by draining the soldiers.

He tells Tracy he knows the land claim is one hundred percent valid because he was there when it was signed.

A brief flashback shows him signing the letter as J. Vachon and making his symbol.

On the way to deliver it, they were double-crossed and the letter was stolen.

He flashes back to the dead bodies of the couriers and searches for the letter.

He tells Tracy the letter vanished until Gary Blackwing somehow found it. He is shocked when Tracy tells him Gary was murdered last night.

Nick is restlessly asleep on the couch.

Nick is also on the spirit walk looking around as he moves through it. Marian approaches, kisses him and asks for his help, since she helped him. She leaves. He looks around and sees a guy sitting on a rock with his back to Nick. Nick walks around him and sees it's one of the Robinson suits. His throat has been slashed.

Nick enters and learns about Robinson's lawyer, Timothy Wade, being dead.

At the crime scene, Tracy tells Nick a hooker reported it. She had leaned in to see if he was interested. It is the dead guy from the spirit plane. Natalie comments on it not necessarily being related to the land claim. Tracy says it is an eye for an eye. Nick learns the murder probably happened about half an hour ago, which would be the same time Nick woke from the spirit plane.

Inside the bullpen, Mr. Buckwater (aka Little Cloud) tells Reese they have no chance to win if the public turns against them. Jess is not too happy to be called in again. He comments on Marian sharing her soul with Nick. Both agree Nick and Marian are too much of loners.

Nick and Marian discuss helping each other, his being on the spirit plane again, and seeing Wade's murder. Her seeing her grandfathers murder again and again, life becoming dreams and dreams becoming life. Nick tells her that is what he is afraid of.

Tracy calls Vachon to confirm he had no part in it and to tell him to stay out of it. He agrees to stay out of it. She tells him she does not trust him. He tells her to find the letter and she will realize everything he said was the truth.

Reese calls Nick into his office and reminds him Marian is a suspect. Nick reassures the Captain nothing is happening between him and Marian. Reese wants Marian tailed. Nick is allowed to do it, with the reminder that she is a suspect.

At the morgue, Natalie tells Tracy that Wade was nearly decapitated. Gary's throat slashing was much shallower, but still fatal. Natalie doesn't totally buy Tracy's opinion that the killer was more confident this time. Natalie has Tracy peek through a microscope at the obsidian knife fragments found on both bodies.

Nick's driving around while LaCroix tells the story/legend of the Raven, which is different from Tracy's. It is about how the Raven became all black as a punishment. Nick has a spirit walk flash so intense he nearly looses control of the car. Violent actions are seen as he skids to a stop. Violent images flash through the spirit plane. Marian points an accusing finger at someone. Nick suddenly snaps out of it as the police radio calls him. Nick is a little disoriented.

Inside the precinct, Reese and Tracy talk about how Bland's murder happened outside their jurisdiction so they will not let her near the body. Nick is missing and Robinson's out of the country and cannot be warned. Reese says Dr. Lambert is the ME on call. Maybe she can help with information on Roger Bland and Nick's whereabouts.

Inside Natalie's office, Tracy learns Bland was stabbed to death by an obsidian knife, but they cannot tell if it was the missing knife or one of many possibly made from the same block of obsidian. Natalie is not happy to learn they have not been able to reach Nick for the last hour. They tried Marian's but there is no response there either. Tracy leaves. Natalie's concerned she is also wondering if Nick's with Marian.

Inside Gary's apartment, Jess and Nick are there, and both are troubled. Nick is troubled by all the strange things that happened since Marian helped him. They discuss Nick's having the gift of accessing the spirit walk, Nick's seeing the murders there, but not the killer, seeing Marian there. Jess tells Nick to tell Gary he loves him like a brother, but Gary still owes him money. Nick can find Marian on the spirit plane at any time by following their strong bond.

In Natalie's office, she is on the telephone, telling someone they will get the reports as promised and takes a note for Nick. Nick enters and hears everyone is looking for him. Natalie is concerned w hen her information there's a new victim is met with Nick's confession he thinks he did it.

Tracy is reluctantly let into Bland's office, thanks to her search warrant. She looks around. Inside Natalie's office, she is skeptical about the spirit plane. She listens, surprised and concerned. Nick tells her he saw the murders and saw both blood on his hands and the knife. She asks questions to draw out more answers. He was not holding the knife and was seeing through his eyes what someone else was seeing. She asks who's eyes and learns Marian took the killer out of him and into herself. Nick has a quick flash to the spirit plane and Marian stabbing someone.

In Bland's office, Tracy is listening to Bland and Buckwater's taped conversation. Buckwater agrees to work with Gary and hold him up as long as possible. Bland tells Buckwater that Wade will pay him. Tracy is disgusted and it shows.

Nick is standing on top of a tall building using the spirit plane to track Marian. He sees a rock with a swirled circle design and sees the murder of Gary right above it. Nick's searching the sky and has another spirit plane flash to a guy with long, dark, wavy hair slitting Marian's throat. It may be Buckwater. Nick takes to the sky, realizing she is in danger.

In Gary's place, Buckwater's searching and is scared by Marian's arrival. He tells her they are screwed without the letter. She tells him she knows where the letter is. Her grandfather tried to tell her, but she was not ready to listen. She fingers the picture as she says she was not ready to hear the truth before now. Her gift to her grandfather is his gift to her. She's back on the spirit plane where she sees the murder of her grandfather and sees the man with the long, dark, wavy hair is Buckwater. He killed Gary Blackwing.

Marian angrily starts to accuse him, and then he stabs her in the back as he either twists the knife or shoves it further upward. She is shocked and in pain as he tosses her onto the couch. He's about to stab her again when Nick crashes through the window vamped out and disarms him. Nick shoves Buckwater towards the window. Buckwater angrily pulls his gun and before he can fire, he is shocked to see a knife embed itself into his chest, causing him to sag to the floor. Jess threw it from the doorway clear across the room.

Nick rushes over the Marian and reassures her it was not Gary's desire for vengeance, but the darkness that she took from him that made her kill. Her eyes are vampire yellow as she tells him it will die with her. He tells her he cannot let her do that.

On the spirit plane, Nick lays Marian's head back against the ground. He covers her with a blanket signifying her death.

In Gary's apartment, Nick brings his face up from her neck, his eyes glowing vampire yellow. Jess has been watching.

Later, Nick, Tracy and Jess are searching for the letter. Nick approaches the painting as if being guided there. He turns it over, makes a small slit in the backing with his fingers, and pulls out the letter and the surveyor's deed. Nick gives Jess the letter. Tracy unfolds it and is a little surprised to see Vachon's signature there. They know with that proof no one can deny or challenge their claim. Jess asks how Nick knew it was there and hears Gary told him. Marian was also there. Nick apologizes and Jess informs him tragedy is always near, almost like a birthright. He excuses himself and leaves. Nick follows. Tracy takes a last look around, almost as if slightly spooked.

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