season 3, episode 5

Written by James Johnston

Directed by Clay Borris

Guest stars:

Jody Fraser....................... Diana Zimmer

Rapist................................ Patrick Galligan

Rape victim....................... Terry Nicholas

Female cop........................ Karen Glave

Male cop........................... Desmond Campbell

Rape victim 2.................... Alisa Wiegers

Bus Driver........................ Lee J. Campbell

Screed............................... Greg Kramer

Doyle................................ David Storch

Security Guard.................. Colm Magner

A guide dog helps Jody as they walk through the park. The golden retriever whimpers while the blind woman says her legs hurt. Her can for support is white with a red end. After Perry leads her to a bench, she releases his leash, letting him run free.

Perry runs over to a bush and digs in the ground. He growls then whimpers, sensing something. Several moments later, two arms reach out from underground, grab the dog by the head and pulls him down.

Nick is at home as the sun rises. He pours himself a glass of blood, his face tired and grim as he takes a sip. He leans back, thinking about something.

Perry is sitting by the door as Jody tells his doctor over the Telephone Perry has been listless all day and has not eaten. She knows she is not supposed to let him off the leash, but did last night. He listens and never strays. She asks if the doctor has time to check him out before her shift, pleased when Karen has time. Perry brings over a tennis ball, wanting to play. She detects this as she takes the tennis ball from him, patting his head.

Nick is standing beside a window as he raises one of his blinds, watching the sunlight stream through the window.

Jody has a grip on Perry's harness and leash as she finds her cane. They walk towards the door. Perry whimpers and retreats a few steps when she tries to get him to go out into the sunlight.

Nick closes his shutters, his mood darkening.

Jody tries to get Perry to budge, but he will not. After a minute or two she gives in, telling him they won't go to the vet, but he still has to walk her to work tonight, stroking his chin.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy's nephew wants a Shar Pei for his birthday but they are too expensive. Tracy learns Nick had a dog a long time ago and is a dog person. He likes dogs because they are your friend and offer unconditional love. Nick tells her about the serial rapist they are after. Three deaths in the last year, with a similar composite and MO. Reese tells them if they catch the rapist, he will buy them both puppies. Nick looks at Tracy's dog book, sees a black dog, and remembers his dog. His expression turns grim.

Nick flashes back to 1883 Croyden, England. He is living in the countryside, and is followed home by a black dog. When the dog refuses to leave him, Nick allows the dog to accompany him home, especially since the weather is nasty. Nick shares the bounty of the hunt with the dog; he gets the blood while the dog gets the rest. He names the dog Raleigh after Sir Walter Raleigh. Later, Nick happily strokes the dog's fur as they bond.

In the bullpen, Tracy tells him growing up she had a dog named Sparky. Nick finds it amusing. She asks why he finds it so amusing. He teasingly says it's what he thought she'd name her dog, then asks if she had a cat named Fluffy. Reese tells them about the 911 call stating a man was seen dragging a woman out of her car at Allan Gardens. It sounds like their man. Nick and Tracy hurry out of the precinct.

Inside the Caddy Tracy is being a back seat driver. He is both teasing and sarcastic as he asks her if she would like her own little steering wheel.

Tracy hears a helicopter overhead and they try to spot it. Nick has her get it on Tact Two so they can learn what the chopper sees. Tracy does as instructed. The air dispatcher is Jody, who tells them about the possible 261 in progress at Allan Gardens, four patrol cars are on the way. Tracy learns what the perimeters are. Nick grins, hearing confirmation of what Tracy told him was the fastest way there. Tracy looks at Nick with an odd look as she tells the dispatcher they are on their way and will cover the south end. As the two women sign off, each recognizes the other's voice.

Jody informs all the patrol cars that a detective unit is approaching the southern perimeter as she reaches down and pets Perry. He is watching everyone in the room and lifts his head off his paws as he senses something. A male officer enters holding a paper towel to his nose in an attempt to stop the bleeding. A shorter officer apologizes, says she did not know he was there. Perry sees and smells the blood. He starts whimpering as a few drops of blood drip onto the floor. After they leave, Perry walks over to the drops and licks them up.

The Caddy screeches to a stop at the scene. Nick tells her to go north, while he goes south. Nick waits for Tracy to leave before he does.

A man threatens a terrified woman he is starting to unclothe with a switchblade to her throat, telling her he can cure her sickness if she lets him. Nick runs through the park using his vampire senses to track her. Tracy is searching for the rapist, her gun drawn. Nick's nearly growling as he identifies himself and orders the perp to freeze and immediately release the woman. She is shoved at Nick as the rapist takes off. Tracy arrives. Nick has her tend to the bleeding, trembling woman while he chases the rapist. Nick hears the sound of a diesel engine leaving and knows he has probably lost the suspect.

The rapist sits down behind Jody on the bus and comes onto her. Perry growls, warning him off. The rapist tells Jody it's a shame she can't see how beautiful she is or how handsome he is, calling himself the doctor of love as he runs his finger down her neck. She's scared and calls for the driver, who immediately pulls over and checks on her. The rapist is scared off the bus. Jody's hold on Perry's leash keeps him from running off. When the driver is sure Jody is okay, he pulls back into traffic. Jody pets Perry.

Inside Jody's apartment, she flops backward on the bed, tired from the long night. She groans as she remembers the guy calling himself the doctor of love. Perry is free of his harness and leash, lying on his doggy bed. Jody tells him it is time for them to go to sleep. He hears a woman's scream and bolts through the doggy door.

A terrified blonde woman is being dragged across a grave by her ankles. Perry races towards the screaming woman. The rapist squats down on top of her, telling her he will make her feel better because he is the doctor of love. He brandishes a knife, threatening to slit her throat with it. He undoes his zipper. Suddenly Perry is sitting on top of the tombstone growling. The rapist sees him and is scared. Perry growls more ferociously terrifying the rapist in to backing away. The woman scrambles away and watches horrified as Perry viciously attacks the rapist's face and neck. She closes her eyes, but it does not drown out the sounds of the dog's attack and the rapist's screams.

Some time later, it is a crime scene. The rapist's body has been bagged, his shredded face showing over the edges of it. Reese tells Nick, Natalie and Tracy what is left of the guy's face resembles the composite they sent out. Nick tells them it was the same guy that he saw earlier. Reese says he wants to know what can do that to a guy. Tracy tells them the victim thinks it was a dog. She was laying there, saw a furry blur and then the guy was being torn apart. Natalie looks unusually uneasy. Nick says it is a hero, whatever it is. Reese agrees. Tracy and Reese leave. Natalie lets out an audible release of breath, causing Nick to ask what's wrong. She finishes zipping the bag, telling him something's not right, with both her body and words. Nick stands there a moment wondering exactly what happened and what Natalie thinks is wrong.

In dispatch, Perry is lying on the floor in his harness, head on his paws, ignoring his dog food. Jody is telling Karen Perry got out last night for an hour or two and never acts like that. She hangs up. A female officer approaches and strokes Perry's head, talking to him. Michelle asks if Jody heard about what happened to the rapist from Jody's call last night. Jody says she thought he got away, and hears a couple of hours later he was attacked by a wild dog and ripped to shreds. Michelle says he told his victims he was the doctor of love, unnerving Jody. Michelle comments to chalk one up for the forces of good, hears a call for her and leaves. Jody runs the back of her hand lightly across Perry's food bowl. She is concerned and surprised it is still untouched. She strokes his head.

Inside Natalie's office, she is whipping up a red protein drink for Nick. He's not convinced it will be any tastier, especially when she tells him it will give him more iron than he'd get chewing on rusty nails for a year. She tells him to try it. He gives a small groan and hesitantly takes a sip as she watches. He makes a face, made only by those who have tried something truly gross and tells her rusty nails probably would taste better. She is surprised and a bit puzzled he does not like it. He asks if her suspicions about the rapist were confirmed, hearing the victim was many quarts low, as in drained. There was not much blood at the scene either. She asks if it is a vampire. Nick audibly sighs, knowing it's possible. She questions him on the wild animal, hoping he can help with an explanation. He tells her about Carouches, a lower form of vampire that feeds mostly off vermin. She's both surprised and intrigued by the revelation.

In the precinct, the bus driver enters to see about getting the reward for the hero dog. The description of the rapist sounds like a guy who made trouble on his bus the other night. The rapist bothered a blind woman who's a regular on his route and works over at police headquarters. Her Seeing Eye dog drove him off the bus. Tracy is unsettled and wonders if it is Jody.

Screed enters his underground dwelling and checks his double clothesline full of rats clipped there like laundry. He senses company, turns to see Nick, and scolds him for sneaking up and nearly giving him a heart attack. They circle each other, checking the other out. Nick radiates do not mess with me. Screed comments they are alike. Nick's insulted and irritated as he tells Screed he is not a Carouche. Nick asks if Screed has recently brought any dogs across, and is asked if he means since the Cuban Missile Crisis. As soon as Nick offers him a hundred dollars Screed tells Nick he hasn't, but there's a vicious carouche around, but he doesn't know where he is. Screed tells Nick he will stake the dog. Nick vanishes an vamp speed, disappointing Screed.

In the bullpen, Tracy tells Nick she thinks the dog from the park has been under their noses the whole time as they walk towards the front door. She tells him about the bus driver's visit, and how it sounds like Jody Fraser's dog.

Nick and Tracy enter dispatch, heading for Jody. Nick senses a vampire and searches for it. Tracy calls out to her and the sorority sisters hug, confirming they heard each other's voice last night over the radio. Tracy is uncomfortable around her friend and it shows, along with feeling sorry for Jody. Nick notices. Tracy tells Jody she keeps meaning to stop by. Jody says she understands. Nick learns Jody was a helicopter pilot who used to work for Metro Air PD, but was grounded because of her blindness. Jody explains that she was allowed to stay on in Ops because of Tracy's dad. Jody introduces them to her boyfriend, Perry. Perry's eyes briefly glow red as Nick looks at him, surprising Nick. Nick learns Perry is a picky eater who's been even pickier lately. Tracy says they believe Perry saved the woman in the park the other night. The bus driver's description matches. They need a fur sample from Perry to check against the sample found on the rapist. Nick strokes Perry's head and finds the fang marks hidden under his fur. Jody's afraid they are going to take Perry and tells them he is a sweet, non-violent dog.

Nick flashes back to his dog, Raleigh. Nick seems at peace. After Raleigh finishes eating, he barks a warning. LaCroix enters asking why Nick lives so far from the city, expresses his concern over Nick is living off the land. Raleigh growls at LaCroix, sensing the evil within. Nick says he enjoys the solitude and challenge. LaCroix's greatly annoyed at sharing Nick and reminds Nick dogs are only pack animals with no love to give. They will follow any master. Nick calls Raleigh his friend. LaCroix calls dog's breakfast, but only in emergencies, his tone and expression angry and evil. LaCroix leaves upon seeing he's ruined Nick's good mood and planted the seeds of doubt. Raleigh stops growling and Nick tells him he is a good boy.

Nick snaps out of his flashback crouched down in front of Perry. He stands, telling Tracy they are done there. Tracy starts to protest when Nick cuts her off, offering Jody and Perry a ride home. Jody's surprised but takes Nick up on it and thanks him.

Jody and Nick approach her front door, her arm wrapped around his, her cane showing any obstacles ahead. Nick is holding onto Perry's leash on the other side his body from Jody. She explains that since the MS Perry is pretty much everything she has. Nick learns MS can do whatever it wants, whether it is making you have trouble walking, lose feeling in your hands from time to time, or more serious problems like hers. Hers is progressing. She still finds it hard to believe she was in perfect health a year ago, flying her chopper to work daily. He listens without pity. She explains that her friends do not come by much. Jody says she understands. It reminds them how fragile health is, makes them feel their mortality. Nick says he understands. She is afraid as she asks if they will take Perry away if they learn he attacked the rapist. She's disappointed when he turns down her invitation to come in for coffee, but brightens hearing he will pick her up for work and bring Perry a treat. Nick sees the sun is peeking over the buildings, getting a little too high for his comfort. She kisses him on the lips and he responds. She thanks him and calls Perry. Nick watches her enter, knowing exactly how she feels about Perry. He also feels a little sorry for her, but it is more a sharing of sorrows over the intense changes in her life. He knows he may have to take care of Perry.

Inside the loft, Nick's on the phone listening to Natalie tell him Jody's doctor said the initial exacerbation of her MS was very devastating, with very brief periods of remission which are getting even shorter. She is deteriorating rapidly. He learns that MS is not normally fatal. She explains MS attacks the central nervous system, damaging it, leaving behind scarring, which interferes with the signals from the brain. It can have severe effects on the body. Nick pulls a wine bottle from the fridge and takes a drink. Jody's case is one of the very rare cases where the brain stem is attacked, making it very different from the other forms of MS, leaving her vulnerable to a large group of catastrophic failures, is incurable and insidiously degenerative. Nick comments on how painful it must be to lose her freedom and mobility. Natalie comments it limits your options like avoiding sunlight for eternity does. Nick looks at his open blind. Natalie asks about the dog, Nick says it is his problem. He will talk to her later and hangs up.

Nick flashes back to his dog. He returns from the night's hunt, a full sack over his back and grows worried when he calls out to Raleigh and he fails to come to Nick.

Elsewhere, a very angry LaCroix is dragging Raleigh somewhere on a leash. He does not like sharing his son with any other creature. Raleigh tries to escape but LaCroix's hold is too strong. Raleigh's growling and barking. LaCroix calls out to a carouche, telling him he has a special treat for him. He tells the carouche to drain Raleigh, but leave some life in him so he can have his fun with the dog. Raleigh is trying even harder to escape. LaCroix has an evil smile on his face, as Raleigh knows there is no escape.

The sun is setting. Nick is at Jody's apartment pouring blood into Perry's dog bowl from the flask in his hand. Perry eagerly awaits the blood. As soon as Nick sets it down, he immediately laps it all up. Jody comes out and wishes Nick luck because Perry is a very picky eater. She's surprised to hear Perry lapping up his food and tells Nick he has the magic touch. Nick hands her the harness as Perry licks his bowl clean.

In the bullpen, Tracy's sticking a bow on a dog tells Nick with some coaxing that they were convinced to get a mutt from the pound. Nick congratulates her, asking if she feels better. She is less cheerful as she tells Nick Jody was always so strong and she does not know how she would feel if it were her. She does not know how Jody does it because she'd probably spend every waking moment terrified. She feels bad for not seeing Jody because they were inseparable in college. She explains people drift apart, go their own way. Nick tells her it does not have to happen. He tells her it is possible to pick up where they left off. Tracy is scared. She feels useless around her friend and a part does not know how to behave. She wants to spend time with Jody and share her life like they used to. Nick tells her to do it, she's the same person inside, encouraging her to take the first step. She says her guilt increases each day she doesn't see or at least call Jody, and she knows it sounds selfish but she doesn't know how to deal with it. Nick tells her to try, doing anything will help, and it is better than doing nothing. Tracy looks at the floor. He puts his fingers under her chin and makes her look at him. He asks if she will try. She nods with a small grin. Nick leaves and Tracy's grim, guilty, scared look returns as she lets out a large sigh.

Jodi senses Perry's depressed and hands him a dog biscuit. He takes it but is not interested. She asks what's wrong, hating to see him so unhappy. An officer walks by Jody with a hot cup of coffee, is bumped into by a coworker, and accidentally spills the coffee down Jody's back. Jody's startled and screams. The officer apologizes. Perry attacks the officer, knocking him to the ground as Jody screams out no. The officer unsuccessfully fights off the dog. Jody is anguished, confused, scared by the commotion. A female officer tries to pull Perry off as Jody cries out Perry's name. The fight's quickly over. Perry is lying on the floor like before. Tracy is wordlessly consoling her heartbroken friend. Paramedics tend to the injured officer. Nick pulls back the large gauze pad and sees several bloody scratches on the officer's neck, shoulder and chest, along with less severe ones on his face. The paramedic says the officer will be okay. Nick walks away, his expression grim.

Nick flashes back to Croyden, England again. Nick sees a body lying among the bushes and checks for signs of life. He notices a rustle in the bushes behind him and aims his weapon. A man comes out asking not to be shot. Nick asks what the stranger's doing there. The stranger heard about the beast. The whole village is talking about it and the two killings in Maidstone last night, with a third left for dead. He sees the corpse, commenting that makes four. Nick learns the stranger cannot resist the pull of a good mystery and is Arthur Conan Doyle. Nick tells Doyle to leave because he is in great danger if he stays. Doyle takes another look at the corpse.

Nick snaps back to the present and heads for Perry, Tracy and Jody. Perry looks up, as if asking what happens now, and if he has been a bad dog. Nick glares at him before turning his attention to the ladies. Nick has Tracy take Jody home. Tears run down Jody's face as she asks what now. Nick tells her he is sorry but Perry has to go. Jody tries to deny it, but knows he's right. Nick lays his hand on her shoulder, telling her Perry's sick. He is not the same Perry she loves. She is heartbroken. Nick tells her he will take Perry in himself and it will all be over by morning. Perry is whimpering, possibly knowing what is ahead.

Nick flashes back to England. He is making a crude stake as LaCroix is standing by the door telling Nick he supposes Nick has to do the right thing and finish what the carouche started. Nick turns around vamped out, angrily telling LaCroix it is all his doing as he flips the knife from hand to hand. LaCroix tells Nick he has to slay Raleigh, further taunting Nick that he can do it. Nick quickly picks up the stake and whips it at LaCroix. It barely misses his head as it lands in the doorframe, startling, unnerving and scaring LaCroix. The fright briefly shows before being replaced with his usual mask. LaCroix taunts Nick must be a better shot than that. They hear a man scream as if being chased. Nick grabs a stake and rushes out the door. LaCroix grabs another and laughs.

Out in the brush a man runs and falls, yelling for his pursuer to keep away. He stumbles to his feet and tries to run but Raleigh is quickly catching up. Nick suddenly appears, grabs Doyle and tells him to run. Raleigh is nastily barking, a few feet from them. Nick orders Raleigh to stay. He obeys and quiets down. Nick tells Arthur Conan Doyle to leave and never return to the Baskervilles.

Nick snaps back to the present. Tracy is still comforting a devastated Jody. Nick approaches and takes hold of Perry's harness. Jody is still holding it. Perry will not leave when told to, but not by Jody. He has been trained not to go with anyone else when in his harness. She tells him he is a bad dog and she does not want him anymore. Perry looks up at her with sad eyes and whimpers. Nick hooks the leash to Perry's collar and leads him away. Jody cries as Tracy holds her, and comforts her.

Inside Jody's apartment, Tracy sits next to her friend at the counter and says they both know why she did not call or visit. It's hard to see her friend suffer and was afraid, but does not really know why. Jody says it is a normal human response. She feels it when she is around healthy people because they do not just see illness or weakness, but think they see something dying. Tracy looks around feeling guilty of the same thoughts. Jody says she cannot blame them for not wanting to be around. Tracy is nervous as she almost tearfully asks Jody if they can pick up where they left off, a little hope in her voice. Jody tells her she would like that, as she takes Tracy's hand. The two women hold hands for several moments as a reconfirmation of the bond they have had since college. Tracy says she will come by tomorrow for breakfast. Jody says she would like it. They giggle. Jody leans her head on Tracy's shoulder and Tracy gently caresses Jody's cheek with her finger. Jody puts her hand on Tracy's. They say good night.

In the moonlight, Perry is sitting on the grass, still in his harness, tied to a tree trunk with the leash. Nick is sharpening a makeshift stake. He flashes back to Raleigh.

In England, Raleigh's tied to a tree by his leash. Nick strokes his pet's head for the last time, desperately not wanting to do it, but knows he must. The stake is hidden behind his back as he calls Raleigh his friend and apologizes as he pulls the stake out from behind the back and shoves it through Perry's heart. The line goes slack.

In the present, Perry's leash is made of chain link. Nick looks at the pointy stake, not wanting to do what he must. Perry looks at Nick and the stake; somehow, he knows it means death. He growls menacingly as he vamps out and yanks on the chain until it breaks. Perry knocks Nick to the ground and bolts. Nick's momentarily startled but gives chase, even though Perry has a lead.

Perry races across the ground while Nick follows from the air. Perry does not stop until he's home. The doggy door rattles waking Jody. She's startled and asks who is there. Jody recognizes Perry's growl and calls him to her. She's happy to see him and lets him know, calling him a good boy. He is vamped out and ready to pounce. She tearfully says she cannot take him back. She picks up the telephone as Perry lunges. Nick's outside and hears Jody scream. Nick rushes inside vamped out and sees Jody unconscious on the couch, fang marks on her neck, with a trail of blood running from them. Jody wakes up vamped out. Nick's vamped out but his fangs are not visible. Jody's optic nerve heals and the world slowly comes into view. Nick is not sure if it is good or bad. Perry looks on pleased with his new creation. Jody tells Perry he is a good boy. Nick's still unsure what to make of it, but relaxes once things seem to be okay.

The next night in the bullpen, Tracy tells Nick, Natalie and Reese Jody took off. She resigned from Metro Air, telling them she's going down to the states to stay with relatives and start over. Reese says that maybe losing Perry pushed her over the edge. He asks Nick if he took Perry to animal control. Nick mumbles a confirmation. Reese leaves. Natalie glares at Nick. He tells her he took care of it, She glares at him as leaves. Her expression is angry as she is thinking Nick is going to get into serious trouble one day if he keeps pushing things too far. Tracy hopes Jody's okay. Nick reassures her Jody is strong and will be all right. Tracy figures he's right and leaves. Nick grins slightly.

Jody is on a hill some distance from the city, looking at it, smiling as she remembers how much she missed seeing. She is vamped out. Perry is seated beside her. They exchange looks and take to the sky. He is vamped out as well.

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