season 3, episode 6

Written by Phil Bedard & Larry LaLonde

Directed by Allan Kroeker

Guest cast:

Jerry Tate.....................Geordie Johnson

Charly Hawkes..................Stephanie Louise Vallance

Maggie Dwyer...................Brittaney Edgell

Dr. Jennifer Joyce.............Shelley Peterson

Screed.........................Greg Kramer

Bourbon........................Normand Bissonnette


Franceline.....................Laura Adamo

Julia..........................Lucia Verrelli

Maria..........................Chantale Nadeau

Upton..........................Ray Kahnert

Hitman.........................Bryan Thomas

The Jerry Show is on. Jerry Tate is asking his guests about their supernatural boyfriends. Maggie Dwyer's boyfriend is a vampire, who reads her love poems in French and is an excellent lover. Tracy's in the audience. She is thinking about her and Vachon. Natalie is watching in her office while working on paperwork. She finds it amusing until Dr. Joyce talks about Wellness and Unwellness love. She talks about two types of love. The first being a respectful love and the second type is one that exists to alleviate loneliness and is not as respectful, sometimes neglectful or abusive. It makes Natalie wonder about the current state of her and Nick's relationship. Jerry asks Tracy what she thinks about love and vampires. She is embarrassed to be on camera and cannot admit vampires exist so she says that Maggie needs help.

Maggie's murdered at home after the show. She is brutally stabbed while fighting back against her black clothed, ski masked attacker.

Inside the crime scene, Tracy is startled when she recognizes the victim and it shows. Natalie tells them Maggie died about two hours ago. The thirty stab wounds show the killer was motivated. Tracy ID's the body, telling them Maggie was on the Jerry show tonight claming her boyfriend's a vampire. Nick is amused, especially when he learns Tracy was there. She sometimes watches it because it's fun. When Nick repeats it to Reese, Reese is not amused. He realizes the murder is going to turn into a media circus.

On the Jerry Show set, Nick and Tracy discuss Maggie's lonely life and her appearance on the show. Nick asks Tracy if she believes in vampires. She denies they exist and asks Nick the same question. They are interrupted before Nick can answer. Jerry is taping a promo, sincerely requesting people not to turn Maggie's death into tawdry tabloid speculation. They are doing it in Maggie's memory. As soon as he hears it is worth keeping, he drops the sincerity and moves off.

Tracy and Nick approach Jerry. He is surprised to learn Tracy is a homicide detective. Charly arrives praising Jerry past the point of kissing up. She tells them she hopes their visit has nothing to do with the promo they just taped. Tracy asks if they looked into the stories and backgrounds of the guests. Charly states vampires don't exist. The story was about Maggie's belief that her boyfriend was a vampire. Nick does not look too happy. Jerry suggests Tracy be a part of their show on women in dangerous, traditionally male dominated jobs. Tracy refuses. Nick is amused. Jerry offers to call the Captain, telling Tracy's it is all set and to work out the details with Charly. Jerry and Charly leave. Men in bathing suits come out, causing Nick to ask if that is swimwear or sexism. Tracy does not comment until she sees bikini clad women and says it is sexism. She tells Nick she has to stop by her apartment and let in her plumber. Nick does not totally believe her but is amused.

Inside a restaurant, Tracy tells Vachon she could not tell Nick because he would never believe her. He is too skeptical. Vachon's amused and asks if she knows Nick that well. He tells her to leave it alone. If she determines it was a vampire, they will be dead before she can do anything. Tracy starts a small rant about relationships and men before leaving. Vachon is a little confused. He was unable to determine Tracy's thoughts and feelings about their relationship.

Vachon flashes back to 1792 Spain. He, Screed, and Bourbon are with some women in a stable. He orders everyone to shut up, telling them Screed and Bourbon are not gentlemen or they would know the proper way to treat a woman. He is very flattering as he talks about women.

In the present, Vachon is as frustrated with women as Tracy is with men.

Inside Natalie's office, she tells Nick she cannot tell if the killer is mortal or a vampire, as she works. Her tone is angry and frustrated. Nick comments if it is a vampire, he could not kill in the usual way or risk exposure. She tells him if it is a vampire, it gives him a motive. Nick realizes she's mad at him and inquires, learning she saw the show and feels a bit like Nick's using her. He's surprised and a little hurt. She comments on how she keeps trying to help, but he does not participate. It hurts. He tells her he does not mean to hurt her. He is speechless when asked his intentions.

Tracy enters the apartment used to surveil Maggie's apartment, which is across the street. She jokes with her fellow officers before they see movement in the apartment. She heads over there after ordering them to stay put.

Nick and Natalie's discussion is interrupted by his cell phone ringing. He tells them he will be right there, upon hearing Tracy is almost at Maggie's building. Natalie is not happy, but knows Nick has to go, especially if it is a vampire. She tells him to go. Once alone, a large mix of emotions shows on her face.

Nick is flying over the city towards Maggie's apartment.

Tracy is inside the dark apartment looking around gun drawn. There is a whoosh before the lights are turned on, revealing Nick and Vachon pinning a short balding guy to the counter at the same time. Nick ID's himself as a cop, and Vachon amusedly says he's not. Nick takes George Upton away to be questioned as he is a friend of Maggie's. Nick is a little teasing as he asks Tracy if they are expecting anyone else, having learned Vachon is a friend. She's embarrassed and tells him no. Once Tracy and Vachon are alone she tells him she doesn't need his help, which seems to hurt him a little. A moment later she sheepishly asks about George, learning that he is not a vampire.

Inside the precinct, Nick asks if Tracy has many guys rushing in to save her. She is embarrassed as she tells him no. He provides a plausible reason why her friend was there. He asks if she got everything straightened out with her plumber as he heads for the interview room. She is shocked and it shows.

Inside the interview room, Nick and Tracy learn a worried, nervous, George is married to a fiery woman who would castrate him if she found out he was cheating on her. Maggie is a kinky chick who likes to play pretend. She told him he looks good in the cape, so he pretended he was a vampire to get sex. He told her not to do the show. He did not kill her. He was at the apartment to make sure there was nothing that could connect him to Maggie. Nick tells George to go home. When George asks if it will get out, Tracy comments if it does, he will be a little less of a man, using George's own motions and words.

In the bullpen, Nick teases Tracy about that comment. She sheepishly admits she could not help it, and that he deserved it. She goes off on a rant about men, commitment and lack of it. He is amused. She realizes she's ranting and stops. They believe George is telling the truth because no one would make up that embarrassing a story. They have eliminated the jealous wife angle because she has been out of town at a sci-fi con for the last two weeks. Tracy comments Maggie says George is a vampire as part of her fantasy about him because he is unobtainable. She can empathize with Maggie. Reese does not believe vampires exist. Reese watched the tape and wonders what makes people go on talk shows and discuss stuff they should be embarrassed to mention. He asks Tracy what possessed her to watch it in person, groaning when she says it's fun. Reese comments his wife, Denise, loves the Jerry show, but does not go there. Nick is enjoying the conversation, especially as he tells Reese about Jerry's plan. Tracy glares at Nick as she comments that it is about women in male dominated jobs and the crap they have to take, and how he will not make her do it. Reese realizes Tracy stung him with her barb. Nick convinces him it is case related. Reese orders her to do it, shocking her. Nick is smiling, loving it all.

At the back of the Raven, LaCroix is broadcasting a rant about the bad aspects of love. Nick is listening during the drive home.

Inside the loft, Natalie is listening as well. She hears LaCroix rant about love using and abusing. Nick enters, sees Natalie, who tells him she never thought she would tell him she has to give up on him. She does not have the energy for it anymore.

Inside the studio, there is a riot happening onstage. Jerry has been hit. Tracy arrives for her background interview.

In his office, Tracy's questioned. She graduated ninth in her class. Dr. Joyce pops in. Charly tells her he is fine and the shrink leaves. Tracy says she spent five years in uniform before making detective. Charly makes it sound as if she's SuperCop. Jerry is not happy to learn most of her work is mental, and that they cannot afford to stage a police chase. Jerry has to settle for a meeting with a snitch. Tracy says she has one she can talk into doing it. Charly is going to give her a makeover.

Inside Tracy's apartment, she's commenting on how she will probably look silly and describes an outfit that would make her look like a hooker. Vachon is staring at her backside, and is caught in a flashback. He turns down her offer to listen. She sheepishly asks for his help.

In the loft, Nick calls Natalie and gets her answering machine. He leaves.

Dr. Joyce is leaving the studio, walks to her car and gets in. She starts the engine, then the telephone rings, but no one's there. Suddenly the back window is smashed in, followed by the rest of them one by one. Dr. Joyce screams.

At the crime scene, everyone is a little uneasy. Tracy is surprised that Nick suspects Charly or Jerry. Reese says he would be nervous with two murders connected to his show. Tracy is still supposed to do the ride along. Natalie tells them it was brutal and blunt force trauma from either a baseball bat or a crowbar, about two hours ago. She leaves. Nick approaches and she refuses to get into it there. Tracy approaches Natalie and offers a few comments on Nick being a great guy. He reminds her a lot of someone else she knows, who thinks she would like to get to know better. She comments on how relationships involve using and being used. Natalie comments she feels all used up and wishes Tracy luck with her relationship. Natalie gets in the car and thinks about what Tracy said, along with Nick and herself.

Outside on some street, Tracy is made over and waiting for her contact while Charly and Jerry watch from inside the van. Vachon arrives and does a better job with their staged meeting than she does. Jerry loves it while Charly says it sounds familiar. Vachon looks around. A thug with a knife attacks. Vachon pushes Tracy out of the way and flips the guy. He starts to take off after the guy after seeing Tracy's okay, but cannot because of the camera. Charly and Tracy are surprised that he is looking right at them.

Reese is at the crime scene telling Charly, Jerry and the cameraman they will be spending the night in jail if they do not hand over the tape. They reluctantly hand it over. Charly wants to know what is happening with his show. Reese is surprised when he sees Tracy because she looks nothing like herself. She explains what happened. She's mad at Nick when he names her snitch, but surprised when he lies, commenting Vachon is his snitch and he'll try to find him.

Inside the Raven, Vachon is sitting at the bar when Nick approaches and teases him about being Tracy's snitch. Vachon did not get a look at the guy. Both wonder if someone from the show planned the attack. LaCroix hears Vachon comment on when they could take a pretty woman. He comments on how demanding the modern woman is, seeking confirmation from Nick. Nick remains silent.

Vachon flashes back to 1792 Spain, after they have drained the women. Vachon seems to be the only one of the three who truly enjoys women. Screed does not want any sort of commitment, just taking them for his pleasure. Vachon almost seems as if he would not mind it, with the right woman.

In the present, Vachon comments how it was easier in the past. LaCroix tells them it does not have to change, they just have to be true to their natures and be discreet. LaCroix walks over to several young women.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy again looks like herself. She, Nick and Reese review the tape, but cannot see the attacker's face. One comment leads to another and they realize the attacker knew where the hidden camera was because he hid his face. Reese realizes he should have listened to Denise when she told him about the recent Jerry Show where hitmen married their targets. He will have a search warrant for the guest list waiting for them at the studio.

Nick sees Natalie and approaches. She tries to avoid him. He corners her in the hallway. He tells her he is not using her. She does not believe him. He asks her what she wants to hear and is hurt when she tells him maybe there's nothing left to say. He leaves speechless and hurt.

Nick and Tracy are inside the studio. They split up to cover more ground. Tracy is in the control room when Charly enters. She admits to the murders for ratings, as she holds Tracy at gunpoint. She takes Tracy's gun and turns on the cameras so they can catch Tracy's murder and give them their best ratings yet. The cop investigating the murders is murdered on duty.

Tracy is sitting in a chair onstage, Charly's gun to her head.

Charly rants to an empty studio about Tracy being the next to sleep with Jerry, who is hers, no one else's as if the room was full of people. She fires a shot over a scared Tracy's head. Nick hears it and rushes onstage, stopping beside the camera. Jerry arrives and cannot believe Charly is holding a cop at gunpoint. Charly's gun is closer to a terrified Tracy's head. Charly rants about loving Jerry and devoting herself to the job and him. Jerry admits to sleeping with Maggie and Dr. Joyce, but denies sleeping with Tracy. He comments he is not married. Charly's further hurt when she learns he doesn't share her feelings, and all their times sleeping together were just sex. Things get worse when he calls Charly crazy. She is closer to the edge than ever. She turns to face the men, taking her gun off Tracy. Nick rushes to Charly at the same time she shoots Jerry. He sags to the floor. Nick disarms Charly and she rushes to Jerry's side as Tracy goes to call it in.

Nick, is in the loft, watching the new Jerry Show. Jerry is doing a serious interview with Tracy about what it is like being a female officer, his arm in a sling. She is telling him what it is like when Natalie enters the loft. She tells Nick she received the flowers and her expression says she was impressed with his note. It looks like all's forgiven. He comments it takes a major crisis to turn some people around. She tells him he could have made something up. His speechlessness in the precinct showed her how much he truly cares, she just needed to hear it. She tells him to shoot her if she starts talking about Wellness and Unwellness love. He tells her she will never know exactly how much he cares for her. They lean in for a kiss.

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